Big Brother Spoilers Nominations “So much for Girl Power I guess”

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Kaitlyn and Haleigh were nominated

2:15pm Feeds come back
RS – That smug bastard was Sitting their Smiling .. Rockstar is pissed that Brett didn’t get nominated goes on abotu how he must jknow somebody to get away with all this.
RS = So much for Girl Power I guess…
Rs says she tried to give Brett and hug and he told her all out of hugs
RS – f***ing douche bag.. I went after the bros now I have to go after the sisters..

2:22pm RS and Bayleigh
Bayleigh plans to lay low let it all blow over and fight to win the HOH next week.
Bay – how are you going to play it..
RS is just going to pray for the HOH to put up Angela and Brett
RS about Brett – he’s such a d1ck
RS – I’ll put Sam next to Brett..
RS – he’s such a jerk he needs to go
RS – I dunno girl.. look at the president..
RS – I believe in Fes and you.. I don’t know about Scottie and I don’t know who flipped the vote on Swaggy.. I want to think it’s not Scottie..
Bayleigh thinks it was Haleigh that Flipped
RS – I don’t know who I can trust around here.. I feel Fe and you are trustworthy.
RS – Sam is pretty trustworthy but she’s a maverick she does her own thing

2:25pm Kailtyn and Fes

Crocodile tears… whimpers.. Kaitlyn cries that she was always going to pick Fess as her POV player if she gets houseguests choice but given the nominations … It might be though for fes to choose between the two of them .She whimpers that she’ll have to pick Tyler.. She whimpers some more that she probably doesn’t have the votes to stay. Tells Fes that he has to win Big Brother 20.

2:29pm Tyler Kaycee and Kaitlyn.
K – I know it’s going ot be OK it always happens for the higher good.. I just didn’t like what she said to me..
K – I don’t care that i’m on the block.. i don’t like what she said I don’t like that she questioned my female empowerment and I don’t like she said I disrespected men like… these are all things truly totally the opposite of my character and I’m allowed to be hurt by it
k I just feel like the way she just spoke to me and telling me that I can’t apologize after as if that’s a normal thing…
K – it was super.. .. That wasn’t female empowerment..
K – I’m so glad I meditated for an hour and a half today I kept thinking in an event I do get out.. I certainty don’t have teh votes of ot’s her an I on the block Thursday

T – you don’t know that
Kaycee – you dn’tk now that
K – all I know there is a reason for it and maybe someone really needs my help outside of here and like that’s the only thing giving me purpose right now..
K – there’s someone else.. me at my highest truth and me at purpose.. isn’t needed here as it would be somewhere else.. That’s the only ting that is getting through
(her super powers are needed elsewhere CBS take her away)
Kaycee – don’t give up
K – Ohh HONEY I have already won the veto .. like that’s not what I care about.. i am winning the veto..
T – everyone has their opinion whether it’s false or true .. you know your truth
K – it’s still hurtful to hear words like that in public .. she spoke for men she spoke for the men of the house
Tyler says she never talked to any of the guys
K – I don’t believe in speaking on behalf of people
(I think Sam called the two girls out for flirting with all the guys)
K – Again I’m not playing the victim i’m going o win the veto
T – she said it best take that energy and channel it
K – she didn’t have to say it for me to know it
Kaycee – you have every right to feel the way you do
K – of course..
Kaycee leaves..
T – I’m sorry I didn’t know.. I didn’t know she felt that way
Kailtyn asks him if she gets houseguests choice should she pick him. Tyler says if you pick him and he thinks he can win it he’s going to go for it and he says fes would say the same thing.
kailtyn whimpers – he didn’t .. he didn’t say that… it’s mean and her you know..

2:41pm Rockstar and Haleigh
Rocklobster is still going on about how Brett is a d1ck and she can’t understand what Kaitlyn and Sam see in him.
Haleigh says she was upset because she heard RS was going around telling people she flipped. RS says she didn’t say that she two people she’s close to and one of them she trusts.. what if Brett and Haleigh were a couple.. I didn’t say that to anybody I said it to myself.. but..
RS – why wold this guy target me.. unless someone telling him he’s my number 1 dude to get out..
RS adds that the only person she talks to game at that level is Haleigh.
RS starts talking about loyalty being her number one thing and the D1ck head gets up in front of everyone and questions her loyalty the one thing she stands on in this house.
RS – I didn’t say to anyone I thought that I never said you flipped..
RS – OI said here’s these two people.. one of them put up a friend of mine.. she’s the obvious choice to not trust.. what if there was another that I consider is a real friend.. we’ve talked about final 2 sh1t.
Haleigh – that is why I was so upset.. to hear it.. I knew I was going up but I was more upset because I thought you really thought I had flipped..

Haleigh starts to cry..
RS says it was weird that she was close to Brett this week..

They hug it out..

Haleigh – I thin kit was Kaitlyn and Tyler.. it wasn’t JC
Haleigh – it wasn’t you it wasn’t Baleigh.. JC was too upset he was frazzled

Fez joins them..
RS – I only trust you and Fes.. I haven’t trust Kaitlyn since Swaggy
RS – how do we keep getting f**ed.. we keep getting f***ed.. like so…
RS – so what if you are playing a flirt game only one of you is single
RS – you are a single 21 year old..

haleigh starts to cry over what Sam said to them. RS clears it up for Fes tells him Sam said Haleigh flirts with all the guys in teh house
RS – You are a single 21 year old girl it’s ok…

3:25pm just chit chat…

3:27pm RS and Scottie
RS calls Brett he biggest bully in the house doesn’t understand why Sam is keeping him in teh house.
RS says even if it means she’s backdoored she wants to know why Sam’s nom were what tehy were.
RS goes on about how Brett ignores her.. calls him a d1ck.
RS says Rachel told her that Brett is a d1ck and she doesn’t like him.. “I Think she’s good I think she’s on this side.. ”
Scottie – she’s just buying time. (Nope she’s lvl6 and vixen)
RS going on about how Haleigh and brett maybe met in college and is a secret couple..
RS – All i really trusted in here is Haleigh and Fess….. and you that’s grown to a trust.
Scottie says RS’s theory that BRett and Haleigh are a couple is a thought.
(LOL RS has lost her mind)
Rockcod thinks this is a thing.. She’s going one about how she saw BRett and Haleigh hug for an extended period of time.

Rockstar says the only think Brett said was “OWN IT OWN IT” that’s a bold ass lieing a$$ dude..
Rockchiprepair says Kaitlyn is the obvious one to flip , “she’s always hanging out with them”

(This is beyond wacky.. Rockyroad thinks the flips could be Kaitlyn/Haleigh over Tyler/JC .. ZOMG)

3:37pm Rachel and Sam
Rachel poitns out that HAleigh and kaitlyn voted for her to go week 1 so she could have said that
Sam says those two girls
Sam – she says comment in the hallway like GIT ER DONE .. I know she’s picking on me I’m not dumb.. plainly they are the other alliance that’s a duo.. they don’t clean they are messy..
Sam – lately she’s been going on and on with female empowerment.. and what they do is the total opposite of what I consider to be an empowered female.. Flipping your hair around and meowing like a cat isn’t exactly a respectful lady like behavior
Sam – walking around with your clothes half on half off (some of use don’t mind haleigh doing this.. Sam back off)
Sam – I mean yeah everybody here ha a beautiful body but at least you are hearing clothes that fit you.. they wear clothes that ha;f hang off
sam – they always just look like they rolled out of bed and into a blanket.. they just.. I feel like they don’t respect people’s things and space
Sam – thy are constantly like hey let me wear that
Sam – respect others and respect yourself.. I’m sure they have nasty things to say about me too that’s fine
Sam – I smoke I drink I don’t respect myself.. you can say whatever you want but I had to nominate two people.. my first instinct was them two
Rachel – what happens if one of them wins veto
Sam – that’s what I’m saying .. we’ll deal with it when it happens..
Rachel asks if a replacement nominee goes up who would she want to go.
Sam – I hadn’t thought that far.. who would the replacement be
Sam doesn’t care which one goes haleigh or Kailtyn they are interchangeable o her like the bros were

Rachel asks again who would she opt up if veto is played.
Sam whispers Rockstar
Rachel – or .. .that;s who I was thinking.. who else.. also you have to go off who you’re close to
Sam – I’m close to Rockstar.. at the same time not being able to control herself so early on
Sam thinks Rockstar is going to get Evicted soon anyways so using her HOH on RS is a waste.
Sam – nobody is going to get mad if she’s sent home.. that wold have been the easy road.. like me she made a public display last night I could have easily put her up.
Rachel – would you do a guy or no? from the other side
Sam – there’s only one and he’s so precious he hasn’t got to win a competition I know that is so much for him.. he’s harmless
Sam says if veto is played she’ll probably put up Rockstar.,

4:07pm – 4:31pm Rockstar and Sam
Rs is still going on about BRett.. says that 2 people said they were going to do something and didn’t
Sam – Haleigh
RS – no not haleigh
Sam – I thought her and Brett were tight
RS – Kaitlyn and Brett are tight they both are tight
Sam – are you tight with Kaitlyn
RS – Kailtyn put up Swagy.. I’ve been friendly but not friendly..

rs cries calls Brett a bully, “he has not once acknowledge me ”
RS – I don’t know why he has so many friends he’s an a$$hole
Sam – he just chose you as an easy target .. I was the easy target in the beginning everyone was like just put the robot up.. cause that’s easiest choice..

RS – My skill is people the only people I haven’t been able to identify with is a d1ck and he’s got so many friend .. He’s a d1ck.. he’s a d1ck ..
RS – he’s the kinda guy that comes into the club. I could buy the whole f*ing place.. treats the servers like sh1t..I know this guy.. I know this guy .. you have to suck up to him when you are at work ohh yeh you could do you want another bottle I don’t know why in this diverse a$$ house he’s winning.. I’m telling you I don’t care at this point..
Sam starts talking about income inequity .. she’s bring sup some person and the feeds flip..
RS – he’s disgusting he’s trash to me.. he needs to go
Sam – you’re going to have to walk the walk and face him…

RS – he’s bro’ed out so hard.. every time I said anything about goddess energy he would say “Yeah I left some goddesses in my day”
RS – like that’s cute.
Sam – listen the two girls i put up today I don’t like that..
Sam say the girls she put up are always flipping their hair “yelling like a cat”
Sam – I have a brother, I’ve seen him broken Hearted what happened to him.. I really can’t say what the intentions are and what happens.. I see the two of them pandering to the male part of the brain that is very unfair that is what they drive off of. If that is part of their game strategy I am not part of them and I can’t align with them.
Sam – Brett and Winston I think are the two men that are in the house.. Tyler is in between. Brett and Winston have had long term relationships they’ve had plenty of girls.
Sam – they’ve been to college they’ve partied Scottie’s never even kissed a girl Fes god love his heart you know his story as much AS i do//. he’s sweet to the core ./
RS – he is super sweet..
Sam – Tyler is also ..
RS says Tyler has had plenty of guys
Sam – he’s a man he can’t help himself and laughing all over his lap and crawling all over him is something that the two of them have been doing and I don’t agree with it
Sam – it’s not fair use your brain to me that is the opposite of an empowered women
Sam points out RS should talk to Brett one on one calls her an intelligent empowered women that has kids and is raising kids.
Sam calls her Angie.. brings up a moment during the HOH lockdown where they all really got to know brett.
Sam – He plays the piano loves dogs.. he wants to bred dogs.. he’s someone’s baby boy
RS brings up her in the backyard trying to talk about pianos with brett and he walked away
Sam – well that’s true I don’t like that
RS – he does not talk to me I tried..
Sam – he’s letting him control your emotions.. don’t let him do that don’t let him get you all worked up.

Rs – guys like that always win
Sam – that’s not true.. I’ll prove it to you..
Sam – take all that fuel and fire put it in your pocket and next time we go into a competition pull it out.. you’re wasting all this energyu and fuel on nothing.. He’s on clop I’m on slop going into that veto and f***ing kill it then we’ll talk

RS – it just really f**Ed with me
Sam – I see it I felt it
RS – he looked me dead in the eye and said “Just admit it just admit it”
Rs is cared at how good Brett is at lying.

RS says Brett is a clear bully in the house.

They hug it out..

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I can’t help but wonder how many Texas Aggie hats Haleigh brought. Swaggy walked out with one when he was evicted. I’ve seen Brett, Faysal, and JC wearing one. Maybe she brought one for all of them.

Trackin the Kraken

Last night i had a dream that Kaitlyn had a dream in which a Snickers Bar i ate back in 1979 told her she would not be nominated…. The Snickers bar said “not going anywhere a while ?” Bwahahahahahahaha

I guess Kaitlyn’s visionary power has its limits after all

While i have to agree nominating RockWall is a wasted nomination based on her self-implosion, Imagine if it were her versus Kray-Kray on the block ?

They’d have to bring Audrey in to host the damn POV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just me

Gotta love Tyler’s game play so far. He’s got most of the house fooled and is good at choosing his words carefully. I can’t wait to hear Sam’s logic for putting those two up. Maybe something about two bros last week so two chicks this week?

Thank you Simon and Dawg! I’ll be placing an order through Amazon next Friday, do you still get a portion of the proceeds if we use a special link?


From what I understand she nominated those two girls cuz she didn’t like how they were flirting with all the boys in the house and felt it wasn’t a good reflection on female empowerment


dumb reason. i dont care what anyone says. i dont like sam. this is big brother


Yes, you’re right, this is Big Brother. But she won HOH and it’s her choice. Personally, I like how she has been so closed off to hearing people when it comes to nominations, and I also like how she’s trying to limit thought of replacement noms if it happens. It’s refreshing and leading to less stress for her. She’s diffusing Rs and her repetition anti-Brett monologues and standing up for how she sees things.
I’ve read so much about Rs and her hateful words and Kaitlyn laying in bed with guy after guy… after Kaitlyn was puppeted in here HOH, Sam is the first woman to be empowered in this game. Good for her.


Agree about Tyler. He knows when to back off so he doesn’t ruin his own game … like when he wanted to save bros but backed off pressuring Scotty.

Jay Crimison

You know I thought Sam was going to nominate someone from Level 6 so they can benefit from the Power. I’m so interested seeing how this week will turn out.


She’s leaning that way so I doubt she’d put one of them at risk. She’ll probably tell them they still have a chance at returning so it’s best that she was the HoH this week. Really you can only be on the block so often…

How many weeks left? That often.

Jay Crimson

There isn’t a risk to anyone on the block this week when the power will automatically be used. No one is going home this week.


There’s a chance to return. It’s probably not a difficult task but nerves can mess up even a simple task. Plus she has no idea what they’d have to do to reenter.


I think this is a really good situation. I don’t think Bayleigh is going to use her identity theft power and change the noms because they include Kaitlyn, who she no longer trusts at all. If veto is played and a nom comes down, Sam simply puts someone else up = Rockstar. She already told Rockstar she wasn’t going on the block “unless the veto gets played.”

I hope Kait is evicted and her spirit guides leave her high and dry for her chance-challenge to get back in.

The only downside to this week will be Kaitlyn’s non-stop crying/whining and other ASB (attention seeking behaviors).

Melvin the Mighty

That’s not how Bayleigh’s power works? I thought she had the power to replace the HOH’s nominations BEFORE they were revealed. So that, during the nomination ceremony, instead of the HOH’s picks, Bayleigh’s picks are shown.


I guess I misunderstood. Thanks.


That is Tylers power. He has the Cloud that gives him the power to make an HOH’s nominations and they have to act like they did it. Bays is the one that is like Jeffs… she can change the nominees on eviction night… anonymously


I think you are wrong on both counts. Tyler can keep himself off the block. He can’t alter the nominations or put someone up, only keep himself off. Bayleigh can only change the nominations before nominations are given. And she can’t change anything if the veto is used. She can’t change nominees on eviction night.

Double Ds

Tyler power only keeps him off the block. If he thinks he is going to be nominated he sits on a cloud for safety.


Tyler’s power doesn’t allow him to make nominations. It just gives him a safety seat, right? Like, sit in the cloud and you’ll be safe. He must use it prior to the nom ceremony or veto meeting if he suspects he will need it.


I definitely misunderstood.

“Identity Theft
At any point in the first half of the game you can secretly steal the identity of one HOH at the Nomination Ceremony. This means that you will secretly make their nominations. The reigning HOH cannot be nominated and will still be in control of the replacement nominee at the veto meeting. When only 8 houseguests remain the Identity Theft power will no longer be in play.”


So Bayleigh’s power is useless until next week before the nominations.


I am glad Sam called out the girls that are all over the guys thinking that they can get away with just cuddling and rubbing them all summer rather then playing the game.


That’s crazy and,shows jealousy to nominate someone for those reasons, Rachel told her correctly,,saying I nominate u bec u voted for me was a much better gamey statement, and her nominations should have been the 2 ppl that’s arguing, easy breezy, fight it out on the block, LOL RS & B-R-E-T-T “as I bang on a pan, w a wooden spoon” KMSL too funny.


thank you. this is why i said sam is phony and crazy. she got jealouz when she saw hayleigh im bed with scottie. she told tyler she thought scottie had a crush on her and then goes to his hoh and hayleigh is with him. (lmao). sam is a weirdo

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sam has a point. As a woman, you can’t cry 24/7 about female empowerment, equality, love my brain not my body, and then rub yourself all over every guy in the house. Well, you can. But it wasn’t the only reason she nominated them. She said they were messy and inconsiderate. And she felt like they were shading her passive aggressively – I didn’t see the games they were playing during After Dark, where they were imitating one another? Also, if she IS working with anyone in the house, it’s the Level 6 side. Kaitlyn is just a pain in the butt. So that’s reason enough for me. Also, unlike Rockhard and her friends, when she doesn’t care for someone, Sam isn’t mean to them and doesn’t talk about them behind their back obsessively. Rockhudson is becoming obsessed with Brett.


who made sam the morality police. rachel throws herself at bret. she doesnt like haleigh or kaitlyn bc those two have the attention of the guys she wants. she also got mad at them for making fun of her during the game played the night before. sam is only 27. lets not act like she has so much wisdom. she is fake. rachel is begging to have sex with bret andshe judges haleigh. please


I’ll bet that Sam is beside herself…having to put up two of her friends (she thinks all of them are her friends). Even though she has her power, that is not a guarantee that they will not go home. I don’t think that it will be something so easy to win. Perhaps another reason why she didn’t put RS up.

I like Sam but she acts like she has to be everything to everyone. It will catch up to her soon. She really needs someone who knows the game well to explain it to her but I don’t see any of them helping her much. That would then make her an opponent. She can’t win this game with niceties and I think this game will have a really bad effect on her. I hope that it doesn’t.

Fessie has said he wants to give up. He doesn’t like what has been happening and all of the drama. Sorry. I guess he didn’t know what he was signing up for either.

Kaitlyn is a world unto herself…literally. She can’t think past herself at all. She is argumentative and I am sick of her screeching. Also tired of her delusions and made up declarations.

I agree that Tyler has had the best game play to date and I hope it continues and brings him a win. That is, if he can keep his sanity in such a crazy house. Wouldn’t it be nice if Kaitlyn gets evicted and loses the challenge, gets sent home. I imagine that is his hope anyway.

The powers…I thought they would really amp up the show. But what good are they if you don’t use them?
Sam’s gets used this week, and that might be good for her ( no blood, etc. ) but it looks like this whole week is dead in the water. Apparently Bayleigh didn’t use her power so…


I have a strong feeling that both Bayleigh and Tyler will need to use their powers…eventually.


her reasons for putting them up was stupid. rachel literally wants to sleep with brett. sam is jealous. i keep telling yall her true side will come out. she can only keeep the facade for so long


I hope fes wins veto and saves haleigh just to see crazys kaits reaction.


That would be T O R T U R E


Sam’s HOH is a waste since her power app is going to let someone back to house. She might as well tell the person leaving that they are coming back. Its gonna be interesting after the veto.


They have to win some sort of competition to come back..right?


I bet the person who is evicted gets to compete in the next HOH and the only way they can come back is if they win.


That would be cool and BB has done something like that before. But, this is different. It’s just an individual challenge according to Julie.

Double Ds

Its only a CHANCE to come back in the house.

But, um

I thought is was a CHANCE if Sam used it the first (4?) weeks she had the power to use and if she didn’t use it by then, the next week the person voted out automatically comes back????






she will come back and jump in bret arms bc her entire alliance wants her gone and will vote against her. she plays personal. she will run to level 6


Shitty noms from Sam… better would have been: nom one from each side.
Loser automatically gets second life, which is a battle back against the other player on the block.
Whoever wins gets to stay in the game, loser goes home… the votes didn’t matter this week.


The votes will most definitely matter if the evictee is evicted and unable to conquer the chance-challenge.


Lame noms from Sam… better would have been: nom one from each side.
Loser automatically gets second life, which is a battle back against the other player on the block.
Whoever wins gets to stay in the game, loser goes home… the votes didn’t matter this week.


Oh Kaitlyn. I remember in the beginning with Sam the robot and how cold Kaitlyn was. Telling Sam to basically suck it up and fight. Ok. But now. It will be all week of begging the guys to console her. I don’t want Kaitlyn to ruin Tyler’s game, but Is she ever entertaining. Something has to turn tho. Level 5 or 6 or whatever they are now, can’t keep coming out on top every week. Which makes me wonder. I’ve seen all of the BB seasons. But haven’t rewatched many and my memory is not near what it use to be. Has their ever been a group alliance that steamrolled through the season ? I just feel they are going to get knocked down soon. Not that I want it necessarily. But it does get boring when one group constantly ends up on top every week


The Brigade is the only one I can think of.

L6 should just change their name to Level Up since that’s their plan…keep moving up.
But, steamrolling isn’t any fun. I hope the power bounces back and forth.


You right, l6 are doing good, bec they have a calm problem solver like Tyler . the other side have no one, no leader, no one to make them see that they have each other. They are paranoid and losing it, seem like Tyler is consoling, Kait, Bay and hay pretty good, wish it was Scottie doing it, UGH.. SO pretty much Tyler is running the house, he deserve the win, would be nice to take Scottie and Bay to F3 with him(Tyler).


AGREE, and you put that so well…

Tyler is a “calm problem solver.” I guess that makes JC his spastic problem creator. I’m not convinced that Tyler was even trying to work with JC, but they have become quite a pair.


I think Tyler likes the non-stop chatter from JC. People still tell JC information and he dutifully reports it back to Tyler and everyone else. Tyler uses that to help hide how he gets all this information. It helps Tyler maintain an illusion of distance between all sides.


My only disappointment with these nominations is that the person evicted has the chance to come back with Sam’s power being used. It’s a wasted week, and that means we have to see Kaitlyn whine again for another entire week the next time she’s nominated.

By the way, does anyone know if Winston is being kept in seclusion for a possible battle back? I know Steve & Swaggy are done. Just curious.


Julie told Winston who voted for him. I doubt he will be able to battle back now.


I really hope he (Swaggy too) gets over his anger and is able to maintain relationships with these HGs. I mean, Sam is right….they are all a part of BB20, and only THEY can say that.


There is no battle back. Sams power is the only way to get back in the house.


There will more than likely be something during the jury phase.

Team Simon

OH Lord like I said Sam is being manipulated like Kaitlin. They are both weak. This southern girl is not that smart LOL
Do you think anyone would take sam to the end? she is loved by everyone. Oh well expect lot of crying when she gets nominated and evicted. Hopefully B will use her power and nominate brett rachel or angelo.


I still wish this wasn’t a free week. I would absolutely love to see Caitlin gone. Would be huge for Tyler’s game.


It’s not a free week. The person evicted still has to win a challenge/puzzle to get back in.


I think the game would get boring without her! I like the craziness of this house!


Happy with Sam’s picks! I’ve loved Sam week 1 but wanted to see her get into the game more! Happy she won HOH and put up Katelyn and Haleigh….granted the power will be used, but it is only a chance they come back into the game….so i will be hoping Katelyn is evicted and fails at that chance. Hahaha


weak noms. sam has no game and her reason for nominations are duummbb

Angie Rockstar

……is a beautiful woman, inside and out! She’s destined for Final 3


LOL beautiful person in the inside wouldn’t be going off about white privileged people.

JC is Pervy

You could not be more wrong. She is trailer trash and an under achiever. Likes to blame others for her downfalls. Jealous of people who try to make a good life for themselves.

Cray Cray

True. Anyone and everyone is capable of overcoming obstacles is their life if they want it bad enough. Rock just wants to sit in a house for 99 days to get a down payment on a house.


I Can’t wait to hear Sam’s nomination speech! Seems like she’s had enough of watching females use Sex as a means to get further in the Game (it’s a good thing she’s not a super fan who’s watched previous seasons)


who made sam the morality police. rachel throws herself at bret. she doesnt like haleigh or kaitlyn bc those two have the attention of the guys she wants. she also got mad at them for making fun of her during the game played the night before. sam is only 27. lets not act like she has so much wisdom. she is fake. rachel is begging to have sex with bret andshe judges haleigh. please

Golden machine

As much as I like Sam she gave a lame excuse as to why she put the two girls on the block.
Why is she concerned about the girls flirting?
How is any skin off her teeth? She judges too harshly.
I’m still going to pull for Sam but damn,WHY HAYLEIGH?!?!
She should’ve put one from each side if she really wanted to be fair.

No more bros

Because she wants brett’s attention on her and her alone.


i never liked sam. she is jealous of the girls in the house. rockstar is jealous and insecure too. sam is phony

No more bros

Sam is in love with brett or something. She has some issues going on.

No more bros

Then that must explain putting kaitlyn up. She wants her out of the picture.

True Dat

It very well may be part of the reason why she put Kaitlyn up but she has a lot of other good reasons too. Kaitlyn was pretty mean to her week one as the robot, she has made passive aggressive comments to Sam and about Sam fairly regularly ever since, she promised not to tell anyone about Sam’s power but then proceeded to tell the whole house about it, and also semi threatened Sam a few days ago when she told her that she better not use her power to save Brett. Sam also has had it in her head that the way someone may come back into the game is via the robot and I bet she thinks Kaitlyn and Hayleigh would have the hardest time playing as a robot given their “hands-on” socializing style. Even though we know they aren’t coming back as robots, I do agree that Hayleigh and Kaitlyn would have the hardest time playing without phyisical contact.


Did you have a vision Simon? Did your spirit guides tell you that?


We know it’s not the Kraken.

Turd cutter

Is rockstar the catch me outside girl all grown up?


The grid shows her in 2nd place.
How many people rate the HGs each day? (just curious)

JC is Pervy

I like her. Your earlier comment rings true to me. She has an agreement from early on with Tyler. Hope they stick with it.


My take on it is that (*dumb like a*) Rock (star) has utterly misjudged the situation and her standing in the house because of all those yay-sayers around her:
After his speech, almost all of them went to her and told her “We’re on your side. We support you. You’re right, he’s a d*** for doing that.” Like people do on BB.
All those same people then went to Brett and told him “We’re on your side. We support you. You’re right, she’s totally sketchy. Look at her reaction, she clearly has something to hide!” Like people do on BB.
The difference is: Brett is playing the game and is conscious of how much people tend to be yay-sayers in that game, while she just ran with it and saw a window of opportunity. So she’s just never stopping. Telling them all non-stop how nasty/horrible/demonic/etc. he is. Ad nauseam.

You just normally don’t tell someone “I think you’re wrong, I think your reaction is stupid, etc.” in BB, so she just never stops. She could use a good reality check, but clearly it’s detrimental to a BB player to give her just that.
I’d have loved Sam nominating her and giving her just that reality check, clearing things up for her:
“Someone who doesn’t acknowledge you and has lied about you” isn’t the definition of a bully, What you did last night, that was bullying. If the roles had been reversed, and he had jumped on your bed between your legs to harass you, and you had told him half a dozen times to get off you, and he still wouldn’t budge, you’d have jumped at the opportunity to run to the DR and tell BB that you’ve just been sexually harassed, and you need him to be expelled from the game. Stop playing the victim, snap out of it, and stop making Brett the one and only focus of your BB game.”
Something along those lines would have been great – but there’s still hope for the veto getting used I guess.

This extreme bully mentality, force-feeding her hatred of Brett onto every person in that house, and her hypocrisy make me disagree with your opinion of her, Simon. She might make for interesting feeds, but she’s a nasty person, and as such, I just can’t enjoy watching her.


Thanks again, Simon! 🙂
And I wouldn’t be SUPERSIZED either!! 😉

another name

anyone else getting a karen / that kevin martin deja voodoo vibe?

on another note: sam’s nom choices are (imo) because in her mind she’s in an alliance with tyler and scottie. tyler and scottie have sidewomen. sam doesn’t like that. her game is play dumb, unstrategic and uninvolved so she makes the noms based on personal.


Simon- your first paragraph has me cracking up. Two thumbs up!!


I think it’s not about game or crushes for Sam. It’s a statement. It happens in this show sometimes. Smart women using sex appeal or faking weakness (like jr high math class) instead of being their strongest selves That’s what I think Sam is saying. It’s a statement. Just my opinion.

another name

When she tells tyler she chose the two weakest links (her assessment of comp ability) so that whoever is evicted might fail at the return challenge, and that is combined with sam’s noms being the hg that she believes outed she had the power ap, and the hg she thinks dislikes her (from statements she made before she became hoh), i think there’s more going on than the statement. That said, i think the statement is a part of her thinking as well. Then again, that statement can be viewed from a strategic vantage point. I know in previous seasons i’ve seen a houseguest that uses a flirtatious strategy on multiple people and thought well why isn’t someone nipping that in the bud before the flirter amasses an army or becomes a showmance powerduo?

Angie Rockstar

…..should use her power of seduction on Brett. I bet she could get him under her spell with all that experience from the stripper club


I’m confused …. How can Brett be a BULLY when RockLobster said he never even talks to her ??!!
I think all the Pot and Pan banging from her destroyed her brain cells last night. She has clearly lost her mind, but it’s fun to watch. Brett really got under her skin.

Cray Cray

RS hates Brett because he won’t talk to her? but isn’t she the one the first week saying she can’t relate and talk to people? She probably had her B***h face on when he would be in the room and thought hell I can’t charm her so why try. She has that look about her that isn’t very friendly and approachable.


Rocktrashtalker…needs to give it a rest. She has broken record syndrome…..


Hilarious that rockstar tells haleigh how much she trusts her then goes and spreads more rumors about her to Scottie. Praying haleigh wins the comp to come back or gets the votes to stay not ready for my girl to leave.


Rockstar has got
To get over it. He’s not a bully, and making up fake narratives for Brett, calling him out for being white? She’s a fucking mess. It’s big brother just play. You were tying to get him out and he caught on. She sounds like a broken record, I
Couldn’t imagine hearing about it all day.


Rocksteady’s tears taste sooooo good