Kaitlyn “If I get past this week & I win HOH! I would be a F**KING TYRANT!”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

10pm Backyard couch. Fes, Sam, Kaitlyn and Rockstar. They’re going around giving each other compliments. Kaitlyn compliments Fes – When you came to me that first day in the kitchen and said .. because you knew I had a boyfriend .. you said I’ve never had a girl that’s a friend before. And I was like I’m ready for the challenge! Thank you for having me! From the moment that happened.. I have obviously had guy friends in the past but I can genuinely say that you are my BEST friend. Like you’re my best friend forever! Like no matter what happens. I love you so deeply that like you could literally f**k up my entire life ..like you could do something that ruins my life and I would be like no you’re still my best friend. We f**k with you all the time and say that you’re egotistical and full of yourself .. but you are.. like EVERYTHING! You’re the best! The best, the best! I admire you in so many ways.

Angela and Bayleigh in the hammock. Chatting about their lives outside of the house. Meanwhile on the backyard couches Rockstar is talking about her kids. The backyard compliments begin again. JC tells Kaitlyn

10:50pm Bathroom. Kaitlyn and Brett. Kaitlyn – Imagine if I get past this week and I win HOH! Brett – that would be sick! We would have so much fun if that happened. Kaitlyn – I know I would be a F**KING TYRANT!! Just kidding! Brett – I would give so many massages.

10:50pm Angela and Haleigh talk about their periods syncing up. Haleigh – I haven’t had one in 3 years and now I come in here and get one.
Haleigh – everything that she (Kaitlyn) says she stands for .. its like the opposite.. all the time. Angela – she is the biggest hypocrite. Haleigh – I know. Angela – is she over there? Haleigh – no idea. Angela – I don’t give a sh*t. She can probably sense that we’re talking about her. Haleigh – there is probably a big bubble around use where she can sense what we’re saying. She is just so full of sh*t all the time. It came to me in a dream. If I took my dreams seriously..

11:05pm Backyard. Sam and Rachel. Sam is giving Rachel a pep-talk. Sam – you are a phenom-fem-force! And you’re a f**king human! You’re a person with feelings. F**K yeah!

11:25pm Backyard Couches. Rockstar and Bay. Rockstar – its going to suck if I go up there but I’m just going to.. Bay – it would totally change the trajectory of the game. Rockstar – you know if I win HOH.. if anyone wins HOH .. I just want to clear the air with what happened at the last elimination. Bay – at the end of the day you might not get a chance to do that and people have already made up their minds.

11:32pm Angela and Haleigh look at the colour of each others eyes. Brett – this is where you start making out..

12am Tyler and JC are playing pool.

12:09pm Big Brother switches the feeds to Rockstar and Brett in the kitchen. Brett – I appreciate the apology. I respect that and appreciate that. Rockstar – I am very sorry that I reacted that way. Brett – K. Rockstar – so that’s what I was trying to say earlier. Brett – I gotcha. Thank you. Rockstar – after we will figure out why you said what you said but that’s not what this is about.. Brett – I getcha. Rockstar – just to clear the air. Rockstar leaves and then comes back and says there was another part that she forgot but got nervous because I was intimidated to say any of that to you. Which was that .. I see that you are a bright light in this house and you lighten up for a lot of people and it makes them very happy.. And I appreciate that. And I like that you’re a musician. Rockstar heads back outside.

12:13am – 12:30am Hammock. Fes and Bay. Bay – If Katilyn is left on the block she would go to work but if Haleigh was left on the block she would be defeated. I haven’t told you not to use it but that’s another option. That would keep things safe. But I don’t want to loose either of them. I wouldn’t want to loose another ally either. To me right now if I read Sam correctly.. she is leaning towards putting Rockstar or Rachel up. Fes – Rachel? Bay – just because she is close to us. Fes – Rockstar hasn’t come up to me once. Bay – she was giving you space. Bay – tomorrow no matter what I will have to do damage control. Sam joins them. Sam – you don’t need to tell me what you’re going to do. Fes – I don’t know yet. Sam – if you can just let me know if you’re going to use it so I am not put on the spot. Fes – I will tell you tomorrow morning. I can tell you if I am using it or not using it. Honestly I don’t know who I will use it on until going into it. Sam – Using it you’re protecting one person. If you don’t use it you’re protecting lots of people. Moving forward do you want one person in your corner or lots of people in your corner. I just need you to let me know if you’re using it.

12:35am Bathroom. JC and Tyler. JC – if you’re hiding something.. when I get out of this house I am going to crush you both so hard. Hopefully that B***H (Fes) won’t use it (veto).

12:45am – 1:10am Hammock. Rockstar tells Fes and Bay about her apology to Brett. Rockstar – I feel better. I also know that if he was to win HOH, I would be up on the block. Bay heads to bed. Rockstar and Fes chat. Fes – how did your talk with Sam go? Rockstar – Sam and I don’t talk game. I think she talks game with Rachel and Brett. I really don’t believe a power was used. Bay and Rockstar talk about whether or not a power was used to flip the votes at the last eviction.

Meanwhile inside.. Kaitlyn – where’s Fes? JC – he is probably s**king some guys d**k because he’s gay! Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1:50am Bedroom. JC, Tyler and Brett. Brett – Rockstar apologized to me. She said I am really sorry it wasn’t appropriate to say the things I said or act the way I acted. And I was like okay thanks. I was like all this apology does is make you feel better not me. JC – don’t say that! Brett – I didn’t. And then she came back in 5 minutes later and said something else .. it was so irrelevant. Like she wanted to thank me for the energy I bring and how I lift people up. JC – I think she is worried about going up. Brett – I think she also did something that she is embarrassed about. She needed that to be able to go home to them. I want her to leave, I don’t want to ruin her life.

2am Hammock. Rockstar and Fes. They talk about the veto. Rockstar – Haleigh shouldn’t be up there. Kaitlyn set herself up to be in this position. I didn’t want to have the veto. Part of me doesn’t feel like I will be going up there. Part of me thinks I might. Who the f**k knows. All I know is you asked for it, you got it. You said you were going to do something with it so I think you should use it because isn’t that why you wanted. Probably totally contradictory advice but its what you said you wanted to do with it. Those were your words. Fes – yes, my game to this day. Mean what I say, stick with the people that have been loyal to me and ride it out. Just like you. When my day comes, my day comes I will go out swinging. Part of me when she got put up on the block if you get house guest choice pick me and she said I don’t know. That kind of hurt me. Its like she has other options but I understand it would put me in a difficult spot to pick somebody. It kind of made me mad. I wanted her to tell me she would pick me and then she actually did. And then I actually won. Like destiny. Yeah I save her .. and then you or Bay go up on the block. Its lose, lose situation. Like I said from the beginning I am not going to play with the house. That only gets you so far.

2:10am Sam joins Fes and Rockstar. Fes to Sam – if I don’t know who the replacement nom is then I am leaning towards using it. Sam – who would you use it on. You just need to say yes I am going to use it or no I am not going to use it. Fes – it would help me if I knew the replacement nom to know if I am not going to use it. If I don’t know then I am leaning towards using it. The reason why I am leaning more towards using it if I don’t know the replacement nom is I don’t know how I am going to sit on in the diary room on Thursday night and have to vote one of them out. I am close to both of them. I would rather have to choose tomorrow. Sam – alright. Then pick tomorrow and I will pick. Sam – we’re both f**ked.. people are going to be mad at you and me. The same thing I said to Bay. You can save one person or save a bunch of people. How much does the person mean to you? You’re staying no matter what. I know its hard you could be HOH next week. You have to be a man and think for yourself. All you have to do is tell me if you’re using it. Then maybe I do home next week. Fes – how would you go home next week? If I win you’re not going up. Rockstar – if I’m not the replacement, then you’re not going up. Sam – we could do this all day. I need to know Fes. Yes or no. Fes – I can tell you 100% in the morning .. right now its 70% using it. Sam – I will go to bed thinking you’re going to use it. Sam goes to bed.

2:32am The live feeds return from being blocked. Rockstar – Its going to be alright. Sam – alright. I love you. Rockstar – I love you my primal little goddess. Fairy mountain momma. Sam – thank you. Sam heads back inside. Rockstar and Fes talk. Fes – she is emotional because she knows she has to put someone else up.

3am – 3:10am Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – I don’t want Rockstar to be the replacement. I don’t want to loose Rockstar. Fes – don’t want to have to choose between you two on Thursday. Haleigh – would it be a hard choice if you had to pick between us? Fes – yes. Haleigh – HHHHmm. Fes – Sam is maybe inclined to put up Rockstar because she and her will still be friends after this. Haleigh – don’t want to lose Rockstar. Fes – then you tell me what I should do. That is nice of you to say. Fes tells Haliegh that he wants her to be his ride or die moving forward. Haleigh wants him to explain taht part better.
fes – you playing with dudes hair.
Haleigh – WOW!.
Fes – you can’t do that.. what do you mean wow.
Haleigh – WOW.
Fes – are you serious!.
Haleigh – you are using the veto as a tool for me to stop associating with all the males in the house.
Fes – no i’m just saying.. it’s kinda annoying..
Haleigh – I told you I would do that but I’m not the only person you’ve asked that of. You literally referred to Kaitlyn as your ride or die! So how are are you going to ask me to do that? Fes – because I am picking you over her. Haleigh – and I already told you I would do that. Fes – that’s all I wanted you to say.

4am – 4:45am Rockstar and Haliegh. Rockstar – IF you come down and worst case scenario I go up. Then you, Fes, Scottie, Bay, JC (for votes to keep her). I really don’t think Bayleigh and JC will flip on us. Haleigh – we know Scottie and Fes won’t. Do you think Fes would? Rockstar – no he wouldn’t, he definitely wouldn’t. Haleigh – how would you feel about me if he used it? Rockstar – can anybody beat her? Would Bayleigh? Haleihgh – Bayleigh would. Rockstar – I really don’t see her putting up Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, JC, Brett or Tyler.

5am – 5:20am Fes and Haleigh in the backyard talking about the decision still. They then head to bed.

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No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m listening to Kaitlyn’s “Fezzy Speech” on After Dark this very moment and I want to gauge my eyes and ears out of my head. It cracks me up to watch Angela’s expressions when Kaitlyn speaks, or when she’s talking about her. I guess we all have blind spots in the way we see ourselves. But seriously, the Spirit Guides should revoke her Clairvoyant Card.



I hope you guys are enjoying the puppet show (reality tv competition to those on team gullible). Naturally, very few of you can appreciate Kaitlyn’s greatness just yet, but she’s the house guest that everybody is talking about. I can see her sticking around for at least two more weeks. No doubt production will have her solve a 4 piece puzzle to battle her way back (or something equally challenging). The following week, if Kaitlyn is in danger, they will just have to evict that demented dwarf sexual predator in her place. If a straight male went around grabbing men and women that he barely knows by the crotch, not only would he be evicted from the game, he might end up serving time in prison. I like JC …but from a safe distance. His crotch grabbing would creep you out if you were experiencing him up close and personal. There is still time to jump on the Team Kaitlyn bandwagon. Maybe production will figure out a way to have Kaitlyn beat Tyler 5 to 4 to win Big Brother.


Ok so I disagree with you on Kaitlyn because she’s a complete moron and I can’t stand her but your statement did crack me up a bit. I feel sorry for JC, he’s had a hard road but the crotch grabbing and all the gay talk on a constant basis is a bit alarming.


Jc is getting on my lastttt nerves… he needs to chill


He is such a button pusher….constantly teasing (accusing) Tyler and Faysal they are gay. I don’t like the way he talks to people, either. But, something that I can appreciate about him is that he is being himself…100%. He is not putting on a show or hiding his true self. He lays it all out there and doesn’t care who likes him and who doesn’t.

Smitten By Hayleigh

Well we will see if he can take the heat as the numbers dwindled down and he finds himself the odd man out.


“Himself” is a disgusting pig with Napoleon’s syndrome. I can’t WAIT to see his a$$ on the next thing smokin’ out of that house. He literally makes my skin crawl with his perverted mouth and actions. Pig.


Napoleon wasn’t actually short compared to others in his time period.

Goony Burd

That’s very true. Inches in France and in England at the time were wildly different. If you convert French inches to the English ones, he was about 5’11.


OMG, that means I’m totally hung like a pornstar in 1700’s French inches. Anybody go a time machine?


Im gay...and Im not proud of him



Jay Crimson

There comes a point where you have to stop being so inappropriate. JC need to chill.


And why is Rockstar apologizing to Brett?? They BOTH know he lied on her. That’s just crazy to me and it changes nothing. If anything, it makes it look like Brett may have been telling the truth about her.


Yeah, I don’t get that either. Maybe she is already campaigning in case she is the replacement nominee. Could be that she just wants a massage. Lol! I suppose it’s possible that she realized the way in which she responded made her look like an ass and is worried what her family thinks.

If I was in her situation, I would have been equally pissed, probably shocked and maybe hurt. Being a mom and knowing it’s a game with cameras on 24/7, Brett would have garnered an I roll and I definitely would have called him a liar. I admit that I probably would retire to my bed and pull the covers over my head because I unfortunately, I do tend to cry when I’m really angry.

Having said that, I am not in RS’s shoes. For some reason, it appears she has some major issues around Brett’s personality type or his social economic standing. Not knowing the why or what I probably shouldn’t judge so harshly. As a viewer, it’s hard not to and if you sign up for a reality show, it should be expected.

Guney Burd

Her class insecurity is uncomfortable to watch.

Smitten By Hayleigh

It’s like Rockstar has created for herself a loud bright colorful “look at me” persona to hide her deep down insecurities that appeared to come seems to effect her all her life. She has a preconceived dislike good looking or shallow minded people. However RS and Katilyn is really making this season a blast to watch.


Because she lost her mind and harassed him for days over what would normally be passed off as guy on the block making a desperate, ridiculous plea. She doesn’t want to be seen as a nut job who’ll crack at the slightest pressure. She also sees she might just go up on the block against Kaitlyn. and no one wants to be seen as the crazy one of that pair.


He lied in the game, she took it to personal insults. She called him white man, privileged, winner, rich guy and so forth. Name calling is different from game lying per Sam who encouraged her to find her light. Hope that clears it up some.


Ahhh… so she’s apologizing for the name calling and not necessarily the argument itself. I get that.


Seriously, what’s up with the censoring of comments that aren’t breaking any site rules? Guess you want less people visiting here…Disappointing really.


Try going on Tumblr…


LOL what comments? to be honest we really don’t have a lot of problems this year with comment.


Just in case: Let’s understand every comment is moderated. Simon and Dawg approve each post, although they may do it by the batch now. The reason is mainly to weed out the trolls, work from home and make a million bots, and some really ugly posts. They have lives, jobs, and families outside this website. So that means it may take a bit for the post to make it live. This year though you can at least see that the post is waiting. It’s not censorship, it’s life.


The way I see it..if you don’t like the site, you have two options: 1) Don’t use it, 2) START YOUR OWN SITE.


That CBS edit last night was ridic. They show RF all heartbroken and crying and Brett, laughing. Then they never show all the trash she dishes out.

Tom H

Brett is evil. I watch the feeds and he’s such a bad person. It was the right edit. Wouldn’t you be upset if someone made up lies and targeted you like that? He wouldn’t do that to any of the other good-looking girls.


I also watch the feeds and I think he’s a normal guy, not evil. Could I say he’s a “good” guy, no, not enough to make a judgement on that, but I def don’t think he’s bad. If someone made up a lie which put a target on me like that, I’d have to take a step back and look at myself. Was I just being a good person, non-judgemental, tolerant of people different than me. Then heck yea, I’d be pissed as heck. I would recognize that he’s just playing the game, but I’d still be pissed. However, if I was RF, and I had bad mouthed him on a personal level from the day we walked through the door, I’d probably still be pissed but I’d also recognize that it’s karma. I don’t want to be repetative as I’ve said this in numerous postings, but he never, ever went after her personally until she did. It wasn’t til he had found out the personal level with which she was degrading him, bringing family and upbringing into it, that he finally said to his friend in the house that he wishes he could spit in her face. He didn’t actually do it, but after hearing the level he was being attacked, he said he wished he could do that. So if that’s an example of what you mean by him being evil, then we can agree to disagree, that we just have different definitions on what is mean and ugly. RF, imo, has a couple times, shown a kind, human spirit, but for the most part, she has been the ugliest person, with the exception of Paul, on the inside and out. I don’t advocate 2 wrongs making a right, but I can cut someone some slack, when they’re on the block, on the brink of being voted out, and the main reason people are voting that person out is based mostly on one person’s (RF) stereotyping, misjudgements, and overall nasty character assassination of the other person.


Angela and Hayleigh looking into each other’s eyes and Brett says “this is when you start making out.”
I frickin love Brett, had me laughing so hard. I also feel like if I didn’t know RF’s true feelings and instant inaccurate judgements, I would have found her apology incredibly nice, genuine, and taking the higher road. But because I know how she feels about people different from her, I can’t see the apology as anything other than fake and just a means of damage control.

Smitten By Hayleigh

See what did I tell ya about JC? He is an inappropriate absolute pervert. Just because he is a “Little Person “ and “ Gay” he seems to be getting a pass. Tyler is not gay, nor is Fes but he is name calling and discussing that they might be. And people want to accused Bay for being over the top after yesterday show. JC was the only person who used the word f@gg@t. His comments are with malice. JC has to go!!!!!


Point out that there is a demented sexual predator in the same post as you celebrate KAITLYN’S greatness and it will be voted down by EVERYBODY on team gullible. JC is grabbing at people’s crotches, demanding to see men naked, exhorting women to flash their breasts or show him their pussy. The next level is for him to try to “turn” Tyler or Faysal. He pledged to LITERALLY get in Tyler’s pants and has convinced himself that Tyler is just a confused homosexual ready to fall in love with a gay dwarf. They must be postponing JC’s eviction for sexually inappropriate conduct to give the great Kaitlyn three chances at NOT being evicted.


JC is many things, but he isn’t a dwarf. Personally, my biggest objection is I would find him exhausting to listen to and be around for more than a few minutes, much less weeks!


Your comment is implying that JC is saying that Tyler and Fes are gay is an insult. Calling someone gay is not insulting, it is just a sexual preference. Furthermore, I’m not sure why this bothering you so much. I’m not sure anyone really takes JC’s comments seriously. And if they do, mistaking someone as gay is not a bad thing.


I agree about calling someone gay is not an insult (I mean it shouldn’t be used as an insult), but JC is most definitely inappropriate. Anyone gay, straight, man or woman who goes around and tries to see people naked or grab them inappropriately is disgusting PERIOD. It shouldn’t be tolerated. Plus his comments about Fes fellating someone because he’s gay isn’t just him mistaking someone for being gay, it’s taking it an extra step and to me JC did mean that in an insulting way.


so if someone says that a person is gay for you it’s name calling? I guess that’s why you don’t like JC, you have few issues with gay people i take.


I don`t think Faysal is gay….but I do think Tyler and Scottie are gay.

Goony Burd

Out of curiosity, and not to start a fight, by what basis are you making that assumption for Tyler?

(I sort of agree with you on Scottie, though it’s just an unrefined gaydar on my part- I think he’s trying to cover up who he really is by leaning into the Nerd Stereotype, or Production told him “we already have a gay HG, so could you play up your nerdiness?”)

Goony Burd

We the audience really have to ask ourselves if his entertaining antics are worth the risk that a sexually aggressive bully who name-calls and touches women without consent should be winning the presidenc- I mean, $50,000…


“Rockstar – IF you come down and worst case scenario I go up. Then you, Fes, Scottie, Bay, JC (for votes to keep her). “….then…”Rockstar – I really don’t see her putting up Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, JC, Brett or Tyler.

Will this this group ever be able to string 2 facts into a conclusion? RS thinks she’s safe because she has the votes of the people who’ve lost three straight weeks…and Kaitlyn thinks she’s done because the losers of 3 straight weeks have abandoned her.

If there’s never the point when these people realize they have to align with and then sew dissension in the majority, then that majority will just simply pick them off for the next incredibly boring month.


I wonder if RS will finally Own it when she gets nominated.


no, no… she’s apologized, you know? genuinely. funny how that goes:
– before the veto comp: “Brett is a despicable nasty bully demon entitled privileged white dude, he makes my skin crawl and how can anyone of y’all tolerate him here?”
– between veto comp (Fes wins -> likely to use it) and veto ceremony: “look, Sam: I’m a nice person. I suddenly am overcome with the need to apologize. Because I’m so nice. (And not on-the-block-worthy) Totally authentic, ya know?
– after the veto ceremony: hmm… let’s wait and see. I bet it’s likely to go back to step 1.

BB Fanatic



But he lied about the fries!


LOL damn I forgot that.

Raegan Revekka

Kaitlin probably tells every guy she meets that she’s even slightly attracted to that she is their “best friend “


Sam has put a permanent target on her back by judging Hayleigh and Kaitlyn. Sam’s comments toward them at the nomination ceremony were mean-spirited.


At first I was really annoyed by what Sam said to haleigh but the more I thought about it I just felt sorry for sam. Her saying young men can’t control themselves makes me think she was probably sexually assaulted when she was younger then told it was her own fault for the way she dressed/acted and is why now she is so reserved and dresses and acts like one of the guys.


I agree. I mean Kaityln hanging on guys when she has a boyfriend is gross, she’ll have to deal with those consequences outside of the house. When Sam went after Hayleigh that was just so wrong and pretty ridiculous. I don’t see anything wrong with Hayleigh, she’s young and single and she isn’t inappropriate in any way. The fact that Sam was trying to shame her and make her feel bad really took Sam down a couple of notches for me. I like Sam but that was a misstep in my eyes.


Do you not remember how dismissive and how shitty Hayleigh treated Sam when she was a robot !? Paybacks are a bitch and women never forget….

Haleigh's Melanoma

And Kaitlyn’s contribution was to suggest Sam just “Suck it up”.


I totally agree heyleigh was mean to Sam (robot) but I don’t think she should have been called out for being like kaithlen


it was no Hayleigh…it was Kaithyln… anyways Sam was very stupid and no one could stand her when she was a robot


Ok Maverick32, but what does that have to do with Hayleigh’s behavior with men? I’m specifically addressing what she said about Hayleigh and her interaction with the men in the house. If Sam had an issue about how she was treated by her when she was a robot then she should’ve said that not that she was inappropriate with men. I would have zero issue with Sam then. The fact that she made it about Hayleigh’s behavior with men (which I think she’s completely wrong about!) is why I’m disappointed with Sam and think she made a misstep.


All while completely absolving the dudes and making them sound like victims.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Look at Fez. He’s ruined his game because he thinks a couple of girls that climb all over him means he’s gonna get some squirrel.


I see your point, even though I believe she has valid reasons for putting the two up, she should have voiced them. I still like Sam though, she says what’s on her mind and has stuck with what she believes is right.


I agree, I like Sam too. A lot! I just wish she wouldn’t have done that one thing with Hayleigh. She definitely had a valid reason to put her up, the behavior with men thing wasn’t it though.


Its because Haleigh has gone from Tyler to Fes to Brett to Fes to ……


Sam may have been harsh but I don’t totally disagree with her. Are these women using the men to get further in the game? Who really knows. I think her point was If they are just young and into each other that’s one thing but to toy with a guy’s emotions for a game is another.


Sam went to far….I can`t stand her now…


The comments Sam made were spot on IMO.


I think if Rockstar is put up, Kaitlyn will still go home. The 5 don’t really don’t like her and Rockstar’s people will vote for her to stay, actually it could be everyone voting Kaitlyn out unless Rockstar has a breakdown and loses it! But doesn’t the person come back into the game with Sam’s power automaticly so does it even matter?


I think there will be a strong consideration to vote out RS. Tyler knows the person voted out will have a chance to come back in. He’s wanted RS out for awhile now and knows she can’t win anything so a low chance of coming back. He wants Kaitlyn out because he knows she is bad for his game but if she gets back into the house and finds out he voted her out Tyler’s game will blow up.


Kind of. The evicted houseguest has a CHANCE to return to the game. They have to win a challenge to return.


I once heard Sam say that she wondered if the power giving a player a chance to return back to the game would then could return, but as the robot! That would be perfect if that happens to Kaitlyn!!

Haleigh's Melanoma

I think it would be a hoot to keep Kaitlyn just to blow the other Footsie’s minds again. I want to see an out of control Fessie tear his man bun off.


The evicted HG has a chance to come back – meaning he/she will have to win the opportunity. RS sucks at pretty much everything she does so it’d be best for her to be evicted.


I forget who was discussing it, but the point was made that if Rockchiprepair wasn’t going to win it all (0% chance), it would be kinder to send her home to her family rather than keep her sitting in Jury House all summer.


Last night Tyler and J C are lying on the bed chatting. Kaitlyn throws herself between them…hugging JC. He freezes and stares at the ceiling. In a baby voice…she says * Oh..tell me JC stories*.
Tyler tells how when he was 10 years old he fell..and was in ICU for 10 days.
Obviously Kaityn knows the story..but oohs and aahs excessively.
JC says 3 times * He was 10 YEARS OLD!*
So uncomfortable. I almost felt sorry for her.
When Fez takes down Hayleigh..all hell is going to break out.
I believe Fez ALWAYS inended to take down Hay..bu has been pretending to waffle. Making Kaitlyn et al feel how torn he was.
NO. Fez is playing the game. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
So now..the Winston elimination is going to raise it’s ugly head..when Sam reveals her app power.
The feeds should be glorious. If you love sturm and Drang 🙂

Haleigh's Melanoma

He wants to take down Haliegh so she will be obedient in return and not talk to any of the other guys in the house. What a big dumb weenie.


Damn straight. Spot On !!!


I love this season best one in a long time!!!

But these have to be some of the dumbest HG Ever. Fouetté can not figure out why they keep losing the votes. And they think a power has been Used when normally that is announced in some way. Level 6 does not realized Tyler is playing all sides. And there are so many floaters you can’t count. And is appears the majority of the house are recruits and don’t understand the strategy of the game.


It is interesting that a lot of them are recruits and don’t know the game yet many say it’s the best season in ages. Maybe the recruits are exactly what the show needed.


Most of the seasons are full of recruits. The problem is the types of recruits, so many have been solid fame whores who want nothing more than to expand their social media standings so they can call themselves an influencer and charge folks to post things on their feeds. They were perfectly content to do whatever they were told as long as they made it to jury. Production was crawling all over the place trying to create a storyline and it was just painful.

The cast this season has played the game for the most part. They are engaged with mechanics of the show and that’s what makes it good. Right now we have one side in control, but they aren’t so dominant that they can’t be touched. Plus production has either let the game play or at least taken a much lighter hand in the steering of the storylines. The people aren’t so horrible as to be unwatchable, so boring as to be a snoozefest, or so fake as to make Ghandi want to beat them to death with a mallet.

Also, the one showmance ended quick and Haleigh is keeping Fez begging. Kaitlyn’s obsession is disturbing but not a proper showmance.


Sometimes I think to myself-
Sam is a little bit Norman Bates. Lol


Hissarlik I think you may be right I am in manufacturing and welding is old boy and old school for a women to succeed in welding she has to be sweet and tough.

Sweet so they won’t hate her and tough say they have to respect her. It is a tough balancing act. And moving forward we might she the tougher version of Sam


I agree with that. I am a female in a world of boilermakers. You have to get them to like you before you act tough. It’s an unfortunate scenario . If you’re tough from the start they automatically label you a “b*tch. If you show your sweet side first then act tough you’re “ just a cool chick sticking up for herself”. It’s not how I want to be but it makes work life easier.

I like Sam but was not a fan of her nomination speech. She is right that Kaitlyn shouldn’t be doing what she is doing because she has a boyfriend. But Haleigh is a single woman and can flirt with whomever she wants


Sam was recruited. How did they find her??


OneRockSaltyGirl just literally named the entire level 6 alliance ??


If anything, this “apology” to Brett will only help him to hide his vote against Kaitlyn if RS is the replacement nominee.
He can say the apology helped, say he moved on and vote out Kaitlyn which is what his alliance wants, and then target her again later.
Another RS move that can help Brett.


I am definitely not a RS fan by any means but she is a truly mixed up individual with the desire to be liked and be that “cool kid”. Her pain is so evident and she is making up any excuse she can come up with to blame others for why she gets treated badly. “It’s not my fault, these people are just mean horrible privileged people”. I’m sure this has been ongoing her whole life and that makes me feel a little bad for her.


I must say this is the best season in a while.


I used to like Sam but now seeing the way she is acting can’t wait to see her voted out. she is very judgemental or jealous of some of the girls in the house. her speech to Haleigh and Katilyn shows she has issues. They don’t do anything with the guys that Rachel and Angela aren’t doing also. Where does Sam get off
telling Rockstar she shouldn’t go to jury because she has kids at home. Rockstar is trying to win to buy a house for her kids. It’s not like she left them home alone. I just don’t think Sam should be lecturing anyone.
Those people she is working with could care less about her they are just using her to do the dirty work. She should be worried about her game and stop trying to be a people pleaser to Tyler and the rest of them.


1. I still like Sam & hope she doesn’t get evicted soon.
2. I think her nomination speech was a mistake.
3. I don’t think Sam would miss a minute of sleep over my opinion of her game play.
4. I think Sam would care about hurting someone’s feelings, although it might not change her decisions.



1. Why make the nominations so deeply personal to the point of making the girls you nominated cry because of your personal attack on their characters?
2. Why make enemies of the girls who are shameless in wrapping men around their fingers and manipulating men to do what they want them to do?

Free psychic reading courtesty of Team Kaitlyn:
Sam will be taking the first turnip truck back to her hometown. If Faysal wins HOH, I have a pretty good idea who the target will be….thanks to input by Haleigh and Kaitlyn.


I want Tyler, Scottie and Sam gone

Haleigh's Melanoma

We can all agree that RS doesn’t have a hoot owl’s chance in hell of winning this game. If she goes to Jury she has already lost. That means she is spending weeks away from her kids for nothing.

JC is Pervy

Are they even awake yet?

JC is Pervy

I think Fes used the veto to take down Heyliegh and RS is up. Sam explaining the chance back to her


JC is annoying as FUCK! He and sam are those type of ppl that you want to get out pronto however they are a waste of an HOH