Big Brother Canada 2 – HaveNot Competition RESULTS! PINK Feet!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 13-09-13-255
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4:10pm – 4:35pm The Big Brother Canada live feeds were blocked on all cams from 1:50pm – 4:10pm. When the live feeds return Heather is in the HOH room talking to Ika. Heather says if you make a big move its smart and you get someone strong out .. but the friends of that person would be coming after you next week. IKa agrees. Heather says so I think its smart to stick with Adel and Paul.

It sounds like Paul, Jon and Allison are the only havenots this week. All the house guests are talking about how well the girls did in the competition.

In the bathroom – Neda is talking to Jon. He asks her if she will clean his armpit. She says we could use women’s pads because we don’t have anything else. Jon says Um, well as long as they’re clean! Neda cleans his pits. Jon comments on how it was good that he didn’t fall in the competition because it really would have messed up his arm. They head down stairs. Jon yells “I want to know if I can eat or not?!” Neda says it will probably be tomorrow because thats when it started for us.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 13-13-56-420


BBCAN2- 2014-03-14 13-22-12-328

4:40pm UP in the HOH room the girls – Sarah, Ika, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina are talking about how well they all did in the havenot competition. They’re happy that the people that were have nots last week aren’t this week. The conversation turns to game talk and all the girl drama they’ve had recently. They talk about the nominations of Paul and Adel.

In the storage room – Heather, Andrew and Jon look at the new food that big brother stocked the room with for them. Heather asks if they got cake mix and they find it. Heather is really excited and says its chocolate with chocolate icing. She asks Arlie if that’s okay with him. He says yeah that’s my favorite. Heather is really excited to make the cake and dinner to celebrate her boyfriends birthday. They leave the storage room. Jon and Arlie in the living room talk about how they’ve noticed how hot Heather is lately. Andrew congratulates Heather on doing a great job in the competition. Heather says thank you, you did really good too. You came in second.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 13-39-09-056

4:55pm – 5:10pm HOH girl talk continues – Sarah comments on how she thinks they need to back door the new girl (Allison) sooner than later. They talk about whether or not to put up Heather if Paul or Adel win the HOH. They comment on how they would lose her trust of ever if they did that. Sabrina says we don’t have her trust any ways! Heather keeps coming up to the HOH asking questions about making the cake. When she leaves the other girls make fun of her. Neda says about HEATHER “That is the signs of a PSYCHOTIC PERSON!”
BBCAN2-2014-03-14 14-08-09-556

5:10pm In the living room – Jon and Kenny discuss how the HOH spy tv doesn’t work and how they wonder when they’ll get to use it. They also discuss the possibility of Allison being America’s Player. They discuss paying close attention to Allison when she comes out of the diary room.

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The girls have been having the SAME conversation since yesterday! Seriously! And they’re STILL being hypocritical and being sweet and loving to Heather but ripping her to pieces behind her back. (And they still b*tch about each other.) Sabrina can’t talk about ANYTHING else and it’s a case of she who doth protest too much. And they ALL talk about how if anyone has a problem with them to just TELL them. I hate these women. I do. Every one of them. None of them are worthy of being on this show. They’re all so petty.

Same. Damn. Conversation.


Jack – what do you call a person whose influence leaves you feeling drained, exhausted, unfocused, depressed or chaotic? – metaphorically, that term is used to refer to a “psychic vampire” – on BB – SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


During the HOH convo with the girls, Sabrina suggested isolating Heather so she can be with the lepers (her exact words). All the shit about Heather and Adel has been started by Sabrina, she has spread lies about them and continuously talks shit about them. I wish they would just have a house meeting and expose Sabrina or I wish I can see Sabrina on slop for a few weeks non-stop. Anything to see that beast suffer


I think Jon has crabs or something, i mean its one thing to adjust your Johnson here & there, but that guy is always scratching his junk. The guy even smells his hand right after scratching, its awful…


The way all of these women have isolated Heather and the way the entire cast isolated the 3 bandidos made me embarassed to be a Canadian, a nation which boasts and prides on its acceptance and multiculturalism. It is sad how despicable these people. Even Neda has started talking smack about Heather and I fear this cast is comparable to BB15. Full of disgusting, crude and despicable people.


to be fair, heather told sabrina that she thought neda started the rumour that sarah was the leader of the girls alliance. i heard heather say this to sabrina. sabrina also added in that neda tells jon everything, and made it seem like it came from heather. this is why neda does not trust heather. all the trust issues really come from sabrina, of course.


Um… welcome to big brother dude, this show always has drama and at times ugliness.


Heather is in serious danger this week. Ika wants a non-controversial nomination and eviction. Heather has talked strategy with Ika which will be used against her. Ika will ask the boys if a Heather eviction would be a good idea and …. they will all nod in approval.


There will be no house meeting to expose Sabrina, and the reason why is because she is on alliances with the power players in the house.
Her main Alliance is the first 5, and that is all that matters to her. Everything her and Sara tell Ika and the “so called girrls” alliance is to protect Andrew, Kenny and Arie. (then you have Rachele on the outside with Jon.)


I honestly don’t understand how these people can cope living with Sabrina so well, I would lose my flipping mind!


Same it’s the great BBCAN2 mystery


Still disappointed in Ika.


Where’s Allison!?


I do agree thou, this girls alliance will go down in flames, it is just a matter of time. They are already all divided. They ALL hate Heather, And Ika, hates Rachelle. The drama in the hoh room with the girls right now is hilarious, Ika cant stand Rachelle and is not being shy about it lmfao


How Heather is hot LATELY?!!? Seriously?


so ika now knows that rachelle and sabrina were plotting against her in the storage room and calling her a bitch, and ika is still not mad at sabrina… only at rachelle. WTF. i had such high hopes for ika.


I’m not caring for Rachelle.. am I the only one?


Absof**kinlutely not babe.


Watching the feeds right now. Sabrina is effing EVERYWHERE. She is ALWAYS the one having the secret convos. She frickin drops in on EVERYTHING.

She’s frickin ANDY but 50 lbs heavier.


BINGO! …but then again, ANDY was way more cautious with his lies and half truths!!!


True. it is a definite bastardization of strategy. But then again, you play to the level of challenge you experience. Andy needed to be far more stealth. Sabrina’s ploy when challenged is to speak so much and fast it confuses.
So disappointed in Ika (I know I know a).


Think, IKA, THINK!!!!

Andrew = competition beast
Kenny = competition and mental beast
Andrew + Kenny + Allison = Steamroll to final 3.
Adel = Guaranteed to self destruct, guaranteed to butt heads with Andrew and Kenny and he promised to keep you safe (he proved last week that his word means something)
Paul = Nobody believes a word he says, he is the worst game player ever, he is irrelevant in the long term and a vote right now.
Heather = Biggest dingbat since Holly BB5. Can’t even make a cake mix without help, but she is a threat? Unless Heather is the best actress in BB history, she is completely incapable of coming up with a plan of her own.


Do you think (based on clothing and stained feet) that the Have Not competition was some sort of stomping and jumping on grapes the fastest to see who fills up their tube of WINE first????

That is the only thing I could think of.


Targeting Paul and/or Heather is the dumbest move in the entire world right now. Those two are least threatening people in the house.


Rochelle is a huge disappointment, she just follows Sabrina around like a lost puppy dog. She has the personality of a wet
Piece of bread. I agree all the girls (save Allison) are annoying as hell and just can’t stand watching them bicker endlessly.

Sabrina is the worst. I just hope she doesn’t last long or I might just tune the show out early.


Jeff, start tuning out. Sabrina is not leaving anytime soon.