Big Brother 14 Power of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest



Power of Veto Summary: Danielle won the VETO, Jenn got a Maui trip, Wil got $5000, Frank has to wear a spirit-tard for a week, and Ian took a punishment of 24 hours as a dog where he has to live in a kennel in the have-not room for 24 hours. No Have-nots for the week.

4:35pm When the live feeds come back, the house guests are gathered in the kitchen. The congratulate Dan on his hosting job. Britney, Danielle and Janelle are in the storage room celebrating. They talk and laugh about how Frank has to wear a spirit tard. They congratulate Danielle for winning the Power Of Veto! They laugh about how Frank will be evicted in his spirt-tard outfit.

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4:50pm Dan and Danielle are in the storage room talking. Dan says that it’s awesome that Shane won a veto ticket. Dan says that he can understand why Ian didn’t take Power of Veto and that he didnt take the trip to Maui instead he took the punishment to be locked in a kennel like a dog. Dan says that Ian didn’t want to be put in position to have to make a decision. Danielle says see I told you I could win stuff. Dan says that he is stunned! Danielle asks if she keep a good poker face and didn’t act too excited. Dan tells her she did good! Dan told Danielle to squeeze this power of veto for every ounce of protection she can get. Danielle tells him to do the same. Danielle laughs that Frank will be walking out the door in the spirit outfit!

Wil and Janelle are talking outside the HOH room. Wil talks about how he didn’t know who he could trust. Will say that he can’t trust Joe, he isn’t loyal. Janelle says that the coaches took his strategy. Wil asks if she would go after Dan to get him out. Janelle says yes! They talk about how they will talk later. Janelle says that she doesn’t want to be seen together because of how people talk. They head downstairs.


5pm – 5:10pm Britney and Danielle are up in the HOH room. Britney tells Danielle about how she saw Janelle and Wil talking and whispering outside the HOH room. Frank joins them and congratulates her on the win. Danielle tells him sorry for giving him the spirit-tard. Frank asks when he will have to put on the spirit-tard. Britney tells him some time tonight. Frank says that he wonders if it will help him get sympathy votes this week. The talk about how Ian will be locked in a kennel and have to stay in there for 24 hours! He will be locked in the have-not room. They says that whenever he wants to come out he has to wear a leash. Frank says that Joe thinks he will have to do a cheer whenever they tell him too. Frank asks what he has to do to stay in the house. Danielle says that she doesn’t even have a vote. Frank heads back down stairs and says that he will talk to them later..

Britney and Danielle are talking in the HOH bed alone. Britney tells Danielle that Janelle will be coming after Dan to get him out. Danielle asks when. Britney says probably after we make it past jury. Danielle says well I will just have to get her out. Dan finishes his shower and comes out and talks to Danielle and Britney. Britney talks about how mean Boogie was to Ian during the competition so we have Ian’s vote for sure! Britney says that Boogie was making fun of Ian, laughing at him and pointing at him. They talk about how now we for sure have the votes to get rid of Frank. Dan says we have one more vote than we need, which is good. Danielle says that Frank and Boogie didn’t congratulate her when she won HOH and they didn’t when I won now. Dan says who wins HOH next week would we be screwed? Britney says Wil or Boogie. They talk about how Wil and Janelle were jiggling and happy outside the HOH. Britney says that she saw the whole thing. Britney says that Boogie was so pissed off and mean to Ian, calling him an idiot and saying over and over again that this kid just doesn’t get it! Britney talks about how Ian didn’t take the trip and instead he took the dog in a kennel punishment. Ian gave the trip to Jenn because he had gotten the 3 grand whereas Jenn had gotten 1 grand from the coaches comp last week. Britney heads downs stairs because Dan warns her that she should not be seen being up here too much.


5:30pm Dan tells Danielle that her and him should make a deal with Wil. Dan says that Danielle single handily knocked Frank out of the game. He says that a lot of other people are going to benefit from it. Danielle talks about how happy she was that she got a 10! Danielle says that Boogie called Ian stupid for not taking the Maui trip, she says that Ian snapped back at Boogie and said that he wasn’t going to be greedy …she only got $1000 and I got $3000… this makes it even. Dan and Danielle talk about how Ian loves that kind of stuff that he doesn’t like the attention. Dan says that it was smart of him to do that, it made him not look greedy.

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Wooooooo. :)

She keeps getting cooler.


Well damn, that girl has done tapped into some much needed testosterone. Shane will have a new respect for her, as will others. Going for positive attention rather than negative now, keep it out. If she can just be done with the image issues, she’d be likable, she’s actually quite a bit like Rachel, albeit more muted. Wellwellwell. Interesting.




She is still fat, and still a floater. She does everything Dan wants, she wanted Boogie in Frank on the block who does she put up Wil and Frank just like Dan said. Not to mention how desperate she is for Shane to show interest in her. Plus she is insecure as helllllllll that is the worst quality in a person, and a player in the BB house.

Shane's pink Tank

Agree, still fat, still insecure, still a floater. The POV was a crap shoot and the HOH was geared towards women. I cant wait until she is gone!

and Who gives a fu&^ if frank or boogie didnt congratulate you on your win Danielle! Do you need their approval for you to be happy!


What the f, she’s not fat, have you people ever been outside of your house and looked around? She’s not some anorexic twig, but good lord, nothing near fat.


I guess we underestimated Danielle!


wow. saying was danielle can do nothing in the game…now look at her. HOH in a pretty hard one. and now POV. you have to respect it!


Wow…maybe Danielle was right in saying that she was throwing the comps because Dan told her to.


Now that he’s no longer her coach I want him out just coz I feel he’s more like the puppetmaster and she should play her own game break free from him because he will clearly have an advantage when it comes to jury votes. God I hope she knows this coz I like her and wanna see her go far in the game, with Shane not Dan. At this point I want Dan out, but if he keeps pulling the strings successfully for weeks to come then I’ll definitely root for him to win… coz he knows how to get far with little blood on his hands…… same old Dan.


Wow! Danielle is looking like a good player in this game when she is not insecure! Now the question is will she backdoor Janielle or not?

Godless Monkey

Dan is the mastermind, and Danielle is his lapdog who has admittedly done well in the last two comps, but Dan, of course, has only his best interest in mind, as should be the case as they are playing a game for half a million. She will get strung along by Dan until she no longer suits his purpose. Shane will do the same with her. Danielle, IMO, will be loyal to those two even as they’re voting her out of the house.

I really dislike Boogie’s calling Ian stupid, but I do have a soft spot for the kid!

Jake K.

Wow. Danielle impresses me more every day.


You guys last week saying Danielle is a floater or a waste of space… are so getting proven wrong. She was not lying when she said she was throwing all the competitions. She really is a competitor no matter how annoying she might be with her fake showman and insecurity.


It doesn’t matter how many comps she wins, Dan is gonna tell her what to do and she will do it and that will be her downfall. Dan is using her to win this game….it’s just sickening.


The overestimation of Franks abilities will be Janelle’s downfall in the end, he’s really not all that great of a player. Like he said he’s played in EVERY comp and only won 1. She needs to realize what Dan is doing, he’s really got a good plan and by far is in the best position to win the whole thing.


Janelle finds him irresistable like Dr. Will. She said he is Boogie’s Will so he needs to go. She felt like she deserved Season 7, which she did if she played more strategically. And now she has bad reactions to anybody reminding her of Will.

Frank was not trying too hard in the earlier competitions because he felt very safe. He felt like the most popular guy in the house.


I also don’t understand why DDBS alliance is getting so big…basically everyone is in it but Frank, Boogie, and Jenn


Also no Joe and Wil. Joe is just uninvited. Jenn would be invited. Wil might also not be invited.


Hmmm… I wonder if the game will reset AGAIN on Thursday! Coaches will probably go back to being coaches. *YAWN*


Hurray Danielle!!!! Bye bye Frankie!!! Now the newbies better get smart and pump out a coach next week, if they get the chance….or we’re doomed to a repeat of last year(sigh)


Wow, Danielle is really starting to get interesting… when did she being a competitor?


That proves it! Shes smarter than she let on and as long as her heads in the game and not ” fixating” on Shane she could ride this wave far!

Jen W

Are they overestimating Frank as a threat?


If she wasn’t so stupid she might be smart. Now if she would just chisel off about 4 or 5 layers of makeup she has caked on, she could be my favorite


Thanks for your really charming comment. Why are your knickers in such a bunch?

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Bye Bye frank the stank!!! Danelle doing her thing now its jani time next week boogie kiss your men good bye.


Not going to happen. Janelle will get backdoored! She leaving, finished, The end, Done! Janelle will be evicted this thursday!


guess shane is rubbing off on her


The vets better pray the newbies don’t win HOH yo.

Lord Tubbington

OMG!!!!! Bye Bye Frank :) !!!!!!!


Yay go Danielle! So glad for Britney to be safe! As much as I want Frank to go it Should be boogie

Red Lampshade

She proves she can compete! If she would just squash her need to be constantly validated by Dan, Shane, and Britney, she’d for sure be my favorite!


Danielle isn’t bad at all when she’s concentrating on the game. She’s only annoying when she’s concentrating on being in love with Shane.


I don’t care what she wins she still a weak minded person playing for two guys who could care less about her. Dan wants to be a two time winner and Shane wants to make it week to week. He do not have any interest in her. She’s his ericka and that’s it, he knows even if they are lucky enough to make it to final 2 he will win.


Go danielle,i give creidits when its due. Now the hard part is sticking to the plan of evicting frank,hope she can hold up to the pressure from boggers.


@underpresser810. As soon as I read Danielle won the veto,I was happy.Then I thought the same as you.I hope they stick to the plan and evict Frank.I think as long as Dan stays close to Danielle and remind her that Frank have to leave on Thursday.Then everyone will stick to the plan.


Who knew Danielle was a beast? Wow! She’s like the quiet storm, very unnassuming in the background with that little voice and then BAM! Lightning strikes! Twice now in a week.


Is it just me, or Is this Danielle’s HOH or Britney’s? I am so tired of Brit this week…she acts like she is the Head of Household. I wish the others would use common sense and realize that the four of them (Dan, Danielle, Brit, and Shane) or a tight alliance and that they have the numbers to nip away at them, if people would just stick together….which is not the norm this season.


sorry…are a tight alliance (did not edit)


There goes Britney telling on janelle again like a little 3rd grader. Go dig your own grave Britney. Everyone lies. Everyone needs a back up plan. Britney is going to ruin her own game Like she did in her original season


I’m glad she won and I like what their side is doing this week, but between her and Shane, that’s a lot of wins and it makes me think production will try to tailer some comps toward the other side to keep the game from becoming too one-sided.

Count Boogula

I don’t care if she’s won two competitions in a row, Danielle will earn my respect if she is smart enough to put Janelle on the block. I don’t care if you people say Janelle is fat and won’t win anything, I wouldn’t want to wait and see if she still has it in her, besides Frank is overrated what has he done other than win one HOH.


Frank wears a Spiri-tard. LOL

I bet he’s saying you should have just evicted me last Thursday yo.


Frank will be evicted in his spirt-tard outfit.

Will the curse that Enzo broke, come back??? Hope so

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Can Britney ever stfu she se janelle tallking to wil and get mad like god she need to leve but she can win aneything so she will be here for some time damn wow evil dick could not be here? Why is she even here what do she do?


I agree 100%. I don’t get it. Your right they should have gotten evil dick instead if Britney. She has no clue what she is doing. How does she not realize that she needs janelle right now


The way boogie is acting if frank is evicted then either boogie will walk out, give up, or ruin the coaches alliance. Why? Because he’s horrible at this game and nothing without Dr will. So maybe they should go to frank and say listen frank if you truly want to roll with us then we will take you off and put boogie up and out. I would say we trust you but we don’t trust you with boogie. So if your willing to roll with us and not care that we put up boogie and your keep everything quiet them we can team up. I honestly think frank would go for that. I think frank would have been a lot better without boogie as his coach or in this game. He seems like when he’s thinking for himself he’s an honest guy but when boogie gets in his ear all of a sudden he wants to backstab everyone


HaHaHa! Janelle will be backdoor & Danielle would be singled handed to send her out of the door. It pleasure to see you leave. We don’t want to see butt kisser in big brother house.


BB may fail again at rigging it. Reminds me of when Brendan and Kaysar were sent home the same week they were brought back.


Danielle appears to me to be a lonely girl that lucked out to get on national TV and is just hungry to get a man……any man….to notice her ! ! ! She’s not pretty like some of the other girls…………………she’s not even in the same league as Janelle and the playboy bunny that got sent home ! ! !


So what if she’s not as pretty? This is Big Brother not Miss America, and she’s kicking ass regardless of what she looks like.


I’ll grant that Kara was a beauty, but Janelle? No way in hell would I call her pretty. Danielle is the girl next door. She is young and insecure about herself as so many young women are and has bought into the objectification of women. Many, many, many young women are in love with being in love and Danielle is no different. She is only 23 and from what I can gather, had a rigid upbringing. Give the girl a break.


you are clearly extremely jealous of Daniele. Pls seek treatment.


Why would you say she’s not pretty? She’s very pretty, certainly better looking than Janelle whondors’t even
Look real.


should say- who doesn’t even look real (Janelle)


What was the competition?

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

*cant win


I just hope Dan doesn’t ruin it and tries to get Danielle to save Frank or something. He wants to be in a freaking alliance with everybody. Dan’s still my favorite but, he can’t manipulate every aspect of this game.
Britney is right in one thing which nobody can deny. Don’t trust Janelle. She’s talking about how much she hates Wil with them and talks to him about how she’s getting Dan out.
Pick a side. I mean I could expect it from a newbie like Joe but, not from the floater killer. She became what she hated the most.


I think we can all see it coming…dan is going to use his power over danielle to save frank. Danielle is going to be embarrassed when she sees how dan is playing her for his own benefit.


I actually don’t blame her for trusting Dan.
First of all because going with the Boogie/Frank alliance would be stupid and would give him a harder time at winning than any members of BDDS (Shane could be taken out during the last mental competition lol) or even BIDDS. Danielle doesn’t think that Dan is dumb.
Plus, he made it known that they are together after jumping her when she won HOH. Anybody who thinks they aren’t in an alliance after that would be dumb. So she would think that he needs to stick by her.
Lastly, he was the best coach out of the four of them to her.
I would blame her for taking Dan’s opinion over hers though. You should always go with your gut. She’s doing pretty good so why should she doubt herself?


@Ana. From everything that I’ve read on this site,Dan wants Frank out of the house this Thursday.He tried to convince Boogie to join him and the other two coachs(Britney&Janelle)but Boogie doesn’t want to work with them.So,now Dan,Britney&Janelle are working with the newbies that aren’t targeting them(Danielle,Shane&possibly Ian).The three coachs(Dan,Britney&Janelle)think that the best chance they have at making it further in the game,is to keep each other safe.But now I’ve read your comment and another comment,that makes me think that I’ve missed something.When did Dan say he will save Frank(the newbie that he knows will be coming after him)?


Frank’s certainly not gonna smell like Teen Spirit in that Spirit-Tard, let me tell ya. Everyone will vote him out now just to get the stench out the building.


Ive always liked Dani and finally you guys are noticing she is also a “player!” Im Glad she realizes she needs to take out Dani

Dae Yum Yum

If Danielle has any brains she will get Janelle out NOW through the backdoor!! Otherwise, Jani will be able to get the newbies, Joe, Ian, Wil and Ashley to vote her way and roll straight to the finals!!

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Boogie is just ugh you mad ian gave a trip to jen? I can’t with this men.


poor boogie. you know he wanted frank to win so he could get put up

boogie walking out the door WITH frank may very well happen.

if it does, I have to wonder if they let jojo and kara fight it out if still in sequester


I am so tired of janelle thinking she is doing something in this house. I Hope they put her up next week…the only people working in this entire house are dan and danielle. Janelle is truly one of the most delusional floaters. she had the nerve to disrepect danielle and talk to her as if she was brainless on a number of occasions. she is a nurse for christ sake and janelle is just someone who knows how to sit there kick ass an make fun of better players than her.


“Ian will be locked in a kennel and have to stay in there for 24 hours” “whenever he wants to come out he has to wear a leash” This “game” has completely gone off the rails. It’s making it harder to enjoy every season. I began watching season 8 with evel dick, since then things have gone down hill fast.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Like you said you start watching evil dick season so you don’t who janelle is go watch season 6&7 and come back to me janelle is playing big brother this is what the game about this why I watch big brother janelle and dan playing the game get over it I can’t with you people.


Dude, you need to go back to school & be educated. Face the facts, Janelle is worst player ever. Janelle is going home. She done! Name people are agree that Janelle is greatest player. That’s right, None because everybody hate floaters like Janelle.

MU Tigers

Janelle is the worst player ever? OK, now I know that nothing you say can be taken seriously. I get it, you are jealous of her and it angers you. Janelle is better than every player on this season other than Dan or Boogie and maybe Shane (we’ll see). You may not like that, but it is a FACT!!!

Fleur de Lis

Does Danielle realize that she WILL have to get rid of Dan eventually??? If she takes him to the final two she will lose… (this goes for Shane too)


I’m guessing Dan definitely wants her in Final 2 because it would be an easy victory, like a freaking walk in the park.

lu ann

she just won hoh


With Frank pretty much gone now, and hearing that Ian gave Jenn that Hawaii trip, I really want him to win, such a generous thing to do.


Well with Frank leaving on Thursday now, I guess I’m hopping on the Ian boat, especially after listening to him talk to Dan and Danielle up in the HoH room. Next step is evicting Janelle and their alliance is gonna be golden to get to the final 5.


She really needs to backdoor Janelle. If she doesn’t do it now their little alliance may not get another chance. I think that Janelle has proven that she is a liar and will go behind their back. I am seriously not a Janelle fan and would love her to be gone.


I’m not too proud to say, “I underestimated you, Danielle, and congratulations.” The girl is a beast!! I never doubted that she was, under Dan’s tutelage, throwing the earlier competitions; but I never dreamed that, when the time came, she could back up the the wolf tickets she was selling. Before, I was only cheering for her because she was attached to Dan. But with all due respect, I humbly back down in deference to you, girl. If she never wins another challenge, she will always have bragging rights for having been the first female HOH this season and also for matching Shane in winning a POV while in the HOH position.

Just for the record, I never understood why Janelle has made a sport of taunting Danielle. It never seemed to have any purpose as a strategy. I realize that Danielle’s body and self-esteem issues make her an easy mark. Too easy. So why bother? It seems to have started one night during BBAD when Janelle and the boys were in the HOH room complaining that they were bored. Janelle spotted Danielle on the CCTV and announced words to the effect, ” I know, I’ll go downstairs and tell Danielle that Jojo has been calling her fat. That’ll get a rise out of her and she’ll confront Jojo and we’ll have a show!!”

Janelle proceeded to do just that. It soon became apparent that although Danielle became upset, she was not going to pick a fight with Jojo. So what did Janelle do? She added (paraphrase), “Jojo called me fat too and I think she needs to be called out.” After several minutes of this, even Janelle knew she was guilty of bad acting and all the prodding in the world was not going to persuade Danielle to do something that is basically not in her nature.

Since that time, Janelle has never let go of the low blows. What’s up with that? Also, am I the only one who thinks Danielle is a well-nourished, not at all fat, 23-year-old woman?