Paul Won the Power Of Veto! Cody “Its okay, its first world problems.”

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4pm – 9:40pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto competition. The POV players were: Josh, Alex, Paul, Matt & Elena.

9:40pm When the live feeds return – Cody and Jessica are in the havenot room hugging. They are silent. She kisses him. Jessica – one day we’re going to laugh about this. Cody – its okay, its first world problems. Jessica – getting voted off a reality tv show. I’m just glad you were here. Cody – when was the last time your loyalty was tested. Jessica – I don’t think ever to this extent.

In the kitchen. Paul – I had a f**king mission and I did my mission! Kevin – how come you’re not wet? Paul – because I won the veto. When your boy says he’s going to do something he f**king does something. Matt – there were 5 different stations with a question at each station. Paul – I walked … wrong. When to the next one .. MATH .. F**k! Alex – you had to eat caviar (Elena says it was escargot, pate, fish eggs.

In the bathroom – Paul tells Alex – lets discuss who comes down later. We will get you and Josh in a room and weigh out options. Whoever wants to give a speech to Cody live .. its up to you. Alex – oh I don’t want to give a speech I would rather be out of it. Paul – we’ll talk about it. Right now celebrate.

Paul explains to Kevin what the competition was like. Paul – so you’re at the airport and the first thing you have to do is go through security. And on the security wall there were 5 or 6 passengers. Alex – there were 6. Paul – so I ran past it and you have to answer a question in every room you go to … you either get delayed or you can run past it to the next one. I ran to the first one and it asked how many people were in line. I was like motherf**ker. I guessed it wrong because I was too excited and ran past it. So I got delayed. In the next room it was a math competition 75, 25, 99, and you had 3 cards that said buy, buy, buy, the items. So you had to add up the 15 items … 2.99, 8.99 and you have to do stupid math in your head. Alex – I could not do it. I could not f**king do it. Paul – so I did that. And I went to the next one .. which was a question about the other one… what time did it say on the wall. F**K! I don’t know. Got that wrong. Went into the next room and it was Tokyo and there were a bunch … there were like 40 panels so you had to punch and kick them. So I was like perfect .. ba, ba, ba, I did it in like a second. Literally! And then I paid attention to sh*t. Then the next one I got right… Big Brother switches the feed.

9:40pm Christmas comes into the bathoom and tells Paul something. Paul – so lets talk about that time. When I said max out your time. I don’t think it was clear. (Ramses got a pretty good time in the comp.) Dom – no. Paul – but you save it, you save that aggression.

9:43pm HOH room – Raven and Paul.
Raven – I’m so glad you won that. Paul – Ramses is the biggest piece of shit ever. Raven – I told you .. he wouldn’t look me in the eye. He wouldn’t talk about it. I told you he was going to do that. Paul – okay, I’m going to publicly humiliate him. Mark joins them. Paul what is up with Ramses? Mark – I told you from the get go. Paul – I want all of us to scare the sh*t out of him .. and be like Ramses .. after Cody goes home this week if you don’t win the competition you’re going home. Mark – did you hear him down there.. he said I was shaking I was so nervous I was going to win. Paul – no he wasn’t shaking. Mark – when I saw that time. SHUT the f**k up Ramses! Matt joins them. Matt – I tried as hard as I could. I only missed one pass. Paul – Elena tried and got 22 minutes. Ramses got 7 minutes. Ramses is DONE! Paul – Alex volunteered to go on the block, we need to make Alex feel as good as possible. Mark – Ramses is a f**king snake. Matt – Ramses, Jason and Jess are… frankly I would rather take out Ramses and Jason before Jess.

9:50pm Ramses comes up to the HOH and asks if its okay he come in. Paul – yeah, we’re just balancing out the options on how to get Cody out. Ramses – okay.. I understand how sketchy that looked. Paul – very sketchy. Ramses – I know and you’re going to think whatever you’re going to think but I swear to you.. I was not trying to win that. Paul – I thought you were going to win. Ramses – I did too! I didn’t want that responsibility. Paul – I told you to just max out the time. Ramses – I didn’t want to max it out. Paul – its okay. The plan is still the plan. I’m going to do what I said I was going to do as HOH. The veto is in my hands. I trust myself. Its done. Book closed. Ramses – I know that looked sketchy. Paul – it does. Matt – are you seriously going to hand him (Cody) his bag? Paul – I’m going to hand him his bad and smile. Raven – are you going to tell him to hop on over to the bog. Paul – yes. You attack my character. You stab me in the back and tell me you want to go to battle with me. Raven – I love you so friggen much.

10:05pm HOH bathroom. Paul – what is clear to me is that Ramses, Jessica, Cody have .. are trying to do a long shot f**k around. And we need to have a group discussion about who the target is next week. Paul – but those three people have definitely sh*t the bed. Paul – he said he really tried to lose. He said he went through every delay. So you’re telling me you went through every delay and finished it in 7 minutes?! Elena – I went through every delay and probably spent 10 minutes on the last two. Paul – so here is what I am thinking … that kid was going to pull himself off the block and band together with Cody, Jessica and Jason and try to win that HOH next week and take a shot this way. Alex though is a team player. Clearly. Mark – she understand the game. She knew the plan. Elena – what was her time 16 minutes and 45 seconds? Paul – can you just intimidate him? Mark – I said to him (Ramses) if that is you trying to throw a comp .. I would hate to see you compete. Paul – you guys need win next week. If you don’t, they’re going to take a serious shot. It will be either you (Mark) or Matt. Mark – yeah and you’re safe. Mark – be cool with Jason. If he wins, Alex can talk sense into him. There is a very good chance he could win. Elena – I wasn’t going to kick him in the nuts but I wasn’t going to be nice.

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10:20pm – 10:35pm HOH room – Kevin comes up dressed up in his suit. Kevin leaves after telling them about the Dom show.

Alex comes up to talk to Paul. Paul – lets talk about the obvious. Ramses. Alex – he is not on our side. Paul – everybody pulled me aside and side Alex is a f&*king beast, we want to work with Alex. People are pissed about him talking to Cody today. That f8*king kid said I tired my hardest to throw it. SEVEN F**KING MINUTES! Matt said he went ham. Here is what I am telling you. People like you a lot. You are in the F**king! Advice.. stay the F**k away from Jessica and Ramses. You need to make it clear to Jason that he is now on people radar because of the shady sh*t he is doing. Talking to Cody today.. what are you doing?! Kevin hates Ramses. If we keep the power .. next week we put up Jessica and Ramses. No backdoor. Put them up and let them squirm. Jason is the backup plan if one of them come off. Paul – I trust you more than pretty much anyone in this game. If we leave Josh up there I know Cody is going to try and do this whole underdog sh*t. He is going to try you. I know you aren’t going to crack. He will convince Jason because Jason is f**king stupid sometimes. Alex – I will trust you because honestly I don’t want to vote against Cody. If you want to leave me on the block .. that’s chill because I owe him one for not putting me on that first time. Paul – I know Jason doesn’t like Josh .. so I don’t even want to humor the idea. I want it stacked 10 – 1 bye b***h, bye! If he (Cody) comes back in a battle back you can say whatever you want.

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10:45pm HOH room – Paul alone talks to the camera about every move he has made since day 1.

10:50pm – 11:20pm Lounge room – Dom does her show. Raven says that maybe god gave her this disease (gastroparethis) so that her mother would have someone that would truly understand what she is going through. Raven tells them about how she was born with the disease. She says basically her stomach is paralyzed so when she eats it just sits in her stomach and rots. They were told it would cost 25K. She says she is alive today because her mom went to the media. Eventually her story was on CNN and the attention helped raise the 25K needed for the surgery.

11:25pm Jason is up next to be interviewed by Dom. He shows off his auctioneer skills.

11:40pm Kevin – can I ask you a question.. and honestly I hope you don’t think it sounds mean or rude. Is Raven really sick like that? Matt – yeah, she has a limited amount of time left. Kevin – is there like a time frame that they can keep her going? Matt – hopefully but yeah its serious dude. Kevin – wow.. fun kit huh. Kevin heads back to the lounge room.

11:50pm – 12am HOH room – Jessica & Paul
Jessica – I wanted to chat about everything that’s been going on in the house. Paul – I thought it wasn’t game related. Jess – its not game related, its personal. I’m just confused. I feel like I had a talk with everyone on her side of the house initially about how I didn’t want it to affect out personal relationships. And I feel like it did and I don’t understand. Paul – you can’t trust what everyone says in this house. On a personal level, I am just confused.. I was really curious about her leg and how and how she was feeling. I am curious how I should proceed. Paul – remember we had that talk and I gave you two options.. that was the best advice I could give. I promised you I wouldn’t put you both us. I don’t think you secluding yourself is helping you.

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Yo mamas fridge

So Paul is the man.. always liked that dude hope he goes far


Paul is a spoiled brat little man. This show is fixed they don’t let the players play the game. Production controls this game and its like watching WWF.

Jack Daniels

so? awesome then right


Why haven’t we heard anything on the coded letter Paul recd from his Mother. Looks Like BB19 is doing nothing!


So did the POV players let Paul win?…… Again


And whats with the fanny pack?


The fanny pack was a prop in the travel themed veto comp.

Jess and cody

You two have plenty of fans out here. We know what they did to you bro


Looking forward to the usual paranoia invading the house, making everyone second guess axing Cody, lol. This plan is being executed far too easily, so I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see it change.

Thursday is a long way away!


Hope Cody gets to next temptation to save him and go after Paul. This year it seems that Production can throw anything in to change the game dynamics. Alex and Cody would make a good team because they’re the only ones who can’t be snowed by the arrogant, annoying and obnoxious Paul.

Team Kevin

Dammit Alex, we all want to hear you give a speech not Josh! Sigh. Still should be a classic veto ceremony. Jessica will squirm and be so awkward next week in a house that all hates her. Karma.


You know, part of me is going to miss Cody; his elevated awkwardness, his drive to get rid of Paul and his special sexy sexy love time with Jess…

But then I remember that he’s a total f*cking douche and I hated him from the start…

See ya!


All the people in the game seem to be followers now. Under Paul’s spell. Boring! Not able to think for themselves. Cody will be outsted because that’s what’s best for Paul’s game. Had high hope for Alex but think she fell under the spell. Bunch of duds this season.


its almost like Big brother has promised Paul the win ,


I’m glad Cody is going BUT Paul is really getting on my nerves!

Can’t wait to see who wins HOH.


Now not only did Ramses have to lose he had to lose bad. His time was to good. They need to leave that poor kid alone. All of them including Alex, which kind of disappoints me, are hating on him for voting out Jillian which is a lie. He did keep his word to Alex and Jillian. Not to mention Paul saying if things didn’t work out with Cody they could evict Ramses. Ramses owes them nothing. It didn’t matter who won the veto Cody was still going home. For Paul to be so arrogant and make everyone throw it to him . Thats total BS. If someone else is HOH and they will be next week. Is Paul going to let them put him up there as a pawn and then throw the power of veto? I bet Paul will be running or trying to run every HOH for now on regardless who it is. Hope the next HOH is Ramses.


Honestly after watching houseguests like Steve and Andy hide in the shadows all summer and show up at the end to win Big Brother in recent years, I’d be fine if Ramses left now. If Cody stays I know he’ll be evicted sooner or later, but Ramses has major potential to be another underwhelming BB winner. I’m more worried about him.


Paul is safe for one more week


That’s exactly what he did last year. This is just a repeat performance. Only difference is we have the temptations, so HOH is rendered useless this year.


If Ramses won the veto he would take himself off and since he is there on a curse he couldn’t be replaced. That was the whole point of making him swear to throw it, taking himself off is the only way Cody doesn’t go home. Alex and Josh can be replaced with Cody, Ramses can’t. The little bugger was trying to save his own skin and maybe he, Jessica, Jason, Jessica or Cody wins HOH . He lied to everyone to try to reset the house for himself.

Uncle Teddy

Um, no. If Ramses won there would be no re-nom and Cody would be staying. Ramses was the absolute only player that had to lose. And he tried to win


Ramses was screwed but if he removed Alex or Josh then there would be a renom, I think. He’d still be a target next week though. Ramses needs a serious game change if he’s to stay.


Sadly, It’s Paul’s game to play. No one else has a chance. It’s the Paul Show!!! He had his chance last year. Doesn’t deserve a repeat.


I like Kevin. He’s a cool cat from the old school. Laid back, sly and smart enough to win it all. He was smart enough to take the 25k right off the bat.


Paul doesn’t deserve a repeat. I can’t take another summer of the friendship bull. If Kevin, Alex and Cody-basically the ones that are hip to Paul’s manipulation team up, there’s a chance to save this season.

Capt. Obvious

Bye then


This is all coming really easy to Paul so far with winning his temptation of 3 weeks of safety, then winning HOH, then winning the POV. Are the others just laying down and letting him win these competitions, or are they actually trying? I don’t get the feeds, so I’m not seeing their faces or if they are trying. I guess we’ll see what they show on Sunday night’s show to see if they threw the POV competition to Paul.

Since Paul won POV and it was his nominees on the block, he can decide if he wants to use it on one of the 3 on the block and then replace that person with Cody. Is that the latest of Paul’s plans? I wonder if he’ll pull Alex or Josh off the block. This should be interesting 🙂

sunny dee

they gave him HOH, and they were willing to take their time in the POV, hard to do with a timed event, hard to also just throw it when you know someone not fully on board is playing as in ramses. i would hope everyone would do their ultimate best, and not just play slow for paul to win. since ramses could have beat him and they would all know that might happen.


Good for you, Paul. You’re a strong competitor, no question. Now, just relax, don’t relive the glory endlessly, and for God’s sake, shaaaaad-up!


Sigh.. it’s Paul’s game now. Only Cody is willing to go against him. Everyone else just wants to work with Paul at this point. bleh

sunny dee

alex doesn’t. jason doesn’t. jessica certainly doesn’t.

not sure about Kevin.

and i doubt that ramses does either., since he kind of didn’t throw the POV. risky

once cody is gone, leave 13. this is a clear 5 that aren’t thrilled with paul, and probably a couple of others on the fence about him, with only a few willing to ride or die to the end with him. probably hoping that the jury will vote for them and not returning vet


I see Kevin biding his time. He had a conversation with Alex about Paul and they both seem to be saying Paul is vulnerable in a couple weeks. Alex could easily pull in Jason and Jessica to toss Paul out the door. I think Paul’s 3 weeks of safety is the biggest reason people are willing to let Paul be in charge for now. Once that’s gone, they don’t need him and the game shifts again.

Yo momma

Kinda rooting for the underdogs now don’t like floaters or minions.

About to upset people

Glad Paul won. The noises Jessica and Cody make when kissing were disgusting.

That being said now Jess needs to follow through on her promise on Thursday and self evict so the game can start.


Show is rigged for paul


I bet it was in his contract that he got safety for 3 weeks they say that america votes how do we know what the votes are? It is FIXED


no doubt about it , They must think where all stupid

Impractical Joker

would be awesome if the house kept cody just to piss off paul and creat a lot of drama but that aint gonna happen


Remember, the house wanted Cody gone for what they perceived as him betraying their trust and putting up two of their alliance in the first week. And once he did that, he wasn’t willing to explain his decision. He just told them to blindly trust him to prove their loyalty to him. Paul is just the tool they are using to get Cody out. I already see Alex planning her next move with a breakaway group. Paul doesn’t have control of as much as he seems to think he does, but I don’t expect Paul to believe they will just lay down for him the entire time. It’s a game you have to play one week at a time.

The Beef

Ahhh but Christmas still has surgery scheduled for Monday, and if they find enough damage that she must be removed from the game, could the Codemeister be saved by divine intervention?

I’m thinking this is at best a 50/50 proposition and since production would probably like to keep Cody around a while longer to keep things stirred up with Paul and his band of sphincter leeches, Christmas may yet be pulled and the vote this week may be cancelled, leaving Paul with the same feeling in his gut that Cody had last week.

Who knows?


Hahaha. Reading these comments is ridiculous…everyone hating on Paul, but can he really help it if the rest of the house guests are letting him run the house…everyone hated derrik in his season for the same reasons. It makes me laugh. Paul is actually playing a good game. He is a returning player and has everyone except jess and Cody wrapped around his finger. You have to admit regardless how he has done it, he’s playing good. And the house won’t be boring with him running it right now. It makes me laugh, it’s only week 3…have you watched big brother. He will have his downfall soon..relax


He has no one wrapped around his finger. He has 3 weeks protection so everybody is kissing the boy’s ass. He’s a cheat


Alex stood up to Cody. I wish she would stand up to Paul and tell him that her and the others didn’t come on the show to help him make it to the end and now that Cody is gone you do you and I’ll do me. I like humble Paul manipulating from the side lines not mafia wise guy Paul. I can see him telling Ramses that in order to prove his loyalty that he will have to throw the next HOH to him. The rest of the house knows they’re allowed to play for themselves right? Cuz they sure don’t act like it. They all act like if your HOH they have to do everything you say whether you want to or not. What is wrong with these people. I hope the next curse will be that they put up how everybody has voted so everyone will get off Ramses back.


Yeah, there’s only room for one mafia wiseguy in that house, and that’s Kevin. Pick a new role, Paul!

Capt. Obvious

So you say Paul is stealing Kevin’s act…
But you also complain that Paul shouldn’t be allowed to come back for second season…
Was Paul acting completely different last year??
Which one is it?? Seems like you want to have your cake and eat it too.


Actually Paul said he shouldn’t be be allowed to come back for a second season. Last season when James and nicole came back he said it wasn’t fair they came back, that they had already had their chance to win the money and lost. Now its his and the rest of the houses turn and he wanted to take them out first.


Don’t think he voted for himself for the safety…he didn’t ask for it. It was given to him. So wouldn’t really call him a cheat…*eyeroll*


Are you new to big brother? There are twist every season that can either help or hurt a player. How is Paul a cheat because he utilized one of those twist??? Lol. Not to mention if Kevin didn’t go
after the money, Paul wouldn’t even be here.


They talk about Cody being a bully ! Look what duches head paul Is doing to Ramsey an Jason! Paul is so fucking stuck on his self ! Like he is the king of the house! Wtf can Christmas do ? She can do shit w a broke foot !!! Just fucking sad that they r all gained up on Cody c he tried to take a shot at a Douche Paul ! To me try all suck ass ! Hopefully there’s a buy back an Cody comes back an beats there ass!


Cody made an aggressive move against Paul and when that backfired he backstabbed someone in his own alliance! Why would anyone have loyalty to him, he is the one who has acted as if he was the king, didn’t have to talk to anyone about what he was going to do. He is getting what he deserves! If he wins his way back, he won’t last long because he is far too arrogant and nobody with common sense will trust him.

Cowboy and kevin

SMH at paul lets scare the shit out of ramses how dare he try to win a comp. Good thing is this takes the target off my boy Jason wins hoh and takes one of them out.

production rigged it

This is has the potential to be the worst season ever. Except for Cody and Jessica like them or not everybody else are nothing but a bunch of pathetic sheep who can’t seem to have an individual thought between them. It’s obvious that certain people want Paul to win this year just like they did Nicole last year. So unless there’s a twist that brings Cody back then Paul has smooth sailing all the way to the end because he has everybody else kissing his ass. It makes me want to throw up, if they were in Cameron’s shoes they would wish Paul wasn’t there but since they’re not they’re just mindless sheep and he is the sheepherder.


But…as a few have posted above – only until Paul’s 3 weeks are up. Then, we’ll see new divisions and alliances.


Do you think they will have the first four out compete to come back again? If they do, Cody can easily beat Cameran and Jillian. Should have waited to take him out fifth.


Love him or hate him…from a gaming perspective, Paul is good! He is an excellent confidence man. He beat Cody the moment he took over his people making them believe it’s all about group decisions. These people are so high on the anti Cody Koolaid…At some point they will ‘come down’ and take their shots at him, once his immunity is gone. I don’t think he will win, but fun to watch.


And not very good at it.
Show setting up a Paul and Christmas battle.
Paul playing the villian
Christmas the Angel
Bet the two will have a fallout soon.


Ramses is a sweet person.


So happy for Paul. But you can’t blame Ramses for trying to save himself. That would be a bad move for him.
Just glad one showmance is breaking up.

Detroit Girl

Seven minutes IS throwing it for Ramses. Let’s consider Paul did it in less. Ramses is a smart kid. The fact Elena said she took 22 minutes, don’t think she had to try that hard to fail.
With so many people gunning for him, seeing Ramses win HoH would be entertaining!


The show is rigged for Christmas.

in plain sight

Paul’s holding up 3 six’s. Same as Nicole would do everytime she would adjust her glasses in the diary room


After reading this. What if Dom’s dream spooked the hell out of Mark b/c he’s been obeying the commands of satanists.

Bunny Flop

So, because Ramses is smarter than the rest of them, he’s a snake? Good Grief! Charlie Brown!
When did it become acceptable to curse every other word?
Why, oh, why do I love this show so much. What is wrong with me? I must be a defective.


newbies too soft.

The Beef

Like baby poop.


Protagonist= Christmas
Antagonist= Paul
Minions= the rest
Kevin hope you have a plan.


Can’t wait for Thursday!!! Can’t stand Cody and Jessica. Their mean streak and pettiness came out really early in the game. Big big big mistake on their part. They didn’t take the time to bond and solidify relationships with the HGs or their “alliance”. Took a lot for granted. I can’t wait for Cody to leave the house.

Second dumbest move …. isolated themselves right away after Paul won HOH. They didn’t even try to smooth things over with their original “alliance”.

If they don’t show any good bye messages when he leaves ….Guarantees there will be a buyback.


I’m glad that we all can come to a consensus on Paul and this can’t think for themselves cast. It’s the Paul and fan club show and it is disgusting how clueless these people are. When everyone was just handing Paul the HOH tickets I couldn’t believe it. Cody had the right intentions and of course got screwed by production. Of course the FIRST Temptation is by far the best and was their to protect this clown. I frankly don’t SEE ANYONE willing to go after this clown because they ALL Buy his garbage. All we can hope for is Cody winning a buyback and doing what should have happened week 1.


Kevin, Alex, Jason, Ramses, Josh,

The Beef

Josh will not turn on Christmas. She’s got that boy turned upside down and inside out.


Haters gonna hate.
Paul is playing an excellent game. Too bad people can’t give credit where credit is due.
Anyone who likes a Cody or Jessica should take a good long look at themselves.
Paul did NOTHING to Cody or Jessica.
He’s playing a damn straight game…or BB.
Go as many down arrows as you like. I give ) f***cks.
All this hate for Paul because he knows how to play. Pfft.



Why r u so pissed?


How can yall say Paul is playing a great game. Bahahaha yall are nuts cuz everything has been given too Paul 3weeks safety by BB cause they knew he be in trouble. Then Hoh and veto by BB and the sheep


And now we will have to listen to his BSing.
Somehow, Save Cody!!!


Toss Cody out Thursday. Paul’s safe next week so you can target Jessica, if she stays, or Ramses. Then Alex, et. al. will be free to go after Paul.

Guy From Canada

He hasn’t pulled a Neda yet.

Bad temptations.

Not a fan of Ramses or Paul.. HOWEVER… Ramses should confront Paul and make sure it is a topic that Paul taking the reward set in motion the curse of Ramses being on the Block. Paul could have handled everything better by at least saying his curse put him up, so give him a bit of slack. I cannot say I would blame Ramses for trying to win a veto. He is sitting on the block due to a curse from Paul in a sense. The same strategy was not applied to Alex, because Paul didn’t mind her winning if she had to. He just tried to pressure everyone else to run up a huge time. Everyone did I think, except for Ramses and Alex. May be wrong about Alex, but Paul is out of line right now in a way.


So because Ramses voted out Christmas he gets all the Hate. Oh wait Alex, Jason and Jessica also voted that way but Alex is okay in everyone’s books because she’s a Comp Beast ?! Oh and the way they are treating Ramses right now is no different then the way they all treat Josh. AND Josh likes to stalk all the women in the House. So what if Ramses talks to Cody, if Paul’s plan is so fool proof, then it shouldn’t matter if 1 person talks to Cody. I would think Paul would encourage that to keep tabs on Cody and Jessica. The SMART BB players usually do !!!
Look I know Ramses is a weasel but so is Josh. Josh stalks the women in the House looking for every opportunity for a hug there, or a kiss of sympathy or to shed a tear.
– And then you have RAVEN, I’m getting a little tired of watching her milk this disease she has. You’re not DYING Raven, stop telling people that !!!! Yes you have problems with you’re stomach, but you can eat, and drink so there you go and obviously she is able to compete in every Comp.
These people are stupid this Season – no wonder why they are all single, considering most of them are attractive looking !!!!


So. let me get this straight… they bring in someone from last season, make him immune from first nomination, then have a vote before feeds start (one known quantity vs. sixteen strangers to the viewers) to give away three more weeks of safety. Of course the known quantity wins. Then they have one of those ‘you can help other people’ hoh comps… and it’s a comp that the player from last season knows because he hosted it for ott. Surprisingly the airing of this comp on feeds has a twenty minute delay from end of show to beginning of feeds without explanation. Add to that a timed pov (meaning it depends on whether or not you trust production’s sense of time and fair play over their self interest storyline since it’s not an actual game show, it’s a reality experience based on the premise of a game show).
And we’re supposed to believe that Paul is playing a masterful game? Sorry, the storyline writers, and editors and powers that be are currently protecting their return player because they don’t believe this bunch of morons will hold viewers’ attention without a recognizable known player. Since return house guests have a different contract than the new house guests, they are protecting their investment.
Paul, when left to his own devices comes up with let’s nominate two members of my alliance, until he’s called to diary room and exits with the conviction that it’s a horrible plan.
Please, somebody just break the pattern of stupidity. Or since he was given the bbcan Neda prize, let him last one hour without protection before being on the block, just like her.


Paul is literally the worst. His arrogance is pretty hard to watch. I’m a huge fan of big brother but honestly I feel like production catering to his every needs and protecting him has ruined one of my favorite shows. Sigh.


So glad someone finally told Alex that Kevin voted to KEEP Christmas. Kevin always has something to say about everyone, and has gotten away with murder so far. He has no qualms about letting others take the blame for what he does. To me, that is a coward, and although I enjoy listening to him talk, I can’t get past the fact that he just lets others be blamed for his actions. He got that 25,000 and only Paul knows about that. But he didn’t even have the balls to let people know how he votes? Maybe now Alex won’t be so eager to tell Kevin everything.


Kevin doesn’t have to admit anything. He us playing his way. I like Kevin! I like what he brings to the house.


This is a game about deception, manipulation, deflection, and guile. Kevin isn’t going to physically beat these people, so he has to play another way. Does it make any sense to tell them he’s the reason Paul’s in the house cause he took the 25k? Oh, and I voted to evict Christmas, too? I also pee in the pool every morning and I may have banged you mom in the 70’s?


When Cody put up Paul Cody DIDNT tell everyone to not talk to Paul or Christmas. It’s super petty that they won’t let anyone talk to them. Honestly Thats bullying. Think about kids ignoring a child at school because one person wants that kid out. I can’t stand reading Paul making a being deal about it and all these Paul kids ass doing what he says. And for them to give Jason crap for talking with them?? Really? It’s rude and plain nasty. Last week wasn’t like this. Am I the only one that sees how terrible that is,


PAUL IS A SNAKE AND A D-BAG! I can’t stand him. Didn’t like him last year and hate him even more this year. I can’t wait till he is gone!


Let’s be real! How is Paul any better than Cody? Paul is a power hungry verbal bully,with short man syndrome But he only bully’s men behind their backs. At least Cody is man enough to say it to the person’s face like he did to Josh.

I hope everyone see’s through Paul and gives him a huge dose of his kind of (FRIENDSHIP) and say Bye FELICIA!?


Diffently “not” a Paul fan. He is arrogant and controlling. With that said. I lost all respect for Cody tonight. Felt so bad for Josh.

Stupid Friendship

I hated Cody so much in the premiere, I forgot how much I hate Paul.