BB tears Elissa asks Do you think they would let America determine the MVP based just on the edit

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


4:22pm HOH Elissa, Jessie, JUDD and Helen (friends!)

Helen saying she will vote for whoever the group decides. She’s been hearing that Kaitlin is targeting her she’s thinking that kailtin the better target
Jessie thinks that Kaitlin is the MVP.
Helen says Kaitlin hasn’t talked game with Andy for 2 days. Helen thinks Kaitlin got the MVP after Jeremy was evicted because people felt bad for her.

Elissa: “I don’t think Kaitlin got it.. I don’t think she even liked Jeremy up until he was nominated”
Elissa asks them if it could be McCrae. JUDD: “I don’t see how McCrea got MVP all he does is lay around with Amanda”
Elissa: “They talk game all the time”
JUDD knows but doesn’t think viewers like them they really don’t do much.
Helen thinks because 3 showmances have left the house maybe the public wanted to give the showmances a chance.
Helen next guess is that maybe because it’s been all guys voted out the MVP went to a guy
Jessie doesn’t think they would gender based.
Elissa says she wants Aaryn gone all day every day. The rest of them think Kaitlin is a bigger target.
Elissa: “Aaryn is consistently talking about me.. she’s affecting my game”
JUDD tells her that the house doesn’t trust Aaryn anymore plus she’s not as strong in competitions kailtin may be the more beneficial player to get rid of from a game stand point. Jessie says Kaitlin is a snake she will try and work on both sides.
Elissa says it’s not personal she wants Aaryn out because of her game.
JUDD: ‘We can predict what Aaryn will do we cannot predict what Kaitlin will do”
Helen: “Who would Aaryn out up”
Elissa: “ME”

Spencer joins them KABOOM

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:27pm Cam 3-4 backyard couch Howard
Howard: “Public enemy number one and two is Amanda and MCCrea”
Spencer: ‘MVP is going to dissolve then Elissa isn’t a problem”
Candice thinks Amanda or MCCrea may have won the MVP and they picked GM because their plan backfired. Their plan was to get Elissa out.
Candice: “I saw Elissa go Cra Cra to my face and it wasn’t fake“
Spencer thinks if it was Amand or McCrae they would have put up Helen.
Spencer says if America picked the nominee they would not have picked Elissa then GinaMarie it doesn’t make sense.
Candice thinks at the very least it was someone that was privy to the conversations going on in the HOH. They knew that putting up GM would not ruffle any feathers it was a safe nominee.


4:33pm Cockpit pit Howard and Candice
Candice says all the information she tells Howard about Elissa and Helen he cannot tell to Spencer. If he wants that information he’s got to keep it to himself. She thinks eventually Spencer will target her and use that information against her.
Howard: “OK I respect that”
Candice says that Elissa and Helen are not the MVP. She adds that Elissa is more loyal to Amanda than Helen is. Helen doesn’t like Amanda she just wants to work with McCrae.
Helen would go against Amanda but she’s not sure Elissa will it will take some work. Candice definitely see that there is a rift forming Between Amanda and Elissa.

Elissa doesn’t like what Amanda did when she dressed up as a dominatrix.. “She’s conservative and she doesn’t want to be linked to that with her husband”
Candice says that Helen and Elissa won’t put Howard up in the short term and he can’t put them up
Howard isn’t worried about Helen and Elissa he wants Amanda and McCrea out.

Candice: “Helen is on the fritz with Amanda.. she doesn’t like the dominatrix sh!t.. it’s one of those thing that they aligned quickly because they wanted to use Elissa’s MVP power and now they want out” .
Howard says he’s got to get Andy on their side they need to spend a lot of time together, not necessarily talk game just quality time . Howard thinks that Andy just wants to belong to something.
Candice says that the rift between the Amanda and Helen/Elissa started last week when Amanda was trying to get Elissa to put up Howard up but Elissa wouldn’t. She adds that Helen’s reasons to get Jeremy out were personal and they got upset when Amanda and MCCrea tried to keep Jeremy. Candice: ‘Helen didn’t want to play the game with a person like that”
Howard: “Eventually Elissa’s MVP is going away “
Jessie rolls in HEY
Jessie is upset because she doesn’t have someone to cuddle like Howard and Candice have each other. Candice says that JUDD adores her and he will protect her. Howard says that JUDD hasn’t been around women as attractive as Jessie so maybe he doesn’t know how to act around her. “He’s probably use to Southern women.. you are strong willed”
Jessie wishes she has a snuggle partner like Candice and Howard have she thinks it’s so cute. Candice and Howard take turns building up Jessie’s confidence telling her how smart and beautiful she is. (They need her vote this week big time so really playing it up )


4:40pm HOH Spencer, JUDD, Elissa and Helen
Spencer thinks that America may have voted in some fashion. If America voted they can’t figure out why they voted GinaMArie. Judd points out there is no way of knowing how she is being portrayed.
Elissa: ‘Do you think people would not like me”
Spencer: ‘To me anything that America votes on you have the upper hand”
They start coming to the conclusion that the viewers see GM laying around sad all day not playing the game so maybe they wanted to send her packing.
Spencer says Elissa nominations is a odd ball, GM makes sense.
Elissa: “I think the people that support me are enough to outweigh the people against me”
Spencer agrees says she has an advantage.
Elissa starts getting defensive thinks that they are telling her the public doesn’t like her.
Helen doesn’t think America would ever nominate a mom for eviction, she says as a viewer she would never do that.
JUDD doesn’t think being a mom has a impact.
Elissa doesn’t think that production would trust the viewers to vote someone as a nominee.
Spencer says the public voted Aaryn but she was on the block so then they voted Kaitlin but she too was on the block so the 3rd person in line was Elissa and the 4th place of votes was GM.
Spencer: ‘Your fans could have voted Aaryn but she was already on the block those votes were thrown away”
Elissa is getting upset that people would hate her so much to nominate her, “It hurts that people don’t like me”
Spencer says that Elissa knew coming into the house she was going to be polarizing like Rachel was.
JUDD: ‘It’s just people trying to spice up the game”
Elissa: “Do you think they would let America determine the MVP based on the edit”
Spencer says there is a lot of people that have an intimate knowledge of what is going on in the house.
Elissa: ‘You never have the correct knowledge”
Elissa says that GinaMarie may be getting a really good edit. Elissa starts crying because she thinks America hates her she says she’s been treated so poorly in the house.
Elissa refuses to accept that CBS would give America the power she thinks it was one of the three evicted houseguests.
Elissa asks them if people like Amanda more than her.

JUDD says some people will like Amanda some people will not.

Helen tells Spencer he cannot trust Aaryn because she was throwing his name under the bus.
Spencer: ‘I’m voting her a$$ out of the house this week.. “

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:33pm HOH Spencer, Helen and Elissa

Spencer says he was the reason in dismantling the moving company he wanted to be aligned with y’all because they are “Good People”
Spencer asks them if the target has changed from Aaryn. Helen says no but mentions that JUDD has been mentioning Kaitlin to.
Elissa: “a a lot of people have mentioned getting Kaitlin out”
Elissa wants Aaryn out because the longer Aaryn is in the game she was going to end up working with Amanda and McCrae.

Elissa doesn’t hide that she wants Aaryn out this week says that Aaryn says worse thing every week she’s in the house. Spencer aggres.
Elissa: ‘She needs to learn etiquette”
Elissa is certain that Howard and Candice are not swaying. Helen: “We just got to get JUDD onboard”

Helen starts in on the superfriends plan how they need to as a group get the 3 girls out then come as a group and decide how to get the HUGE power couple out.
Elissa: “Howard and Candice”
Helen: ‘No.. McCrae and Amanda..”
Helen adds that there are 10 people in their super friends someone of them are not going to jury. Elissa asks if Jessie is going to jury because that the obvious one to be cut early to her. (valuable info Spencer is collecting)
Helen: ”JUDD is going to flip out that she isn’t in Jury”
Elissa: “She doesn’t even like JUDD she has a boyfriend back home.. she got cast on this show with her boyfriend. ”

Spencer says that McCrae and Amanda are very strong in the Jury house it would be best to get one out before that.
Elissa: “Do you think JUDD would ever vote them out”
Spencer: “I don’t know”
They agree that McCrae and Amanda do a lot of Scheming and people notice that all they do is see them in the hammock
Elissa: “everybody wants Amanda gone”
Helen: “at some point they will be tough to beat to get to the end.. “
Elissa: “nobody has the balls to put Amanda or McCrae up
Spencer says Amanda goes around and spreads venom.
Elissa: “They run this house”
Helen: “This stays between us… it’s going to have to be a total blindside”
Spencer: ‘I agree”
Helen: “None of us can beat them”
Elissa: “Amanda is’t playing it competitively”

(Classic Helen talking too much)


6:15pm HOH Spencer ,Elissa, Helen, JUDD, Jessie, Candice
Friends just chit chatting

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this thursday at noon

Aaryn is almost a past tense


LOok at that picture Jessie has to be PREGNANT!! Her stomach is just like a woman pregnant.


I think she might be too, if you notice all she does is eat, and sleep…


theres no way she is pregnant

try eating slop for 2 weeks

i wouldnt be able to handle it going that long without solid fresh food

i would be majorly bloated too


you know who could well be pregnant?


she always covers up her big fat pot belly of a gut


If BB15 was the stock market today, Aaryn’s chances of survival now appear 1000% better than they did an hour after GM became the 3rd nominee, just this morning. And Kaitlin’s chances of survival look 1000% bleaker. The HGs are correct when they say that Kaitlin is a far more formidable game threat than Aaryn. And that Aaryn is basically working alone now. Aaryn has been around Judd, all day, pushing and prodding him with “Keep me – I’ll do anything!”, as best she can, with Judd saying he’s on her side. And his Jessie’s every day, forceful #1 reason for wanting Kaitlin out so badly? “There’s only room for one pretty brunette in this house, and that’s ME!” Now there’s solid, level-headed gameplay…….

And where was Kaitlin today? I watched all 4 cameras, the last 12 hours – nowhere. But it’s just the pre-game. Aaryn won Monday. Big. But Kaitlin will win Tuesday and Wednesday. By even more. Mark my words. (If not, the jars are on me all this weekend, Simon & Dawg!) Kaitlin is 10,000 times as good a BB player and a person as Aaryn is. (which isn’t saying much – but still true.) And Kaitlin is far more decent and likable.

We’ve seen this before. AG hated the way the house’s “mojo” changed today, on its own, as to its #1 eviction target. Off of Aaryn. And onto Kaitlin. But AG will get it “back on track.” There’s still 48 hours + to go. Starting Tuesday, AG will “enlighten” Elissa first, then Candice and Helen (three folks that, in their own hearts, truly want Aaryn out far more than they do Kaitlin – and that’s a great core of “worker bees” for AG here) in the DR, that Kaitlin should not be “thrown under the bus”, just days after the gut-wrenching decision, just to please the house, to use the POV on herself, knowing her BF would then be back doored. AG feels Kaitlin “deserves far better” from the house. (And AG’s probably right about that. Every remaining HG’s OWN game greatly benefitted from comp beast Jeremy’s exit.)

AG also has dozens of back-stabbing, personally insulting Aaryn quotes, standing by, directed at each and every HG, and waiting to tell each of them about, during AG’s “persuasive, tell each HG what’s best for their own game”, Tue/Wed DR sessions. Besides, AG has already promised Chen-bot hubby/CBS CEO Les Moonves to deliver Aaryn in the seat next to his wife THIS Thursday. Not Kaitlin. We’ll see. I’m 3 for 3 so far in my BB15 eviction predictions. Thanks as always for reading, and for so many excellent OBB comments that I read each day! All you guys rock! 🙂


What the hell does any of that have to do with the stock market??


I have no idea who is going. One minute it sounds like Kaitlin and the next it sounds like Aaryn.


Kaitlyn would be the better one to go……without Jerm here she appears to be better at comps – almost – won hoh – 2 weeks in a row and do not forget she won a POV sending her beloved packing…..
Aaryn – is expendable – she can go this week or next or the next week after that – she can take a permament spot on the block – unless she happens to win hoh or the POV. Bad thing is Amanda has taken a liking to her ….. people always change their minds
GM – if the rest of the season HOH comps were eating froyo – I say she would have to go…..but I doubt that will be the case…so i think she is safe to stay….


Can’t wait for those people to watch the show! And how the hell Helen keep up with everything she is saying!


either jesse is pregnant or she’s gettin really fat


She found Jordan’s cookie dough stash…


it is either slop or before her period ………

production rigged it

it’s the way she walks that makes her look like that, go back and look under the previous headline there is a pic of her laying by the pool her stomach is flat.


I think Jessie looks beautiful pregnant. She’s glowing!


such over exaggeration re the pregnant chat

2 straight weeks of slop wouldnt sit well with my stomache thats for sure

bloat city


super anxious now to see what big player goes home next week. prolly howard or amanda on the block next week. spencer is playing it super low key….love it!!


Yes Elissa, they did let America determine who gets put up, but Production made sure you were still safe, but you already knew that so why are you whining?.

Oh that’s right, I forgot the show is about Elissa.

Benghazi Cover Up

Kaitlyn needs to go this week.


You’re comment is almost as dumb as your name…almost


Ahh, that last picture of Jessie……(clearing my throat)…… she is looking a little pregnant.


That’s the slop



people dont realize the effects on the body going without solid fresh food for 14 days

the slop has good nutrition, but would bloat the stomache


Elissa is effin nuts.


Elissa: ‘Do you think people would not like me”

YESS!!!! rofl!! That & the Brenchel fans fail at comprehension – which tells me that they just follow what their leader Rachel says & “vote for my sister.”

BB fan

Is Elissa and Helen that dumb…Spenser just got the ammunition to get Jessie and Judd on his side…


they all do it ……everyone is in everyone’s alliances…..i do not know how they can keep this all straight…

BB fan

Are Elissa and Helen

Big Jim

Damn Jessie you have been sleeping in Judd’s bed all week you don’t have anyone to snuggle with?? Give the man some action least you could do


Big Jim, Jessie is a have not. So she hasn’t been sleeping in the HOH for the past 5 days. Nor has Judd. :).


both jess and judd are playing down the so called showmance majorly so as to appear less of a target

its just a game alliance friendship


i wish elssia win hoh an mvp this week she desvire a win like that she is so nice i want her in helen final two two mom who think about there family more then the game im try in help elssia this week by give her mvp or put up amanda or macre on the block third nom please read the mvp information next time before vote please i just cant see her cry think we put her up we made a masake thats why she desivre too be on top this week lets do it for her


I hope that was sarcasm…

Helen's Fat Trap

Shut up Helen!


Seriously, is Jessie pregnant?


This coming from a person who uses “Name” as their moniker? FYI stupid comments on the internet that put down people’s looks always come from losers who suddenly feel brave because they can hide anonymously behind their computer screen… and they’re usually from people who look WORSE than the person they’re making fun of, too. Take it or leave it but in case this has never crossed your mind, I’m going to enlighten you a with tidbit of advice: if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it all. Did your mind just explode or what?? P.S. Male or female, I doubt that you look any better in a bathing suit because confident people don’t waste their time putting down other people’s looks.


How is that putting down her looks? It is a comment based on a picture of her stomach pertruding out, her mentioning she missed her period and me seeing it being mentioned before. Speaking of hiding behind a computer, wondering why you would attack my comment if “shes seriously pregnant” when others have made the same comment and have been told its the slop or something simiiar. Wonder why you feel the need to attack a stranger who just asked a question and no where mentioned her being fat or or commenting anything on her looks. Your comments about talking about a stranger and their looks are quite funny considering you are doing the same thing to me maliciously yet there was no malice in my comment about her. Quite odd to be so defensive of a stranger. Get off your high horse, back off and get a life as you are making a big deal out of nothing. By the way I can use NAME or a stupid name as ANNETTE in my posts. Thanks for enlightenment though.


Would you do that in real life? If you saw someone who had a belly, would you say to them that they look pregnant when you don’t know if they are or not? Yeah, didn’t think so! Because that would ex-treme-ly rude. Seriously, what girl or woman wants to hear that they look pregnant from a stranger that’s just judging off of their imperfect looks? Hmm, would that be positive or negative? Oh wait… but I bet that you wouldn’t do that in real life. Guess what… if you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it online just because no one knows who you really are. How do you like the idea of putting on a bathing suit and letting us comment on how flat or not-flat your stomach is and why it’s that way? I’m talking about online or in person. Never mind… some of us are too respectful/considerate/ADULT and would refrain from making assumptions or negative remarks anyways. I didn’t say or mean to infer that you said it with malice. I see that. My point was that it was rude (again, if you don’t think it’s rude… would you say it to a girl in real life? thought not).

I am sorry for sounding more abrasive than I intend (I can’t be too sure of how it reads to every person because things do sometimes come off as more dry when written) but that is how I really felt and feel. I don’t claim to know who you are, “Name”. I don’t know if you’re some kid or a fifty year old man or Jeremy sitting in the dark over there lol. I do know that I am just tired of people acting a different way online than they would in real life. No one should get to be more rude, more uncouth, more anything just because you’re hidden behind a computer screen. That’s the reason why Aaryn, Gina, and the rest are in so much hot water. They got comfortable in that closed environment, forgot about the cameras in the moment (or were idiots and assumed that the feeds are obscure and wouldn’t get any attention) and started talking every which way. Maybe they thought that since no one got mad or went up to tell them that they were being rude, it meant that it was okay and they kept on doing it. They would never talk like that during the live shows, at work, or in public. In any case, their true thoughts showed, however ill-mannered, just like yours did (but not nearly as bad at them, of course) because they didn’t practice the golden rule.

I didn’t attack you, either. Did I call you any names? Curse you out? I don’t need to. I can express myself effectively without it. If someone says something that I think was rude, I can and will say it. Just like if you want to continue saying things that you would never say to someone’s face, no one’s stopping you. It’s your choice. So if someone thinks that I was rude for telling you that you were being rude, then that’s just as fine as well ;D I really don’t have a problem with disagreeing. That’s not going to stop me from speaking up.

The reason why I only asked you is because it’s not necessary for me to ask everyone. My thoughts weren’t just about you alone but at this basic principle and the double standard that people practice. I didn’t make that clear and I do apologize for that (I can admit when I should have said things in a different way… wink wink) but at least (or hopefully) you won’t forget this topic too soon. I only need to reply to one person (it happened to be you) because my comment will get posted and anyone can read it if they care to as well as like it or not like it. Either way is abso-tootle-lutely fine with me (and I mean it!) because I wouldn’t say anything to anyone at all unless I would say it to their face. Period.


Annette says
July 23, 2013 at 4:30 am

Would you do that in real life? If you saw someone who had a belly, would you say to them that they look pregnant when you don’t know if they are or not?

Are you a family member of Jessie or just some crazy cat lady? I did not say it to her unless Annette, you are Jessie. I can understand if I made that comment to her on her facebook or twitter but considering its on a public forum and does not even say “Jessie are you pregnant?” it is in no way is saying it to her. It is something I would comment on to a friend or acquaintance as I’m sure you have but are too high on your horse or kitty litter to admit. In a way that is what a forum is in case you didn’t know. Thought I would enlighten you.

Annette says
July 23, 2013 at 4:30 am

How do you like the idea of putting on a bathing suit and letting us comment on how flat or not-flat your stomach is and why it’s that way? I’m talking about online or in person. Never mind… some of us are too respectful/considerate/ADULT and would refrain from making assumptions or negative remarks anyways.

Really, you are too respectful? Are you also bipolar?

Annette says:
July 22, 2013 at 8:29 pm

FYI stupid comments on the internet that put down people’s looks always come from losers who suddenly feel brave because they can hide anonymously behind their computer screen… and they’re usually from people who look WORSE than the person they’re making fun of, too.
P.S. Male or female, I doubt that you look any better in a bathing suit because confident people don’t waste their time putting down other people’s looks.

Annette says:
The reason why I only asked you is because it’s not necessary for me to ask everyone.

You want to say something about people making comments about her that is fine you can make a post. It does not need to be posted on my comment considering now I see many people wrote the same comment time stamped even before me but was not yet posted, In mean ways too saying shes fat, something I never said, etc. Really makes me wonder why you would comment on my comment which was least offensive and really a comment based on facts Ive heard out of her mouth, period, etc. I know the answer though you are a troll and thought since I post under name, as do so many people since its not mandated to write in your name, I was not going to comment back. You were wrong and everything you accused me of thinking and saying is actually what you wrote and says a lot about you. I’m not going to engage in this anymore though. It begins, crazy cat ladies are HERE!


Maybe you should follow your own advice or enlightenment that is.



To represent as greater than is actually the case; overstate


Helen really needs to control her tongue! Spencer is going to spread her words like a crop duster to EVERYONE, just wait..

Meat Lovers Pizza

Helen and the super friends are as joke. I wish wish wish Spenser would take that knowledge and get Amanda and Howard to work together. Just think of the massive damage those two could do to the house if they were on the same team. Now that would be entertaining!

Elisa's Botox

ha ha Elisa is pathetic, she’s going to break that fake face with her tears. Candice is looking more ghetto each day, she’s due for a screaming match with someone any day now


What is with these houseguests they just talk game with anyone and everyone in previous seasons convos would end when people from out of their alliance entered the rooms but these people just keep on going whether its andy spencer aaryn gm kaitlin it doesn’t matter superfriiends just love to ttalk about their friends to everyone

Love this website!!!

Simon & Dawg,
I just want to say a quick thank you for your hard work on this site. I absolutely LOVE your lighthearted cracks at the ridiculousness that goes on in the BB house! The Super friends cracks are my fav….keep ’em coming!!!!
Thanks again for making the updates so fun!
Love you guys!!!!


I feel for Elissa. You know that it has to be constantly in the back of her mind what happened to Rachel after BB12. There was soooo much hate. It was amazing how she was able to turn it around in BB13. Elissa is conservative and most of these HGs are not. It has been hook up central and I don’t think she feels comfortable with all of that. I also don’t think she really knows how to play like a mean girl so her efforts come across all over the place. I think CBS did her a dis-service by putting her on BB – this is not the show for her.


i agree. I like her but I don’t think this is the game for her. She’s just not that good at it.

Big Sister

She may be conservative, but didn’t she watch some of Rachel’s antics? I distinctly remember seeing Brenchel having sex one night on BBAD. She has to know that Big Brother is not broadcast on the Disney Channel.


If she is so conservative & so easily offended why on earth did she come on BB? What did she expect – rainbows, unicorns, & tea parties?

lol what

Howard says that JUDD hasn’t been around women as attractive as Jessie so maybe he doesn’t know how to act around her. “He’s probably use to Southern women..
sooo howard thinks most or all southern women are unattractive?!? I’m from NY but that just sounds ignorant !!!


As a “southern” woman, I’m offended – not. But how ignorant is that statement, then again maybe Howard has only seen ugly southern women.

Elissa's Botox

Knoxville, Tennesee where Judd went to college has plenty of beautiful girls. Most of the Southern States have pretty girls in the college towns but they are blimps every else. The 2 exceptions if they count as Southern states are Florida and Texas, they both have a lot of attractive girls in all of their cities(except San Antonio)


no attractive girls in san antonio


i love latin girls


I think Howars said he was NOT used to Southern women. Jessie is from Texas. He was giving the Southern women a compliment.

lol what

Howard says that JUDD hasn’t been around women as attractive as Jessie so maybe he doesn’t know how to act around her. “He’s probably use to Southern women
sooo howard thinks most or all southern women are unattractive… that’s just ignorant

lol what

simon/dawg please delete this comment I posted twice by accident


I think Howard meant that Southern women tend not to be straightforward like Jessie. I’m not sure I’m buying that, either.


Pity party for elissa, boo hoo


Just like Rachel’s pity parties, but the only difference Rachel cried because she lost a competition, Elissa is clearly crying to get attention, she knows she’s protected, as long as she want’s to stay in the game, Rachel had to earn her spot. If Rachel had this type of protection she wouldn’t have been crying.

Remember this isn’t Big Brother it’s the Elissa Show, it’s all about her, she told that truth the other night on the feeds.

Can’t wait til that show is cancelled, then maybe Big Brother will begin.


Andy gets a power next week. Maybe a wizard power.

Taxes on Taxes

Jessie does look preggo in the last picture you posted Simon. I hope the kid doesn’t come out with a Spencer beard.

Charlie Hustle

Spencer has done enough of hoping/wishing/talking about Jessie being penetrated that a little Brut aftershave, and you never know what could happen.


your lack of intelligence is disturbing


Wow! That is some important intelligence Spencer picked up right there. When the power couple came up, Elissa said, “Howard and Candice.”
When it came to who would be the first of the superfriends to be dispensed with, Elissa strongly suggested – Jessie.
These are all members of Spencer’s alliance! lol They better watch out for Elissa


Great updates here. I enjoy taking a break from work through out the day and night to check.

I was wondering when Amanda and McCrea were going to get more of the radar. Maybe after this weeks someone with some balls will win HOH and give it a go to try to get one out or backdoor one of them if possible. Interesting conversation from Candace, I wonder if Howard will tell Spencer anyway even though she asked him not to. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did since they seem to be in bromance.

And I appreciate that Helen tries to be strategic but I may have to skip After Dark if she’s starts running her motor mouth. She wouldn’t think America would vote a mom as a nomination? Really Helen? How annoyingly naive if she thinks that true. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up as hot air.


I must say I’ve enjoyed Helen’s curfew – made BBAD a little more bearable. Wish her punishment had been more than 2 days. LOL!


did jesse come into the house pregnant? what drugs is elissa taking? have they fumigated the HOH room yet?


they wouldnt let someone go in pregnant, and she clearly isnt


Dude is Jessie pregnant?


blame it on the slop

i dare you to attempt eating nothing but that for 2 weeks


Even though earlier in the game Spencer was shady and saying nasty comments he has definitely improved his game. People still tell him things and secrets that he probably shouldn’t know(mainly because he is aligned with Howard). I think that Spencer will probably make it to Jury as long as he stays under the radar and doesn’t ruffle any feathers.


I agree Jilly. Even though I don’t like what comes out of Spencer’s mouth, I must say his game is not too shabby!


Thanks to Simon and dawg for this site, I have kind of quit watching BB, I do check BBAD sometimes. All my info comes from here, with that said I have a question. Is this the most wishy washy cast that’s ever been on BB? Now we have the sister of Rachel crying because she thinks America hates her? Kind of seems like production said something.


That last pic of Jesse makes her look like she’s got a baby bump! Can’t imagine what being on slop does to someone…

Elissa is letting the game get to her. Would hate to see her derailed.
Have a hard time deciding who to root for!


Everytime I see jessie her belly looks bigger. Either she is pregnant or she’s just eating way too much. And the period comment she made earlier today is a red flag that might be pregnant. She could’ve gotten pregnant before coming into the house.


how many friggin’ comments you need to make about jessie looking pregnant? get over it plz


ffs where were some of you when the brains were given out

like a bunch of 10 year olds some of the immature comments


Simon, Do you know the date and time Kaitlin told Elissa and Amanda about having an abortion before entering the Big Brother House? I am curious to know if Kaitlin actually did say this, or, if Elissa is making it up. If you know the date and time please post so that flash back can be used to view the conversation.

Thank you, Simon, for all of your hard work. You are very much appreciated by so many BB Fans!


Is anyone’s Flashback working? Mine’s not and it’s still 3 hours off!


So how come they don’t know it was America who was the MVP vote this week?


Michelle and I like Candace. Candace could have been Michelle 35 years ago

I voted for Obama

Is that really you? I voted for you this last election. I am planning on voting for you the next time too

I voted for Obama

Thanks for my Obama phone. Also could you get me extra food stamps please


jesse is gonna have lance armstrong and magic mikes babies.


your low quality humour is almost as bad as amandas


You can snuggle with me Jessie.


as howard says…

jessie, she fine

as al pacino says in the movie heat…

shes got a GREAT ASS

Suzy Sunshyne

This is the season of “too hard, too soon”. They all lie, there are more alliances than I can keep up with.I wonder how they keep up with every side alliance and group they have.It has taken me awhile this season, but I think Judd is my favorite this year. I like Howard, but I can never get behind a showmance. That is just a interference to the game. Hoping for Aryan this week and Amanda the Great next week. I would like to thank production for alerting Spencer to his degrading terms for women. Maybe they can get him to stop sounding like a perv all the time.. Can I also point out how vile it is that the mean girls are always trying to offer up sexual favors for votes, what are you Prostitutes!?


i’m done with BB if they vote out kaitlin. not because i like her alot. its more about how people i did think were nice pulling a scumbag move on her. last week, everyone (mainly helen) championed how they’ll protect kaitlin for using POV. not to mention i dont like judd (and apparently jessie) now thinking aaryn needs to stay as long as possible.

one of the biggest things i’m rooting for is to watch the media backlash on aaryn and apparently these nimrods all want to go back on their word to keep that from happening. can’t watch a show, pay attention to websites like these or anything else if think all of the people have zero redeeming qualities


How dare someone promise protection to someone else 1 week & change their mind the next !! Are you for real ? or is this the 1st season you’ve watched BB?? And if you want to win the $500k then having Arryn being the other choice makes perfect sense. Keep watching the show & you’ll learn how it’s played rookie..


What did the Jessie say to her doctor when he told her she was pregnant?

“Is it mine?”

production rigged it

What did she say when you told her your name.

I’m calling the cops!

production rigged it

do you even look at the pictures of her in her bikini because if you did you would have saw the one of her laying by the pool under the last headline which showed that her stomach is flat. the way she walks makes it look bigger.


for sure, i like her tanned skin, almost latin look, smile and incredible ass, a natural beauty

for me, of all the girls in the house, in terms of looks and how nice of a person she is combined, i like jess the most


It sounds as if Elissa is shocked that people would turn against her. If I had the upper hand three weeks in a row, I would EXPECT people to come after me. Helen’s belief that America wouldn’t go after a mom is just foolish. If there is anyone running the house, it is Elissa and Helen.

production rigged it

seriously dude i just went back and looked and 3 comments about Jessie looking pregnant in about 30mins, obsessed much? you know there are more interesting things in the house to talk about.


i agree theres alot of monotonous immature comments


GM to Judd “Why would you do this to me? I’m 33 years old, and I really liked him and we didn’t even kiss” Judd: “Well, first of all, you had 21 days. Second I signed up to play Big Brother, not find someone a husband. Go on”


Hoping Aaryn stays. It would be more entertaining than watching friendship 2.0 rule the house for the remainder of the game


And I DON’T think there is THAT MANY people so sad to see Jeremy go. Or even said that original Mean Girl Kaitlin was sad about it. I think him leaving is the best thing that could have happened to Kaitlin.


looking forward to hearing mcDuck say’ God, what have I DONE.