Big Brother Spoilers Elissa is worried Production is late giving her the MVP this week

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


7:29pm Aaryn and JUDD HOH
Aaryn is asking him what words did she twist.. he can call her out she’ll tell the truth. JUDD: ”people think you did but I don’t think so”
JUDD asks her if she’s mad. Aaryn starts to tear up says she’s not mad.
JUDD: “Don’t cry just trust me”
He tells her she and Kaitlin are not the targets he wants to Backdoor somebody
Aaryn is upset about something JUDD said in the nomination speech she’s scared the house will think she’s a liar now.
JUDD tells her not to worry.
She asks JUDD if he’ll throw the POV to her and he says he will.
JUDD: “You just have to trust me.. I know it seems shady right now but I have a plan.. I’m keeping it to myself not telling anybody else in case it backfires”
JUDD tells the the worse case scenario is someone wins the POV and doesn’t use it.
(He called her Texas Tornado)
Aaryn: “Are you working with spencer and howard.. because Howard ask me if I stay to work with him”
JUDD: “everyone is talking to me now… they mentioned it but kinda just go along with it now”

They hug and Aaryn leaves

CBS Interactive Inc.

7:51pm Bathroom Spencer, Jessie and Aaryn
Talking about the have nots competition. Sounds like Gina did great she was really eating the ice cream fast. Spencer: “Who would have thought she was a freak of nature” Aaryn brings up Gina telling her she’s battled a eating disorder all her life. Adds that she sometimes she’s Gina eating ice cream in the middle of the night.

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7:34pm HOH Andy and JUDD
Andy brings up Howard being a shady F*** says he’s trying to cover all his bases, “He’s super scarey.. I caught him red handed”
Andy wants to know what JUDD told Aaryn. Judd say he told Aaryn she better win the VETO. Andy mentions that Kaitlin is freaking out she thinks if Aaryn wins Veto she will be the target,
Andy: ‘I need to know what to tell her.. what would you do who would you put up”
JUDD: “GM .. just make sure Aaryn doesn’t win veto”
Andy: “Howard is freaking me out”
JUDD: “Maybe elissa should put up GM and GM is going to do terrible.. I mean she might win POV but I wouldn’t bank on it“
JUDD: “Would be stupid to put up Howard first”
Andy: ‘If Howard is going home this week he needs to be backdoored.. my red flag is on high alert.. I’m getting the same feeling with Howard as I was with Nick”
Andy says like with Nick if you don’t get Howard out soon that will be your downfall.
Andy is worried that Howard is going to get Kaitlin, Aaryn, Candace and Spencer into an alliance, ‘That will f*** us”
JUDD tells him they have to start playing down him and Jessie because people are coming up here thinking they are a pair.


7:50pm bedroom Amanda and McCrae

Laughing about JUDD saying Aaryn is the texas tornado twisting everyone’s words. Amanda is wondering about the twist. McCrae says it could be a coup d’etat someone will change the nomination right before the eviction. Amanda: “You can’t change the nomination right before eviction.. that’s too much power” McCrae tells her about the Big Brother 11 coup d’etat and how Jeff was voted it from America and he put up Jessie and Natalie and Jessie left.

Amanda says they have to lay low this week so if a power is out there no one will think of them as being a target.

Andy Joins them..

Andy tells them JUDD told him he would put GM up if Aaryn/Kaitlin won the power of Veto.

Amanda: “He wouldn’t there would be too many people going after him… he’ll piss off too many people”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:07pm JUDD and Elissa
She’s asking him why he was called into the Diary room. JUDD explains it was just a regular DR session.
Elissa: “If you got the MVP you can say it”
JUDD asks her if she has it.
Elissa: “They haven’t told me anything”
JUDD: “Maybe it will be later”
He says he’ll tell her if he gets it.
Elissa: ‘You promise”
JUDD brings up that he’s worried about Aaryn being mad at him.
Elissa doesn’t think he should worry: ‘She’s going home anyways”
Elissa thinks that JUDD knows about the twist and keeps asking him if the Diary room told him.
Elissa: “I’m so nervous what it could be”


8:37pm Backyard Random chit chat.. Andy brings up Casey Anthony


8:38pm HOH Amanda and McCrae
More talk about the twist. It seems like they are convinced the twist will be a coup d’tat

McCrea says that Elissa is very worried that Jessie is spending a lot of time in the HOH room. They start making out..

Gina is called into the Diary room ‘GinaMaria Please go to the Diary room”
Amanda: “GinaMAria please go to the mental institution”

8:54pm JUDD joins them in the HOH
Amanda: “Whats up BOO”
Amanda jokes that she’s going to put JUDD up last when she wins HOH.

Amanda says if they give them the option to keep MVP or get rid of it they should keep it because it’s working out for them right now.
JUDD agrees goes into the bathroom to “Take a dump”

Amanda says that she’s glad JEssie is a have nots becuase it means she won’t be up in the HOH all the time.
McCrae points out that Spencer is up here a lot. Amanda: “he’s a idiot”
McCrea :’So if I won’t Kaitlin who do I take down.. Kaitlin”
Amanda: ‘Ya”
McCrae says he hopes it a luxury comp I will take all the F*** stuff
Amanda says it feel like Jessie comes up to the HOH an annoying number of times.

Judd joins them from the bathroom. He says he made it pretty clear with his speech what his intentions are he think she’s cool with Kaitlin now
Amanda: “You’re being weird.. whats wrong with you”
JUDD says he’s tired he wants to go to bed early tonight.
McCrae says now the entire house will know what Aaryn says is a bunch of lies because of JUDD’s nomination speech. McCrae thought it was great.

JUDD says that he was called into he diary room and as soon as he came out Elissa was right there asking him if he got the MVP.
McCrae: “she’s obsessing over it”
Amanda: “She knows her only value in this game is that she wins MVP” Amanda adds if Elissa doesn’t get MVP she’s gone
Amanda asks JUDD: “Why did you tell Andy that you won’t backdoor Howard… Don’t be annoying JUDD.. I hate yo so much (joking)”
JUDD: “Backdoor who?.. I don’t know what I’m doing yet”
JUDD: “I’m going to backdoor GinaMaria”
Amanda: “JUDD don’t go all Elissa on us”
JUDD: “My new target will rattle the house”
They laugh that he’s going to put up Jessie


9:08pm HOH Elissa Joins MC, JUDD and Amanda
They ask her if she’s won MVP. she says no
Elissa: “You think I’m going to get it”
Amadna: ‘I don’t know.. depends on the twist”
Elissa says that Ginamaria was in the Dairy room for 30 minutes.
Mc: “She’s a joke.. nobody will vote for her”
JUDD: “She’s America’s sweetheart”
Elissa :’Guys I’m so embarrassed for throwing up.. it’s so gross”
Amanda says they all threw up today no need to feel embarrassed.
Amanda jokes that Elissa is acting supper sketchy.
McCrae says if Elissa doesn’t get MVP tonight they know something is up.


9:15pm Hammock Spencer and Candace
Spencer says Aaryn is the target so if Kaitlin wins VETO a pawn will go up. He says it really depends on what Elissa does with the MVP. He points out he went up last week so it’s really hard to predict says it could be him or Howard.
They agree that Elissa won the last 3 MVP’s and McCrae was just covering for her. Spencer says they wanted him up so they got McCrae to say he was MVP so Spencer wouldn’t be mad at them. They start talking about Jeremy’s boat the are not believing he had a nice boat.

9:16pm JUDD Rollin with robes

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Why? The rest of the season would suck without her. Why do you hate her for seeing the truth, Howard is dangerous. Hes got spencer loyal to him and now hes got candice eating out of his hands and at the same time going to aryan and recruiting her. And now hes telling people hes got a big plan if he goes up? Amanda is smart for pushing for him to go up.


Because I do not want to see the same thing that happened the first three weeks (strong guy gets back doored or mvped) out the house. I want to see a snake who has been doing nothing but whispering in peoples ears and laying around with mcrea actually have to start playing this game over getting others to play for her


Getting others to do her dirty work is her game play. But here’s the thing…her side knows her game pley and she will be one of the first ones they go after once the other side is out. And so what if they backdoor the strong players. I think that is freaking awesome!! It is the first time I have ever seen people target the strong players in the first few weeks of a season…it’s better than seeing them go after the weaklings ffs. The way you worded that made you sound a bit misogynistic. Hmmmmm…is that why you don’t like a strong woman?


You shouldn’t attack people personally, just because you disagree with them.


I Don’t Dislike Amandas Smarts But IM Just Over Seeing Her Aderall “Rampaging Directives” But What’s Worse Is The Gross Sex Sessions With McCray. ewwwww


Howard is doing the exact same thing as everyone else, yet when Howard tries to have folks on his side he’s a threat. If he lies it’s a problem because of his bible……blah blah blah………aww awww Andy and A Man Duh is afraid of the big black man with the muscles Good grief……….Amanda and Helen are the biggest threat, they have recruited everyone. Howard haven’t spoken bad about anyone, he hasn’t won anything and the alliance “he didn’t form” is over because of McCrea and his desire for A Man Duh. Andy!!!! he scares you?


Why Amanda?? I like her. I mean yeah she is in your face and can be a bit of a bully but so what…she is entertaining. A helluva lot moreso than Aaryn, Kaitlin, or GM!!!


If Amanda goes up I’m going to be so pissed because that means fans want the show to suck as much as possible.

This Season Blows

This just says it all about Rachelissa. She’s not even trying to hide the fact that she 100% depends on production to get through every week. And delusional Brenchel fans still front like Rachelissa’s actually been any good at this game… HA!

STFU Donnie

I can only speak for myself, but I want Amanda is the 3rd seat, not to get evicted, but to be agitated and stir some s**t

If the superfrends get to follow script, it will be very boring. I want Amanda and McCrea to divide who is left with Helen and Elissa, then go to war. I am partial to Howard…but I just want some drama and as long as him and Candace go after Aaryn and GM, then after that let the chips fall where the may.

7 Seven 7

Andy is the biggest rat in the house hopefully howard does not go home this week


So is the Aaryn the target this week? I hope that now that Aaryn and Kaitlin are up America voted someone from the other side to go up to rattle the house! I need some drama and a power shift!


Randomly, People were asking what happens if America’s MVP choice wins veto…Apparently, if America’s nominee is saved and pulled off the block by the Power of Veto, the next highest vote getter will become the replacement nominee.


“light-skinned oreos” – really Candace?? racist much….


thumb me down – but if she wants to get upset about shaniqua then she has no business joking about that either. funny now that she & Howie now are choosing to use her making up with Aaryn to their advantage in the game & would like to have her stay. funny how things change in this game.


I missed a lot today because I wanted/needed a break from the racial tensions and comments . So now I’m back and what did I miss about ‘light-skinned oreos’? When and where was that said. If you don’t mind sharing – was it during the livefeeds and to whom was she speaking? Thanks.


Tonight, camera 3 at 9:43:21 pm BB time. Spencer was talking about how he was glad he’d eaten some of Judd’s beef jerky & skittles before he became a have not. Candace says she “was just happy there was no “light skinned M&M’s – I mean oreos” in the house. You hear Howie quietly tell her stop saying it. Spencer was confused for a second then said, “you mean the vanilla ones.” Candace said “yes but she likes to call them light-skinned.”


Much appreciated 🙂


I mean was she joking? There is a difference between making jokes and being mean spirited. That seems like that would be obvious but I guess some people don’t get that concept. And what they are supposed to not work with Aaryn if it’s to their advantage. It is a GAME. It was no different from Helen being nice or diplomatic to her.


You can’t tell me that if Aaryn or Amanda was joking around and called vanilla oreos light-skinned that all hell would break looss & she’d be crying to Howie about how mean that was.
Yes, it’s a game , they can work with whoever they want, but her joke about vanilla oreos is a bit hypocritical. You can’t make jokes if you can’t take it coming back to you. It gives the impression that you’re cool with it.
Not saying it’s right, but that’s life.


Oh please, give it a break. It’s like the Salem witch trials on this site with “racist this, racist that”. There is a huge difference between Aryan et al and this comment. Plus, Candace IS light-skinned herself.

I'm Tall

please! don’t be dumb here! she is talking about cookies!! Cookies! and it’s a joke for vanilla cookies. nowhere is her comment. and for the record black folk can’t be racist among other black folks. i’should know i’m a black man who has lived and experienced racism. it sickens me that idiots like you keep tossing the word around loosely. walk in the shoes of person who has experienced racism then comment. until then STFU.


Do you even know what racist means? Lol, ok, biracial is not even a race, to begin with; and racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over Another, so your logic is beyond flawed.

Candice comments were, at best, ignorant and, at worst, deragatory, but it was definitely not racist. Stop throwing around the R word like its water, you diminish the meaning of it.

billy bob

at first i was rooting for elissa to go far,but damn she has no social skills at all for bb.go ahead judd back door her,


I think it would be really sweet if Elissa was nominated, that would be a great production slap in the face and a great reality check for the HS!


If production is playing her game for her as everyone says – then I doubt she would go on the block – as America’s decision. Production would choose someone else….


we can only hope they choose someone that would shake the house up – like Amanda, Howard, McCrae….. Now it would have been cooler if America chose one of the nominee’s the HOH chose that person would be immediately evicted….maybe that will be the next twist…..


A Kaitlin?

Will.I.Am, I Think

I want one, with the chocolate and nuts all over, yummy, yummy in my tummy….


Thanks a lot – I’ve been trying to stifle my urge for tonight and that reaaally didn’t help. Going to the fridge for the double chocolate ice cream……


*stifle urge for ***chocolate*** is what I meant to say

Geez Louise

Question: If America is MVP and the MVP nominee wins the POV and takes themselves off does the HOH have to replace that nominee because I thought the MVP did the replacement, If so, JUDD is going to freak out because he is not wanting to tick anyone off… Any thoughts?


they’ll just keep going down the list from the voting results. next highest vote getter that isn’t already on the block or won POV.

Janelle pov queen

To the pressed people mad that Elissa is in the house and should not win MVP to fucking bad Elissa is in the house get the fuck over it bitches


A: spelling
B: punctuation
C: you’re an idiot. That is all.


When I first saw the caption it made me think of the chick who’s late for her period – I had PMS so why didn’t I get my MVP by now? She says CBS an awful lot huh?


Did Judd give his HOH bed to McCrea and Amanda?


I’m pretty sure Amanda bites if someone asks her NOT to do something – I wouldn’t bother if I was Judd and I wanted to keep my balls intact.


Right? And there was Amanda sniping about Jessie being in the HOH room too much??!!

They’re like a dime store version of John and Yoko, those two.


While Amanda and McCrae are spending hours there when Judd wanted to take a nap?


Its the HOH PEOPLE!!! Lol


You mean ‘the people’s HOH?’ That was last week….


Okay, here’s some truth… Howard is a glorified floater and him saying he’s been throwing this and throwing that, I’m not buying what he’s selling! He’s just all muscles and no WINNING ANYTHING!!! And, I also think it was dumb to approach K. & A. For an alliance right now with the way things have been going! It’s going to blow up in his face ’cause they both already ratted him out! I really wonder if Judd’s secret mission he’s talking about is to BD Howard! He completely messed up Candice’s game by leading her on and then talking crap about her!


Or maybe ur just a hater

production rigged it

It would be stupid to backdoor Howard when he’s not coming after him, i hope he grows a set and doesn’t listen to Ho-Manda. She told Andy if he didn’t backdoor Howard he would have 7 people coming after him. Let’s examine that for a second.

not coming after him:
ginamarie-said she wouldn’t if he didn’t put her up
aaryn-if she doesn’t go home

can’t win anything so it doesn’t matter:

would come after him:
kaitlin-if she doesn’t go home because amanda would tell her to
helen-not positive that she would

Personally i think her math is a little off plus enough people can’t stand aaryn so as long as she goes home he won’t have anything to worry about. On a side not it would be awesome to see the look on amanda’s face if she was the 3rd nomination, her jaw would drop so far she would be able to d**pthr**t a tractor trailer.


I thought Judd won HOH. Why has the HOH been taken over by Mc and Amanda? Judd was yawning, walking around eating, and finaly left. Kick their butts out.


I know. Judd hinted he was tired, later said he wanted to go to bed early. Curious how he’ll handle it – kick them out, ask McCrea to dispose of her, or sleep elsewhere. Worst of all, Amanda complained that Jessie coming up to the HOH room frequently is annoying.


Is there ANYONE that watches the live feeds on here? Elissa is the one that wanted to SLEEP on the couch in HOH but was told be bb that she wasn’t allowed to! What show are y’all watching? While ago was the first time they’ve been up there since last night whereas Elissa & Helen & of course Andy have been in HOH all day! Eating his food? No they’re not! It has to be the same person changing their name saying this crap cause for those that are watching know better…I also know WHO Howard was talking about to Aaryn & Katlin, HOW do I know, cause I’m watching! He told Candice & Spencer. No wonder everyone on these other places are talking about Aaryns mamas PR people taking over the comments…how annoying! keep scratching cat people!


Helen’s been MIA. She must be hung over from her power drunk HOH reign! I hope she becomes a little likable again like before winning HOH 🙂


Hi says, Helen is MIA because she is really playing the game. I think she is genuine cause when Jeremy and the mean girls were in power they were so bad with comments and Aaryn flipping the bed but Helen although really tough during her reign she got the job done. the way Jeremy pleading his case including offering one of his testicles and other houseguest started to believe him but Helen stood her ground. In the first week she was different and when she was HOH complete change of personality and this week laying low. She is playing the game which is what this show all about. She was not afraid to have blood on her hands and she knows unlike others let someone else do the dirty work for them. It is OK because that is their stategy so Helen stategy is different, Amanda and McCrae have their own plan and so as the other houseguest. May the best player wins.


Amanda and Ellisa threw up on the have not comp! but PRODUCTION probably won’t show that!



production rigged it

Really Ho-Manda is talking about Jessie being up in HOH all the time, hell her and McCrae are up there more than anybody. They have been since day 1 even when McCrae wasn’t HOH, didn’t matter because they were always up there trying to tell everybody else what to do….by they i mean her


This is kind of off topic but I googled jeremy and he is found on imdb doin hollywood stuff. Is that him or another jeremy mcguire? His picture is on there as well. I never recall him talking about working in Hollywood.


Interesting – b/c on a post yesterday somebody said he saw Nick on one of those re-enactment murder shows. Looks like we have at least 2 small-time actors. And the other day Howard mentioned he wanted to do BB t get into acting… Hmmmm…

Butters Mom

Poor Judd…. Amanda and McCray got his bed dirty and used his new blanket his mom sent him as a cover from the cameras while they were trying to fool around… gross. They are eating all of his snacks and making themselves at home in the HOH…. reminds me of uninvited guests who show up and dont leave even though you tell them many excuses… Im tired… I need to go to bed early… sigh… long silence… ok… Im going to go now… and they stay while you walk out of your own door. squaters. lol


I have defended Amanda because she has played the best game the first 3 weeks. But there is no denying she is having a meltdown in week 4. From the person that constantly told McCrae to throw comps and don’t make waves, she certainly seems to have lost that train of thought which put her in control of the game in the first place.
After Elissa goes up as the MVP nom(people voted wrong thinking they were voting for her to be mvp instead of who would be nominated), what are the odds that her paranoia takes over, she blames Amanda and McCrae for putting her up, and she causes an alliance between Howard, Candice, Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae to form against her?


Howard says he doesn’t like some of the stuff going in in the house right now.
Howard: “One thing I did respect about Jeremy.. he had some growing up to do from a social standpoint.. bravado standpoint but he wasn’t going to be bossed around”
Howard says the people in the house that felt intimidated with Jeremy’s Bravado are now the ones trying to boss people around, “They’re basically doing the same thing”

Ok I love Howard now!!


I gotta say Howard and Candace are a beautiful couple to look at!

Will.I.Am, I Think

I hope America(allegedly) keeps getting MVP, but I’ll bet it goes back to Elissa next week, because after this week, the house will believe she’s not MVP anymore and do as they planned day 1 and evict her..


Why have HG not guessed that America could be voting?….Canada BB this year had a lot of power shifts that involved Canada voting…superfans should have guessed this could be a possibility, especially since having Elissa with power week after week needed to change in a big way

If this website’s polls are any indication Amanda will go up. I guess she should have been careful what she wished for, pressuring Judd to keep GM safe over Aaron. A move that in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t really matter …the house wants both of them out soon anyhow…

Will the HGs see Amanda as a threat and send her packing? Or will they vote out an annoying floater and mean girl like Aaron? Or if Amanda wins (or is taken off by MC or Andy?), Will HG vote out Elissa or Howard if they go up as the MVP replacement nominee?


OH LOOK! Who’s in HOH planning nail parties in the BB house with all girls after they take over & get everyone out!!! Helen & Elissa! Now there’s Candice & Jessie! I think JUDD should go up there & kick them out! Right? Oh Look who Howard is talking game to, oh that’s right, you can’ t see it, still just making s**t up! pity.


hmmm, Elissa, Helen & Jessie & Andy STILL IN HOH! i guess they are the “uninvited guests”, “the squaters”. yeah, the proof in on cameras 3 & 4…


this again is another reason why this season SUCKS, Elissa expects MVP every week and frankly its getting old, plus BBAD SUCKS because its taped, now CBS controls every aspect except the live feeds, plus Julie Chen has been looking like transvestite all season, need i go on?