Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Ashley says that she is getting hemorrhoids from Joe’s food.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


Power of Veto Summary: Danielle won the VETO, Jenn got a Maui trip, Wil got $5000, Frank has to wear a spirit-tard for a week, and Ian took a punishment of 24 hours as a dog where he has to live in a kennel in the have-not room for 24 hours. No Have-nots for the week.

5:35pm Ian joins them in the HOH room. Ian says oh in the baseball? Dan says yeah. Ian says that was a crap shoot. Dan says that was not a crap shoot. Dan tells Ian it was so good that he gave Jenn the trip, she won’t forget that either. Danielle tells him that it was very sweet. Ian says that he doesn’t understand why Frank would try and take the last prize, he had to have known it was going to be a booby trap, especially when Boogie was telling him not to take it. Danielle asks Ian what he is thinking? Ian says that he hopes Jenn enjoys her trip, and that Wil enjoys the $5000. Dan says if you had taken the trip, Jenn would have gotten the dog punishment. Ian says that Jenn having to be the dog would just be wrong. Ian says that Frank is the first guy in big brother history to have to wear a uni-tard. Ian says that Frank’s uni-tard will go for a lot on ebay. He says that Casey’s banana suit went for like $1200, and that Kriten’s hippy-tard went for a lot too. Ian talks about how when he was told he could eat regular food as a dog he took the punishment because that’s not that bad.

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Ian says that he just hopes people take him out on the leash because staying in the kennel for 24 hours would suck. Ian says that Boogie told Ian that he took the worst thing. Ian says that it wasn’t that bad, that the spirit-tard would be the worst because he has to wear it all week, can’t go in the pool and has to work out in it. Danielle confirms that he is still good with their deal. Ian says yes. They talk about the votes, they think Jenn will vote to keep Frank, Janelle will vote to keep Wil. Ian asks if he should vote to keep Frank just to throw people off and not think we are together.


6pm Danielle, Dan and Ian discuss the possibility of Ian throwing Frank his vote if they are 100% certain that they have the votes to get rid of them. That way Ian can work Boogie when Frank is gone. Danielle says that she is going to keep the votes the same but that she will listen to what everyone has to say and that she is a team player …that as an alliance we decide things together. Danielle tells Ian that if she ever comes up to him and says I want to talk about something dumb …that means I need to talk to you. Ian says oh yeah I know, I was just wet and didn’t want to get out of the pool. Ian describes the alliance, Shane is the jock, Dan is the older wise person, you (Danielle) are the nice girl. They talk about what will happen next week if Boogie won the HOH. Dan asks if Ian agrees with him that if a coach is up on the block with anyone else …the coach is the one going home. Ian says that he doesn’t really agree. They talk about how they would never vote against anyone in their alliance, unless two were up. That say that they need to figure out a way to protect each other if someone else gets HOH. Ian brings up how they could make fake side alliances to help control possibilities. He says that Dan make a fake alliance with Janelle and that he (Ian) could with Boogie, Ashley or Jenn.


6:10pm – 6:35pm Ashley, Jenn, and Wil are in the arcade room talking and laughing. They are talking about Joe and making fun of him. They talk about how his food isn’t very good. Ashley says that she is getting hemorrhoids from Joe’s food. The conversation turns to talking about the competition. Meanwhile back up in the HOH, Ian and Dan talk about how there are no have-nots this week because of the dog punishment. They discuss who will get America’s Favourite. Ian says Frank or Shane. Ian says that he didn’t come here to win $25,000 he came here to win the grand prize. Dan heads downstairs to lay down. Danielle tells Ian that he did really great and that he is going to be the first person to be a dog, and the first person to be on slop for 3 week. Ian says and the first person to voluntarily take a punishment in that type of competition. Danielle tells Ian that he has a heart of gold. Danielle tells him that she will be around him all the time so that he can be on the leash outside of the kennel. She says that she will even wake up early to get him out of the kennel. Ian thought he might need to be on all fours. Danielle tells him no, he can walk around as long as he is on the leash. Ian heads downstairs and says that he will tell them that he hates country music. Ian goes down to the kitchen and says that he hates that music, I hate country music.


6:45pm – 7pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we will be right back screen. Joe, Ian, Janelle, and Britney are all in bed in the Kick’s room. Wil, Ashley, Jenn and Frank are in the kitchen eating candy. Ashley says this is why we should be having sex in the house, so that we don’t eat so much. Frank asks is that an offer? Frank says that he likes to eat after.


7:20pm – 7:30pm Frank comes out of the diary room wearing his spirit tard. He starts prancing around and everyone starts laughing. Frank says that the skirt is a little low, my butt cheeks are hanging out.


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Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

maybe that d-bag allison grodner should auction off a spot on e-bay for someone to get onto the show. The clowns in here are all talking about e-bay like e-bay is a sponser of the show. Sorry but I have no interest in buying anything from this show on e-bay EVER!!!!!! does anyone else??

as always, Allison Grodner is a d-bag


Why do you even watch this show? Every post you have made is just complaining.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

I don’t watch the fixed show, I read Simon’s updates. Anymore questions??




if the show was fixed than boogie would of been playing and won i guarantee production doesnt want a boreing predictable player like danielle winning everything


i dont think frank is as big a threat as everyone seems to think he is numerous times with his butt on the line hes lost and even though danielle has now become a competiter she is still doesnt have the brains god gave a piss ant if she did she would take frank or wil off the block and put up boogie or janelle and this is coming from someone whos favorite player of all time is boogie


children can’t we all just get along. most everyone posts negative comments whether they admit it or not and alot of BB fans love to trade insults (against each other) even simon says we should not get personal with comments just keep to the show
keep to the show big bro


i agree with you 100% why would someone want to buy anything that these people have to sell alison grodner is a cow if she thinks people are that stupid i am not an alison grodner fan either she keeps fucking up the BB show has she always been the producer?

Real Talker

Then stop reading his posts. There are some people who actually enjoy Big Brother and the time they put into trying to entertain the viewers. So go on somewhere else and do something you actually enjoy cause obviously this isn’t it.

Real Talker

Has anyone been wondering besides me…what the hell is Shane and Britney doing? Haven’t seen a post on them in a while. I love this alliance, it seems unbeatable

Shutup I'm Talking

they should sell shane’s pink tank on ebay lol

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Lol yes dan fake alliance with janelle now they can tallk with out danelle thinking aneything going on lawd these people so dumb.


Every alliance made with Janelle is fake. Dan’s playing her, Britney’s playing her, Wil hates her, and Boogie hates her.

I guess that happens when you lie to everyone.


Is this kind of a Dan strategy for Ian? Instead of throwing everything, he takes every punishment possible.

One way to play the social game, I guess.

Dae Yum Yum

Don’t you think production offered Ian money to be the dog? I am certain production set that up ahead of time and most likely offered him some money to take that punishment from whoever was lucky enough to get it! ? All this stuff about what a nice guy he is when really he is profiting from it! I bet he was told if you divulge this to anyone you will not get the money! Now they can run advertisements all week with him in the costume, on a leash, barking like a dog, in hopes of drawing in viewers. Could you imagine having to watch the most boring HG, Jenn playing the dog part? Wasn’t gonna happen folks!


The houseguests would forget she was in the kennel (let alone the house) and nobody would let her out!

Carol & Steve

you are so right on that! too funny!

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Dead lol..

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

I. Want want to wher aneything that came of frank the stank body.


whatever drug you’re on, I want me some of that! LOL


Rob, LOL.


And Beyonce too, you gave me a good laugh.


Can’t wait Janelle be backdoored! She is a biggest floater ever. She needs to go!

Godless Monkey

First off, am I the only one who thinks AG went too far with the dog kennel thing? So demeaning. Jumping that shark with a “woof woof.”

With the DDBSI alliance cementing itself, if I were Dan I’d encourage Danielle to backdoor Janelle, which Danielle absolutely would have no problem with. Janelle, so far this season, is by far the biggest floater, liar and butt sucker and can clearly not be trusted. This would be the optimum time to get her out, then Ashley, Wil and Joe will start scrambling and be more easily manipulated.


Danielle needs to get Frank out and cripple Boogie. Janelle will make others dislike her enough to get her evicted. Frank’s blood on Dani’s hands is plenty for her first week.

Count Boogula

Boogie is already crippled look at him his head is not in the game

Godless Monkey

Perhaps you’re right, but I just don’t see Frank as the giant threat the HGs think he is: he’s only won one comp. Boogie is impotent w/out Dr. Wil making the decisions and has already alienated both Jenn and Ian, and his empty threats of the damage he’s going to do in the house are useless if his only ally is Frank — that is assuming either one doesn’t win next HOH, which based on past performances by both doesn’t seem likely.

Janelle, on the other hand, is for sure on blast with her lying, floating and butt sucking, but she can at least win comps which would give her the power to break up that alliance, and as she really has no true alliance (at this point it seems she feels she’s alligned with DDBS while they’re in power) as HOH she could really do damage to DDBS. We all know what a floater she is. So who really knows what she’d do?

Jim W

Godless Monkey I made that very comment in an earlier section about Dani taking either Frank or Will off of the block then put Janelle on instead. KABOOM!!

Godless Monkey

Great minds think alike ;)

Team Dan

Janelle has to go soon but Dan needs to wait until jury before he gets rid of any of the coaches because he needs their votes come finale night. That’s why he’s not going after Boogie, Brit or Janie yet…

Godless Monkey

Great point! I hadn’t thought of jury.

I hope Dan takes Ian with him to the final two. I would love to see Ian’s reaction at winning 50K! Ah, a girl can dream :)


She says that she will even wake up early to get him out of the kennel.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Frank leveing mean the vets teaming up means shane leveing nex week then danelle dan know what he doing.


You kept hating every houseguest & I will kept hating Janelle until you respect everybody opinion. So, Janelle needs to go! She will always be a floater.

MU Tigers

You two need to get a room.


I really don’t know who to root for now. I think I’m still Team Boogie/Frank. I really liked those two, but it’s going to suck if Frank leaves this week. I don’t understand why I’ve felt so disappointed in the last few seasons of Big Brother….I think I set my expectations too high, and then it just doesn’t live up to them :( Coaches entering this competition really dampened everything for me, I preferred it when they weren’t in the game. That said, if by some incredible feat, Frank and Boogie make it to the final two, I am curious as to whether Boogie would ask the others to give the 500K to Frank.


Interesting strategy. Ian is bringing out the mother in Danielle. They’ll bond over the week as she cares for him, he’ll be grateful and love the attention. Don’t think production plotted it for him, if a duck, then yes.

Dae Yum Yum

Ian is the only one who would be all too glad to embarrass himself in this way! After all, he wanted to wear a cat suit on the last live show but Production stopped it so they could use him for the dog role this week. AG is so transparent!

Carol & Steve

exactly – they knew if that was the prize he’d take it or be given it. no surprise there. At least he doesn’t have to walk on all 4s. I wish they’d made him dress up as a duck & have him sit in a kiddie pool in the have not room & if outside he’d need to be in the pool or jacuzzi. the dog is just so wrong for anyone.

however, i do see that Frank got his clown costume – all that’s missing is the Bozo nose! LOL!!

Shane's pink Tank

It bugs me when people say that Janelle is the biggest floater. Um…Janelle isnt the biggest floater, she was a coach!!!!! She did what she had to do to keep her players safe and succeeded b/c all three are still there. Not only that she won 2 coaches comps! Now that she is competing against everyone she will surely win more competitions which isn’t trait of a floater. floaters don’t win crap…Adam was a floater! Britney is more of a floater than Janelle. Britney will be riding on everyones coat tails instead of going out there and getting her hands dirty!


I think it’s more about her floating from side to side then the floater version of “just sitting back and doing nothing”.

Red Lampshade

Janelle’s playing a pretty good game. She’s just doing it by floating. It’s not a bad thing. But it’s the truth.


I agree with you here, that’s how I define a floater. I feel that if you can’t win shit and you’re hopping from place to place then you’re a floater. This ‘what constitutes a floater’ question really is debatable, everyone has different definitions, but for me Janelle is not a floater she wins comps, what she’s actually doing is going up to the HOH talking strategy in order to keep herself safe.Even when she’s not talking strategy just hanging out it doesn’t hurt to play nice in Big Brother. When she becomes HOH the other players will also go up to her, talk strategy, try to secure themselves just like she did when someone else was HOH.

Shane's pink Tank

I think Janelle is just trying to give herself options. If you put all your eggs in one basket like Britney, when her side doesnt win she is a target!

Red Lampshade

Does this mean that Ashley and Frank are going to have hot kinky sex while eating candy during BBAD? I’d watch that.


Come on Danielle, Backdoor Janelle! She needs to go! She is biggest floater, butt kisser, mean queen! Do it,Here your chance! Your biggest move to take out Janelle Now! She floating around & raft. Go for it Danielle. Take out Janelle!


I am happy for Danielle’s HOH (she needs to stop trusting Dan so much though) but I wish Frank left last week. This weekend would have been much more dramatic.


omg that outfit is hilarious.

Carol & Steve

Umm hate to break it to Ashley, but hemorrhoids isn’t all she’s getting from Joe’s cooking! Ewww!! Wait till they get a look at his lack of hygiene! I’m surprised it hasn’t been noticed yet. Guess not every houseguest has eagle eyes! LOL!

Dae Yum Yum

LOL!! Joe has been caught a few times on the feeds using the BR then coming out without washing his hands and then cooking for all of them!! SO GROSS!!! He is gross to look at and he is an affront to my ears! I wish he and Janelle were on the block!

Dae Yum Yum

No surprise there with Boogie’s comments! He is an ignorant ass! Why is it that the most ugly, hateful people on the inside like he and Janelle become so successful financially in life? I hope this means they won’t be so lucky in the next life! As for Janelle being a floater, absolutely! Did you see how she was hanging on Danielle after she won the HOH? Trying to make an alliance with her? Danielle wasn’t so receptive to her thankfully! Janelle even admitted she is playing the floater card this year! I want Janelle out now! She is just a MEAN GIRL!


Danielle, Ian, Shane, Brittney, and Dan’s alliance should be called THE BREAKFAST CLUB!!!! Each one represents a different stereotype just like the movie. Danielle= the nice girl. Ian=the smart nerd. Shane=the jock. Brittney=the cheerleader. Dan=the old wise one!!!

The Breakfast club alliance!!! What do you all think?

Godless Monkey

Love it! And they’ll already have a theme song … “Hey, hey…hey hey hey hey, don’t you forget about me…”


I’m down with it! Team The breakfast club yo!


dan daniele ian shane brittany is a wicked alliance! stoked on it

hope dan makes it to the end

he’s got a lot of good things going for him right now

he is absolutely schooling boogie right now …

Team Dan

I totally agree. He is one of my all time favorite players and once again he is playing a very good game. I think Boogie’s heart just isn’t in it right now and I don’t know if he knows how to play without Dr. Will.


Danielle won’t put janelle up because Dan needs janelle right now. If janelle went this week then Dan would not be far behind


Does Dan know Shane and Danielle made a final two deal? Based on what I read and watch he does not.


I think the biggest floater is Brittany, she was the season she was in it, never won anything, the same this time, she is so useless. Danelle is gonna get screwed good in this game. Like someone said, they should have got rid of Frank last week, this has been so dam boring this week. Too many suck ups. I hope Ian wins it all, seems like he tries so hard to please everyone.

Shane's pink Tank

Amen. She will not win. She is content on just getting to Jury on Dan, Shane and Danielle’s coat tails

Shutup I'm Talking

you obviously didn’t watch season 12 or else you would know britney won 3 pov’s …. and a hoh and in the last hoh she didn’t need to continue bc she was safe if danielle won so why put blood on her hands

Shane's pink Tank

I did watch, she made NO big moves, she did what the brigade wanted to her. She was used and she will be used again.


If Janelle was backdoored it would benefit both Danielle and Dan’s game. Dan is looking to work with Boogie, this would be the perfect action that boogie is looking for that Dan is serious about working with him. For Danielle she didnt seem to really want to work with Janelle earlier in the week, but on a more serious note as a newbie it would be more credibility for her to take out a coach on her HOH than Frank, and to have backdoored one would be even more BB cred at that!! She would be a serious contendor for the $500k in my opinion.

And go Ian, I think it was horrible of Boogie to have called him names it goes to show how immature he is; and he is a father too. It doesnt make Ian look bad it makes him look bad. It made me feel bad for Ian, if Ian does have Aspergers it just goes to show the ignorance most people have towards those with this type of affliction. My son has Aspergers and has a few “quirks” and has had others treat him poorly. He has had people throw gum in his hair, giggle behind his back, roll their eyes at him when he is speaking with them at his job. People think because they have Aspergers they must not have feelings.

So back on track Ian has feelings too and I think Boogie owes him an apology for acting to horribly. Anybody else think so?

Janey Doll

I think Janelle staying benefits both of them way more, especially Dan. Janelle may have been floating around to power while she was coaching, but that’s because keeping three people who don’t win shit safe is pretty hard to do successfully without kissing some HOH ass. But now that she’s in individually, Janelle is available to roll with one group of people like she usually does. Having Janelle on your side is beneficial for two reasons A) She’s bound to win something and use that power in your favor and B) She’s currently (and typically) so detested and/or feared by the other side that she will always be one of the biggest targets over you, thus giving you cover while people try to get her out.

Godless Monkey

I so agree. Boogie’s comments to Ian were just cruel, mean and spiteful. He owes Ian an apology.

I am sorry that your son has had to endure the ignorance and cruelty of others. Hopefully with more education (as we’ve seen lately with bullying) this will stop. Yes, the bully, in this case Boogie, always looks, and is, of far less character than person that is bullied, IMHO.


I agree, the first time CBS showed the oddities of Ian and pointed out how he walks on his tiptoes I thought he had aspergers. My nephew who is 8 is so much like Ian-they are the most loving children..


Hey Simon and Dawg, just letting you letting you know in case you don’t already , Big Brother Canada has an official Twitter Page and it is @BigBrotherCA


I hate wil with a passion. He is so damn annoying. Get him out asap