Britney says my names Shane and I’m mad, I am going to take my shirt off and let my abs glisten.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


12:10am – 1am They are all continuing to play charades. Ashley is up and she having a hard time conveying her 6 words. Ashley tries to re-inact “A thousand years in solitary confinement” from Britney’s season when Hayden was confined to the Have-not room and Kristen was outside the door. Ian makes fun of Ashley for not remembering one of the words and having to ask Britney. Ashley snaps at Ian and tells him to shut up, you’re mean! They continue to play, Wil has Don Quixote and does really well trying to give them clues and his team almost guesses it. When they realize the backyard is open the game ends.



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Frank and Boogie are in the arcade room talking about who they should get out this week. Frank tells Boogie that maybe keeping Wil is better so that he goes after the other 4 (Shane, Dan, Britney and Danielle) from the silent 6 alliance. They talk about how they don’t think anyone else would win and go after those 4. Frank then says that he still thinks Wil is the better one to evict. Frank says that they will need to talk to Jenn and asks her what she is talking to Wil about so much. Boogie talks about how when they were all in the living room it was so obvious that Wil, Jenn and Ashley were in the storage room talking. Boogie talks about how it doesn’t matter how bad we scum bag him, he won’t be in the jury. Dan joins them. Dan talks about Joe and explains that it bothers him when people act too comfortable. Frank says that he told Joe not to stir the pot too much and just keep his mouth shut. Frank talks about how Joe just won’t win any competitions. They decide to head upstairs so they can talk.


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1:25am Frank, Dan, Britney are up in the HOH room. Frank talks about how he doesn’t have a vote. Frank talks about how Wil has a better chance at winning HOH but just a marginally better chance than Joe. Ian joins them. Frank starts to head downstairs and Shane comes up. Britney, Dan, Ian and Shane try and talk to Ian about who Boogie and Frank want out and why it benefits them. Ian says that they think they want to keep Joe because he won’t nominate them. Boogie joins them. Danielle is in the HOH bathroom and comes out. Big Brother cuts the feeds in and out a lot.

2am – 2:15am Wil Ashley and Jenn are in the stereo room. Ashley talks about how Ian has been getting on her nerves. They talk about how for a super fan none of his predictions have come true. Ashley tells them about how she really took offence to Ian calling her out for not being able to remember a word during the charades game. Jenn tells Ashley that she is proud of her for calling Ian out. Wil says that the only thing he can go up there and offer is that there are bigger threats in the game. He says that it would be a waste not to get a bigger target out. That’s about all I can offer, but if they are all working together, that might backfire and shoot me in the foot. Jenn agrees. Ashley says that is so hard, maybe I can talk to Frank tomorrow and feel him out to see what he is thinking. Wil says he could just start a conversation and ask Frank if he is planning on keeping the nominations the same. Jenn says yeah but they are always changing.


2:40am – 3:30am Joe is in the kitchen cleaning out the fridge. Ian and Dan are in the kick’s room talking about religion. Meanwhile Britney, Shane and Danielle are in the have-not room. Britney is making fun of Shane during the competition. Britney is mocking Shane from the competition, she says I am Shane and I am mad. Britney says I am so mad I am going to take my shirt off and let my abs glisten and then I am going to throw it. I’m Shane and I’m mad, I’m just mad at myself but not really. I’m Shane and I’m annoyed because I have to be on the sucky team. I lost this lemons challenge because of these mittens, I’m gonna throw these away and see if they ever betray me again. I’m Shane and I’m mad. Danielle is laughing a lot and Shane keeps telling her to stop encouraging Britney. They talk about how rude and mean Shane was in the competition. Shane apologizes. Danielle talks about Joe bossing her around too. All the house guests go to sleep except for Joe. Joe is in the backyard doing laps around the yard.

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3:50am Joe heads to bed in the have-not room.


6:20am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:55am Big Brother is letting the house guests sleep in today…
10:15am They are all still sleeping..
10:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we will be right back screen to wake up the house guests.


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Brit playing all sides of the house and SHE’s got to GO soon. I put Shane or Brit up as a pawn vs Wil to make sure Wil goes if that is the final target.

Frank Vicious

Ummmm… I think Brit is in for another night of Joe spanking his monkey based on that last pic of him in bed.



If I was Frank, I would keep the nomination a same. I will not rock the boat or throw someone under the bus.

MU Tigers

Simon, any truth to the rumor that in Danielle’s high school she was voted as “Most likely to have a restraining order issued againist them”?

Lennon's Ghost

From the picture it looks like Joe is making a new batch of his “special cream salsa” for the other HG’s.

Sick of Joe's sperm

He knows people can see him. Why can’t he do that in the toilet?


Please Frank, Get rid of Joe. So that next week, they have to get rid of wil.


hands above the sheets joe…


This is what I would yell if I was Production… Just to embarrass, and expose him to the house as a “one eyed eagle beater”

MU Tigers

Uh oh, based on that last pic, it looks like the PowerHouse is about to go Beast mode on his one-eyed Willie.


The feeds are so boring now! UGHHH I miss the scheming, lying and drama.. at least I had something to comment on

It sucks when a big alliance runs the house b/c everyone knows they are safe.

Lets see some back dooring!

Lennon's Ghost

Perhaps Joe is whipping up some fresh pancake batter for FRoogies HOH breakfast in bed.


Wonder what BB would do if as Joe was finishing he eased over to Brittneys bed and blew spunk on her.


Britney fears this the most in the night…

but he would be expelled and sued, by britney and cbs, it wouldn’t be pretty for him as he would probably his his ass beat by her husband


+1 Big Brother Bukakke! Go T!TS You can do it!


I cant wait til ashley gets evicted a waste of space in that house… and shes so spaced out all the time….I think shes medicated or so… she needs to go…ahd i hate the way she talks soooo slow…


It’s still too soon for Frank to get rid of someone from the Silent Six. If Frank were to do that, then he would be right back to having everyone in the house (except Boogie) trying to get Frank out.

Yes, the feeds may be boring now, but there is still plenty of action ahead, especially considering the remaining players.

It seems like it would be smart for the Frank to wait for all Janelle’s players to be gone, before he goes after anyone in the Silent Six. At that point, he should get Dan and Britney out.

But, at that point, Frank and Boogie will be the only ‘pair’ left, and a huge target, but it will help that Shane, Mr. Competitions Champion, will still be there and Frank can point to him as a bigger target (to Ian and Jenn, and possibly even Danielle).

Of the Silent Six, Dan and Britney definitely need to go first… they are the ones playing most like Janelle..


I dont know if u guys heard about this but I you’d like it

DR Leak: Audio Problems Cause Controversy
Joe hears about Dan’s Final 3 deal with Frank and Boogie?

Lots of controversy inside the Big Brother 14 house today. It seems there was a bit of a “leak” this morning involving the DR – and Dan.

“Dan, please come to the Diary Room.”

It all started on the Live Feeds at 10:08 am BBT – CAM 3. Joe, Ian and Boogie are in the Kicks bedroom lounging when a BB voice comes over the sound system and pipes into the room. The audio is directly from the Diary Room where Dan is set to give a DR session.

This is what can be heard on the live feeds:

[BBVoice] 10:09:19 – Cam 3: “Dude.”
[Ian] “Oh no.”
[BB Voice] 10:09:23 “Dan, hey so…”
[Ian] “Okay…whoa, whoa, whoa! DR!!!”

We see Boogie beeline for what is most likely the Diary Room door then the sound cuts off for feeders and the cameras go to fish.

At 10:15 am BBT, Camera 3, Boogie and Dan head to the storage room to talk game (and about the leaked DR) and are shocked to find Joe is in the room by himself. It’s almost as though he was waiting for them! They rummage around in the fridge trying to make it seem like they came in there for food, and it’s hilarious watching them scramble. They all leave the room and head to the kitchen. Joe is right at their heels.

“After I heard his DR this morning we had to talk.” Joe says to Frank and Boogie, who just keep walking. Then Joe cattily says to Dan, “That’s quite the DR you had this morning there, Dan.” All we hear come out of Dan’s mouth is, “Wh…” and the feeds go to the dreaded fish, again. Once the feeds resume at 10:18, everyone is stone cold silent and Joe is nowhere to be found.

At 10:24 am (Cam 1), Boogie complains to Jenn, Frank, Wil and Joe that Big Brother is “blasting the DR sessions.” Clearly he is not happy. Then we get fish again.

It seems to me that CBS is having audio issues, not only because of the DR session being put on blast, but because later as the HGs were in the HOH lockdown BB was piping the Big Brother theme song into their room. Working on the audio issues in the house and cranking the music so the HGs don’t hear anything this time around? One thing is for certain. This leaked DR nonsense has certainly added fuel to the BB14 conspiracy theories.

UPDATE: Boogie confirmed that a guy named “Jordan” was heard saying in the DR, ”Hey buddy, so, it’s the silent six!”

What are your thoughts on this mess?

I think it happened last week


Thank you so much for sharing this information, BLAH! If these people were just playing a fun little game where winning/losing didn’t matter, then maybe the Diary Room sessions being broadcast would not be such a grievous injustice.

Even though it seems like Dan is playing like Janelle (although not as much blatant lying as Janelle, certainly as much deliberately misleading), so I’m not rooting for him, but still it is wrong for others to know what he is saying without him having the benefit of knowing what the other players are saying.

Since they (producers) can’t get it together with the sound system they currently have, a totally separate system should be used for Diary Room interviews to totally eliminate errors (mechanical or by user).

Or, if they don’t want to spend the money on better equipment or better workers, a great option would be to just show what happened on the TV show, and show what is being done to level the playing field.


I would like to see Frank backdoor Boogie xD


even though that would be awesome, Boogie is in control of Frank, besides even if he wasn’t Boogies bitch, he would create a huge target for himself


would be the dumbest move ever. not only alliance member, but also he can beat boogie by a unan vote.


I agree this would be Franks best play. Also Boogies got to go before jury. I think in jury Boogie could easily influence Ashley, Jenn, Joe, and Ian to vote the way he wants. This would be fun to watch but I don’t think it will happen. If Boogie gets his way then Wil will go, if the girls get their way Joe will go.


jw, maybe Frank might backdoor Dan this week.


It is worth noting that they have changed the camera angle above Joes sleeping place. It used to be angled out more to see the whole room, now it is focused exactly down at him. Interesting hmmm? LOL


Something tells me either the cameraman is bored, OR he likes to watch…

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

maybe it’s AG woking the camera. Women have the skills to work camera’s also.


Ashley has to be one of the worst players on bb history….she is so medicated that she really doesnt know whats going on….if boogie and the other coaches dont hurry and get her out she might float to the end…. i willl cry…


Hey people asked for proof, of Joe’s is playing spank the one eyed willie… WELL there you go…. I wonder what sounds brit will hear now?? “Oh Janelle, I miss you so” “Wait til they taste my new recipe”


I know, seriously! I didn’t believe for one second Britney made that up.

Joe and his powerhouse alliance with “one eyed Joe” are working “hard” to survive eviction this week. Shelly ain’t got nothing on that straight shooter! lol

(okay, I’m done…I think ;)


Joe’s “shooting straight” alright, into the air


Looks like Joe is whipping up a fresh batch of lip/chin jizz.

What a scumbag. Wait, that should say sCumbag! ZING!!


gosh darnit ian. I swear this kid goes from seeming like a genius to looking like an idiot. why does he keep telling a freaking 5 person alliance everything about boogie and frank? if he gets caught, his game is over, and its just dumb. no one is going to take him to the end unless they really want to lose, or have the ego so big they wont notice such things. aka mike boogie

if I was ian, id give some* information, but wouldnt be so quick to throw boogie under the bus with 11 people in the house. just seems kind of stupid. the first time shane or someone else deflects, ian is DONE

and team tits, why the heck are you now only targeting mike boogie? is the entire house full of morons? lets evict the guy who has won 1 coaches comp over his partner with the multiple hoh’s and now a pov.


Dr. Wil has actually picked Ian to probably win, is what gets me. He says that Ian’s basically just a young Boogie. I just don’t know how I feel about that, other than being seriously creeped the hell out;)


Ian isn’t playing any kind of game. He’s just happy to be there.

VA Vet

Because once Mike is gone, Frank has no logical place to go but to DDBS.


Now that Ian told Dan, Britney, Shane, and Danielle that Frank and Boogie want to keep Joe, (because apparently Joe won’t nominate them), I wonder if they will want to turn the tables on Boogie and Frank and vote to keep Wil. Britney was saying that they need someone else to put up Frank and Boogie, and Wil would probably do that. It’ll be interesting to see what they will do with this information.


Can we quit talking about the shiz? I’m going to vomit. LOL


that picture of Joe in bed. LOL. look where his hands are..


ew lol


Big Brother: HOUSE GUESTS you’re not aloud to touch yourself in the Have Not Room

Joe: Huh What?

Brit,Shane, and Dani: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA


It would be hilarious if Wil was also a have not, and jumped on Joe………


Joe is so gross. Maybe his salsa’s secret recipe is semen.


If Ashley did want Wil to stay, she had the perfect opportunity to stir things up by sharing her conversation initiated by Joe prior to the POV. Did she even give their conversation a second thought? Is she too concerned about replacing Wil or Joe on the block to say anything? Wondering, had she divulged–would Wil have flipped out feeling Joe must be safe enough that he’d asked Ashley, if she were to play and win the veto, to keep the nominations as they are? Rather, would it have appeared to Ashley and Wil that Joe, such a stand-up guy after all, would never try to throw him under the bus or chance her being put in jeopardy of eviction–instead, resigned to the inevitible as the sole islander unto himself who stood his ground, might they think Joe must now be prepared to walk away, head held high, chest out, goattee-ette (sorry, can’t see it as anything other than a saturated, mini goat’s tail dripping down his chin) twitching under his quivering lip as he’ll walk in her barely-cooled footsteps conjouring an image of Janelle in his tearfilled mind’s eye? Would Wil run discretly to Britney with this curiousity or blow a fuse completely, bubbling over with emotion throughout the whole house? Either way Boogie and Frank would find out and be pissed at Joe for saying anything to anyone when they’d told him to just keep his mouth shut and he’d stay another week. That is, unless they only appear so having fully expected Joe to spill his guts so the rest of the Silent Six would find out they weren’t planning to use the veto at all, nominations were to stand. Britney, Dan, Shane and Danielle would realize the error of their ways. They could have, should have relaxed in the comfort and safety of their alliance. They can now. Yet seeds of guilt could be sown to grow within them for their lack of faith in the Silent Six. It could blossom into full blown guilt trips to derail their scheming against Boogie and Frank, at least momentarily. Would their fears come to light, perhaps with an ill-advised, ill-timed “sorry we doubted you two” maybe proffered by, oh I don’t know, Dan, “Oops, again!” This, of course, would lead to a critical fracture in the foundation of the Silent Six with a heretofore-unimagined preemptive strike neccessitated. “Shane, Danielle, you shouldn’t have listened to them/her, you could have trusted us–we gave our word–we had an alliance–the six of us all the way!” “Alas, we have been duped, we can no longer trust in the silent six.” “Deploy the veto!” Bye, bye Britney?


Gee Frank .. who is youre favorite little rascal … Alfalfa or SPANKY???


Oops meant JOE