“I threw it to him and he didn’t save me .. I’m not worthy of being saved..

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Rockstar Haleigh Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Kailtyn is 100% on crack right now..

12:48pm JC and Tyler 
Tyler thinks that everyone evicted is gone and the person evicted this week gets a chance to come back in.
Jc is talking about Kaitlyn going out this week.
JC says he’s going to lay low after these last 3 days. He’s not going to talk to Fes.
JC – the four or three they always come to me for the vote
Tyler – we’ll have to do what they f*ing want
JC – Rachel wants to keep Kaitlyn
Tyler- we can’t go against them
JC says Haleigh is voting Kaitlyn out
Tyler- if we vote with them and they want kaitlyn out.. This side wants Rockstar out..
JC says Brett is smarter than they think “he wants Kailtyn out, it’s good for his game”
JC calls Rs just a number
Tyler – Brett will want RS out how would he not want her out..

Tyler doesn’t want to vote with FOUTTE “they are f*ing sketchY.. we’re not with them.. ”
JC – we’re voting Kaitlyn out.. you and me

Tyler shakes his head.. says “they” (rachel/Kaycee) will be against them
Kaycee comes in..

1:10pm Tyler and Fes
Tyler – can you vote against Kaitlyn.. I can’t vote against Kaitlyn

Tyler – if Kaitlyn goes.. that’s my closest person I can’t vote against her
Fes – I can’t either.. when she goes where do we go..
Tyler – is she your number 1 too
Fes nods.. says the only thing that f*ed them up was that whole swaggy thing.. I knew she would never go against me to the end..

Fes – if Kailtyn leaves..
Tyler – we kinda just have each other..
Fes – if Kaitlyn leaves.. you cool with Scottie.. if Kaitlyn leaves I think you me and Scottie can win all these HOH’s.. I don’t know where you all heads at.. I don’t even know where my heads at..

Tyler is worried about the girls alliance..
Fes – it’s real it’s there..
Fes explains that the girls have some loose thing going on they are going to keep each other.
Fes – I think Kaitlyn has a good chance to stay
Tyler- I’m going to make sure she doesn’t turn ont you

Fes explains how the girls are putting ideas into their heads if you win HOH put up brett put up Scottie they won comps..
Tyler – I came to you with that..

Haleigh comes in.. Tyler leaves…

1:18pm Haleigh and Fes
FEs – I told you I got you.. you got me… you looked so hot up there..
Haleigh – Shut up .. Be serious
Fes – Kaitlyn says everyone was shocked..
Fes says Kailtyn was upset saying all her life men have lied to her face.. She was made at him for telling Both haleigh and Kailtyn he would use the veto. He did this to make sure he played so he can double his chances of getting pick so he can take them down.
Fes didn’t want SAm to win and the noms to be the same.

1:29pm Fes and Kailtyn
Fes – do you understand a little bit or no
K – mmmmhmmm
Fes – the biggest deciding factor was swaggy.
K – I heard
f – you didn’t do that I pick you over her everyday of the week..
FEes – why wouldn’t I, even if did like the girl so much.. I would have picked you weather you believe that it’s up to you

K – you gave me an eviction sentence.. you know it

1:30pm Sam, Angela, Brett
Angela telling her that all her critics can go f* themselves “they are not in your shoes.. they don’t know what it’s like to make a decision like that in 30 seconds”
sam – I love you
Angela – I love you
Angela – I have no hard feelings i’m not upset at all, nothing has changed at all
Sam – that makes me feel better..
Sam tells her to win the HOH next week.. .

1:30pm Kaitlyn and Fes
Kaitlyn going on about Fes knowing her intent when she put up Swaggy. “It had nothing to do with you”
K – I apologized for that
Fes – it affect my game.. I still love you
K – no you don’t f* off
F – F off really
K – don’t lie to me anymore
F – really .. here we go..
K – you know well and f*ing good I don’t have their vote
Kaitlyn says if Fes is still affected by what she did to swaggy that means next week he will be and the week after that. “You’ll always choose someone over me becuase of what I did to you week 1”

K – That’s the way this is now you’ve made it loud and clear.. you know they are not voting me over her..
kailtyn crying that she doesn’t have Haleigh or Fes’ vote because of what she did to swaggy
K – why did you do that to me unless you can look at me in the f**ing eye and tell me I shouldn’t be here
F – that’s not what I’m saying
K – you know there are not voting to keep me and since you knew that I know I am going home
fes – i’m… honestly .. when I was making the decision.. I wasn’t looking forward to weather you were going home
K – but you know I would If I was on the block
F – no I won’t know anything
K – you know.. Are you voting for me to stay
F – YES.. why wouldn’t I
K – why would you say you are saving me when you are not.. I mean words are words at this point
F – I told you why I said that.. why I was saving you
K – I can save myself Fes… I could have done it.. I could have won with my family watching.. (OMG ZOMG)
F – don’t give me that everyone has a family watching Kaitlyn c’mon
K – Fessy you understand what it is like going your entire life putting your trust in me and being rejected.. you understand what how this makes me feel it makes me feel like i am not worthy of being saved..

F – we all have a past
K – forget the past.. I’m not worthy of being saved
K – look at me in my eyes and tell me you are voting to keep me Thursday
F- why do you do that..
K – You can’t…. you can’t… it’s ok
Fes – Kaitlyn I am voting for you to stay.. the thing is if you stay you can’t turn your f(**ing back on me because I didn’t use the veto on you
Kaitlyn – Fee… _ just want to stay if you give me a f*ing chance..
Kaitlyn going on how Fes needs to campaign for her
F – OK
K – I just can’t having him do it it needs to be from you (Tyler)
F – ok
K – you know bayleigh will keep rockstar over me.. if your end plan was for both of us to be here.. and Statistically speaking you knew I didn’t have the votes.. I would be RUNNING around doing whatever it is I could to make sure she (haleigh) was safe..
K – Imagine how that feels that just happened and she doesn’t even come to me.. I haven’t even seen Haleigh.. you are safe and now you are chilling..
K – do you know what she is going to do? like these are the facts you knew ..
K – do you not want us both to be ehre..
Fes – I do.. given how the last 3 weeks have gone I didn’t base my decisions on the votes..
F – the past three weeks we thought we had the votes..

1:46pm Sam, Rachel,Kaycee Tyler, Bayleigh
Sam crying, “I feel like a jerk.. everybody is going to be mad at me.. ”
Rachel – you are one of the most authentic person..
Sam goes on about being hated.
Rachel says all these moments will subside..
Sam – will everything be like yesterday
They all tell her yes
Rachel – unfortunately they don’t want every day to be yesterday..
Bayleigh – I’m not judging you I don’t hate you
RAchel – same here
KAycee – for sure
Bay leaves..
Tyler – You know who’s had you back since day one
Rachel – we’ve been there since day one
Bay comes back..
Tyler – that was the craziest veto ceremony ever

1:48pm Kailtyn, haleigh and Fes..

Kailtyn still crying.. “I need 6 votes to stay in this house.. Bayleigh isn’t voting to keep me she’s still hurt about swaggy”
kailtyn talks like a little girl whining, crying, whimpering and repeating everything over and over..
Kaitlyn – I’m not worthy of being saved..

Kailtyn says the only 2 votes she has locked are Tyler and Brett.
K – what are you going to do.. I just want to know who.. because if you don’t intend on keeping me I want to know
F – you have Brett and Tyler.. you have me and her
K – do I..
F – all Rockstar has is us you have other people.. if we vote to keep you we need that loyalty.. moving forward.. does that make sense..
K – Fessy you said the one thing you wanted to do this week is to make sure we are here.. if you go into that room and vote her to stay.. I can’t..
F – if we do this… than me and her take preference over Tyler..
K – don’t vote to keep me if that’s not what you want to do.. if your gut and intuition doesn’t tell you than don’t do it
K – Choosing you over Tyler
Fes – no I’m shooting you straight here..
Fes tries to explain on a game level that RS has nobody they needs Kaitlyn to be loyal to them more than Tyler.
Fes – if we vote to keep you it’s use three it’s not us you with Tyler and us three over there.
K – you mean moving forward it’s the three of us rocking it moving forward to the end.. Where along the way did you think that was not my intention
Fes – when you win HOH and tell me you need time in there with Tyler
kailtyn defends her swaggy decision..
K – whats smart for my game and whats smart for my business.. do I regret it sure
Haleigh leaves.
K – you are done.. I thought you were part of this
Haleigh says its more their conversation now..

Kailtyn crying “you promised you would save me”
Kaitlyn starts giving him shit for not being confident with his answer about voting to keep her. Says when he is not Haleigh won’t get it.
Fes – ok I will.. you need two more..
K – Rachel and kaycee..
Fes – I can try and work on Bayleigh.. She’s not super close with Rockstar
Fes – just stop freaking out.. it’s a game. Why would I want Rs out over you

Fes – no more crazy unexpected sh1t from you..
Fes says they must look stupid sticking with her.
K – they know my intentions..
Fes – who flipped last week
K – I don’t think anyone did… Maybe Brett had a power.. I still believe a power was used.. I don’t care what she [sam] says


Chit chat…

2:50pm Enjoying the Popsicles..

2:50pm Angela and kailtyn 
Kailtyn going on about how she never needed Fes to save her she can save herself.. Angela says she will vote to keep kailtyn. Kaitlyn thanks her says Haleigh and Fes will be voting for her as well.
Kaitlyn says fes looked her in the eyes and she put all her trust in him, “it was a one to one moment .. we had two of them.. he looked me in my eyes in bed and said I want to save you make sure you pick me”
K – I said ok .. 5 minutes before the veto we’re dressed and he was nervous.. said I don’t want to go up.. so I said how about I don’t win you win and we can make sure we’re both safe and he said yeah
K – we shook hand and looked each other in the eyes
Kaitlyn – I threw it to him and he didn’t save me
A – his word means absolutely nothing…
Kailty – each week I’m being shown more and more of his character.

kailtyn – you feel like you are not worthy of being saved.. that triggers childhood stuff.. someone else is more worthy of that.. it didn’t have to be that way he could have let me win..
Kailtyn talks about her boyfriend and she is her everything.. I know he’s watching me right now.. If I stay I have the ability to redeem myself

K – do we really have an all girls alliance if she put up two girls.. I’m still in it..
Angela thought the girls alliance was solid..
K – I love Tyler to death he’s the only one I can lean on but like I said I would choose a girl any day.. that’s just the way I roll


4:00pm Tyler and Brett
Tyler says JC is Anti Fes and Kailtyn is anti fes
Brett – it’s going to be a uphill battle to keep kaitlyn..
Tyler says the tough 6th vote will be JC and they also have to convince Sam to not be pissed about it.
Brett – I’m down keep me updated..

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This is so predictable. Kaitlyn gets in solid with Level 6 (taking Winston’s place in that alliance). Level 6 lays waste to the competition. When it’s just Level 6 members, every one of them will have a specific strategy: make it to final 2 with the great Kaitlyn. Then on finale night…

“By a vote of 5 to 4…. Tyler….you just lost to Kaitlyn the Great. “


Keep dreaming!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Kaitlyn is a moron, they all know it. And Tyler is no Paul. If Paul weren’t such an a-hole, they would have given it to him. He was an egomaniac and a tyrant; it was poetic justice that he didn’t win, and that he didn’t win to Josh. Tyler is smart, he has exercised an extreme amount of self control; and most importantly, he has continued to manipulate Kaitlyn, talk her off the ledge, and not lost his ever loving mind from being around her so much. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

“K – I said ok .. 5 minutes before the veto we’re dressed and he was nervous.. said I don’t want to go up.. so I said how about I don’t win you win and we can make sure we’re both safe and he said yeah”
I can’t wait to see the POV to see if she really did throw it. I just wouldn’t throw it if I was on the block. I rather know I saved myself instead of putting it in someone else’s hands and when the person you are sitting next to the person the person you threw it to really likes.


I have a difficult time believing that she threw a veto comp to Faysal to save her if she was “that” close to winning (she came in 2nd place)! If she really did throw it, then the girl made a horrible move.


Nearly a Marcellus level bad move…


Kaitlyn says she threw it to Faysal so it could save her and prevent him from being the renom. But, I just don’t buy that story.

Cat Nip

Granny, Kate, the not so great, is a compulsive liar. i.e. or is it e.g., telling people that Tyler swore on he dead father. He didn’t. And, that was really low of her. This girl needs serious mental evaluation after she gets the boot, hopefully soon.

Carolina girl

She’s digging her own hole with that one since several ppl have said she got the last question correct.

T-Town Chic

Kaitlyn is really good at taking the truth and twisting it around in her head until it fits her agenda, then she believes it’s actually what happened. I’ve noticed that with her several times this season. The girls nuts and feeds gold!

another name

Just imagine for a second:
RockyVI: whydothea$$holesalwayswin standing in front of Brett with pan and spoon in hand…
“yeah…. um…. so about that micropenis thing…. how about a vote?” followed by a kumbaya serenade.
because as she said last week, you know that’s how the game works you even have to try with the people you don’t like.
okay. it’s not that funny, but kindasorta.


OMG, I really hope Sam is taking notes on how that hussie, Haleigh, is sitting around in a bikini and eating a popsicle with men present. I’m very offended.


So, you’re OK with RockSheet sucking on a popsicle with her boobs hanging out?


LMAO…me too


My current impression (based on house conversations) is that the votes for Thursday are as follows:

Vote to evict Rockstar: Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, Brett, JC
*Faysal (his vote is still undetermined IMHO..he told Kait he would vote RS and told RS he’d vote Kait)
Vote to evict Kaitlyn: Scottie, Bayleigh, Haleigh

even though Tyler had a chat in the storage room with Brett saying they would make sure the vote is a tie so Sam is forced to make the decision. I believe Tyler already has these votes lined up but isn’t being 100% with JC or Brett to allow for continued confusion on votes.

We still have 3 days….anything can happen.

Carolina girl

Last night when Angela and Haliegh were in the hammock Angela made it clear how much she dislikes Kaitlyn (throw her down the stairs lol) and Rachel also said she wasn’t telling who she’s voting for until Thursday (kinda likes RS) so im hoping those 2 speak up with L6 and push for Kaitlyn to go.. who knows though


Yes, but that was before Tyler had his talk with them that it’s better to keep Kaitlyn as a shield.

Carolina girl

Ah I see, well hopefully with this many days left she will show even more of her cray and they change their minds lol


I have a feeling neither will end up leaving…..this time.

But, um

I hope not! I’m tired of L6 winning, and both K & RS are comedy gold!


Wait, Tyler wants a tie so Sam decides. Why would he do that to her? Is he already willing in cast Sam aside. Because if either woman comes back they will be gunning for Sam.


I think that’s just a ruse for Brett’s benefit. Tyler has been a master at hiding votes, and how he can keep up with all his conversations is amazing to me. If it was me, I’d forget who I told what and say the wrong things, completely blowing my plan.

Tyler’s most authentic conversations happen with Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, JC, Sam and Brett (in that order). The reason Brett is still there over Winston is because Brett is a bigger target for the other side and he is athletic enough to win some comps.


yeah, brett’s a bit delusional not to realize that winston’s miserable performance in comps and brett’s obnoxiousness to the other side of the house (making him a target) is why he was kept. he’s definitely low man in the L6 alliance.


Tyler is definitely trying to hide his vote in the confusion of who voted for which one.


tyler would be voting out kaitlyn if not for sam’s power. he knows she’s horrendous for his game (and even worse for her own game), but he can’t make his feelings known if she does end up returning.

Carolina girl



So JC is now voting RS out ? I thought he said he was voting Kaitlyn out.


These votes bounce back and forth, but I’m fairly certain JC will vote with Tyler because he always has. So, yes, I believe so. However, it’s possible that Tyler could begin masquerading for JC soon….it’s a wait and see game for Tyler, but he adapts at every turn.

Even Bayleigh has agreed to vote out Rockstar and keep Kait as a shield. There has actually been talk of it being a sweep since there is the chance for the evictee to return (that way the evictee knows everyone voted the same and that person can’t flip out on any individuals over the voting if she does return). I don’t really see that happening, though, because what Tyler loves best is when the votes are so confusing that everyone is looking at everyone else wondering who flipped.

If you think back on all the evictions, only L6 + JC knew where the votes would actually be. Look back at the episodes at Tyler’s face when the evictions are announced. That guy is an excellent actor. It’s very impressive.


I seriously doubt Tyler wants a unanimous vote. He wants to keep people second guessing each other as long as possible.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agreed. Part of L6 strategy has been to remain non-committal so that the people in the middle (Sam, JC) don’t have a chance to cause more drama or campaign too hard. They are always on the same page come voting time as they are working as a team. Which is why the other side continues to be blind sided and shocked at every vote LOL. To funny.


Simon, what do you mean by “Kaitlyn is 100% on right now?
Certain to leave?
Certain to stay?
On a different planet?


Peak performance! She’s crying one minute and then cheery the next.


Krazy Kaitlyn’s alliance is with her spirit guides, but she has a final two with her inner self


So funny! 🙂


And that bird…but they’re being covert with their final 2


Surely, after all this crap they will all vote Kait out! They can take out RS any time!


there are a bunch of reasons to vote out rs over kaitlyn. the primary one being sam’s power. kaitlyn has proven herself competent in competitions as opposed to rockstar who’s garbage at them. since they don’t want the evictee to come back either way, voting out the person who sucks at comps more makes sense. furthermore if craytlyn comes back she’s going to be on the warpath so hiding behind a vote for rockstar in such a circumstance also makes sense. lastly rs is a much bigger liability on the jury than craytlyn. rs is going to award “who deserves it the most” rather than “good gameplay.” kray’s a bit of a wildcard jury wise but i’d probably prefer her on jury than rs.

Carolina girl

Tyler and Fes pretending to each other like they want Kaitlyn to stay and is their #1 is hilarious. They are both buying each other’s bs in regards to her. It would be great if they compared notes.. then if she comes back they could use the “feelings” she told to both of them she had as the excuse for flipping on her… But i really really hope she goes home for good.


Fes did the right thing giving the veto to Hayleigh, Kailtyn is proving she’s unstable and will always go whichever way the wind (Tyler) blows. He’s better off with Hayleigh hands down. I just wish Fes was a little smarter game wise. I’m hoping he’ll be like Victor, a comp beast, otherwise I don’t see him making it far.

My dream team would be Tyler, Fes, and Sam. I think Tyler is smarter than keeping Fes around though.


I like your picks, too, but agree that Tyler won’t keep Faysal….probably not Sam either. His real F2 is Kaycee, and I think he’ll stay true to that. He will likely pull Kaitlyn along as far as he can (I picture him driving a convertible dragging her behind like a clump of tin cans….that breaks apart…..all…..along the way).


Good assessment, probably spot on


yeah, hayleigh’s given fes nothing to doubt her loyalty while kraitlyn’s been all over the place and still can’t understand how bad her swaggy move was, which was obvious to almost everyone watching and probably at least half the house (and we’re talking a house who still can’t figure out the brett/winston vote).


Lol, d that last line is gold


Kaitlyn is driving me crazy. She tries to guilt Fessie because he didn’t save her. She was offended that he wanted loyal and then she turns around and blames Fessie and doesn’t trust him. Fes has reason to not trust her and this is another example. I want to pull my hair out. Please someone get rid if her.


This, 100%!!!

Miss Conception

If you were able to look up”belabor the point”,I really believe that Kaitlyn’s picture would be displayed prominently. If I were Fes,I would tell her to stick it! I cannot recall another player on BB that was such a victim of their own making. She really does need to go!


I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is with Sam and JC. It sounds like Sam almost put JC up as the renom, but ended up putting Rockstar. Yet, every time the HGs start to talk about it, the feeds cut to fish.


Ohh…I think I figured it out after Rachel and Angela’s talk. Sam just made it look like a last minute decision.


Faysal is such a coward ….he should have saved Kaytlin

Cat Nip

He should have left the nominations the same. Not used the veto.


No. Tyler would have had them flip and vote to evict Haleigh

Haleigh's Melanoma

He never should have won the veto.


I hope Rocksh*tforbrains gets evicted. In my 81 years, I’ve never met or seen anyone on reality shows who is so negative. Her hate for Brett got old the first time she started bad mouthing him.

As for Kaitlyn, I’m not a fan but at least she helps make for good better TV. Some of the things she’s said makes it sound like she had a not very pleasant childhood or life experiences. Having spent 10+ years as a Grief Counselor, I’d say that some serious therapy would help, especially when she finds out that her BF has dumped her.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Haliegh should just stop talking about current events and the world at large. Her college education is wasted.


Omg can she stop crying? Pathetic women! Only Sam has ovaries!