Kaitlyn “I am a f**king meditation instructor, like what are you f**king talking about?!”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 1st
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

11:55pm HOH room. Tyler, JC, Rachel, Kaycee, Angela. JC – Fezzie gets information from Rockstar, Kaitlyn and then from there he just gives it to Swaggy. That’s how it works. That’s literally the game play. That’s the best part of that team. He is like oh I’m running this house. Rachel – so Kaitlyn reports to Fez and Fez reports to Swaggy? JC – Swaggy doesn’t talk directly with Kaitlyn. Angela – so Swaggy thinks he is the CEO? Rachel – does Kaitlyn actually like Swaggy? JC – oh yeah, they are like boot lickers! Literally every time they talk about the alliance they are like Swaggy this and Swaggy that. JC – now that I know that Rockstar is going to give all the information I give her to them… I will just keep feeding that. Angela – and then we will make sure to tall Winston to suck Steve’s d**k tomorrow so Rockstar sees that. JC – wait that what? Sucks his D**k? Angela – not literally. Just like he is up Steve’s a$$ tomorrow. Tell Rockstar that and then we’ll solidify it by having Winston around Steve all day.

12:27am Backyard – Haleigh, Fez and Swaggy are talking about Kaitlyn being annoyed with Haliegh and Fez. Haliegh comments on how before the live feeds started Kaitlyn slept with Fez for five days and now all of a sudden since the cameras are on she won’t.

12:27pm HOH room. JC, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn is upset and crying. JC leaves for Tyler and Kaitlyn to talk. Kaitlyn tells Tyler = Fez, Bay, Swaggy and Haliegh are continuously talking about me. I went over to Bay before and was like dude .. I just saw you guys saying my name. And she was like brings me over and shakes me and says you have to stop! I was like Stop what?! Haleigh and Fez are like .. are like .. I guess they are like scared to move forward or apparently and like Fez to Haleigh that he is sick of her flirting with other guys. And doesn’t know what to do because he respects my friendship .. and like they’re turning this into a thing. And like they’re all talking about me saying they don’t know how to tell me because she is a f**king fire ball and she is going to blow up on us and like .. first of all why are you talking about this and making it into a thing. Why are you talking about me when I’m in the next room. Tyler – they shouldn’t be talking about you behind you’re back. Kaitlyn – the only time I feel safest is when I am hanging out with you. Tyler – you should! I can’t see you crying like this. Kaitlyn – it sucks because Haleigh is supposed to be my best girlfriend in the house and I’m like well you f**king tell me if there’s a problem. The part that really upset me was when Bay told me that no one wanted to tell me because I’m like a cannon ball and no one wants to upset me. I am a f**king meditation instructor .. like what are you f**king talking about. First of all if you come to me and approach me with something rational of course I am receptive to it but when you want to talk about me behind my back and have me find out then of course I am going to blow up. I have never been spoken to like that by a guy before. I am not used to people being so caddy. Tyler – maybe because Fez hasn’t had close girlfriends and having you as his number 1, that maybe made him feel weird you know. He had that with you and now maybe he feels like he needs that with Haleigh.

Backyard – Bayleigh tells Swaggy, Haleigh and Fez about the confrontation she had with Kaitlyn. Bay – she (Kaitlyn) was like I was expecting you guys to celebrate with me when I was able to eat but I see you guys mouthing my name in the bathroom and at this point I am really upset. If you guys had something to say, why wouldn’t you just come to me directly. I was like Kaitlyn, at the end of the day people don’t want to talk to you because you’re going to react like this. And she was like that’s not true if you guy and just come to me first then I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to act like this. No one has ever talked like that with me like Shaggy. Haliegh – tell me about the fight. Bay – it wasn’t even like that Swaggy just told her to shill. And then she was like what the f**k do I do?! She said it was so obvious that you guys are talking about me. Haleigh – I told you I needed to talk to her.
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12:50pm Hammock – Haliegh and Fez. Haleigh – I didn’t sign up for this! Fez – I didn’t either. Haliegh – its kind of mostly your fault. Fez – how?! Haliegh – because you act the same way with every other girl with her. You get under the covers with her, you play with her hair. Fez – you play with every other guys hair. Haleigh – I’m not doing anything wrong. When you have someone that you don’t want to lead on .. you don’t do those things. You haven’t shut that sh*t down. Fez – me and her have had conversations about my family and where I want to be in life. Haliegh – she isn’t going to make that comment if she doesn’t think there isn’t something with you and her. You should have shut it down. Fez – first of all I didn’t know I needed to shut it down. Haleigh – she said that you said you told her you’ve never felt this way about a girl and she didn’t know what to do.

1:40pm Haleigh and Kaitlyn talk in the backyard. Haleigh tells Kaitlyn – So I didn’t know that this was a comment that was even made. But apparently Bayleigh said that when you walked in and me and Fezzie were under the tent, you said what are you guys doing? It looks like you’re having $ex. And then rolled you eyes and walked out. Kaitlyn – I don’t even recall those word coming out of my mouth. Haliegh – I didn’t hear them. You said something but I didn’t hear and I raised my hand. Kaitlyn – I didn’t see that. I was in and out. I truthfully don’t know what I said. If I did, it was unintentional and not something needed. Haliegh – I don’t want that being something portrayed on tv. Kaitlyn – if I did say that I am sorry it was a joke. What I got I got upset with was I heard other people say that my name was coming out of by best friend mouth. I’ve pulled Fez aside many times today.. I pick up on aura and ever we thought we cleared the air we apparently didn’t. Haleigh – Swaggy said that you were upset with me and Fezzie. Kaitlyn – that is absolutely not true. Bay told me that I’m a cannonball. I am sorry if I have been coming off cold. Haliegh – I don’t know how we went from point a to point b so quickly. Kaitlyn – you and I are final 2. No one come to you and I before we talk to each other first.

2am HOH room – Brett and Winston tell Angela and Rachel about their plan to get Swaggy and Fez to volunteer to be havenots. Brett – they have to both be havenots. That’s when we target them and backdoor one of them. Brett – if we are HOH, the easiest people to put up would be Sam and Rockstar. Angela – wouldn’t it be easier to just put them up? Winston – no, we don’t want to give them a chance to fight for the veto. Angela – I feel that it would be better to have at lease one of them up. What if one of them gets picked for veto and ends up winning? Angela – what if we did Bay and Fez? That way if he competes he has to pick his best friend or his girlfriend. Brett – that’s actually a really good idea. Angela – either way one of them goes home. Rachel – Fez or Swaggy go home. Angela – or his girlfriend goes home. Winston – draw the line. I love it. Especially if its a double.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Kaitlyn is definitely self-imploding, which I find quite bizarre for someone who is 90% “love and light.”

I don’t know what Fez is thinking. He puts the two girls who have his back on opposite sides of each other. How in the hell does that help his game….oh right, he doesn’t have any.

Seems like Fez and Haleigh are doing more undercover work than Steve…I don’t understand why they are toying with Kaitlyn…and I am convinced they are toying with her.

Bayleigh is in too deep with Swaggy now to save herself. Haleigh is expendable now that Level 6 has determined she can’t be flipped.

Angela’s nasty mouth makes her less attractive, in my book. I still like her, but SHEESH. Ladies, take it from an old lady…you do not need to throw profanity around to impress people. You never know who you will offend. It is unnecessary and unintelligent when our language has so many other words to make the same point. But, hey. If that’s your vocabulary then spew on…not impressed.

I’m still loving Tyler, Sam, Kaycee, and Scottie has gained more of my interest. I do think once Steve is gone, Scottie will gravitate to L6. JC is redeeming himself, somewhat, now.

The Bros are still annoying to me. Their conversation is completely self centered, and I don’t see them actually trying to get to know any of the other HGs.

It’s been an interesting season so far. I’m excited for Thursday.


Great BreakDown Granny. Fez is a complete tool if we still replaced houseguest avatars with icons he would be a wrench.

I’m feeling sorry for Kaitlyn now.. Someone’s gotta be on the sides of the train wrecks,. ..


Amen Granny. The raunchy language makes people sound so ignorant and trashy


“Haliegh – because you act the same way with every other girl with her. You get under the covers with her, you play with her hair. Fez – you play with every other guys hair. Haleigh – I’m not doing anything wrong. When you have someone that you DON’T WANT TO LEAD ON .. you don’t do those things.”
So… she just admitted to Fez she wants to lead all the boys on including him, so it’s ok? lol. genius.


That girl gets under my skin. And when she was in Tyler’s bed and joking about showmances and Tyler was naming fez and Brett and she kept saying “Tyler”. She was wanting to start something with him. I was so glad he saw through it. Wasn’t sure he would. But she was trying. Then later out on the hammock with fez. I wanted to like her. But she is most definitely trying to play the guys to keep her safe. It’s a strategy I suppose but not one I respect.


Angela is the brains of Level 6


Right on Cynthia!

The #TeamAngela is growing:-) You Rokk

If Angela does indeed win HOH which is what a lot of people in the house want(Bros, Rachel, Kaycee, JC, KC, Tyler) she knows there will be a stronger Anti-Angela movement than there even is now. Kaitlyn and RockStar will lose their sht and it will be grand. Though Kaitlyn may try to be Angelas friend here soon because she knows her alliance is a complete dumpster fire. Haha. RockStar is finished. Everyone has caught on to her game of trashing everyone behind their back and trying to pit people against those she fears. No one has her back fully. Maybe Haleigh, but Haleigh isn’t in reality tight with anyone. She trying to be everyones friend and gf and is going to crash and burn at some point.

Winston and Brett will soon fear Angela as well and turn on her. Not this or next week, but soon. This is why we need Angela to get tight with some outcasts. Sam and Scottie will be key players to have on your side soon. Numbers will get sketchy soon.

Rachel I don’t trust yet, but I think her and Angela are pretty tight. But Rachel to me seems the type to walk to power if it looks like people have the numbers to take Angela down. Not sure yet if Angela can totally count on Rachel in this game.

I can not wait for Steve to go. That dude is so awkward. And who chain smokes Newports in 2018? Haha

Sea horse

I’m sticking with
Sam, Kaycee, Scottie, Tyler.

Can someone please tell JC to talk slower.
I can’t understand what he’s saying half the time.

The bro brats. Dumb and dumber ARE very annoying. They think they have it all figured out. NOT!

Just when I thought I’d give Angela a chance she went and ruined it. So, no to that one as well.

I hope Thursday is good.


LOL Dumb and Dumber totally.. I’m kinda finding the BROS a bit harmless and a lot clueless when it comes to the game in general.

I like the fact that players are wondering if there will be a double eviction on Thursday. Sounds completely insane to us now but If I only had watched 2 seasons I would believe it as a possibility. I was getting tired of everyone anticipating the competition order etc etc..


How did Angela “ruin it” for you?

Are you talking about her saying “Have “Winston suck Steves dick” and then JC misunderstood and she said “No not literally like get up Steves A$$”? If that is vulgar or offensive to you then wow. She was talking about gameplay wise. Keep in mind she was talking to JC who speaks in vulgarities 24 7.

How you can you not like Angela? I can not allow this! Ha. Jus playin’


“I can not allow this!”
I love your loyalty!


I agree Granny. I’m late tuning in this season but getting caught up. I’m hoping the Bos will check their egos soon and back off. They have potential. Rockstar is too much hopefully she goes soon.


Rockstar is repulsive to me. I appreciated her originality, at first. But now? BLUK! She keeps saying she wants her children to watch her. *shakes head and goes back to knitting*


I think Fez is using Kaitlyn in some weird way to try to make Haleigh jealous. It obviously bothers him that she isn’t head over heals into him so he wants it to looks like he has options. Terrible options sir…

I like the bros but they need to let Angela call the shots cause they would make some terrible choices. I agree though she throws out some foul out of place language, but it think she’s just trying to fit in.

Tyler has really grown on me and seems like he could play a pretty strong game.


Sam dominates the Top position ROCKSTAR the Bottom in the ranking.


I haven’t caught up with everything that happeend last night but from just the looks of how things were. Swagz needs to swap out Kaitlyn for Bayleigh in his FOUTTE Allaince.


Today might be get good if the BROS start flirting with Haleigh to piss FEZZZZZ off.


Kaitlyn is psychotic I would love to see what the people who pay her for life coaching are like. At first Sam and kaycee were my favs but they haven’t really done anything. I can’t believe that I’m actually team bros with winston and Brett. Tyler is prob my fav though


Kaitlyn = Nicole Richie:)


omg thank you!!!
for days I was thinking “she totally looks like someone I’ve seen on tv before” but I couldn’t figure out who!
That’s totally it!


Part Nicole Richie with a little bit of Sméagol mixed in there, IMO.

Douchey C

Lol, best comment all day! Spot on


Can someone tell me if the plan to tell the dark side (Swaggy, Fez. BayLeaf, Hayfever, etc) that they are going to vote out Sam so Rickroll will throw Sam a sympathy vote is still on? I think its brilliant.
Favs: Tyler, Sam, Angela, KC, Scottie


From what I gather it might be. There’s still a couple days so if they go for it now it might blow up by Thursday. Given the beautifully messy nature of the gameplay I bet they pull the trigger too early and it because a dumpster fire.


I thought the same thing. Fingers crossed they are smart enough to play it when they need to. I’ve been a (quiet) reader for years. Thanks for everything ya’ll do! Love the site!


You’re welcome BBMimi! Thanks!


Yeah, I think we can count on Rockstar to garner some sympathy votes. *giggles


When I think of “Rockstar”…all that comes to mind is that old southern saying “bless her heart”. haha.


Anytime I think of “Rockstar” – the only thing that comes to mind is that old Southern saying….”Bless her heart”. She’s……”special” for sure. 😉


Rachel and Angela are causing a uproar

** Via TMZ **

More controversy out of the ‘Big Brother’ house — this time two white housemates complained the sun was making them too dark … and likened that to looking “ghetto.”

‘BB’ contestants Rachel Swindler and Angela Rummans were captured on the show’s live feed Monday saying some pretty racist sounding s**t. Rachel kicks it off by saying her stomach was as dark as fellow houseguest Bayleigh Dayton — who is black.

Angela makes things worse by responding with … “I know. I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration.” Rachel continues to gripe that she can’t be in the sun for more than two days, otherwise she would “change ethnicities.” Yikes …


What no mention of JC’s ‘IceCream Scooper incident the other day? People were calling for producers to kick him out of the house. Google it.

If Rachel said my stomach is as dark as Bayleigh to Bayleigh…really? Racist? A bit of a stretch.

I’d like to see/hear the context of Angela’s supposed “ghetto” comment. The Rachel comment is a non story. This seems like someone trying to create drama because interest/ratings are down a bit. Worked on BB15 though I know that was actual blatant racism and UNACCEPTABLE.


Just another TMZ crapshoot.


Two weeks in and I can finally say this has been the best season. The hg are playing, some just kind of or at least what they know, and not just trying to destroy each other. I have been agreeing with Granny on her takes of the game. I do think Angela and Rachel have a strong female respectful friendship that will last, and the bros….hahahha they are trying and entertaining. I thought it was funny when they stated they wanted to put up floaters and back door Swaggy C, Angela stated to just go straight for them. She gets the necessity of at least one of other side stronger players going home.

Simon-they may through a double eviction in this week because they didn’t send anyone home the first night. Maybe the DR is throwing out hints. Viewers have been complaining for years about the HG figuring out the comps. Maybe BB#20 will surprise us all after the past 4+ years of disappointment, just maybe I will watch it to the end this year and not stop half way through.



A double eviction would be amazing, but my bet is that’s coming next week.

I believe production is feeding Swaggy, but are they feeding him advice or bait? I think the later.

Angela knows that after coming out strong in the surfing competition, she needs to lay on the beach for awhile….bide her time…then go for HOH and take out Swaggy. I like how direct Angela is. She’s very smart, but she can’t reveal that she’s the total package yet. If so, she’d be a huge target then freefrom… will fall into the deepest, darkest depression. We can’t have that! lol


I get the same feeling about production feeding Swagz to go down in flames.


I think right now, he’s production’s pet project just because people have strong feelings about him and it’s easy for them to control Saggy D. As long as he’s entertaining I think they’ll hold on to him unless someone else moves in and they feel they can move to the next project. Much like with Paulie after the pie meltdown.


“this has been the best season”
… depends on what you tune in for I guess.
After BBCAN 6 has featured more “real Superfans” than ever (obviously not including Andrew who called himself a Superfan despite never having watched the live feeds!), this US season seems to be themed around “HOT MESSES” and “seductive” (aka sl*tty).
Some of them are playing so hard from day 1, and many of them (boys and girls) seem to base their game on how many people they’re able to seduce, it’s fascinating to watch…
As a Strategy Fan, I’m not sure this display qualifies as what I’d call “best”… 😉


I don’t watch BBC, just posting about BB America…lol


Didn’t mean to shift the focus to BBCan, just wanted to address the whole “theme” line of thinking, where HGs and viewers alike talk about “is this the theme of the season?” for much of the season, like “is it all (or mostly) superfans?” is it “everybody has a secret?” etc. This year, it felt to me there were way more flirters-as-main-strategy than usual, and this time, it’s not just girls, but also many boys…
And then I guess “trainwrecks” as a theme isn’t really something that BB can plan in advance, except if they really go for it in the DR sessions, telling them to just go “balls to the wall, that’s what America wants to see from you!” every day, all day… Wouldn’t surprise me that much though! 😉

The Big Brother's Rubber Duck

This season is a confirmed BB15 I knew someone from this season was gonna say something racist too bad it was someone i was starting to like . Anywho that Bros Alliance are dumber than a bag of rocks I don’t understand the Logic of not Putting up Swaggy and Fez at the Same time if they win because they both can’t save each other and if they don’t win VETO one would think that’ll be perfect so you can just vote Swaggy out instead of doing this backdoor stuff imo but either way it’ll be a great week if that happens too.


When I get home I’m going to try and dig this conversation up. At 8pm last night JC was in the blue room and he said that THE GROD told him to cut down the level of Sexual antics. HAHAHAH.. The Grod can’t take the heat.


Yep! Grodner wants him around and he has been so close to sexual harassment.


Oh, and there was some indication last night that some HGs possibly complained. My bet would be that Kaycee would speak up….not that she was a “victim” but watching the way she reacts to JC gives me the impression that she is not at all okay with his actions.


Looks like they might be pulling Kaitlyn away from teh swagz gang


I can’t get on the Kaitlyn train. She’s the most crying, whiney “good vibrations” person I’ve ever seen. For someone who is all about “OMMMMM” and good vibes, she sure can get sassy


I saw the short clip of Rachel and Angela talking on the hammock. Angela did use the word “ghetto” and then right after she said we are going to look like “leather”

I am not in love with what she said, but I will also will not brand her as a racist. Nor Rachel. But I also didn’t brand Jessica as a sexual predator last season when she tooted a few players. Some here had her in prison and on the national sex offenders list. I’ve seen some online going bat sht crazy about this as well.

I’m done with it…