“I know I can bring out insecurities in Women.. If I wanted Cody I could have had Cody”

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12:10am Paul and Jessica
Jessica – I hope you win this game.. It’s stacked in your favour
Paul – the odds are stacked against me and you are ignorant not to see that.
Paul claiming that America gave him the protection because Cody must have been “barking” in his “DR’s” that he wanted Paul out.
Paul- people were like f*** that guy Paul is being honest and someone is starting to f* him over.. Here you go Paul.
Pal – Cody did that to himself.. He had some agenda or he didn’t like me on BB18.. whatever it was

Paul says he doesn’t believe one word about why he nominated him. “I didn’t say 1 word about the guy”
Paul – it was all made up by him
Paul explains why would he say stuff about the first HOH in power while he can still make moves and Paul is the only vet.
Paul says Cody stabbed him in the back because he trusted Cody.

Paul says once his 3 weeks of safety are over people will come after him.
Paul – everyone’s seen me play, my back is against the wall every week 24/7

Paul says when it comes to the final 8 in comes down to just competition. You miss a competition you out. “It’s luck”

Paul – it’s literally impossible for me to win this game.. All people have to say is he won this game before. (in the final 2)
Paul – I understood that the second I walked in and I saw I was the only vet.
Paul – I want to go to jury get paid for a vacation.. I had a tough year
Paul – you think it’s easy being the only vet F*** no.. F NO
Paul says he knows once his safety is over people are going to take a shot at him.

Paul – I came here to play a game I enjoy Big Brother I like getting dirty.. I have fun in this game.
Paul says he genuinely has fun on the show because he see it as a game.
Paul says some people have a character trait where they hate losing. Paul doesn’t have that character trait. Goes on about how he’s at the position where he is in the game because he’s been working hard.
Paul – next week I don’t compete I don’t control what other people do

Paul – if you choose to roll over and die..
Jessica – I’m not rolling over.. I’m trying to figure out how to move forward… umm.. This is the first time I don’t know what card to play
Paul – there’s going to be a lot more of this
Paul says it’s week by week, Next week they’re’s a new temptation, new HOH new Curse.
Paul – lord knows Cody wasn’t going to get you to the end of this game.
Paul points out that Cody was always going to be the bigger target than her.

Paul says he’s straight forward with who he is in this game he’s got nothing to hide.
Paul – everybody knows who I am and watched my season.. I have to be as transparent as I can.. And I am I tell people this is what I’m going to do

Jessica – I do appreciate you not putting us on the block together I’m sure there was people in the house that were.. Trying to get that to happen.

Paul’s been in that position he didn’t like being on the block with Victor, “it was the most miserable thing ever… I don’t need to do sh1t like that I’m not a d1ck head”
Jessica – gave me hope for humankind
Paul says there’s bracelets that have friendship written on them “Do yo think I would do sh1t like that? No, I handle situations differently”

Paul – I’m a lone wolf in this game..
Paul goes on about how nobodies has his interest in this game he’s all by himself.
Paul – I hang out with Kevin.. But what is Kevin going to do for me.
Paul – who gave you that curse
Jessica – CHristmas.. For sure
Paul says he “legitimately” doesn’t know who has the temptation
Jessica – the hardest thing about the toad thing is the way she laughed after
Jessica – I was a you f*ing deserve this kinda laugh
Jessica- I’ve always wanted to wear a BB costume it’s so cool but it was her..
Jessica doesn’t know what happened her and CHirstmas had a heart to heart in the “absr” (Austin power room.. I dunno it’s late )

Jessica says she campaigned against Christmas last week. She says they’re people in this house that really laid it on think about their vote.
Paul – welcome to Big Brother
Jessica says Ramses came to her and Cody this morning in the bathroom. He told them that Jillian was his best friend in the house and he did not vote to evict her.

Paul explains the comp “we had to go through airport security and terminals. The first one.. You had to hit your button and go through security, It’s timed.. They’re’s 5 or 6 people, it’s a graphic. You go into a room and answer a question.. You either get a delayed or you get it right.

Goes on to explain it in details.. Says he thought he had lost after he was done.
They talk about Kevin’s story is more than they think. He won’t tell people what his job is and his wife is a nurse. They don’t believe that he was just a house husband in a family of 8 with a wife that’s a nurse.

Jessica- you have all these people kissing your a$$$ that’s nice
Paul says it’s because he’s HOH, if she wins HOH she’ll have a lot of people kissing her a$$ as well.

Jessica leaves..
Paul pretends to shoot himself in the head.

Paul pretends to cry like a baby.
Paul “Give me a f*g break bro.. f*ing babies.. Why did you cast so many babies for BB19”
Paul – so many babies…. So many

12:39am CHristmas tells Matt and Raven she had the temptation this week. It’s not something major that can change the game for her.

Christmas – obviously America saw what happened.. So If I didn’t get I would have been What the F* America
Christmas says it’s not as good as3 weeks of safety and isn’t something she can really participate in.
Christmas starts to warn about Jason saying after Jessica and ramses they have to be cognizant of him, “He’s freaking the f out”
Matt – what’s wrong with that boy
Xmas explains that Jason feels an obligation to Cody because Cody never put him on the block when everyone else in the house was telling Cody to put him on the block.

Christmas says that Jessica had some insecurities with her. Getting rid of Paul was always the plan. When Paul’s power saved him Cody panicked and picked Christmas.
Christmas – I know I can bring out insecurities in Women.. I try and temper that but If I f*** wanted Cody I could have had Cody
Christmas – I think they are perfect for each other

Matt – Alex hates Jessica
Christmas – so does Jason

Christmas _ i’m telling you a lot right now
Matt – not really
Christmas – Ok
Christmas says Jason and her are on good terms but, “He is a blabber mouth.. He is a really good person to … .Create”
Christmas – he told me what their f*ing plan was
Matt – he’s not the next 2 to go but he’s gotta go
Matt asks if Jason is playing with a full deck (Matt thinks a lot of people in the house aren’t playing with a full deck.. Josh… cody and now Jason. All i know is he’s the only person with boy2men lyrics tattooed to his arm)
Matt – I’m being serious.. Dead serious
Christmas – I’m not sure he knows what the f*** he is doing in this game.
They mentions Jason getting kicked in the head by a bull.

Raven calls Ramses a “Little Snake” says he was the one that voted against her.
Xmas – I need to get recasted next week..
She doesn’t want that to become a distraction from their goal of getting those 3 people out. (Ramses, Cody, Jessica and Jason)
Xmas says if the next HOH is “messy” she might have to take a knee during it.
Matt and Raven are OK with that.

Raven leaves.
Xmas asks him what his opinions of the group is. Are there areas of concern?
Matt – not really.. I misread Cody and Jessica.
Xmas – I know who I’m no misreading.. Little raven
Matt – she’s the best
Xmas – the best

They talk about how good of a spot they are in as long as they keep winning HOH
Matt says there’s a lot of fracture in the other group that benefit them.
Matt says they have JOsh 100%
Xmas – I’m proud of him I feel very proud of that work
Matt going on about how Cody goes this week, Jessica won’t be in a position to win HOH that all leaves Rasmes.

Xmas warns him that Jason performs well under pressure.

12:42am Dom and Paul
Paul complaining that Jessica told him the game is stacked in his favour.
Paul – the agenda for next week is Ramses and jessica to send one of them out of here .
Dom agrees.

12:52am Paul,. Christmas and Matt
Paul Complaining about his conversation with Jessica to Christmas and Matt.
Paul – oh my f*ing god that was the weirdest conversation of my life
Xmas – what was it
Paul – just personal how can I get through this game.
Paul says it was 80% about Jessica 20% about other people.
Paul complaining about Jessica telling him the game is stacked in his favour.
Paul – she’s like now everybody’s kisses you a$$
Matt scoffs. (it’s true Boys2men)
Paul – she’s like you’re their new leader
Paul – you fool have you ever watched this show.. I’m HOH. I had a plan I executed it
Paul – I kept saying once Cody’s gone maybe you can finagle something.. I don’t have power next week I don’t compete.
Matt says Jessica is safe what is she worried about

Paul – I need to put my foot so far into ramses a$$ as I can.

They all jump in and start complaining about Jessica..

12:59am Raven and MAtt join them. Paul starts from the beginning again talking/Trashing Jessica.
Paul says Ramses told Jessica that he voted out Jillian and if he wins the veto use it on himself/
Raven asks if they should confront Ramses about that.
Paul – NO save it for the speech put him up they’re (on the block) and watch him diarrhea all over his face
Paul – I can’t wait for this veto speech I’ve been dreaming about it in my sleep..
Christmas points out that the house is choosing JOsh over Cody.
Paul – I’ll be like Josh you deserve it
They laugh.

Elena joins them and starts picking Pauls’s back zits.

1:08am Alex and Kevin
Kevin – what you thinking..
Kevin – Josh is so lucky he might make it to Jury and He’s a mental case.
Alex – yes
Alex – I’m losing my sanity in here

Alex – Christmas is crazy.. You know what she told me She’s like… she slipped up..
Alex – When Jason’s gone he voted against me … he f* up
Alex – I was like (gives a look)
Alex – she was like well… I don’t have any power he shouldn’t have voted against me it’s a numbers thing and I have numbers
Alex – She thinks she’s going to win the show dude
Alex says Christmas is trying to get jason out
Kevin – I guess I should be quiet say nothing for awhile
Alex agrees.. “Keep your head down and your mouth shut”

Alex – if we keep our head down they’ll wipe each other out.. Be friendly with everyone, stay level, let them fight.
Alex – let them think they are in control then start winning.
Kevin – the targets right now are 4 people… Jason, Josh, Ramses
Alex – NO, Cody, Ramses, Josh and Jason.
Alex warns Jason might get pushed up in priority by them “if he doesn’t stop f*ing up”

Alex says if Jasion can’t get on board and not be a hot head they have to distance themselves from Jason.

Alex – I’ve warned him multiple you can’t be a hot head.
Kevin asks about Dom.
Ramses walks by
Alex says she can’t stand Ramses “f*ing snake”
Alex says she’s playing one of the best games in the house she’s staying out of all the drama.

Alex tells them they have to get Jason onboard otherwise they don’t have the numbers. Warns him about trusting Christmas.
Alex – she’s the one trying to get Jason out, keep her close to you let her talk to you.. but she’s trying to get Jason out
Alex – she’s bitter about him not voting for her and her foot
Kevin – I gotcha
Alex says Christmas is starting this whole thing about Jason.

1:16am Paul’s fanny pack
Says he’s going to pull the veto out of the fanny pack during the POV ceremony. Kevin calls it a man purse.
Paul mentions in his conversation with Jessica she told him that Ramses was going to use the veto on himself and pull himself off. Leaving Alex and Josh on the block. Ramses knew the plan was to backdoor Cody.
Paul says he wants to get Ramses out next, “You know how you can tell he’s lying, he turns pale”
Kevin asks for more about Paul’s conversation with Jessica
Alex calls Jessica a C**t
Paul says she asks about how she can help herself go further in the game.
Paul – I said I don’t have any advice for you I’m sorry .. maybe once Cody is gone this week maybe things will change

1:27am Paul and Dom
Paul complaining about his conversation with Jessica.. Cracking jokes etc etc..
Paul – I broke it down for her (Jessica)
Paul – I chewed it up and put it in her mouth.
Paul – I’ve called everything so far… at what time don’t people say this guy knows what he’s talking about maybe he can get us far.

Paul – she asked for personal advice
Paul – LIke, this is a really hard game and it’ll only get harder. If you think it’s tough now it’ll only get worse so either you tough it out or you let it break you
Dom – did she say anything after that
Paul – no she hugged me and said thanks.
Paul says he would have done none of this week if Cody hadn’t “Stabbed me in the back”
Dom – no he looks crazy.. (Cody)
Paul – he’s in a frog costume .. and he was going to make all his Marine buddies proud
They agree Monday is going to be “Such good TV”

Paul says that a week ago Cody had told Matt. Cody wanted to tie in Alex and Jason so that they could take shots at Raven and Jessica so that he wouldn’t have to.
Dom – I figured the whole Alex ting was to get Jessica outta the way
Paul – that’s on camera people saw it (It’s a OBB title 🙂 )

1:33am Alex and Christmas
Christmas complaining about Jason.

Alex – I told him Dude you put a target on your back I can’t help you .
Alex says she tried to tell Meghan and Jillian the same thing and they didn’t listen.

Alex says Jessica isn’t so nice but with Cody as long as you don’t talk to im too much he’s OK. (LOL)
Alex about Jessica – You can see right through her
Alex and Christmas talk about weather or not Cody/Jessica will last if she goes to jury and he goes out this week.
Christmas highlights how long they’ve known each other, “not even a full 18 days together”
They start to list off the things that make Jessica and Cody incompatible.
Alex says Cody is a active person he likes to go Backpack etc etc.. but Jessica once her extensions, eyelashes fall out she’ll be done.

Alex mentions how much makeup Jessica puts on her face
Christmas – she’s actually a very pretty girl it’s just all the extra stuff.
Alex – she paints her forehead white.. why are you doing that.. why
Alex – I usually don’t like tearing people down but I gave her a chance.
Alex – Meghan may have made up the racist comment but the rest of it was true I’m thinking.. her (jess) being jealous

1:41am Alex and Mark
Trying to figure out where the votes went on Thursday.
Alex is convinced Kevin voted for Jillian.
Ramses is close. Marks asks him
Ramses says he voted to evict Christmas. Explains that Jillian was his best friend in the house.
Alex now suggesting that it must have been Kevin that voted out Jillian.

1:52am Matt and Raven
Raven – Paul’s pissed.. Is that someone you want pissed at you?
Matt – no
Raven – the people in this house are not mentally adults.. what are you thinking? use your brain.
Raven – we have this thing in our heads called brains there very useful
Continue talking about how stupid everyone is in the house that’s going against a person like Paul .
Matt – we’re in a good position

1:54am Mark and Christmas

Christmas says she’s so thank you to be on Big Brother.
Says she has trust issues etc.. etc.. says she doesn’t want to talk game.
Xmas – the past 5 years of my life have been like Big Brother but amplified.. super down times but at the same time best things of y life happening.
Xmas – I’ve been crushed multiple times, like Big Brother there’s super highs and equivalent lows..

3:19am Telling each other they don’t hate Cody and Jessica..
Elena – you made a selfish move.. it sucks that Cody is my target but that is the way is has to be
raven – it has to go that way

3:34am Showmances and Christmas
talking about how shitty Jessica is.
Christmas bring sup how eventually they’ll have to turn on each other but for them it won’t be personal it’ll be strategy and game.
Christmas – Cody made it personal Jessica made it personal
(LOL you people will cry harder than anyone the second you lose power)

4:03am ZZZzzzzzzz.

9:13am Houseguests up and the backyard is open. Chit chating..

Mark and Dom are having a heart to heart. Mark is missing his mom and was crying. Mark doesn’t think what he has going on with Elena is a good thing right now because he’s vulnerable. He hasn’t told Elena yet that he’s falling for her.

9:45am Dom and Mark on the hammock
Dom says you can never trust anyone that is jealous. Dom points out the who Jealousy thing that Elena has because of their relationship.
Mark says once they get to Jury he needs to get rid of Elena. She so fake with Paul.
Dom highlights that Raven, Matt and Elena are all close.
Dom offers next time he misses his mom just to find her and talk any time.

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Alex should be targeted right after cody


I’ve now decided Elena should be the next out because of Paul’s back pimple maintenance (I can’t even type the word z**, let alone speak it) . Seriously!?!?! When did THAT become acceptable group behaviour? Completely grossed out.

Back Popping

My ex used to chase me down just to pop my beautifully plump back zits….you know what they say don’t knock it till you try it!!

Bunny Flop

It was like a pair of chimpazies grooming. Even her mouth was open. Ugh.


Last year the girls did that all the time, or was it the year before? It is gross.


It’s standard grooming behavior in a lot of primate groups. The submissive ones always pick bugs out of the fur of the more dominant. That comparison isn’t fair to the primates though…

Alex's Ego

“Alex – I usually don’t like tearing people down”
From much of the feeds I have watched, Alex is constantly tearing people down. I would say she is one of the house guests that does it the most. I love her fiery nature, but she has no self awareness of herself and what she is saying.


Classic Paul, to exaggerate a conversation and make an ass out of someone once they leave the room. He plays the camera 24/7. He really believes that he is Americas sweetheart. Christmas, are you that full of yourself? I liked you, but you are showing a side of yourself that is looking a bit narcissistic.


You’re being kind with “a bit” narcissistic. I guess I’ve become used to BB players often seeming self-absorbed because a) it might be a general trait for anyone who chooses to be in a reality show and b) thinking of yourself first is definitely required in this game, but sheeshkabobs…that girl is starting to take the cake. Pointing out so often how she’s there to help others get further and how “proud she is of the work” she’s done in making Josh feel more comfortable. Xmas is there to build her brand – period – and that’s not enough to garner any support from me. I believe her when she says she only wants to make jury, so why not give the girl what she wants?

Not that Jessica

I wonder if XMas would have been more interested in Cody once he got HOH if she weren’t engaged. Her comment also makes me think she’s very threatened by Jessica because Cody didn’t try anything with her first. You don’t want Cody but you want people to know (or think) you could have him?


Doesn’t anyone understand that Paul is a twisted tongued manipulator. Cody sees this and that’s why, when he couldn’t put Paul up, he went to Paul’s sidekick, Christmas, who is also a big physical threat. Please BB, enough of kissing Paul’s butt, get him out. People wake up…everything he says is half truths, lies or bull. Keep Cody in. He’s the only one who has the nerve to go against that annoying, arrogant Paul.


Paul is going to be there a ling, long time. Production has to get their moneys worth out of his veteran salary.


Cody may have many military accomplishments and at the bare minimum, he should be thanked for his heroic service for the American people. However, outside of that, his good deeds DO NOT give him license to act like a friggin penis on television! He is a hot-headed jerk who says awful things to people when he can’t control his temper. Paul may lie convincingly enough to get the other housemates to do what he wants. But hey, is that part of how you play Big Brother? Cody’s social game sucks! He needs anger management. You didn’t see Paul physically challenging anyone when he was mad. Cody also lied and manipulated too. Did he not put his own team mate on the block (Christmas) and then try to bond with her later on over NASCAR? Did Cody not plan a way to get Jessica out of the house with Matt? When Cody was on the way out last week, did he NOT convince Jessica to keep him in by using the Hex? She could have saved herself. She was not the target and people were willing to work with her if Cody was gone. Now who is sitting outside the house, not even at jury?


Yep! Paul is controlling the game, and it’s not just because he is HOH (or HOV, as Kevin calls it)!

My favorite right now is Alex. She is playing her own game, just “playing along”, but she seems like a good person and not willing to play in someone’s shadow. I like her brutal honesty (only brutal because she always told Cody what he did NOT want to hear).

I’m not a fan of Cody, but I do respect his attempt to play this game and get out the unfair opponent. Cody’s fatal mistake was assuming everyone else would want Paul out, too. He should have talked with at least Jessica about his “plan”. The were all asking him to elaborate, but he held it too tight. His own trust issues and ego got in his way. Paul is likable. Paul is part of the BB experience.

Every year it seems BB becomes more and more a game of odds instead of a true competition. I truly wish there would be real competitors cast for this show instead of a bunch of people who just want America to love them, or to sell their brand.

Alex = Granny’s fave

Matt- I like him; seems like an up and up guy

Raven- not sure about her; don’t like that she’s so starved for attention (especially from men)

Mark- I didn’t like him at first because he seemed like a dumb jock type; but he’s growing on me

Elena- jury is still out, but so far I like her

Jason- No way. Can’t stand this clown.


Ramses- meh; Granny can’t trust a word he says

Christmas- I like her. I can tell she has had to fight through her life. Her life path has molded an admirable person, in my book

Josh- just a confused, young, man child…all talk…all tears

Jessica- typical mean girl; no love from Granny for this gal

Dom- not a fan….she comes off a bit phony, in my opinion

Paul- Tazmanian Devil is very entertaining; I like him because he is playing and keeps his “game” independent from his reality

Cody- Bye, First World Problem!

Fun fact: Granny has counted 3,762 f-bombs so far this season


Cody’s biggest mistake was narcissistically expecting a group of people he just met who are competing against him for half a million bucks to blindly trust and obey him under any circumstances. He still doesn’t get how ludicrous that is.


I was thinking the same thing! Was he expecting for his alliance to just vote out Paul because he didn’t like Paul? I mean he knew some ppl liked Paul so I don’t understand what was he thinking!?


I can’t say, after watching Paul walk in the door, that I wouldn’t have tried to get him out immediately, if given the chance. Cody took that chance and paid dearly for it. It was a crap shoot, that is, until Production stepped in… The only people he told about wanting Paul out, was production in the Diary room. You can bet right after that, is when Paul probably got that temptation. Just saying…


You bes’ be believing’ that I most definitely would have had the same plan as Cody. BUT, I would have confided in a few to avoid a major fallout and to test the waters….as they say.

Paul shouldn’t be there. Victor was the fan favorite last year, but I don’t think it’s fair to put vets in the game against noobs.

long shot f**k around

You Cody haters are stupid as it gets. Production pulled his hoh out from under him and gave the spoiled brat he wanted gone ample time to axe him instead. Then they pulled the same screw job on the next two comps so he couldn’t save himself. Now someone’s gonna get pulled down and Cody put up, just like those liberal snowflakes producing the show want b/c they can’t handle real men winning. im glad jess and paul convo didnt go well, she could feel the evil vibes. I hope they all including Julie Chen, die tonight. And go to hell for eternity

@ Name caller

You don’t understand it does not matter if the whole thing was or is rigged for Paul
Cody is an idiot for not talking to his alliance… then like a child he tried to lash out at Paul through Xmas another of his alliance…
Cody screwed Cody by not trusting his people and expecting trust in return… Cody is a useless player who gets in his own way bc he refuses to discuss anything including his like for Alex over Jess bc he wants the trophy on his arm even though he likes and respects Alex more…
So please keep your name calling of others to yourself Cody is the idiot… made his own bed regardless of production
If he would have brought anyone else into his sphere of thought he wouldn’t have paid such a price for taking a shot at Paul bc he would have support when it failed
Go Kevin

@ @ name caller

Dude is right. Your wrong actually. They made it a lose/lose. Or at best a lose/three weeks later win if your people stick with you. But that would make his people targets. So they abandoned him to save games from the unfair advantage given to paul


wrongo bongo
no lose lose if he TALKED TO HIS ALLIES…
Why can’t you see that?
His shot at Paul without telling anyone is what screwed his game…
if he told them then nobody would have turned on him..
Then why X-mas ? again his OWN decision
Cody is, has been, and always will be his own worst enemy
Sorry You’re wrong…


Dude you are the one who is wrong… well, somewhat. It does NOT matter if the beginning of the game was rigged for Paul. We are like 2 weeks in… really.. there is plenty of time to deal with him. I thought everyone knew you DO NOT make huge moves this early on. You NEVER know what the heck production has up their sleeve. With the temptation having been out he should have thought extra hard about that. Cody doesn’t know how to play BB. When he originally made his nominations he was down right mean to both Jillian and Megan for really no reason at all. Then tried to make big moves without consulting his alliance. Then he put up a member of his alliance (Christmas).

I agree that production giving Paul 3 weeks of safety did screw up Cody’s game a little bit, because I don’t think everyone would be against him like they are now if Paul had gone home. But… Cody should have nominated Ramses or Kevin if he wanted to keep his word to Jason… Putting up Christmas and not mentioning anything to anyone about it is what really blew his game up.


Any time the first (or early) HOH gets really aggressive and pushes his own agenda instead of building trust and making connections with other HGs (votes), he ends upon the block and out. Even Paul kept saying that it is tough to be the first HOH.

Cody just made it really mean. Even after everything, this week, he coulda shoulda admitted that he has been a total creep and that he can’t be faulted in making the best move for his game. And he could have laughed about his V-Toad situation and HGs would have softened. But noooooooo! He doubled down showing his anger and disdain (his real under-lying feelings) for them and now he is just looking foolish in a toad suit. I guess that is a step up from being creepy:)


you may want to consider decaf!


I love you Danny boy!


Oh my god. Yet if Cody could have played veto and one, then a million people would come out saying it’s rigged for Cody..:so ridiculous…Cody will be back anyways in a “rigged” battle back comp


LOL, you’re making BB a conspiracy theory, liberal/altRight thing? Talk about paranoia :/ relax dude, it’s a TV show.

Murphy's Law

LONG SHOT….You are a NUT!! Cody made a grave mistake by not including his large group when he made his dictatorial decision about putting Paul on the block. His macho pride was humiliatingly crushed for all to see on national television when Paul showed his pendant. BTW Paul did so in a rather dignified manner. Then, your bloviated hero, Cody, turned around and put ANOTHER alliance member on the block! Of course, they ran away from him. Your hostile, ridiculous, pouting references about “liberal snowflakes producers”, and “they can’t handle real men winning” confirm what a jerk you are! Your last sentence proves your evil, psychotic state and should be grounds for EVICTING YOUR ASS from this site.

Cody serenades Jess

Yeah I got issues
But you got ’em too
So give ’em all to me
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
Of all our problems
‘Cause we got the kind of love
It takes to solve ’em
Yeah, I got issues
And one of them is how bad I need you

Production: “Stop singing”


Cody’s fatal mistake was getting a crush on Alex and trying to work her side of the house for his own benefit. It was too obvious.


Definitely too much cussing, no need in order to get your point across, also I do like Kevin and Alex.

Guy From Canada

“All i know is he’s the only person with boy2men lyrics tattooed to his arm”. OMFG, 530am, end of a graveyard shift, this litteraly made my night……and how do you know this Simon? Not judging, just asking…..well slightly judging 😉


If he really does have Boyz2Men lyrics tattooed on him does anyone know what they are?


Thank you! I’m embarrassed for Matt


Its A Song for Mama by Boyz 2 men.

Bunny Flop

I don’t care, boyz to men have some good songs

No Xmas u could not

Xmas you can probably get a lot guys, but you can not have any man you want. And I’m sure you have found that out during your life. Some men (like me) want a women who is softer, and that doesn’t have more muscles and tattoos than I do. Jessica has a crappy personality but she is very attractive. And its not like Cody got to know her before they hooked up, it was based on physical attraction (and Cody having HOH).


Yea she’s more of a man than me


Do we really want to watch a summer of Paul running around the house making sure everyones head is up his ass?

Alex Jason and Kevin need to recruit Jess and also use Rams and get his ass out.

Seeing Paul get angry at Jessica cuz she is saying truth about him is hilarious. Oh god she doesn’t think this game has been hard for me like I made every other idiot in here believe. Fk she gotta go.



Shelly's Chompers

Two things:

1. Boyz2Men lyrics? Matt, c’mon!
2. Christmas: “if I wanted Cody, I could have Cody.”

Omg, I can’t with these people! Lol!


Paul and Christmas are too much. They both have huge ego problems. I hope whoever is HOH next week takes a chill pill. Am I the only one who remembers how terrible Paul was at this game last year? He floated towards power all year, used as a pawn and became a part of the game when 2/3 or the house was gone. He was last years Victoria and thinks his sh!t don’t stink. Hey this loser out!


I want a Xmas and Kevin final 2.


How the F is Paul going to say the odds are stacked against him. This snake lies so much he is starting to believe his lies are true. PUKE.


In this instance, he may mean that the odds WILL be stacked against him when the 3 weeks are up. It’s also probably true that some won’t vote for him in an F2 scenario because he took 2nd place last year.


My guest is Christmas was suppose to be sent home and she pushed saying she can do this. I’m hoping when they recast her they tell her it isn’t going to work out. And send her cocky ass home and bring back Cody. One can hope!!!!!

Lexy Lou Lou

Loved, LOVED, LOVED!!! the Boys2Men lyrics comments. Simon, that was the best. Thank you!!! That was just what I needed!!


And Raven should not be to discussing brainlessness or child-like behaviour in others. What is the evidence for her own brain being used? I want to like her (and hope there’s more to her), but I’ve never been a fan of the cutsie-bucolic schtick…even from actual children 🙂


There’s a lot of exaggerations going on about Ravens illness. Not sure how she thinks she won’t have to deal with it when she gets out. Her illness is manageable…also just FYI her parents bought her a dance studio. She didn’t pay for it.


So what?

Why so judgmental?

Shut up Paul

OMFG! Someone put duct tape over Paul’s mouth. I can’t listen to him anymore!


Is it true that Jessica told Paul, Ramses told her and Cody he was going to win the comp so they could not backdoor Cody? Please tell me he didn’t make up this big lie to again hurt Ramses.

Watch out Loser

Is it even remotely possible for Ramses to be evicted this week? A lot of BB cliches are lining up for it. First of all it would be “the unexpected,” not to mention that “Thursday is still a long way away,” and finally Cody perfectly fits the definition of “keeping the bigger target in the house.” If the talk of a buy back and Paul’s power get into the right ears, is it possible?


It’s certainly remotely possible, yes, but only remotely. Paul seems entirely committed to seeing Cody walk out and anything less than “completing his mission” would send up even more ballistics from him – which could be fun to watch all right! 🙂

Pauls Ego

I truly believe Paul’s plan all along was to somehow keep Cody in the house as any Big Bro follower knows the big target needs an even bigger target in the house. Paul’s attempt to put Matt/Raven up and now him talking up this Ramses conspiracy……Paul is actually thinking on this one. It is most likely Cody leaves Thursday…but if Paul can get the group to vote of Ramses I will truly be amazed how much butt kisser are in there this year.


Paul isn’t that smart


Paul is right about more things than he makes up. Lol. He’s right about Cody’s agenda in the DR, he’s probably right about why America gave him the temptation, and he’s right that he will become a big target weeks later when he’s not safe or HOH. A lot of people have that “people are listening to him so he’s already won the game, this is a boring show…” mentality but someone will turn on him eventually.
And if he does win, that would be impressive because being the only vet does make it more of a challenge. Y’all need to lighten up because as annoying and full of himself as Paul is, he’s just playing the game and if the game ended now, he’d win. lol but there’s still plenty of game left, lots of temptations, curses, and paranoid people in the house that can turn the game around.

That being said, I’m still liking Kevin.


As much as I despise (for lack of a more hateful word), Paul, I have to agree. Taking in to consideration, that the players have only been in there close to 20 days, the paranoia has yet to set in. Once the players start missing home, and start getting annoyed that there is no escape from their fellow players (we all need an escape once in a while), this is when it will hit them, “Hey, I need to start really playing this game, and strategizing”. I can’t wait to see this group turn on themselves, because we all know, it will eventually happen.


Kevin is great.paul isn’t that good this year.he had a horrible plan that changed after he got some advice in the dr.this season would have been so good but instead we get Paul and his verbal diarrhea with more help than anyone in BB history every one throwing comps to him etc.

Xmas you lost me

As a fan of the show it amazes me each year how much I personally flip flop, just like the house guest. I must say the moment I saw Christmas I resonated with her and yet a few weeks later and I’m no longer resonating with Christmas as she is portraying herself. She doesn’t need to be so egotistical, saying she could have Cody is actually a turn off and saying these types of things is a highly insecure way of thinking. Her playing victim towards Jason because he didn’t vote for her because of the foot is mind blowing, talk about trying to control someone through mind manipulation. Let Xmas make jury, then please vote her out first.


I agree completely. Thought I would like her but I don’t at all anymore. She acts very egotistical, entitled and self centered not to mention vey mean to those who are down. I hate to tell her but I doubt she could have had Cody. He would have still wanted Jessica and I don’t think she could have convinced him otherwise. And it was an accident with Jason and joking around that she mutually chose to participate in with Jason. She should not hold it against him and in no way should ever use that as a reason to manipulate him or try to get a vote. That should have nothing to do with actual gameplay.


I would like to see Jason or Jessica win HoH next week …. need another shake up in the house …. Paul and the house guests he has worked with this week need to have a tough week and lose one from their side to keep this interesting.

With Jason winning it, could be an exciting week should he take a shot at Matt, Raven, Mark, Elana, Dom or Christmas … do not think he would target the low hanging fruit like Josh or Ramses. Alex and Kevin will work with Jason and I have no doubt Paul will work with them as well … Paul will work to get Jason to do his biding but I think Jason is the type who will still do his own thing.

With Jessica winning it, I believe she will target Josh and maybe Christmas out of pettiness but without Cody, not so sure she will go after Christmas and risk making herself the target again … Jessica may end up doing what Matt, Mark, Raven and Elana want her to do which is what Paul tells them they should do. This way she may be able to keep herself safe another week or so and make the jury.


I can’t stand Paul and I was crest-fallen when he entered the house, but OMG, does he ever have a flare for grasping defeat from the jaws of victory!! No matter how many advantages come his way, the “spin doctor” is still able to convince his minions that he is a “victim.” It’s hilarious! I don’t want to, but sometimes it makes me laugh.

Now then, if the mere thought of going against Paul is too fear-inducing to consider, there is another option:
KEEP the one person who is never going to stray from his mission to rid the house of Paul—CODY! He won’t back down and you’ll never have to guess whether he’s willing to make a move against Paul.

In summary, do to Paul what you did to Cody when you saved Christmas and evicted Jillian. Surprise!!! ; – )

Paul is so annoying

Cody’s fatal mistake was not knowing Paul had 3 weeks of safety. Otherwise. Paul would have gone home amd we would be talking about yay paul is gone or damn hope he geta to come back in the buyback. Im not a fan of his attitude bit, after the last few seasons, i was happy to see someone had the nuts to try to take out a heavy hitter early on.


I share your enthusiasm for Cody’s bold move to get rid of Paul, but Cody cannot be blamed for not knowing about the three-weeks of safety for Paul. No one could have known that until the moment Paul was nominated.
The nomination left Cody with egg on his face, but at least it exposed Paul’s secret advantage.


Cody could have recovered from that if he had just talked to Matt and Mark before nominating Paul. He really needed to get a feel for who would vote where.


When Cody nominated Paul, it was so early in the game that everyone would have seen the wisdom in getting rid of Paul; even if they didn’t appreciate Cody’s methods. Paul was making progress, but his fairy dust had not quite spread throughout the realm.
There was no way to save face and I don’t think Cody was then, or is now, in a collaborative mood.

Cody expected blind loyalty. When he didn’t get it, he felt betrayed/ backstabbed. It was an unrealistic expectation, but there you have it.

Paul, on the other hand, is an adept puppeteer who knows when and how to massage egos. He also expects and even demands loyalty, but primarily after he has personally sprinkled you with the fairy dust.

Matt and Mark were in search of a leader. Cody went through five nominations (unheard of) en route to Christmas. She survived. Telling Cody about the (group) voting strategy ahead of time
would not have turned Cody into a collaborator. Sure, he would have been spared the surprise, but his ego would still have been bruised over the fiasco with Paul and the perceived betrayal on the part of his alliance members. Paul wasted no time in simultaneously playing “victim” AND making it known that a tsunami of revenge was coming Cody’s way.
I’m speaking solely based upon what was going on at that particular time in Cody and Paul’s history in the house.

Cowboy and kevin

(Matt thinks a lot of people in the house aren’t playing with a full deck.. Josh… cody and now Jason. All i know is he’s the only person with boy2men lyrics tattooed to his arm)

This cracked me up you’re the best Simon.


Paul is a dick not Cody.


I feel bad for Jessica. The whole house is trash talking her.

Dr. J

Some here think everyone of the houseguests are eating out of Paul’s hands but that’s not so. Alex hinted to Paul she hates to come off of the block because she doesn’t want to vote out Cody. There is Jason, Alex, Ramses, and Jess wanting to get rid of Paul. Not sure where Kevin’s wishes are but it wouldn’t take too many more to go after Paul to insure his time in the house end. I do wish Paul would pipe down with all of his bragadoo about winning this, controlling that, etc.. He’s wearing thin with a lot of the house. This might make a very interesting game if he gets the boot.

Marky Mark

Not necessarily a fan of Mark and Dom getting together. It’s a much better look for him than elena tho

Club H.O.H

Lmao!!! 50yr old hop-a-long needs to lay off the pain meds!!!! Thinking Cody would want her butch ass!!!! Hahah Too funny on Matt’s tat I wondered what it was and now I can’t take him seriously.

Dr. J

“Paul says some people have a character trait where they hate losing. Paul doesn’t have that character trait.” The heck he doesn’t. He is very angry that he didn’t win last year. Bitter that Nichole won because she didn’t play a huge game like he did. Baloney on that. He’s a crybaby if he doesn’t get his way. He’ll “come after you” if you don’t fall in line with him. I don’t care for him at all and don’t want him to go farther than week 4 when he’s voted out. He is liked by the staff of BB but cannot go so far to say it is “rigged” just for Paul. I just wanted to see nothing but newbies playing this year. I think of a year with just newbies isn’t going to happen after this many years of returners. I wish they’d wake up and give us what we want, a level playing field.


He also said there’s no room for egos in the house LMAO


Alex isn’t that bad after all <3!! Love her compared to Jessica, Elena and Raven even. Ik Raven's not that bad but she definitely plays the floating game down PAT.

Jeff Toronto

Moral of this season, and EVERY SEASON BEFORE IT. You don’t win the first HOH LOL (simple as that) if you want to win this game.


Hayden won the 1st HOH in his season and went on to win the game!

Bunny Flop

So Alex may be putting two n two together. She is thinking, Kevin may have been the one to vote out Jilliebean. But, she still hates Ramses. Old Gnomebeard has really gotten that pushed in.
Does anyone in the house know Xmas is to have surgery tomorrow? And does Xmas actually understand how badly her foot is going to hurt, once the numbing wears off?
Does Ramses know what everyone thinks of him?
Does Matt realize that Dom is manipulating him?
Some many questions.


Christmas I got news for you. Cody only has eyes for Jessica from the very beginning. You were not and are not on his radar. Except that he saw you as a threat in the game. And he was right. Get over your self Christmas. All men are wanting you.


Christmas I got news for you. Cody only has eyes for Jessica from the very beginning. You were not and are not on his radar. Except that he saw you as a threat in the game. And he was right. Get over your self Christmas. All men are not wanting you.


It was clear in the beginning that Cody went after Jessica because he found her to have the most bang-worthy body for a man of his stature. : – ) She was similarly drawn to Cody. Somewhere between the sheets they discovered that there was, perchance, something of more substance between them, even if it was going to be limited to their roles on Big Brother.

Having said that, Cody’s genuine attraction, on multiple levels, and however surprisingly, was to Alex. How else could you explain the fact that, even in bed, with Jessica’s body sprawled all over him, kissing and caressing him, he managed to call her, “Alex?” Even Cody had to smile at that brain vs. mouth slip-up, which was of Freudian proportions. What I found confusing was the fact that, with all of Jessica’s jealousies of other women in the house, where was her reaction to being called, “Alex,” by her new bedmate? She just kept kissing him!! I know Cody kept playing it off as simple respect for Alex, as a competitor. But he worked over-time to get in her good graces. Not so with anyone else in the house; not even his original band of recruits. Alex resisted, but …


For all of the afraid-of-their-own-shadow houseguests:

What will you do if /when Paul gets rid of big, bad, evil Cody for you?
Where will you hide?
Will you content yourselves in Paul’s ever so welcoming “friendship” embrace?
How long before he spews his venom in your direction? (Pssst. pssst…He does not like floaters.)
How long before his tales of victimization and heroism begin to make you wish you were allowed use of some duct tape in the house?
What is the shelf life for fairy dust? Does it turn into itching powder when it spoils?

Will it ever occur to you that you would be able to “float” on your rafts of fear that much longer if you kept Cody in the house and let the two of them duke it out until Paul’s clock runs out or one of them loses in a challenge (whichever come first)?
When will you stop handing over your victories to someone who already has an unfair advantage over you and doesn’t need your help?
The tail is wagging the dog.
He doesn’t need your permission or concurrence or even your input b/c there is nothing you can do about it, no matter what he decides to do!! He has lulled you into thinking your opinion matters to him…” friendship…”


Cody may have many military accomplishments and at the bare minimum, he should be thanked for his heroic service for the American people. However, outside of that, his good deeds DO NOT give him license to act like a friggin penis on television! He is a hot-headed jerk who says awful things to people when he can’t control his temper. Paul may lie convincingly enough to get the other housemates to do what he wants. But hey, is that part of how you play Big Brother? Cody’s social game sucks! He needs anger management. You didn’t see Paul physically challenging anyone when he was mad. Cody also lied and manipulated too. Did he not put his own team mate on the block (Christmas) and then try to bond with her later on over NASCAR? Did Cody not plan a way to get Jessica out of the house with Matt? When Cody was on the way out last week, did he NOT convince Jessica to keep him in by using the Hex? She could have saved herself. She was not the target and people were willing to work with her if Cody was gone. Now who is sitting outside the house, not even at jury? Jessica is a stupid high school drop out with a horrible attitude and blew her chance at 500K for a guy she met less than two months ago. STUPID!