“Everybody wants to be on Paul’s team.. You’re not in a showmance we should be on the same team”

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3:35pm Dom and Ramses
Dom tells him she’s not targeting Ramses at all.

3:36pm Christmas and Jason
Xmas – I know what happened yesterday I wanted to sit down and see what you have to say
Jason – do you feel like I directly told you that I was going to vote to keep you.. I want to know…

Xmas – do you feel you gave me the indication that you would vote that way
Jason says he led her one way but was giving body language “and sh1t” indicating he wasn’t sure about the vote.
Jason – Paul and Mark those guys were riding my a$$ like Zoro.. and I kept telling them I’m voting for Jillian.. I was like man I have to get these people off me..

Jason says all he was telling them was “i’m solid”
Jason – Why would I want to keep you over Jillian honestly.. becuase you’re not as cool as Jillian, give me a break.
Jason – You’re not a vote for me..
Xmas – ok then.. why did you say that to me .
Jason says he kept Jillian for a vote.
Xmas- You did allude to the fact you were voting for me. you played in a heavily persuasive grey area.
Xmas says other players gave her a straight up answer.

Xmas – you’re right you never said yes or no..
Xmas just wish he was straight with her.

Xmas – I feel pretty darn f***d over
Jason – by me
Xmas – not you, you lost Jillian I told you, you’ll lose Jillian
Xmas tells him his team is wavering “I know that can be unnerving”
Xmas wants to move on reminds him she knows what the f*** is going on in the house.
Jason – for the first 2 weeks in the house I didn’t see none of y’all
Jason says she’s on the strong side, “I’m on the weak side I needed to get rid of a strong person on the inside .. I felt like I was on the outside”

Xmas says the reason why he hasn’t been brought into her group is because he’s “wavering”
Xmas – Alex and I got off to a rough start… we let Meghan get to us
Xmas I feel quite fucked over literally.. figuratively and physically.
Jason- I will take all of that

Xmas says Jillian is going to go home and be like “I got beat by a broke b1tch”

Xmas – I am broken hearted that I can’t compete now.. I thought we had a good connection..
Xmas – if you were going t vote for Jillian all I wanted was honesty
Jason says Paul and Mark really pushed him
Jason – I told Paul I got your back but I got none of your front

Jason brings up that yesterday Ramses called Kevin a snake.

Xmas says Cody and her danced one morning and Jessica saw. The reason Cody put her up was because Jessica said she made the girls uncomfortable which means Jessica was uncomfortable.

Do you think I wanted to vote for Jillian f that
Do yo think I wanted to sit in the jury house and listen to Julie F that
Xmas – Jillian..
Xmas – Jillian, Nobody knows her name how awful is that

Jason going back to how he never told them his vote all he said “I’m solid I’m solid” highlights how aggressive Mark and paul were.

Jason says ramses told Jillian he loved her and she was his best friend and for him to vote Jillian out.
Jason says Kevin, Jessica, Jason, Alex voted to keep Jillian.
Xmas asks how does he know Kevin didn’t
Jason – I guarantee you Kevin isn’t lying.. He’s old school .. Ramses called him a snake
Jason is adamant that Ramses voted out Jillian and Kevin didn’t
Xmas keeps questioning it.

Jason says he would love to make an alliance with 4 people
Xma s- who
Jason – i dunno.. Paul is badass but I’m scared because he’s soo good..
Xmas says her and Paul are in the same position if they lie and backstab it’ll hurt themselves in their real life so they have to play smart and creative.
Jason says his hands were shaking during the HOH competition if he had his cowboy hat he would have been calmer.

Jason says Alex is calm like a tiger but she really trusts Ramses.
Jason says he cancelled 47K worth of contracts to come on Big Brother.

Jason – what’s the f*** plan
Xmas – you have a conversation and you let him (PAUL) know what the deal (with Cody) was
Xmas – in this situation it’s best to be truthful with paul
Jason – I’ve always been truthful…. No greywater.

Jason – you running with Paul
Xmas – I have zero Alliances, I trust my team but I’m uneasy what happened to me
Jason – everybody wants to be on Paul’s team the mother f***er is going to win

Xmas – you’re not being put up this week, do you trust me
Jason – yes

They agree that if Cody wins POV he’ll use it on Jessica “Pull a military move”
Xmas – let me tell you my goal..
Xmas – I want to be in Jury
Jason – That’s not going to not happen
Xmas – It won’t if Jess wins HOH next week
Xmas says she’ll help him stay off the radar with her team if he helps her get to jury.
Jason – done … done

Jason – how do you feel about showmances.. You’re not in a showmance you and I should be on the same team.

3:55pm Ramses and Paul
Paul – my objective is to get Cody up there and I know for a f****g fact nobody is keeping him here..
Ramses – he yelled at me
Paul – he Yelled at you
Ramses – not really… he came at me

4:05pm Showmance barfville
Paul is in they’re as well tells them Ramses is going up as the third nomination.

4:13pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin says he has no idea who has the temptation

4:56pm Alex and Cody
Cody – you got a better chance at this game then me
Cody says if Jess is safe and he has the veto he’ll use it on Alex
Paul says the warriors are down here and “all Paul groupies and c** s****r are all up there”

Alex – they let him win becuase htey were afraid
Cody – it’ll take a team to take you out
Alex – all these girls make us look stupid we can’t beat them when they have 8 people getting tickets..

They complain about a vet coming back with 3 weeks safety
Alex – our backs are against the wall .. what do we do.. we have 2 people..

Alex – Ramses I can’t stand he follows me everywhere

Alex calls Josh “the dumbest person in the world”
Alex – not one of those girls took a goddamn shot.. (in the HOH)
Cody – I should have listened to you about Dom right from off the bat
Alex – I knew your circle was bad
Alex – Jillian was going to out Xmas for being a cheater.. at the last minute Jillian flipped it because she thought she had the votes.

They can’t believe Ramses and Josh flipped they could have had the numbers and controlled the house.
Cody – I want to go after Mark’s closest chick Elena and Dom
Cody – they think i’m going after the dudes F no I’m going to take out where your heart is

Cody – Elena lives in Dallas and she thinks we’re going to be friends after.. F* no, they don’t care about this side of the house
Alex – The MArk and Dom thing was a fake (the apparent banner plane that Ramses made up)
Cody brings up how in the beginning it was him, Dom, Mark and Matt that were all solid.
Alex – I want to go to Jury but do I want to get stuck with all these f* heads for 7 weeks

5:22pm COdy and Jessica
Says he just talked to Alex she told him they are using Alex as a pawn to get Cody out.
Jessica says she doesn’t feel well, “My heart is beating really heavy and it hurts”

the temptation rules ..
If the HouseGuest accepts this offer, they will have the power to swap with one of the 3 chosen players in the Power of Veto competition and take their place and have the power to participate in any veto competition. This temptation can be only used once.

5:41pm Christmas and Paul
Christmas – I got the temptation.. it’s really not a great one

Christmas – I got to pick the 3 people… Cody, Jessica and Ramses
Paul – Gawd you’re such a babe

Christmas says the temptation would have been good is she didn’t break her leg.
Paul – who knows
Christmas – you

Paul get picked.. swap and throw it (picked for POV)
Xmas says she can use it “anytime”
Xmas – I know how hard you campaigned for me so thank you
Paul – I told you when I got you a f*ing got you
xmas – my word is the same
Paul – good play
Xmas – thank you
paul – 10 outta 10 good job
xmas – I believe that everybody thinks we’re ride or die

6pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

6:40pm The live feeds are still blocked .. the nomination ceremony is likely happening now.

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Paul’s HOH letter….

King is obviously Kevin
Blair is Alex or maybe Elena (Facts of life)
Haiti should be Josh (if word was Hades….then not sure but Jason.)
Boy is Ramses (he is youngest at 21 AND referred to as she because he is openly gay.)
Button is confusing me….either Alex or Elena (cute as a button?)
Zoo refers to the BB House
And she says your boys are good letting him know that after Cody betrayed him, the rest are telling the truth…….Big Brother Spy Network

As you can guess, the house is very quiet *crickets*. We are all having a Paul withdrawal. Miss you so much, and I bet you miss hearing PAULLLL every day.

Thanks so much for leaving me with your sick pets and a hefty vet bill lol. So this is the breakdown:

As you know, King is old but vet said he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him. (Paul is confused)

Blair’s dark spots are not getting better yet and it’s moving toward her eyes and she’s not opening her eyes again. Haiti (sp) still thinks one day he’s a horse the other day he’s a dog (Camera oddly shows Jason at this point). Vet said not to let him jump, it’s bad for his hips. Boy (sp) you know is like a ghost. When it’s quiet she will appear. Button is getting fatter. Can’t decide who’s food to eat. Goes from one plate to another and looks at me like ‘It’s not me’. And that is all the updates about your zoo. Overall don’t worry, it’s all fixable. I have a follow up next month with the vet.

Dad had his knee surgery, Nat got a job at the hospital and is finally getting a paycheck hahaha. Your boys are all good and proud (Paul asks who his boys are). And finally me. Work is good and things are moving forward. (letter continues with some noncryptic stuff).


That’s a good code breaker! My guess with the horse and Jason is he would have Christmas riding on his back like a horse since that’s how she broke her leg. I bet before Paul left home he worked out a code with his family and how they could get it past the censors. No wonder why he wanted to be HOH so bad! He wanted to know who was really on his side so he knew who to trust. Who better to judge that than his family? Brilliant idea on his part if this is what really happened. From last season, I don’t remember him talking about having that many pets, do you?


Elena;s the fat one eating from everyone’s plate.
Simon should have a side poll guessing how much weight she’ll gain in the the next 3 months.


I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the letter was very odd and not very free flowing. Who takes their grand animals to the vet as soon as the animal daddy leaves? Why take them to the vet? Why didn’t Paul take them?
It is all very weird or we are just getting played!!!


It’s Hades. Greek god of the underworld.


kind of weird that I was thinking similar stuff to this. He spent an awful long time reading that letter and he’s played this game.

P.S. love him though so hope he is smart about it


Cryptic messages theory is intriguing.

But, I thought the families wrote their letters way ahead of time.



I think they email them weekly maybe?


Totally agree! Although I think Blair might be Jessica (as on Facts of Life) thinks she’s the prettiest but not so much on the inside.. idk but very cool decoding work 😉

BB Espionage

So this is the break down – King(kevin) is old and the vet said to keep a close eye(potential threat) on him. Blair’s(Jessica) dark spots are not getting better and its moving towards her eye. I see her not opening her eyes again(lasting long). Hades(jason)one day thinks he’s a horse(foot injury), the other day a dog(low down). The vet said not to let him jump(play veto), its bad for his hips(Paul’s game). Boy(rams,youngest) you know is like a ghost, one day she(openly gay)is quiet and then she will disappear. Button(josh) is getting fatter. He can’t decide who’s food to eat(alliance to choose) so he goes from one to the other and then looks at me like its not me.(plays dumb)


The reason this is true is because it has been done before (I can find out again) and it happened in BB Canada. It is thought that his sister wrote the letter because she is smart….that’s the word and I now agree 100% whether it was Haiti or Hades she was referring to Jason (Christmas rode him and he’s a cowboy.)


Who got the coded letter in BB CAN? I never heard about that, totally want to go look it up!


So true, this theory is as good as russia collusion theory.


lol Kevin has every one of them fooled. I love it.


lol, i dont know why but I pictured Kevin from the office just now.

Captain Crunch

Is Paul putting up Alex and Jessica or Alex and Jason?

If Paul wants Cody out it probably would be better just to put up him and Jessica up so at least 1 of them would go home instead of trying to back-door him. What if Cody gets pick and wins veto and take Jessica down. then what? Alex or another pawn goes home while he regrets not putting both up.


i’m not a huge fan of ramses, but i hate the whole curse twist. it should have been a consequence for paul, like 3 weeks of safety followed by 1 week on the block, or 3 weeks of safety but can’t participate in any comps during that time. with paul ineligible for the curse it’s almost like he got two benefits out of it. he’s safe and one of the other houseguests gets screwed without paul really getting blood on his hands (cuz c’mon, who’s passing up three weeks of safety).


Xmas thinks saying “I really felt fked over” every five mins is helping her. U stayed… stop tryin’ guilt trip Jason.

I dnt care. I want Paul and her gone. Paul has had a hard on for her since nite one. She getting uglier and more annoying to me with each passing moment. The laugh is like nails on chalkboard at this point.

Still pissed at Kevin for lying. Dude u are killing me. Never again to your main allies. K. We good?

K #kevinforthewin


Passed at Kevin for lying? Dude, this is BB. Lying and backstabbing are part of the game. Kevin wants to win.

Jason owes Xmas nothing

She only discusses semantics. Her game is submerged in grey water. Cant wait till Mark flips the house back next week, after rams is gone and nominates Xmas and Josh


As of April, His pets :
Presa, Blair, Olive, King & Button. (No Haiti or Boy)

A little too convenient

I see producution’s gift keeps on giving. Coded letter, ring of replacement. They lost me when they got caught bashing rancypants on the feeds. I just want the rest of you to give em hell


I am not a fan of Cody, but CBS screwed him. In the history of BB no one had to nominate 1/3 of the house during their HOH. You bring in a vet and give him three weeks safety. CBS knew he was going to win because he had a fan base coming into the house. What’s with Paul’s letter? It started out to be a good season but not anymore.


Not to mention leading Cody’s simple mind right into that trap. He didn’t come up with that idea all on his own, they made him paranoid and probably encouraged him that last week was the time to strike.


Paul should be disqualified for that letter and his a$$ sent home


You can’t disqualify him for something no one even knows is true. Plus he seemed pretty perplexed by the letter tbh. Hell, evel dick flat out admitted his letter was coded and they did nothing. Told him not to talk about it in interviews.


Can’t stand their allegiances to Paul.. so pathetic. Cody sucks at gaming but tried anyway.. deserves some level of respect, even though BB tries to make it look stupid with their rigged power. Xmas.. vomit. Nailing people into keeping her and the vet even longer.. Raven and ELENA.. even Matt.. following the final two veteran returnee with no second thoughts. DORKS OF THE CENTURY.


This is bs that Christmas had to pick 3 people to trade with! I don’t even like her but what if Cody, Jessica and Ramses are all evicted before she desperately needs to swap because she might be getting backdoored. The chances of her even needing to swap are little to none to get those 3 evicted. But she might really need that power in say 2/3 weeks if Paul is on the block and she wants to battle to save him. Or just in general maybe down the road she wants to swap anyone whose against her in the game.
I think that’s just really unfair and not what the temptation said on the website.


I believe it said Xmas could use it anytime, so doesn’t have to use right now. I think her and Paul were discussing she *could* use it this week if necessary, i.e., swap herself into POV to replace Cody (?) This is a confusing one.


I wasn’t a huge Paul fan last season and I’m still not but I am glad he is helping the ppl I like. Xmas is by far my favorite and she is a pretty amazing person IRL. And who doesn’t love Kevin lol. I can’t fault Cody for trying but it’s the way he & Jessica have shown their true selves since POV ceremony that gets me. If they would have acted like adults and if Cody had apologized for keeping his team in the dark etc then ok but they have shown how spoiled and selfish they really are and I can’t wait til they are both gone.


Cannot stand Cody or Jessica. Get their trash asses sent home pronto.


I hate saying rigged games but the first temptation which always goes to returning vet is 3 week safety the 2nd is a fucking veto player swap gtfoh lol.

Who likes Xmas honestly she is fake plugs her dumb workout shit every chance she gets lost every comp she was in before breaking her leg it’s easy to talk shit now as a competition beast knowing you’ll never win one


Xmas said she didn’t want to look strong at first because it would put a target on her back. Then she got hurt. I think she would have won when she needed to. I look at her and Alex as somewhat equal in the comp field. Alex just didn’t have the same strategy.


Christmas gets the advantage??!?!? I believe I find her annoying as hell. They way she talks to people to make her feel bad. Her and Paul are soooo annoying