“Keep Flirting.. Today we’re going to get Fessy pissed with the amount of flirting you are going to do”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

Big Brother Spoilers – Steve has really picked up the talking. It’s annoying and obnoxious.

1:47pm Feeds back after a 2 hour down time. They got to practice something which is most likely the HOH competition.
1:49pm ROCKSTAR and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn – I’m not even remotely concerned
K – WE got this
R – I think so
K – the people that Actually did well in this were us.. like people that..
ROCKSTAR – RAchel and Brett did good, Rachel got the far one
Kaitlyn – BRett did OK.. we have more people.. chances are better for us. I’m excited for it

2:00pm Scottie and JC give the rock wall a roll.

2:05pm Steve telling whoever is in the living room that he’s going to start working out and he’s going to be huge and ripped when he gets out of the house this season. (LOL he’s got 2 days)
Steve – I’ve only been in this house 15 days but I think I’ve lost 15 pounds.. I feel good
Haleigh claims to have gained 15 pounds
Steve – I want to lose weight
Steve – My goal is to be a mean lean BUFF machine when I walk out of here
Steve – just have gigantic arms..

2:20pm JC and ROCKSTAR
JC is bringing up talking to the Bros. They don’t know which way the house is going to vote so they’re wanting to go with the majority. They are waiting for Steve to go them and convince them.
JC – I don’t think they have a strategy
JC says Winston is down to keep Steve points out that Winston and Steve have been spending a lot of time.

2:22pm Bro

2:28pm Rachel and Kaycee
Rachel is pissed at Steve and Haleigh for making such a biog deal about her performance in the Practice. She’s was one of the better players

2:28pm Bros HAve nots
Brett – She was like do you think you’;ll win you did so good.. I was like No no girl it’s all you (girls parts are done in Brett’s girl voice)
Brett (girl) – do you think will happen
Brett – I know it’ll happen you’ll rule .. do great .. blah blah
Brett – I was like.. will I be safe .. she said YOU will be safe.
Winston – So I’m a target for her
Brett – I think they are positioning you against her man
Winston says he’s “trying my hardest”
Winston – we just had a great day she just made me a sandwich
Brett – Just keeping smiling.. just keep bro-ing
Winston – it doesn’t matter they aren’t going to vote Steve anyways
Brett – heads up be aware try no to get conerned by Fezzie or Swagzzy
Winston says Haleigh is onto him she’s shutting him down. They know he’s catching her with Fezzie
Winston – Keep Flirting.. Today we’re going to get Fessy pissed with the amount of flirting you are going to do

ROCKSTAR – I want to throw my vote and someone else to Sam.
ROCKSTAR wants to pin it on the Bros so Steve goes after them with a vengeance.
Swagz – Steve has 7 votes
ROCKSTAR – he’ll make it his personal mission to get them out..
ROCKSTAR – it’s risky it’s real risky
Swagz says this upcoming HOH is a crapshoot.
Swagz – any of our 8 win we are wait.. they gotta go.. if we don’t win HOH we need a power.. if we win HOH and a power it’ll be perfect.
ROCKSTAR says she thought of this a bit ago and it’s perfect.
Swagz says he had thought about it to after the “DR asked me.. .” feeds cut..
They agree to meet up tomorrow to see if it a good idea or not

3:18pm Apparently the spy camera system is broken.

3:27pm Sam has cleaned most the bathroom by herself. Winston was napping upon waking up he lends a hand. Sam says she doesn’t know what else to do she doesn’t want to sit around being awkard.
Kayceeasks her if she knows who’s voting Steve.
Sam – Scottie .. yeah I don’t know what to do with that .. I love Scottie
SAm – everyone is ignoring me.. doesn’t feel great.. everyone has kinda grouped off
Rachel joins them to help, “Girl.. SAM”
Sam – I don’t know what else to do..
Kaycee and Sam remain.
Kaycee says she’s going to vote to keep her here.
Sam thanks her “you won’t regret it”
Kaycee – Swagz side is trying to keep Steve.. because they already have them on his side.. it’s looking really good
Sam – ok
Kaycee – be careful with that side.. don’t give them any information..
Sam – ok
Sam says she doesn’t really watch the show..

Production – Robot online
Bayleigh comes in to find out what else needs to be done.
Sam – it’s like they can see me (LOL)
Swagz Crew give out the hugz

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Regarding Rockstar and Haleigh throwing sympathy votes to Sam: I can hear it now… When Sam gets to stay, Rockstar will run to her and tell her she voted for her to stay, and Swaggy will tell her it was his idea. Haleigh will remain silent about her vote.

JC is really working the other side. That’s what has improved his standing for me.


“Steve – My goal is to be a mean lean BUFF machine when I walk out of here”

The U.S. Air Force calls the B-52 bomber a BUFF, — Big Ugly Fat F’er. Looks like Steve is already there.

Simon/Dawg, you might want to look at the various Ranking pages, some still say BB-19


Sounds like it may be a good season, so I just subscribed to the feeds through your site. Am disappointed though that trend voting can only be done using the bot, so I won’t bother voting. On the other hand, am definitely appreciating all the enhancements you’ve made here since last season, nice work! Thanks.


Who is Daycee? If it’s Kaycee…why are we calling her Daycee? I missed something.


S.A.M. – Sensory Autonomous Machine


Ok. I don’t do live feeds but I watch BBAD and follow here. I’m a little confused with Swag. From what I’ve seen, he’s certainly cocky to a degree. But not like on the televised show. I’m wondering if that’s his character that he’s suppose to play. Or is he that way all the time and I’m just not seeing it. From what I’ve seen. I don’t mind him. But the person on the televised show I couldn’t stand.


Production may have pushed him to back off because he wasn’t getting enough positive traction. They want two sides that people will get behind and cheer. They don’t want another Paul.


Actually, I think it’s Bayleigh who has him reined in.


I just hope the littles aren’t watching him in tv land thinkin’, “I want to be just like him.”


Well, I don’t like him on live feeds, in forums/blogs, OR on tv. It just bugs me that he gives himself a nickname then gets t-shirts printed up….and wears them. The self love is overflowing. Swaggy C gave the term “whippersnapper” its definition. I wonder what his parents are like.


I feel like most seasons people talk about tricking someone into a sympathy vote will be hilarious if it finally happens.