Eagle Eye Joe’s got his eye on Boogie and Dan, Last count 35 looks..

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


1:30pm Boogie and Dan are talking on the backyard couch. Dan asks if Wil is defeated in this game. Boogie says that he seems like he is but he will bounce back sooner and I don’t want to be against him on Thursday’s HOH. Dan asks don’t you think Joe is going to around a long time as a pawn. Boogie says that he hopes they can get Joe out next week. Boogie talks about how snippy Wil got with him and how he got all gay. Boogie says they says “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” well hell hath no fury like Wil scorned. Dan talks about Joes stories. Boogie says yeah he has toned it down but if he starts up again we may need to rethink getting him out. Dan comments on how calm Joe was in the competition. Boogie says he doesn’t understand why, I would be panicked if I was him; I mean he was the only one to not vote out Janelle. They talk about how Shane thinks he needs to win everything. Boogie talks about this is a dream cast, these people have no idea what is going on. Dan says that there is no way we will win if we are up against a new person. They won’t give it to us to win it twice. Dan says that Joe can’t make it to the jury because he will make sure we don’t win. Boogie says that he really didn’t like it that Joe pointed to him during charades trying to get the word millionaire. They comment on how Joe keeps looking over at them and say that it drives them crazy. Dan is really pushing to get Joe out. Dan says that at least with Wil you know where he is coming from. They start counting how many times Joe looks over at them, 6, 7, 8, 9 … 11. Boogie says at 15 I will need to go in to the bathroom and get some lunch.

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1:50pm Dan tells Boogie if us three can stick together we can railroad through this house. Boogie says yeah for sure. Dan says that he needs to have more conversations with Frank. Boogie tells Dan that without putting words in Franks mouth I think he is concerned about how close you are to Danielle. You have been her protector since day 1. Dan counts 23, 24, 25, looks from Joe now. Dan gets up to 35 looks and Boogie says he needs to head inside.


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2pm – 2:20pm Ashley asks Ian to move his Fungal cream in the bathroom. Ian asks why its just a bottle. Ashley says because your fungal hands have toughed it. Ashley says that she would rather touch a candy cane. Britney says I would rather touch a candy cane that has been in a rectum. Ashley, Britney and Boogie make fun of Joe and how he is always telling his wife to put up Recipes on the website. Britney pretends to be his wife saying that she has 4 kids to look after, she doesn’t have time to post his recipes.. while he sits out by the pool. They laugh about how his son probably hasn’t mowed the lawn since he left. Britney says nothing coming out of the Mad Love vegetable patch this summer. Grown with love disparaged with hate. Ashley says Joes kids are just happy they get to eat Mac and Cheese. Britney talks about how Joe’s kids will grow up to be like Willie. They all laugh. Joe comes out for a second and they tell him they were just talking about how great of a cook he is. All the cameras switch to Joe in the kitchen cooking lunch for the house guest by rubbing a marinade into the fish with his hands. Camera switch back out by the pool where they are talking about The real Housewives of Orange County and New York.


2:30pm – 3pm Ashley joins Joe in the kitchen and starts helping him cook. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Ian asks if the have-nots are allowed to eat the salsa that Joe makes. They say that they are allowed to because it’s salsa. Ian says so basically he could put anything in a bowl and call it salsa. Boogie says it’s probably better not to talk about it. Ian talks about how he has given out his parents address already. He says what are the crazy fans going to do, send my parents rape threats? Dan says no, it’s death threats. Boogie talks about how Geisha House has probably already gotten molotov cocktails from the crazy Janelle fans. They hold a mini-pageant in the backyard.


3:24pm Random conversations outside.

Britney is asking ian about what a deal breakers with girls. Ian says someone that doesn’t have too much baggage, Has cheated on someone before and Granny Panties.
Everyone starts laughing at the last one.
Boogie: “How many Girls you know wear Granny Panites”
Shane: “Hoe many girls in college wear granny panites”
Ian: “you would be surprised”
Joe: “How many panites you’ve been in”
Ian goes on to talk about how he he’s got Key’s to all the rooms in his Dorms except for the Roof and the “Dungeon” He explains there is one room in the basement he cannot enter.
boogie: “That’s the janitor’s love chamber”
Joe: “Lot’s of Granny panties down there. “
Ian: “I Scored a sick toaster once…”

3:30pm Eagle Eye dating stories
Joe tells them a story about a girl he dated. She was perfect, great dates, great chemistry he thought he had found the one. Then on day his friend was on adult friend finder.com and said he found this girl you really resembles Joe’s girlfriend. Joe found the girls profile and on it it said she was looking for An@l S$X. Joe adds that there was pictures and posts that made if very clear she was into that sort of stuff. Joe silently broke it off with her.

Wil asks if she every asks for it during their times together. Joe says no, he says at that time of his live he was travelling a lot so it was easy to phase her out of his life. Britney thinks he should have at least talked to her about it, it could have been a ex boyfriend trying to ruin her life. Shane: ‘What was your friend doing on adult friend finder under the @n@l S$x category”

I Added a bunch of pictures of Danielle pool side.. She seems to be the most popular player this year ;) Picture link Danielle

picture link Britney

4:04pm Cam 1 Ashley is hurt again

4:23pm Cam 3-4 Wil and Jenn
talking about weddings and how people go overboard with the. Wil has known people that have gone into serious debt to pay for weddings.
Wil: “If love is going to cost me that much money I DON’T NEED IT.. haha just kidding”
Jenn mentions that Frank was a bit Drunk last night.. she thinks he was hung over this morning.

4:36pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Britney Danielle is complaining how fat she is and how she needs to see her trainer as soon as she gets out of the Big Brother House. She comments how Skinny Britney looks, Pinches her stomach fat and says she wishes “this” was gone. Britney tells her she looks hot.. etc …etc ..etc (another successfully complement fishing Trip) )

4:47pm cam 3-4 Wil and Shane

Wil so you feeling good about tomorrow.

Shane: “NO.. I’ve been trying to talk to him but he’s been sleeping”
Wil tells him he’s not going to be campaining against him. Shane says he’s finished if her goes u. He’s got Britney’s vote and maybe Danielle but he doubts it.

Wil says if they are both around next week they need to work together. Wil adds he has 3 votes on his side only 2 Shane knows about. Wil: “we can have people next week” (T!Ts and Shane/Britney)
Both Shane and Wil agree that the Frank/Boogie relationship needs to be cut. Wil wants to work with Shane and Britney to get rid of Frank and Boogie. Shane is receptive to the idea.

4:56pm Dan joins them They briefly talk about the zingpot’s Zing. Dan’s says Ashely’s was mean but Jenn’s was just “Shitty”

5:25pm Cam 1-4 Shane, Boogie and Frank running

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Britney is just a mean girl with a gross mouth. I wonder what all of her customers think about her foul mouth….


What is Britney’s job?


From what she says, it sounds like she is or was a pharmaceutical rep. When the economy tanked, the pharms cut their reps by half or more, so she may be unemployed at present.


simon what does Boogie do for a living?


*that he embezzles from then uses the money to hire male prostitutes for a Dad/Son or Uncle/Nephew relationship… (Yet has the nerve to say that Wil was getting all gay on him)*


Got proof? Not just allegations, but real sources.


this is a blog, not a court of law, and when you put yourselft out there, well…


I suppose we would need the actual transcripts of the prostitutes but there is a plaintiff that has filed a complaint in court making those allegations and is in the process of taking him to trial on them. Probably as much proof as you can get on anybody outside of actually being in the room with them. “Proof” is a funny thing that way.


Yea..isn’t it weird that there was absolutely no talk of embezzlement until On August 1, 2011 Malin filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against the law firm Lavely and Singer, accusing the firm or someone acting on their behalf of hacking into his email as well as his phone. Also included in the lawsuit was one of Malin’s business partners Shereen Arazm. Then of course Arazam want’s to counter sue all of a sudden 2 days later. Shereen is nothing but an extortionist who has her lawyers threaten by letter demanding that the business dispute “be resolved ‘to my client’s satisfaction’ within five days, and if the dispute was not so resolved, then a lawsuit would be filed by the defendants wherein (plaintiff and) third parties unrelated to that dispute would be exposed to public embarrassment and humiliation.” Typical as they come in extortion cases we have all heard for years. “”” Give me 1 million dollars or I’ll tell the world you sleep with men on company money. “”””


For those not aware, dazed or confused, even those in the know– thanks for the clear and concise summary. Well said!




I like Britney but she almost made me throw up the othernight on the feeds when she said she would never be fake around someone like Janelle was if she didn’t like them. I guess she forgot about the baths with Rachel in Season 12


Getting tired of Britney and her better than everyone attitude.. She needs to go soon. Still wanting to see Dan and Boogie in the final two to teach these newbs a lesson about sticking together from day one and getting rid of the alumni


I wonder why the health department hasn’t stepped in, LOL…clean hands, gloves and tongs, learn how to use them


I can’t stand Britney she is such sh*t talker you dont make fun of peoples kids I c
an’t wait till that skank gets evicted


Joe is counting days till be out of the house. Don’t worry Joe, wil will be joining you next week.


Boogie and Dan for a final two? Hmm, I would think they’d want to get the other one out as soon as possible or at least have someone do it for them. I think Frank will always be number 1 to Boogie, so Dan would need to get Frank out to get Boogie all to himself. I would hope that Dan knows that Boogie will knife him at some point so he’s trying to make Boogie feel comfortable with him so he and Frank don’t consider betraying Dan for a while. I do think Boogie will want to get Dan out sooner than later, but not this week. Dan is probably just trying to make Boogie think that he’s cool with rolling with the two of them, knowing that their pair needs to be split up soon and as long as Boogie and Frank think Dan can be taken out at a later date by other people, they’ll keep him around. Knowing this, Dan has his final four with the DDBS and the final five with the Quack Pack so he has numbers to protect himself. Ian’s giving Dan good info, so Dan knows what Boogie’s thinking a little better than some of the other houseguests. I don’t expect to see Dan and Boogie become final two, I think at some point they’ll begin warring with each other to get the other one out. Hopefully Dan will prevail but Boogie has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and is just as sheisty as Dan is.


I don’t like Joe, he is obnoxious and loud, but I think it’s kinda mean they all make fun of him and his cooking up food. At least he is trying. And they keep saying he’s using up all the food, well then someone needs to say something to him, and I am sure he will stop,….. they are all afriad to say anything to him, but they just keep bitching….. and I hope he washed his hands lol


Guess who is leading the charge the queen of complaining Brit now she
has catty Will, Ash and Jenn on the bandwagon.Brit was bitching about during Willies’ hoh
but the rest of the hgdidnt have a problem with it, then she was quite about now shes back
on it again.

There is nothing wrong with touching food with your barehands when uare preping it
just aslong as u wash your hands. How many of those nasty mf’s I see picking at the feet,face(Brit)
biting there nails double dipping into the salsa and they havethe nerve to talk.


Your right there is nothing wrong with touching food with your hands 1. if you have had a HepA vaccine, 2. it is food that is going to be cooked to 165 degrees 3. if you have cleaned all of the semen from under your finger nails….food that is not prepared to at least 165 degrees should be handled with gloves and tongs…
think about Joe handles raw chicken and cooks it to 165 degrees assuring that all of the semen transferred from his hands have been killed….
now think about Joe handles the lettuce, tomato, cucumber with his bare hands and transfers semen to the salad and you eat it…
MMMM MMMM enjoy all of you scalliwags and blow the man down


Team Silent 6 alliance shhhhhhh!

Janelle is fatter

maybe joe is checkin dan n booger out, for visual reference for later on tonite


Betcha his “dream partner” is made of food


And this is important because…?


Dan and Boogie know (and discussed today) that the newbies in jury will not vote for a vet so it will be much smarter to take their chances with each other.


Speaking of candy canes being shoved in orifices… wtf was up with Danielle’s constant checking herself in the mirror as she slid the candy cane in and out of her mouth on BBAD last night? Reminded me of the carrot in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Made me feel slightly nauseous, as if I’d gone to the wrong theater for a midnight showing. In need of a good eyeball wash now.

King Silva

Wow I didn’t notice that last night..

She was probably thinking of Shane… O_O


Everyone seems to forget how young Danielle is. She is graduated high scholl her whole life has been college and work.

She is not very wordly like the rest of the group except Ian of course, but that is why he was chosen to be on Big Brother!


LOL…I noticed that too. Super creepy.


And this is important to point because…?

Bob Smittens

Hey WW, is anything posted here important? GTFO with your feigned self-righteousness, it’s a gossip board and people can point out what they like, because NOTHING is important…it’s all just entertainment. I imagine you’re a Wil fan.


Nope. Not a Wil fan. Hope he leaves soon.

And I thought that this was a Big Brother Fan Site, not a gossip page. I thought it was a place to discuss the goings on in the game and different stratagies and to cheer on our favorite players. Maybe a little trash talk, not a place to say whatever catty thing comes into your mind because you are jealous that you cannot be on TV and have people see how lame you are.

MU Tigers

Yeah, and what you think is important why?


And you felt it was important to point out that in your opinion, my observations and opinions weren’t important? WOW! I must have really pissed you off with something I said last season for you to be carrying a grudge this long. *curtsies*

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe is slowly but surely moving his game in a new direction and i really see him making it to the final 3 with the way he’s been working this game and running the house. Eagle Eye knows what he’s doing and playing perfectly

King Silva


If Joe is in the final 3, after we all had to endure the other useless fuck Adam get to the final 3, I’ll be pissed!

I know it would be an easy win but come on people he is nasty..

Do you really want to eat his cooking for 5+ more weeks?!

He doesn’t even wash his hands after he takes a dump that is just so fucking sick!


Had a dream last night that Boogie and I were in a “relatioinship”. Too much Big Brother?


You’re better off than me. I dreamed I had sex with my sister in law. She’s hot, though.


Be careful of your dreams with BOOGIE he will tell the world you slep with him just like he told America Dr Will slept with JENELLE in the jury house years ago great friend he is.

Ian's Bitch

LOL….at least it wasn’t Joe…..lmao!


So glad Janelle is gone, now we can just go back to zzzzzzzzzz…..




Silent 6 plus Ian in Final 7


Joe’s stories are pretty funny.

Carol & Steve

Joe’s stories are funny when being retold by Will & Britney – LOL!! I love when they start imitating Joe – hilarious!


Open Letter to Ian


You are one of the worst to play this game because you are a floater of the first order. You have floated to the power wherever it was since the beginning. The other HGs are annoyed with you and think of you as a mascot of sorts. You should continue to wear the dog costume and sleep in the dog house.

You fail to show loyalty in the face of adversity. You add nothing to the game. You do not try to win or even compete. Yet you think you will win. How can someone who is allegedly so bright be so dull?

Why don’t you just go back to the lab after a short stint in the Jury House? Oh.btw, don’t forget the stuff you think you can cash in with ebay. No one will pay good cash for the items of a floater. That’s the dirtiest name in BB.


Yeah, that’s right. That is why Dan said he wished he had 2 Ians in the game so he would need Frank and Boogie. Everyone hates Ian and is annoyed by him. (Way to project your feelings onto others.)


I actually disagree with this a bit.

Ian hasn’t been very dynamic or exciting so far, and he’s socially awkward/immature, but I don’t really think he’s “floated”. He definitely tried to win that endurance comp.

He didn’t hang in the HOH kissing ass when Willie or Shane were HOH, and if the Frank eviction had gone through he would’ve been on the wrong end of the vote.

Because of the initial coaches/teams twist, he has a link to Frank/Boogie. Why burn that bridge if you don’t have to, especially because Frank has been HOH twice?

He only spent a lot of time upstairs last week during Danielle’s reign because DDBS came to him about the “quack pack” alliance. That’s where his true allegiance lies. This morning he was giving Dan info he overheard from Frank/Boogie.

I love the spot Ian is in right now. He’s pretty much executed the exact plan he outlined in his pre-show interview. He said he ideally wanted to be in a 5-person alliance (which he is), where he is about middle of the pack strength-wise (pretty much).

He still has his link to Frank/Boogie (and Jenn I guess, though she’s not winning anything), and has a decent friendship with Ashley.

I can’t see anyone targeting him for quite a while.


“tried to win endurance’??? I saw Ian standing there shivering, but in control of his position- he could have stayed much longer, but he wanted to be liked more than he wanted to be in power. That’s his whole issue- he wants to be liked! You need a balance of popularity AND power to win BB! No sale Ian.


…watching BB on CBS and just threw up in my mouth as Danielle is whining about Shane being “too shy to make a move on her.” She said that he better step it up because, “I’m a catch and he might just lose me.” I think that what’s he’s trying to avoid= catching something from and not being able to lose Danielle! They should vote out Shane to save him from this psycho.


As I posted earlier, I wouldn’t doubt Dan and Boogie went into the house with a final two pact in case they were brought into the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’d included a final two coaches’ clause for that matter. Can’t see either willing to risk loosing to anyone other than a previous BB winner. However, if Boogie were able to get to final five Frank, Ian and Jenn still in the house, I could see him cutting Dan out and risking second place to one of his former team members. Even if he got there with just one of them, he would have a strong argument for being not only the most deserving player but the best coach as well to have brought along a newbie to the end with him, which was the original premise–coach your team to the end. Boogie’s the only former coach in the house with his entire former team still in the game. He may feel confident of top prize even against a newbie because of it and the moves he’s made, etc. Dan would have a strong argument as well, if he got Danielle to final two. But depending on how the jury feels about the coaches coming into the game…Dan admittedly couldn’t wait to get in the game, Boogie was happy with what he’d signed up for–helping someone else win the 500K. He was the only coach that didn’t hit the reset and was obviously, initially not at all thrilled having to play the game–didn’t want any part of it. He could easily argue that he stood by his word from the beginning, had no intention of taking the top prize away from one of the newbies, yet all the other coaches did.


.I know Dan&Britney want to keep Wil so he can take out Frank,but haven’t Wil said that he wants to take out Dan&Boogie?I don’t trust that Wil will take out Frank.I mean this guy hates the coachs.What do you think.Should Dan&Britney trust Wil to take out Frank?


I think they should keep Wil.. it’ll start alot of drama but will be fun to watch.

King Silva

I agree that they should keep Wil for at least one more week.

It gives them on more out to be safe because he would probably target Frank and Boogie or Boogie and Dan [they save Dan].

If Wil doesn’t win then he can go so it really is win win for most of the Quack Pack.


*woldn’t need Frank and Boogie.


I was watching Big Brother After Dark from last night this morning & noticed how Ashley was sitting all cock-eyed on the couch.

Someone with a hurt bad would sit up very straight or lay down flat on the couch. I have been observing her at other times also & she does not sit like someone that has a hurt back!!!!

I think that she might have some pain but she makes it worst by not taking care of herself. If she was hurt that bad there is no way that she could have sat all cock-eyed on the couch early this morning without being in extreme pain.

Ashley is a sneaky one!!!!!


Danielle is the most popular player this year is that a joke?


Did anyone see what happened with the banana suit? I went to get some iced tea and I come back to see Dan in a banana suit, then feeds switch, all 4 cams on Frank in HOH. What did I miss? And why does production insist on not letting us see what’s going on when we have paid to be a fly on the wall 24/7? It’s way worse this year than before.


“Man In a Banana Suit” returns but Casey> Dan


I totally agree. Not only should you be able to watch it 24/7, but I also think you should have one camera view and sound dedicated to the diary room if you pay for the privelage.

MU Tigers

Each year it seems to get worse. We should have gotten to see more of the Willie self-eviction than we did. It really is ridiculous that we are supposed to be able to see what they can’t show on TV, yet when something good happens, they cut the feeds. And to make matters worse, BB is practically a dry house. What’s up with rarely giving them alcohol? And when they do it comes out to about 1 and half drinks a piece. BBAD is always better when they are drinking. This cast seems boring at night when they aren’t drinking. Between constantly cutting the feeds and witholding the alcohol, they are turning the feeds and BBAD into a snooze fest.


Simon how come the comments are newest to oldest with oldest being on the bottom? it makes it harder to read the comments that are left to the comments. (2. 2.1 2.1.1 etc)
jason voorhies
a cut a bove the rest (in pieces)


These ADULTS on Big Brother should know not to talk about peoples children, no matter what, not in the real world and not in the BB house, it’s off limits! Everyone knows that. I feel like punching those assholes that are talking about Joe’s kids. WTF does that have to do with the game? Seriously people!

P. S.

You don’t like the mans food then DON’T eat it!!!! Plain and simple.


Tell Joe not to talk about his kids, stepchildren, I think he said. He’s said some outrageous things including asking the daughter, step?, about sex etc in an inappropriate way.

Simon, I like the newest first so that we don’t have to search thru the old ones again. Please reconsider & change it back.


I think from that pic, Danielle is beautiful and has a great body. I hate that people say she’s “fat”. It’s her annoying, clingy and insecure personality that drops her beauty down several notches. I swear if I heard her ramble on anymore about her issues with Janelle last week, I was going to throw my heel at my TV! Imagine what some confidence in that girl could do? I bet the guys on this board would be loving her a lot more. JMHO though :)

I bet under normal circumstances, Brit would not feed into the compliment fishing, but she knows she needs Danielle if she has any shot in this game and is just tolerating her and appeasing her because of it. She knows she won’t win against the likes of Dan or Frank.

Ftr, I seem to be in the minority, but I think Britney is funny and probably has the best sense of humor in that house.

I don’t think Ian is a floater at all. I see him as having a serious shot at this game.

Btw, who is Jen again? Who would have thunk the HG with the most outrageous and edgy look in the house has the makings of being the dullest HG in BB history. Who was I talking about again?

Joe is still a sCumbag. I’ll never be able to look at that tadpole on his chin the same again ::shiver::


If nominations stay the same, it’s time for Brit and Shane to hitch their wagon to team Tits. Keep it a surprise until Thursday and send Joe home. Otherwise they are going to get burned as soon as next week. Of course Frank could really mess up their game by backdooring Shane this week.


Moved Comments back to the default.. Oldest first newest last.

Who likes it Who hates it?


thanks simon some of us read the comments only once in awhile not alllll day so it’s easier to read em all when they are in the order they were posted :)
thanks again you da man


I’ve received a bunch of emails and requests from people regarding the comments. I should run a official poll base it on that.

Carol & Steve

Maybe that would be a poll Dawg would win – LOL!! Go Dawg!!


i like it default


Thanks for your input. I think more people like the default.


Count me on the default side.
Seems way easier to scroll past old comments (and scan for replies to them) to get to the new.
Thanks for changing it back!


I love it back to normal, more easier to follow, keep it the same Simon.


Hate it , change it back to newest first :)


Thank you! Newest comments first was confusing.


Like it. Easier to find the comments you like to follow and can find new stuff where you always could.

MU Tigers

I prefer the default as well. Guess I am just resistant to change.


I think frank looks like a young dennis quaid too (like Mis Wil said)

The Rose

I think Dan, Boogie, and Frank are playing a good game. Joe is a floater, kiss a$$, and cooks with nasty hands. Hopefully, Danielle will get the hint from Zing-bot that Shane is not into her and she’ll stop throwing herself on him. The part that bugs me the most about her is how she puckers to the mirrors. I think she looks at herself more than she looks at Shane. She is so needy and insecure that I actually feel sorry for her……then she puckers again. Wil is entertaining and smart. Too bad he can’t win HOH. He has no choice but to be social and hope for votes. Jenn really looks like she is a cool lady outside the house but her too can’t win anything. Shane can’t see past one week at a time. He wins and has Brit advising him so he may make it far. Ashley? I think she a pill popper. I don’t think she’s hurt she just wants pills. Ian! He is very smart and I think he’s is autistic/asperger and is doing so much better with Dan and Britney coaching him than Boogie. He was a horrible coach to Ian. I hope he starts wining comps and makes it to the end.


don’t give up on jenn just yet she will sin comps once she is in the final 3 :)
how did trashedley hurt her back?


meant win not sin :)


…watching BB on CBS and just threw up in my mouth as Danielle is whining about Shane being “too shy to make a move on her.” She said that he better step it up because, “I’m a catch and he might just lose me.” I think that what’s he’s trying to avoid= catching something from and not being able to lose Danielle! They should vote out Shane to save him from this psycho.


LOL i agree he was making it clear to any female that wasnt delusional that he only wanted to be friends and her being a good catch hahahahaha for who?


Frank is a true full blown flaming FAG


So all day has been pretty boring, and now something happened and Dan is in a banana suit and BB gives us fish every time they talk about it. All 4 cams on BY when everyone but Frank, Boogie and Shane are in the house. Joe comes out, mentions the banana suit and we get fish. From what I saw on FB, Dan found a box with a ? on it and opened it. There was a banana suit inside and he has to wear it for a week. That’s all BB apparently wants us to know. I hope they don’t keep this up until Wed. show where we will surely find out what the lame “twist” is about. I paid for the feeds, not fish or 4 cams on the same thing. Geez!


I went back and watched it, it looks like Boogie or Dan brought the banana suit into the house and it has nothing to do with game, but it’s messing with the HG mind. What I don’t get is why production doesn’t want us to see it or hear the HG talking about it, and why we are back to 4 cameras on the same scene, avoiding all banana action.

Bob Smittens

I cancelled via the website this morning, I will want to call and confirm just to be safe.

If everyone would tweet Julie Chen and every twitter associated with the show that we are sick of fish every other minute it *MIGHT* get a little attention….but I doubt it. Who knows though, if they got enough of a response then maybe some effort would be made to at the minimum to mitigate some of the reason for fish. For instance when the house guests sing lyrics there is a legal reason why they cut away, and the house guests should get punished. But a LOT of times when we go to FISH I cannot fathom why…. unless it’s A) Someone on an unshown feed talks about production, mentions unreleased names, or sings and the person on the button kills it to be safe or B) Whoever is on the button is taking a break or getting a snack/beverage and they go to fish to cover themselves while away OR C) The person on the button has OTHER duties to split their time between and they have to go to fish while they take care of them.

However, on BBAD when we get fish on feeds they still get picture. WTF If they don’t get fish we shouldn’t.


I agree. They should start a points system and tally up how many times in a week each HG triggers fish. The top four violators are the have nots, and none of the cod and candy canes crap. Make them eat slop. If a HG triggers fish 10 times in a week, they get a penalty vote. The HG know what they are not allowed to talk about, but since there are no consequences, they don’t care about us feedsters. I don’t understand why one HG talking about something they aren’t supposed to triggers fish on all cameras. Why can’t they just hit the button and take us to another room? But that’s only half the problem. It is obvious that CBS isn’t content with producing a horribly edited TV show three times a week, which bears no resemblance to what we see on the feeds, maybe they want to start censoring what we see on the feeds too. I have been a loyal feedster for years, I am getting ready to cancel for good. We are the super fans, and we get treated the worst by CBS. They should realize that many of the loyal feedsters don’t watch the episodes, and many of the TV viewers don’t watch the feeds. AG is killing this show.


I know it seems like it’s been worse in the last week. It’s fish for the stupidest reasons. How many times has Boogie been on this show and he’s always talking about how he likes to put on a good show, yet he talks about production all the time knowing damn well we get fish.


why does Mis Wil scratch and dig in her hair constantly? is it cause of the hair extentions? maybe they itch :) and booger calling wil cocky ahhhh this coming from booger LOL


Danielle is super fine.


Danielle is a pathetic liar, talking about she never asked Shane to be in a relationship. Do she not remember offering to take care of him if he would be in a relationship with her. PATHETIC! Maybe she’s a professional sugar momma and moonlights as a stalker


What was the Zingbots Zing to Jenn?


I haven’t heard it yet.


“Eagle Eye Joe’s got his eye on Boogie and Dan, Last count 35 looks..”

Which eye the one on his face, or the one he was playing with in the have not room while makin sauce???


Danielle is such a pathetic liar cause she practically begged Shane to be in a relationship then offered to take care of him when he Saud no. So she has three jobs nurse, sugar momma, and crazy stalker. PATHETIC!


danielle is so dumb lol….if that dude trey talks to her when she gets out hes dumb…she says how she misses him but then says how she is a catch and shane is dumb not to get her….but then she told shane she doesnt want a relationship with him…and then told the dr how she does want one with him…i would like to think trey wouldnt want that nasty scag…and now that i see her in a new light…she does have huge thighs…and those pictures of her wresting with shane…her legs and butt were so nasty…yuck…..jojo would have looked way better…


That real flaming punk faggit frank should have went home last week. A real certified sissy


Thanks for that really intelligent input to add to the conversation. You remind me how stupid and idiotic it looks to be ignorant. Great reminder dude!


LMFAO @ Joe contaminating the cod, with his “sauced hands”…… Warning: Don’t Eat At Joe’s


Did you all catch Joe talking about his W*T Dream?

the joe hand showmance is where all the action is this season


It’s the “Joemance”, awwww!

Brit and his roomies might not want to leave any of their socks or clothing lying around Joe’s bed. They might turn into crunchy cloths. ::cringe::


HAHAH Joemance..


“Wil: “we can have people next week” (T!Ts and Shane/Britney)
Both Shane and Wil agree that the Frank/Boogie relationship needs to be cut. Wil wants to work with Shane and Britney to get rid of Frank and Boogie. Shane is receptive to the idea.” How many of you guys think that Shane will tell Dan about this conversation?Or if Shane tells Britney.Do you guys think Britney will tell Dan?


Danielle is such a pathetic liar cause practically begged Shane to be in a relationship, then offered to take care of him when he said no. So basically she has three professions
1. Nurse
2. sugar momma
3. Crazy stalker


Hey, nothing wrong with a Suga Momma… now Psycho Suga Momma, sounds sexy … she’ll take care of you, and sexy you like you never need sexed before, but she might just kill you


Where r the bb14 nudes?


I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Britney’s husband is a lucky guy…cuz damn she’s a hottie!! She may talk trash…but that’s what the mute button is for! Amirite!


brit a nottie hottie she a snottie wottie


I hope Dani wins the whole thing.


They really don’t want us to know anything about Bananagate. Still getting fish every time it’s mentioned. If CBS thinks I will tune in to see what happened they are mistaken. I can wait until the show is over and the HG comment on it then. It probably isn’t a big deal, if they just let everyone talk about it and be done with it, they would get bored talking about it and move on, and those of us that pay to watch wouldn’t be wondering why they don’t want us to know about it.


chloe girl what is with that banana :) LOL


chloe is the banana suit making you go bananas :)


LOL. No, I am just getting discouraged by the censorship. I have had the feeds on in the background all day and it’s been really boring, and the first sign that anything might be going on, we get fish and censorship. Dan did rock the banana suit better than Casey IMO.


i thought danielle was pretty until i seen her wresting with shane….YUCK….her butt and legs are nasty…i would not want to be in between those hog legs…disgusting…..