Howard says if Elissa doesn’t get the MVP “She up sh!t creek”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


9:56pm JUDD, Gina and Kaitlin
Kaitlin: “I hope I f*** ing win”
JUDD: “I want to win to.. it’ll be fun”
Kaitin asks him who he’s going to backd**r if the POV is used.
JUDD: ‘Get Aaryn out”
Kaitlin: “That is the plane”
JUDD: “ya.. she twists my words”
Gina leaves
KAitlin asks what happens if Aaryn wins the VETO and saves herself. JUDD: “She won’t”
Kaitlin: ‘You need to have a backup plan”
JUDD: “She won’t”
Kaitlin: “You make me nervous”
JUDD is telling her the house wants her to stay. Kaitlin: ‘I hope we pull some strong players tomorrow” JUDD: “I’m telling you we have the numbers the whole house”


9:57pm Hammock Howie and Candace
(It can be difficult to understand Howard sometimes he talks and talks but never gets to the point)
Howard: “I’m going to talk to you and it’s going to stay between us”
Candace is now worried that she’s in danger asks him if he would tell her if she is in danger. Howard says he hopes she’s not.
Howard trusts her and he hopes she wants to take him far because he hopes to take her far.
Candace: “thanks you”
Howard: thanks you”

Howard starts in on the game talk .
H: “This is my thing about Elissa.. and I just want you to watch her for the week” Howard says Elissa is the type of person that once there mind is set on someone there is no persuading them otherwise, “Even if its not true she’s not going to think the other way”
Howard: “She doesn’t like Spencer and the propensity for her not liking me only holds true because she likes you”

Howard says that Jeremy really need to do some growing up, He was the typically young guy plus he had those 3 girls stroking his ego. Howard: “Social game was a little too harsh and Abrupt.. he’s the tallest guy in the house stuff like that “

Howard: “But what I commend him is that.. it’s not fair to be in here and have the power given to her that we’re not privy to“

howard says everyone in the house has a good heart and is a good person. “You know how Jeremy was seen as a bully.. I think you can be a bully and be nice to.. use your power to keep you here.. and use it to your advantage to bully people into doing what you want.. You can threaten them to be scared of you because they are afraid of your power ”
Howard: “I see that.. “

Howard says Elissa is using Helen they are very protective of each other. Howard says that Candace has mended more bridges than Elissa has and he likes where she is in the game.

Howard says that Elissa reposects Candace because of her accomplishments and she gorgeous, “Most gorgeous women respect gorgeous”

Howard tells her his one concern with Candace is that she’s seen as connected to Elissa and Helen so if the power shifts Candace could be in trouble.
Howard: ‘Other people are going to try and get her out because they see the fakeness to”
HOward points out that him and Elissa use to pray all the time when Elissa was on the block put now that she’s in power she ignores Howard.
Howard: “I’m not retarded.. I just don’t say something”


Candace says that Amanda and Elissa bullied her. it was the night she went up to the HOH and tried to keep Howard off the block. Candace was pointing out to Amanda that McCrae was just as guilty for the Moving company as Howard so it’s not fair that McCrea is treated differently. Candace adds that Elissa was very condescending to her and dismissed her from the room like she had Power over her.
Candace says that Helen is more with them she doesn’t like Elissa that much. Howard i’m not worried about Helen she will go wherever the power is.
Candace said during casting she was asked the two players she disliked the most. They were Boogie and Rachel she felt Rachel walked around entitled and was bully and the only way to deal with her was to stroke her ego.

Candace: “If I won HOH right now I don’t think I would put up Aaryn and Kaitlin .. I would have put up Amanda”
Candace says she would give them a pass and put up two shady f*** maybe they could get Kaitlin and Aaryn on their side.

Howard: “If there was an opportunity for a move like that you would be down to fo what I do and trust me”
Candace: “YA I would”
Howard says he only trusts Spencer, Jessie, JUDD , Candace and spencer.
Howard: “I damn near trust Aaryn more than the five I didn’t mention”
Candace says that her and Aaryn are in a better place.
Howard says Aaryn and Kaitlin have disdain for the other side and the other side has disdain for them that will benefit them.

They both think they can get Aaryn on their side and don’t want her to be evicted this week. Howard says Kaitin is very strong as a competitor so he would rather have Aaryn.
Candace: “I think the MVP is about to be over”
Howard: “I hope it is cause if that happens She up shit creek “

Cadence points out that Helen is trying to get Amanda in her back pocket.
Candace says Amanda is close with Elissa not Helen.
They want to get Kaitlin out this week. Candace thinks there is a good chance Kaitlin will win the POV. They wonder who JUDD would put up. Howard thinks it would GinaMarie.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


10:22pm Spencer and Howard Pool table
Howard saying maybe they should keep Aaryn because she is more on their side than Kaitlin.
Spencer: “I See what your saying”
Howard: ‘It doesn’t matter to me as long as those two stick with us.. but they aren’t talking a lot of game either”


10:30pm HOH Kaitlin, Elissa and Jessie
Kaitlin is saying how she can’t stand Aaryn because she’s so negative.
Kaitlin: “I don’t know what everyones plan I feel super out of the loop.. I would rather be told if i’m the target”
Kaitlin says she’s going to fight like hell for the veto but is nervous if Aaryn wins it.
McCrae joins them
Elissa says she’s never heard Kaitlin’s name being thrown out as a target.
Kaitlin says she assume Aaryn is the target. McCrae: “OHH YA”
Kaitlin she’s been lied to for two weeks so she really doesn’t know if they are telling the truth or not.
McCrae says the first eviction was a blindside because of the moving company and the second eviction was fallout from the moving company. McCrea tells her she’s solid she’s not going home. Kaitlin asks him again what if Aaryn wins the POV. MCCrea: “Then someone is going up”

McCrea says there are plenty of other targets.
Elissa ask if her if Gina or Aaryn mentioned MVP to her. Kailtin says no.
Andy joins them.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Spencer: “you hear that.. someone screaming” (Somewhere outside the Big Brother House)
Howard: “Ya”


10:55pm Amanda and McCrae Cockpit
Talking about all the messed up things Elissa has been asking them. She asked McCrae if he thought Jessie was cute and she asked him if McCrae found any other the girls other than Amanda attractive in the house. Amanda says Elissa is trying to stir up sh!t and she really doesn’t get it. McCrae points out that Elissa is camped out in the HOH.


11:04Cockpit Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Andy and JUDD
They are talking about how Elissa is stuck on them like glue. JUDD jokes that he hopes that tomorrow during the POV that Elissa get chained to Andy for 24 hours, “He’ll be stretched in ways like he’s never been stretched before”
JUDD leaves to have a smoke. Amanda and Jessie start talking about Elissa and how she’s digging at them trying to get information.


11:17pm Cockpit Amanda, Andy, JUDD and McCrea
Amanda is telling them they have a new operation it’s called stay the f*** away from Elissa.
Andy: “What’s the f*** going on with her”
Andy: ‘She’s giving me the weirdest vibes”
Amanda: “She’s being facetious.. like malicious to Kaitlin.. asking her questions about Jeremy and Aaryn”
JUDD says she jumped him when he got out of the Diary room
Amanda says that Elissa is being super odd trying to start shit..
Jessie joins them.
Andy asks JUDD who she’s putting up.
JUDD: “She doesn’t have it yet”
Amanda bring up that Elissa is asking McCrae if he finds any girls attractive other than Amanda, “She asked do you find Jessie Attractive.. right when I was there”.
Andy: ‘She freaks me out.. To be honest she does.. she freaks me out”
Andy says Elissa has been stuck on JUDD like glue.
JUDD: “She’s being strange tonight”
Andy: “Everything about her is weird”
Amanda: ‘Today”
Andy:” ‘no.. I don’;t she was every normal”
Amanda: ‘true”
JUDD says she’s up in the HOH with Helen and Candace

CBS Interactive Inc.


Amanda warns them to watch what they say around Elissa because she’s on some weird rampage and to not hang out with her as much because she’s “Going bat sh!t crazy”
Amanda: “She’s not making sense she’s like a malfunctioning fembot” Amanda impersonates Elissa walking into the HOH earlier in the night.
JUDD: “Is someone giving her cocaine”


11:30pm Cockpit McCrae, Howard, Amanda
Howard tells them Elissa talks down to him. Amanda says she does that to everyone and iof you tell her to do something she gets pissed at you and does the exact opposite. Howard brings up that Elissa was saying to him they should hi-5 when Jeremy leaves she said this in front of Kaitlin. Amanda: “That bad sportsmanship”
Howard thought it might have been game. McCrae: “She scares me .. she’s the scariest player in the game because of that stupid power”
Amanda thinks Elissa is freaking out tonight because she’s realizing that her roll in the house is to have the MVP and get theses players out but once that power is over. McCrae: “She’s gone”
Amanda: “She’s worthless here”


12:15AM McCrae and Elissa Cockpit
McCrae is thinking Howard might have a power.
McCrea: “I don’t know what will happen if you don’t get it.. I think I could go up.. I had to tell him about MVP last week”
Elissa: “Do you think he got it”
MC: “I don’t know.. freaks me out”
Elissa points out that they are not setting up for Veto yet so maybe they are waiting a day until they give out MVP. She’s bummed out because she’s only had one easy week in the house, “I don’t want to go on the block again”


Trying to figure out who got the MVP. Jessie thinks it could be her or JUDD

12:44AM Cockpit Amanda, McCrae and Andy
Amanda says that Howard came up to her and McCrae and wanted to work with them. McCrae thinks he has a power because he came to them. Amanda doubts it she thinks he’s scrambling trying to make sure he’s safe in case they have the power.
Amanda says he wants Howard gone. He’s against their six so he’s got to be backdoored this week.
Amanda about Elissa “She’s like a two year old handling fire”
Lots of speculation about the twist..

12:48pm Howard and Candace pool

Howard is doing decent in the game of pool. Candice asks him why does he want to finish the game so quickly. Howard jokes tells her it’s too cold for her to be outside.

Howard looking through the sliding door at Gina eating ‘That’s why GinaMaria legs look like that all she does is eat candy and drinks drinks”
Candace: “she never eats meals”

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SMH at Howard! He’s not any better than Elissa! Neither one of them have won anything and they’re social game isn’t all that and they both especially Howard float to the power so why the hell is he talking like he’s some mastermind player? Hello, YOU’RE SWIMMING IN THE SAME BOAT!!!!


Howard is just being truthful after Helen won HOH and they got power they have been acting competely different so it’s time for a power shift I think Howard is the only person who sees whats going on with the rest of the house and sees that Helen and Elissa are with the other side of the house


I don’t see it that way at all, Howard knows he can’t talk to others because nothing is kept a secret in the house. He is the type of guy he is watching in silence and once he sees how folks are he will make his move. However I’m hoping he doesn’t put to much trust in Aaryn, that is a stupid move, but he is assuming she is desperate. She will stab him in his back as soon as she is safe. He is right, Candace should mingle with others, she will need them, and stopping the showmance.


OOOOH, I would so enjoy it if Howard, Candice, Kaitlin and Arryn, and Judd and Jessie would team up and get Elissa and Helen out of the house. Then watch little rat Andy scurry to try and figure out what happened!!! IT WOULD BE EPIC BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that Elissa has a hard time talking to these people. I don’t think she was being mean to Kaitlyn. She asked Amanda if she thought her and McCrae would be together outside the house but Amanda is turning this into something it is not. She is preparing for Elissa’s eviction by bad mouthing her in case she doesn’t get MVP. Of course Andy would agree with everything Amanda says because that is what he does. Hopefully she will be the one on the block and out the door on Thursday. She trash talks everyone. She was only using Elissa for the MVP anyway. Elissa will find out who her friends are now that she is not MVP, They never included Elissa in their game talk even though she is in their “fake” alliance. These people are so annoying.


BOOM! Right There! Now where’s the talk about Amanda & McCrae being in HOH! huh? It’s been Elissa camped out in the HOH! here kitty kitty kitty!!!

billy bob

thats why they call howard coward,that dumbass dont wanna get rid of the racist in the house,he wants to get rid of candice friend so he can have complete control over her,elissa just saved your dumb ass coward,lol these people think there so smart,but they cant even out play the high zanax dude judd,lol this bb season is starting to suck,and u know elissa will win pov if she plays,


It wouldn’t surprise me if Howard wasn’t thinking of taking Aaryn to final 2. He’s already told Spencer he just wants Candice as far as jury, that he is not in a “showmance”, he just keeps her close to vote his way & use her to get to the girls…


Are you kidding me even if he was thinking of taking Aaryn… easiest 500 grand he’ll ever make.


If that does happen, then I guess Howard is not the Christian he claims to be. Just saying.

The Veto

Nobody gave a d-amn about Howard until Aaryn became the racist. Now people just defend every stupid move he makes because they don’t want be seen as racist if they say anything negative (and true) about him. Candice is under his spell and can barely think for herself anymore. She agrees with everything he says about everything and everybody. That’s why she ‘s suddenly so keen on working with Aaryn.

I think this season is weirdly interesting though. It’s very interesting to see how these weirdos are being drugged up and manipulated (dare I say mind controlled) by production. And no one can argue anymore that production doesn’t have a hand in how the noms and evicts turn out, because even the house guests are talking about it.


poor JUDD, just said he was so tired but look at that, they just keep sitting there. Oh well, Helen finally decides Judd might be tired, But of Andy is still there. hmmm…..ok, Andy in finally leaving….


Yay maybe this time when they all figure out Elissa doesn’t have MVP they can kick her butt out! She did her purpose for three weeks! Lol I always mute when she is talking cause she always does the mmmmmmm sound like she is having something dirty being done to her haha


If Amanda somehow gets put on the block and Howard saves Aaryn, the House and America will flip. While I want Aaryn gone, Howard definitely needs her around.


if Amanda ends up being on the Block as “America’s Choice” – I wonder if she will change her game plan……well I think this will change everyone’s game plan – then they might want to keep Aaryn in the house because – she is the most disliked by America……then Kaitlin or Amanda(if she is the chosen one) will be gone…

Janelle pov queen

Rember when Amanda said Howard will turn to the other side? Will she was rite what Howard dont know is Aaryn don’t give a shit about him in will tell Amanda everything he says and why he talking shit about Elissa she is the reason he still in the house because if she would have put him up Amanda and McCray would had made sure he left


Whether you believe production told Elissa what to do (I don’t buy this myself) or that she and Helen simply deduced from the questions they received in the DR or if they suspected there were some within the house who would pick Jeremy over Howard, whatever the case may be, Elissa “saved” Howard because she wanted Jeremy and Aaryn out 1st. She’s not Howard’s ally or friend and she always acts in her self-interest…as she should.

Howard is perceptive enough to see Elissa for what she is, in the same terms as she sees him…again that’s the game. Now maybe if Elissa was a better player, she would have seen how everybody pushed Howard away last week and responded by trying to draw him in closer and secure his allegiance. but that didn’t happen and Howard is perceptive enough to see that he’s on the outs with those who think they are blindsiding him and is attempting to respond with those allies he can gather. Although once the house finds out that Elissa is no longer MVP, she will have outlived her usefulness to her superfriends and it’s possible Candace can be a bridge to make an accommodation between Howard and Elissa.

As for Aaryn, Howard is again perceptive to see that somebody with no allies can be potentially be co-opted. I don’t see him relying upon her in anyway, rather he sees a vote to keep him in the house or to evict his target or safety in the event she wins a future HOH. Howard is there to win…as he should be. He is smart to put everything personal and emotional aside in order to play the game. Whether he knows this is up for debate, but we know that Aaryn has ZERO credibility within the house. Should she attempt to relay what Howard says to others, few will believe her and those who do have already decided how they see Howard, so her ratting that Howard has reached out to her is meaningless (besides, they’ve all reached out to her)

Besides, this week at least, Judd and America hold the power, and it seems no matter what that a girl is leaving this week. Amanda, McCrea, Helen, and Andy don’t know how to sell. All they have are passive aggressive threats (Amanda), scare tactics (McCrea), tone deaf recitations (Andy), and mommy manipulation (Helen) to try and sway Judd to target Howard…except Judd has his own agenda (as he should) and it’s going to take a much better pitch to convince him to veer off his plan.


Exactly! Thia is smaet on Howards part. I also think that he and Judd are on the same page. They both know they are thw low man in that group of super friends.if they can get the others to realize this they could turn things around. If America ends up putting up Amanda, hopefully they can see what America sees and vote her out and form a new side and then we will have a game.


I think they have bigger fishes to fry then taking out Elissa……you want to make big moves……say Amanda is #2 and we know Aaryn would be #1 – now she is a big fish- get rid of her when you have the chance….. like I said in a previous post…….if they keep this mvpbb15 – everyone will want to rethink their game plan as they do not want to make it on the block……then they might want to consider leaving Aaryn in the game – so America chooses her…….


yeah but elissa wants howard or spencer gone this week, so howard is spot on that elissa isnt to be trusted.


each one of these players give me a headache ….. if amanda didnt push for aaryn and katlin to be nominated america production would have nominated AARYN ….. the only person noone seems to taget or mentions his name of going on the block is ANDY he’s sitting pretty right now …… . when production nominates AMANDA this will open alot of peoples eyes why america i meant production nominated amanda …IF they dont get amanda out when she is nominated just write her the cheque ….. I want the racist gone too but if amanda is on that block i say send her ass home break up that macrea showmance …


Well, I can say with absolute certainty, that I could have gone the rest of my life without ever having heard that last sentence come out of Candiace’s ass – I mean mouth; ” Popping out like pu$$y farts”. OK ladies – a tip – some men MAY not find this sexy. Just sayin’. That was pretty nasty.

You so Funny

I find women who comment about their genitalia extremely sexy.


Slowly but surely Howard and Candice is starting to realize how the house is. People thought Howard had no social game but honestly he was just waiting out to see how other people in the house are. Candice (and others) are also starting to realize how bossy Amanda is and Amanda and Mcc even admitted that they want others doing there dirty work. I hope Howard actual goes on his plan with that spencer/howard/candice/jessie/judd allience because that could honestly go to the end at this point. And it makes since (unless they see she is going to stab them in the back) that they take Aaryn on the road with them because that would be a easy final 2 victory.


Very well said. This alliance of five would rock the house! I am not sure whether having Aaryn would work (because she is a wildcard) but if it did, the smartest player who takes her to final two gets 500K easy. Spencer+Howard+Candice+Jessie+Judd together with Aaryn to the end yo!


It would easily work with Aaryn because she does not like Elissa, don’t blame her, and she actually likes Howard. Come on Howard, Judd, Jessie and Candice use your brains and keep Aaryn and rock that house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That Andy is a rat! He is always there butting into peoples conversations trying to fake everyone into thinking he is on their side. But his most annoying feature is he can’t shut up and says nothing. He is the person you ask, what time is it? And he tells you how to build a watch.


Absolutely! Eloquently spoken!


It’s a shame we can’t just get rid of all three people that are going to be on the block this week. :/


Any HG that is looking to bring short-timer Aaryn into a BB15 alliance, at this point, is strategizing very poorly. (note to Howard…..)


Amanda knows she is not the HOH, she said Aaryn is but not like the other week!


*MVP Sorry!


My apologies, Simon/Dawg – for future comments I will use the $ sign in the word ‘kitty’.


Did I just hear Amanda say she heard that she is going up for MVP and she cant say who told her lol YUPPIE!!!!!!


LOL Amanda said she does not think America would put her up because they Love her and they would think she funny and so cute w/ Pizza Boy LMAO OHHH HOW WRONG SHE IS!!!!!! America thinks as you would say a SHADY F&*#!!!


And BTW is Katlyn plucking her pubic hair on the HOH Bed lol wow such class

Will.I.Am, I Think

Damn, really? JU Double D is going to be sleeping in human hair and whatever Amanda and McCrae left on the sheets while they were doin the nasty.

You so Funny

Plucking? Ouch!


Lmao at Howard complaining that Elissa doesn’t pray with him anymore. Um didn’t he vote her out when she was on the block, lied about it, then admitted it only because he knew his game was fucked regardless. If it wasn’t for Elissa liking Candice, Howard would’ve went up last week with her MVP and prob out the door if Amanda had a say In it.


i'm tall

what a great session of the live feeds!! this game just got good if the so-called outcasts can muster together and knockoff the mighty amanda and the rest of her minions! howard finally pulled a power move this am and rallied the troops! great game play by him. he knows everything that is going on in the house cuz he listens and now the bomb is about to drop. amanda ur out baby! helen ur pretentious self is next. howard said they all came at him on some personal ish and it’s a game. Dawg and Simon what a great segment that was! all they have to do is make sure big-mouth GM doesn’t yap and i wouldn’t bring Andy in the mix although he likes to go where the power is and since they will have the power he will follow. your guys thoughts?

Bumbling bee

I have decided that the MVP may not be as sucky a twist as I thought. Get a popular player, make them dependent on the twist, have all the other players a little afraid of the twist, then yank it away. Elissa is acting like a junky in withdrawal. Which is why she is cray-cray. Now throw in a few really hated players. Have them realize they are hated. Watch them scramble to make nice. Only they don’t know who to be nice to. And they aren’t very good at nice any way. Next is the brilliant part, arrange it so the house guests believe they are in charge of the direction of the show. But, gasp!, they aren’t. We are gonna let America be in charge. But, gasp!, they really aren’t either. Cause we all know that America hates one player more then all the others. And she’ll get voted to be nominated by America. But, she keeps the ratings high, cause we all need to see what little miss kkk has to say. So arrange for the HOH to nominate her, that way she has a better chance to come off the block. Then have America’s second choice, who cares who it is, on the block and that will really shake things up. Because, we all know it isn’t Elissa. This way, the house guest will start to wonder just what we see the second choice doing, that they don’t. Then watch as the mice try to find their way to the food pellets at the end of the maze. The production team didn’t just think this up over coffee n donuts. This was a long weekend at least.

Rocco Gianini

I think the MVP is a great addition to BB , and should be in all future seasons, however , whoever has the MVP has to keep it secret and can never divulge to anyone, ever that they have it, that way no one will know who to suck up to, also the HOH can only nominate one person for eviction and the other nominee put up by the secret MVP……hmmm? Comments?


Uh Oh…Sounds like Elissa needs to calm down & take a step back before she gets herself a 1way ticket home. She’s getting on ppl’s nerves. If she’s worried about the MVP she needs to ask the DR. Not everyone else. And Howard actually is being sneaky. They may really have a reason to want him out now.


HOWARD is the Man!!! Go through with your plan rally the troops and get duck lips, Queen for the Day, and the little scurrying rat out the door along with admitted Racist Amanda. Howard and Aaryn with Judd, Jessie and candice come on work together and get rid of so called SUPER FRIENDS!!!

Bob barker

So Aryan is considered a racist but it’s ok for Howard and Amanda to use the word retarded repeatedly???


i like the howard and candace pic at the pool table and the judd and jess pics on the bed

both couples looking very zen and relaxed