“I said I do not like white boys that are entitled and privileged.” – Rockstar

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Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Kaitlyn and Haleigh were nominated

5:08pm Havenot room. Angela and Rachel. Rachel – that’s why its kind of good to keep Kaitlyn though. Angela – yeah I know. Rachel – as much as I don’t want her here. Angela – I just hope Rockstar goes up this week.. and then next week its Kaitlyn. Rachel – yes. Angela – everyone will be voting for Kaitlyn. Rachel – everybody will. And that’s perfect for jury. The smaller it gets .. its just going to get harder. Angela – the next few weeks will get easier before it gets harder. Rachel – I am going to try and get closer to Kaycee. Angela – going into the double eviction we will have 5 votes. Rachel – it just can’t be two of us. Rachel – they haven’t really done much big twists this season other than the power apps. Rachel – there is nothing else to talk about .. just keep our distance. Angela – I am so f**king glad we kept Brett because Winston never had any ideas.

Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh. Rockstar – did you talk to Sam? Haleigh – no. Bay – are you going to? Haleigh – yeah, I just wanted to put things into perspective and her as well. I think she passed judgement on me unfairly. As far as my conduct and actions in this house, I have nothing to be embarrassed about. There is nothing that I’ve done that I’m like I hope no one sees that. I am aware that we’re on a show and that we’re watched 24/7. So as far as me having respect for myself, I know the respect I have for myself. My friends, My family know that. And my character is strong. And I know my character well enough to not have to explain myself to her. But I do want to let her know it was insulting. That this is a game and I think she passed judgement unfairly. I also want to put into perspective .. she always say this mom, friend and sister… YOU can’t attack someones character and being so nonchalantly. And that’s all I am going to say. I respect her decision. I understand that this is a game and I came to play the game. I am upset that its a personal attack on me. Bay – that’s exactly what Kaitlyn said. Kaitlyn – all she keeps saying is that its not game related and its not personal … Okay so what is it? We have dad’s, brothers and men in our life and they’re going to see that. It puts things into perspective. Haleigh – there is no tape they can put that would embarrass me. Kaitlyn – the flirt game part is frustrating but my friends and family know I am an affectionate person. I like to hold hands and stuff. Rockstar – its different strokes for different folks. With Fes he has to keep a 3 foot distance from me because he is an attractive male. I do it out of respect for Chris (boyfriend). Kaitlyn – two days ago she (Sam) said she would use the power on me if I went up. Rockstar – I like Sam and I went to her and she said her biggest thing is bullying. She told me to bottle my anger and pull it out when it is needed. I feel like a lot of people are friend with this bully. This season is f**ked up .. like its week 3. Rockstar – They put me against the person that I described I was against. I said I do not like white boys that are entitled and privileged. My mom said you should not have said that, you’re white.

5:35pm Kaitlyn is centering her spirit animal..

5:47pm – 6:05pm Lounge room. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn – like be straight up with me what is about me that makes me a target to other people. She said personally not game related. Fes – I can’t speak for her but … I don’t know .. when you made a big move .. yeah you stuck up for yourself but going into this week someone has to change things up. Kaitlyn – she keeps talking about how she doesn’t like frat boys. She (Sam) used the power. Fes – if one of you come off, I am probably going up. Kaitlyn – not if you win the veto. Fes – I would have to get picked to play. Kaitlyn – if I pick you, but I need you to use it on me. Fes pauses a long time and doesn’t answer (he doesn’t want to say because he would likely pull Haleigh off over Kaitlyn.). Fes – you have Tyler. Kaitlyn – I don’t know that I have Tyler with his three fingers shaking. Kaitlyn – I would always pick you over Tyler .. any day of the week. Fes – this is literally the worst position I could be in .. in this game. The two closest people I have in the house. Kaitlyn – I don’t want to pick you and then you throw it because you don’t want to pick. Fes – I wouldn’t throw it. I am your best bet.

6:15pm – 6:25pm Rockstar, Sam, Scottie, Bay and Haleigh. Haleigh – I just wonder why you think that I don’t contribute? Sam – I do think you do. You contribute. I just didn’t know you two very well. And the thing with not respecting the guys in the house .. I have seen you have real conversations with Scottie. I think you and Scottie are really friends. I look at it as an even playing field .. but we women have an advantage .. we can smile and dazzle and ruin a guy. If you choose to use that power for good or evil. Haleigh – I see your point of view but I also felt insulted that you think I don’t have respect for myself. And that being a thing that was said. My grandpa does watch this show. For them to hear that is going to be off putting but they also know me as a person. They’re going to be very confused as to where that came from. There is nothing that could be pulled up or put up that would embarrass me. I expected it, that I might go up but the disrespect that you think I have for myself and for other people is what hurt me the most. Sam – actions speak louder than words. I’ve been around and seen things that make me wonder what if your Papa saw that or if Kaitlyn’s boyfriend saw something. Haleigh – what did I do that you think is wrong? Sam – people do thing that they normally wouldn’t do .. how many times have you met a guy and a month later you have a sleep over with him? Haleigh – yeah. What is worry some is if America will think. Sam – you are a lot smarter than what I have seen. I am by no means attacking either of you personally. Sam – I’m not saying don’t have fun and look pretty. I’m not saying if you’re feeling something get in bed. Haleigh – every relationship here is a platonic one. Sam – I know your heart and I would like to know your brain better.

JC – feel bad for Haleigh. Rockstar – she will be okay. We’ll see after this veto. I decided I am done socializing with people. I just wanted to park it back here.

HOH room. Kaitlyn and Sam. Sam – I wanted to open it up to you. I already talked to Haleigh. Kaitlyn – I don’t know what you guys spoke about but I get this game and I am totally not upset that I am on the block. If I am upset its just because in the moment I am emotional. This is a game. What I am upset about are two things that you said. You are entitled to your opinion so I don’t want you to take it back. One was that I was disrespectful to men and two that what I am doing is the opposite of female empowerment. And the reason why these two things hurt me is because female empowerment .. I think I have made it really clear to people in the house and America is that I am sticking by the females. Sam – you’re sticking pretty close to Tyler and he’s a young man. Kaitlyn – absolutely, he’s a good friend of mine. Sam – and Fessie. Kaitlyn – yeah, and yet again another good friend of mine. But at the end of the day if there is a girl and a guy up there I am sticking with the girl. I am a girls girl. 100% Sam – but the guys don’t know that. Kaitlyn – of course they don’t, why would I admit that to them. That would be a poor move for my game. But it doesn’t mean my relationships with them aren’t genuine. The first week … what is so heartbreaking is that have stood in my power and to have another strong female stand in front of me and say I am the opposite of female empowerment. It just breaks my heart.

6:50pm HOH room Kaitlyn and Sam. Kaitlyn – It was bringing me down.. it was your intent in that moment.. when you said this isn’t game related. I have been watching this game for a long time and the decision you make should be game related and not personal. I have a dad and a grandfather, and uncles and a brother, uncle… Sam – so does Haleigh. Kaitlyn – right and a brother and boyfriend that I care so much about. The way I act around guys in this house. I am not an idiot, I know I am on national tv. This is how I act around EVERYONE! I am not embarrased. My boyfriend, my dad… all these men are going to watch this and be like that’s Kate. I am an affectionate girl and I can’t help it but nothing about is is me leading them on. They know I have a boyfriend. They know our relationship. They know its nothing more than a friendship. (I will just leave this here – link) I just happen to be a f**king cuddly girl. I like to be touched. I like affection. If that’s my downfall then so be it. There are a million other adjectives that would be way worse. Sam – I saw you as this great teacher .. and then the flip side when you were joking about it… it was almost like you were making fun of it. I thought you should be proud of that, you know. It was like you were making fun of it and I didn’t like that. Don’t sell yourself short. Then this week you were talking about empowered females and then you were making fun of so called iconic empowered females. (I have no idea what Sam is talking about.) Kaitlyn – who am I making fun of? Sam – just .. having a sense of humor about it. Katilyn – like who!? Sam – well this is all just a bunch of talk which I am not interested in. Kaitlyn – I want you to be able to defend yourself. Sam – like when you hang out with Haleigh and Rockstar and then in the kitchen you said the only call I am going to get when I get out of here about empowered females is from Hilary Clinton. How lame is that. Kaitlyn – I think you have taken it the wrong way. When I say it I am making fun of it and I am really proud of it. Sam – I might be taking it the wrong way. We both have ideas about what an empowered female is. Sam – you’ve also made personal digs at me too.. like you said “Get’er done!” Kaitlyn – I’ve never said something like that and if I did it was following someone else saying it. I indent to win this veto and I am going to stay. How do we move forward. I don’t care any more what you’ve said. If I go home then there is someone else I am suppose to serve. Sam – if I do win the veto, I am not going to use it. Kaitlyn – that’s fine. Sam – I will not compete any more or less. I promised Rockstar that she could host.

7:25pm HOH room – Sam and Haleigh. Sam – You and Kaitlyn are both strong competitors. I think you are strong enough to win and take yourself off. I think you can do it. You do you! You’re beautiful. You’re amazing! Haleigh – okay. They hug and Haleigh leaves.

7:45pm Bathroom. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn tells Fes about him all about her conversation with Sam. Fes – do you have a power? Kaitlyn – I would have told you at this point.

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