Paul “If you & Alex are up, then we’re all playing in the veto.” Josh “Okay, I trust you.”

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11:10pm Paul comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room?! All the house guests head up to the HOH room. Paul gets sushi socks, beard oil, more life by Drake music, mustache comb. Cody stands my the door with his arms crossed Paul then reads his HOH letter:

Hello my boy! The house is very quiet, cricket cricket. We are all having a Paul withdrawal. We miss you so much and I bet you miss PAAUUL everyday. Thank you so much for leaving us your sick pets and a hefty vet bill. (Paul tells the camera – that does not make me feel good mom!) So this is the break down – King is old and the vet said to keep a close eye on him. Blair’s dark spots are not getting better and its moving towards her eye. I see her not opening her eyes again. Hades one day thinks he’s a horse, the other day a dog. The vet said not to let him jump, its bad for his hips. Boy you know is like a ghost, one day she is quiet and then she will disappear. Button is getting fatter. He can’t decide who’s food to eat so he goes from one bowl to the other and then looks at me like its not me. And that is the updates on your zoo but overall its not bad, its all fixable. I have a follow up next month with the vet. Now about us, dad has his knee surgery and is doing okay. Nat started her job at the hospital. She finally got a pay cheque hahahaha. Your boys are all good and proud. And finally me, work is good and things are moving forward. I do get overwhelmed some times but I am the super mom as you call me. I know you are probably screaming quit your job already. I got this son. Of course there are days that I am so pissed and want to strangle you for leaving it all on me but its all friendship. Love you, love you, love you. Miss you is the message you are getting from all of your friends. Love you and behave. Always stay true to yourself and NO HUMPING! Love and kisses everyone!

11:30pm – 11:40pm Havenot room. Jessica & Cody.
Jessica – I am going to f**king lose it! I need to go lay down before people start coming down or I am going to lose it. Cody and Jess head to the havenot room. Cody – it was getting pretty bad in there. The fake laughs. The excitement over a box of cereal. Its just all fake! Jess – I can handle this game but when you have two girls standing outside your door… the way that I came after Christmas she had to hold herself back because what she was about to do would have gotten her kicked off the show. That’s what she said. I don’t take well to threats and if it happens again I am going to f**king go after them. I am not going to hold back. Cody – I’ve got your back. Cody and Jessica get into bed.

11:40pm HOH room –
Paul – so in order for this to work, you all need to play along and not crack. Paul – What I am thinking of doing is putting Marr and Raven up as pawns. Obviously, I’m not going to say this. I got stabbed in the back lest week and I’m still trying to figure it out. The only reason I want to do that is so I have two guaranteed people compete for the veto. The other issue I have just putting Jessica and Cody on the block. That’s two of them playing (in the veto) for sure and then the third is a f**king gamble. The whole point is that I am trying to trap Cody. My target this week is Cody and I don’t even want to give him a chance to compete for the veto. He didn’t give me or you (Christmas) the chance. My plan is to guarantee 3 people compete for the veto. I think you two are strong competitors and I think I am too. The whole ultimatum is to pin Cody up next to Raven. If you put someone next to Raven .. its a f**king no brainer. Even if you don’t hate Code. They question what Josh will do. Paul – do you really thing Josh would vote out the girl with 2 terminal diseases. Kevin joins them. Paul – if Raven was next to crazy and rambunctious would you ever vote Raven out? Kevin – no, I would vote out crazy and rambunctious. Elena brings up how Ramses would use the curse nom this week because he would want to be next to Cody. Paul – I can’t just put home boy up there. Matt – if you main plan is votes, you’re not taking away 2, you’re taking away 2. Elena – well really 1 person. Paul – so you guys are telling me that Cody up against anyone is the house .. he is still going home. Mark gets frustrated that his points are being heard. He gets up and leaves.

Jessica – I wouldn’t be surprised if Raven had a crush on you because the first chance she got she took a stab at you. Elena has said so many times that she does not have any friends. She is going to go with the masses because she has such a desire to be liked. D, I don’t even understand what that girl has going on because she is so bipolar. She talks about how she deserves everything to be handed to her on a silver plater. The whole point is that I’m trying to keep him busy. The target this week is to get Cody out. Jess – then you have Alex who acts like such a bada$$ but as soon as her foot is in the door she starts sucking D**K for money. And then you have Christams, I am not a beta female, I am an alpha female. Oh god, she just doesn’t intimidate me. Your muscles do nothing for me. The breakdown too is just bullsh*t. I offered these people genuine friendships too. It was not received.

12:50am HOH room – Matt, Raven and Paul
Paul – f**k ever talk in front of Ramses and I don’t want to talk in front of Kevin. Now that I thought about it the risk of one of you (Matt or Raven) going home is a terrible idea. Putting both of you up and even a chance of one of you going home is a terrible idea. Things could still go wrong and I’m not willing to gamble. What I am going to try and do is convince Alex to …. I’m going to run some options. Matt & Raven leave the HOH. Alex comes in to talk to Alex. Alex – so the pendant is fake. Paul – it is fake. It was from OTT and I hosted that comp and it was fake. Paul – I am going to tell you now. …your homie Jason is really f**king up. You’re beating him in the trust factor. You letting me cut you in line today really showed me that I can trust you. Alex – that’s why you won. Paul – I am telling you for your own game that Jason is no good. Whatever Jason is promising you it is f**king bullSh*t. Alex – theres no deals. Paul – everyone is on board with us backdooring him. I need to execute this plan as best as I can. Some of those people like you and some don’t. But in the beginning none of them trusted you. You’re definitely killing it. How cool are you with Ramses? Alex – I sold him a line and… Paul – it got around the house. Alex – yes, and he sold our Jillian who was his best friend. You’re the only person in this house that isn’t a pu$$y. Cody is expecting to be backdoored and that’s what I’m going to do. My idea is maybe we do a one and one … one person we are all okay with seeing leave and one person I can f**king trust to play the veto with me well. If you are my pawn, I put you next to someone like Ramses. If all else fails.. f**k you Ramses. I am thinking if it is me and you guaranteed competing in the veto. Paul – would you vote Cody out over Ramses. Alex – if I had to yeah. Paul – the only advice I have is be careful with Jason. Paul – who is going to expect an Armenian and an Asian to team up. They come up with an alliance name AMF! Paul that is funny as f**k. Alex – I trust you even more now. Alex agrees to go up as a pawn.

1:40am HOH room – Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Don, Matt, Raven.
Paul – I need to know that if it is either Alex or Josh up next to Cody that you guys will vote out Cody? They all agree that they would.

2am Kevin and Paul chug a beer each to see who can finish first.

2:05am HOH room – Paul & Josh.
Paul – here is the game plan. I might need your help. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then you can say no. I convinced Alex to go up as a pawn. I need another pawn. Alex has vengeance to get Cody out. You have vengeance to get Cody out. I have vengeance to get Cody out. All of these people up here will vouch to get Cody out if it is you up against him. No matter what. Everyone wants Cody out. And this is your opportunity to be a part of something. You’re stepping up when they’re not. I don’t want you or Alex to go over Cody. If you tell me no, I am not going to do it. Everyone agrees Cody should go home. No one will care if we take Jess out first. If we take out Cody, then Jess will cry and be a mess. If you and Alex are up there, then we are all playing in the veto. Ramses has the curse. Josh I don’t know what this curse is. Paul – let me tell you, the curse is that Ramses has to go up on the block every week for 3 weeks. (Not true, Ramses has to volunteer to go up in one of the 3 weeks.) And guess what nobody likes Ramses. If either you or Alex are up next to Cody .. Cody goes home. Josh – I trust you. Paul – what you can do is if Cody gets picked to play in the veto you call him a pu$$y the entire time. Josh – oh my god what are you doing. Paul – you know this is a good plan. The plan is flawless. Josh – Okay I’m in. Paul – okay, you’re playing for the team. All these people have your back. Josh – I know this show and pawns go home. Paul – I was a pawn 4 times last year and I didn’t go home. Josh – Okay, I trust you. Paul – in the worst case Cody gets picked to play in the veto and wins .. Ramses will go home. Nobody likes him did you not hear people call him a snake piece of sh*t. Josh – I trust you.

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2:10am Bedroom – Alex and Kevin.
Alex – put me on the block next to Josh. Convince Josh that he is the target. Play in the veto. Me, Josh and Paul. And one of us win the veto. And then take myself off, put Cody up and backdoor him. Kevin and you agreed with that? Alex -its a good plan. Kevin – it is a good plan.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Paul. What the f-


Dumbest plan ever!!! Put up Cody and Jessica and be done with it. Who cares who goes home first?


The only way his plan makes sense is if he already knows Christmas will win the power to steal the veto play.


Pauls HOH letter is filled with code. Example: King is Kevin


I agree with you. During BBAD, he was studying the letter for a very long time, like he was looking for some clues.

Double D

That letter was written before the show even started. you think they just got it yesterday in the mail?


It was NOT written before the show started. Please read Evel Dicks twitter where he states that he cheated by getting a coded letter. Only ED’s letter was not so blatantly obvious.

Paul is a shill

Rigged like it was for Nicole




and it feels like his sister might have written it even though it says it’s from his mom – and his sister is smart.

Butters Mom

I think Hades is cody. The vet is probably production or a “vet house guest with inside info” lol


I felt the same way. All those names and if you watched his face when he was reading it, you could see it.


I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully i will make him even more paranoid.


Too rigged to watch this season. Good bye all.


Button sounds like josh. The ghost could be Ramses but since she said she it sounds like Dom. I was thinking the one that thinks hes a horse was Cowboy. The pets are the otherside of the house and when she says us means his group? So I agree with you it does sound like alot of clues. Didn’t notice it the first time I read it until you mentioned it. I think your right.


I thought the same thing by the way he was studying it.


Not to mention the fact that he kept saying what? while reading it. I went back and watched it again and he seems really confused lol

Anonymous 2

Totally agree….King is Kevin and Hades is Jason. Haven’t figured out the other codes quite yet. Paul made it obvious when he studied that letter relentlessly while everyone else in the room enjoyed conversation among themselves and the goodies from his basket. No, I do not believe that letter was written before the show started. In a BBAD episode, one of the house guests (might have even been Paul) said that the producers are in constant touch with the families.

Not Jason's First Rodeo

Paul’s real pets’ names are Presa, Blair, Olive, King, and Button. This is according to an Instagram post he made in April for National Pet Day. So Hades and Boy are completely made up, maybe??? I would expect the letter to be a warning for Paul about the people who were hesitant to keep Christmas. Paul whipped up votes to save her, and not everyone was on board. His family is telling him who is lying to him. So this is what I’m thinking:

King is Kevin. Paul is close to him. Kevin said he would vote to keep Christmas, but he wasn’t on board with this plan at first. But he did vote to keep Christmas. Therefore, Paul has to keep an eye on him. Kevin is a straight-shooter, and Paul’s family is encouraging him to work with Kevin.

Blair is Jessica. Her “dark spots” (bad sides of her personality/game play) aren’t getting better. She’s not opening her eyes — she’s not going to change; she’s impossible to work with. She needs to go.

Hades is Jason. Jason thinks he’s a horse, like when Christmas is riding him around the yard. Thinking he’s a dog might mean he pretends to be loyal? Either way, Jason voted to evict Christmas, even though he told Paul otherwise. I’m not sure what not allowing him to jump would mean. Maybe don’t let Jason jump Paul, like blind side him? I think the message her is to stay away from Jason.

Boy confuses me. The name is Boy, but Boy is a she. I don’t know if this is some kind of cheap shot at Ramses. I think Ramses does match the description of being ghost-like, as he hasn’t really been around much. But it could be about Alex also, since she has been with Cody and against Cody and back again. Ramses is invisible and Alex is transient between both sides of the house. They both voted to evict Christmas. But now Paul is working with Alex. Did he get the wrong message? Time will tell.

Button: Could either be Josh or Mark. I think they both fought with themselves over this eviction and probably flip-flopped more than anyone. However, I think Mark would be more likely to deny that he voted for Christmas to say in the company of Cody/Jessica. Hence, “It’s not me.”

We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to speculate.


That is not a good plan. Cody or Jessica could play in and win the veto then Alex, Josh or whoever he puts up is going home. He needs Jessica and Cody as the nominees; if one wins veto the other one goes.


His plan only works if the veto is used. Cody might be stupid enough to use it on Alex so Paul can put up Jessica…

Not Jason's First Rodeo

Then Alex needs to get really buddy-buddy with Cody. She voted to keep Jillian, Cody already likes her, he regretted putting her up last week, so she has all of that on her side. She needs to make a (bullsh*t) deal with him so there’s a greater chance that he will use the veto on her. She needs to act really disappointed that she is nominated. I don’t think anyone expects Alex and Paul to work together, so she is a good pawn. I would play it safe and put Cody and Jessica up right off the bat, but Cody might be able to garner some sympathy in that time with the other houseguests. No one wants to give them a week to campaign for votes. They might be able to change some minds. Hopefully America gave this temptation to someone who will use it to ensure that Cody and Jessica don’t both play in the veto.


If neither are noms, then either one will be backdoored once the veto is used.

The only way this plan fails is if the Veto is not used.


There is an off chance that Cody or Jess’s name will be pulled out of that hat. If one of them win veto and don’t use it Alex or Josh will go home.


This is not a good plan. You are right. If Cody gets picked and wins, he doesn’t have to use the veto, he and Jessica are safe and either Alex or Josh goes home. (Most likely Josh) Hope the diary room clears this up before he does something stupid.


They said if veto not used, Ramsey would go. But, Paul thinks Ramsey has to go up himself the next three weeks. Paul doesn’t realise that Ramsey only has to put himself up one time during the next three weeks.

Seems to me....

Wouldn’t the smartest move be to put Cody up against Jessica? That way, even if one of them wins Veto, they can only pull themself off. Otherwise, if he puts up Jessica against a pawn, and Cody happens to win Veto, he is safe PLUS he can pull down Jessica. Right? That would be epically stupid.


You think production orchestrated that circular foolishness Paul gave us last night? Your suggestion put both up and one goes is the exact way to get a successful week. Which ever stays goes next week if not HOH. Paul’s over thinking this big time! At one point he was talking Mark and Raven which was plain stupid.

PS….I’m betting the ring goes to Jess making it a shoe in Cody plays POV just to keep the madness going.


Hmm .. so Alex and Josh are on the block. Ramses may or may not put himself up. Cody and/or Jessica may get drawn to play in the veto comp and have a shot at winning and leaving the nominations the same. A HG will be tempted with a Veto Competition Replacement ability and if accepted another curse will come into to play that could shake things up yet again. Hmm…. what could possibly go wrong with Paul’s plan and Cody survives the week. Going to be interesting to see it all unfold. I would just hate to see this all end up with Alex getting evicted.


I completely agree. I have to say Alex has become one of my unexpected favorites. And Paul should just put them both up.


I am voting Xmas on this weeks temptation!


I don’t mind the plan only because Cody staying another week would be Feeds Gold.


They don’t know the temptation yet, but that’s another way to get Cody on the block even if it screws someone.


Three scenarios that may result in back-dooring Cody, IMHO:
1 Put 2 weak players like Jessica and Ramses on the block= neither is likely to win POV, except J will choose Cody to play POV
2 Put 1 strong, like Alex and a wildcard, like Kevin=no one will choose Cody; Alex has a good chance of winning; no one would vote out Kevin
3 Put up Alex and Jason= both will fight like H3LL to win POV, but would Jason pick Cody?

Not a fan of putting up Matt and Raven- doesn’t the pawn always go home? Can’t put up C’mas because she is to undergo surgery and would be easy to vote out- don’t even know why they are allowing her to stay. Josh can’t go up because he will not be able to hold it together may even self-evict. Creepy Cody is poison (is he even stable?) and he needs to go- then Jessica will deflate like a balloon. There will still be plenty of drama and hilarity to go around.

Any thoughts?


nothing is a guarantee with all the temptations and house guest choice for veto picks …. with that said, in this case I would just be direct if my target was Cody and put him and Jessica up … let the chips fall and then more than likely one or the other is evicted … split them up and if Cody escapes, oh well. If he wins HoH next week, Paul may be nominated but it is still a matter of who votes and how.


Paul can’t be nominated next week. Next week will be his last week of the temptation.


almost forgot, Paul is safe next week so not really a risk of him going home next week should Cody not be evicted this week and win HoH. If I were Paul, with that being the case I would go directly at Cody and Jessica and split them up one way or the other.

sunny dee

i think ramses would be smart to put himself up this week knowing the deal is to get cody out, i think he would be wise to do it now rather than waiting another week.

poor guy tho, blamed for voting jillian out when it was kevin. makes you wonder about how smart these people are when someone can tell the truth and they call it a lie, while someone is lying and they feel like 100% that guy is telling the truth lol. cody swears he looked at kevin’s face when the votes were revealed and that is how he knows 100% that kevin voted for jillian to stay.


Josh’s plan is almost flawless because he will put Alex and Paul up as pawns. If they win the pov then they can backdoor Cody, and if they don’t win, America has given one of them the Ring of replacement (with consequences of course) to guarantee Cody or Jessica’s exit out the door.


What happened to Big Brother? The temptation twist makes this game nearly impossible to play. Like him or not, Cody had the right idea to get rid of Paul. HOH has become a curse instead of power. You can’t strategically play the game with a temptation every week. 3 weeks of safety in week one is absurd. Big Brother needs to go back to basics. No more returning players, no temptation and give all the players an equal shot at winning.


Its all about ratings and if they went back to basics production can not control the outcome of the game. Nice thought but this game is produced not played!


perfectly said, produced not played


I don’t understand everyone’s love of Paul. Even he knows the best game play is to get rid of him.

sunny dee

vet in BBCAN had 3 weeks of safety or more, as in safe until jury starts. it isn’t a bad twist when it comes to there only being one vet returning, and putting that up as the first temptation knowing that majority of votes would likely be paul getting it, just makes the game more interesting. targeting the vet is lame


My thoughts exactly. Let me point out too, that Cody didn’t tell anyone about his plan to put up Paul, but if you watched last night’s “TV” episode, he mentions that he was putting up Paul in the diary room only. Though no one in the house was purvey to this information, Production was… You can bet that it was then, that production gave Paul the temptation. The reason he put up Christmas, was because she is Paul’s closest Alias… I also find it interesting how they are making Cody look like a snake, (bells for Christmas, snake rattling for Cody), … Why? I hope that if Cody stays, like he did to his fellow housemates, he stops telling Production what he is doing.


So far best season in 3 years! I think it is funny how obvious it is production can navigate the direction of the game with who they determine gets temped and punished. America is not that dumb big brother!

Cowboy and kevin

I want to like Alex but girl is an idiot she basically volunteered last week but telling Cody she was nomming him and Jess and now volunteers for real smh.

Guy From Canada

Her game is to win comps not to play strategically. If she knows she voted against Christmas, Paul offered an olive branch to play his game for friendship, and now she has a chance to control her fate by playing a comp. idiot, no but she is playing the game from a comp winning style and not a strategic style. So from the way she is playing the game, not the worst move but still not a good game move. If she gets a houseguest choice, she can throw a comp to Cody if she or someone else picks him It’s like a 1/14 chance (8%) with the houseguest choice chips and the other two peeps to pull a Cody chip.

Bu Maybe I’m wrong and she is thinking strategy. She is a big comp threat, even Paul just sort of said that. If she is thinking strategy, keeping a bigger target like Cody in the house may be worth it as a meat shield for her.


I can’t stand another 2 weeks with Paul. And when that advantage is over he is able to play for hoh. These houseguest are all dumbbbb

Cody's Eyes

I can’t stand another 2 weeks with Cody. Hopefully he gets the boot!!!!


He is nothing more than a little man, with a big ego… This week is going to be painstakingly horrible listening to Paul boast, but intensified because he is HOH.


You have got to be kidding me. Paul is so annoying and everyone is so stupid for lining up with him. What are they thinking


You can bet, he will turn on them the second he leaves the room, just like he did last year. He made an a$$ out of them last year and than snaked his way around. Can’t stomach looking at him or listening to his hyped voice.


This season went off the rails when casting stacked the players with Meatheads and Babes …


They have been doing that the past couple of years the last good season was season 8


You may all hate Cody but once he’s evicted the showmances will target alex, Kevin and Jason. Making this season extremely boring once again!
So annoyed that Paul is hoh


Not sure it really matters who won hoh at this point. It seems they are all going after the same two people regardless. With the upcoming temptations, it could throw a wrench in anyone’s plan. Just like last week.


I think Cody had the right idea with trying to get rid of Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for Cody at all but what he did is nothing different that what Paul tried to do last season to the vets he just went about it all wrong. He should of told his alliance what he was planning so they wouldn’t have felt betrayed. I think that was his only real mistake.

I don’t get why Paul is still working with Alex – didn’t she vote out Christmas? And why is he trying to turn her against Jason? Didn’t Jason vote for Christmas to stay?

I am liking this season so far. I don’t mind the temptation twist, I think it keeps things interesting and I’m glad Paul had safety and if HOH. I would like to see him stay around a little longer BUT I don’t get why they are calling him America’s Favorite……didn’t Victor get voted as America’s Favorite? Anyways…..I hope that somehow Cody stays this week. I think that even though he is a jerk he makes things very interesting to watch. I hope somehow Josh goes this week. That kid drives me nuts.


He expected Alex to vote to keep her close friend in the house. So I don’t think that mattered at all, everyone expected that. Plus she let Paul cut in line several times to get more chances to roll in the comp. So I can see why he would want to work with her. Plus she seems like she’ll be pretty good at comps. Not a bad person to team up with, especially if no one knows they’re working together.

Pauls Ego

Paul sees how big of a competitor Alex is…..Paul likes to align himself with competitors. Big Bro changes hour to hour so if you are new to Big Bro people switch alliances all the time.


Jason voted Christmas to stay.

Alex, is the brilliant one. She has nothing to lose, now. She may seem to be working with Paul, but that girl is playing her own game, and she’s my pick to win, at this point.

I imagine the final 4 will consist of Paul, Alex and two Paul followers.


No, Jason voted to evict Christmas. See yesterday’s results posted by Simon:

Alex Votes to evict = Christmas
Jason Votes to evict = Christmas
Jessica Votes to evict = Christmas (Says “this is going to be a hard one” when she walks to vote)
Kevin Votes to evict = Jillian
Ramses Votes to evict = Christmas
Elena Votes to evict = Jillian
Mark Votes to evict = Jillian
Paul Votes to evict = Jillian
Matt Votes to evict = Jillian
Raven Votes to evict = Jillian
Dom Votes to evict = Jillian
Josh Votes to evict = Jillian


The giant group of Mark/Matt/Elena/Raven and now Paul.. YUCK. Get this block of people and votes OUT. Dumb, naive, bewildered houseguests being driven by temptations and production to align themselves with PAUL THE SNAKE from LAST SEASON.. a returning tyrant from final two.. how ABSUD. Raven’s ass watched last season, didn’t SHE?! They may not like Cody and Jessica (who doesn’t?!) but they’d have to be BLIND like Paul’s dog to not see Paul is leading half of the dipshitted chaos. Christmas.. girl needs brain surgery before her leg one this Monday.

Cody's Eyes

I didn’t care for Paul last season, but how is he a snake? Once Victor left he had to switch game plan to stay. Then when Victor came back he was loyal to him which was his plan from day 1. Nicole was the snake. Now this season,Paul is playing to hard and trying to teach, which I do not think is smart. But I would keep Paul anyway over Cody.

Granny OOPS!

Sorry, I meant he voted to evict Christmas


Yo peoples, Jason voted to EVICT Xmas!!!


I think the reason they say he is a favorite is because of all the people who voiced their dislike of Nicole winning and being favored during that season. Paul played the game. Nicole played finger puppets with Cody and James handed her a crucial HOH win.


That HOH showing was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Pauls letter was boring as fk. And Cody is right that it was fake as fk up there. Unwatchable.

Cody and Jess are mean kids but also the whole house is ganging up on them. Neither is fair. Yes it’s a game but no one needs to feel ganged up on.

Paul fears Jason. That just proves Jason is playing the best game. I am a little disappointed in Kevin. But he has a plan. I may not like every aspect of it but I see where he going.

Raven is a genuine girl. Too good for Matts basic ass. I’d like to see Raven and Alex get closer.

Can’t take much more of Elena thinking she is making profound statements. When she really is just repeating whatever Dom says.


Show Watcher

I just love the people that come on here and say they can’t watch this F%^%ing show and then continue the watch the show. Come on man….break the status quo of the show watchers and drop the this is “boring” act. The only thing boring is people complaining about Big Bro… it is real life or something!


I agree with most of your excellent observations:
-Cody and Jess are mean kids, but they also act as if they are entitled/ better than the others. They are emboldened to attack or intimidate the weak (Josh). That is why the others have ganged up on them-?revenge of the nerds?
-Jason is a clueless clown- doubt that Paul fears him-just trying to figure out how to use him
-Raven is great- don’t mind her with Matt- at least they have mutual respect and affection. Unlike Mark and Elena- girl is wratched- and kind of dopey which makes her dangerous, but she is not likely to win comps, so she uses Mark
-Kevin is playing the best game- present, but under the radar and great at ‘covert ops’ Would love to see him win!

Cody's Eyes

I do not think the others ganged up on Cody and Jess. Cody did it to himself. He said he had no other options when he turned on his group. Not true….he should have put Jason or Raimes up before Christmas. The group would have respected him then knowing his options would limited. But he chose to pick Christmas after Paul which the group did not agree with., And Jess should have dropped Cody at that moment but she can’t play without a guy and is already worried he’ll meet someone when he’s out of the game. The girl as issues if after 15days you think Cody is yours.

Jeff Toronto

I am literally waiting for Cody to go “MENTAL” I’m telling you that guys is mentally unstable. I’m sure what he’s experienced and seen in his life, has probably made him so hard and cold. But I can see into that man’s eyes even through a television, and they’re is all kinds of crazy going on in there.

It’s sad and scary.

Jeffintly a tweeb

Your comment is sad and scary


You know that old saying, takes one to know one……

Cody is just a product of of the old archaic thoughts of “combat”. Some people love others and other people want to kill and believe it is the “me against the world” mentality. It really isn’t scary, it is just a delusional perspective of the world one lives in today. People can only keep themselves in the “chaos” by choosing to perceive their world through fear.


Definitely a tweeb… also inept philosophically


Should have put Alex and Jessica up, the two that Cody loves. What a great triangle story, what if Cody won the Veto, which of his ladies would he save? Also those two would have battled like WWII it would’ve been great.

As it is, if Cody wins he stays in the game and Ramses goes home big deal.


When casting for HGs ,production purposely picked the people they picked to surround Paul /Christmas.
They needed people who would fit certain roles. Behave in certain ways.
In other words, easily manipulated, low self-esteem, insecurities.
Basically, followers.
They do psych test right?
That way when Paul, and ,or Christmas win
People will say, that they were badass players. Need to make those two look good right?
The show was built around the two.
Throw in a couple of hot-headed idiots,and you’ve got the makings for a sure out come.
When things aren’t going right, manipulate them until they do.
Stacking the deck.
Meatheads and babes.
Outcome, Paul/Christmas winners.
Fake genius… BlaH blah blah

sunny dee

all the HGs are picked out of a standard lineup of ‘types’ year after year, it isnt based on one returning player or not. in this case, the only reason paul came in was because someone gave into a temptation. he wouldn’t be here if no one took that. so it is still randomized.

the types are so typical that Dan G wrote a book about how to get cast on BB based on taking on a type. the types are so typical and repeated that you can easily get people’s names confused early in the game because they are so like prior season’s HGs. jessica = nat, alex = james, nerdy ian/andy/steve= ramses, older babe Danielle/ janelle = Christmas, Caleb = jason, Mark = Corey, black chick either loud or overly Christian Jacosta/davonne = Dom, loud big guy Frank/Devin = josh, and all that is played up, because nerdy guys and babes have to dress specific ways to ensure we know which type they are.

Uncle Teddy

No plan is fool proof. Cody’s name could be drawn for POV and he could win, but the chance is small. Not nominating him is just a percentage move. If he’s nominated, there’s a 100% chance he plays in POV. If he’s not nominated there’s a 10% chance he plays in POV. This is the kind of move you make early and there’s 10 chips in the POV draw.


cody has a 25% chance to play in the pov if he’s not nominated, not a 10% chance. jessica also has a 25% chance to play if she’s not nominated. i think the stats math adds up to a 58% chance neither plays if neither’s nominated (there’s scenarios when they both play making it not 50-50), these aren’t odds that seem worth taking the risk of them playing and keeping the noms the same to me.


He’s thinking of putting Alex and Josh on the block what could possibly go wrong? Well Jessica and Cody could possibly get picked & win and keep the noms the same . He should straight up put them on the block because they both can’t save each other . They are all idiots if they dont get rid of him when his safety is over he can easily go all the way to final two again.

Captain Obvious

Well that is kind of the whole point…..If Jess/Cody stay it really isn’t that big of a loss and it weakens another “group”. I can’t believe people can’t see and get that Paul really isn’t too worried if the noms stay the same, its his whole point. Everyone has to go at some point and breaking up another group is just as good as Jess/cody going home. Jess/Cody are easy targets and if you know Big Bro, you never get rid of an easy target.




I have a great idea for next season. Put 16 blind people in the house. No one can judge each other’s looks. Makes the comps that much more difficult and exciting. And every week you don’t hear people crying poor me. I’m a victim. Blind people don’t like being portrayed as a victim of anything. They are badasses!!


If you want house guests not to judge one another then you will have to get 16 religious people in there….oh wait they judge the most….never mind!! LOL

Hand of God

I will smite you soon infidel


It’s all good, I don’t believe in a “man in the sky” looking down casting judgements upon us….that story is about as archaic as people believing Big Brother is not influencing the game. Sometimes you just have to move on from extremely limited beliefs….LOL

Sodom and gomorrah

Better yet lets put 16 people in the house with no moral compass and see what… wait genesis covered that. Your kinda scene I’m sure


Yeah, that show would be called “The Blind Leading the Blind”…not that much different.



Or! Pick 16 people who aren’t made to live in BB farming and don’t already know each other. Bonds were already formed and CAST (not chosen but cast) before their first night in the house. I am still watching and will watch but I literally like no one this season. And Paul coming back just made it 100 times worse! 🙁


Putting Alex and Josh up is a okay plan worst case either Jessica or Cody wins and keeps the noms the same. Josh goes home problem with that is I don’t know if the house would really vote Josh over Alex sure Josh is crazy but Alex is a way better player and they might see it as a opportunity to get Alex out. I would put Ramses and Josh up who cares if the plan fails and one of them goes home!

Disaster Master

I think it hilarious that Jessica is thinking that she could take on Christmas. Her alligator mouth and her hummingbird butt are going to get her in a serious butt kicking contest….given to her by Christmas,even with a broken foot !

Self Responsibility

Where is the “self responsibility” aspect of some of these people. I for one never like seeing someone play the “victim” card but seeing Christmas play it was the last thing I would have thought. Many times she was heard on the live feeds absolutely trying to make Jason feel guilty about her foot. Christmas basically throwing all the blame on Jason. I love Christmas and I think she is genuinely a fantastic person and it may have been “strategy”….but she has to accept the fact that she was goofing around WITH Jason.

I’m happy Christmas stayed but some of these house guests need to look in the mirror and accept their own actions and tap into their own self awareness of themselves.


As of me making this comment, 3 people don’t like self responsibility…..we have our next 3 Big Bro contestants!!!


House of fools, I say! House of fools! :-0

They are handing the game to Paul.

*Granny grabs a knitting needle and repeatedly stabs her skein of brown yarn, repeating “Fools be damned! Fools be damned!”. Suddenly, Granny discovers the massacred yarn looks like the Tazmanian Devil, so she quickly fastens a voodoo doll.

Guy From Canada

That handed the week to him because he is safe for two more weeks. If he is annoying people on the live feeds imagine th house guests inside! he ain’t handed no win if Cody survives and both him and Alex are in the house after Paul’s safety is over.

Bb fan

Paul just needs to put up both Cody and Jessica. That way it ensures at least one of them goes….he other won’t be able to make it in the house alone.

Trying to backdoor would fail because Paul think everyone is backing him and someone could easily win the veto and keep the noms the same.

With both of those annoying ass people on the block….at least one getting evicted is better than none!

I do like the idea of pitting Alex against Jessica…that’d be AWESOME to watch especially is Cody gets chosen to play veto


I wonder if Julie is looking forward to having an interview with Cody … I wonder if he will just stare at her and not say a word … maybe take his toothbrush out the door with him and just brush his teeth during the interview


Does anyone know of a good app for the Flashbacks?


I think Matt said it best when he was sitting with raven at the table. I appreciate cody’s service and it’s amazing what he’s done but there’s something overly aggressive and paranoid andnnot right about this guy. He needs serious help outside of this game. It’s scary that someone that off balance made it into the game. He could really hurt someone and the things he says are just disgusting. He can’t be in his right mind.

Uncle Teddy

Whether it’s his training, combat experience, natural personality, or a combination, something is not right with him. I don’t know his life story so I won’t judge him as a person other than to say the aggressiveness is not healthy.

He’s been a poor BB player. The first thing I thought when they announced that America was voting on temptations was that Paul would win the first. It was a no-brainer. Cody should have consulted with the showmances to see if they had his back if he made a move, and he shouldn’t have hid upstairs all week after it blew up. I think that vote could have been a tie last night if Jody worked the strategy downstairs for 4 days rather than make out and dry hump each other. Just horrible game play all around.


When Cody was being really agressive to Josh and yelling at him to not talk to him…I would’ve kept talking if I was Josh. To try to get him to do something that would get him pulled from the house.

You could just see Cody’s blood boiling!!! Dude is a total wacko!

Josh could potentially look better in the house too if he kept his cool while Cody was flipping out. And it’d make for some dramatic tv


Paul’s secret plan- get rid of Alex
She has a mind of her own. dangerous. Need to keep the sheep.
Cody will always be a target that the house will go after.


I LOOOOOOVE yesterday show just because of that great moment of b!tch Jessica confronting Xmas right away. LOL! So classy. Please evict Jessica… she’s so self righteous. And quite honestly, Jillian was a moron and had to be evicted… she and nothing in that house was the very same. Let’s see people play now, please.


I agree! How boring would it been to have Jillian in the house…Victoria all over again. Jessica needs to go…cling to the first guy to float through the season and then watch him play to hard and strong and bam went her game. lol She picked the wrong guy!


kinda hoping paul’s plan blows up in his face and everyone sees him for the threat that he is. really don’t want to lose alex if it does (but would it kill her to play a game that isn’t based on comp wins?). too many people think working for — i mean, with — paul is a good idea when he’ll just build an army of loyalists and then become impossible to vote out. everyone should want paul to go pre-jury. hoping someone with more game than cody figures that out, but until that point, i think i need cody to stay. if this does blow up, i hope the casualty is someone useless like josh though.


I find it strange the Paul gets 3 weeks of safety and allowed to play for HOH; yet the curse and the new temptation and probable future temptations is only for one week. Game is rigged by production.


I agree with that … if you want to give Paul 3 weeks of safety as a returning player who is more apt to be targeted the first few weeks, fine .. but he should not be eligible to be HoH during those 3 weeks … gives him an unfair advantage … able to take out his targets but they can’t return fire.

sunny dee

curse is 3 weeks to use it, it went hand in hand with the safety being 3 weeks. it wouldn’t be a curse or twist if ramses had to put himself up every single nomination, this way he has a chance to choose, but if he waits to long he won’t have a choice as to who he is up against.


The ring of replacement temptation is valid for any veto competition during the summer. They could hold onto it until final 7/8 if they really need it


For those of you complaining about Cody playing the game and all of that… I get why his alliance turned on him. I doubt they were pissed because he put Paul on the block. It was more so that he put Christmas up there. She was supposedly a part of their alliance. Not only did he not tell anyone in his alliance about his plans, but he nominated someone they were supposed to be aligned with. Making them guilty by association. I get it, I wouldn’t have wanted to be associated with that either… it kinda blows up all of their games. I don’t really know what to think of Jessica. She’s boring and I’d rather see Cody stay. I wish he would just nominate Cody and Jess. That way even if one (cody) wins the POV, the other will go home. I doubt Jessica will win a competition. I just hate seeing floaters stay in the game. I’d really rather see her go. Hopefully Cody doesn’t get picked and his plan doesn’t blow up in his face. Plus there is still a temptation being voted on. So we will see exactly what it is, and who production decided should get it. I voted for Christmas until I remembered production chooses whoever they want.

Ian's Lament

I do like what happened last week in some ways because it keeps a big alliance from controlling the game from the beginning. Now there are much smaller groups intermingling. Hopefully that will create a less predictable season. I would like to see Paul go out week six so he can create some real gameplay but not show too much favoritism from production.


Kind of hoping Cody gets the temptation and then is not picked to play in Veto … then bam, Cody pulls out his power ring and ends up playing anyway … would be funny to see the look on Paul’s face when he thinks his plan to keep Cody from playing worked only to have a temptation foil his plan in the same way his temptation foiled Cody’s plan to backdoor him.


Yes, My thoughts too.


I can’t wait to see when one of Paul’s stary eyed followers flip on him. It’s going to happen sooner or latter. I would love to see Cody stay so that someone will fight against Paul. A little excitement.


Although it took Paul a while to get there, I was under the impression he was testing how people would react to being put on block. See what their suggestions were and then pull them even closer to him by making them feel like “they were right, that was dumb, I don’t want to put you in danger”.

So yeah, if he puts up Jess/Cody from the start theoretically only one of them leaves, but then they are both playing HOH with Cody driven to win it. He can’t just put up one b/c again it would be her & if he plays/wins POV they both end up safe & coming for Paul in 2 weeks time.

Paul probably figures the likelihood of this week’s temptation is the ability to replace someone on block (or potentially the curse could be they have to).

As for POV, there will be the 2 noms (Alex/Josh) & Paul & 3 names getting pulled from the remaining 11 players. Those are good odds Cody won’t get selected. Better still, In almost every scenario the house wants Cody gone. Those who are questionable? The 4 who voted for Xmas (Alex/Jason/Ramses/Jess). So by putting up Alex he ensures he has Jason/Ramses taking her down if they play/win POV. If it was someone else up there they might be more inclined to listen to Cody & not use it.

Then the other factor is this…. there are more options than just Cody (or if Cody were to be safe). JASON is close to Cody, Kevin & Alex and Paul knows if Jason were to leave he’d have Alex/Kevin tied even closer to him. Ditto for Jess if Cody leaves . And, if worse comes to worse and Cody gets picked doesn’t use it & Ramses doesn’t go up they take out Josh b/c regardless of what people say he’s wearing thin on everyone in there & is just a vote right now.

Paul's tatoo'ed nipple

Did anyone happen to notice, on the live broadcast, one of the girls carrying crutches following right behind the two guys carrying Chris into the house. Supposedly right after her foot was broken. Tried to make us believe they were right there filming the whole time and it was live, but it wasn’t. We know they mess with the show but bad editing shouldn’t be part of it. Just gives up more to laugh about while talking about the producers. Sheesh that’s a pro staff there.`


Feeds have been down for awhile. I have a post ready just waiting for them to come back. Temptation/Nominations i’m guessing.

Club H.O.H

Battle back is happening on 7/21. Praying Cody gets picked for POV and it blows up in Paul’s and his groupies faces! Go Cody!

P.S- Been seeing my post blocked so let’s see if this gets out.

Candy Crush

What’s up with all the band aids on Matt’s and Christmas’s tattoos? Also, are Paul and Christmas getting cozy in the HOH bed?


Can’t believe we are stuck with Paul for another season,especially since he has been given so much protection/guarantees to make it further in the game.

The only thing I can’t decide is who I want to see go home first between him, Jessica and Cody at this point