IKA – “I don’t trust Paul enough to make a big move in this game”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

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7:04pm Allison and Heather

Heather invites Allison to eat with them she says they are celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday. Adds that he’s turning 26. (She’s been dating him for two months)

They are all collected at the dinner table. Heather thinks it’s the 16th and wishes William her boyfriend a happy birthday. they toast and dig in.
heather – “Stir fry is the first thing we made together and that is why I wanted us to make it.”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 16-27-47-543

Heather and Sarah make a cake to celebrate Williams birthday

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 16-47-35-538

7:42pm Arlie and Allison hammock

Arlie telling her they were all happy to see someone new come into the game. Allison wonders if she is the only one. She’s tells Arlie about how worried she is about someone entering at another random time. Arlie says the house thought that the twist was Canada voting to do things to the house. He gives some examples like making the house cold/hot, making the oven not work, tricking them that the days were different. “We should go 15 hours without seeing the outside.. we didn’t know what day it way”. Arlie says him and Jon were brought into the game to lighten the atmosphere, he thinks there a lot of people in the house that bring you down, “Later in the game I’ll turn it up but right now i’ll just ride out the fun”. Allison says she would have done the same but she’s in a unique position she never remembers them doing this in past seasons. Production tells them to stop talking about production.

Allison says she’s noticed a divide, points out Paul and Adel. Arlie gives her the rundown about how Paul won the first HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 16-52-51-098

7:51pm IKA and Adel HOH

Adel – you can do whatever you want obviously I have your back
IKA – you are not a choice to go up on the block right now.. do you want to play for veto
Adel doesn’t want to go up tell her “I promise on the koran if you don’t put me on the block.. I’m pretty sure with the girls you can gather say OK we need a pawn amongst us.. I promise you for the rest of this game I’m the guy that will be on your side”

Adel says him Adel, IKA and NEDA are f*** they are not in the big alliances, We can’t forget about the truth the truth is the truth”

IKA – It’s very early in the game”
IKA – “I cannot trust PAul enough to put Kenny up.. I don’t trust Paul enough to make a big move in this game”
Adel says he told Paul they will not talk game anymore, Pauls still his best buddy in the game but Adel knows Paul is done.

Adel – If I win HOH I will make the biggest move in the game.. I know it will separate the girls and separate the boys.

Adel says if he wins Head of Household he’ll put up Andrew and Kenny and if Veto is played he will put up a powerhouse who is Big Jon.

Adel reiterates many times he’s going to make a big move in the game and he’ll deal with the consequences.

IKA explains that Paul ruined Adel’s game and Adel is still sticking with him she says it’s “Admirable”

IKA says if he goes up on the block he has a chance to play for the veto if he doesn’t go up and veto is played everyone is going to want her to put him up. She wants to know if he wants to play for the veto or not

Adel – This isn’t big brother Canada this is Big BRother the boys” Adel stresses he doesn’t want to go up at all.

Adel coaches her tells her to say “I want to put up Paul to take him out and I want to pick my own pawn”
IKA says people are warming up to Adel that is what she wants says that it’s been his actions.

Adel doesn’t want to go up because he doesn’t trust what the house will do. He promises to her he will compete for every competition and will go to IKA when people are talking about her. He swears up and down he’s got nobody in this game and his loyalty speaks for itself.

IKa says she was considering teaming up with Adel and Paul until Paul started throwing Adel under the bus. Adel understands says Paul is F*** he has no ide to play the game.
Adel says the girls are scrambling and the guys are taking advantage of that.
Adel says from here on in he’s going to be Paul’s buddy but nothing in the game.
Adel “If I win POV or HOH you are farting scotch free in this house”

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I really don’t get why her not trusting him makes a difference! What would Paul do? NOT vote out one of the top threats? He has no allies! She’s way overthinking this.


this is why I hate stupid people, IKAnt stand stupid people


Do any of these IDIOTS understand how to play big brother?! What a wuss Ika is, little do you know though you’re going home next week for sure now. This cast is such a disgrace and insult to the Big Brother game, didn’t know big brother was about collecting a posse.


Why is everyone so afraid to make moves in the house… it’s so clear cut in front of them too.. they even said it themselves…. Andrew will run this whole game… every week you don’t make a move against him… it’s gonna get easier for him… do these people play to win..?… every season… this is why this show is so hard to watch…


IKA!! For goodness sake, come to your senses! She needs to understand that adel is right, and that she should team up with him. She says she can’t trust Paul? Fine it doesn’t matter, Paul is just a vote at this point anyway. Please please please Ika, you have to realize the big threat in the house and that is Andrew and Kenny!

I really want an alliance of: ika, adel, neda, Jon, and Paul. Maybe heather as well.


Arlie telling Allison that he doesn’t know the game, but what he doesn’t know is that she knows he is a superfan. It could come back to bite him. LOL.


I don’t blame Ika, because Sabrina is in her ear (actually in both) scaring her not to make a big move and so is Sarah, and the guys minus Adel.

I hope Adel is not on the block, wins POV and they backdoor Andrew or Kenny.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Ika, Adel, and Neda as final 3.


Adel and Paul are jokes on the feeds. Paul is threatening to eat a piece of cake if they put him on the block. He’s holding a fork LOL a must watch video if Simon posts it ­čÖé


Time and time again people fail to put up dangerous players bad for their game, I can only imagine it has to do with the great unshown BB diary room sessions. Lets not forget that Ika was in the diary room for a LONG LONG LONG ASS time and came out joking that paul and adele were immuned from eviction. Big Brother is not an organic game free of outside influences.

I could only conclude these poor choices often come from the dr room sessions. Because there is no logical explanation for why time after time weaker players glance over the strong. That being said, if I was Ika, I`d not put up paul and adel but rather 2 girls, someone like allison and sabrina. Sabrina because she is a snake, allison because she is late and “├╣ntrustworthy“. It`d be alot smarter to take out sabrina before the boys because she is a big leaker of information.

Johhny (the European one!)

This “sitdown to tell Heather she’s the pawn” is pure slapstick comedy!
“not Sarah, not Neda, Sabrina kinda not, so… any volunteers?”
“who are you leaning towards?”
“No volunteer? OK. And the winner is Hea…”
Heather: “could you give me a minute to think about it?”
This is so clumsy I think I would break out laughing if I was in this room… Unless I was Heather!


The truth is Ika is screwed no matter what she does. She doesn’t realize that Sabrina (who she thinks is her closest girl ally) and Sarah are basically plotting to get her out next week and as much as I want her to put up Andrew and Kenny she just doesn’t have the numbers on her side. If she puts them both up the chances of one of them winning the veto and taking them self of the block is very high and whoever she puts up as the replacement nom will most likely be the one to go home leaving both Andrew and Kenny still in the house…and then using that as fuel to get her out next week even though that is what they were already going to do. So if she puts up Paul and a pawn (heather) then and they don’t use the veto Paul goes home then at least she will have one true ally in Adel. Regardless Ika is TOAST in this game.