Helen tells Andy there are people here that are thinking of back dooring Amanda.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

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10am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Helen has been up since before seven this morning cleaning the bathroom and Kitchen. When the live feeds return from waking up the house guests, up in the HOH room Big Brother tells Amanda and McCrae the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. They turn on the lights, then McCrae unlocks the door and they go back to sleep. Meanwhile in the backyard – Helen and Spencer are out in the backyard. Spencer is talks about how he has low energy being on slop. Helen tells him that she thinks its good that he was on slop this week. Spencer says that he figured he was going to be a havenot sooner or later any ways and wanted to lose weight. Helen talks about her early 8pm curfew punishment was so difficult to go to sleep. She says she talked to Judd this morning at 6:30am. She said he has 2 loafs of bread left. Spencer asks if he went to the bathroom in there. Helen says he isn’t going to do number 2 in there. Helen says she asked Judd if he was going to come out of Solitary with a funeral. She says he said no.

10:50am – 11:10am In the bedroom – Helen talks to Elissa. Helen says I can’t believe you can’t play in veto next week. Elissa says I know, I just need to win HOH. Helen agrees. Elissa says that she hopes its an endurance so she can win it. Helen thinks it will be. Helen says that she is worried that some of the house guests will vote to keep Aaryn. Elissa says that Aaryn needs to go. Helen says we need to help Howard and Jessie win so that they can get out Amanda. Helen says she doesn’t know what she would do if she won HOH. Helen says that they tried to pressure Judd to put up Howard. Elissa says if he’s not the target why would you put him up. Helen says that she told Judd it’s his HOH and she would support him. Helen says it upsets Judd a lot that McCrae and Amanda were pressuring him so much. Helen says we have to be really careful with them because they are making deals with everyone. Helen then heads to the bathroom and talks to Andy about the same thing. She talks to Andy about how she and Judd don’t like Amanda and McCrae thinking they are running the show. Helen says that yesterday Amanda was pushing her so hard to win the POV. Helen says then McCrae took the $5000. Andy says that he would have taken it too because if I get voted out I need the money. Andy says that he still believes Amanda and McCrae have his best interest in mind. Helen tells Andy that there are people here that are thinking of back dooring Amanda. Andy asks who? Helen says all the girls – Candice, Elissa, Jessie. Helen says I trust McCrae but not Amanda. Helen says I just don’t want us to be caught in the middle of back dooring Amanda. Andy says that he had no idea that Candice and Elissa were aligned. Helen says they aren’t they just hate Amanda. They talk about who will be nominated in Elissa’s spot. Elissa joins them. Elissa says that Howard talks in circles. Jessie joins them. Helen tells them all that Aaryn has to go home. Jessie tells them about how scandalous Amanda’s strip tease was last night in the HOH room for McCrae. Helen, Jessie and Andy discuss having a backup plan in case of a double eviction. Andy thinks Ginamarie and Kaitlin go in that case.


CBS Interactive Inc.

11:20am In the bathroom – Andy, Jessie and Helen continue to talk about the MVP. Andy says that he really thinks America was MVP this week. Andy says that he thinks as a view of Big Brother if he was watching and Elissa continually got MVP I would vote to nominate her. Andy says for every one Rachel fan there are 2 that hate her. Helen and Jessie both agree and say that makes sense.

11:25am Andy and Jessie talk outside by the hot tub. Andy says that he is fine with getting Amanda out if that is what the house wants and if she is untrustworthy. Andy tells Jessie I just want you to know that I am with you. Jessie asks Andy who he thinks should make it to jury. Andy says me, you, Helen, Judd, Spencer because it’s his dream to make it to jury. Andy says maybe McCrae. Andy says that he likes and wants to protect Elissa, but that she needs to watch out because of the things she’s saying. Jessie says that Ginamarie can’t do much, she has Aaryn and Kaitlin’s back though and that’s all they have. Andy talks about his theory of America being MVP again. In the kitchen Elissa comments that everything looks so much better now that Jeremy is gone. Helen says well I cleaned this morning. Elissa talks to Judd and he tells her about how Amanda was crying in the bathroom last night. Elissa wonders who she was upset about. Judd says that he really wasn’t sure what it was about so don’t say anything. Judd tells Elissa they should tell production that the alarm doesn’t bother me so they should stop setting it off. (Production has told him he has to turn off the alarm when it goes off because he has been letting it go.) Elissa leaves the door. Judd looks at the camera and asks if he should I turn on Amanda and McCrae?

11:40am – 11:50am Helen comes over and joins Jessie and Andy by the hot tub. The conversation turns to talking about the Elissa and Amanda fight last night. Jessie says that Amanda completely overreacted. Jessie says that she wonders if sh*t is going to hit the fan with the between them. Andy and Helen talk about staying out of the drama. Over in the hammock – Helen and Spencer talk about the moving company and past events of the house. Jessie joins them. The conversation turns to talking about how scandalous Amanda and some of the house guests are in the house. Spencer says that Amanda might be trying to set her self up for something more risqué when she gets out of the house. Helen says that it makes it really uncomfortable. Spencer says “My mind frame in terms of a showmance is my Mom is watching I don’t want to do anything that would disappoint her.” Jessie warns Spencer that in a different reality show some guys got kicked off for playing a prank and trying to shave a guys head and they got kicked off the show.

12:10pm – 12:25pm In the storage room – Andy talks to Candice and Elissa about the events up in the HOH room last night. Elissa asks Andy what he has heard about Amanda being upset at her. Andy tells Elissa to just apologize to cover her bases just in case. Elissa leaves. Andy and Candice talk about who will go up as the replacement nominee. Candice tells Andy about how she told Amanda and McCrae last night not to fu*k with Howard and I after all the racist things that Aaryn has done. Aaryn needs to go this week. Candice thinks Elissa won MVP. Andy tells Candice about his theory of America being MVP. Candice talks about how how she thinks Elissa and Amanda are having fake fights. Candice says that Amanda even smiled when Elissa won the POV. Andy says we just need to wait until after the veto ceremony to see what happens. He says no matter what the votes should be 9-0 and if it isn’t then we know we have trouble. Candice agrees and they leave the storage room.


12:30pm – 12:45pm Spencer and Andy are in the hammock talking and joking around. Spencer talk about how good Jessie looks in her bathing suit. Spencer says I like looking at her more than I like talking to her. Spencer says ah shut the fuck up Helen – just because you squeezed a couple kids out of your vagina doesn’t make you a good person. Andy says Helen is pure evil. Andy says that Helen took things too far with Jeremy and he went home when he is a nice guy.
CBS Interactive Inc.

Meanwhile over on the lounge chair – Helen and Candice are talking. Helen talks about how she is pissed that McCrae didn’t go hard for the POV and took the $5000 instead. Andy walks by and jokingly yells GET MY NAME OUT OF YOUR FU*KING MOUTHS! Candice then talks about her whole conversation with Amanda and McCrae about how this was supposed to be a simple week because of all the derogatory stuff that was said. Andy joins them.


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Only matter of fact that Aaryn is going home, next week will be Howard or Amanda but I don’t want to see Elissa getting evicted. That why Elissa has to win HoH!!!!!!!!

This Season Blows

Yes, we all get you want Aaryn out. No need to spam “goodbye Aaryn” or “Aaryn is going home” on every single thread.


Why? Why don;t you want to see Elissa get evicted? What do you like about her? Just curious.


She different from Rachel. She more like a sweetheart.


Elissa needs to be careful about comments,calling someone a hooker or stripper isn’t making her look good.After all her sister was called why stoop to that level.People

George Zimmerman

Helen is going to blow the plan to back door Amanda. She needs to keep her big trap shut and go into action when the right time comes. Loose lips sink ships.

1. Captain Sum Ting Wong
2. We Tu Lo
3. Ho Lee Fuk
4. Ding Bang Ow


Your said name says who you are a real racist. I feel sorry for you and others agreeing with you. Do you have a female in your family who are Mom!s.


John has been pretty quiet so far, let’s see how he votes tonight. Hello John.

Hi Julie.

Please cast your vote now.

Julie, I vote to evict Captainwedgiearchnemesis.

Thank you.

Thanks Julie.


By the vote 12 to 0 JohnnySik, you are evicted from big brother house.

Stating the Obvious

Out of curiosity, how old are you, “captainwedgie”?

Al Sharpton

By a vote of 100 to zero, you are an idiot!


JohnnySik says:
July 21, 2013 at 12:38 pm
Captain has been pretty quiet so far, let’s see how he votes tonight. Hello Captain.

Hi Julie.

Please cast your vote now.

Julie, I vote to evict JohnnySik

Thank you.

Thanks Julie.

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Of course Elissa will win HOH. Production knows that she can’t compete in the POV and so they most protect her. Mark my words… Elissa is givin HOH


im sure BB will fix it so the few get their wish


And, the plot thickens……………..

Big Sister

People, please do not confuse me with this person. I have posted as Big Sister (two words) for a few seasons. A person posting as BigSister (one word) this year told me they would choose another name. Not sure if this is the same person or not.


Amanda won’t be the replacement nominee… Mark my words! Production has been making her look so good on the CBS edits that their is no way they’re getting rid of her just yet! Seriously, GM could be the one evicted this week ’cause she’s useless to CBS’ storyline they got going this season! With or without her all the drama will still be in the BB house which is exactly what Production wants! DRAMA!!!!!


i wish Helen would stfu and stop talking to Andy!


Exactly what I think!!!! Andy has been really good about not pissing off either side of the house, the ultimate floater he is!!!


Some of the best Big Brother players have done this for a majority of their game. Think of Andy as this year’s Ian.

Brown Fat

easy there Yoda…


Good job. Funny.


Helen has such a big mouth! lol She needs to just not talk cause her diarrhea of the mouth is ridiculous!


No worry she has as punishment later to not talk and will sleep at 8:00,.

This Season Blows

Yawnnnn…. boooooring. People are going to miss Nick, Jeremy, and Amanda when the show turns into nothing but nail parties, digging for possible racism in every joke or comment, sucking up to whoever’s HoH, and Rachelissa getting her marching orders from production.

So sick of these Brenchel fans who don’t understand that the game is what makes Big Brother and without strong players, there’s no point in watching.


Yep I miss Nick. Nick was so good that he got evicted in the second week. Nick was so good that he couldn’t count votes. Nick was so good that he chose the hot head Jeremy as part of his alliance. Nick was so good that Jeremy ran over him and placed the alliance in a bad position. Nick was so good that Elissa got the best of him. Yep I missed Nick!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

It was so pleasant without hearing Helen .. oh wait she is back !! F*** LOL she needs to just stay in bed until she gets voted out….. and Elissa is just way too irritating!!

Can we get Aryan out this week then Elissa and Helen out with a double eviction PLEASE!!!


Nope….Elissa & Helen will not be evicted. But , Howard & Amanda will be double eviction.


I wish everyone would stop confiding in Andy.. people think gay people are so trustworthy(including myself). Andy has the biggest mouth in the house! So annoying!


Why do you even have to bring up the fact he’s gay, he doesn’t need to go on there to represent the gay community, he’s on there to play his game. Which. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. The. Fact. He’s. Gay.


I brought up the fact that he is gay because if he was not, people. wouldn’t. trust. him. as. much. as. they. do. No one fully trusts the other males as much as they trust Andy, because IN MY OPINION and based on my friendship with gays, gay people are easy to like and trust.


Gary from BB-Can would keep things interesting


This season is way to fucked up with Production mingling.

The whole Elissa angle is a fucking disaster. So god damn shady


@AYO do you think this is fixed because you know something we all don’t or is it because Elissa won something and Amanda (she devil) thinks its fixed… she seems to be the one that keeps stirring the pot ..Amanda seems to know everything and everyone else is stupid … funny how we only hear what every negative thing said comes out of Amanda face..ie .. Elissa said this … Aaren said that … geesh. where are the cameras when all these things are being said or are we watching and hearing the AMANDA`S PLAY BACK SHOW .. ps .. I loved the fact that someone stood up to the she devil.. its about time .. and I am guessing those tears where as fake as her boobs ..


When is Helen going to stop running her mouth and telling that little snitch Andy everything. He just runs back and reports to Amanda. I will be so happy when someone catches onto Andy being a rat! Helen talks too damn much , she ruins any type of plan others try to make, Helen does not know when to shut the hell up,!!!!


Yeah, Andy is a rat, but you have to admit he is funny as hell to watch.
He used to annoy the shit out of me, but more and more I find myself actually laughing at things he says,
can not say that for most of the others in this house (Except Amanda, she is witty, but she needs to pull back
on her pushiness).

I am looking forward to someone getting in Helens face myself.
No ones calls her out for triple dealing with everyone, but she can accuse anyone she wants.
She thinks because she is “good (aka boring)” that her cause is just. BS.


When do we find out who America nominated? Tomorrow?


Yes, tomorrow.


I am wondering if Aaryn came in first with MVP vote so they let Jeremy pick the replacement. That would be a huge twist.


do you not follow? then why are you following online?
see name…ty


Helen & Andy……….Chillax!!!!! Aaryn going home this Thursday & next either Howard or Amanda.


andy loyalty is to amanda and that may cause him his game … he already told amanda what hellen told him now hellen is back at it again telling the biggest snitch in the big brother house(ANDY) important information … amanda already said if she is nominated she will blame hellen the leader smh … the most talkative cast to ever play big brother just cork it sometimes …

7 Seven 7

I give Andy 3 hours before he tells Amanda


I give Andy 3 minutes!


How did Judd end up in solitary confinement and McCrae and Amanda in the HOH? I was out of town and missed a bunch of updates. Thanks!


Dawg, what about Aaryn & Kaitlin punishment?


Thanks, Dawg!


Lol how are Amanda and mccrae gonna sleep I’m the hoh bed when it isn’t their hoh?if I was Judd, I’d be pissed.Smh if they want to get who their target is out for the week, and sleep In the hoh, then WIN HOH.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Oh, I was wondering why they were in there, he’s going to regret that olive-branch when he sees those sheets.


But, will they just make the bed – or will they wash the sheets? My guess, they’re not going to wash them…

STFU Donnie

“Helen tells Andy that there are people here that are thinking of back dooring Amanda. Andy asks who? Helen says all the girls – Candice, Elissa, Jessie. ”

And with those simple lines, Helen just built a lush, landscaped pathway for Judd and Spencer to approach Andy with an offer of alliance and safety…and all Andy wants is to float to safety. Helen also made herself look look like a huge liar or totally ineffectual. The girls plotting are supposed to be under Helen’s sphere of influence. So either Helen is truly incompetent…OR she’s the one plotting the backdoor and trying to pin it on her minions. As soon as Andy runs to Amanda and McCrea, the “Get Howard” talk will completely vanish and Helen will become there new target, as they will see right through her nonsense.

It’s almost as though Helen is a surrogate to take heat for Judd, Spencer and Howard, while they sit from the sidelines and watch Helen and Elissa battle it out with Amanda and McCrea.


Helen’s been pissing me off lately. People say Amanda tries to run the house… I think Helen is worse. She got a fat head after winning her HOH.

STFU Donnie

Absolutely. She’s got a really bad habit too: She tends to talk so much and give so much information before she finally figures out a way to turn it into some type of manipulation and because the person doesn’t call her on what she’s saying and she’s so overconfident, she just assumed it worked and she’s got everybody locked down…except then the person she was talking to walks away, thinks for a minute, and then goes to their closest ally and basically reveals they saw through her whole song and dance, focusing instead on all the stuff she revealed and recognizing the manipulation, which rarely fits the the truths she reveals.

It’s funny to watch…but I wish she was more savvy, if only for our entertainment.


It sometimes looks like she is talking to her kids, instructing them on what to do. Her way or the highway. I’d hate to have her as my boss at work.


Has anyone thought that, just maybe, Helen is setting Andy up with this information about Amanda, in order to trap and catch Andy as playing both sides of the house. Because, if Amanda speaks out about what she has heard, Helen will know who told Amanda. Just a thought!


I think Helen and Amanda both realize that they are each other’s best path to the final four (with Helen carrying Elissa and Amanda carrying McCrae), but naturally they don’t trust each other enough yet.

They need another external threat to emerge to get them back to relying on each other; but everyone else in the house is doing a pretty good job of staying under the radar.

Aaryn's training bra



They can’t back door Amanda. At least not this week. When Elissa uses the POV on herself, the MVP nominee is automated to the next person on the list of the America votes.


Also the show would start to suck without her there…she’s the only funny/interesting player right now.

Also – really sick of Candice and her rants about how they can’t go up because Aaryn said racist remarks – I agree wholeheartedly that those remarks are vile and disgusting, but, that has nothing to do with them being kept safe in a GAME… You don’t get a free pass because one idiot says terrible things. Candice literally does not know how to separate her feelings from game play. She’s annoying.


I think Candice’s thought is that after Aaryn’s racial comments, Aaryn should be voted off before her or Howard. Just my thought…


Right, and I get that – but Candice is now using that as a reason why her and Howard should be kept in the house regardless….which isn’t game play. So that would be like, say, Amanda says “I should be kept in the house until jury because people are using the antisemetic/racist term ‘jewed’ in front of me, and I’m Jewish” —while that term is unacceptable, the reasoning has no merit for game play…. Ya dig? 🙂

I agree Aaryn should go…However maybe now that they’re all wanting to back door Amanda, maybe Helen Andy Amanda and McRae can somehow use Aaryn as a vote to their advantage and get rid of someone more dangerous this week – Aaryn is already a sinking ship – once someone has plummeted to the level Aaryn has, they once again become useful as just a vote!


@MEESH, Candice seems like someone that can’t shift gears to easily. A plan is a plan is a plan.


yes, but the new nom very well maybe be Amanda..then you can backdoor her


since when is amdy more aligned with Amanda, then Helen? not saying its not happening, but him and Helen were laways close


If he was more aligned with Helen, he wouldn’t be spilling every single thing she tells him. The fact that he constantly goes back to Amanda to tell her everything Helen says shows it. But Andy isn’t truly dedicated to any alliance. He’s just floating between whatever is convenient. He’s really not in too deep with anyone. We’ve heard Helen say how Andy is part of her “true” alliance but when does Andy ever speak about it? Helen just assumes that he’s dedicated. Amanda just assumes that he’s dedicated. It’s good for Andy because he doesn’t have to lie about anything because those idiots just assume he’s dedicated to them when he’ll just float between them and then jump whenever they start sinking.


They can’t backdoor Amanda because McCrea already did that for them in Judd’s HOH bed.


Now I wish I hd voted for Helen. She just ratted out Candice, Jessie, and Elissa. (But not herself) I wish Production would tell Elissa that Helen and Andy were the ones not to be trusted.

Will.I.Am, I Think

They will, I’m sure, they’ve been helping her along so far, I’m sure it was their idea to have her tell the house that she was MVP.

Will.I.Am, I Think

She did tell Judd truthfully that they(production) tells her everything, that’s why they were b***hing at her. She’s getting too cocky with her obvious protection.

This Season Blows

Why would you WANT production to be telling people stuff? I’d rather see the winner be someone who doesn’t need production to hold their hand throughout the whole game.


“we have to be really careful with them because they are making deals with everyone”… seems sort of ironic, don’t you think.


watching season 2 and Dr. Will, the winner, on youtube – it clears my mind, reminds me of what a great game this is and what a fabulous mastermind of the game he was! He never wanted to win comps – but he sure knew how to manipulate people Puppet-master – brilliant game to watch again!

Zingbot Fan

I’ll take the under….under three minutes.


Things could get interesting if Amanda is going up as the replacement nominee(that’s pretty much what’s happening right?) I think people could evict her that would be getting a much bigger player out than Katlynn and Aaryn. That is funny it’s kinda like America backdooring a person. I think getting her out would be a good idea breakup all couples!


If this idea of the votes being messed up (America accidentally voting for MVP) I think Amanda may very well go up on the block. At least if poll here from the other day is a reflection of how the voting may go.


If Amanda goes up as the replacement, it’s not an accident. A ton of people voted for her purposefully to knock her down a peg. I know I did. I do believe Elissa’s was an accident because she has a big set of fans that automatically blindly vote and fans did actually say they didn’t realize they were voting for her going on the block.


Helen is screwing up big time,talking to Andy, shut up!!!!


Not saying Helen doesn’t have a big mouth, but the reason she’s telling Andy is because she thinks he’s trustworthy and they’re aligned. Helen doesn’t know that Andy is a rat and tells Amanda everything


I think she knows.


No, Helen is terminally ill with “Smartest person in the room disease”. BTW Spencer, it’s a good thing that none of the women in the house find you even remotely attractive, I’d hate to see your Mom disappointed in you.


How annoying is Candace? She was hanging on to Howard loft hours in the bathroom – using her baby voice- so annoying.


She’s sooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!! And delusional if she thinks he’s actually into her.
Also all her reasoning why they should be kept safe, based on last weekend racist remarks from aaryn makes NO sense!!!!! She’s an idiot. People gave her too much credit last week. While the remarks Aaryn make are disgusting and uncalled for in any realm, that has NOTHING to do with game play and why you should be kept longer until jury.. I can’t stand her now.


I know everybody is hating on Amanda, but she has truly been faithful to the goof troop. I used to really like Helen but she is naive to believe all the bull crap going around.

George Zimmerman

Did you ever stop and ask yourself that everybody is hating on Amanda because Amanda hates on everybody? She is a self-absorbed, spoiled biatch!


Yeah, Helen’s perception of her game and her actual game are two drastically different things. I liked her before her HOH reign too but she truly has no real strategy and is easily influenced.


I was thinking about the good fortune of Mc then thought of this:

A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money. The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon, gets her hair done, new makeup; buys several new outfits and dresses up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more attractive for him because she loves him so much. The man was impressed. The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money on him because she loves him so much. Again, the man is impressed. The third invests the money in the stock market She earns several times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because she loves him so much. Obviously, the man was impressed. The man thought for a long time about what each woman had done with the money he’d given her. Then he married the one with the biggest tits.


yawn…. I liked the joke better the 1st time I heard it back in the late 80’s,,

Will.I.Am, I Think

Big Tits will ALWAYS win over true love… Sad , but all too true..

This is why the old rich farts pick the sexy younger women that will take him for his money, then marry a women closer to his age that will love and take care of him… Men are quite silly with their judgments.


I wonder what part of the bible Judd is reading.

She Said What

The final chapter.

Manipulate Deez Nutz

Helen, put a cork on it…


Im having a real hard time remaining loyal to howard.

Shut up Candace!!

He’s made some mistakes with the people he chooses to team up with. He needs to get something going with Spence and Judd. Andy and the girls can’t keep their mouths shut.


i think helen, elissa and andy are still the three closest players in the game…who will not turn on each until late in the game. As numbers shrink this “alliance” or “friendship” will prove very powerful. They dont’ seem to mind the heat being placed on Amanda, knowing her leaving the game will weaken MC.

While it is true Helen talks alot, she is a political communications person, that’s her strength! Talking to people is important and telling them “confidential” information helps to make them BELIEVE she is working with them closely. In my opinion Helen is just doing strategy when she tells people not to say anything to anyone else. By telling them herself , it makes her look trustworthy to that person, and solidifies her bond with them. So when people inevitably tell that person they will know they can trust helen…specifically if they say “helen doesn’t want me to tell you this….” makes them look like a liar, or at best someone who is not in the loop.

Andy is a good liar and often has me fooled. I believe he is just playing the houseguests (ie Kaitlin, Judd, Jessie, even Amanda etc) so that he can potentially get their vote when they are in jury.


Spencer is a creep.

Shut up Candace!!

How many times can Candace say the same thing to the same person? It’s like the feeds are on loop.


I’ll be really upset if Amanda gets put up and then goes home this week.
PLEASE get Aaryn out of the house!

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

So Spencer says “My mind frame in terms of a showmance is my Mom is watching I don’t want to do anything that would disappoint her.”
Calling females the “C” and “B” word, saying things about “fingering” them and excessive talk about banging and wanting ‘T”‘s (boobs) to fall out will impress his mother? He’s worse than a 12 yr old when boobs are around.

Will.I.Am, I Think


Rachel Fan now Elissa Fan

I hope it’s Aaryn that goes. It would be cool to a show down for HOH between Heidi/Elissa and Amanda/Mcrea


Who’s Heidi???



Manipulate Deez Nutz

I’m 150% positive, Elissa will win HOH, in the same fashion she won POV. Why? because she’s in danger of going home and production gotta protect their pet project. POV she got all the highest numbers while the other players had the lower numbers, so let me guess HOH she’ll have the answers or it will be catered to her in some other way.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Amanda was crying? why? because Elissa truthfully commented on what she was acting like?

Dress like a whore, act like a whore, guess what you are? WHORE

Might not be a whore for real, but you’re wearing a whore’s uniform and performing their stage act.

Don’t want to be judge on something, you’re not, DON’T ACT or LOOK like it…


Aaryn needs to go. It’s that simple.


Watching this all I can think is that I really hope Andy gets the next HOH. I think he’s the only person in the game that it will hurt more than it will help. And it will be hilarious watching the fallout from having to choose a side for nominations…that said, this has probably occurred to him, so he’s not going to really try to win it. I can hope however…


OK, MUST Andy be society’s narrow-minded stereotype of a gay man? I’ve BEEN to a gay bar. Let me tell you…NONE of them looked like Andy, and MOST of them were f***ing hot! I must thank Jeremy (Jacob) for providing me a moment of clarity in this game for landing Kaitlin (Bella). In my mind my Twilight fantasy ended the way I wanted it, with Jacob running away with the lovely Belle, and Edward marrying a much more mature woman who wasn’t so self-absorbed with her own looks. Granted Kaitlin (Bella) has now grown up some, and I’m starting to like her. Also Jeremy (Jacob) did get it right when he said Elissa is completely fake. I don’t know if it is because of all of her Botox fills, but her face remains frozen when she smiles on camera. Her voice sounds fake. I would have been totally on board with Jeremy (Jacob) in getting Elissa out FAST. Granted, Jeremy (Jacob) did not show good judgement in aligning with the likes of Aaryn and GM. I know everyone wants Aaryn and GM gone now, but I have to say it feels good seeing Aaryn crying and obsessing over people thinking she’s a racist. GM, as far as I can tell, hasn’t really copped to her attitudes, and is becoming more disgusting by the day. How ladylike, farting. I bet Nick just can’t wait to take you to that monster rally, where all the noise and the dirt, and smell of motor oil will drown out the sound of and smell of her farts. Criminy…I’ve been on both sides of the House in real life…after college I hung out with an Aaryn type, and they OBSESS all the time about how prettier girls are then them, and obsess over petty stuff. They rip on people in public, and basically make you feel that people are JUDGING YOU because you’re hanging around such an immature girl who remains frozen in high school. At least Aaryn has shown some growth. GM, she’s 32 and she acts like a high schooler. I don’t think there IS any hope for her.

Amanda and Candace, I don’t hate either one of them. I also don’t know if either of their showmances are going to last outside the shoe. Amanda is clearly a 6 and Mcrae is a 3. Howard is a 10 and Candace is a 5. Howard, I can see dating a Beyonce or a Rihanna, not an Oprah. (This isn’t a rip at all, BTW). I am a new fan of Kaitlin. Jessie is still off my radar. Don’t know about her.




Really, your thumbing down my spelling correction? Sorry I don’t agree with you. But I’m pretty sure I meant show instead of shoe!


you’re delusional !!!!!


About what?


Since the show is all about shallow people and backstabbing, I thought I’d give a run down of my shallow assessment of the people on the show. My rating scale is as follows. 10 = A perfect 10. 1 = You completely disgust me. If you’re really pretty but you have a nasty personality, you lose points. If you are shallow on television, but have provided me moments of clarity, you have gained points (Jeremy). If I didn’t think you were all that hot before, and you just keep doing ridiculous things, you are now just ugly (GM). If everyone thinks you are a ten but you have a personality of a slug, you automatically are “just average.

So here goes (number in parenthesis was my initial feeling):

Howard = (10) 10
Kaitlin (5) 8. She is beautiful, is concerned about how she looks. Is not over the top. She says she won’t get plastic surgery.
Jeremy (7) 7.2 . I think he is good-looking, and this rating probably does not make any sense. He is a douche-bag, but something about a macho guy like him falling for a girl and not being afraid to admit it fascinating me. He’s a changed man…CHANGED MAN. Also, his ability to spot fake, shows he has some self-awareness.
Amanda (8) 6 …. Alright, we’ve seen your boobs enough now. I’m a big chested girl, and 1) I wouldn’t CHOOSE it and 2) If you are already big chested, people already know you have boobs, so why do you need to show them off?
Candace (5) 5 No change. Just no opinion on here one way or the other
Jessie (5) 5 No change. The Judd/Jessie showmance doesn’t really entice me much at all. A Jessie/Spencer showmance just makes me want to vomit.
GM (8) 1 . And still dropping. She looks rather plain without make-up. And her behavior is just unladylike. Yes, it is possible to go into the negative.
Aaryn (9-8-5) 2. She dropped really quickly when it was clear she thought she was the hottest thing since the last self-absorbed chick who thought she was the hottest thing. She is showing some remorse and self-awareness now that she knows the house hates her. For a girl like her, this is punishment, because she likely skated by through high school on her looks and personality.
McCrae (2) 3. Seriously, I cannot say with a straight face that I find anything about him attractive. He bumped up a notch, because he’s a good emcee.
Andy (2) 3. He is dorky looking, and has a dorky face. He makes me roll my eyes whenever he talks. I don’t know how I can give him a higher number.
Judd (2) 3. He’s just average. He’s looks are a little below average.
Elissa (3). Nothing about her impresses me. At all.
Spencer (1) 1. GM will likely pass him soon, even.
I can’t even remember the rest of the people, so they get a 3 by default. I know they are there, but I don’t.

Will.I.Am, I Think

With Andy running back and forth with all info he hears, when will he get caught?

Zingbot Fan

It will be a lot of fun tomorrow when the replacement MVP nomination is announced and everybody starts pointing fingers at who they think the MVP was. Get ready for paranoia and panic attacks. Alliances are going to crumble.


I love Amanda, I know most of you don’t but I really like her.


I like her, too. She’s funny as hell. I think sometimes she’s a plant, sort of like a Sarah Silverman with boobs.


i have not laughed once at anything she has said

shes a try hard fake actor wanna be comedian…soooooo fake


I can’t believe Amanda is kissing Ellisa’s ASS!! She is so afraid that she may backdoor her.. Ellisa thinks the whole show is about her and how she feels or looks on TV. Well it didn’t LAST NIGHT when she Threw out the F BOMBS and flipped off the cameras in the JUDDS HOH Room! But of course PRODUCTION shutdown the feeds so we couldn’t hear it or see it all! Instead all the houseguest said was they were SURPRISED that PRODUCTION told her to SHUT IT DOWN NOW!!! and the way she behaved. Since PRODUCTION is trying to make her the PERFECT houseguest! lol


I’ll just keep tuning in to see if Elissa eventually gets booted off.


Andy is soooo annoying!! You cant even scratch your a&@ without him showin up!!


By the vote 10000 to Zero…..Al Sharpton your an idiot


A big diff in this season compared to last season is that not one single alliance is honest with each other. If spencer makes an alliance with Kaitlin and Gina Marie Howard Judd etc…y would u go and tell McRae and Amanda that Kaitlin and Gina Marie are trying to get her and Elissa out? How do u lie on ur own alliance member? If this gets out to Kaitlin she could tell Amanda about her alliance with Judd and Howard which will make her turn on em and join Amanda and if she gets hoh next week put them up. I really like Howard but hate spencer…their talking too much will backfire on em if they are not careful