“I was this close using it on Winston.. I didn’t use it now they are going to use it anyways”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Rockstar Haleigh Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers – Fes used the Power of Veto on Haleigh. Sam nominated Rockstar in her place.

Kaitlyn working on getting that Veto used before they get called into the Diary room.

12:42pm Sam telling them about her power

Rockstar Crying

12:41pm Kailtyn Crying to fes
Kaitlyn – I don’t even know how you are going to vote.. I can’t trust anything anyone says…
Fes – it was haleigh and you on the block what was I supposed to do
Kailtyn – don’t look me in the face and say I was safe..
Fes says he told both of them he would save them to ensure he was picked for Veto so that he could save one of them.
Kailtyn – I can’t believe you played me like that..
Fes – I didn’t play you
Kailtyn – you didn’t mean it when you said it
Fes says he wasn’t sure at the time he knew he wanted to win it to take one of them down so they had a chance to save both. HE says she’s got 4 days.. .


12:48pm Sam is pissed about this power she’s going around to everyone justifying why she didn’t use it. She tells Brett she was very close to yuseing..
Sam is crying “I didn’t use it now they are going to use it anyways.. the only way I can use it is win HOH and have some control hof who went up there.. It’s stupid power.. it’s not even a good one..
Sam – I know Haleigh doesn’t have a power app maybe Kailtyn and Rockstar do..

Rockstar says Kaitlyn told everyone you used your power that’s why the votes flipped
Sam – whos she
Rs – Kaitlyn …

Sam going to fess apologizing about the power.. hugs Haleigh “i’m sorry i’m glad you are safe”

Sam – I tried to do the right thing but it was a really stupid app it was a stupid thing
Fes goes to her hugs her tells her she had to make a decision and he respects that.
Sam – I had no plan.. obviously I don’t want JC to go home.. I don’t want anybody to go home
Rachel – we know Sam thats the name of the game. She thought she was going to get evicted that first week and magically she was voted to stay, “I didn’t think I would”
SAm says she was planning on using it on herself if she was nominated.
Sam – I wish I hadn’t got it.. .. I just kept staying and staying.. I almost used it on Winston I looked around the couch.. I’m sorry I didn’t Winston.. and then they used it anyways..
Sam storms into her HOH room..

1:02pm Haleigh and Tyler
Haleigh says that Kailtyn won’t even look at her.
They talk about how Sam was going to put JS up and Agree Kaitlyn would have the votes to stay in that case.
Haleigh says if the power wasn’t used 2 people flipped, “that means every power has to be announced like that. (do production told them the power after it expired)
Haleigh says she feels like a piece of sh1t because her 2 friends in teh house are up on the bloc.
Neither of them know what to say to Kaitlyn.
They talk about how the evicted houseguest can come back this week.

1:08pm Rockstar and Bay
Talking about how they need to get the truth out..
Kaitlyn joins them..
Kaitlyn – don’t f**ing talk to us about female empowerment and put up 3 strong women..
Kaitlyn mentions that a power wasn’t used last week after all…
Kaitlyn – I’m just so confused..
Kaitlyn leaves..

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Puritan Sam

Is that a picture of Sam showing the length of Brett’s micropenis?




No, JC’s.


Nastyass look in the mirror or at your manfriend


I like this season because there’s more than one person to like, more than one to hate, and more than one waiting in the wings to surprise us!


I agree. No matter who YOU are, there is someone for you. If you are an independent woman, they got you covered; if you’re a good ol’Bro, yep, they got it; bigoted and ignorant, got some of them too; totally crazy? (hey, some days I can relate), you’ll find them here on this show. Even got a big, dumb jughead and a smart and wiley one. Tune in…it’s fun for the whole family!!!


Wouldn’t it be funny if Brett cast the vote that sends out Kaitlyn & saves Rockstar!?!?


Why wouldn’t he save his secret lover?

Just me

Let the Kaitlyn crazyfest begin. She went from, “I dont need a man to save me”, to “You promised you’d save me” in record time.

I’m curious to see this puzzle / battle back situation on Thursday.


RE: The puzzle / battle back

IF Kaitlyn is evicted, she will have ten minutes to put together a four piece puzzle. If RockTar is evicted, she will have to build a life size model of the pyramid at Giza in under three minutes.


Okay, laughed out loud at that. Though, honestly, I could see them pulling strings for either since both are great sources of drama.




Tried to put in laughy faces but they showed up as question marks. So to put it in words ….. that’s hilarious!!!

Just sayin'

Why is Sam acting mad that her power was used this week? Is this a plan of hers? I thought she knew it would be automatically used

double D

She feels bad for not using it last week on Winston

But, um

Wonder how Brett feels about that!


She DID know. I think she put it that way (…I didn’t use it and now they are going to use it anyway!) to try to lessen the targets put on her back. Not going to work. Lv6 knows she could have saved Winston with it. Isn’t she supposed to be aligned with them? She really hoped to come out of this HOH unscathed, but it looks like that didn’t happen for her. Being HOH has shown us a lot more of her personality and ideals. IMO it didn’t do her any favors.


Right On!!!


Sam needs to chill now and fade in to the background, her work is done this Week. People will forget about her, because there are bigger fish to fry next Week. The only person I could see maybe going after Sam is Haleigh, only because she holds grudges. But I don’t see Haleigh winning a HOH anytime soon.


I’d say that Haleigh going after Sam would be pretty damn justified after Sam stood on her pedestal and passed judgement on the girl on national TV. Totally grudge-worthy.


Go away.


I don’t even like hayleigh. Fes had to beg her to allow him to save her.

But, um

Haleigh could totally win an HOH!



JC is Pervy

Today would have been a good day to have AllAccess…..

Teri in Oregon

I. LOVE. THIS. SEASON!!!!!! Bahahahahaha, take that Kaitlyn!!!

Trackin the Kraken

I think this actually is the best play for Sam. With the Battle-Back in play, you want two of the weaker contestants on the block. RockWallChipStar has bombed in every Comp. and outside of the game of chance Kaitlyn won HOH with, She has not done much better.

As HOH you don’t ever want a returning Player you evicted

double D

The battle back could be a contest between the evicted and the HOH. In that case Sam can throw it.

Trackin the Kraken

It could be, but it may also be where the HGs select who competes against the evicted, sort of like the situation where Cody beat Paul to get back in


Julie already described it as an individual challenge immediately after eviction. . If the evictee masters the challenge she returns.


I wish just one Level 6 person would have said to Sam that Winston voted to save you last week and if you don’t use your power on him, you’re giving production a power back that AMERICA so kindly voted to give YOU.


2 words “doh”


The best play for Sam would have been to not win hoh


with Kaitlyn in LaLaLand Sam does not have to worry and Rocksalt is a manhater.


I guess Kaitlyn is the only person allowed to stand in their Truth. She is mad a Fes because he decided not to use the POV on her because of her backstabbing ways. She is such a hypocrite!!!


Oh my gawd!!! Kaitlyn and her fake whining crying is just ridiculous. … squeaky mouse voice. She sounds like a bratty 5 year old that didn’t get her way.

Carolina girl

One of the best weeks in BB history. Only thing better would be a unanimous vote to evict Kaitlyn.

Smitten By Hayleigh

Now it’s confirmed that they know that 2 people flipped on them. Watch out Tyler and JC. Katilyn crying game is not working. She screwed up the first 3 weeks flipped voting and fat mouthing off and now she expects sympathy??? It should be another interesting week now that we have the two house nutcases on the block. I’m not sure who’s going home though. Who do you think?


They’ll suspect themselves before they think Tyler turned on them.


heh … I can just see how that conversation would go too.. ‘Oh my god..maybe I blacked out and said the wrong name…I *was* super nervous…”


Is Sam pretending she didn’t know the power would automatically be used? I don’t understand what she’s so angry about


I so hope Kaitlyn gets evicted and loses the battle to come back in. I cannot take any more of her fake whimpering and crying. I’m so done listening to her.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

I wish, but I have a feeling no matter what, they will get back in since there is no battle back. Unless, it’s someone from the jury that can come back.


Kate is BB20…Salute


Can’t they both go home?


Pray for double eviction


double doh




‘It’s stupid power.. it’s not even a good one..’, LOL.

IMO, that was the best power app (other than the expiration date)


I think Tylers is the best being able to save yourself from one nomination is better then having to risk a comp to.come back imo. Especially since his lasts 8 weeks and this one had to be used in 4. Baleighs would be good except for the fact the veto will more then likely be used and her or an ally will be backdoored anyway.

My Two Cents

The only problem with Tyler’s Power is that he has to KNOW that he’s about to be nominated (or back doored) in order to go “sit in the safety cloud” whatever that means. If he’s blindsided then the power is useless.


I didn’t know that i thought after being nommed he used it to go into cloud


doh doh doh


I don’t like that Tyler has to declare using his before the ceremony.

Plus I feel like his is only really effective at the POV ceremony to block a backdoor. If he uses it on a Friday for reg noms, he can still be backdoored


Tyler is save for almost the entire game


I think Bay has the best one. Ability to hijack noms secretly. Good until final 8 I think.


Why is Sam acting so dramatic about the power app? She’s whining about it for no reason! Am I missing something?




And now… Rockstar whimpering and whining.. come on…
I can’t listen..thank God for this site to I can read about it and not listen anymore:(


I’m not sure why Sam is so upset. Once she made the decision she wasn’t going to use the power last week, she should have owned it. No time for what if’s. Tyler convinced her not to use it because one of them might be in trouble. They took a chance and maybe lost. (Nothing is certain that one is these emotional women will win a battle back.) Almost only works in horse shoes, not using a power.


Oh my gosh, it’s about to get crazy in there. Buckle up folks, Kailtyn is going to be bonkers trying to figure out who flipped. We now know they announce when a power has been used, so everyone knows that no power was played to flip the votes last eviction.

If Fes, Bayleigh, Hayleigh, Scottie, RS and crazy K don’t put two and two together and realize it was Tyler and JC they deserve whatever comes their way. OMG, this has been the best season in a long while. I love it!!!


Honestly? With how Kaitlyn has lied and flipped in the past, and how she sent Swaggy home, and how she’s been all over Brett, I could see them believing she flipped before Tyler.

But, um

Yep unfortunately!


As for Kaitlyn, I want her to be the one to go. It’s a tough one because both women will cry buckles until eviction. You would think they would be happy for the chance to fight to come back. instead they feel sorry for themselves. Kaitlyn wondered what happened to women’s empowerment. Their crying is what happened to it.


I cannot understand why all the crying their fate is in their own hands how great can that be


crying worked for Rachel Riley BB13

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn – don’t f**ing talk to us about female empowerment and put up 3 strong women..
What is she talking about…3 strong women…not in BB, Kaitlyn only got HOH because it was a crap shoot. Let’s see Kaitlyn, Rock and Haleigh actually win something that they need to use their “strong” brain.


Two observations :
1-Way too much crying this season,and Rockstar is a very ugly crier !
2- Although I kinda like Level 6 they suck at comps ! Their only saving grace has been Tyler, who has won hoh. and who can control the other side when his group doesn’t win. I don’t believe he is playing both sides, I think level 6 is his number one priority and only plays the othe side to help Level 6 out.


Ugh either one can go Kaitlyn or Rockstar, the only thing I can say is Rockstar won’t win anything and Kaitlyn might, I hope whichever one goes stays gone can America vote to not use Sam’s power on the one evicted lol. I’m glad the veto was used on Haleigh.


I have to ask, does anyone else find it slightly confusing to listen to Sam? Not just today with the power app, but pretty much all the time? I like Sam, definitely was rooting for her before her odd nomination speech, but I just never feel like she’s in the same conversation as everyone else. I don’t quite know what it is.


“I just never feel like she’s in the same conversation as everyone else.”
That’s an interesting way to put it. Sam is great with a pep talk/monologue but not so great in a two-way conversation, I feel. She’s certainly not a histrionic narcissist like Kaitlyn, but there’s an odd combination of sweet/kind and judgmental/sanctimonious. A lot of interesting characters this summer. I’m loving it.


Come on get rc blamed on the vote and get her out!
I dont like kaitlin but id loved for level 6 (5 now) to get her the votes. They can do it with fessy (tell him to just throw a vote to k then it end up that he evicted rc) .. then bay haly scottie can be blindsided once again.. and then kaitlin will be with level 6(5…) for saving her


Honestly I think this is the worst season/contestant line up I’ve seen in a long time.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I hope L6 convinces the Footsies that they are unanimous to evict Kaitlyn and then pull the switcharoo and dump RS. The look of Footsie shock never gets old, particularly watching Fessie’s expression as he tries to piece things together.

The Canadian

Out of context.
Can someone tell me where is Scottie this week?
I don’t even see him in the pictures 😀 😀 😀


Scottie may make an appearance now that the veto is played and the noms are finalized. He did not want to rock the boat. They’ll be checking in with him to see where he’s voting if nothing else.


Live Feed question – Can you NOT flashback if it’s today? I am trying to flashback to earlier today but it’s not letting me. What am I doing it wrong? Will I NOT be able to flashback and see something that happened today until tomorrow?


Simon I don’t see a flashback button on the CBS app. Can you flashback with it or do I need to go else where?