Paul “I never got a care package last season and I was the favorite of the season.”

2:15pm Backyard – Mark talks about how he was bullied when he was younger and how his mom taught him how to react to it. He says now looking the way he looks … not so much bully bullies … he says he makes it known. Don’t do it around me. And my size makes it easier to do that.

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2:40pm In the kitchen – Alex is making deviled eggs. Jillian tells Ramses that she hopes she is up against Jason. I think I could beat him. Do you think I could beat him? Ramses – it depends on what the house whats. Jillian – do you think they would vote for me just because I’m friends with her (Alex). She wants Dom, but I don’t think I could beat her. Ramses doesn’t say much. Jillian heads outside.

2:30pm Hammock – Paul and Jessica.

Paul – so everything is cool? Jessica – yeah. Did he (Cody) talk to you? Paul – about the replacement nom? Jessica – no about how he doesn’t want to talk game for the next few days. He wants to recharge. Paul – oh no he didn’t tell me that. We don’t really talk game that much. I know its hard the first HOH. Jessica – he says he has a plan and to trust him. That’s all he’s given me. Paul – but he wouldn’t put one of us up would he? Jessica – I don’t think so .. but you putting Ramses in his head made him think. Honestly he plays his own game. I don’t have to agree with everything he does. Paul – the veto ceremony is tomorrow so I should talk to him tonight. Jessica – if he put one of us up, I would be floored. Paul – that would be stupid, I don’t think he would do that. Paul – I feel like he wouldn’t do that without talking to us. Jessica – she (Alex) feels really confident with her relationship with Cody but I don’t think she would hesitate to put him up. She’s already said she wants to break up the couples. Jessica – you gave me that bracelet in the beginning and I am never going to stab you in the back. Paul – I am an easy target but I am always going to be a shield for you guys. If that side starts showing distaste for me … maybe America won’t give them things. Jessica – I think that if Jason goes up the vote will be unanimous. Paul – I think its a toss up whether it will be Jason or Ramses. Jessica – If none of us get the temptation .. when the den opens up .. I am going to get worried. Paul – I never got a care package last season … and I was the favorite of the season. Because people might like us so much it spreads it out because they don’t know who to vote for. Jessica – yeah I never thought of that.

2:50pm – 3pm Paul and Dom are talking.
Paul – so any idea what Cody is going to do? I heard that Cody just shut himself off. According to Jessica, that he doesn’t want to talk? I told you guys he is the type of character that if you keep pushing him he will (shut down). Dom – because I know that’s what he’s doing. I haven’t said anything. Paul – I’ll slip up there and try and have a one on one with him. Are you leaning one way or another with the two options we have. Dom – I talked to Ramses but he won’t give me any information. Paul – he’s not going to but I know he has it. F**k yeah he has it. I found out his brother is a huge superfan. Dom – I said to him you’re everywhere .. give me the tea (gossip). He wouldn’t give me anything. Dom – you’re in a good possition. Paul – what? Dom – it appears as if you’re unbiased.

3:25pm Bedroom – Paul – did you get to talk to Cody yet? Jason – no. Paul – because I don’t know what he’s going to do. Jason – there’s got to be some way to break that group up. Paul – I’m scared sh*tless… you know. Jason – I just want to make it to the next HOH. Paul – Yeah. Jason – If they’re just trying to pick people off to trim the fat. I don’t even think they’re that tight. If they’re just trying to pick people off to figure out the order of the jury house… If we let those 6 … there’s only 3 of them dudes… those girls can’t compete for sh*t. Alex is a f**king beast on the female side and then its Christmas. I don’t feel like Christmas is really in there. Where does dom fit? I feel like she talks to everyone but what the f**k does she do. I’m not in the loop. I told him I am going to talk to Cody. I want to talk to him 30 minutes before the thing because I am going to change his mind. Paul – just make sure my name isn’t mentioned.

3:30pm HOH room – Jillian and Christmas. Christmas tells Jillian that she isn’t at the top of her hierarchy of people she is going after. She tells Jillian to just lay low. Christmas – you’re definitely not on his (Cody) top list any more. I mean I don’t really talk to him but you know what I mean.

3:50pm – 4pm HOH room – Jillian and Christmas start trying all the keys that are in the safe boxes. They end up finding the master key for all of them. The boxes need two keys to open them. They opened one of them up but there was nothing inside it. Big Brother tells them to stop that. Jillian then hid the master key up on top of the boxes. Big Brother tells them to stop that. Jillian and Christmas leave the HOH room.

4:30pm Alex and Jillian. Alex puts on her “petit” hat and says she can’t wait to win HOH because “its about to go down!” Jillian – when you won (the veto) they were freaking out. Alex – my first nomination is.. Jillian – are you going to roast them? Alex – Cody, I trusted you and you let me down. So that’s why you’re here. Jessica, its just by association. Its nothing personal. Jillian leaves the room. Alex – its about to get interesting America. We’re about to out the showmances. Talk about Sophie’s choice .. in a game like this would you pick yourself or your girlfriend. Its not looking good for some people.

4:30pm – 5:15pm HOH room – Matt and Raven are talking. Matt says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow (who Cody will put up as the replacement nom) but I think its going to be unexpected. Paul, Cody and Jessica join them. Paul – he said its up to you to keep it a secret or not based on your game play. I’m thinking it could get flipped around as a strategy. It could be good. Raven – what if its a reward where they have 2 votes. Matt – that would be an extreme reward I don’t think that has ever happened in bb history before. Paul – oh yes it has. If we keep speculating it really does nothing. We just need to focus on winning the next HOH. I’m pretty confident its going to be an endurance competition. And we’re good with that. They talk about the veto competition. Paul – so that is what we collectively feel is the best decision (put up Jason) as apposed to Ramses? They agree. Paul – is that how he (Cody) feels? Elena – I think so. Paul – do you think I should talk to him? Elena brings up how Cody doesn’t want to talk game. Matt – I don’t get it. Next week he can’t be HOH.. does he expect us to listen to him? Paul – if I can get a minute alone with him (Cody) maybe I could persuade him. Jessica joins them. Jessica – if I had to choose between one of us and Alex .. I would backdoor Alex. Paul – of course.

Paul – if I win HOH next week I would drop the key and be like what are we doing?
Matt – We need to get Josh up there no matter what. I’ve been messing with her.. Like I know you and Josh have a showmance. Paul – I am going to keep telling Josh, Alex likes you. Jessica – that’s psychological warfare. Elena – I don’t have a task!? Jessica – make sure your v@gina is clean every day and you’re good. They all put there hands in together. The conversation turns to talking about how irritated they are with Josh. Elena – my goal coming into the house was to stay calm cool and collected … and have a lot of s#x. I’m sore, my head hurts … I need s*x.

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For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Um, the favorite was Victor.


Paul was Paul’s favorite of the season.


I love the ranking system that you guys have in place this season. It’s pretty awesome watching how opinions swing back and forth and how things stack against how you yourself feel. Great job!!!!! You guys are the best!!!


Can Cody even nominate Paul?


Yes and no, he can but then Paul would be forced to reveal he has protection.


What is this protection?? And how long does it last??


It said that you can’t be nominated or evicted.


My God! These bitches are all so thirsty! It’s really quite lame! Cody is going to walk all over all of them…and I can’t stand him. Paul is an idiot…He was his own favorite. I hope he goes out early so that he gets to see that we are all laughing at him on the outside.


Now I really hope Cody nominates Paul. Then Paul’s cards will be revealed anyway!


Jeez! I hate Paul. I wish they would show more of what these people are really like when the program airs.


Paul wasn’t anyone’s fave…..what the heck is he talking about?

The most elegant player last season was Victor, he was at his worst when hanging with Paul but down deep he had a solid upbringing. Paul is a shallow nasty type guy who has never been anyone’s favorite and wasn’t even very popular when he hung out with Jozea.