HOH Competition Results! “You tried to bury me today.. Like you’re a piece of sh*t!”

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Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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8:16pm The live feeds return. Christie and Sis are in the boat room. Christie – literally he just showed his cards to everyone that he is feeding everyone little bits.. little bits.. and I don’t care if my personal feelings about Jackson came out. I wanted to work with him until it was convenient for us. I still wanted it to be me, you, Tommy and Holly. But I don’t know if that’s risky. Sis – the Holly thing makes me nervous. Yesterday when we went upstairs and you were in the DR.. Sam had just told us all. I think that we need to talk to her. Holly had no idea and Jackson knew the minute he and Sam were in the boat room. Jackson knew for that long and he never told her. Christie – I agree, I want to talk to Holly .. the three of us. And not anyone else. Tommy doesn’t need to be there. Jack doesn’t need to be there. And Jackson definitely doesn’t. Just the three of us. I want to let her know that I don’t think its her. I do think he left her in the dark but they are still a couple so I guess we will see what happens. But I love her and I don’t want her to think that I’m mad at her. Sis – me too. I think its best for you and me to lay low. Don’t say a lot. Literally only tell me, don’t go and tell Holly how you’re feeling. We definitely should not be caught talking about game. Christie – I’m not talking about SH*T! And to be honest I feel safe with Jess. Its also the last week that I can use my power and if I don’t have to use it… great! Sis – all the other people getting blown up let them come to light and you just relax. Don’t even go up and tell things to Jess. It will come back to you. I am entering the second half of the game with completely different mindset. In my eyes the six is no more. There is no six. Clearly there is no trust. So everyone just play with the person or two people they want to play with and that’s it. And to be honest.. the only people I TRUST right now are you .. and I know you’re mad at Tommy but I still trust Tommy. Even though I am a little mad at him that this decision was made between him and Jack. I still trust that he wouldn’t come after you and I. And I do trust Jack. I am good with Kat because I stood by her with my game. He (Jackson) was really trying to bury me, like really. Listen I may have said I don’t like him and I don’t like the way he talks to me. And I don’t like the way he treats women. That’s all true but that wasn’t deterring me from working as a six. You tried to bury me today.. Like you’re a piece of sh*t! Good job honey .. you got out first in the HOH competition. Christie – at some point you me, Jack and Tommy should talk. Sis – please don’t talk to them without me. Christie – I will not. They hug and leave the room.

Jack, Holly and Tommy in the bedroom. Holly – In my head I would like to try and salvage the six .. I don’t know if that is very naive and Wyoming of me but F**k. Tommy – its not really up to us. Its up to the other two. Holly – he is paranoid and he is hot headed as Sh*T. And with every little new revelation I was like just absorb it, don’t act. And I guess he didn’t want to hear that. Tommy – I came down and was like this doesn’t feel right .. and Sis was talking to him and he said I know y’all are lying to me. I was like we’re f**king taking the heat for this but its between them to hash it out. Then Jackson came in and we flat out said it Cliff and Kat giving you information and he is like no Christie is the enemy. Christie is the enemy. And then I hear about that he’s forming another thing and I’m not included in it. He doesn’t trust me and Sis anymore. Holly – I think because of the association with Christie. And Sis because thinking she had a hidden agenda for keeping Sam. Jack – we brought up the idea of keeping Sam and she got f**king pissed! She got f**king PISSED!! She was like f**k that, not doing it.

Kat and Nicole. Kat – I don’t like the way he talks to me and I’ve literally had talks about feeling unsafe. It has tainted my whole experience here. It’s been very difficult to separate the personal from the game. And I do love Holly… I think. I don’t want to make it awkward.. and I don’t want to make her feel like she’s mad a bad decision by getting into a showmance with him. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about how we had a thing for a week and then he chose Holly. Here is the thing… I feel like I can’t talk without him attacking me. It doesn’t make me feel good and there is no reason why I should have to put up with that. That’s why I have been feeling so down because I am afraid that my parents will see that and be worried or think that I am crumbling or think that I sacrificing my beliefs, morals and character to go along with the game. Sorry that I am vomiting all of this on you. Nicole – I get it. Christie and Sis going them. Christie – I even said it to you guys.. I would be stupid to go to the end with two couples. I would have liked to go to the end with the dream six if that is possible. If we can consequentially win HOHs then we could get to the six and none of us would take shots. Would do not want to be in the end with two strong couples .. no. and I’ve been honest about that. I don’t want to take 5th place. I didn’t come here for 5th place. But after today I feel like everyone’s true colours are showing… He tried to bury me today. I heard a few conversations with my ear to the door and I was told a few things. So clearly in my mind there is no six going forward and I will tell him that. Jack – he is sitting outside the door right now… him or Cliff .. whoever you are you can come in!

Cliff and Jess. Cliff – I feel like we’re all free agents. Jess – I don’t want to come out with the double eviction looking like a target you know what I mean? Cliff – I know. Cliff – I think that however it goes you won’t be the primary target. Because there is going to be bigger targets now that this group has split up. Jess – I think I need to figure out how it split up. Cliff – let me know if I can help. Use your power to buy yourself some safety. You won it .. you deserve to make some deals. I did. Cliff – when I saw that 9-0 vote I was scared they would get back together. Jess – I was surprised they all voted that way.

8:40pm Bedroom. Nick and Kat.
Nick – I don’t know .. I try not to ask questions. From what I heard sitting outside the Boat room .. it just sounded like people thought you guys (Kat & Holly) knew each other or something. Kat – but that would be like a game twist! Nick – yeah for sure .. and it probably would have gotten announced. Kat – I don’t know.. really strange. We have a mutual friend. Nick – you don’t have to explain.

8:45pm Bathroom. Jess and Christie.
Christie – pretend that the power doesn’t even exist because I am not going to use it. Especially if you don’t want me to .. unless its you want me to use it.. but I am not using it. Jess – I want you to check .. is it good for double eviction? Christie – this might be the last time. It was good for four veto meetings and I am pretty sure this is the last one. I don’t think they would let me keep it for that quick one because that wouldn’t make sense. I had to go in there 25 times to clarify details because there were so many things. Jess – I want to be very honest and diplomatic. I really don’t feel like blindsiding anybody.

9:10pm Jackson stewing..

9:15pm Bedroom. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – Jack is worried that you will not trust him ever again. Jackson – I won’t! he’s f**ked me twice. Holly – you might have to fake it. I’ve said that you were feed information… and that’s when the paranoia started to build

9:12pm – 9:25pm Bathroom. Nicole and Jess.
Jess – I need to figure out how to get rid of Jack. Jack needs to go. Or Michie (Jackson) either or. Nicole – you you know I view everything in numbers .. the six broke up. These four are together and they’re mad at Michie and Holly. Originally it was 8 and Nick and Bella got the boot. Now its Michie and Holly with these four over here. They’re already going after Michie and Holly. Do you go after Michie and Holly and help these four? Or do you go after the four and break that up? They’re already mad at me. Why should you do their dirty work? Jess – because Michie put my name in a situation that wasn’t true. Nicole – just be aware that you’re going to have a lot of people come up to you saying .. oh you’re doing Michie and Holly right?! Jess – it has nothing to do with me. I got Christie’s word that she isn’t using her power. Christie knows that she isn’t a target for me. She’s a straight shooter in my eyes. Jess – one causes a sh*t load of trouble for everybody (Jackson) and the other is sitting in the background running the show (Jack). Cliff joins them and tells them what rooms everyone else is in.

9:30pm Bathroom. Cliff, Jess, Holly, Christie and Kat.
Christie – I don’t know where this rumor came from. Kat are you, me, Cliff, Nicole and Jess in an alliance? kat – no. Christie – have the 5 of us ever even been in a room alone together? Ever?! I really don’t know when this was formed or spoken about Kat – is Tommy in it? Christie – Tommy was questionably in it. I literally heard this right after the HOH. Apparently Jackson said that all of us were in an alliance. Cliff – if we were in an alliance I wouldn’t have told Jackson what I told him. Christie – no offense. .. but if you want to form it right now we could? With Jess! Christie goes to get Sis because she was upset about it. Jackson and Holly join / listen. Christie – if we were in an alliance why have we all voted different in two out of the four evictions? Jackson walks off.

10pm – 10:10pm Kat and Holly boat room.
Kat – from what I’m hearing .. I heard that everything I’ve been saying in confidence because I thought we were a final 3 has been told to everyone else. He is degrading to women and I am sorry and as your friend I can’t let you sit there and stand by it. I am sorry but I don’t want you to look bad. Holly – I have never seen him be degrading to women. kat – its not even a degrading to women thing.. its that he is f**king aggressive! Holly – Aggressive is not the right word. Hot headed? Yeah. Aggressive sounds .. you have to be careful with your words when you’re on tv. Kat – he literally made a gesture that he was aggressive. Holly – aggressive sounds like physically aggressive. Kat – I am not the one getting called in for things he has said .. he is. Holly – you don’t know what he is getting called in for Kat .. this is serious. Things that you say have massive repercussions out there. You have no idea what he is dealing with out there. Kat – he blew up your game too. Holly – oh I know.. I litteraly don’t know what he was thinking. It was the worst big brother move in history!

10:35pm Bedroom. Jack and Sis.
Jack – I just don’t feel like talking. I feel like a wiener. I feel sh*tty. Sis – I’m sorry. I feel bad. Jack – its okay, I had to do this whether it was a wrong or right play. I will never know the truth until the end of the season. I just don’t want to sit out there and be happy and put this fake face on when I feel like sh*t for doing what I did. Sis – do you feel like it wasn’t the right thing to do? Jack – I will stand by it. Sis – I feel like it was the right thing to do. We were able to see and hear a lot of things that we didn’t know were going on. And it brought light to a lot of situations and the way people are playing and the people we can and can’t trust.

11pm Tommy talks to Jack. Tommy – I do believe you guys (Jackson) will be fine. Jack – its not even so much that I even care about his friendship. Like its more along the lines of a moral think or you know I care about character .. he trusted me and I disobeyed that trust. Its fine. I stand by my decision. It just at one point he looked at me and I said something to him.. he was like I trusted you and you broke my heart. It sucked. I started crying. Its just a game. I don’t want to hurt people.

11:25pm Bedroom. Holly, Tommy and Jackson.
Holly – he upset about being in the house with not a single person that trusts him. He is just like defeated and given up and sad. I just think we all need to process and sleep. Jack – a good 12 hours will do some good. We just all broke up. Holly – we didn’t break up .. we had our first fight. The six is who I am invested in… personally .. game.. everything. Jack – he looked at me today after I said something and he said you broke my heart.

11:30pm – 11:40pm Jess comes out of the diary room – Who wants to see my HOH room!! All the house guests head up to the HOH room.

Jess reads her HOH letter.

12:30am – 2am Cliff – can we not use the name. At this point it will only.. Kat – we all know the name “Cliff’s Angels”. They all sit down an chat. Cliff – Christie has never screwed me over. Jess – the fact that Christie could keep you safe on a week that she is not HOH.

Kat – what if it is Jack and Jackson up there .. do we have the votes? They count theories and realize. They talk about putting up Michie and Jack. Cliff – you can say we’ll these are the two that have been causing problems in the house. Jess – I am not afraid to make big moves. I feel empowered that I can keep all of us safe. I don’t care what people are thinking … I want them to scatter like cock roaches. Holly joins them. Kat – is everyone okay? Are the six back together? Kat laughs. Tommy joins them. They talk about what the have nots will be. If its based on who fell first it would be Cliff, Michie and Sis. Tommy offers himself up as a havenot if Jess has to pick and needs someone to choose.

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So Nicole is telling Jess to go after the remaining four of the six shooters, and Jack is the number one target !

Franks fumes

I would love that…..so I know it won’t happen lol…..

Mister Dunbar

It’s going to be Jack and Jackson — then Cliff or Nick is eventually voted out.

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

That’s because these women are all about women. They actually have an alliance that no one knows about…not even them! They are all too stupid to see Christie is a woman and will win if they take her to the end.


I’m so confused with this. Who are the remaining 6 shooters now?

another name

I’d call them the four corners, but without a square head as the leader, it doesn’t work.
The four are Sis, Jack, Christie, Tommy. Tommy is trying to bring back the six…. boy just can’t stand the thought of anybody whatsoever not liking him.
Nick is trying to get in with Jack. uhhhgain. He should be trying to attach to Cliff and the Angels tonight… but doesn’t seem to be doing so.
Holly and Jackson are currently mommy and her spoiled brat.
Kat is straddling the Angels and the four. Currently arguing with Holly about Jackson’s character.

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s funny that they think there’s a double eviction this week.

Jess is so enamored with being a cool kid that she would never touch Christie. She still thinks she’s a “straight shooter”. She is blinded with her need to be accepted. It’s more important to her than seeing the truth.

another name

the fact that all four agree that Christie doesn’t lie just sort of sends me.
the fact that three of the four have stated they are afraid of Jackson to some extent, but want to save him also makes me wonder.
The fact that Nick is selling his soul to be Jack’s special little friend… doesn’t surprise me in the least.


Also Kat has a final two with Holly also. Her game is looking pretty good right now with her three shields.


Nick isn’t very bright. I still can’t believe he’s a therapist.




seriously the one to go after is Christie. she is going around with her paranoia and messing up everyone’s game. She is causing so much trouble!

Franks fumes

Queen Crusty again holds all the cards this week as Jess is her loyal dog…..production manipulates this show at an astounding clip this season and this is the best they can come up with? Another week of the assholes minus Jackson being comfy. Jackson will go home this week unless he wins POV (at least there is that lol) ……production will make sure Queen Crusty gets her pound of flesh.

Feeds Gold

christie will have influence particularly via kat(jess best friend), who also wants jackson out

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Like every other week….. we all have high hopes and of course once production jumps in to help Christy im sure jess will just put up who production wants


So some of the scintillating conversation tonight courtesy of the morons:

Jessica: “I don’t feel bad about voting him out (Sam) b/c he’s going to get laid.” OH PLEASE someone use that in her GBM & say too bad you’re in jury & won’t get laid. She’s such a moron.

Christie: Told Jess she WON’T use the DPOV b/c she’s going to be safe— will she shift if it’s Jack looking like he’s going OR if Tommy is in jeopardy?

Nick told Kat the reason there was almost a flip was b/c of you/Holly apparently knowing each other prior. Kat (of course) lies & says that’s not true. Well thank your Week 1 Lothario for that Kitty Kat b/c everyone knows it’s true now! I’m actually a little surprised Christie & Sis are okay with this fact. Let’s see if Tommy continues to work that topic this week.

Oh the most hilarious comment of so far Christie telling Sis she has no intention of talking game this week or going upstairs “I’m staying out of everything” Who wants to bet that lasts less an hour?


I’m so tired of hearing Christie talk!

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

Every time they switched a camera to Christy last night, I switched to a different camera. Glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t want to hear her or follow her every move.


Even though I’m blogging the feeds and really try and listen to as much game from all the different players. I tend to find every excuse I can to miss the Tommy, Christie “Chit chats”

Actually this year there are almost no interesting chit chat conversations which sucks. Tthat’s how I learn about American culture 🙂


Can you stop with the Jack/Jackson and go with Jack/Michie? You are even confusing yourself at times.


AHHA I know .. the other day I did a whole post and mixed them up.

This season sux

Is there a difference?

The Corey's

Not nominating Christie only gives her the power for the week, if you dont nominate here then your ok with making this her hoh.

Dont pull a cliff. You dont have the excuse if not known before the noms


If Christie really wants someone out wouldn’t it nominate her and Tommy, use her power to save the two of them, nominate michie and jack?


Not that I’m a fan of Jackson but… BUT is there a chance he could rally all the underdogs & Holly/Kat to take out Christie, Tommy, Jack (I think Jackson would be gone at that point before Sis who likely re-align with Nick again & Tommy is my bet b/c she likes to work with men plus Jackson grouped her in with Tommy which gives them a common bond of kinship .

Sis by the way is saying what needs to be said to Christie but I’m not sure how invested she is with Christie at this point – rather I think Sis tells Christie what she needs to hear to avoid her wrath which is smart. Problem is her closeness to Tommy which means she has to navigate that relationship with caution b/c of how tight he is to Christie.


i wanna pick Dawg for the field trip but hes not on there, i always pick Dawg


I have a feeling Jess is going to want to “belong”, and fold to the remnants of the six. Take out one of the Jacks, then people can start thinking on their own.. if you put up, say, Cliff and Nick, I’m flying to LA and milkshaking you.

I’m worried the six will softly reform.

Put up both the Jack(asses). One of them wins veto, put Sis up and a Jack goes home.

another name

Nick telling Jack and Tommy that Jackson, currently pulling a pity party sink into the mattress, has volunteered to be a have not.
Why not? It’s not like the shower buffet will eat itself.
With Holly and Kat going at it… I’m really starting to think Holly is that d!ckmatized enabler. She spent how long fromt he time feeds came back trying to smooth things over for Jackson’s hurt feelings, and now she’s arguing with her final 2 that the guy that was completely demeaning to her when she wouldn’t have sex on command (cameras or no) isn’t disrespectful or aggressive. Now i know why they call her Beth… it’s going to be her relocation name.
Tommy trying to distance himself from Christie to the final two he’s been grooming for the past couple of weeks, Sis. Mostly because he knows Sis spills everything she’s told, but can’t remember details. at all.
It’s a messy night. And they haven’t ended have nots yet. mind you, last week have nots were over the moment the comp ended. That was the night that Jackson had a three hour snack.
I’m liking the messy. I don’t mind the headless chickens (don’t tell peta) tanking themselves.
What is Jackson doing beside pouting: trying to look pitiful as possible so the outsiders will take pity and not nominate him, of course. And of course it has crossed my mind that he has been instructed to look pitiful so voters don’t vote him for any punishments. Oh come on. They’ve been letting him away with way too much, protecting his image waaay too much, and been giving him insider info way too much. I still suspect that tptb will want his image sanitized by encouraging him and the outsiders to work together. The more liked (or at least less problematic) cleaning his image by association is what i’ve been predicting for 2 weeks to be the outcome by the end of this week.


We are so on the same page re: Tommy grooming Sis. I think Tommy has known for a while he needed not only a backup plan but he also needed to distance himself from Christie not just to make it appear like he was but to genuinely do it. Jackson inadvertently pushed them even closer together but pushing them away and Sis prefers (I think) to work with men. Watch for the trio of Sis/Tommy and …. NICK b/c they both like him.

another name

It’s funny. First night of feeds, when nothing was really clear about who was working with who and what people got along vs. didn’t, I had some notes. From the way Jack and Nick were talking it almost seemed that Nick and Tommy were having a thing. As in a bbcan kevin martin and whichever gay guy was on each of his seasons thing. I remember Jack asking if Nick was okay with being in bed with a gay guy, and Nick saying that Tommy knows Nick’s boundaries, and so he’s good with whatever happens. That’s not me trying to stir a pot of any kind, I’m just laughing because i initially misread as ‘b/c they both like men.’

Feeds Gold

i think sis is most loyal to christie on a personal level, but much prefers the stability/level headedness of tommie when it comes to game

sis has been down to go to the end with the both of them for a while…and i think she is their ideal person to take final 3 based on christie/tommie discussions and how much they like sis…tommie always says his family would love her

another name

Sis would very much prefer a man to shield her to final 2. She was in a final four with Holly and Crusty and the Pekingese, but last week she was selling out the Crusties harrrrrrrd. Here’s the thing i didn’t get: if she’s in that final four, and the names they are hearing Crusty is against are Jack or Jackson… how is that bad for their final four? Those two would have to go at some point if the final four of HO, Cr, To and Sis were to materialize.

Feeds Gold

her male shield is jack, perhaps nick soon too if jack goes

This season sux

It does seem like Mickie has fallen out of grace with production. It would be interesting to see if he is selected to be have not if they penalize him for cheating this go around.

Feeds Gold

kat and hollie having a little fight about how kat thinks jackson is aggressive

i wonder if kat will push jess to nom both jacks with her maybe wanting jackson out…im not sure if thats an act to downplay their pre game alliance for tv viewers (they cut away from it)

Just sayin'

Is anyone else starting to actually dislike holly? The more she defends michie the more I hate her

Feeds Gold

it really surprises me so many seemingly have wanted to work with hollie this season

i find her unremarkable and most of the time in a bad mood

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

She doesn’t want “smile lines.”


I would be in a bad mood too if I was constantly trying to shield & manage my 5 year old boyfriend! Jackson is a full time job! A job she would quit if she had absolutely ANY self respect whatsoever.

Feeds Gold

who do four shooters renom if they win veto and use the power on jack, and jackson is already up?

another name



nicole as a pawn


For the love of all things good Jess remember that you wanted a women’s alliance to take out the men and go after the Jackasses


She’s got to stop preaching female empowerment until she actually knows what it means

g Love

Shut the front door! But really did EVERYONE except Jess throw it so they can power play the double eviction (possibly) next week?

I’m not a fan of the field trip, clearly it’s all subjective so any top or bottom feeder is set up….. we all know who gets taken care of by production. Eye roll

So who will Jess go after? How does furniture pick a victim? For all we know Jess things she’s playing wheel of fortune so she’ll just keep buying vowels. (Insert Tommy’s fake surprise face here)

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

This is a funny comment! Thanks for the laugh!

The Corey's

Did sis get her period yet?

Or is this “trip” a cover to ger her to a clinic?

another name

Sis did. Holly… was late last i heard. Kat… late as well. Christie has been having hers for five weeks.


LMFAO oh Crusty…

This season sux

If Holly and Kat have Michie’s kids on the same day, are they twins?

g Love

No sex in HOH shower this week! Lol I believe I heard Jess say very recently if she wins HOH ain’t no one taking showers up there!
That statement alone is cause for eviction with this cast!

Feeds Gold

just wait for jess to be called to the diary room then sneak up for a quickie haha


If I was hoh in that house the door would be locked unless I was in the room.


If they ever shine a black light in there.. You would see the glow from orbit.


I wouldn’t take a shower up there anyways unless it was pressure washed with bleach.


AHAHAHA I was just about to say the same thing


I thought she said no sex except for Jack and Sis.


as predicted a whole lot of fake drama about the house flipping blah blah all we got was a unanimous vote for the last person in there we could possibly root for.. at this point who cares who wins hoh or goes home cause its impossible to root for any of these idiots

Clown Shoe

If Jess is smart (LMFAOOO… sorry) she will use the house’s frustration with Jackson to push his eviction through a backdoor and leverage some short of safety with Jack and let someone else take that shot.


Yeah actually getting rid of nick is the best for her. Or tommy

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

There’s truth in both Jackson’s theories and Christie’s word vomit. She denies ever turning on the six but in her never ending run-on sentences, she stated again not wanting to keep the couples. Neither Jackson OR Christie are trustworthy. He’s on to the truth, but he’s a hot headed, gotta have his way know it all. Won’t shed any tears over his demise. Both Sis and Holly are guilty of “I love her, but…” and “I love him, but…” In my opinion, of the six, Tommy has played the best social game and listened more than revealing. But BREAK THEM UP! Jessica … that hot pink looks good on her; I’m sure she’s lovely in the real world; but I can’t see her making a good decision. At least Nicole and Cliff may be able to relax for a week.

another name

So now both Jackholes are trying to out pathetic each other? Oh good. An endurance comp.
I feel no pity for them. The way they have treated others, the way they have talked about others, the way they have walked around with an air of total entitlement that has only been endorsed and fed by production’s whitewashing? Somebody get them some cheese to go with the whine. They aren’t nearly sad enough for me. Make one a have not, enforcing the rules completely, make the other listen to Jess and Sis tag team him with life stories while Christie reinterprets them into ‘universal magic bladder infectionese.’
All while Tommy is STILL trying to reunite the six. STFU Timmy. “oh i really trust holly…. oh Jackson will come back to you Jack… oh sis you’re the smartest person here.” At some point he’s going to shove his nose so far up someone’s ass, he’s going to taste their breakfast before they do.


Stir the pot Jess… stir the dang pot!



Feeds Gold

Holly to tommie/sis/jack: we didn’t break up, we had our first fight. The six is who I am invested in…personally…game…everything

she constantly smack talks and sewers sis/christie and has final 2s, 3s elsewhere

what a phony bullsh!tter haha

Kevin Souser

They needed to vote kat out tonight. Shes trying to drive the wedge that’s what she said in her dr session dumb move on the 6 to not flip

Feeds Gold

i couldnt agree more

another name

There’s currently a leak.
80 minutes of feed between the time feeds cut and the eviction episode started is currently on youtube
under the title “Big Brother 21 80 Minutes Prior to 8/1 Live Show Leak”

Feeds Gold

cheers for posting this

its even more disappointing seeing this as they were all in to do the flip

this is feeds gold

i wish they would just keep feeds on right up until the vote every week

another name

It’s better to have the beta version than nothing for as long as it is posted until it has to be removed.
I do think they made a mistake in taking out Sam. I think Sam’s conversation with Tommy near the end didn’t help Sam. If he’d been more loyal with everyone that votes to keep me ride or die instead of hedging i think it had a better shot.

Feeds Gold

after seeing this i cannot believe they didnt go through with voting out kat

so many different reasons to vote her out, but they didnt

the 4 plus nick could have another number right now…but i suppose they may have an unexpected extra number in the form of hollie sheepishly trying to rejoin/maintain her spot with them after jacksons over playing(but i think hollie still tries to take out christie asap)


Thanks! Damn, I need to watch that.


Omg…thank you for that link! WOW!
Btw, I have never seen anyone brush their teeth as agressively/pissed off as Michie! I don’t know how he didn’t break either his toothbrush or his teeth – What a brat!


All have been blocked by CBS

another name

Sorry, i figured they’d be taken down at some point, so posted the title as soon as i saw it.


I found a synopsis of the leak.

Before Last Night’s Show
Last night, a person on YouTube posted a video that was not shown on the feeds or TV, and at intervals there was a test pattern identifying the feed as CBS TV City Teleport. The video showed what was happening in the house 80 minutes before the show went on the air. I posted the video here, but CBS had it removed from YouTube.
Before the video was removed, live feeder, Kelly6, did a (somewhat abridged) transcript of the events shown on the video. Here is Kelly6’s text:

Big Brother 21 80 Minutes Prior to Live show on August first, 2019.
4:30-6:00PM BBT:

The leaked video begins with Christie, Jack, Nicole, and Analyse heatedly talking about how Holly and Kat knew each other before BB started. They all feel betrayed and are all extremely upset, as they believe Jackson and Holly have lied to them numerous times. “The second we walk out of this room it’s going to be well know we’re planning a back-door,” Jack says. He says he’s not afraid to walk out and tell Holly, Jackson, and Kat that they’re all going home next. Christie really wants the group to take a moment to “breathe” and “be on the same page.” Christie really wants to tell Jackson that he’s a “piece of shit.” They talk about what they should tell Sam.

Analyse leaves the Have-Not room to do her hair while Kat is downstairs in the camper bedroom putting on make up. Analyse and Christie are clearly upset and wander around the house for a few minutes, whispering to Sam when they can. In the bathroom area, Christie tells Sam that she’s “salty” with him but they’ll “figure it out tomorrow.” At this point, it sounds as if Christie, Analyse, and Jack are thinking of sending Kat home, instead of Sam. Sam walks around the house reading the Bible, at one point he says he’s just reading while the other side of the house implodes.

Numerous times Analyse refers to Holly and Jack as “motherfuckers,” and Christie frequently agrees “fuck him.” Analyse starts to do her hair in the bathroom area while Christie says “crazy fucking day while Jessica and Cliff are in the bathroom area. “We’ve got some snakes in the boots,” Analyse says. Christie says she hates and loves the game, Analyse says if they didn’t have “fucking liars” in the house it would be fun. Christie says she has no idea what’s going to happen and they only have an hour and a half until the vote. Cliff asks them if there’s something he needs to know, but Christie says she “literally” doesn’t know.

In the storage room, Nick and Nicole whisper as they try to figure out what is going on in the house. Nick says this is great, as it could mean they won’t be next weeks’ targets if one of them doesn’t win HoH. Nick says Holly told him he needed to be “worries” about Christie. Nick says he’s going to take everything with “a grain of salt,” but that they’ll not be the targets. Nicole says she’s going to vote with Nick and Cliff. Nicole says she doesn’t want to leave Jessica “out to dry,” and feels she needs to tell her about the vote potentially flipping, “this doesn’t look good for Kat,” Nick says. He tells Nicole that the other side of the house is getting scared and they’re going to start talking to him. “No matter what, we need to be on the same page,” Nick says, “you’re the only person I trust.” They hug and agree to work together. “I’ve got to find Holly,” Nick says and leaves the storage room.

About twelve minutes and twenty-four seconds into the video the arguments begin. We never actually see the argument in the boat room lounge because the cameras remain on the hallway outside the room and the bathroom area and kitchen areas.

Christie, Tommy, Jackson, Holly, Jack, and Analyse all yell at one another non-stop for several minutes. They’re mainly upset because Christie, Tommy, Jack, and Analyse feel as if Holly and Jackson have lied to them the entire time and the fact that Jackson had a secret alliance called the Southerns. The four think that Holly, Jackson, and Kat all knew each other before the show.

During the argument, Cliff goes to get Nicole and tells her she needs to hear this and they all need to stick together now that that side of the house is fighting against each other. Jessica goes to get Kat and tells her they’re arguing about her. Kat enters the boat room lounge and the yelling continues. At one point Jackson leaves the boat room lounge to get dressed, he walks out, yells something along the lines of “fuck you, Jack” and leaves to go to the camper bedroom. Jack slams the door so hard behind Jackson that the entire set rattles.

“Are you not entertained?!” Jackson jokes to Nicole and Cliff as he walks through the kitchen and back to the boat room lounge after he is dressed. Jack leaves the boat room lounge several minutes later and goes to cool off in the target bedroom.

Jackson yells that “hypocrisy is a double standard” into the boat room lounge before leaving. Christie says she doesn’t understand how she’s being a hypocrite. Christie says she doesn’t like how Jackson yells at her, but Jackson tells her she’s the one that does all the yelling.

Thirty-four minutes into the video Jackson tells everyone that he was the rogue vote and apologizes to Nicole.

The yelling continues between the “six shooters” and Kat. Christie eventually leaves the boat room lounge and goes to cry in the camper bedroom. Sam has remained sitting outside the boat room lounge listening to the entire argument. Christie tells Analyse and Jessica in the bathroom area that Jackson is the “common denominator” in all of the problems. They agree that Kat isn’t the one lying. Christie says she wants to keep whoever Jackson doesn’t want to keep in the house.

Nick and Holly whisper in the Living Room after Holly leaves the boat room lounge. Holly says she doesn’t know anything anymore because she’s been “lied to” the entire time. Nick says he’s always been honest and he doesn’t even want the HoH anymore. Holly says she doesn’t know what to do. “I literally know nothing,” Holly leaves

Nick and walks to the bathroom area. Analyse demands to know if Holly knew Kat before the show started and Holly says no, that Jackson is just trying to send Kat home. Christie says there is no way that Kat is going home. She tells Kat that it’s obvious that Jackson wants Kat to go home, so they’re keeping Kat now. The yelling starts again, accompanied with the slamming of hands.

Forty-five minutes into the video, Holly and Jackson argue in the storage room. Jackson tells her that Kat told him on Day Two that she and Holly knew each other. Jackson talks about Cliff and Kat having this elaborate plan. Jackson tells her that he never talked about a new alliance and that he’s only told Jack that Christie shouldn’t be trusted. After their conversation, Holly tells Tommy and Analyse that apparently Jackson thought she knew Kat before the show started. “I don’t know what his F’ing motive was behind that,” Holly says, she doesn’t understand why Jackson told Jack that they knew each other before talking to her about it. “What did I tell you Tommy,” Analyse says and they all agree that Jackson only said that so that Kat would go home and Sam would stay.

Jackson tries to clarify everything he says, explaining why he thought Kat and Holly knew each other. He talks very fast and is very upset. Everyone is upset and they all try to argue and yell over one another. Holly asks Cliff if he was part of the Southerners alliance and Cliff says he knew nothing about that ever. Holly tries to talk to Tommy after this round of yelling but Tommy tells her he needs a minute.

Kat leaves the arguing and goes to do her hair, she also talks to everyone else about who they’re voting out. She tells Nick and Nicole that she hopes they’re keeping her. Nick says he wants to keep her, but he doesn’t want to “piss anyone off.” Sam also tries to ask everyone to keep him, he tells Jessica to “do what’s best for her game” and that there’s no “hard feelings” if she votes for him to go home.

An hour and twelve minutes into the video the actual show starts with Julie looking shocked. She tells the live audience she doesn’t know what’s going to happen and then production starts to get her mic’d up and in place while hair and make up touch her up.


Damn it! Where is it? I want the field trip vote to be up already?

another name

So. late night, the four (no longer cliff’s angels) meet in the hoh.
while everything seems like the four are all in with each other, i hate to break it to you, but Kat is snowing them. She didn’t reveal her final 2 with Holly. She’s still pushing Jack as the greater threat despite her Jackson issues. Every time she brings up her issue with Jackson feeds cut. She then says Holly and Jackson are far more likely to work with them than any of the others.
They begin a Sis bashing session. About time considering Sis’ stated opinions of them.
They go around in a circle talking about combinations of Sis, Jack and Jackson going on the block to ensure Jack leaves. They come to the conclusion that whoever is up against Jackson, they along with Holly control the vote, and can send whoever they put next to Jackson home with a tie breaker vote. Jess includes Tommy as a possible renom, saying he is playing a weird game (i call his game suck up and pucker).
The assumption is Jackson goes around causing chaos, and Jack runs everything behind the scenes.
Christie’s name is only mentioned in reference to not telling her Tommy is an option or she will use her power.
From what i gather: Nicole really wants Jack gone. Kat might actually prefer Sis goes. Cliff seemed to perk up when Tommy was mentioned. This fits with each of their game personalities.
As much as Cliff tries to steer the boat, and Kat tries to give them ammunition, it’s Nicole that is coming up with the strategy, but leaving target determination to Jessica. To be honest, Jessica wasn’t really very pertinent to the conversation. She probably could have waited in the hall.
I don’t quite get how Kat gets from her words with Holly about Jackson to saving jackson. It makes no sense. No, really. It makes no sense.
I like that they are swinging for the fences on Jess’ hoh, but what are the chances they make a string of hoh’s to cover her back?
I get the feeling this might become Cliff’s HOH all over again…. it’s an odd feeling. Remember the hope when he first won HOH?
Let’s pace ourselves.
And they are saying in HOH after Holly and Tommy join that Jackson has taken up residence in the Have Not Room. Anyone actually buying this sulk??

Feeds Gold

wait until production pet works her magic in the morning

Feeds Gold

i didnt catch any of these convos as i was watching the afternoon flip feeds on youtube…are the most likely noms that jess is mentioning currently the jacks? with tommie or sis a renom? jack 1st target, jackson 2nd target?

another name

Jackson is a pawn according to their plan. The object is to take out one of the four excluding Christie because they all love her, she never lies….. somebody call the koolaid man.

another name

Huh. The HOH crew are buying the sulk. Jess says she refuses to name him a have not if she has the chance. Cliff calls him a ‘brooding martyr.’ What a nice way of saying spoiled brat. Ugh. What is their malfunction?
Tommy and Jack are saying meh, Christie should use her power on Jack this week, since it expires. Totally depends on who wins veto there pinky and the brain.
At least after this week Crusty won’t be talking about her ‘powwwa’ anymore.
What we learned from the leak of the pre vote: Jackson tried to lie his way out of outing Holly and Kat, to Holly. He couldn’t keep the story straight. Recurring theme of his lies and stories not meshing in that feed leak. Cliff broke about the 4 Southerners alliance, and then tried to cover… like everyone wasn’t listening at the door. Jackson further tried to lie that he wasn’t forming a new 6 alliance without Sis and Tommy. I guess it’s true what they say about glass houses, because somehow the underdogs think Christie never lies. let that sink in. Christie never lies and Jackson is on a cot in the have not room. Whotothewhatnow???
Everyone was in for the vote flip (despite Nicole covering for Jess to Kat when feeds returned). Cliff says he was flustered. uh, when you are planting seeds to break an alliance, and have a secret alliance on the side and all of it gets brought out into the light: flustered is the kind way of saying 10 lb poo baby in his pants. As Jessica further gives her perspective i wonder how she could do so well at memory comps but have such rotten vision of the here and now. She buys that Nick and Sam were dead to each other in the game? I think she might be the most literal person ever.
Jessica says she never trusted Bella or Kemi in the widows after she formed them. Wait. Now she formed them? There’s something she pinned on others before. Gee, maybe if they were overly aggressive men she could make excuses for she’d have… wait, that’s crap. Jessica trusted Kemi until she bought all of Bella’s crap.
Cliff tonight: oh i’m so happy I found my team. Cliff yesterday: oh well, we put Nicole on the block and sell her down the river if we want to stay on the alliance’s good side. Total Schmuck. Next week if someone on the other side wins he’ll be pretending he’s never seen those females before in his life.


Is Jess going to make the most shocking move in the game so far?! I don’t know what to think…it’s odd thinking Jess might make this game more interesting…those are not words I thought would cross my mind…

Tommy Sucks

Tommy’s game: suck up and pucker……..gold!
If Jess noms Nick…….she caved


Holy Leaked Footage Batman! If everyone on this board hasn’t seen it, go watch it on You Tube before it gets taken down. Someone from BB production leaked the footage of the hour before the live show. I watched the entire fight go down and it was the best footage of the season. Finally an hour worth watching! Here’s the link:



WOW thanks for posting this!


simon and dawg when the season started we got e-mails when we were confirmed and when people responded now we do not I liked that perk I love your site

Feeds Gold

have christie/tommie/jack/sis discussed if christie will be for sure using her power if jack/tommie/sis or herself win veto to renom jackson or cliff?

it would be ironic if noms were jack, jackson…jack wins veto, they use the power and cliff goes up(who made the deal for christie to keep her power longer)


Actual hope that the 6 shooters might lose! JESS won?

We might actually have a decent season.

But somehow I still think Jess will play Charlie Brown running up to the football and Christie will pull it away at the last minute.


Put up the jacks. Someone use veto backdoor Christie. No power no more problem.

Bullies SUCK

Problem with nominating Christine…she gets pissed at Jess, #1. If her, or any of the other six wins POV, she would have already convinced them to put up another wanna be and vote them out, #2. It would turn into a cauterizing thing for the Sex Shooters bringing them back together, #3.

NOT nominating Christine allows her anger toward the Jack-holes to fester and she would, in theory, sit on the power and let it die. NOW…if that were to happen, Jess could then go back on her word, PLEASE, and nominate Christine as the replacement.

Then it would finally be game on!


Wow are Jack and Jackson in a showmance? Jack is crying and depressed because he realized he was mean to Jackson and is laying down in bed and Jackson is depressed because Jack screwed him over. What a joke, these guys were on top of the world a week ago how the conceited have fallen. And good job Jack your right you screwed up by running to Christie and telling her everything Jackson said you could have just keep your mouth shut and observed who was telling the truth. Hahaha I’m going to take a drink everytime Christie runs to whoever is HOH and tells them she has there back and how can she help them. She controls every HOH. I think It will be surprizing if Jackson doesn’t go this week…Jack has Christie’s protection when it comes down to it and I’m not talking about her power, I mean how she controls everything. On a sidenote looks like Nick can slink back under the rader at least for a couple weeks.


I’m calling it. Jess has no “guts”. She will put up either Cliff & Nichole, or Cliff and Nick


Jess is not a piece of furniture…she is more like a Roomba, running around the house, bumping into obstacles in her effort to clean up the convoluted mess that has clouded her observations and perceptions in this game. Let’s hope Nicole becomes the primary voice in her ear today and guides her to putting up the 2 that would further breakup this former six: JACK AND TOMMY!

It’s time to have someone test Christie’s loyalty and “promises” to not use her power. Jackson is an easy target now who will be there in case there has to be a renom. Hopefully, Cliff can influence Jess with the Tommy nom. The critical chat today for Jess today will be with Nick, and Nicole and Cliff need to pull a “Tommy” and be there right after Nick’s conversation with Jess to debrief and gauge if Nick can be the 4th vote to evict one of the four.

It sounds to me that there will not be a double this week and that there will be 2 leaving (?) the following week [August 15] when there will be a 3rd nominee. Hopefully, Production doesn’t tip the HGs off since they all think they have a double coming up next.

I wish next season [if there is one!] BB will go to a 7-person jury and not divulge this before or during the game. I’m sick of HGs playing this “Expect the Unexpected” game always assuming and planning for milestone events [OTEV, Zingbot, the double eviction kicking off 1st member of jury, etc.] and force these people who would just be happy reaching jury to actually play the game to win


I’m thinking if she is putting Jack and Michie up then maybe vote for Christie, Tommy and Sis?