Ian yells who wants to see the first big brother dog!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


7:35pm All the house guests are in the kitchen eating and making dinner. They are eating turkey burgers. Ian gets called to the diary room. He jumps up from the table and runs to the diary room for his dog punishment costume. Britney comments on how Ian isn’t allowed to be on the furniture. They ask her if that’s a rule and she says yes. They talk about how they think Ian’s kennel will be out in the backyard which means when he isn’t on the leash he has to stay out there. Ian comes out of the diary room and yells who wants to see the first big brother dog!! WOOF WOOF WOOF! Ian is really excited about his costume. He comes into the kitchen and gets down on all fours. He tells them that his dish is out in the backyard. Shane ties up the back of his costume. Big Brother cuts the feeds and then shows the backyard where Ian’s dog house is with a little fence around it. They open up the backyard and he says that it is better than have-nots. Ian says that he has to be served out of the dog bowl.

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8pm Dan says you can’t just feed, make him do a trick. Danielle walks Ian out into the backyard with his dog bowl. Jenn tells him that if they get beer, he can have hers. They tell Ian that he is being such a good sport about this. Ian says you have to be a good sport about things like this. Danielle puts the dog bowl on the ground and tells him that she will sit with him, she doesn’t want him to be alone. Shane tells him that they won’t leave him out here alone.


8:15pm Shane says thank you for letting me keep my veto ticket. (The veto ticket means that Shane automatically gets to play in the veto next week.) Ian explains that it is only good for next week and that 7 people will play in the veto instead of 6. Ian says that if he needs to go in the house or go to the bathroom all he has to do is wave at the camera and a barking noise will play over the whole house. Ian says that this is great and it’s only 24 hours so by 7pm tomorrow it is done. Ashley says that she thinks it is so cool. Dan brings Ian a treat and makes him catch it. Ian says woof woof woof. Ian then asks Dan if he can take him to the fire hydrant. Dan takes his lease and takes him inside to the bathroom.


8:30pm Britney, Mike and Wil are in the kitchen talking. Britney is telling them about when she went to the Dominican republic and there was a storm the whole time she was there. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Ian, Ashley, Janelle, Danielle, Shane, Dan and Joe are all sitting around the hot tub talking about random stuff. Janelle and Ashley talk about a guy that was eating a homeless guy. Janelle says that she saw there video of it and the guy was eating the guys leg and face. She says the cops shot him and he kept eating him. She says that he died. They continue to talk about sporting injuries.


8:35pm Wil and Ashley are in the have-not room talking. Wil tells her that he wants to work with her. Ashley tells him that she wants to work with him too. Wil then explains all of the lies and things going around the house about him. Meanwhile, Boogie, Frank and Britney are in the arcade room. Boogie is pushing for Joe to be put up and voted out this week. Britney says that Joe is an obvious target; he has been pushing to get the coaches out. Britney says that she wasn’t prepared to play this game like this, we as coaches gave away all our secrets and now we are in the game playing against the people we gave our secrets too. She says that the newbies are annoyed and so are we, we are equally annoyed.


8:45pm – 9pm Mike asks can I throw one crazy, crazy curve ball to you what if we try and get out Janelle. Britney says that she isn’t opposed to the idea, and that she might be open to it if they get the wheels in motion. Britney tells Mike and Frank to talk to Dan and Danielle. She says I’d like to be part of something. Britney says if she were him and she had two angles she would throw the curveball. Frank says that if Janelle wins HOH next week she’s not going to be all coach, coach, coach. Britney asks Frank about what he was talking to Janelle about earlier. Frank explains the conversation he had with Janelle. Britney tells them to do some talking and says that she is interested to hear what happens.
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9:12pm The barking dog airs throughout the house to signal the house guests that Ian needs something. Meanwhile Wil and Janelle are talking in the bathroom. Wil says that Boogie is pissed because he fell for my lie and he fell for it hard! Janelle says yeah, that’s what he said. Janelle tells Wil that if people go to jury and you blindside them they will not vote for you. Wil says that he doesn’t see how people can lie throughout the game, he says that it was hard enough to do it for one week. Wil says that Jenn might vote for me, she said she wanted me to stay. Janelle says that this is the week that the Ogre goes home. They start talking about Joe and how he is trying to get the newbies to get out the coaches. Wil says that he can’t believe he let Frank talk to him like that yesterday. Wil says sorry b*tch you got played!


9:40pm – 9:50pm Bath time up in the HOH room. Janelle and Danielle are talking. Dan, Britney, Shane, Ashley, Janelle, and Ian are locked to vote out Frank. They laugh about how Frank is going to get voted out wearing the spirit tard. Janelle tells Danielle about how Frank said he likes his girls young and dumb. Janelle talks about how much she hates Frank. Janelle gets called to the diary room.

10pm Joe walks the dog..
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10:15pm – 10:30pm Boogie is up in the HOH room talking to Danielle pushing for Danielle to use the veto and nominate Janelle as the replacement. Danielle says that she has been told that Frank and Boogie are gunning for her… she put him on the block and put him in a spirit-tard. Boogie asks who told you that? He guesses Janelle. Danielle smiles. Boogie says this is what I am talking about. She creates paranoia, and division amongst the people. Danielle says that there is so much he said she said going on in the house. Boogie tells her that he talked to Britney and she said she might be on board with getting out Janelle, if we talked to you about it. You and Britney could be the innocent girls in the background. I will go so far as to offer up myself as the other person to be nominated. He says that he can’t work with Janelle and her untrustworthiness. Danielle says Britney hinted you the right way .. I want the drama to end. Boogie says good we can make it end. Frank wants to be here and he holds no hard feelings. He says that Ian just came here to fu*k around, he chose a dog house over a trip to Maui. Danielle says that she is afraid he would turn on us. Boogie says we have the votes to get her out now. Boogie says that twice she was one competition away from winning it all and will do it again. Danielle says that he really needs to talk to Dan about it. Boogie says Frank and I are in it 100% and I will lead the charge and take the brunt of it.


10:30pm – 10:50pm Boogie says you, me, Shane, Britney, Danielle, Frank, join to form the Avengers and straight up gangster get Janelle out of this house! Boogie pitches his plan to Dan. This would be a mean group of 6, who is going to fu*k with us! Frank joins them. Boogie continues saying he wants this bit*h out of here! If we don’t get her out we will be sitting in the jury house kicking ourselves in the face like Ian, saying why didn’t we get her out. Shane joins them. Dan tells Mike to have a one on one with Shane. Dan and Frank leave. Mike pitches his plan to Shane. Danielle joins them.


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146 thoughts on “Ian yells who wants to see the first big brother dog!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg this is unreal. I give credit to a producer for this one…..just not Allison Grodner….we all know she didn’t think of this one.

  2. I’m actually embarrassed for the producers, or whoever, for actually coming up with this and having it be on the show. I guess people are right, they really have jumped the shark. Can’t really take this as a serious competition, was I wrong for thinking it was ?

    1. Don’t get me wrong I love the show but, I agree. I’m actually embarassed because I recently told a couple people that they had to watch the show and if they do they’ll see this.
      They really need to work on the challenges instead of trying to recruit people on Facebook.
      I still love the show but, come on give us something to work with!

  3. Ian is getting more relaxed with being the clown of the house I really think the whole experience is great want to know how he’ll feel if he goes on the block if he will even try to make deals

  4. How much you want to bet if Frank walks out the door Thursday Boogie will save see ya and follow him so there wont be a double eviction in the future week the next few weeks Last Night how he acted towards Dan made me want to scream that Frank and him our a team so if you want Boogie you also get Frank What an Idiot he will sure follow Frank if Franks goes home before the jury

    1. Super glad Boogie couldn’t save his bromance buddy I don’t think selling the spiritard is an options on e-bay because the girls keep saying Frank has the worst BO problem and he doesn’t believe in deordorant so unless it comes with a gas mask I’m not bidding (JoKing)

  5. OMG,Ian what have you done. You gotten get PoV and instead your a dog. How embrassing! You should got the trip or even 5000 or Veto ticket. Anyway, Backdoor season for Janelle is on.

  6. I dont get the live feeds, but I thank you Simon and Dawg for this site. I honestly have to you that seeing the picture of Ian in his costume and reading this update put such a huge smile on my face. He is such a great sport, and the way that Danielle, Shane and Jenn seem to be rallying around him is just awesome!

    I still think it is horrible that Boogie called him a name during the POV competition and that he owes him an apology. Boogie was on his high horse about this and that this week regarding his player Frank and lost focus on his two other players Jenn and Ian shame on him for treating them both so poorly.

    Boogie needs to apologize to Ian, man up!!

      1. It’s because Dawg, you take all the brunt of our jokes here.. and you’re always the most favored here in America too.
        *pat pat pat* *rubs your ears* *Lifts your furry face and tells you how much you’re loved* And btw… we adopted you.
        But you’re loved. : ) winks and giggles

    1. Me too. It looks like the house is having fun with it and Ian is really enjoying it. I think it is hilarious when Ian needs something and the barking starts in the house to let the HGs know to go to him. It was also cute when Jenn was giving him a back rub. The house needed some comic relief. It may not be so fun for the HGs if Ian has to pee when they are all sleeping! Props to who ever came up with this one. Much better than the unitard or the penguin outfit.

    1. didn’t think about that! I’d bark every hour just to disturb them – LOL!! at least they gave him a fenced in area so he can pace around in. not as bad as I imagined.

    1. Frank’s going to get evicted this week, so…probably not. Ian hasn’t done anything yet except be a goofball, so…(as of now)…probably not.

  7. If I was in the dog costume, I would act like Wilfred.

    Plus I’d hump all the girls legs! Come here Trixie!!!

  8. The biggest floater is JEN and she should keep him company. It was real nice of him to take the punishment. I hope him and Dan go final two!

  9. I’m sorta curious as to what Dawg/Simon look like. I imagine dawg looks like Mark Wahlberg and Simon probably like Seth Macfarlane.

    1. I wanna play too…

      I think Dawg looks like Seth Rogan

      I think Simon looks like Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory)

      1. And I am thinking Dawg looks like a bad biker boy.. and Simon (in disguise) not a shoe shine boy.. but a super man. And not quite like Clark Kent. It’s okay, I got the pin up girl thing waiting for when I break loose on this site. JK on me… it’s all about the boys/men… Supermen even. : ) (yes, I was a suck up in another life)

  10. This is so beyond stupid, it’s as if the producers are in the back thinking up new ways to push Ian towards suicide in his later life. I know he’s over 18 and chooses this stuff, but seriously this kid has issues and idk, this stuff will be on the internet and follow him long after the show.

    Plus, I don’t find it entertaining to watch. I’d rather watch scheming, game talk and fights.

    1. If you think Ian will be suicidal over this then you really have the wrong impression of him, he’s not like that at all.

      1. I don’t have much of an impression of him cos watching him rock back and forth makes me dizzy. He seems to have no self esteem and will do anything for attention and to fit in, even if it’s negative and weird.

        1. Rocking back and forth is self soothing, and is a classic autism spectrum disorder “tell-tale sign”, and it is also something that those with the disorder are not even aware they are doing. No different than nail biting, or knuckle-cracking for those that dont have any disorders….but come on now; let’s put you under the micro-scope of having millions of anonymous viewers pick apart your every move. Live with strangers for a few months take you out of your comfort zone for a few months, and see how you handle it???? What do you say, wanna sign up for BB15???

          1. I don’t rock back and forth, bite my nails or crack my knuckles. I don’t do it in life, wouldn’t do it on t.v. and I damn sure wouldn’t pick wearing a dog costume over a trip to Maui,

              1. Want to know something? Autism is the most misdiagnosed disorder in the United States. Some research institutions believe over 90% that are diagnosed with it do not have it. I am one of them.

                I am 20 and recently received my B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the U of Washington and am starting grad school this fall emphasizing research in artificial intelligence. I also received a full-time job as a web designer that started as an internship until I received my degree.

                When I was 7 and in the 3rd grade, I had “attention span issues,” as they put it, because I had a hard time paying attention to reading/history and whatnot. My teacher even arranged a conference with my parents about the issue (which was absurd cause all I was doing was looking around the room while she was talking, I was quiet and never roaming about like what other kids do). My parents did not give me “professional help,” like what was advised and instead, the teacher sent me to the school counselor that asked me a series of questions, contacted my parents, and “assisted” them with arranging a meeting with some clinical doctor. To shorten it up, I was diagnosed with autism. Had to switch to a friggin’ special ed class cause of it.

                The summer between middle and high school, I asked my parents to help me retract my diagnostic because my high school had every intention of putting me in spec ed courses, saying Honors courses would be too much for me (I would never have been admitted to UW had I been in those classes, especially as an out-of-state student).

                I can tell. Ian does not have autism, either. He is only trying to fit in based on what others are doing (i.e. drinking, swearing). You can tell it’s not what he’s really like. Lots of nerdy guys are like that due to their lack of social skills. Perhaps he didn’t grow up with sibling?

                1. What a shame your parents didnt mainstream you, because my son was. He graduated with honors. Oh and btw a second opinion could have helped you. One other thing Autism is a spectrum disorder which means there are a lot of different sub-disorders that can fall under this dis-order. It can be misdiagnosed, but it doesnt mean you are now a special ed student or condemned to wearing a helmet for the rest of your life. There are wonderful support groups out there for parent of children with this diagnosis and there are wonderful groups out there researching treatments so I do not think any of us are saying poor Ian he is disabled and should be treated as a handicapped individual. I think what we are saying is his individuality should be praised and not condemned, instead in our society anyone that is different we poke fun of them or pick them apart. We need to be supportive.

                  Go Ian!!

            1. He is not capable of NOT DOING IT….do you get that? ASD is a complex disorder and Ian’s brain is just not wired like you and me. Having any type of autism makes them UNEASY in our world and these coping skills are what makes life bearable for them. MY son used to have to apply pressure to his forehead to get relief. You know when you get tingling in your arms or legs? THIS IS THEIR LIFE – they are in a constan battle to exsist in a world where their sense are constantly firing and misfiring……you go, Ian – make all asd sufferers proud

        2. WOW. Really. I find your comment way more disturbing. Sorry. People need to stop with all of this. I imagine he is well aware of his issues and it probably bothers him a lot. Can everyone just try to respect the fact that he is a great kid who is having a great time in the BB house AND he did come in 2nd, of the newbies, in the toughest of the comps. That is all.

    1. He’s got my vote too. I’d love to see him win something, even just the 25K. The kid’s got a great heart! I personally find the dog kennel concept demeaning, bottom-of-the-barrel desperation on production’s part, but Ian’s pure spirit, and apparent joy to do it, makes it almost tolerable. And as a strategy it’s great with most of the girls in the house now wanting to take care of him…in a sense.

    2. I’d give him America’s Choice. I don’t really like him and I’m not going to pretend I feel extra sympathy for him because of whatever it is that he has, but he does seem like a genuinely good kid. Why not.

      1. He will have my vote. He was so appreciative when Mike gave him 3 thousand dollars. He really needs the money and he takes the punishments like a trooper. He also did so good during the endurance comp.

  11. Has anyone notice that the cameras hardly shoe Joe anymore. He must be that boring to them and the other houseguest. Joe is the male version of Shelley!

  12. Ian isn’t allowed to be on the furniture.

    wish I can get my dog to stop jumping and sleeping on the couch….. Good Doggie Ian

      1. Why even bother correcting her. Pointless. Have you read her posts?

        But might as well point it out to her — Ian’s not craving attention. He’s just so damn happy to be part of BB, and make BB Wiki, super fanboy that he is, that he eats slop for three weeks, sleeps on sheet metal, takes cold showers and will eat out of a dog bowl.

  13. Off the topic. Hey everyone, who you guys think that Janelle is queen of floaters? Please reply!

    1. @captainwedgiearchnemesis: you would think that much fat would float, but I’d call her more of a sinker. Anchors away, Janielle!!!

  14. Boogie did not even stay outside while Ian was suffering on that pirate ship………..I think that he might have stayed loyal…but Boogie is just a very vindictive man and it is not an attractive quality.

  15. NOW can you see Ian stimming? He has a compulsion to rock – it is involuntary, but necessary to soothe himself. Trust me – as the parent of a autistic young man – I am certain that he has an autistic spectrum disorder and I would be so proud if he won and then revealed it!!!!!!!

    Watch him in conversation – he has to actually LEARN to interact appropriately if it is not a topic that he understands. He is doing a remarkable job, but clearly is stimming.

  16. Lol. I almost didn’t finish reading this update.Every time I look at the pictures of Ian eating out of the dog bowl and Danielle walking Ian with the leash,I bust out laughing.This is too funny.

  17. God bless Ians little heart, you have to be pulling for him or you are a real asshat. His strategy is working flawless now that they understand him better. With Booger being a dick to him now he has the house sympathy now too and it will carry him a long way.

    1. the funny thing is it would be better for her to do it like boogie suggests. because dan is planning with the “secret-coach.alliance” in mind. and that later will cause major problems for danielle.

      1. Not many people there trust Janelle at this point, but if they keep Boogie and Frank and they win the HOH next week, Ian and Jenn are back with them and they can take Dan or Shane out, and then it’s over for Danielle and everybody else on her side. Keeping Frank right now is suicide.

        Never make a deal with the devil because he will screw you in the end. Boogie is the devil.

        1. maybe right. its risky. my point is….daniele will get voted out later for sure by people like dan, brit and janelle. she has to realize that dan not has her best interests any more. and i think boogie and frank are not willing to go back to people like joe and jenn or ian. because they are weak players.

          1. Dan is playing for himself, true, but do you really think Boogie and Frank are going to go after weak players? Why? What would be the point of that? They’re going to go after the best players like Dan and Shane and whoever they think is a threat. I think people who even entertain making a deal with Boogie, never watched him play before and don’t understand how he operates. Dan may think he can take Boogie/Frank out later on, but that may be his own downfall, as well as everybody else’s.

            1. Wrong, boogie and Frank were just talking in the arcade room and they are 100% down to roll with those 4 for the time being, they’d be stupid not to take this deal, they need Janelle out she’s way more of a wild card than boogie/frank.

            2. Dan’s greatest strength? He LISTENS. Dan will win it all, again, and deservedly so. If he does win this season he will have proven himself the best BB gamer of all time thus far. Boogie is running at the mouth, and Dan sits there quietly, like a mafioso dom, and evaluates every possible angel. He has my respect, and I’d be hard-pressed to find a more rational clear mind, and this thought coming from an atheist, but putting my personal religious beliefs aside, he is the most logical, linear thinker in this game. Only hope he takes Ian with him to final two :) and that, for me, is my personal, non-strategic admiration for Ian, as the kid is highly adorable. I have finally made my choice, and despite how I hate that AG keeps bringing back the vets to compete against noobs….Dan FTW.

  18. Boogie actually makes alot of sense about getting janelle out. The avengers click seems unbeatable. If I was danielle, I would take boogies offer! What does everyone else think???

    1. Who would the avengers go after? The few ramining weak players? Boo-hoo. Makes no sense, except for Boogie since his game is on the line.

      1. Danielle and Shane said they never watched Boogie play BB. Dan has and he is the one who is cautious. He understands the danger of making a deal with Boogie.

        I think Danielle’s father (along with her family structure) has done great harm to Danielle because she can easily be manipulated by a dominant male like Boogie. Or Dan, for that matter.

  19. I hope she is buying what Booger is selling because Pig Face Janelle is really bad for the house morale. She is playing a terrible game with all the completely fabricated lies. These HGs are communicating and that strategy cant survive for long. If people clam up though its a great strategy.

  20. Mike Boogie right! Danielle, do the right thing and trim the fat & get rid the head of the monster Janelle. She needs to go Now! Also, she is a virus & must get rid of her once and for all.

  21. Boogie, Frank and Janelle have to go… Boogie’s obsession with Frank is very very strange. Frank is a total A$$, and Janelle should have stayed home to care of her baby… apparently for her BB is more important.

    And lets not forget Joe… what a loud mouth tool in the Diary Room. Get rid of him.

    Americas Choice should be Ian, without question! I liked him from day 1

    1. i agree boogie’s thing with frank is bizarre and Janelle’s hatred for frank is bizarre as well. like the guy has not done anything for her to hate him. Like any chance she gets to talk about him she does. Boogie and Janelle are a waste this season. If Ian does not get america’s choice that is just f’ed up. he has earned that ten fold.

      1. Nothing its just pointless for Danielle to go with boogie. With Frank gone boogie would have no allies maybe except for Jenn. Plus boogie is just a Dick being mean to Ian like that , I would’ve told Boogie to fuck off right there.

    1. They have to get Danielle out this week – might not get the chance to strike & have the votes to send her packing. It just might settle down the newbies & keep them from going after the coaches too quick. Janelle stirs the pot with her lies & will probably help her newbie minions to rally & get the other coaches out first.

      With all the lies being told & a-lie-ances forming, I can’t keep up or believe anything that comes out of their mouths – thank goodness for Simon & Dawg for doing such a great job figuring it out!

  22. OK. SERIOUSLY…i have just totally changed my views about the HGs….i used to loathe danielle…now she is awesome, and boogie is a pimp….for proposing the avengers alliance….it works out for both sides, i am officially on team boogie and frank,,,and i used to want dan to win, but now i see dan’s true colors…when he knows he doesnt have danielle wrapped around his finger, he gets vindictive

  23. Holy sh*t my boy Frank might still have some gas left in the tank. Boogie really did a good job working over the alliance of 4, and I honestly never understood why they backdoored Frank in the first place. Janelle is by far the biggest liar in this game, she’s played an extremely dirty game and I lost all respect for her.

  24. Umm…Boogie is finally playing the game and I am LOVING IT.
    What they should do is make the deal, get out Janelle, make sure if the other side wins it they put up Frank and then they bring Ian on board for final 6. They could also keep Frank in the Avengers alliance but, when it’s final eight have Ashley and Ian (they can’t throw him out yet) be there and the core four could take out Boogie and Frank and then eliminate Ashley and Jenn then whoever wins HOH in the final four pretty much will determine who will be the final 2.

    1. On the second to last line I meant Ian instead of Jenn. Maybe I had the urge to type her name because it’s never written on here or mentioned in the game…Oh well.
      Let’s go the Avengers!

    Oh my god these people are killing me. I can not look at Franks smarmy face for one more week, much less the rest of this game.
    This is Brendan and Rachel Part Duex. You try to get him out for weeks and get suckered or screwed by production every damn time.
    OH YES, do not doubt production hand in this one. Did you all see Boogie send Danielle down to bring Dan up to HOH?
    Dan was having a conversation with Jenn in the LR, Danielle did not seem to know how to interupt it and bring him up….what is the next thing we hear?
    “JENN, please come to the diary room…..”.

    1. I should say I meant get suckered by the other HG’s OR get screwed by production.
      Not saying it’s ALL production, but they sure do lend a helping hand =)

  26. I think that teaming with Boogie & Frank (as much as I dislike both of them) would be the smart move. Without Janelle to manipulate the other side, Wil, Joe, Ashley & Jen lose a HUGE asset. Ian will self destruct on his own. The key to this is being able to pull the trigger on Boogie & Frank before they let loose on DDSB – that is the key.

    1. I agree more! Janelle is nothing but a dumba$$ broad! She needs to go! Please Danielle, backdoored Janelle right now! She been complaining alot. Cut her lose now!

  27. After watching BBAD tonight, I realized that Danielle makes me want to poke my eyes out of my head.

    First, her reasoning for wanting Janelle out is completely personal…proving she’s not mature enough to play BB. Second, when she referred to herself as a “POWERHOUSE”, I almost peed my pants laughing. I realize she won HOH and POV, but a “powerhouse”? Hardly.

    Finally….when Shane told her that it was HER decision to use or not use the POV, she corrected him and said “NO…its OURS”. Are you fricking kidding me?

    Whomever said she should get off BB and go onto EHarmony, was a genuis.

    She’s a dumbcluck who is so desperate for attention that she’ll screw herself over in an attempt to get into Shane’s pants.


  28. It’s a tough call but it comes down to who do you think will be tougher to get out of the house later in the game. For me that would be Janelle but it is a very tough decision for sure. If they go for the deal Frank and Boogie will go FARRRR in this game and will have a great shot to win it all.

    It’s great watching Dan try and spin it to convince the group not to switch up–he knows his game will be in trouble if boogie keeps his Will 2.0 in the game.

  29. what boogie is trying to sell does make sense, but wouldn’t u rather deal with the devil that u know than the one that u don’t, they know how janelle lies and how predictable she is what they don’t know for sure is what boogie and frank will do, dan was trying to tell them this especially if one of them win hoh, he reminded them how like 2 hours before they were on board with getting frank out and then boogie comes up and talks and now they don’t know what to do and britney said they did the same thing to them so if danielle is as smart as she claims then she should see this, plus boogie was downstairs in the arcade room with frank not long after he talked to them talking to frank about when they would turn on them, so if danielle believes him then when he stabs her in the back she won’t have anybody to blame but herself, also dan was right when he told her the reason she wants janelle out is because janelle said that she was fat and he told her she couldn’t play based on her emotions, but if she goes through with it then it won’t be long before she’s saying bye y’all when she goes out the door. i don’t trust dan either because he wants janelle to stay so he can work with her because they think they won’t win unless 2 coaches make it to the end, guess we’ll find out.

  30. THANK GOD! Danielle actually does have a brain, and she’s proved to be a lot smarter than I first thought, she’s finally seeing that Dan no longer has her best interest at heart, BYEBYE JANELLE! Can’t wait to see boogies goodbye msg to her, it’s gonna be great.

  31. what is Janelle’s hard on for frank ? every chance she gets she calls him a name. she has went as far as to say she hates him what did he do to her? I mean she acts like she liked the guy and he didn’t accept her advances

  32. i knew hed come around boogie is back baby enough mopin around the siver tounged snake is back bye bye janelle gonna be the only 3 season loser

  33. Well there goes their change of winning, Boogie just manipulated them into keeping the guy they been trying to get out 3 times now. WOW these people are stupid.

  34. Gotta say it, but as much as I like Ian and believe he is a pure heart and clueless, the whole man-on-a-leash thing seems highly BDSM to me. Big Brother getting all kinky in the house. What’s next, butt plugs and nipple clamps? They, production, are desperate, jumping on the latest 50 Shades bandwagon. They’ve never, apparently, read The Story of O.

  35. crazy not to take the deal. boogie and frank have no one in the house, if they pull in ian into their plan, getting rid of janelle is the best move right now. even if frank or boogie won hoh and went back on the deal, so what, they cant do enough damage or win hoh to hoh or hoh and pov etc.

    dan just doesnt want boogie in the game, he tries to justify that the reason is boogie will turn on them, but please, dan gives the load of bull about boogie, then talks about if they took the deal, they could put boogie up next week, aka, hes just as much of a liar within the game, so stop pretending you aren’t.

    I think dan is making a major mistake that will cost him dearly in the end because he will lose control of danielle, and thats his concern, he worries danielle branches off w/ frank, boogie and shane. why not right? boogie is dan’s biggest threat because boogie is the only one questioning dan’s place there.

    please, backdoor janelle.

  36. Yes get Janelle out of the house. All she does is complain about how much sshe hates Frank. I think shes probably attracted to him. The lady does protest too much!!

  37. I really can’t stand this back and forth, if Janelle doesn’t leave this house I don’t know if I can keep watching this show. This is actually stressing me out, I might have to keep off the feeds and this site tomorrow just cuz i can’t stand how often these people change their minds. I mean seriously, they’ve never even given boogie/frank a chance but they’re still considering leaving Janelle in the game after she has proven time and time again that her word is trash. Leaving Janelle in here is the biggest mistake they’ll ever make.

    1. Omfg, Dan is pissing me off so much, I didn’t realize what a scumbag he is I actually liked him in bb10. He talks to Danielle like she’s 10, “you’re playing this personal” stfu Dan, you don’t know how she’s thinking, you’re not god’s gift to big brother, get over yourself.

  38. anyone who doubted boogies game just rewind and looked how he flipped four people with a snap of his fingers this would be the third time he has single handedly saved frank and if they havent watched boogies season they need to cause he sucks at comps and the other hand janelle what was it 4 hoh and 5 pov in one season enough said

  39. I hope Dan&Britney don’t change their plan to evict Frank on Thursday.Boogie made it clear to Dan that he doesn’t want to work with the coachs,unless Frank gets to stay in the game.I don’t believe Boogie.I don’t think he has any intentions on working with the coachs.He’s still mad that he was played like a fool ,but he’s mostly mad that he believed Dan and Dan was completely playing Boogie.Frank&Wil are the most vocal out of the newbies that want to get rid of the coachs.If Dan,Britney&Janelle want to make it far in the game,they need to stick with one another.Basically they need to do exactly what they’re doing now.Which is sticking with each other and working with a few newbies(Danielle,Shane and possibly Ian&Ashely) that aren’t trying to get rid of them.I’m sure Dan&Britney are aware that Janelle has a reputation this season as being a person that will only side with the house guest that have the power for the week.But in this case(coachs are now playing the game)Janelle can be trusted to not put up the other coachs(Dan&Britney)because she knows in order for her to make it far in the game,she needs to keep the other two coachs safe.That way they(Dan,Britney&Janelle)can work together and get rid of any newbies that want to target them.Janelle knows it’s in her best interest to keep Dan&Britney safe.Hopefully,in the DR production doesn’t try and convince Dan,Britney and the other people in their alliance that they should keep Frank.Obviously the producers have their own reasons for trying to keep Frank in the game.They(production)just saved Frank from being evicted.If Dan and his alliance stick to their plan,Frank will walk out the door on Thursday.Which means all that time the producers spent thinking of a twist that wouldn’t look that obvious that they’re favoring certain players(Boogie&Frank)would be a waste of time,because Frank will be evicted from the game just after a week from being saved from production.Basically what happen last season,after America’s vote(aka production)allowed Brendon to compete for the chance to come back in the game.Brendon ended up coming in the game.But Danielle won HOH and evicted Brendon for the second and last time(which in my opinion she made a big mistake.She should’ve gotten rid of the grudge holder aka Jeff.Then she wouldn’t had been evicted right after Brendon,by the same guy she trusted Jeff).

  40. Not a fan of Boogie but his plan to save frank is really good. He really is a good talker. I can see how the proposal would look good to DSB. Dan is the only one not fooled. He is smart too because Boogie is playing both sides and with frank still in the game Boogie has an extra number for votes if Boogie decides to flip. It is, however, smart to get Janelle out now. She could easily beat frank in a comp and go after Danielle or Shane. So for their next move, they should consider Boogies proposal. It would buy them some time. Dan I think wants someone in the house that will put up Dani or Shane. He needs them gone but doesn’t want to have to do it. He wants a final 2 with mike so he can win. He does not want to be with a newbie.

  41. This punishment was built for Ian! Minimum actual discomfort, paired with maximum pity! Ian is creating a new strategy where he tries to suffer his way to final four… Instead of a “Mastermind”, he is a “Jewish Mother” or some more PC synonym…

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