“I’m trying to think .. this comes down to two big guys.. If one of them comes off put one of the four up”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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1:00 am HOH Cliff and his angels
Talking about the flip.
Cliff – jack promised Ovi that he is good. Jack has lied repeatability. Jack went out of his way to tell Ovi he’s good he could have easily said I don’t think the votes are their man
Cliff – I don’t trust Jack
Kat – if it was up to me I would put Jack and Sis up and if Veto was used then put Jackson up
Nicole agrees with this plan “Put up Jack and Sis that’s one couple”
Jess – Sis has repeatedly said they are not playing the game together
Kat – Girl they are having sex .. TOTALLY
Kat – you can’t be f*ing someone and not talk game to them unless you are a total sociopath (Kat’s the best)

Nicole lays it out for Jess. You have 8 then Bella, Nick popped off. you then had 6 composed of 3 couples. Now you have a 4 and a 2.
Nicole – do you go after Michie and Holly and do what these four already want to do or do you try and attack this four
Nicole – if you put up Jack and Sis you could bring in Holly
Cliff – well you could count on their vote
jess – I don’t have an excuse for sis
Kat – she hates being here

Cliff -what are you thinking Jess
Jessica – I’m trying to think .. this comes down to two big guys that have some type of pissing war going on right now
Jessica says it looks like there’s a 4 and a 2 but “guys they get over things so quick”
Jessica says she could put Jack and Jackson up and have them duke it out. If one of them comes off put one of the four up
Jessica – I have an excuse they both put me up
Cliff says to make sure you go to the 3rd couple and secure their vote if they don’t go up.
Kat warns them about Christie’s power
Jess – she looked at me today and told me she won’t use it (heard that before)
Jess- deep down she knows if I can get rid of jack it would be better for her
Kat says jack will never work with them
Cliff agrees. they also agree that they have a better chance of working with Jackson
Nicole points out that Holly will work with them bit Sis won’t
Jessica – I know Michie is rough around the edges.

They got back and forth about Jess’ plan. it’s’ coming down with jess will put her main target Jack up beside Michie and if Jack comes down she puts up the secondary target.
Cliff suggests they tell Jack that Jackson is the target to keep jack off guard.

Jess starts to cry about the attempted flip and how she was left in the dark she felt so powerless.
Jess – I don’t give a f* what people are thinking right now I want them to scatter like cockroaches I want them to throw each other under the bus so I can see everyone’s colours.

2:18 am HOH
Chit chat .. people coming in and out to chat with Jessica.
Christie in the HOH – I’m so proud of you

2:30 am Christie, Tommy, Holly, and Jack
Christie going over the advice she gave Jessica. She told her to only listen to her gut.
Christie – she said just so you know you are not going up. I was like Ok I know now thank you so much. That was it.

Christie says she feels good with Jess if it was Nicole different story “last night we had a MAGE moment” (major moment)
Christie – I don’t think she’ll put up girls
Jack says him and Jackson were the only people that haven’t gone to talk to Jessica
Christie says Jessica is probably wanting Cliff gone she’s tired “He’s planted up here’
Jack – He’s a Weiner
Tommy – yea
Tommy and Jack each go around making fun how Cliff talks
They bring up how Cliff was saying he’s glad they’re all a family

Christie – the man was jumping out of his chair to make me a peanut butter sandwich .. sit down old man you will f* me

Feeds cut to the HOH

2:40 am Cliff, Jess, and Nicole
Cliff says if he goes out next week at least he’s got a group of people he can cheer for until the end of this game. (the angels)
Cliff – that’s all I ever wanted in this game to feel like I was part of a group
Jessica – it’s insane seeing those alliances crumble it was my biggest fear the whole black widow’s thing it happened and it didn’t feel right and I did it because Nicole was there

Jess – someone like Bella like in the beginning my gut was telling me there was something off. Kemi was kinda off for me to. I jumped into it because I knew Bella at some point was going to be like I know how I feel about her and I didn’t want to give her a reason

Nicole says night one first impression she told Kemi the only person she was unsure about was Bella
Jessica – yeah
Nickole – I love her
Jess- I love her as a person
Nicole – I should have gone with that first gut instinct .. she was talking to someone she turned around and said shut up let me speak and I was like this struck me ..
Cliff – what a crazy path, We’ve all been on the block we’ve all been targeted and here we are
Jessica wonders if the black widows was the shortest alliance in history.

Cliff – Holly, and Michie pulled me in after the battle back they said we are so glad you are back that was part of the plan. I said what plan are you talking about
Cliff – they said we figured Nicole wouldn’t win a battle back and you had a better chance so by voting you out it was giving us the best possible chance of bringing you and Nicole back into the game.

Nicole – no that was not the plan they are so full of it
Cliff – we really wanted y’all back but we couldn’t tell anyone because they would have a fit but we voted you out knowing you had the best chance.

Cliff says he just got back into the game and he didn’t’ want to piss anyone off so he’s like “WOW that’s quite the plan well I’m glad it worked guys”

Jessica – these aren’t my favorite but they’re good, Peanut butter filled pretzels.
Jessica – they have chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels those are my favorite.
Jess goes on how she likes the chocolate ones better.

Cliff says he use to always go alone with Michie so he wouldn’t piss him off “He’s a frat kid”
Nicole – he’s a loose cannon
Cliff – he’s a frat guy mentality still.
Nicole – he is very chivalrous
Jessica- I don’t fault him he’s playing a game
Cliff – some of the stuff he’s done seems mean

Nicole – Christie said he threw out the cookie dough, so people would fight, He dumped mouth wash down the sink, he’s peed on the floor just so people would fight

Jessica notes that Nick is trying to act COOL in front of Jack.
Cliff – I cannot figure them out
Jessica says she’s worried that Nick will take a veto win opportunity to take Jack off the block “to prove a point”
Cliff – possible
Nicole – it’s possible
Cliff – if he (nick) won a veto do you think you could talk to Christie to talk to him to not use the veto.

Jessica – I don’t know I think Christie would talk him into using the veto so he could save Jack so she doesn’t lose him.

Jessica – I thought about putting Nick up as a pawn
Cliff – everyone will vote Nick to save Jack
Nicole – I wouldn’t change it
Jessica – Nick is so good at winning vetos. he could win his veto take himself off and I would put up Jack
Jessica – I want to create something with Nick I just don’t trust him
Cliff says he doesn’t owe anyone in the 6 or Nick squat “I’m kinda tired of having to kiss a$$ and beg for attention or for a place” (you’ve finally had enough after 6 weeks)

Nicole brings up how she’s worried people will get suspicious if they sleep in the HOH room
Jessica says the top three in the HOH competitions today was her, Nicole and Kat. Those girls can sleep in the HOH.
Jessica points out that Sis, CHrsitie, and Holly slept in the HOH for 3 days straight
Jessica points out the other side has been sleeping in the HOH for that last 44 days

3:20 am Christie and Jess
Christie – use your gut you know what is right. do what’s right for you it’s easy to be mind f*ed
Jess – everything that happened today was a today mind f*
Christie – it’s so crazy nobody knows how to communicate with each other now

Christie – think about your game. be careful who you discuss it with.


4:07 am Holly, Jessica, and Kat

Holly is going over some of the excitement before the feeds.
Holly said she listened into sis and Tommy talking about they were going to flip the vote but not tell Sam because they wanted him to go ahead with his original speech so that they weren’t onto them flipping
Holly – did that just happened.
Kat – what got to me is they both looked me straight in the eye and said I swear to god. Sis you’re such a bad liar
Holly – that made my heart sink. She also told me today she called me a b1tch
Kat – Jack and Sis were scheming all-day

Holly says everyone lied straight to her face yesterday except for Tommy. “they were about to send you home and not even let me know on my HOH”
They joke around “on my friend’s daughters birthday”
Kat – it should me how disposable I am to everyone
Kat says she knew Holly didn’t know anything about it

Kat – were they not going to tell you and have it an 8-1 vote
Jess – yeah
Holly – yeah
Holly – what was Cliff doing, how were Cliff and Nicole going to vote
Kat – Nicole was pulled into some conversations
Jess – Cliff was pulled in Nicole was pulled in everyone except me
Holly – they knew you wouldn’t vote against Kat
Jess – it’s shitty it’s happened to me once already with Nicole

Jessica says she’s upset for Holly that they tried to highjack her HOH
Kat points out that Jackson was the only one that left Holly to make her own HOH decisions
Holly agrees points out that everyone else was saying that it was Jackson that did but it was them (Christie and her ilk)
Holly goe son about how Jackson was the only one that would listen to her during her HOH the rest just wanted her to do what they wanted.
Holly – they pushed their agendas
Kat finds it strange that there are so many random alliances this season.

4:29 am Kat, Jess, and Holly
Kat – I was in the boat room with Jack and Tommy and they seem to think everything was OKAY with y’all 6
Holly – NO, jack said the opposite to me
Holly – they had a breakup

Between conversations about the snacks in the HOH basket. Jessica starts talking about her husband. He’s 14 years older than her, they met on match.com, he’s got a sweet tooth.
Jess – he’s a corny joke guy because he’s older

They go back to talking about the flip that almost happened yesterday.
Kat – even if we did know each other do they really not respect me as a person that they wouldn’t clarify with me first
Kat – I felt like I wasn’t a person
Holly – you got treated like livestock
Jessica – people don’t communicate well in this house

Kat – Jack said If you won I knew you wouldn’t put me up. I’m like where did you hear that from I will absolutely put you up after today without a doubt.
Holly – says the guy that was spearheading getting yo out with no sh1ts given
Kat – no sh1ts given
Holly – he wanted you out without you having a chance to defend yourself
Kat – YEAH
Holly – they had zero intention in telling me

Jess – was Christie really out of the loop the entire time were thy really planning on not telling her
Kat – I know she was in the loop because she was in the room with me
Kat – she was like I don’t know who to believe. I was like Beleive me
Kat says Tommy and Jack never told her how they were voting only Christie said “I can’t vote out Kat”
Holly – When we were on the couch I still didn’t know where Jack was voting
Kat – I lost a lot of respect for Jack today

Kat says “they” (jack etc) didn’t even respect her enough to come to her and listen to her “truths”
They agree the motivation to blindside Kat was gameplay the execution was personal and heartless.

Jessica says the reasoning they gave about not having people that know each other in jury is weird to her she’s never heard people use that as a reason on Big brother.
Kat brings up how Christie, Jack, and Sis are all super close.
Holly stresses that jack’s and Christie’s bond “is way closer anything else ”

Jessica – there’s still a power at play there’s not much I can do
They start talking about Christie’s power. kat thinks it’s been overblown a bit “sensationalized”.

4:53 am Holly, Jess, Kat and Nicole
Joking around in the HOH.. Holly pretends to pay tribute to Jess..

6:00 am Holly and Jackson
Holly fills him in that the target may be Jack. Holly stresses that they need to drop “the Christie thing” for Jessica’s HOH. Kat warned her.
Holly – She said Just trust me you need to f*ing drop it
Holly – the only thing that seemed to resonate with JEss is that Jack tried to flip the vote.
Holly says not to throw Jack under the bus when he talks to her push that you were not part of the flip you did not want Kat gone.
Holly is unsure who Jess will put up with Jack, “Maybe Tommy”
Holly says that Kat told jess straight up that Tommy has lied to her multiple times about flipping the vote. Adds that Sis was also big on flipping the vote.

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So is this essentially a reverse list of the HG’s popularity?


start from the middle and stagger out from there and it’s a bit closer (though not perfect).

another name

So let’s say for argument sake one of the top three leaves this week. Add to that let’s say one of the top three becomes hoh next week. That means the third member of the top three along with Tommy and Cliff go on a field trip.


Your palpable dislike for Tommy is very funny to read.


As much as I dislike Jackson I’ve been voting Jack, Christie and Tommy.


Me too, as Jess is thinking of putting up Jack and Michie I think we should vote for Sis, Christie and Tommy! If people vote for Jack and Michie it’s increases the chance of one of them winning the safety.


No option to send Dawg? 🙂


Who’d have thought Jess might be the one to salvage the season?!


If Jess continues to listen to Nicole she’ll probably have a great HOH. If she falls food Crusty’s crap we all very cheap this week.


Very odd season, were the evicted and lowly ones rank higher then any of CBSs favorites. Jessica is the only one that in the cellar with them. The next nomination may very well make or break BB. All that is left is hope that Christie is on the block (maybe with Tommy). Then maybe the Jacks weakness will come out and the real BB games begin.
Again, my vote for Favorite Player will be Nicole. She’s endured much, and still has a heart of gold.




So was I! I for sure thought even though she’s married…she has a secret crush and would never get rid of Jack. But we should wait and see…I’m sure Jack will be up to try and work some magic.


Maybe she is the woman scorned…

another name

During Cliff’s HOH your read was spot on. During Holly’s HOH things changed for some reason, and changed more yesterday.
Jack wasn’t flirting as much with her during Holly’s HOH.
I think Nicole hearing Jack say Cliff and Nicole have got to go, added to her sweetuntamedbabybird Jackson repeatedly saying I thought i could trust Jack, added to everyone saying Jack was the voice behind don’t tell Jess about the vote flip, that’s what turned her.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

First, Jessica is married???? How did I miss that. Second, I take back my opinion of her. So far, could be my favorite HOH. And FINALLY, Kat isn’t up the Six’s back side. Jack, Tommy and Christe… just nasty the way they talk about Cliff behind his back. Those are ugly, personal digs and it reflects BAD character.


Exactly! I went to bed disgruntled thinking that same thing. I’ll tell ya…Kat is perhaps the smartest one. She’s able to separate some of the disparaging comments from Jackson and realize this is for half a mil and she doesn’t need to sacrifice her beliefs or convictions…there’s a time to get him out but there are others that need to go first

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree. I had NO use for Kat when she was “having lovely relations” (Nutty Professor) with Jackson and plaYing double agent. Now I think she’s funny and nobody’s fool. But I’d still get checked for STD’s.

Joe Kerr

As long ss Christie follows after.


I’m still hoping Jackson goes next. I am (not) surprised Kat is fighting for him to stay. He is so sickening to me. I can’t understand why anyone would want to keep him in the house. Yuck.

Franks fumes

Because he will be a big target…….. and he will go after Crusty.

Bullies SUCK

Problem with nominating Christine…she gets pissed at Jess, #1. If her, or any of the other six wins POV, she would have already convinced them to put up another wanna be and vote them out, #2. It would turn into a cauterizing thing for the Sex Shooters bringing them back together, #3.

NOT nominating Christine allows her anger toward the Jack-holes to fester and she would, in theory, sit on the power and let it die. NOW…if that were to happen, Jess could then go back on her word, PLEASE, and nominate Christine as the replacement.

Then it would finally be game on!


I hate when they say things like, I need a reason to put so and so up….I’d tell them you’re on the block because I want you on the block. Now I’m going to eat some avocado toast.


Yea, that’s just a cop out.


what we missed yesterday



On the 80 minute leak before the live show, Jackson comes to Nicole and tells her that he was the rogue vote and only did it to protect Holly and Kat. Nicole accepts his apology. I seem to remember Jackson saying in the diary room he did it to frame Nicole.


he did it to frame nick, but nick won hoh so he had to backpedal.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The way the six and Nick and Bella treated Nicole, Ovi and Kemi still sticks in my crawl. EveryOne of them have been bullies and mean – especially Jack Sis and Jackson.. But for now, I hope they take advantage of their split and use Holy and Jackson for votes to get Aqua Boy OUT. Christie can go next.

Bullies SUCK

I love the Rogue Vote concept. Keeps everyone guessing.


What would happen if Jack knew Christie knew Tommy?


Probably throw a hissy fit, but hopefully he’s gone this Week and he can tell us how he feels from the Jury house.

Franks fumes

Jack respects their journey…..


I know I’ll get down votes but I’ll just say this, look how Jessica entered. And not knowing the game banished one day and put up right away. She wasn’t breaking through half the house. Kemi love her but she was connected to Bella (mostly) then Cliff was connected to Sam (who was connected to the half house alliance thru Nick and Bella) Kat connected to Jackson (for a bit) and Holly, David was/is gone. She only had timid Nicole. Now she wins. Just watch how she talked about “girls always try to take my man” even one of the girls ( probably Christie) says WOW look at you as HOH. I don’t think she was dumb like everyone did/does think. I think she was pushed out and lost herself. Not that Cliff is the great teacher but between him and Nicole she’s learning the game (this is why they HAVE to stop recruiting and get people that at least know the dang game I’ve only been watching since season 4 but yes I know who the legends are and kinda how to play) so (fingers crossed) she’ll see the game as it truly is and with her confidence back she’ll make a big move and if the veto is used a bigger move
Like Jack/Jackson “I’m not making waves but you put me up so bam” then whoever goes down maybe she’ll see that Christie was behind most if not all the BS and she’ll use her as the replacement (doubt it but hey)
And if Kat can get with her without Holly to defend Jackson ( that was annoying even more that BB kept cutting away) does Holly defend him to make herself feel less dumb for hooking up with him or do you think she really deep down believes he’s actually a good guy???

OK that’s all

Love you guys. Thank you for listening for us LOL

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Last week Jessica was one of my least favorites. I’m inclined to agree with you; I really thought she’d let the six run her show but I was wrong. Jessica Cliff and Nicole have just tried to survive with little power, no numbers and no real team to play on.


Thanks for that. I do not get the live feeds so was interesting to watch and listen to the cast. Really like Nicole’s calmness. She is sweet. Jackson footstomping in his boots…what a tool! Hope that Christie or one of the Jacks leaves this week.


Process of elimination. There’s no one else to love.


She is sweet and genuine. Hard to NOT love Nicole.

Feeds Gold

she is a little boring though…not exactly lively

Franks fumes

She’s Mary Cathrine Gallagher from SNL…..you know the one in the school girl uniform sniffing her fingers lol.


i am totally confused about how to vote if it is not for the coming week what if we vote and that person is HOH or wins the POV


If he is hoh or evicted , it goes to the next person with the most votes. I believe the veto is after and , if he wins veto , he is off the block and no re-nom


Like in season 19 they told remsis not to win the veto so they can backdoor someone i think?
Cause if he won there was no one in his place


For as big of a deal everyone is making about Holly, Kat andMichie may know each other outside the game I’m curious how the housemates will react when they learn Crusty and Tommie have know each other for years… that should make good some major drama!

another name

In the bathroom later Nicole quietly says to Jess ‘i’m telling you this because i trust you, the vote is flipping.’
I truly think Nicole would have voted with the house in event of a flip.
Nick… still playing the ‘Sam and I have separated in the game card’ until the flip happens.
Both Nicole and Nick preferred Sam in the game.

Bullies SUCK

As much as I felt Cliff really spit the bit during HOH, the way things seem to be falling out right now makes him look like a freaking genius!

another name

The part where Holly is trying to get Jackson to say what happened. He’s trying so hard to lie his way out. It’s ridiculous.

Remember the week two theme of Jackson and Jack running around making side alliances (the three versions of stage five) without informing some of the people they were in the alliance?
This is how Kat can say truthfully she wasn’t in an alliance with Cliff, Jackson and Holly. Kat didn’t know Cliff was in it. She thought it was 3mance. Holly knew it was a thought. She didn’t know Jackson had already proposed it to Cliff. She thought they had a 3 with Cliff and a 3 with Kat separately.
That alliance never met, but Jackson proposed it, Cliff worked under the theory it existed until Jackson voted him out.


That leaked video was GOLDEN!
I thought it was funny how at first, everyone who wasn’t in the room (Cliff, Nicole. Sam, Nick and Jess) were cautiously hanging out in the kitchen or bathroom to listen (Cliff even took off his shoes to tiptoe past the door) but halfway into it, everyone was either sitting in a chair right outside or standing next to the door.

Sis is on my last nerve with her pointless talking and how she talks over other people non-stop ie; Sis, Holly and Tommy talking in hallway after the explosion and Tommy and Holly are talking back and forth but can’t complete their sentences because Sis won’t shut up for 5 seconds!
“Blah, blah, F*#k, blah, F*#k, blah!”


where can i find it? is it on Flashback? what time was it on feeds?

Joe Kerr

I found it on youtube. Typed in big brother 21 leak. Fourth one down with a nicole thumbnail.

BB Casting Call

Christy IS the poison, yet everyone seems to think she is the remedy!?


Put my 10 votes towards Crusty today. Hoping her ass is on the block and doesn’t get safety or just another weak punishment.


I don’t have a very good feeling about this week. I think Jess is talking a big game BUT when push comes to shove she’s going to fold and someone like Nicole will end up going home because Jess wanted to keep the house happy. I think Jess cares to much about being in with the “popular” people then playing this game and all Jack will have to do is give her a couple of hugs and tell her how awesome she is and how much he loves her and she’ll do whatever he wants.. I hope I’m wrong, but I have zero faith in Jess at this point in the game so………


Wonder what happened to Christie’s photographic memory ? I figured she would win it. Happy someone other than the 6 did ! There may be hope after all. Come on Jess, shake this season up Please !


I appreciate that they did that comp in a way that was fair this time. Usually they have the pictures run in the house, giving production time to give the answers to whoever they want to win.

I think Christy was too obvious about knowing the word puzzle answers and went too far when she lied about having a photographic memory, making production have to play fair in the mental comps or draw a lot of negative attention to the show.


Great…the leaked video on YouTube has now been blocked by CBS as copyright violation. Does CBS not realize that this video creates interest in the show? So now all we will get is an edited and sanitized 10 minutes on the network show.


Best case scenario. Jackson wins safety. Christie becomes 3rd nominee. Jack gets put on block with sis. My fingers are crossed


That’s not this week.

Jon Bon Ovi

I’m still scared Jessica will nominate Cliff and Nicole. Her reason will be that they are in a secret alliance called Cliff’s Angels. Then if one of them gets the veto, Jessica will pick herself as the replacement nominee out of guilt for ever trying to go against the 6.


I know this is random but I’m thing about it…last season had Tyler not burned him scottie vote and his Sam vote trying to get bayleighs vote and actually won last season…would he be considered one of the greats? Cuz i feel like had he didnt have to tell Bayleigh about him making Scottie look like his best friend and that he only saved Sam and befriended her so that if he needed her power she could use it on him. And had he held thise secrets for 5 more mins he would’ve been one of the great ones in my opinion lol


Tyler is in my Top Ten of great ones, even though he didn’t win. He orchestrated the game moves throughout the entire season and it was a great season!


Tyler is still one of the greatest.
And those are not the reasons he didn’t got their votes.
Sam was always personal in this game. And she belived kasey had a bigger journey and life story..needs the money more.. played more honest game..
And for scottie , he says the fact kacey won the last hoh its why he voted for her. Which is stupid actually , but that’s his reasoning. Fessy had a very similar reason, he voted for kacey cause she beat him in the veto. Tyler was also great in challenges and won vetos and hoh. So .. it’s bad reasons. But it is what it is..


Who is everyone here voting to go on the field trip? I’m going with Cliff (yep I’m still pissed at him), Jackson and Christie.

another name

The same women that cooed and fawned because Jackson made them breakfast during Holly’s HOH are cracking on Cliff for making Jess breakfast. Gee, Jackson was on his ‘i’m not disrespectful to women tour’ but that didn’t seem inauthentic at all.
OF COURSE Tommy joins in bringing coffee. Oh look Tommy, a whole new load of asses that your nose hasn’t been in yet.
I’m STILL confused after Kat’s talk with Holly, why she is trying so hard to keep Jackson safe. I really need someone to explain it to me.
Holly warning Jackson to drop the Christie crap while Jess is the HOH… Oh Holly. Does she really think Jackson won’t come to the conclusion that he knows better? Really? He’ll give Jess a sob story of righteous indignation.
Nick oozes his way up to the hoh… someone check for a trail of slime following him. Riiight, nobody else thinks his smarm isn’t visible from orbit? I’ve yet to figure out how nobody has pegged his game.

another name

Holly is still on her mommy cleaning up for spoiled brat tour. This time to Tommy.
the take aways: Holly can see why Jackson gets so frustrated with Kat. Christie always talks over people. She was so condescending to Jackson yesterday. So she can see both sides.
Where were both sides in that: It’s Kat’s fault Jackson loses his temper with her. Christie’s a bitch. where are both sides in that??
Now to Nick: you can’t take stuff to heart like that, like when you called me a bitch.
Holly ranted and raved about the bitch comment for… 6 days straight? Nope. Can’t take that to heart says the great enabler.


I really used to always like reading your posts….but they have become consumed with Jackson hate. (see post above or below this as examples) You can hate him…hope he gets evicted sooner rather than later…lots of people do…but almost ALL of your posts are attacking him non-stop about every single thing….that your insightful thoughts about strategy of diff players and whatnot is getting lost.

another name

You’re right. I admit it. Sometimes I lose objectivity when i begin to obsess.


One of the reasons I like ya…you’re level-headed :p


Yea you do sometimes…but that’s fine to not like someone…but it just sucks if I like so and so’s posts…and one thing I disagree on tends to be the majority of said person’s postings. I don’t ever expect him/her or you or me or anyone to love Jackson…there’es a lot not to like…there are just certain posters on here that are logical and have lots of good insight and it’s more fun to read about all the other stuff…if that makes sense at all?


Jess is not a piece of furniture…she is more like a Roomba, running around the house, bumping into obstacles in her effort to clean up the convoluted mess that has clouded her observations and perceptions in this game. Let’s hope Nicole becomes the primary voice in her ear today and guides her to putting up the 2 that would further breakup this former six: JACK AND TOMMY!

It’s time to have someone test Christie’s loyalty and “promises” to not use her power. Jackson is an easy target now who will be there in case there has to be a renom. Hopefully, Cliff can influence Jess with the Tommy nom. The critical chat today for Jess today will be with Nick, and Nicole and Cliff need to pull a “Tommy” and be there right after Nick’s conversation with Jess to debrief and gauge if Nick can be the 4th vote to evict one of the four.

It sounds to me that there will not be a double this week and that there will be 2 leaving (?) the following week [August 15] when there will be a 3rd nominee. Hopefully, Production doesn’t tip the HGs off since they all think they have a double coming up next.

I wish next season [if there is one!] BB will go to a 7-person jury and not divulge this before or during the game. I’m sick of HGs playing this “Expect the Unexpected” game always assuming and planning for milestone events [OTEV, Zingbot, the double eviction kicking off 1st member of jury, etc.] and force these people who would just be happy reaching jury to actually play the game to win!


I believe she will put up Jack, but if she doesn’t put up another of the four, Christie could take Jack down and replace with someone not in the four……..then the four stay this week! Why cant Cliff and Nicole make her see!!

another name

Jessica one on one with Nick:
the takeaways
Nick really hates talking to Jessica. It’s written allll over him.
Nick is pushing his relationship with Nicole (who he said he’d nominate to get back in with the alliance Wednesday night).
Nick is pushing poor Nick got the brunt and Christie skated. That will get back to Crusty. Jess doesn’t know any better.
Jess doesn’t want anyone to use a veto, just straight up noms, let’s vote. uh… so we can just skip the Wednesday and Thursday episodes and just do a bbcan instant eviction??
A one on one with Jessica as HOH is what would it be like if a bored housecat could actually talk.


Christie will 100 percent use the power to save Jack and put Cliff on the block.


But she gave her word and Cliff’s one of the cool kids! I guess there was a reverse pinkie swear in there.

mihir l. chavda

this weeks veto is most important. they need to win it or they will lose one more.


I can not listen to Jess in these one on ones……..she can not string a logical thought together!!

J e t s jets jets jets

Why do you keep spelling color with a “u”? Do Canadians use British spellings for words?

J e t s jets jets jets

Excuse my ignorance but what are red wiggles?


Many things which allow you to type will automatically underline words which are not spelled correctly, dependent on the country. Canada uses British English and they like them some u’s. We in the US did away with a lot of them in an effort to simplify spelling. We failed spectacularly.


After living and traveling to so many places….sadly…we’re the only ones who spell it, and many other words, without the u. I even got in on it til I moved back to the States for college and everyone made fun of me. I used to also call my cell, my mobile. lol

J e t s jets jets jets

Jess saying that she’s never seen people who’ve known each other outside the house targeted? Are we forgetting the twins, Dick and his daughter, the Amazing race couple.

It really does show that she doesn’t know anything about how the game is played. I have to wonder if she’s ever seen a full season before?


It sounds like Jack screwed the pooch. Jessica winning hoh is like the icing on the cake. Maybe he should have a funeral for himself like Dan.


Remember your giving one person safety for the week, why would you vote Christie, it’s a waste. You want to “save” someone the 2nd pick is a punishment the 3rd is on the block

Feeds Gold

wow cam 1,2…12.43pm bathroom

jack to sis: “christie is f-ckin around…this stays between us”

sis: “why would i f-cking tell her i feel the same way”

jack: “she doesnt feel any type of thankfulness or remorse for what ive done, any sincerity…all she cares about is herself…she doesnt observe the implications in what i f-cking did in exiling jackson…she doesnt f-cking care…shes just trying to cover her tracks so she can be good on both sides”

Feeds Gold

sis: what do we do now?

jack: you have to move forward with trusting christie and tommie and nick

sis: i trust nick over f-ckin christie thats for sure

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sis often and keeps having to remind those she trusts to stop talkin game in front of kat

she barely talks when kat gatecrashes chats

shes probably the only one of the 6 never a fan of wanting to bring kat into the group when the rest wanted to

kats a rat…sis gut feeling on that from the outset was correct

Dalia Hobelman

Where’s the feeds your slackin lol been waiting all day

another name

Hmm. Jack is turning on Christie now. I think there are multiple factors in this. He is going on the block again. He knew he was going on the block last time, and mostly kept his cool because he believed he had numbers. He doesn’t think he has numbers now, and believes he is taking the fall for her. Nick reinforcing Christie’s role in things. Jack’s remorse for breaching bro-code with the other J. Perhaps a little bit of d/r but not as much as in previous weeks. Add to that his feeling that Christie has Tommy’s back over Jack’s. I think there is some sour grapes included as well. The fact that Christie is lying and untrustworthy is definitely in there. I believe Christie’s discussion with Holly about the week Cliff was HOH had the opposite effect that she desired when it comes to Jack. He walked out of the room at one point.
What does this portend?
This actually is worse for Jack’s game as well as Christie’s game, but better for Holly and Jackson. They could actually end up in the middle and out of the line of fire with both the remnants of the four, and the outsiders both thinking they are on their side.
Is there a universe where Tommy cuts Christie loose? definitely. She isn’t playing the game as he is playing it. He wants everyone to love him. Christie wants everyone to obey her. Big difference in styles. He could cut her and say he has no choice without issue.
Tommy’s whole i’d rather go on the block routine. Oh what the sweet jebus is that? More crapola from mr. brown noser.
More of the reason I think Tommy would be willing to lose Christie: He’s been grooming Sis to be his easy to beat final 2. He isn’t sharing information with Christie near as much. He is, in fact, the reason for her meltdown Wednesday night. He told her crap is going down but wouldn’t give her details.
The major problem with Jack turning on Christie now: he IS going up on the block. If he is still there post veto, and it gets back to Crusty that she is being ditched the faint possibility she would use her power becomes no possibility at all.


1 hundo P about Jack being so cool on the block the first time because he knew they had the numbers. I expect a full meltdown this week from him. As much as I’m not a fan of Sis…she is in a really strong position at the moment. Her wishy-washy replies and retorts to people on diff sides, make her seem ok to most in the house. On tv…she seems likeable. If it weren’t for the feeds and onlinebigbrother, we wouldn’t know how nasty and vulgar she is. I also agree that everyone in the house thinks Holly and Michie are in a poor position at the moment, but in reality…if they play their cards right, they are in a position to be the last couple standing before the rest of the house takes them out. Lastly…I legitimately hope Christy’s luster is finally losing its shine. I still think…up until last night…she was playing the best game, even though I can’t stand her. I can’t pinpoint exactly where it happened, but somewhere…she overplayed.

another name

Notice how the cockiest are blanketing like audrey (or sleeping in until an hour ago) or pulling out the tears?
What’s with all the frickin crying?
I think the block will cause Jack to “oh woe is me”, from the same guy that said “starting Thursday we can go back to Bitch ur goin up” during his own HOH.


Exactly! That’s how 99% of the cockiest people are. I def think he’s going to play “woe is me,” and as someone else said in an earlier post….maybe have a funeral for himself lol

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in the boat room…with bella/sam now gone, a rare nick/sis one on one…agreeing christie is playing both sides

nick: shes playin you guys bad

sis: she has the biggest mouth

sis: youre right she does cry to get out of things

jack joins

nick: why would christie allow someone to take a shot at jack who wants to take her final 2?

nick: how was christie the first one to be told they are safe? thats impressive

that makes the list sis/nick/jack/jackson/hollie all onto christies bs

i really feel sis/jack trust nick more than christie now

the ridiculous unfair advantage of christie having another pair of eyes and ears in the house in tommie is that anything they tell him, he tells her and i hope that doesnt happen in future seasons, it really is stupid to taint the course of the game like that

another name

I truly feel that Tommy has stopped relaying 90% of what he knows to Christie. Their big catch up talks were mostly about Sam calling out Tommy for being sneaky in the last while. He is still subtly making excuses for her, but he isn’t giving her as much info as he used to at all.

Feeds Gold

but any bad word against christie he will tell her

that type of advantage shouldnt be allowed

another name

It’s the same thing Kat and Holly are doing. And the same thing Holly does for Jackson. In seasons where secret allies work the house, It’s expected (I think the Danielle / Jason alliance in season 3 best typifies this).
Tommy didn’t tell Christie that she was the subject of talk until Wed. night. And he refused to give specifics fearing her meltdown… that she had because he didn’t give specifics. He hasn’t told her what SIs has said about her, and he’s been hearing little things for two weeks.

Feeds Gold

no matter if he chooses to tell her or not tell her something, the option is still there

its a needless twist that too unfairly advantages 2 over the others (3 in kat/jackson/hollies case)

i dont feel the ‘game twist tv storyline’ element of having people in there with pre game connections should outway the fairness of the game