Ian says if we are going to keep the Quack Pack a secret, I would need to vote how Boogie and Frank want me to vote.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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11:15am When the live feeds come back on, Ian and Dan are in the pool talking. Ian is telling Dan that as far as he knows Wil is the target. He says that he was talking to Shane and he was nervous he might be the target. Ian tells Dan that if they are going to keep the quack pack a secret, he would need to vote how Boogie and Frank want him to vote. Ian says that it is probably better to get rid of Joe because Boogie and Frank seem to have made a deal with Joe. Dan asks what kind of deal? Ian says that he thinks it’s a one week deal to not go after Frank and Boogie. Ian says that if Wil if he stays is more likely to go after Frank and Boogie. They talk about how getting Wil out is better also because joe has a lower chance of winning HoH. Ian tells Dan they Boogie and Frank don’t want Shane to get near the end of the game because it’s possible to win a number of challenges in a row and win because there is no one would not vote for him to win. Boogie comes out into the backyard and sits on the couch. Boogie tells Ian that he got in the pool fast. Ian says that he and Dan had planned it last night that as soon as the music went off this morning they would run to the pool and do cannon balls into it.
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11:25am – 11:40am Dan is in the kitchen with Frank and Jenn. Dan is telling Frank about a dream he had were his wife Chelsea was with Shane and he was getting really mad. He says that it woke him up and he had to really think about it because it was so real. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Shane, Joe and Ian are sun tanning by the pool. Jenn and Boogie are talking on the backyard couch talking about her music career. Jenn says that Big Brother must have did a big segment on her and her music career. Boogie says oh yeah I can’t wait to see the show. Jenn comments on how Ian didn’t want Shane to be a have-not. Boogie explains that its better for all of us if we weaken Shane a bit. Jenn says that she wants to have the kids back but when he says stuff like that .. Boogie says he knows and that what scares the sh*t out of me is if Ian wins the HOH during a fast forward and starts thinking he should nominate people who haven’t been nominated. He says that Ian wont think through things quick enough and might make a hasty decision. Boogie says if that happens I would just step up to the mic in front of everyone. Boogie starts talking about the Zing-Bot saying that he comes in here and insults us, Ian is standing there in his glasses hosting and the Zing-Bot fell over… Big Brother cuts the feeds.


11:45am – 12pm Danielle, Ashley and Britney are in the bathroom talking. Britney tells Ashley that no one was going to fill up her bucket in the have-not competition. She says that everyone agreed not to make you a have-not. The conversation turns to talking about wedding dresses. Danielle starts talking about the type of wedding dress she wants. Ashley wonders what type of dress she would Britney tells her that she doesn’t see her as a conformist. Ashley asks what is a conformist? Britney explains what it means.


11:50am Joe and Ian are out in the backyard. Joe is in the pool and Ian is on the hammock. Joe tells Ian that he needs his vote this week. Ian says yeah, you never know, I will need to wait to see what happens with the veto. Joe tells Ian that he is going to start doing a little campaigning today. Ian asks you don’t think he would use it on you. Joe says no. Ian says yeah he probably won’t change his own nominations. Ian tells Joe that he has a pretty good chance against who he is up against. Ian starts talking about how he is only told information from Frank and Boogie on a need to know basis. They are tight lipped.


12:15pm – 12:30pm Dan and Frank make a bet on how many songs are on Franks new cd. Dan tells Frank that there are only 7 tracks on it. He says I will even throw this out there, it is 37 minutes long. Dan says that the bet is a full service dinner tonight for the winner. Frank takes the bet and goes upstairs to check. He and Shane check and find out there are 11 tracks on it. Frank wins the bet, so tonight Dan has to cook and server Frank dinner. Dan, Danielle, Britney and Jenn eat breakfast in the living room. Shane is in the backyard water the grass to make it cooler on their feet.


12:30pm – 1pm Frank, Dan, Boogie and Danielle are out on the backyard couch. They start talking about the party after the finale. Shane joins them. Boogie says that it is held in the basement of this studio. He talks about how they party used to be really crazy and recently they scaled it way back and that it’s not that great anymore. They continue to talk about random things, past house guests and Boogie’s house in Vegas. They talk about when the live feeds, Dan asks Ian if they had the Live Feeds live feeds back on Season 1. Ian says yeah and they were free. The conversation turns to talking about Mac’s versus PC computers.


1:10pm – 1:25pm Joe tells Ian that a good attitude will help you on the block, a lot better than a bad one. Ian says the best good attitude he saw was Frank last week, he was on the block and in the leotard and I didn’t even see him had a bad attitude. Ian tells Joe if he wants to stay here just keep a good attitude, I don’t think Wil realizes this is a social game. Joe says that he didn’t expect Wil to be like that, he wasn’t like that last week. Ian says that is because he was up against Frank and he thought he was going. Joe gets out of the pool and lays out to sun tan. Ian continues to play in the pool. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jenn, Frank, Wil and Ashley are talking about how you can get a DUI while riding your bike.

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i think frank and boogie should kill this silent six alliance if they can get the votes maybe get shane outa there if they dont strike first this week im almost positive they will be the ones to get double crossed next week


Not really rooting for anyone in particular, but I think it’d be far better viewing to see either Frank or Boogie taken out by one of the remaining four from the ‘Silent Six’. I don’t think Dan’s out of love with Boogie enough to do that, though.


its not about love

why do people fail to see this.

boogie wont win in the finals. dan’s best shot is against a vet, boogie=dan’s golden ticket to the money. he must keep him in this game.


Yeah so many people here don’t understand “strategy”. They think Dan wants Boogie to stay because of love? What idiots….
Dan would destroy Boogs in F2 because Dan is ljked by everyone.


Idiot? Keep it classy, Harris;)


A big segment on Jenn and her music career? Sighhhhhhhh. And for the record, I’m beyond happy to see a new update here… the Joe’s semen jokes from the last update’s comments were somewhat funny at first, but Holy Shit, did they get tired fast .


Jenn isnt even with Kittie anymore, according to wiki. She wad only in the band 2-3 Yeats anyway (not an original band member).


*was *years…damn phone touchscreen


I saw Jenn play with Kittie a few times when they came through Seattle. She is awesome and I would really like to see her become more of a player in this house. Most times I forget she is even there.

I would also really like to see someone shave that shit off of Joes chin while he’s sleeping.


I very rarely laugh out loud reading these comments, but your last sentence got me!! :) Maybe it was because I feel the same way …. or maybe it was the alliteration. Either way – thank you so much.


Frank & Mike Boogie better not double crossed silent 6 alliance. We need shane till the end.


Shane this is your outside team ! it’s ok to trust them this time. But you better win the hoh and then get Frank/jenn on nominations because There coming for you. You have Britney, Danielle, Dan , Jenn, Ian, Wil and Ashley on your side. Then but up Boogie backdoor him then one of them goes home GO SHANE !


@MEXFRENCH, it will never happen! Silent 6 will stick together. There’s no way Shane will nominate Frank on the block. Also, they will never backdoor Mike Boogie either. He is too smart & he use his Chilltown strategy book. Beside, Wil is going home next week. PERIOD! Slient 6 Alliance shhhhhhhhh!


Frank always says Apreesh like it’s his tag line but correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t Jeff say that all the time?


hmm i think he did too….. that king douche bag had a few of catch phrases


YES, I’ve been thinking the same thing! The first time I ever heard “apresh” was from Jeff. Since Frank is a huge BB fan, I’m sure he heard Jeff say it, too.


It WAS indeed my man Jeff who started “apreesh”. Thank you for giving the credit where it was due. :)


If Ian is voting with Frank and Boogie, wouldn’t it actually be smarter for DDBS to vote to evict Joe and keep Wil so he can go after Frank and Boogie for them? Ashley will definitely vote for Wil to stay so her vote plus DDBS would be the needed five votes to to keep Wil and boot Joe’s ass out. I think that would be a good play for them. It’s better that Ian won’t be voting with them, that way he can still maintain some trust with Boogie and Frank and get information from them and also keep the Quack Pack a secret.


I read a comment that Dan’s DR session could be heard in the house this morning at 10:08 am BBT CAM 3. Does anyone have more info on this and how it is effecting the house.


@CBfan. Are you serious?Just last week they leaked Dan’s DR session and now they did it again.It’s official,production doesn’t want Dan to win this game again.They will do anything that they can to screw him over.Does Dan not know about production leaking his DR session twice?


I have being scouring the flashbacks and at 10:08, they are all still sleeping. I let it run for an hour and then checked 11:08, 12:08 and 1:08 in case it was a time zone misunderstanding. Either none of it happened OR they looped the sleeping over what really happened to cover up their errors. Did anyone else find the flashback? I don’t rule out that I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t know what else to try.


I found it. It was last Thursday, Aug 9th


Can you hear what was leaked? Seems like if “Silent 6” had been mentioned or any other alliance, we’d be hearing about it ALOT from the other hgs.


What I don’t get is why Chilltown 3.0 are not getting Shane out. I Just Don’t get it.


they don’t have the votes to do it, if they went against them right now, its just not there. shane is well liked by the newbies


its so funny to me all the boogie and frank hate about them backstabbing the silent 6. give me a break, the silent 6 isnt even the main alliance, thats the “quack pack”. BB WANTS dan to win, their best shot if they leaked this if they wanted dan out would be to reveal a 5 person quack pack, not the s6 boogie knows about

frank and boogie will get screwed first by the s6, because they have nothing to work with. ian sucks, and is a freaking moron to believe hes in a good spot within that 5 person alliance. at this point, hes as useless as boogie has been in comps.


the lack of being able to take a jenn, joe and ian and make an alliance to fight brit/dan/shane/danielle just isnt making this fun. they are too weak, so boogie won’t waste his game on that bad setup, and they all lie so much to the point where it hurts all their games.

sadly chilltown is out the door within the next 2 weeks. there is just no way around not being gone in a double eviction. the only shot they have, is if a power is put in, and isnt some stuuuuuuuuuuupid america’s vote where the obvious person aka dan gets it, it would be nice if it was like all stars, boogie gets it right, and gets a power to reverse the backstab.


why is no one concerned about danielle brit dan and shane as a 4 person team?

they are more worried about a 42 year old who shows his age, and frank?

its like they are so blinded by the target on mike boogie’s useless self(outside his ridic social game) that they don’t even notice that the final 5 is basically set with ian as the only spoiler if brit gets emotional and wont get rid of him.


Is Ian really with Dan now?I mean does he only tell Dan information.Or does he tell Boogie&Frank what Dan is planning?


“Danielle starts talking about the type of wedding dress she wants.”

This kind?




The game is getting boring and predictable cause the same people keep winning and they all are in cahoots with each other. Frank please put Shane or Britney or definitely Danielle up so I can see her cry and have a meltdown. Shake up the game for. BTW Shane sure loves pink. I would bet he is gay or goes both ways


If only frank had balls between his legs instead of a vagina, he would put up boogie, and cause a thunderous amount of drama


Yes, put up Boogie


If Frank did have the guts to put out Boogie, this would be a good time because Boogie wouldn’t make it to the jury. Boogie would probably be a bad influence on the jury.


so easy to take out a girly-man, then an actual threat


OMG, this season is so boring! All the entertaining people are gone. ZZzzzZZzz. BB 14 FAIL!!!


Where’s Willie when we need him?

There need somebody to comeback or another twist. This twist was too obvious.


Janelle, Willie and Kara still being there would’ve made this season great! Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Wil are a waste of space. Willie being a ticking time bomb, Danielle being a jealous, crazy bitch because Shane would’ve been all over Kara and Janelle winning almost everything and them kissing her ass even though they hate her. This season is so, so, so lame now. When it started I thought WOW, this is gonna be better than the last few, but NOPE still sucks!


Even though I disagree with almost everything you said it wouldn’t change my next comment even if I did agree:

If you are so bored with this season, GO AWAY and leave those of us enjoying it in peace.


Yeah and JW have Production wanting Dan and Boogie/Frank to win. I wonder how Production is going to pull this off…


@WW.“Yeah and JW have Production wanting Dan and Boogie/Frank to win. I wonder how Production is going to pull this off…”Huh?Are you asking or saying that production wants Dan,Boogie&Frank to win?Only one person can win Big Brother.I think production wants Boogie&Frank to be the final 2.They(production)like this Chill town thing that Boogie&Frank have been doing.In my opinion if production wanted Dan in the finals,or even for him to make it close to the end.They(production)would’ve never saved Frank from being evicted,two weeks ago.Frank was on his way out the door,but production decided to make the twist of the coachs being allowed to play the game have strings attached.Frank was the string that was attach.That’s why Dan,Britney&Janelle faces looked as though they were stressing over coming in, because none of them wanted Frank in the game,but all three of them wanted to play(Britney came around to the idea of coming in the game,the week of the twist).But the twist of allowing the coachs to play the game,and canceling the eviction(Frank gets to stay in the game)really screwed up Dan’s game,because he wanted to run the house with Boogie.Which meant that Frank needed to be evicted,in order for that to happen.


Silent 6 alliance definitely stay strong & take out Joe and then Wil. Knockout Joe’s powerhouse & tits at the same time. Quack pack/Silent 6/Chilltown 3.0 could work together.


@Eripaul. I don’t think Dan is in love with Boogie.Dan knows if he takes Boogie to final 2,he(Dan)has a greater chance of becoming the first person to ever win this game twice.Boogie knows this,and that’s why yesterday he(Boogie)told Frank he doesn’t want to sit next to Dan in the finals.On a side note.Dan has no problem with getting rid of Frank.Dan&Britney really want Frank out of the game by next week.I’m happy Dan is thinking of ways to get Frank out of the game,because Frank keeps on telling Boogie that he wants Dan out.But it’s too bad for Dan that Boogie&Frank are production favorites.Which means they(production)will do anything to prevent Boogie&Frank from being evicted(just like how production saved Frank two weeks ago,with the twist having strings attached.Frank being that string).


I now want Frank out just to prove to you all that though Production will mess with the house and the comps, they don’t mess with the evictions.


Of course they mess with the evictions.

They didn’t have to cancel the eviction when the coaches were let into the game. That’s why we have way too many people left now.

But production loves Frank. They want him and Boogie to be the new Chilltown and they knew he was leaving so they saved him.

If the votes were going to go the other way, I honestly don’t think they would have saved Joe.


@Bleacherbum3.Thanks for responding to the comment about production might interfere with other parts of the game,but they don’t mess with evictions.Lol.The first thing that came to my mind when I read that was,production messed with Frank’s eviction just two weeks ago.Frank was 100% going to be evicted.But production stepped in/messed with the eviction and saved Frank.Lol.


I think they “messed with the evictions” to keep Boogie happy and on the show. Apparently they had to give Boogie more money to keep him on – if the prior post was true – once the coaches came in to the game. They probably had to promise to keep Frank safe, too, or Boogie would have walked. Boogie’s not only controlling the show in front of the camera, but behind it as well.

Dan wants to sit next to Boogie at the end, because Boogie is the best player left (and winner of “Allstars”, so arguably he could be considered THE best to ever play). Dan wants to be able to say he beat the best so that makes HIM the best BB player of all time. It will be an interesting showdown.

Personally, I would love to see Britney win, but production would really have to mess with evictions and grant all sorts of super powers for that to happen I’m afraid. I know she’s got her “quirks”, but I just love her wit and humor.


zingbot 2 funny lastnite….hope Dnielle takes his advise…


I agree that Dan wants Boogie in the final two. Thing is, I just don’t see how he keeps him there. NO WAY that Shane, Danielle, and Britney lets that happen. And at some point Frank has to cut the ties too. Frank won’t win against Boogie IMO, and I think Frank would be smart enough to know that LATE in the game….. unless this is a true to life bro-mance.


If F2= Frank & Boogie
I bet Frank is counting on all the newbie votes and coach votes for a win over Boogie in the Final because of Boogie’s bad rep with prev players and the fact that he made no effort to get to know the newbies.
If F2= Dan & Boogie
Dan’s thinking the same way. After all he has had”deep” convos (which make “deep connections) with all players.

But, when you think about it, if Boogie makes to F2, it will be due to his own bad behavior. That deserves all the votes to win!


I agree with joe and ian’s convo some people forget having an attitude being on the block is very hurtful to your game. Granted frank had a good attitude when he had the spiritard but that was cause janelle was going home but still there was a huge possibility that he could have gotten screwed. I think keeping calm on the block shows those only playing socially something good.


Jury:Jenn,Ashley,Britney,Ian,Dan,Mike Boogie,Danielle (Evicted by Shane or Frank)
Final 2:Frank & Shane
Frank:Mike Boogie,Jenn,Ashley
Shane wins 4-3
What you think Simon?


BBAD is getting boring not worth staying up