“I’m a energy reader.. People forget that.. I intuitively know.. MY F*ing JOB is choosing love”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

Big Brother Spoilers – The love Triangle Drama I love it on so many levels. Kaitlyn claimed to have a boyfriend on the outside and claimed that she was just best friends with Fez. Fez returned this in kind being the dog that he is. They’ve spent a lot of time together with lotsa of BB cuddling. Not a showmance but teetering (not quite Ginamarie level.. like a proto Ginamarie) Haleigh started putting on the moves to get Fez’ attention. Haleigh’s been working through Tyler, Fez, Brett. I think her main interest is Tyler but she’s keeping all three of those boys on her Rolodex.. (LOL) . Kaitlyn caught Fez under the covers with Haleigh and it’s escalated from there. They (as in Tyler, Angela etc) weren’t able to pull Haleigh in so they are going to pull KAitlyn in. Fez being a doofus is making this easy.

9:17am Kaitlyn and Bayleigh
Kaitlyn wanting people to make sure to include her if they talk about her, “as a group.. from a game perspective.. I would never say what is wrong because it’s embarrassing that people were talking about me that way.. ”
Kaitlyn says none of them hung out with her at midnight when her have nots expired in stead they were saying things about her.
Kaitlyn says it’s unclear if haleigh is interested in FEZ but if she was she would happy and for it.
K – someone finds love in this house.. OH MY God.. I’m so for that.. that’s my life that’s amazing
Kaitlyn goes on about how she has no anger about it “the whole thing is so confusing”
kaitlyn – as you can see I’m not handling drama well..

10:30am Bayleigh and HAleigh
All that for what.. we got no where
Haleigh says she told Katelyn that she felt she was ignoring her and excluding her.
Haleigh starts complaining that Katlyn said her rolling round under the covers with Fez looked like sex. Haleigh says her family watches this show she doesn’t want that to be shown.

10:17am HOH Kaitlyn and Tyler
Kaitlyn – after talking to Haleigh last night.. which started as a heated conversation..
Kaitlyn – her and fezzy were under the covers yesterday.. like in a fort..
Kaitlyn says she doesn’t remember saying this but “apparently” she went into the room to grab something and she said “it looks like you guys are having sex under there”
Kaitlyn adds that Bayleigh heard this and told Haleigh.
Kaitlyn – but but but.. even if I did say that.. which is unclear.. (LOL she totally said)
Kaitlyn – totally unclear.. it was noon. nobody thought you were having sex..
Kaitlyn – the way Bayleigh said it was that I was causing sh1t .. for teh last few days Fezzy and Haliegh have been worried I would be made at them
Tyler – so she’s the one that started the whole thing
Kaitlyn – for the past few days Haleigh has been wanting to talk to me about it .. I didn’t know this was a thing.. I’m sitting here thinking I’m the friend with everyone
Kaitlyn says JC screams when he snores..
Kaitlyn mentions Bayleigh confronting her first thing in the morning asking her if she’s mad at her.
Kaitlyn goes on about how everything is ok. says that Swaggy was “Triggered” because she told him “don’t talk to me like that” and that is what his girlfriend use to say about him (the one that broke his heart)
Kaitlyn – everyone fine.. I feel better..
Kaitlyn – I’m playing this game.
Kaitlyn says she was crying hard in the Diary room”They cant say anything back.. except Umm OK do you want to take your medication again”

** Feeds cut **

When we’re back Kaitlyn is saying if he’s in the final 2 she’ll get everyone to vote for him.
Kaitlyn – in the event if next week.. if one of them wins I’m safe and you’re safe.. there’s bigger fish to fry.
Tyler says he really likes Winston and the Bros REALLY like Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn – really.. how do you know
Tyler – they’ve never said a bad word about you.. even if someone else is trying to get in a bad word they’re like … I was trying but they would not
Tyler – Brett thinks you are the moist genuine person in this place..
Kaitlyn – last night when I was the saddest I’ve been in a long time, you where there, Winston and BRett were there making me laugh. Angela and Rachel pulled me over and gave me a hug.. that is very very alarmingly telling..
Kaitlyn – it’s nice to know and could be beneficial moving forward.,
Kailtyn says if Fezzy gets in a showmance with someone it’s OK Fezzy isn’t really her DAY 1 it’s Tyler
Angela walks in ..

10:30am Angela and Kaitlyn
kaitlyn – has it been obvious I’ve been upset
A – yeah
K – it’s been a lot un game related.. SO LIKE.. I’m really like no.. a fan of being spoken about and beating around the bush.
K – I’ve come into this house fully authentic..
K – this whole thing has shown me so much trust in Tyler.. he’s been such an amazing friend
Kaitlyn – for me to be eating at midnight and see people talking about me in the mirror
Angela – how did you know
K – I’m a energy reader..
A – ohh
K – People forget that.. I intuitively know. You can be in here and I can be downstairs and I know when my name is said.
K – that’s just how it is.. it’s not a bad thing it’s not a good thing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have it.

Kaitlyn mentions her and Fezzy are best friends but other people were under the impression if he got in a showmance with someone else she would be mad and territorial.
K – apparently I have attitude when he’s with other girls
A – that’s all him reading into it
K – It’s not just him.. everyone is saying This is how we feel
A – oh really.. WHAT.. so everyone came together and said..
K – and Didn’t tell me for days
A – that’s f**ed up
A – I honestly didn’t see Haleigh and Fez coming
K – MY F*ing JOB is choosing love so even if they got together those are two of my best friends that’s f*ing amazing
Kaitlyn retells the story where she walked in on Fez and Haleigh under the covers..

Kaitlyn – this is what I tell my clients, when the universe throws a lot your way .. god doesn’t give you something you can’t handle./. Like I always have to stop and like say like to myself.. I’m going through a lot right now people are really testing who I am. I’m so faltered that like god thinks I can handle this.. I’m obviously tough
A – you’re eating slop taking cold showers, sick, not sleeping
Kailtyn – people are talking shit about me..
kaitlyn starts to cry. Brings up Brett, Winston, Tyler and Anglea were all comforting to her when everyone blew up last night. Everyone else was questioning the type of person she is.
K – I felt super grateful I was shown that.. I won’t forget that..
K – thank you for being so kind..

She goes on to talk about her dialog with “the universe”
Kaitlyn – it’s almost like the universe is saying OK you have your time

10:41am Tyler joins them
Kaitlyn – I love you
Angela- I love you
Tyler in the bathroom – I love you too
Angela – I love you Tyler

Kailtyn leaves..
Angela – that went really well
They compare notes.
Angela – Sold, She’s convincing herself (to flip with them)
Tyler is going to tell Kaitlyn later she should join him on this side
They agree “things are looking up”

Tyler says the two of them are the closet to JC
Angela – JC is going to try and pull us into some kind alliance

Tyler laughs that JC is telling that side he’s voting for Steve
Tyler – if we can get Kaitlyn they won’t know kaitlyn voted against them maybe they’ll just think it’s JC>. does that make sense ..
Angela – they’ll be able to figure out the number
Tyler I trust Kaitlyn .. she’s got a good gut she sussed it out
Angela – some of the energy stuff freaks me out.. how do you know people were talking about you
Tyler thinks she’s sensing the bad energy from the other side.
Tyler says JC is very important for them “And I like him as a person”
Angela – same
Tyler – he doesn’t know about you and I being in an alliance..
Angela – which is good
Tyler says he likes the fact Angela was telling JC she was questioning him and it didn’t come back to Tyler

They talk about being from the same home town.

Noon – Feeds have been down for awhile now.. There was a indoor lockdown.

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Ino Yamanaka

This is my first year of this game where me and my friend have teams randomly picked of 4 players each. For this game’s sake how is Tyler, Kaitlyn, Steve and Brett doing? Is any of them a target right now?


Looks like BB is going to mix things up this season. I’ve never seen feeds down this long on a Tuesday and being locked inside this AM indicates a competition of some sort today. Hmmm?


Okay….looks like they get to practice for Thursday’s HOH.


Yeah sounds like they were getting to practice for the HOH.


Team Tyler believed they had seven votes to out Steve even before the possibility of flipping Kaitlyn. Who was the 7th vote in addition to Angela, Brett, Winston, Kaycee, JC and Rachel?


Tyler thinks he has Haleigh


Wonder how they will edit Kaitlyn, Haleigh, & Fez. I bet Kailtyn will be the next one to get a prize

Trackin the Kraken

Sam might be the Robot, but Kaitlyn is the one short circuiting


I can’t get over how Kailtyn looks like a younger Nicole Richie;)

Douchey C

Kaitlyn reminds me of Raven more and more…….the premise of being “ America’s Sweetheart “ but the more exposed, the more fake and attention seeking. She and the beautiful Rockstar are parodies if themselves (disclaimer: the beautiful remark is pure sarcasm)

Allies Mom

It’s still early but at this point I think Tyler and Angela have the most game. My guess is at least one will make the finals.


I don’t understand how nobody in the 6 realizes that Kaitlyn is a looney toon.. Bringing her in is going to hurt their alliance


Oh, I am quite sure they are all aware. lol
Hey, a vote is a vote, ratchet or not.


I think they figure if you can separate her from the stressors she’ll be able to function.

brenda taylor


brenda taylor

not many comments


Angela. Tyler, sam. Jc, and Scottie would make a nice alliance