Big Brother Canada House Guests get a penalty no hot water for 48 hours

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-00-54-441

8:48pm Bedroom Adel and Paul
Adel says he wishes he was a hockey player. Paul says they would slap him around he would be the waterboy.

Production tells Paul to go out to the hot tub and put the cover on. Paul – “Sure”
Adel – Wait for kyle i’m not going out there i’ll get hypothermia”
Adel and Paul agree they Kyle is going home tomorrow.

Adel tells PAul to stop giving Sabrina information because she’s going to be sleeping with Andrew tonight, “She’s going to be pumped in a couple days if not tonight”
Paul says it’s good that she’s hooking up with Andrew because now her emotions are in it and she’ll f** up, “Once he’s done he’ll drop her”
Adel – “He wants to be the first one to get laid on the show”
Adel – I can’t believe people want to be with such a arrogant person.
They agree if they win HOH they’ll put Andrew and Kenny up on the block.
Adel – “I want Andrew and Kenny Sweating .. just sweating.” cams switch…

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-07-18-469

9:05pm Kyle and Adel prayer time

What Rachelle thinks of Kyle and Adel prayer sessions courtesy of BBxx2000xx (thanks Sambooooooooooodee)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-12-40-262

9:11pm Storage room Kenny and Sabrina

Sabrina asks him if the plan is still to send Adel home. Kenny assures her that is the plan and she doesn’t have to worry he’ll win the next HOH everything will be OK. Sabrina thinks if Adel wins HOH he’ll put her up against Andrew or Jon and she will go home.

Kenny explains they only need to worry about the head of household competition right now after they find out who the winner is they can ‘Plot and plunder”
Sabrina – What if that stupid piece of crap wins HOH.. OK no so if anyone other than Adel wins it’s for sure Adel leaving right
Kennt – yes yes

they head into the kitchen where IKa and Sarah are. Sabrina starts complaining that Adel eats all the food. Kenny and Sarah agree.


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-25-21-697

9:15pm Sarah, IKA and Sabrina

Sarah says the guys are annoyed with Heather. She suggests if Sabrina sense that the guys are getting annoyed at her she needs to back away. IKA asks if they are sure Adel is going next.
Sarah – Well the only way to know for sure is when it happens.
Sabrain – they might put Paul and Adel up and back door a girl

Sarah explains that Adel is a threat to the guys and the girls alliance. If they can get Adel out this week they can earn some trust with the guys. She doesn’t want to go after the big guns right yet.


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-50-55-311

9:49pm Feeds come back and they were told there is no hot water for two days. SOunds like they are being reprimanded for disrespecting and swearing at Big Brother as well as not getting up when it’s wake up time.
Arlie is the first to apologize for being disrespectful and yelling at Big Brother.
(Nobody is visibly mad at anyone in particular. some make comments that they are all in this together)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 18-51-46-979

9:54pm Hot tub Jon, Kenny and Andrew smoking

Jon tells them not to give him any more cigarettes even if he asks. They mention that the Hot tub is off limits and Hot water is out for 48 hours.

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I am officially part of OBB history and I took a screenshot of the page and saved the pic LOL. Thank you Simon and Dawg 🙂

Now onto Sabrina, I cannot fathom how anyone can withstand that woman who needs so much assurance, she must have pretty low self-esteem to continuously need assurance. She has repeatedly made comments about Adel and simply won’t let it go, mind you these comments were NEVER heard on the feeds but Kyle sort of confirmed them. Even now she referred to Adel as a “piece of crap”. I really hope this cast doesn’t go the same route as BB16 because they have certainly shown some potential in the first 2 weeks.


Well, that’s what you get when you cuss out Big Brother. And these guys definitely like their cussing. The plus side of not liking this cast is that it’s fun to see them punished and suffer. I want to see more of it. What arrogance to try so hard to get on the show and then cuss out Big Brother! Seriously? How self-important and self-entitled can you get? They act like big celebrity divas.

I can’t believe the untold hours spent applying make-up! And that’s just SCOTT! The women do this a lot, too.

I’ve reached my tolerance level for Kenny and Andrew right now. I don’t “hate” anyone because that’s a very strong sentiment that says more about the person who hates than the one they claim to hate. But, in the context of this show, I loathe, despise and abominate these two guys. Why on earth girls are catering to Andrew is beyond me. They all act like he’s the boss and kiss his butt.

Listening to the private chat between Arlie and Jon (against Andrew and Kenny) at least gives me some hope that things will get shaken up a bit.

Of every season of Big Brother I’ve ever watched, from every country, this cast is the one that would cause me to lose the plot and leave the house.


I fackin cant stand Sabrina hopefully she goes very soon.


I just watched a conversation between Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina that angered me so much I had to turn it off. These are truly despicable people.


What was said !? I missed it 🙁


Adel and Kyle praying together is one of the most moving things I have ever seen on big brother. I just love Kyle’s attitude about being open minded about religion. Wish these two could stay together, they’re such a strange but hilariously fun duo!


They were hilarious on teh show tonight…. their DR’s had me laughing. They are speaking the truth in the house and no one will listen because it goes against the cool kids.


It really is cool to see that. Kyle is a down to earth guy! The fact that he has an open mind and isn’t making fun of one’s religion regardless of what it is…that’s pretty cool.
(reminds me of Howard the youth counselor who would pray with Candyland Candice)

It would be awesome if Kyle got evicted (even though I don’t want him to) and then was the winner to be the evicted house-guest that comes back into the house.

I would love to see Adel and Kyle work together to get far in the game or at least to jury house.

I just hope BBCA is different than BBUSA (or at least different than the horrendous last season that it was).


Adel and Kyle so far you made us Canadians proud i wish you HOH..


You do not speak for all Canadians!


Watch Sabrina win HoH on Thursday, wouldn’t that be something? Lol (eww, I just puked in my mouth)


Side note I think it’s nice that Kyle and adel pray together and that Kyle asked to pray with him. In an alternate universe if Kyle and adel weren’t so abrasive they could have done some damage.


Sabrina :”Adel it’s all the food”

Kenny: “I know right” he says as his mouth is half full of muffin.

We get it Sabrina, you dislike Adel…

Pot calling the kettle black

I live in Canada I get the live feeds so I see it all also. First off yes Sabrina’s need for reassurance can get annoying but for all the people saying she is saying horrible things then turning and calling her gross saying you “puked in your mouth” or saying she’s a cow are just as bad. The fact people sit on here and need to go down the path of attacking people’s looks or calling them horrible names then oh I’m cheering for so and so. grow up. Regardless of how much someone’s character annoys you it gives NO ONE the right too say half the stuff they do on these comments. I’d like to see 1/2 of you post pictures of yourself and see what it’s like to have strangers demean you. As for the punishment the house is poorly done lets be honest this is the poorest budget version of BB. BbUS people can go back to sleep aren’t forced to fake after dark film time during the day. There is also actual sound proofing in there diary room! Doesn’t take 72 hrs for rewards. I don’t understand how ours can be soooo cheap even the prize isn’t that great! MTV pays out more to people lol


People who make fun of other people’s religion, so openly and ignorantly as well as bed hop from guy to guy in a short amount of time, do not deserve credit. They are setting themselves up to be insulted and Sabrina deserves to be called out on it. Also, she is fat. She is. She’s a chunky girl. I’m not a terribly shallow person but she’s a bigger chick. Isn’t she Jewish? (could be wrong, I though I read somebody post that she mentioned this). If so, she should know much better than to make jokes about another peson’s beliefs.

Andrew’s bald, she’s fat. Good combo.


LOL, first of all Mr/Ms Pot calling kettle black, your assumption as to why I just puked in my mouth is solely a reflection of YOU and how nasty your thought process is. Let’s make one thing clear: me puking in my mouth has to do with watching Sabrina go on a power trip for one week, okay? So take a chill pill and stop making wild assumptions like
Besides who died and made you the morality police on this site? LOL


Get off your soap box and get a life – what’s wrong with people like you who try to impose their ways onto other people? Bottom feeder!!


The Four Musketeers verses the Four Stooges??? If PAUL assumes he ain’t at
all like MOE, LARRY or CURLEY, does he totally think he’s actually like SHEMP??
I’m starting to like IKA more & more but i don’t blame NEDA for having been a tad
upset. I hope KYLE stays. Paul’s devil’s advocate game totally back*fires on him?
BB*u$a’s S15 is not easily be topped, despite Paul’s Snidely Whiplash BvLL in the
China Shoppe improvisational brain~freezes. I am a total purist. Spencer was bad.


You talk about Sabrina being a witch, what about Sarah? I find this woman (older than the rest, and should know better) to be a foul mouthed, evil person. She (as well as Sabrina) stir up the shit, and her rant against Ika was beyond obnoxious. I can just imagine how she goes off on her kids. Last nights show when Paul made a comment to her, she was totally rude.