Big Brother Spoilers – Dan: “Boogie and truth do not belong in the same sentence”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

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Boogie just pitched his plan for them to put up Janelle and roll with him. Danielle tells them that she trusts Boogie ore then Janelle. She knows how 2 face Janelle is. Britney wants Dan’s take on the Boogie offer because she’s thinking it sounds pretty solid. Danille and Shane are very much liking it also. Danielle: “I don’t trust Janelle at all.. she keeps telling me she’s going after different targets.. Last night she said she’s going after Joe, Wil and Ian now they are not after Joe and Wil.. Wil told me to my face they are working together ”

Britney: “100% chance if Janelle or Wil win HOH they are putting up 2 of our people”
Danielle and Shane are pretty sure they will go up if she wins HOH. Britney tells them Janelle has said a hundred times she wants coaches to make it to Jury so they can vote for each other.

Dan is just worried that if they keep Frank they are keeping Boogie and Boogie is dangerous.
Shane: “I know the rest of the houseguests want the coaches out.. he thinks that Danielle, Frank and him can keep them safe” (Shane and Danielle are really thinking they are competition Beast.. it’s true)

Britney says the scary thing is if Ian wins HOH and Dan is up on the block Boogie can do the same thing he just did to them. Walk into the HOH throw a name out and get the power to flip. Britney: “he could just as easily throw one of our names out there” Danielle believes that Boogie tells the truth about the deal.
Dan: “Boogie and truth do not belong in the same sentence”
Dan reiterates how dangerous to Keep Boogie and Frank in the house.. if it was Ian and Boogie he would on board. Dan explains to them that 2 hours ago they were dead set on taking Frank out now they are talking about Sending Janelle out the door. Danielle says she’s always disliked Janelle. Britney says that Boogie and Frank will not put them up she can’t say the same about Janelle.

Shane wonders if they can still get Boogie and ian onboard even if Frank is gone. Dan doesn’t know for sure he never had the chance to talk to Boogie about it.

They start counting the Numbers on Janelle’s side. She has Wil, Jenn, Joe and Ashley.
Dan tells them that Boogie made his living in Season 7 flipping votes on people.. that is why he thinks they can only trust the 4 in the room right now

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11:26pm Danielle proposes they do the deal with Frank and Boogie send Janelle out and deal with Ian on the side. She knows that the pitfall of this is that Ian and Boogie might start talking game and find out.

Dan says that Ian will find out very quickly, they need to tell Ian he’ll trust them more. Dan thinks that getting a couple weeks out of Boogie is the Max they should go for.

They run threw the numbers.. If they can get Ian in with them they will have 5 votes and can take out Boogie/Frank at any time. With Janelle gone ian has said he’ll target Jenn.

Janelle told him that if Frank leaves this game Boogie is going to work with Wil. Dan: “Wil told Janelle that” Shane and Britney both think that is a smart move for Boogie. Britney : “You have Janelle Boogie and Wil together”

Dan: “As soon as Janelle goes up everyone in the house will know what is up”
Danielle: “that is why we need to tell Ian before the ceremony”
Dan warns them again that they are counting on Boogie’s Numbers but he’s a guy that has stabbed a lot of people in the back.

Danielle: “We only need Boogie and Frank for 1 week”
Dan asks what if Janelle leaves and Shane wins the HOH who do they put up. Shane says Joe and Wil.

11:49pm Cam 3-4 HOH Ian, Dan, Shane, Britney

Britney mentions how they’ve been talking it and they are good to go with what they have planned. Shane chimes in 100”
They talk about Boogie being Rude to Ian during the Power of Veto competition. Ian took the Dog costume and Boogie made some snide remarks about it.
They want people to not know about their alliance and britney has noticed that Ian has kept quiet about it. Ian totally agrees with them secret.
Ian warns them that Jenn may vote out Frank. Ian: “She was saying Sweet sweet Karma today.. frank and boogie we’re going to sell me down the river and now frank was going home”
Shane asks him where his head is at with Boogie and Drank
Ian tells them that he likes Frank but Boogie’s comments are getting a bit much.

12:01am Cam 1-2 Boogie and Danielle

Boogie tells her he understands that Dan is worried about being a target but he’s a target either way. Boogie: “So am I we’re all targets” Danielle agrees points out that she’ll be a massive target if she goes thru with it because that entire side of the house will come after her. Boogie: “They are not going to nominate you over one of Us… One of us Dies.”

12:40Am Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane

Danielle is saying that Dan is furious with her right now. Shane wants her to play her own game not dan’s. Shane cannot stand Janelle. Danielle points out that she went into the HOH wanting to get Janelle out. She’s wanted to get Janelle out the entire time but she’s listened to Dan. Danielle says that Dan keeps telling her she’s playing personal but she thinks that getting Janelle out is strategic. (Dan wants to keep Janelle because Janelle is working with him a bit on the side) Dan joins and they start talking about the batteries in the remote.

1:28am Cam 1-2 Storage Room Ian and Brintey

britney tells him she has no clue what is best for them to do. Britney doesn’t think Janelle will put her up but she think Ian, Danielle and Shane are potential candidates. Ian doesn’t understand why she would put him up. britney explains that he’ll be used as a scapegoat because he’s a person that can go up and won’t likely go after her the next week. Ian: “Soo not as a target”

Britney points out to Ian that Janelle is saying to everyone she wants to get Joe out but she’s with Joe all the time and they’ve really been together since the very beginning. Ian thinks that perhaps its from Joe saying he wants to get the coaches out.

Britney is positive that Janelle will not put Joe up. ian agrees says he feels pretty confident that Frank will not put him up because Frank still thinks they are kind of together.

Britney asks him if he’s never heard Frank say he’s coming after Britney. Ian says she doesn’t have to worry never once has Frank said he’s targeting britney. Britney: “How about Boogie”. Ian: “ummm pre reset …” Feeds cut to fish WTF . Ian tells her Boogie wanted to get Shane out at one point and because of the coaches part of the game Britney would go home.

Britney tells him if they cut Frank out Dan and Janelle are going to be working together. Ian completely agrees, he cannot understand why Dan is wanting to keep Janelle safe and take out Frank. Britney tells him everyone has ulterior motives Dan doesn’t want to get rid of Janelle because she’s not going after Dan.

ian says if Frank or Boogie win the HOH they could put Danielle and Dan up. Britney knows that she knows Dan is worried about himself but she’s not going to blame anyone for it.

Britney tells him that her and him are an unlikely pair and they can get long in this game together. Ian agrees.

Ian: “in the long run we’re pretty good to be paired up with.. We’re stealth as Hell .. and Final 6 onwards the majority of the games will be.. ON Day 22 Who said.. . I know everything that has happened in this game”

They both agree that the HOH is a knock out.

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What a great turn of events! If Danielle does this against Dan’s advice, I will take back calling her an airhead. Janelle needs to go. Team Janelle is responsible for almost all of the lies and drama up until now, and they will stab anyone in the back. And we all know that anything Janelle promises today means nothing tomorrow. Once she is gone, Ashley is a sitting duck, Wil might actually show us some game of his own, and Joe …. well he will continue being the lying shit disturber we know him to be, and his mouth will be his downfall. Not a real threat. As for Boogie, I don’t think it will be that hard to get him out once Janelle is gone. As long as Boogie doesn’t win HOH next week, I don’t think there are many people that wouldn’t put him up, just Frank, Dan and Jenn. I also agree that Frank is not as dangerous as Janelle says he is. He has won just one competition, and pretty much sucked at most of the ones he lost. He may have been a popular guy in the first week or two, but I don’t see it anymore. Keeping Frank for a few more weeks is good for Danielle, Shane and most of the newbs. It is also good for Brit. Getting rid of Frank would only benefit Dan and Janelle, and by extension Ashley. Please Danielle, do it! Backdoor Janelle and end her BB career for good. She was fun the first time, disappointing the second (letting herself get played by Dr Will) and this time, she is just obnoxious and mean.


You want a show with out drama what’s wrong with you.


Dan doesn’t want Janelle to go, and he will do everything to convince the others not to get her out, because he has a final 2 deal with her. He thinks if it’s him and her at the end, no one likes her, he wins the money. I hope Danielle doesn’t listen to him.


I agree this is a smart move on dani’s part i had said it before on a post that the move should have been to get janelle out. Because getting boogie and frank out after was going to be easy since they are huge targest. I don’t as a fan to some one like janelle to end up in the finals I am tired of seeing floaters end up at a final. Also with wil and joe in the house and having boogie and frank up at some point all hell is going to break lose. so janelle can leave and there will still be drama.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

Chloe, as I found out last night you can not post anything negative. Eveything has to be positive or some people on here will question why you tune into the show. My comments have been directed at d-bag AG lately, because I want her trolls that view the forms to take attention and inform her that there are people out there that see right through her and her fixing of the game and making it easier for some people to advance. Just a heads up about your “airhead” comment about Danielle, people my take offense to it, I’ll have you back if and when this starts happening to you. I always thought we were allowed to express our own opinions and thoughts about the show in a civil manner and not attacking posters about their comments, but that’s just my opinion.

Chloe your post are always well thought out…….

as always, AG is a d-bag


Danielle is SO not an airhead. She is very intelligent. She and Dan make a good pair. I love the ide that Boogie came up with. Janelle needs to go. It’s and excellent plan. Danielle went even further. She’s smart. Having Ian on the side, making sure he is kept in the loop about everything. That way he won’t suspect that they are ot trusting him. The pack of four can stay intact, temporarily making it a pack of 6, and there are four people to keep Ian protected. I did not see the veto comp, but I think that Boogie is way off thinkg there’s something wrog with Ian giving away the Maui trip. That was a smart move. How likely is Jenn to vote him out? And, if he should somehow end up in the finals, it could get him votes. He was being nice to Jenn, but he also made a good tactical move. It’s weird that Boogie doesn’t see that. I think that Boogie is annoyd that she can’t figure out his game. I certainly hope that they go through with this plan and send Janelle home. It’s in everyone’s best interest.


Dan knows what’s up britney, Danielle and shane are Dumbasses, Boogie is obviously playing them. Get Janelle out and she’ll come back like brendon di d last year they arnt thinking.


No, Dan’s the player, he has a final 2 deal with Janelle, he doesn’t want her gone. He’s the traitor.

MU Tigers

Dan said it himself, you have to be a cutthroat assassin in this game. I can’t wait to see the waterworks flowing when he cuts Danielle and leaves her to jury house.


This all makes my head hurt!

OK I do not have the feeds so Simon or Dawg, what is Boogie and Frank saying about this “Avengers” when it’s just the two of them? How loyal are they to this alliance? Are they planning to stick for 1 or 2 weeks? Is it just until they get power again?

I didn’t watch Boogie or Janelle’s seasons (didn’t start watching until later) but it seems to me neither of them are trustworthy. I’m just wondering how many more opportunities will the house have to split up Frank and Boogie? Janelle doesn’t have anyone 100% loyal to her with the exception of maybe Ashley. Frank and Boogie are 100% together and that is dangerous. The same goes for Shane and Danielle. I think they are 100% together (Danielle out of “love” and Shane out of loyalty and the fact Danielle has proven she is capable of winning). Boogie and Frank would be crazy not to get rid of one of them.

To me, you get rid of Boogie. Frank is lost without him because Boogie has been pulling his strings all along. Once Boogie is gone, bring Frank in because his other options are Jenn, Wil and Joe and those aren’t really options. Then, you go after Janelle. You would have Frank, Shane, Danielle, Dan and Britney and Ian up against janelle and who ever she could bring with her. If she wins the POV, put up Wil or Joe or both.

I see NOTHING good about keeping Boogie and Frank together. This is chance #3 to separate those two and it’s time they do it. JMO


does jenn even live in that house?? she seems to talk ZERO game, and be included in no one’s alliances?


Jenn might be the smartest player of them all actually. No one talks about getting her out. The only time her name is mentioned is as a possible pawn and even then that is rare and hasn’t happened. She will slide to the end just like Jordan. Say what you want about Jordan’s game,but she is $500,000 richer so obviously it worked.


I think that they will do her just like they did Kathy (BB12). Use her for a vote until almost the end and then get rid of her. Kathy did nothing in the house. She even admitted she couldn’t win comps


Dan needs to go tell janelle that Boogie plans on getting her backdoored. Janelles a very persuasive person.


Why listen to someone who has won the game off of playing people and lying? If Danielle backdoors Janelle then she’s making a HUGE mistake. Boogie and Frank will use them and lose them and Dan seems to be the only one to understand that. If Danielle only knew what Boogie’s said about her. Danielle please don’t be a damn idiot. Send Frank home


@Erin.I completely agree with you.I can’t believe this crap.Danielle,Shane&Britney might want to listen to the guy that has won his season,with all 7 of the jury members voting for him.The guy that the majority of the Big Brother viewers consider one of the best players that ever played the game.Boogie&Frank in the game is dangerous.Frank has to go.Dan needs to go tell Janelle what these fools are thinking of doing ASAP.Hopefully,Janelle with Dan’s help can convince them to get back on track.Dan is Boogie’s only competition.Look how easy it was for Boogie to sell these idiots this load of crap and they’re eating it up like it’s candy.The only person who can see through this mess is ofcourse Dan.I’m not even playing the game and I’m a little mad.So, I know Dan has to be boiling inside.He probably can’t believe that his alliance can’t even stick to a simple plan that they all agreed on.Which was to make sure Frank walks out the Big Brother doors for good on Thursday.


If Danielle goes through with backdooring Janelle I pray Frank or Boogie win HOH not because I like them, but just because I’d want to see them squirm and realize how stupid they were.


@Erin. You sound like me.Which means I agree with you.Last season I was rooting for Danielle Donato.I really wanted her to win the game.But as soon as she made it clear that she will trust Jeff’s(aka the grudge holder)word over Brendon&Rachel.I said mark my words,when Jeff or Jordan win HOH,they will nominate Danielle and evict her.I was obviously right(I didn’t want to be right,because I wanted her to win the game.)Danielle even admitted that Jeff&Jordan hardly spoke to her the entire time they’ve been in the house.Earlier in the game she tried to get Jeff evicted.He found out about it,and from that day on, he never had any intentions on working with her.Even when they got to the jury house he was still mad at her.But guess who wasn’t?Brendon wasn’t mad at Danielle.He understood it was a strategic move that she felt she needed to make.Some people in the game can get pass another player making a strategic move,but Boogie&Frank aren’t those kind of players.Dan is trying to win the money just like everyone else is,but their is no way that Dan would turn on Danielle&Shane before Boogie&Frank turn on them.Since Janelle is working with Dan,she won’t do it either.Danielle is trusting Boogie&Frank(two people that she was apart of the plan to screw them over).Boogie told them that he can’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.But these fools(Danielle,Britney&Shane)didn’t think if he can’t work with Janelle because she’s a liar.What makes them think he will work with them?All of them(Britney,Danielle&Shane,Dan also lied to him.But Dan is smart enough to know he can’t trust Boogie with Frank still in the game)lied to Boogie&Frank.Boogie’s basically giving it away that he doesn’t work with people who lie to him.But these idiots don’t understand that includes them(Britney,Danielle&Shane).These three also haven’t taken into account,that the only reason Boogie&Frank are acting like they don’t care that they lied to them,is because Danielle holds all the power this week(she’s HOH&she has the veto).But,what are you going to do.It is what it is.


Do the majority of BB fans believe that Boogie is one of the best players to ever play this game? As someone who has watched since Season 1, I personally do not believe that. I believe Dr. Will was but Boogie slid in on his coattails.

Simon, perhaps we could have a poll on whether the majority believe Boogie was one of the best. I just don’t think that is true based on the comments I’m reading and my own personal belief.


I agree Dr. will yes, boogie trys but no such luck hes just trying ever body’s last nerve especially mine !


I think of Boogie as a sidekick more than a great BB player. He was a joke in Season 2. He did what he needed to do in All-Stars though (of course with the help of THE greatest, Dr. Will.

He’s very persuasive and very dangerous nonetheless because most of the house will seem to buy anything he sells…


Name a winner of the game who hasn’t lied or played anyone else. Boogie may not be popular but Dan isn’t exactly Honest Abe either.


Frank needs to go… really!
Trust of Mike Boogie has past proven to be a mistake, do not be fool they are best if they (Frank & Mike) go sooner.
This game Frank is best out of the game, if HOH and POV holder wants the best chance at winning.
Girls are easier to get out then guys that just reality.
Frank must go or if not back door Mike Boogie.
Be smart please and lose Frank now.


Danielle, Here’s your chance of get rid of Janelle. Make a smart and biggest move & backdoor Janelle right now. She is nothing but trouble & you have to trimmed the fat and cut the head of the monster.


SIMON, I meant to leave my comment for this page. Big Brother Canada has an official Twitter page and it is @BigBrotherCA


Keeping frankand boogie is so dumb if janelle is gone thy will go after Shane but I’m not to worried about danielle backsliding janelle because like she proved by nominating wil and frank she will do whatever Dan thinks is beat and he’s to smart to agree to this idiotic plan


@Danstheman.Well,your right she took Dan’s advice about putting up Frank&Wil.But I think that’s because Shane was on board with that plan too.I think Danielle will do what Shane tells her over Dan.Shane is good at winning competitions.He isn’t a good strategic player.Dan&Danielle wanted Shane to back door Frank.But Dan did it in a subtle way.Then Britney got scared because of what Ian said and then Frank eventually was put on the block.The point is when it comes to playing this game like a master mind Shane is on the same level as Britney(which is extremely low.Basically non existent).All Shane is good for is winning competitions(when your playing a game with someone like Boogie,you will need to be a master mind to have a chance to get to the end.You can win a lot of competitions,but that means nothing if you aren’t a great strategic player.Janelle on All-Stars is a perfect example).None of these people in the game are on the same level as Boogie is, when it comes to strategic game play.Which is why all of them are buying what Boogie is selling.Dan isn’t on the same level as Boogie either,because Dan is better at this game than Boogie is.Dan is in a league of his own.Last week Boogie believed every word that Dan told him.Which means that Dan was able to out smart him.Boogie bought the crap that Dan was selling to him.Notice how only idiots will buy what Boogie is selling.And that’s why Dan isn’t falling for it,because Boogie can’t fool Dan, how Dan fooled Boogie.(which proved Dan is a better player than Boogie)Dan can see through Boogie,but last week proved Boogie can’t see through Dan.I really hope that Dan&Janelle can get they’re so call alliance back on track to get Frank out this Thursday.If Dan&Janelle can get through this week,by getting their alliance back on board with the plan that they all agreed on(which is to get rid of Frank on Thursday)than Dan&Janelle might need to hold off on getting Wil out next and target Boogie.It’s clear that these newbies(Britney isn’t a newbie but she acts like one.Therefore until she stops acting like a newbie, I’m going to have to put her in the same category as them)easily buy the crap that Boogie sells them.If Frank gets evicted on Thursday.Then their next target needs to be Boogie.


very well thought out….maybe it’s time for you to apply to the show!


wrong. last week proved boogie couldnt see through dan

but now? this is why dan is so afraid of him, boogie wont REALLY trust a single word dan says

MU Tigers

So the hayseed wins a couple of comps and she’s in full on Beast mode now. Still can’t get over the IBS. That’s not hot!!! Explosive balve movements is not a pretty thing. Couple that with the insecurities and how needy she is, umm no thanks.

Dan would do better teaming with Boogie and Frank or Shane than Danielle and Britney. Him and Shane would make a great alliance. Dan’s strategies and Shane’s comps. The New Age Renegades. Dan’s strategies are wasted on the flighty bird brained bimbos, Britney and Danielle.


i hope danielle listens to shane and realizes that dan has ulterior motives, im glad britney is hip to dan’s scheme…i wanted dan to win this before last nights live feeds, in an awkward change of events, i now am rooting for danielle and shane lol….i find dan to be a liar, nothing wrong with that in big brother but as soon as he realized his pet danielle might go against him he start getting just like janelle and getting desperate to try to bring up scenarios…DANIELLE PUT JANELLE ON THE BLOCK…its the best for your game


Love this site dawg!


JW…..DAN is a great player, but he is not looking out for danielle and shane best interest, it would benefit dan if janelle stays…janelle would out shane and danielle up on the block….she would never go after dan….frank and boogie would stay loyal to them for atleast two weeks….


Dan and Janelle all the way. Can’t stand Boogie and Danielle’s wining about Janelle all time time, talk about beating a dead dog!


I really wish Danielle would trust herself and her instincts more and play her own game. She needs to do what’s best for her, not what Dan wants her to do.If she isn’t careful, she would become the new Kesha(BB10) and Shane would be Memphis. And, we all know how Dan did Kesha


As much as I like Dan, I wish all the newbies would get rid of the coaches. I know if the show starts going in this direction, AG would throw a hissy fit and put some kind of twist that would possibly bring them back. But, it’s worth the try. This season in the end is going to look like last season if the newbies don’t smarten up


Dude it’s time to cut ties with frank Danielle. Cut the head off the dragon and boogie has no where else to run to but DDSB. Dan is the only smart one knowing that this is all in boogies plan. I don’t know why Dan is worried because he has 4 to 2 against them and power could easily stay with DDSB. Cut ties with Janelle this week and then next HOH go hard and win. Dan has the votes to keep himself safe even if he were to get put up by boogie or frank. He has 3 different plans set in place now but is loyal to DDSB. He is being played by Janelle and I think he’d be better off letting Danielle put janelle up because it puts a bigger target on her if she back doors Wil’s best companion. You know Wil would put up Danielle and Shane and Dan still stays untouched.


We are all talking about the power players and watch Ian, Brit, or Jenn win this game. I really think Brit is playing smarter than i ever gave her credit for. I have been a loyal Dan fan since season 10, but he is showing his cards too early n making the target on his back just that much bigger. I know alot of people hate Brit because she doesnt hold back when she doesnt trust you but she is playing a great game, Ian is a good player to align with because one of the next 3 comps he will win, he is more of a pawn than a target, except for Wil, no one really see’s him as a threat. Not to mention Wil wants the coaches out so thats another string to tug at if ur Brit n Americas favorite player, guaranteed to be Ian. Brit also has the two strongest players in her alliance, and trust me Shanielle trust Brit more than any other ex coach in the game. Would love to see Dan win but Brit is in a much better position to get to final 4.


Danielle, listen to Mike Boogie says. Get rid of the head of the monster Janelle. She nothing but trouble. Janelle needs to go now! Make smart moves & Backdoor Janelle right now! Janelle been floating around and doing nothing. Please make your biggest move and backdoor Janelle right now. She is a floater & useless.


I got the impression that Janelle was thinking she was actually on their ‘side’ so why do they feel threatened by her? I think she is more trustworthy that Boogie, they are idiots for thinking Boodgie and Frank won’t put Shane and her right up after everything that has gone down this week. They are almost a for sure threat, ‘deal’ or no deal, but Janelle’s targets are a lot more debatable. I don’t get Danielle’s hatred for her, what did I miss?


I agree with you….people always talk about comps and strategic but one of the most important things is the ability to see through people in this game.


See if you would have but Boogie and Janelle up then you would have gotten too very nervous people out you need to get rid of janelle and boogie the there would be a game. I am pro shane and if you got rid of boogie and janelle there would be peace


It doesn’t benefit Danielle, Shane, or Britney if Janelle stays. Only Dan (not really because I remember Janelle telling Wil she’s coming after Dan soon).
It’s not a bad deal they just can’t take them to the final 6 maybe final 8 or 9.


@Ana.Your right.When Wil asked her if she will take out Dan?She said yes.But Janelle wasn’t telling him the truth.She wants to keep the coachs in the game,that’s also what Dan wants and Britney was acting like that’s what she wanted too.Janelle knows that Frank&Wil are the two people out of the newbies that want to get rid of the coachs(that includes Janelle).She knows that Wil is going to target her.She tried to throw Wil off by letting him think she will get rid of Dan.Since Janelle is working with Dan,she isn’t going to target Danielle&Shane,because Dan is still working with them.


I get REALLY tired of the “boogie lies” argument.

RIGHT AFTER talking this deal, dan says hey we can just put him up next week

REALLY? so boogie is the only liar in the freaking house?

this is the dumbest move ever if they dont take out janelle

and all you people saying otherwise are obvious janelle fans, because NOW all of a sudden, boogie is getting CREDIT? I thought it was ALL dr will, so why even fear boogie, when he lacks numbers and isnt the threat janelle is

dan is weak, he just doesnt want to be taken out by boogie, its the only person he thinks he cant control. pathetic dan, but moreso pathetic on shane and danielle’s part to NOT SEE IT


I agree that Dan doesn’t want to be taken out by Boogie (I think Dan is overatted honestly)… I just laugh how people r calling boogie this big liar yet Janelle and Dan are bigger liars themselves! They are just as bad as Boogie with lying but at least Boogie owns up to it, Dan and Janelle just try to Deny Deny. I also agree with everything else you said too. Why not take Janelle out now! Boogie said it best, if you don’t take her out now she will prob be in the final two and people in the jury will be like “we should’ve backdoored Janelle that week Danielle was HOH”


here is why its a bad move

they take out frank, a newbie, over an 11 time hoh/veto winner or whatever

then, you have the most OBVIOUS power alliance in the universe

you have the useless on their own will, jenn, ian, joe. BUT, all it takes is this to happen “janelle we have to work together to get them out of the house, round up the newbies not in their alliance. Janelle “ok boogie, I hate you, but OK”

there is no other option, they WILL team up, and its a huge mistake to let them do so.

dan says you know were janelle stands but not boogie. really? did he miss what janelle did to HER own INITIAL alliance in all stars?

I think dan is playing 100 percent for himself, and no one sees it but boogie

if they believe taking out frank will = boogie joining them, they are WRONG, they expected boogie to dump frank by now. they were WRONG.

it wouldnt shock me, if say they lie to boogie about this deal, that he walks out the door, or if he stays, does the complete opposite of what they want. why would he accept 7th in that alliance?


Are they all stupid boogie is playing them. Boogie is using them
get smart people take frank off put boogie on. can’t they see that boogie
is mad because he was kept out of the plan. get rid of boogie frank has no one to
turn to. Cut off the head of the snake and the body (frank ) will die. Boogie controls
frank. Frank can’t think on his own.


Are they all stupid boogie is playing them. Boogie is using them it’s call pay back.
get smart people take frank off put boogie on. can’t they see that boogie
is mad because he was kept out of the plan. get rid of boogie frank has no one to
turn to. Cut off the head of the snake and the body (frank ) will die. Boogie controls
frank. Frank can’t think on his own.