Cody “The guys think they’re going to be targeted… target their hearts. The women.”

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10:20am Kitchen floor. Jason – they’re crawling all over me … little f**kers. I’m going to start eating them. I am a toad! Jason heads to the living room lily pad and talks to Alex on the couch. Alex is still talking about the plane banner in the backyard. I don’t know if Jillian actually saw it or if she thinks she saw it because he convinced her. Jason – she saw it, she was standing right there. Alex – she thought it was real. Jason – she’s a f**king idiot then. Alex – what did it look like? Jason – it looked like clouds by the time we saw it. Alex – because I was going to say if it was a real one they (production) would have made her go inside immediately. Jason – why are you still stuck on this? Because you’re trying to decide if Ramses is a liar or not? He is! Alex – yeah but also because they think Kevin is the one that flipped and not him (Ramses). The other side completely thinks it was Kevin that flipped on them and not Ramses. Jason – they’re trying to f**k you up! Alex – but if they don’t trust him why would they think that. Jason – because they’re trying to take you down from me and him. They’re trying to break us up. Alex – okay, fair enough. Jason – but it was nothing. Alex – you better be nice to Christmas because she hates you. Jason – I hate that girl. Alex – she even said he voted against me, he’s f**ked. She was like I don’t have any power but. Be nice to her and kiss her a$#. Jason – I’m not doing it! Alex – Jason! Do it. KISS HER F**KING A$$! Jason – it doesn’t benefit me. Alex – yes it will because then she will change her opinion of you. Jason – no it won’t. Alex – whatever.

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10:35am Cody joins Alex and Jason. Alex tells Cody – they put me on the block because I wouldn’t vote against you. Cody – I know. Alex – and they’re going to leave he there. Cody – WHAT?! So they’re going to pull Josh!? Alex – I don’t know. Cody – Alex, they ain’t keeping me here .. there is no way they’re letting me compete in the next HOH. Jason – maybe they’ll put me up there. Cody – I 1000% guarantee you I am going up. They literally had to chain me up, take away my weapons, build up their defenses, have a team of a 1000 followers to give them a temptation, curse me and then have me not play in the POV. Like literally! I don’t know if I should be flattered or what? Its like they chopped off my limbs and still chained me up. Cody – You know what’s funny?! The guys think they’re going to be targeted… target their hearts. The women. You know who is really sweating about being at the bottom of the totem pole .. Elena.. her head will explode and put her up next to Christmas. You’ll see how loyal they are to each other after that. GO for the women.. way more effective. Way more! Plus if there is a battle back, I will smoke all of them! And then I’ll be back with you guys.

10:50am Cody leaves. Alex tells Jason – Cody is trying to use us .. he wants us to get out all the girls in case there is a battle back so he only has to battle them. Jason – yeah but he could beat the guys anyway. Alex – true but he wants it the easy way. ..and he wants the guys in jury.

11am Cody comes back – I have never seen grown men be afraid of a woman in a competition. Cody – you know what’s great, I bet people compare you to Pow Pow but .. and now you’re like the anti-Pow Pow. I don’t know how well you guys are salvaging your games but .. Jason – I’m not. Cody – they’re going to get from what they want from you and then turn their backs on you next week .. so its not like there is anything you guys can salvage. Alex – I want to get to jury. Cody – they ain’t going to allow that. The only way you can get that is buy winning HOH. Alex – Paul is going to be out next week.

11:10am – 11:40am Jessica enjoying not having to wear her v-toad costume in the pool. Cody joins her in the pool. Cody – I have no regrets.

12:10pm In the kitchen – Ramses, Josh, Raven, Matt and Kevin are cleaning the kitchen trying to get rid of the ants.

12:20pm Pool. Cody – Paul has a hell of an edge. He is as sharp as a tack. He will win this especially if he makes it to the end. People will vote for him. Cody – he knows the strategy to make it to the end. Cody – they gave it to him. Who is at the bottom. Me, Jess and you. If I go out and I get boo’d, I will tell everyone that all my actions were my actions and no one elses. Jason – you don’t mind taking the load.

12:50pm Josh talking to the cameras.
Josh – I think that the outsiders think that I am not with them. Not true. I need to distance myself from them and make it look like I’m in with the 7 because if I don’t I’m going to get picked off. Once it comes down to jury these little showmances … Marlena .. just falling in love. Christmas I love her. Matt (Josh pretends to cut his throat.) Dom pokes her head in and leaves. Josh – she is cool but she doesn’t talk game with me at all. In the outside world I take shots, I’m the aggressive one … I am the leader. But in this house I have to take a step back so I don’t come off .. so that people don’t look at me as a threat. I love that people look at me as the underdog. The young kid. The loose cannon. Moving forward I am playing this game for me. I would love to see myself playing this game with and see myself with Christmas, Paul, Marlena, Dom, Jason, Kevin. ..And see how it plays out. I am in the middle and I need to play it right. The minute I get the chance to cut these showmances .. I am going to take it.

1:25pm Pool time…

1:30pm – 1:45pm Lounge room. Josh & Christmas.
Christmas – if I were to win HOH who would I put up. Lets back up a moment .. say that you’re nervous in the group and that you still don’t have a place. Be nervous about telling them that. A little bit of something will create a door later. Jason feels like Ramses screwed him over. Its okay, they’ll still work together. You’re good. Josh – I feel like I am right in the middle. Christmas – so we’re going to distance ourselves just so its not obvious. We just have to pluck them off one by one. They’re toxic. Josh – I can’t believe I’m going to make it to jury. Christmas – you’re going to make it further than jury if you play your cards right. Josh – do you think I should talk to Paul about the veto? Christmas – oh he’s definitely going to use it on you. Josh – really!? Really!? Oh my god. Christmas – save that reaction. Don’t poke the bear. Josh – I’m not going to attack him (Cody) but I’m going to have fun. Otherwise if my brother saw that and I didn’t stick up for myself my brother would beat the sh*t out of me. Christmas – just make sure the other side still sees you as being confused. Elena joins them.

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Why is it everyone is saying they want to go to jury, but not that they want to win the game or make it to final 2 or 3? Does anyone know at what point an evicted player becomes a jury member? I don’t remember how many people are on the jury.


Honestly I don’t get why fans are mad at this. I would say that too to seem less motivated and not in the game. Some are probably lying and some are probably telling the truth.


Its all a ploy saying they just want to make jury….granted some personalities on there that is an accomplishment in itself. They all say they want to make jury so they are guaranteed to be “paid” in said jury house. They get paid in the jury house to “vacation”….so hence they all say this but I would be pretty sure 99% of them use it as a game ploy

sunny dee

i agree. it gives you a ‘team’ willing to work with you too, because they will see you as a number, and not a comp threat. plus if they do work against you and you make it to jury, you could be a vote against them. at least make the motions of being on board with that, that is the social game part.


Simply put, they get more money when they make it to jury.


It’s a ploy to at least get to that point in the game…then when they get there its all, I just wanna get to final

sunny dee

it’s been my dream since i was 7 years old to be F4 and battle it out with the top 3

etc etc blah blah4


Usually 9 person jury..


Thanks! I wasn’t sure at what point the evicted house guest became a jury member.


Part of it is this: They are paid a stipend for each week they are in the game. Once they are in the jury, they are guaranteed the full stipend. Poor Cameron probably just got 1 week and Megan more than likely lost hers altogether. I think that’s why they keep talking about making jury and downplaying the final win.

Also, many are looking to create some interest in them as social media types to enhance their brand. They see this as an audition and screen time is a big deal. It’s also a reason showmances pop up so fast because they know CBS will show them during the shows.


I’m already set to cancel my CBS subscription. I’m sick of every season so predictable. It is always a herd mentality. The few people that actually have a mind of their own are always targeted first because people can’t handle not having control over them. I can’t take it anymore. Season after season. I’ve loved this show season the very first season but I can’t keep holding out hope every season. I think it is finally time to move on from this once decent show.


I cancelled mine. Last season was easier to watch, more fun, real friendship, and everyone except Zakiyah played their own game. This year it’s The Paul Show. Who cares?


I haven’t given up yet, I think this has the potential to be a really good season. After Cody leaves, I hope the power shifts week to week. Once Paul is gone, his alliance will think for themselves and should be pretty interesting.


I canceled mine. I’m even checking updates less. So far…this season has made me realize I have been hanging on to this show too long.

Kevin's Wisdom

These types of comments are just as much attention seeking as in the drama in the house….get over yourself, you’re still hear reading and commenting and contradicting yourself. No one cares if you leave because that golden rule, one leave two come applies. Big Bro gains popularity while you gain the whoa is me attitude.


Amen to that! I get really tired of the whining. If you dont like the show turn it off. No one is forcing you to watch it!


But if some random person on the internet doesn’t like the show, it must be bad…and they canceled their subscription! That’s drastic, so we should all follow him and not follow the herd mentality to just keep watching the show!

So anyway...

Ok. Bye


I’m not sure u know how this game is played

Daisey Dukes and Boots

I’m still sitting here trying to get over the fact that Matt has Boyz2Men lyrical tattoo on his arm.
Apparently even when I thought I was, I’ve never been that drunk in my life …


I’m drunk right now but doesn’t Cody look like a psychopath in the above picture?

Matts Tattoo

Not sure what the big deal about Matts tat is? It is a boyz 2 men lyric apparently. It is Matts body, he can tattoo what he chooses. It is actually the people making fun of it that are the laughable insecure ones.

Matt's just for men touch of grey

R&B lyrics as a tat. What a boob

Matts Tattoo

Caring so much about what is on another person’s body….the true definition of a boob!


you don’t know his story or the significance of his tat! maybe find out before you judge a**holes!


his left arm looks like a 4 year old got a hold of a magic marker


Do you think there will be a buy back this year? There were no good bye messages to Jillian nor did Julie give her any info as to who voted her out.
I have the feeling there will be a buyback in order to keep Cody in the house. Production loves the tension and chaos he brings.
I hope that Jessica is the next to go after Cody so if there is a buyback, they have to battle each other.
Personally, I don’t like the buy back.

sunny dee

don’t they usually talk about it, to the exiting HG and the viewers tho? that’s why i’m not convinced there would be one, because having one should be part of all the advertising and on the site, and voting interaction and so on. i just don’t see them needing or wanting someone coming back in since they are already down one. i’m not even sure if they will do as many double or instant evictions due to the numbers.


I was hoping they would let two people come back on the Battle Back because the are short a person. I would like Cameron to come back cuz we never even got to see him play.


They should never have let the Vets back in, least not so easily. Make them earn it.

I’m amazed at how people are choosing to belittle & berate an American HERO (here & the house) rather than throw a temptation to him when he needs it. Instead, we’re supposed to cheer for a couple lying, schemeing hypocrites like Paul & Christmas? Yeah, I don’t think so. Get rid of Jess & let’ss see Cody play the game. He was right, took a lot to bring him down….


Hey now! My dad is an Army LTC, my son is a Navy officer and my husband a Marine. Not ALL servicemen are heroes, but I’m glad he, perhaps, has you fooled. At least he is playing something (other than Jessica, that is).

*I say perhaps because I don’t know the boy yet I just don’t like what he has shown the viewers of himself so far. Calling Marines with 4+ years a**holes isn’t a hero in my book.


LMFAO… American hero my ass. STFU and stop whinning like a girl cause you’re hero blew his load early in the game jumping in a showmance and trying to make rogue moves like a true American Idiot.

Teri in Oregon

Oooh, nice Green Day reference 😉

He may be a war hero (who knows with him) but he is delusional he did the same thing to Paul backdooring him with no chance to save himself but it’s different when Paul reciprocates. Cody is an idiot. Cody knows he can’t sway anyone to keep him because he is not capable of communicating with other humans. Paul may be obnoxious and overbearing but at least he has a personality. You know there will be a buyback just to appease him and I hope to god he loses it.

So anyway...

Wow. You took the words right out of my mouth! I agree.


Oh he’s for sure killed some people.hes very detached


If I were behind enemy lines, it’s Cody who I’d want coming after me. Paul is not man enough.

Are you serious?

Hero for what? Getting paid to go abroad to kill people? Look at him. Looks like he enjoys torturing animals.


This is a tv show competition
Get outta here with that hero crap…
That is what medals etc… are for.
Here he is a below avg player


Cody deserved to be on the block for his actions last week. Now that he doesn’t have the power it’s easier to want him to stay. Paul having HOH itis makes me want to see him go. Most of the players seem to become annoying once they have some power. Just my thoughts.


Well, I guess I thought Cody would start playing the game today, but he’s still too bitter, I guess. It would be great to see him actually open up to people. We know Matt and Mark are amiable enough to at least hear him out, and, if Cody played his cards right, maybe even convince that they should keep him. Common Cody! If you are so good at psychological warfare, start playing! Don’t lay down and die.

Misguided Soul Collector

Honey, you need to come with me!


Okay, I’m on my way.

Bunny Flop

Cody is right about the girls. Put Elena and Dom up against each other, and watch Mark exploid! Veto one, and throw Xmas up. But, that won’t happen. sigh. Such a good dream


Get rid of all the girls and leave all the physical guys in the house to dominate? That’s the stupidest idea Cody has had since he put Christmas up. Cody just isn’t very good at this game.

Bunny Flop

Oh I didn’t mean get out all the girls. Just torture the guys a bit. I don’t think the above would work on Matt. But it would weaken Mark a lot.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wonky eye

Geez, thanks so much for the pic of Jessicas bulge

Phat Pussy Cat

oh yeah!


Lol!!!! That was my thought exactly the fact the photo was captured just perfectly is priceless ?


Cody is saying that but he would have probably had a melt down if Paul put him and Jessica up next to each other. Cody is so full of himself yet he wants to compete against girls if there is a buy back. Give me a break!


The best part of BB is the bitching about BB. Some of the comments and posts by Simon/Dawg are better then the show. Dude in the last post blamed everyone except the Russians (and hoped they all die!) for Cody’s demise.


I think shut down the investigation into Paul’s Russian ties! Russians hackers may have influenced the temptation vote and tried to hack into Jessica’s instagram account for incriminating photos!



You and I both know that Jess isn’t truly comfortable unless she is straddling Cody.

*My instinct said, “Don’t click the arrow, Granny” and I clicked the arrow anyway. I said “EW!” so loud, that Grandpa came a runnin’, tripped over Ruby Sue, fell head first into the washboard, then lost consciousness repeating, “Where’s the bleach?”


love dis season 19


“Cody – you know what’s great, I bet people compare you to Pow Pow but .. and now you’re like the anti-Pow Pow.”

Cody should bring Jessica into this conversation.


Once again Cody shows that he doen’t have the first clue about people and the game of BB. Target their hearts- put up the women??? IMHO that would be doing the guys a favor because without the female distractions, they could focus on the game. The only turd who would lose it without his BB hook up is Cody- what a dope. The guy is a misogynist of the first order. He does not see women as equals- but useful for cooking, cleaning and wham-bam

BTW I know several guys who have served or are serving in the military and they respectful of others, better strategists, problem solvers and communicators. Appreciative of his service- he is well suited to be a sniper, but not a leader.


As a retired educator of 38 years with students ranging from grade 7 to college, but mostly high schoolers, I am disturbed at CBS for allowing Paul and company to belittle and bully competitors to the extent that they are. My main concern is for Ramses. Paul has unmercifully attacked Ramses and said to Elena and Mark, “I want you to scare the fuckin’ shit out of Ramses.” Why? He’s on the block and wanted to win POV to pull himself off, because, as a fan of BB, he (Ramses) knows that pawns are often evicted no matter how often they are told they are safe. Paul, in practicing his POV speech to Cody, said to Raven and Matt with Ramses sitting there, “I’m not going to play your (Cody’s) game, I’m going to play my game.” Isn’t that what Ramses was doing…playing his game? Paul wanted POV and he won it. Why attack Ramses? I am not sure that Ramses can handle this curse that Paul is putting on him and is encouraging others to do so as well. Ramses is one of the weakest players as far as stability is concerned, and Paul knows that. Calling him names at every turn to anyone who will listen will not only affect Ramses while he is in the BB house, but also after the season is over. Talk about character assassination. Paul, you are the master of it. I blame CBS for allowing this to happen to Ramses. Cody can handle himself, but I hope CBS can see the danger of what Paul is doing to some people in the house. It won’t be long before Paul will want Raven out, because he knows sitting next to her in the final two, with her life threatening illness and its financial strain on her family, may make him runner-up again. The gesture of t-shirt sales for her may happen, but he will still wipe her out of the house. Paul and company give a whole new meaning to “Mean Girls (and guys).” Friendship for Paul means play your game MY way. I have watched every episode of every season of BB, but my time in doing so has come to an end. Strategy and competition are one thing; hatefulness is quite another. I am not on anyone’s side. CBS wants Paul back on for ratings. Isn’t it ironic that Paul received the first temptation, and that it was for safety for three weeks? Three weeks. That’s not just a temptation; it’s a guarantee for half a million dollars at the end of BB19. Paul didn’t win last year, but mark my words, he will win this year.


HEY TEACHER! Leave them kids alone…………


Good point, Mo. While you are at it, you should also indict Cody for the same behavior toward Ramses and Josh. I noted that he did not talk to Mark or Matt or even Paul in the same manner- wonder why.

No one should act this way on BB- it is a GAME!


Point taken, MISC. I agree with you on that one.


The last post from ANONYMOUS to MISC was actually by me (MO). Don’t know how ANONYMOUS’ name came up. That was only my third post on this site and the third one ever made about BB anywhere, so I did something wrong somewhere. This is my favorite of all the BB sites. My apologies to ANONYMOUS. MISC, I do agree with what you said about Cody. I’ve taught many students with personalities like Cody, Paul, Ramses…actually, everyone in the house. I’ve seen firsthand what the behavior they inflict on others can do to those upon whom they direct their actions…whether intended or not. Paul is skillful in how he always has someone talking with or listening in on conversations of everyone in the house most hours of the day, so that they can report back to him what is going on. His phrasing is always, “WE need to make sure that they are sticking with OUR plan,” when in actuality he means, “I need to make sure that they are sticking with MY plan.” That is skillful game play, especially when you consider how easily many in the first alliance of nine and others, who were not in the alliance, fell in line with them. However, I disagree with how he viciously he targets for attack those who do not fall in line with his plan. How he plants in Josh’s mind about doing something to incite Cody to hit him so that Cody will be ejected. Cody is probably going to be evicted anyway, but if he is ejected then he can’t participate in the comeback competition. Paul is good at getting others to do his dirty work, but the dirty work is not competition…it’s manipulation of a person who wants to be accepted by the group and will do anything to belong. Similar to the way gangs work. If Cody loses his cool, that’s on Cody and no one else. Paul is not man enough to stand up to Cody so he has others do his dirty work. People like Alex and Kevin make watching BB fun. People like Paul have made me stop watching it.


Every season I laugh at these cats that come here saying I’m leaving. Like do they think anyone gives a fk? Just leave. Why look like a butthurt fool and post. Funny.

We need Jess in this game. Not only is she repulsed by Xmas like I am. She also is a number against the Paul robots. And the added bonus she is a joy to look at. If you look at her in a bikini and aren’t impressed you are gay. Sorry.

I realize everyone lies in this game but you dnt fk over your core ppl. The Kevin lie will come out. And he really got no advantage by doing it. Other than that he is killin’ it in there.


Aunt Cece

The problem with the show for the past few years is that 20 somethings have gotten incredibly immature over the last 16 years. Today’s 25 year old has the emotional maturity of a 17 year old and it’s making BB impossible to watch or enjoy. If they want a better show they have to skip anyone under the age of 30.


Lol!!!! Nice capture of Jessica with the look of “Ken doll parts” floating on the swan….Production this photo is priceless ?

Bo Diddler

What is that coming out of Cody? It sure sounds like VICTIM NOISES to me.