“I’m the king of awkward” – Cody

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10:10am Cody and Jessica
Cody says Christmas spend two hours just sitting there, this morning.
Cody – being emotional about something
Jessica – cool, I had dreams all night about arguing with her
Cody – you can tell she really really hates tension, that’s why she came to us after
Cody – she just wanted to remove tension she didn’t want to smooth things over.. she was just trying to make herself more comfortable in the house
Cody says with the 2 of them around it’ll make her EXTREMELY uncomfortable “I love it”
Jessica – the feelings mutual
COdy – she gave me poopy dog eyes and I walked right by her
Jessica – ohh please
Cody – I’m the king of awkward so if any of these don’t like awkward
Cody says if Mark tries to talk to him, “All I’m going to do is look at him then walk away..”
Cody – then they are going to have the same conversation about me..

10:20am Jason and Paul

Jason says he would have done better in the HOH last night if he wore his cowboy hat..

pretending to give Ramses a ultrasound…

11:44am Cody and Jessica
They talk about the storage room getting stocked.
Cody saying he would love to dump all “the sh1t in the storage room”
Adds that he also wants to see them “get fat” so “Chow down”
Cody – I don’t think Raven’s cookings that good
Jessica agrees.
Cody – I liked her macaroni, but the rest of it..
Jessica – I agree
Jessica says she was looking forward to using the kitchen but Paul, Raven and Matt have taken it over Day 1
Cody calls Josh and “man child” wonders if anyone has changed him this morning.
Jessica laughs.

Cody – it’s like the cloth one with the pin

Jessica says she heard Christmas saying “there’s no point arguing with them because all they care about is themselves at this point”

11:58am A MESS

12:08pm Kitchen Kevin and Alex
Kevin – so Alex, who’s he going to put up
Kevin – he’s going to put you up
Alex nods
Kevin – I’m not voting you out, Who cares who else is up there.. no more am I doing anything or anyone else. Ever again f*** that

Alex – I want to punch Ramses in the face
Kevin – yup
Kevin – you know in the end, no one is going to remember the first couple weeks.. I guess Jillian will remember, and Meghan.. and what’s that kids first name
Alex – Cameron

12:17pm Raven and Elena talking about having hangovers today.

12:19pm Cody and Jessica

in the storage room surrounded by junk food

12:24am Feeds on Cats

2:28pm Feeds on Cats

2:53pm Feeds back

Talking about what the Curse is. No idea who has the temptation yet. Elena mentions how Christmas was pissed. (maybe she got the temptation and is pissed because it doesn’t really help her given her foot)

There’s conversations about seeing voodoo dolls of the houseguests.
Elena – mine had big b**bs

This is what the second temptation does

If the HouseGuest accepts this offer, they will have the power to swap with one of the 3 chosen players in the Power of Veto competition and take their place and have the power to participate in any veto competition. This temptation can be only used once.

3:02pm Cody and Jessica
Talking about during the den of temptation they were told it would affect 3 people. They think the curse applies to 3 people.

3:07pm Paul and his mind slaves
Trying to figure out who got the temptation.
They say Jason was pretty happy.
Elena – I would guess Christmas… Kevin.. lovable guy
They agree that Kevin has no f*** what is going one
Paul – he’s a really smart guy though..
Paul says if it’s not Raven, Christmas and Dom It could be Kevin.

Paul tells them it’s nominations today.

3:08pm Paul telling them it’s not Jessica and Cody he heard them talking in the Austin power room

Ramses – aren’t you going after the people targeting you… Jess and Cody
Paul tells him he’s backdooring them
Paul – everyone’s on board.. so .. if there’s a week to do it.. I don’t think the house has been in one consensus until now..
Ramses – I agree
Paul – it can only get stickier
Ramses – I wanted you to win HOH
Paul – Yeah.. everybody wants Cody out of this house
Paul says as HOH his objective is Cody. Cody will only get 1 vote.

Raven sneaking around..

3:27pm Paul losing his mind that he’s not in 100% control. They have no idea what the temptation is and who has it and it’s troubling him.

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So Christmas has to leave the house again Monday to have surgery on her foot. How is it that she is not out of the game. They might as well let them all out the house for a couple days. She can’t even play in any hoh or vetos really.


I had no idea they were planning to use my voodoo dolls!


SIMON/DAWG, Do you know of a Browser that I can use to watch the FlashBacks on a Mobile Device?


No, not for Mobile. I called CBS and they told me Flashback this year is for Computers or Laptop only


Yes you can view the desktop version of CBS site if you go into the Google Play store and download the web browser called Puffin. It has built in flash player etc and you can display it in the desktop view.


Thanks, but Puffin is not using the Flash Backs this year. CBS said that they were having problems with the Chat in Puffin, so they discontinued it for Flashbacks.


Am I the only one who DOESN’T think Cody is attractive at all? His face and body are so harsh looking to me..


Can’t stand his face. Has anyone else seen American Psycho….?

Marine Mom

Not only is his face not as attractive as he thinks, Jessica isn’t all that cute either. Their inner beauty is non existent! They arent getting their way, so they just dump on every single person in that house. Sad and disgusting!

I know why

It’s the body and face of years of hardwork and service. Of course you anarchists don’t like him


Having been in the military, I met many men and women who have his stoicism and focused nature, and yes, those same men served in war, so it doesn’t surprise me that he acts like this. I know one thing, if I were fighting for my country, I’d like to do it right next to someone with his focused demeanor. Just saying…


Yes and if you stuck with him, he would’ve had your back. He went after two strong players in the beginning, that would only help his team in the locker no run. No one else will make any big moves on their own.


I agree.. but why did he back-stab his own team. makes no sense.


So not telling them what your move is going to be is backstabbing? If I remember correctly, his original group did not include Paul. Christmas was a second choice to put up, because she was Paul’s closest ally.


look at the results.
his “team” did not agree with his move.

Marine Mom

Oh please honey! Not only is my son currently serving, I married a Marine, my dad is a Vietnam vet serving in the Navy and he just retired from the Army a few years ago. In fact my family goes back all the way to the revolutionary war fighting & serving their country. Guess what? They aren’t the assholes that Cody is! To call anyone an anarchist for thinking Cody isn’t as attractive as he thinks he is, is just as stupid as claiming anyone is not supportive of our troops, because they point out he’ an ass hat.


There is absolutely nothing appealing about him to me. He Is rude, arrogant, and has no personality at all. He appears to be an abuser and big time user to me. The same thing goes for Jessica.JS


you are special. Cody doesn’t change his expression and everything else bc it’s big brother. He has said he doesn’t want anyone to be able to read him but good try.


His abs sure are nice.

What? I’m not too old to notice.


I think he looks like he belongs in the Addams Family. Kevin, too. And Josh is clearly Herman Munster’s son! Lol!!


I honestly thought the decent into super petty wouldn’t have started so quickly for Cody and Jessica. I’m trying to feel bad for them, but I just can’t.


“3:07pm: Paul and his mind slaves”

It is subtle commentary like this that keeps me addicted to this blog. Love you guys.


Awesome! Simon rocks.


If Christmas got the temptation, it could be useful. Say Cody isn’t nominated but gets picked for the veto, she could swap with him just so he doesn’t get a chance to win it.

subconscious programming

If this interview isn’t a hint, I don’t know what is…shameful. time to make big brother great again… drain the swamp

BB addict

F*ck Paul and his banana beard. I guess it could be worse though. They could have brought back Frankie.



Just sayin'

Cody and Jessica are petty people.


And her extensions are hideous!


Lmao those were extensions I saw in that caption pic! Figures! Those go perfect with her fake everything else on her.


So what! Your comment is so superficial, what the hell does her extensions have to do with it? Why are we so quickly to knock a girl’s looks down? Talk about her game play, but her extensions, really? At the end of the day, say what you want about her, but she is a beautiful girl.


And so are her fake eyelashes


I love the ranking surveys you have added! It is also nice to see the HG ranks change on a daily basis depending on how they played that day. Christmas is at the top now




Cody kills me talking about Xmas being uncomfortable and hating tension. Cody was so flustered and frazzled when Xmas confronted him in the HOH room about putting her up on the block. He was sputtering and stuttering making his idiotic comebacks. Cody plays tough, but Xmas is what Cody pretends to be. King of awkward my foot. He stares at people without saying anything because he doesn’t want to show how rattled he gets in verbal exchanges where the other person likely won’t back down.


I’m sure Xmas wants to be Cody.lol. Doesn’t she have her own penis??


You got that right!!!!!

To quote Bridget, her “balls have dropped long before any of these boys”.


jealous it’s bigger than yours?


Off subject, but please answer, if you know. Does anyone know the best study guide for the Praxis Core exam, besides ETS? Thank You.

Dr. J

Try the Mometrix Test Preparation for your studies. Good luck and no, I’m not a teacher nor affiliated with any company that tests or produces materials for it.


Lol @Paul losing his shit because he doesn’t know who has the temptation. I’m ready for him to be on the next thing smokin’ out of that house…as soon as his month of safety is complete of course.


Paul is targeting couples. Puts up one of Alex/Jason and one of Matt/Raven. Veto isn’t used, sending rams home after nominating himself per temptation instructions. Leaving Paul and Xmas free to chose allegiance to which ever pair of couples (jason/alex cody/jess)-(matt/raven mark/lips) they want to work with moving forward as long as they win hoh, and they agree to protect Josh (His thirdwheel). Then it’s a power funnel cause Mark can replace Elena with Dom and Alex can replace Jason with Kevin.


“power funnel”

l o v e i t ! ! !


I like Cody because he is playing the game, even if his attitude sucks. He makes the house interesting. Alex too is playing the game. The other newbies not so much. If they leave, it’s gonna be the Paul show. I just want the newbies to be in the game.


Lmfaoooo at Elena l!!!! I don’t care if I’m the only one hoping Cody and Jessica makes it through this week. I’m rooting for them. It’s going to be a boring summer if they leave. Means it’s Pauls show and these “mind slaves” lmbo will just be kissing his butt the whole summer


I need to know what the curse is!!!!!!


I wish people wouldn’t leave the house. I wish they would stay and compete for a lesser prize. As people leave the house it becomes more boring. It’s not too boring yet, but if Cody and Paul go…then it’s snooze time.


The only person I dislike is Jessica…she’s so fake and superficial! I think Cody would be a better human if Jessica wasn’t around she brings out the worst in him. Paul is okay I liked him last season this season he’s on a power trip. He needs to slow down a bit. I don’t think people are as loyal as many of you think, I think they know Paul is safe for 3 weeks but will turn on him as soon as he doesn’t have that power. I think if Cody’s in that POV this week he will win it! To me the best option is to just put up Paul and Jessica outright so what if Cody wins and takes himself down then they can all vote on Jessica! Why even give a chance to them both being safe at all!


“Paul and Jessica??” Paul cannot be nominated for another two weeks. Remember?


This game is soooooo rigged….. If it wasn’t then would be gone by now one way or the other. So plz wake up ppl. I bet Cody is gone this week cause that’s what BB want’s so if I’m right it is soooooo rigged for Paul and his dum group

Dr. J

Lets face it, Cody and Jess are pure bullies. They can dish it out but cannot take it. They are self centered, egotistical, entitled bullies. They are acting just like a bully does. Pick at the weak ones and avoid the strong ones because they know they will get slapped down by a strong person. Watch Cody when someone gets into his face, he doesn’t know what to say when they go after him. He will call names, lash out, but mostly stays silent when they bring up a good point. Bullies for sure.


Pick at the weak ones?? Is paul weak bc that’s who Cody was going after.


This “friendship” alliance is just like the nerd herd. Why did they have to bring back a vet? The season had so much potential and the casting was really good but they screw it all up by bringing this clown.


Wait… how are Raven and Elena hungover? WHen did they drink? Lol so confused


I’d love to know who has the temptation! There is a scenario were even if Cody is chosen for POV the ring holder could switch with him and Cody gets backdoored. Nasty bit of work!

Dr. J

Anon, try Mometrix Test Preparation for the Praxis Core exam. I think you can find them on the web but am not sure. I had heard of others using this while in college. No, I am not a teacher in case you are wondering. I just know others had success using this method. Good luck to you.

Jimmy 64

We are going to see what kind of idiot Paul is.
If he don’t put up Cody and Jessica he is a putz .
If he don’t put them up together I hope Cody or
Jessica get picked to play in the POV and I hope
they win and leave the nominations the same .
So they both stay in the house.

Duh Paul

The only way to be sure one of them goes is to put them both up as original noms. Even if Ramses puts himself up because of the curse, I don’t think he’d be the one people would vote out. If Paul does anything else he is even more stupid than he looks.


Why can the temptation winner use it only once and not 3 times. Oh yeah, cuz Paul couldn’t win it…


I am all for Cody and Jessica (I like Alex too). I don’t care if people think they are petty, at least they’re playing the game. One of them is probably leaving, but one can still hope right?


I’m with you..hoping for a miracle


Here is Paul’s letter from home…

As you can guess, the house is very quiet *crickets*. We are all having a Paul withdrawal. Miss you so much, and I bet you miss hearing PAULLLL every day.

Thanks so much for leaving me with your sick pets and a hefty vet bill lol. So this is the breakdown:

As you know, King is old but vet said he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him. (Paul is confused)

Blair’s dark spots are not getting better yet and it’s moving toward her eyes and she’s not opening her eyes again. Haiti (sp) still thinks one day he’s a horse the other day he’s a dog (Camera oddly shows Jason at this point). Vet said not to let him jump, it’s bad for his hips. Boy (sp) you know is like a ghost. When it’s quiet she will appear. Button is getting fatter. Can’t decide who’s food to eat. Goes from one plate to another and looks at me like ‘It’s not me’. And that is all the updates about your zoo. Overall don’t worry, it’s all fixable. I have a follow up next month with the vet.

Dad had his knee surgery, Nat got a job at the hospital and is finally getting a paycheck hahaha. Your boys are all good and proud (Paul asks who his boys are). And finally me. Work is good and things are moving forward. (letter continues with some noncryptic stuff).


So, Obviously Kevin is King!
Alex could be Blair (Facts of Life)
Josh could be Haiti (or Jason)
Ramses could be boy ( youngest and gay…referred to as she!)
Button is getting fatter….still working on who.

Zoo refers to house.

True Big Brother Code!


oh wow! Mind blown! If that’s true! Someone should investigate…that is cheating IF true!


I’m betting Alex got the temptation.

A great curse would be a voided vote. If there are really three this week, then WOWZA!

No one’s talking.


…..go Christmas!


Clearly, Paul and his family members worked out a way to send cryptic messages, prior to Paul’s entry into the house. If Paul seems confused by any of the contents of his letter, it is part of his act.


I’m rooting for Cody and Jessica and praying that Alex and Jessica mend things start working with them!!! In the interview Cody says he wanted to work with a strong girl in the house and wasn’t going for a showmance. So Jessica did steer him off his goals

Mel T

It seems that many people are rooting for Cody (not all) then why is he so low on the rankings? I know that I give him a five a least five times a day. He needs to be higher because he is not afraid to play and tries to make big moves but he is blocked from doing so by production and these stupid temptations. He was trying to keep his group safe and they turned on him. The stupid idiots!!!!!