Big Brother Spoilers – Brett – I’m telling you these girls.. College athlete.. HEY!

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

3:06pm ROCKSTAR and Bayleigh talking about how much cooler everyone would be with Winston gone..
Rockstar – I really want to get rid of Winston
ROCKSTAR – I don’t like him.. I don’t like Winston.. I tried
Bayleigh brings up Winston coming up to her and wanting her to set up a meeting with SwagZZZZZZ and FeZZZZZZ so that they can work out some 4 way guys alliance.
Rockstar – he’s gotta go

Rockstar I just want my daughters to be like.. look at mommy
Bayleigh says she’s mad because someone made her cry this week and she doesn’t like to cry

3:29pm Swagz and Bayleigh
Bayleigh – If I want you to do well in this game I’m going to have to stay on top of you..
Bayleigh – You’re 23, I’m rocking the craddle right now..
Swagz – it’s a year and 7 months… (Bayleigh has been bragging about dating 65 year olds.. so yeah )

3:31pm JC and Haleigh HOH
JC telling her they need to save Sam and use her as a vote. JC doesn’t think they can pull Steve in
Haleigh says She trusts Steve more than Sam..
Haliegh adds that she doesn’t trust Sam and she’s built a Rapport with him
FEZ comes in
JC starts complaining because he can’t have a bowel movement. He tells them when he returns “you can leave the room becuase I have to poop”

Snap Chat pictures With Sam

JC Feeds the Robot a cookie..





3:34pm JC and Fez destroy the bracelet

Fez – ohh no it just fell

Fez – AWWW that was my bracelet..

Haleigh – Ohh your bracelet.. this was ROCKSTARS..

Fe3z – no it was Kaitlyns.

Haleigh – you can redo it and tie it..

4:04pm BROS
Winston – dude what do you think about this..
Winston wants Brett to start putting the moves on Bayleigh to bring out the killer instinct in Swagz.
They talk about how they can’t stand ROCKSTAR.. Neither of them trust any of teh girls on the other side.
Winston tells Scottie to come chill with them and stretch .
Scottie joins the bros..

4:13pm Fez and Haleigh

Kaitlyn rolls in.. “is there another person in here.. It’s like they’re having sex”

Whisper whisper.. she’s pissed..

Giggle… giggle..

Fez – 13 days wtf … wtf man.. this stupid a$$ house..

Giggle… giggle..

Fez – it’s s stupid situation.. I’m best friends with her … and I really I like you..


4:16pm Fezzie is getting down with Haleigh well.. they’re holding hands and cuddling.

Kaitlyn barges in.. full of fury..

Kaitlyn – Fessie Do you know how my $85 dollar bracket broke..

Fez jumps out of the bed “what”
FEZ – JC jumped on my shoulders and it broke …
Kaitlyn – OK so where are the rest of the beads this was like a VERy expensive bracelet..
Fez – Sorry

Fez – it’s $85 .. its up in the HOH if there’s more..

KLaitlyn – it’s the beads that are expensive
Fez – you know how many there are..
Kaitlyn – no .. It’s ok.. I just Should have known not to give it to you. Do you know where the rest of them are

Fez – yeah.. it was 85 dollars
Kaitlyn – Yeah.. it;s in the HOH room.. thanks..
Kaitlyn says she can get someone to remake it, it’s just the beads that are expensive..
Fez – yeah ..

Fez – This was $85 dollars..
Kaitlyube yeah

Fez – I didn’t know that

They go up to the HOH to look for the beads ..

Where are the beads.. this is a very expensive bracelet.. I should have known better..

4:42pm meditation

4:48pm Coping with the lose of a $85 dollar bracelet .

5:18pm HOH Brett, JC and Tyler 
Brett – This is the nicest way possible.. Haleigh, going to a FCC school (It’s SEC(Southeastern Conference) Texas A&M Thanks freefromwhatyouare ) theres a lot of girls who are.. they see a college athlete and that’s where the success is.
Brett – he was a college athlete .. she tied right into that .. that’s why
Tyler – you think
Brett – 100%, First person with power.. he was a college athlete
Brett – I Have not been impressed by his performance..
Brett – I haven’t been able to prove myself either..
JC – yeah you’ve only been in one..
Brett – I’m telling you these girls College athlete.. HEY
They mention how Swagz is walking around like he’s running the house.
Brett says every person who starts off this show thinking they run the house never lasts…
Brett – he’s Devin literally.. (Devin gave us 10 days of the best feeds since Willie… fez hasn’t come close)
Brett says Bayleigh and Swagz-C are in a full blown showmance and nobody is saying anything about it. He said something to Kaitlyn about it and “She got so defensive”
Tyler – he’s telling all his people to keep it under wraps..
JC – He turned these girls into Hardcore minions.. like..

5:45pm The Robot has a new look.

6:06pm Steve campaigns to Rachel.

6:16pm Hammock Tyler, Katleyn, and Winston
She asks Tyler what he would do with the money. Tyler says he would clean up the oceans.
Kaitlyn – I got legit a single tear.. that about to fall from my eye..
Tyler goes into his specifics.. “Make a product and use the money from the product to” .. clean up the ocean.
Tyler – don’t worry i’ll buy a Porsche to
Kaitlyn wants to open a store called the ZEN den …

Feeds clip to JC and Angela..
Angela asks him if there is a backup plan for Thursday.
JC tells her they have to stay loyal.

6:53pm JC comforts Kaitlyn 

6:56pm Bathroom Rachel and Brett
Rachel about Steve’s campaigning “so Awkward”
RAchel says she loves Steve’s reasoning for keeping him, “I work out and I’ve been trying to get fit”
Rachel – nothing about .. ohh .. I’ll keep you safe.. or hey Don’t worry I got your back if I win HOH next week
Rachel – No it’s just.. I’ll get better I’ll get fit..
Rachel – give us every reason in the world not to keep you.. ok you’re fit you’re getting better so I should keep you in no way does that benefit my game

7:05pm Steve tells ROCKSTAR “I got the BROS vote according to Brett”
Steve – just playing it cool..
Haleigh – I smell Tuna
ROCKSTAR – mhhh Tuna
Steve goes on about the votes… and how when they win HOH they have to pull together and do what is best for the group. (LOL Steve is dying right now.. It’s sad)

7:11pm ROCKSTAR and Haleigh
ROCKSTAR – We need to find out if the bros are really voting for Steve because … my most devious plot.. if they are voting for Steve we should vote for Sam so he thinks they voted for Sam.
ROCKSTAR – Do you understand what I am saying, So Steve still stays
Rockstar thinks Steve would still stay and he would go gunning for the BROS thinking they had voted for him not her and Haleigh.
Haleigh – That’s a really good plan.. so if we switch our votes they woulds never believe that ..
ROCKSTAR – exactly ..
ROCKSTAR – it’s a crazy risky plan.. maybe not worth it..
ROCLSTAR says if Steve wins HOH he would destroy them.
Haleigh – that’s such a good plan
ROCKLSTAR – it’s risky we have to be 100% sure with the votes..

7:31pm nothing has been said at this moment but people really forget that SAm is there at times. (Except for my home boys JC and Scottie)

7:37pm Kaitlyn and FEZZT
Fezzie – Ok lets talk game.. who the F*** are we getting out
Kaitlyn – I like everyone..
Kaitlyn – are you going to leave me
Fez – never ..
Kaitlyn – you swear
Fez – swear to god..
Kaitlyn – cause I’m always going to be your number 1
fez – ok cool
kaitlyn – NO asking you
fex – I said I swear to god, I need you to believe that
Kaitlyn – a lot
Fez – I need you to believe that cause there will be days where I’m mad at you
Kaitlyn – I do
Fez – I’m just being real.. don;’t you want to be real (this guy…)
Steve joins them.. starts talking about how production is feeding Fez “Alpo”
Steve – My body rejected it, I felt like I was going to get hives..
(That ham.. )

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Maybe it’s a weird thing to notice, but I sure appreciate the guys grooming their underarm hair this season.
*granny giggles


Simon I sent you a post because I was having issues donating but got it sorted out. All is good. Looking forward to this season and your site. As always you’re the best:)


Thank you very much Lizzie! We really appreciate it! So glad to see you back on the site 🙂


“I’m in the RockStar fanclub” Said no one ever.

Just have 2 Angela fan club areas and they will come:-)

It’s SEC(Southeastern Conference) Texas A&M where Haleigh went. You put FCC Simon which is no biggie just thought was funny:-)

The fact RockStar hates Winston so much makes me like him more, but he still annoys the fk out of me.

Kaitlyn may be a flipper out of Fessy’s alliance if she feels her guy did her wrong. Should be interesting to watch that little triangle. Haleigh is playin’ Fess, Tyler and Brett for fools. Ha. The only one that bothers me is Tyler cuz he is good sht and really likes her. I think she likes him as well. What am I doing caring about showmances? Get me a Rachel vs. Ragan BB12 type fight stat and let’s get this party started.

I Luv Curves

Most men I know would prefer Rockstar over Angela anyday. Angela is flat (and probably hard) as a board. Men are not intimidated — they just don’t want to sex a plank. Rockstar has curves like a real woman should.

85 dollars

I’d be mad too if someone broke my property and then didn’t tell me and instead ran away and hid. Grow up.


She shouldn’t have let him wear it if it was that precious to her. Kait is wonderful at creating her own personal crisis. Instead of opening her “Zen Den”, Kaitlyn needs to consider accepting herself for who she truly is and stop being phony. Zen masters have no need of existing to pretend. She’s the ultimate walking contradiction.


Yessssss just IMAGINE if “Rockstar” does take the risk and they switch to vote out Steve so he “targets the bros” hahhaha how amazing would eviction night be and what chaos it would bring to the Swaggy C aliance, please please happen


Thank you! I did send you a post when I was having issues but I don’t think it ever went through…it’s lost in cyberspace:) getting use to your new format. Late start with BB but I feel like it’s going to be good season…hopefully:)

Allies Mom

I so hope they follow through with the plan of switching votes. That would be hilarious. On a separate note – I just watched last night’s show. Why does saggy only have half an eyebrow? Did he come in like that?

1 eyebrow

A trend among young kids trying to be cool.


Some things become trends to be “cool” that actually began as indication of gang affiliation. This trend is dangerous because just like wearing size labels on a hat or pants below your butt, the “trends” have a particular meaning to organized groups. Example: a friend’s son was gunned down in Houston by MS-13. He was not affiliated with a gang at all, but he had a hat on that sent the wrong signal. Now he’s dead. Left eyebrow slits and shaves can be misconstrued as Hoover Crips. Worth the risk for the sake of being “cool?”

Eyebrows haven’t made the dress code restrictions, but educators are regularly informed by law enforcement what these trends indicate (certain piercings, braids, jewelry, clothing, tattoos, “trends”) and we try to educate our students of underlying meanings.

Anyway, I try not to unfairly judge people by personal appearance. Often, people don’t have a clue about this muted conversation going on between crime organizations. I’d rather get to know the person, not the persona.


Can’t stand Kaitlyn – hope she goes home. And during the first eposide, I thought I was going to root for her.


So, how much was the bracelet?


bead bracelet = Kaitlyn’s chakras

Now they are all spilled out on the floor. LOL


Tyler is so sweet. He wants to clean the ocean if he wins the 500k. That’s adorable. Rooting for him!