IKA tells Rachelle “I’ll work with you BUT I don’t want to be friends!” Rachelle says BUT I LOVE YOU!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 14-23-57-194
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4:15pm In the HOH room IKA tells Rachelle “I will work with you BUT I don’t want to be friends with you!” Rachelle asks why. Ika says I have vented to Neda, Sabrina and you. I know if I say something to them it doesn’t get spread around but it does if I say something to you. Rachelle starts eating her cheeks. (Weird) Ika says its not like I am going to put you up or anything but I just don’t want to be friends with you. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she doesn’t take ownership for what you say. Ika keeps saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. Rachelle wants to keep talking about it. Ika says no. Rachelle starts crying. Ika says oh god please don’t cry! Rachelle tells Ika that she loves her. Ika says oh please don’t say the love word. Rachelle says but I do, I’ve been loving you since day 1! Ika gets called the the diary room and leaves the HOH room. The girls continue talking about why Ika doesn’t like Rachelle and then they head downstairs.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 14-15-55-445

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 14-24-40-528

5:30pm – 5:45pmBig Brother has put a bucket of slop in the storage room. They didn’t get anything else to eat with the slop like the potatoes the last weeks havenots got. They wonder if that’s all they get or if BB with give them something else. Heather is in the kitchen using the sink and realizes that Big Brother turned the hot water back on for them. The 48 hour punishment is now over. All of the house guests yell in excitement since they can now have warm showers.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 14-29-33-644

6pm – 6:35pm In the bathroom Neda and Rachelle talk about the drama with Ika. The conversation turns to talking about wanting to get Allison out soon. Neda says that the boys will want to keep Allison because she’s fresh meat. The guys will want to keep her because they’ll think the girls haven’t gotten to her yet. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Paul comes to talk to Ika. Sabrina’s in there too giving her two cents and eating Ika’s candy. Paul tells Ika that if she thinks she can use him then I am willing to help you. Ika explains to Paul that she can’t trust him because of what he did to Adel who’s in his alliance. So what would you do to me. Paul says that people have been trying to talk game with me but I told them I won’t right now. Paul asks Ika to not make up her mind just yet. Ika continues to explain how she just can’t put any trust in him. Ika tells Paul that she is considering putting him up on the block. Paul says can you just do me one favour ..can you just not put me up against Adel. Ika asks so who should I put you up against. Paul says put me up against Andrew. Ika says I can’t, he didn’t put me up last week. Paul says put me up against Kenny, the brains of the operation. Paul says so right now as it stands you’re putting me up on the block? Ika says yes. Paul says I will not solicit any votes against Adel. Paul leaves the HOH room.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 15-10-45-755

6:35pm – 6:50pm Kenny comes up to talk to Ika. Ika talks to Kenny about her conversation with Paul. Kenny says “So the guy that was throwing racist & sexist comments – Says you can trust me! RIGHT??!” Ika tells Kenny that Paul wanted me to put you up against him. Kenny tells Ika that he is gunning for HOH next week and I will get it. I’ll have your back. Ika screams because she thinks he said I’ll get you back. Kenny says no if you keep me safe, I’ll do the same for you. Kenny asks if I play in the veto and win it, do you want me to not use it and keep the noms the same? Ika says yeah. Kenny tells her that he wasn’t going to come up here and lick her a$$h*le like other people. They end their conversation and leave the room.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 15-36-12-621

7pm Kenny and Jon talk about Ika nominating Paul and Adel. Kenny says the only thing that worries me is if Paul or Adel win POV .. then someone else is going to have to go up.

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hot showers… cooooooool!


if Ika does not want to nominate Kendrew… fine… but put that bitch rachelle up …I’d be happy… that girl is waste of space


ARGH! Paul is trying to talk to Ika in the HOH and frickin SABRINA is there. This biotch needs to just STOP being everywhere. Omg, so annoying.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’ve got to hand it to Sabrina: She’s getting the job done.
Don’t get me wrong, I start developing a rash when I see her on the feeds, but right now, Paul and Ika were about to start the typical “talk with the HOH” talk, and Sabrina just stays and sits in.
Not only that, she takes over the conversation (“Ika, you don’t mind if I talk for you, do you?”)
Paul ends up talking and addressing Sabrina by name during this conversation, like she’s the HOH.
This girl is like the Honey Boo Boo of BB, and she gets away with it!
It’s unbelievable.


Johhny (the european one of course) I can’t agree with you more!

Sabrina is crazyyyy. She is breaking down every alliance and she even said it when she was drunk “everyone believe me because I get to people with emotion and by being sincere”

Sarah and Sabrina are two peas from the wrong pod that needs to go! I hope Sabrina gets backdoored when she gets evicted. I can’t wait to see her face.

But, (it hurts to say this) I gotta give it to her because she does think really quickly with quips to come back with in an argument. I feel like she has 5 different conversations going on at once in her own head!


Max, Sabrina needs to be on slop soooon. The drama spinning, and keeping everything in check, is draining for her (exposed in her convo with Sara asserting Sara needs to pitch in more). So slop, in the near future, may help resolve it a bit.
She does have her hooks in deep. And she is doing great as a player. However, she is annoying as hell.

This Cast Must Go

WTF is this Big Brother or an episode of the Young and the Restless?

Sabrina is such a dramatic snake hoe, cannot wait to see her ass out that door.


I love the feeds, but I have to skip when Sabrina talks. It makes my ears hurt, and I don’t know where her accent is from, it doesn’t sound Italian.

Rachelle makes me think of paint drying on the wall sometimes.

Also, when the hot water was off limits for 48 hours, why didn’t they just warm up cold water on the stove in a pot and then use that at least for their body.

I had to do that once when I traveled to BANF (i think that’s how you spell it) for vacation and we only had cold water.


Max, the hot water was not ‘off’, (well it was), they were denied hot water as a punishment for speaking poorly with/about BB. So boiling was not an option.
Besides, the stove (from the brick?) is week and would have taken forever for them to boil water to clean with. Ha!


But you can’t get rid of Rachelle, who ride will pick the zits of Kenny’s back?!?!?!?!?!??!!


*who else

Johhny (the European one!)

LOL – Sabrina of course!
Though she’ll only do it for the “in crowd” (her guys and whoever is HOH and whoever has influence with the HOH and… ok basically everybody BUT heather and Rachelle).


Sorry but i don’t like Racelle AT ALL..these girls (minus Allison) are driving me crazy


So Glad that Allison is in this game as I just cannot stand the other girls. They remind me of a group of high school girls with their screaming and yelling along with the crying.


So far, Allison has not proven to be a positive. Her inability to reach out to the girls is just adding to the negative drama. She’s like any other new gal at a party that secures safety in the kitchen waiting for those to come to her. So far it is mostly been Andrew. She needs to put her big girl panties on and step in a bit further.


Thank God Heather came it just as Sarah was sharing such a precious, loving thought about her. What kind of thing is that to say – what a horrible visual. Sarah is a mother (not that it seems to influence a lot Real Housewives of Basketball Bachellorettes blah, blah, blah. I did not want to hear what her sister would do to her – because she was having those ugly thoughts – not her sister. Whatever. Canadians chicks can rock without the raunch. C’mon ladies.

Upsidedown Pancakes

Take out the big threats and powerhouses namely Paul then Heather. That cupcake baking Heather has to go along with that smooth talking Paul.
Power Moves!


Gawd where’s the mirror that Rachelle is usually connected to (all of them). If she got a gander at what she looks like doing that……She chewed the entire contents of her inner mouth in 16:22 minutes. Nervous much?


Is there any people out there that dislike Heather? From what I can tell other than her voice she’s a sweet girl.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t dislike Heather. I do dislike the ultra high pitched frequency of sound when she speaks, but I think she is just truly immature.

Everyone else is a bit more mature.
She doesn’t fit in with the moms,
Sabrina is too quick and manipulative for her
Neda is going with the majority.

And they all need someone to make fun of that is OK with everyone in the girl’s group.

Heather is trying to play the game, but I feel like everyone else is there to WIN but Heather doesn’t care about the money, she just wants to look good hoping to get scouted or get into her acting dream.

I do feel for her.


I actually really like Heather, but I will admit I could see how she could be annoying. Sometimes someone who is always happy and chipper can get on peoples nerves real fast. Plus all the girls think Heather is faking all her bubblyness and that all she does is talk shit about them (Ironic I know) when in reality the girl can’t keep a secret so she is talking about everyone but not in a bad way but the girls are assuming any talk is bad.


It can be a mean, cruel world –
but not because of people like Heather !

As for Ssssssabrina… that’s not an act you practise when you find out you’re on the show.
That’s who she IS. Someone said HPD – Histrionic Personality Disorder.
I thought they were joking – until I looked it up.

TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachele is an animatronic puppet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for Andrew and Kenny – AKA The Boyz Who Would Be Men……….
I’ll stop before I start using bad language.


Simon, there is not much to dislike about Heather. I’m not sure how her voice is more annoying to anyone (on the feeds) than several others within the house. She is just to happy and positive for those in the house to appreciate her. Based on her limited game interactions, she has had some insightful moments. If she can hang on a bit longer we might be surprised by her.


What is wrong with rachelle’s mouth? The constant twitching and lip licking is so annoying.



Big Brother Failure

Honest to God what is Ika scared of taking an Andrew or Kenny out for???? Big mouth bitch Sabrina can throw empty threats everywhere all she wants, you can’t win shit, Heather, Rachelle, Sarah are just vapour that are only votes and will swing anyway needed. Step outside your mean girl bitch zone and go hang with actual young women such as Neda and Allison and you can go somewhere in this game. Kenny is a manipulative goof that is all empty threat also, for the love of god just go for it Ika!


Sounds Ika is going to put up Paul / Heather


When I was watching After Dark, when Allison was sitting with everyone on the couch and discussing who was single, she said to Kenny You are Gay right? and Kenny said What and looked uptight,and Andrew said “that was weird if you didn’t know? Did Kenny tell everyone he was gay? and none of the other houseguests didn’t wonder how she would know right away? Did anyone else see that? It was really quick I actually had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure thats what I heard, but if you can find it and watch it,its a really tense moment for the 3 of them and then I never see them talk about it at all


For a lot of us that pay attention to the live feeds, Sabrina is disliked by many.
Do y’all think that she is coming across like that to the tv only viewers?


Its funny that you say that FreddieLove. My daughter only watches the tv shows, and she has a totally different outlook on the houseguests personalities than I do. I don’t know how anyone just watches the shows, Its unbelievable how much you miss on what these people are really like! Wouldn’t it be funny if Heather was actually acting and she really didn’t talk like that and was actually some super smart athletic person that takes over the house! And what does Rachelle do. She barely even speaks, I don’t know how she stood out by all the people that applied to get on this show!