Gina “Can we say d**p throat?” Aaryn “Open your mouth and let it slide down, something I have never been good at!”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:40am Up in the HOH room – McCrae, Candice, Spencer, Amanda and Andy are talking. Amanda says especially after tonight I know we have Jessie and Ginamarie. McCrae says that he wants to reconnect with Gina right before to be sure. Andy says Spencer and Howard could be pulling the wool over his eyes but they trust me right now and so does Candice. Amanda says however Candice balled me out earlier. McCrae says that he talked to them after and said that he was voting out Aaryn for sure. Amanda asks even if Howard goes up? McCrae and Andy both say yes. Amanda says okay. Andy says that they don’t suspect the three of us and Judd. Andy leaves the room. McCrae tells Amanda that we should always be pushing for Aaryn to leave. Amanda says okay. I don’t want to talk any more game tonight. Will you just shut off the light and come to bed. McCrae shuts off the light and gets into bed. They immediately start making out and start getting really into it under the covers and then Big Brother switches the cameras. (The cameras don’t show the HOH room all night until 4am – Pretty sure they did a lot more than just making out.)
1:50am Meanwhile in the downstairs bedroom – Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Aaryn says Candice is campaigning for me to leave. AND still calling me racist! Candice walks in to get ready for bed. The conversation turns to Andy’s list of the guys in the house he would fu*k. Candice brings up how the big black guy isn’t on his list. Andy says it’s nothing about black guys, it’s just not his preference. Aaryn asks how he can say sh*t and get away scot-free, while anything she says is racist. Aaryn says that she is sick of it all! Aaryn says that there are things in real life that can be messed up because of this! Aaryn says that people in like public figures take one wrong picture and they are gay. Aaryn says if I ever get asked one question about it in an interview I will never acknowledge it. Aaryn says I am going to self-evict if she doesn’t get any self-tanner. They will be like um you’re leaving in a few days anyways. Kaitlin is annoyed that people keep talking sh*t about Jeremy and he is gone. They talk about getting reprimands – Spencer says he got reprimanded from production for unplugging Candices mic. Andy says he got reprimanded for that too and for .. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Aaryn says that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t people will make you into what they want you to be. I can’t change what people say about me. Aaryn says that she is just going be herself and that she doesn’t care anymore because no matter what she says, she is always going be the bad guy. Aaryn says I want to go to Africa and..

2:30am – 2:50am Spencer says that there is something fishy going on in this house and I can’t put my finger on it. Aaryn says the only fishy thing going on are Ginamarie’s farts. Spencer says that Jeremy drank the wine and went on a tirade and those were the reasons that he got evicted.. And I see the same things being exhibited from Elissa. Andy says a part of him wants to say shame on you Elissa you got treated poorly the first couple weeks and now you are acting like this. You know how it feels. Andy says I just want you to know if either of you (Spencer/Gina) go up on the block, you have my vote to stay. Kaitlin joins them and talks about how Elissa is going on a power trip. Gina farts and Kaitlin freaks out. Kaitlin says EWW.. GROSS it literally smells like dead fish on the beach. Gina says it’s the fibre pills. Andy asks Aaryn what her most embarrassing moment in here was? Aaryn says when she cried hysterically like a child when she found out people were calling her racist. She says I couldn’t even breathe. Kaitlin talks about the weird conversation she had on the couch with Elissa. Kaitlin says when Julie Chen said the thing about the twist, Elissa says she knew she was going up. Something is up, she is acting weird. Andy agrees. Kaitlin says I think she got a power. I think she nominated herself. Andy thinks she did too. Gina asks can we say deep throat? Aaryn says I said open up your mouth and let it slide on down. Something I have never been good at! The conversation turns to talking about the POV competition. Howard showers and when he finishes he heads out of the bathroom. Aaryn asks him if he is okay, are you stressed. Howard says no mam. Spencer heads to bed. Spencer tells Aaryn that Howard is worried about going on the block.

CBS Interactive Inc.



3:05am Aaryn says that she can’t wait to find out what this twist is. Spencer says that he wishes he would get called to the diary room to be told he is the saboteur. Spencer says for like $20,000 I would take a sh*t in the slop. Andy asks what if we were saboteur’s against each other. Andy and Howard talk about the habanero peppers affecting the skin on their fingers. Andy shows Howard his middle finger. Howard shows Andy his middle finger and asks do you see my middle finger. Andy says no do you see mine?

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

Andy asks what’s that Kaitlin? Kaitlin says hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Aaryn asks are you bleaching your butt hole? Kaitlin says no my teeth. Aaryn comments that havenot aren’t allowed to have bleached butt holes. Kaitlin complains about gums being weird from it. Gina says she’ll try it and goes to grab the hydrogen peroxide to take a swig of it. Kaitlin grabs it from her hands and tells her NO that’s not how you do it!!! Gina says what, I’ll do it. She then takes a swig of the hydrogen peroxide and brushes with it. Kaitlin says don’t swallow it, you’ll throw up. Gina says it tingles the top of my mouth. The conversation turns to talking about horror movies. Aaryn wonders what it would be like to hook up with Freddy Krueger. Gina keeps farting and the others can’t stand it. Aaryn pulls her sweater over her mouth and nose. Gina complains that he mouth hurts. Aaryn says of course it does you guzzled hydrogen peroxide.

Aaryn asks do you know that there are sh*t funnels? Aayn explains that this guy had a funnel tapped to his mouth and this girl sh*t diarrhoea into his mouth. She says that he threw up and then swallowed it. Spencer tells a similar story about an email he was sent and his mom saw it when he opened it. He shows where the girl was sh*tting in the photo below.

3:45am – 4am Aaryn talks about how her dad took her to the shooting range and she got all of the deadliest shots by just pulling and shooting – forehead, eye, throat and chest. She says that she has a gun and loves to shoot it for fun. The conversation turns to talking about not shooting someone to kill them if they break and enter because you could be charged with manslaughter. They all decide to head to bed. Gina and Kaitlin stop at the memory wall and look at the photos. The go to head to bed and Gina kisses her hand and then touches it on Nick’s memory wall photo.

4:35am All the house guests are now asleep, even Judd in his solitary confinement hell where the alarm has been going off all night.


CBS Interactive Inc.

6:40am – 7:30am Helen is in the bathroom cleaning up the huge mess the other house geusts left. Helen is awake in the kichen doing dishes. Big Brother asks Helen if she can clean the two windows. Helen cleans the floor and then goes to get window cleaner. She then starts making her breakfast.

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Can someone send GM back to the farm she came from


Seriously, this is the crudest bunch of young people I’ve even been privy to conversation from (barring Helen, she’s not crude). Do they EVER talk about anything remotely intellectual? I’m glad this doesn’t represent the general American population (I have a lot of American relatives, so I know), elsewise the future looks dead bleak! Terrible, terrible casting with exception of Helen, Howard and Candace, at least they don’t have filthy minds.

Zingbot Fan

I have no idea who Andy, Ginamarie, Kaitlyn, and Aaryn are actually loyal to. I think someone could really turn the house if they could lasso the three girls to their side.


Come on America!!!!!!! Make Amanda the third nominee please!!!!!!!!!!!


If she’ll be up as the MVP’s next nominee, I can almost see Amanda’s foot out the door. Her problem is that she has issues even in her own alliance and only thinks about her and MCrae asses. She alienates Judd by not including Jessie in the alliance and alienates Helen by not covering Elissa’s back. I want her out this week because she is a potential winner. Next week’s HOH will be one of the more important HOH because it will dictate how the house will flip again or not, I am hoping that either Elissa or Helen win (but leaning more on Elissa just because I hate Helen with power) just to see how the newly formed alliance this week crumbles.

As of now, Helen, Howard and Amanda are the strategists in the game, Elissa, MCCrae, Candace and Spencer are the sidekicks of the strategists, while Jessie, Judd and Andy are the floaters.


It makes me wanna puke that those are our best strategists this season. Can you imagine Dan or Will in this house?


would dan or will make any headway? i mean, come on, they would need to be working with hg that had at least a basic knowledge of the game, and hg able to plan around different stratagies. i haven’t seen any evidence of those abilities in this house.


I don’t know why people say that Helen saved Elissa from the beginning, when it was actually McCrae and Amanda week one and it was also McCrae, Amanda and Judd that flipped the house to get Nick out. Third week she was safe because Helen was HOH. Elissa owes more to McCrae, Amanda and Judd than she does to Helen. I was very glad that Helen was curfewed last night and we were spared her droning and pontificating for a night.

mcranda fan

Thank you! I can’t believe more people (viewers) don’t see that!


That is true. But do not forget – they use her for the mvp vote – so it was a win win for both parties. Please do not forget – Amanda talks sh!t about Elissa all the time – I do not feel sorry for amanda(actress) when Elissa gave it back to her.


Correct. Amanda’s focus was and is to get out players she perceives to be as strong as or stronger than her within the game. This is why she is not so concerned with Aaryn and is with Howard. Amanda has stated numerous times that Elissa is good until she has now value within the MVP. Which is also why she was so pissed at E Lisa’s for not putting Howard up last week. Amanda usually sticks to the game plan and is a good soldier for her alliances, going out and getting the job done. They should not be putting her on the radar yet. She still has value to them. I can’t believe how paranoid these people get, so insecure.


Helen was the only person who came to Elissa when no one else would. In the first week they were all not liking Elissa. Elissa was all alone in the room and it was only Helen that came in and spoke to Elissa. The others warm up to her later when they found out she was MVP INCLUDING Amanda and MCcrea. Amanda fans do not get me wrong I like her too but sometimes she gets nasty with her comments ( calling Helen Kim Jong ) not nice.


Helen insisted on telling Elissa to put up Nick. She did not want to do that but because Helen is her only allies and friend she did. If Amanda and Mccrea told Elissa that and Helen agreed with Elissa to not put up Nick Amanda and Mc influenced was zero. I would say that Helen.Amanda and Mc all worked together to get it done. What does it matters anyway.


Production is clearly messing with the noms this week, but they seem to have no control over Elissa blabbing about it. I definitely want Aaryn gone but it’s a shame to do it this way. At the least, it’ll give her one more thing to cry victim about.


So wait….Judd lost his HOH in the POV competition? So now Amanda and McCrae are in the HOH? What did I miss? Thanks for any and all information.

Zingbot Fan

Judd didn’t lose his HOH he just got put in 24 hours of solitary as a punishment that was handed out in the Veto competition.


Amanda and MC are NOT hoh winners this week so they shouldnt be allowed the use of the HOH room. It seems this year that BB is running a whore house….rent out the HOH room if you want to screw another houseguest. This Amanda absolutely has no morals. She comes into the house with a boyfriend and week one she begins to screw MC and then walks around topless knowing the feeds are running 24 hours. I ben mom and dad are sooooo proud of you Amanda. But then again we already know that from last weeks show when your parents were interviewed. I dont know about anyone else but they gave me the impression of being very snobish and that MC is not good enough for their daughter. The way I see it the only one good enough for Amanda is a pimp. IMHO

Go Elissa and Helen!

If Aaryn says she won’t acknowlege if people ask her about racism then she won’t have anything to say in her exit interviews. Because my bet is that’s ALL she will be asked. Then Jeremy sounded like he really loved Kaitlyn and reading here she isn’t interested in pursuing him after BB ends. That was kinda sad though we know how the BB house is…..but we also know some legitimate romantic relationships have formed too. Of course Gina Marie’s is ALL in her head. It will be interesting to see who is America’s replacement nominee for Elissa. I hope Gina Marie.

BB15's a slipnslide without water...

Why waste a nomination on GM. Other than her being crazy annoying and a creepy nutcase, she’s harmless. I think the ideal nominee would be McCrae – Amanda is more of a threat and way smarter, but the look on her face when her pizza boy would be in harms way would be PRICELESS. And if he were to walk out the door, she would surely go batspit. Her game would be over and her and GM could huddle in corners and plan their weddings bah ha ha ha.


Aaryn’s mom hired a publicist to help her now and fix her racist comments in the BB house.


Like Olivia Pope in the show Scandal….now that would be ironic.

Zingbot Fan

I’m beginning to think the winner is going to be the person who can actually keep something on the down low. As of now nobody in the house can keep their mouth shut. They all blab everything that they hear. The winner is going to be the person who learns to just listen and keep some important information to themself.




” Howard showers and when he finishes he heads out of the bathroom. Aaryn asks him if he is okay, are you stressed. Howard says no mam.”
Howard’s subtle wit flew right over her head.


Please please let aaryn go this week


So who do you guys think will be the MVP replacement?

Zingbot Fan

“They go to head to bed and Gina kisses her hand and then touches it on Nick’s memory wall photo.”

How sweet would if be if production turned Nick’s picture back into color when Ginamarie does this again? She would wet herself.


Candice is just being stupid now. She is seeing race in everything. She is critical of Andy’s list of men he wants to have sex with, and thinks its racial. Candice, lets play along and assume you are right. Who cares! That’s Andy’s sexual preferences and if it doesn’t include a black guy then so be it. Candice goes to the HOH room and blasts Amanda/McCrae about Aayrn’s past race comments. Candice, what was the purpose of that conversation? Did you really think you were going to change Amanda/McCrae attitudes about Howard? All you did was create victims all around. Amanda blows this conversation out of proportion and says you attacked her. Aaryn hears the conversation from Amanda and relays your comments to the other house guests. Aaryn is making herself out as the victim as the result of your comments. Candice, the only thing you accomplished was put a target on your back.

Amanda crying about Elissa being mean was a great joke. The Amanda that has bullied Elissa in the past. The Amanda that calls Elissia the b word every chance she gets. However, Elissa finally gives some of your contempt back to you and Amanda starts crying. Bravo Elissa! And what did Elissa say that was so mean? Well the truth, Amanda looked liked a stripper and was acting like a stripper. So Elissa told her she looks like a stripper essentially, and Amanda starts crying. Amanda wasn’t that the effect you were going for, the stripper look. So why get all offended went Elissa complimented you on obtaining the desired results.

STFU Donnie

I bet you’re the type of person who questions a rape victim based on what clothes she wears and her sexual history.

Candace has listened to racist jokes, heard theories on the racial hierarchy of fish, and the cherry on the racist sundae was that mean girl attack after Nick’s eviction and Aaryn talking “ghetto” to her to attack her and Jeremy’s suggestion that Africans attract flies. And while all this is happening, nobody is coming to her defense. Howard feels he can’t without killing his game and nobody else does anything. In fact, everybody else laughed and went along with the jokes of Aaryn, GM, and even Amanda or downplayed them as no big deal. Then after production raises the race issue in the DR (in a direct response to the outrage of the audience), Amanda gives her self-serving, non-accusatory presentation to Aaryn in order to publicly cover her own comments, then proceeds to vilify Howard to everybody who will listen that he created the race issue, whining, and presenting himself as a victim…even though Howard has done everything in his power to eliminate race from the game and tries to convince Candace to do the same.

Maybe if Aaryn and all the racist comments were not generally accepted, excused, and laughed at by the entire house and the majority made clear that it was unacceptable. Had one leader emerged and had everybody sit down and try to clear the air and create the understanding that despite intent (it’s likely more ignorance than hate) the racist “jokes” and attacks are wrong. If leaders emerged to encourage the house to be more thoughtful in the words and ideas they express on a social level, then maybe Candace would feel like what she’s experienced has been acknowledged. If you are Candace and you do believe that the majority in the house are good people, then you need them to see and understand what you experienced.

But you seem to believe that Candace is creating the racism, blaming the victim. Fair enough. But if you watched that “Shaniqua” attack from Aaryn and GM’s aggressive posture, while Kaitlin laughs and Jessie hides under the covers, AND did not feel a little sick to your stomach…well to paraphrase a certain comedian, you might be a racist.


Great comment.

It’s hard enough to play BB without being the victim of a steady stream of race-based attacks with no ability to respond. Just because the comments have ceased, for now, the underlying tension is still there.


This is typical America. Everyone feels bad for the victim until the VICTIM speaks out. Then they’re just “complaining”. One example is on TMZ. When they posted the story about Aaryn’s remarks, all of the comments were filled with angst for Aaryn and compassion for Candice. TMZ then followed up with a post of Candice’s mother’s perspective and guess what the comments were filled with? Anger towards the mother. Because how dare she be enraged for her child! Right? It’s sick actually. Candice is in a position where she’s hearing these things, people have came up to her and told her things being said (as in they have initiated the conversation), people have said these things to her face, and what does the house do? Laugh and shrug it off as no big deal. Here you have these girls bullying her, “I can make the black come out too!” and who comes to her aid? I don’t mean carrying her out and telling her to suck it up. I mean REALLY standing up for her? Not one person. Then you have the scummy, like Amanda who to one person, say “Omg how could they say such things.” all the while being buddy buddy with the racists talking about ” Candice was acting like Shaniqua. Hehe Haha.” In the house, now instead of people having distain for the racists, they have distain for the victims. Because any black person must be playing the “race card”, right? Smh. For some reason, as a nation, we truly believe that people should just grit and bear it and/or let it go. “What you’re going through is wrong and we feel sympathy for you, but you sure as hell better not complain about it.” It happens every time.


Not to mention the fact that unless you watch with your eyes closed, you can’t help but notice that every year on BB people of color tend to be early targets.


Disagree with everything stated with the exception of the last bit pertaining to Elissa and Amanda. Amanda (and the rest of the house) has called Elissa every name under the sun. They have even gone as far as to describe the ways they want to kill her in detail. If Elissa’s not in their presence, Amanda makes it her duty to talk about her. So for Amanda to get upset that Elissa said that she looked like a stripper is ridiculous, especially when she did look like one. She wanted to give McCrae a strip tease and then wanted to get offended at being called a stripper? Seriously? She sure as hell didn’t look like a nun. I’m just saying. I honestly feel that Amanda is using that situation as an opportunity to get sympathy from the house. She knows she’s in jeopardy, add to that the fact that crying is gameplay for the females this season and there you have it. Now if she really is offended, I have no words for her. She needs therapy or something.


Sorry. This comment was directed to “Old Yeller”.


@Hello. I agree. The tears flow way to easy and often. A ridiculous ploy. Amanda’s tears were probably to get airtime. She is more of a rock than this presentation.


Big Brother is a stressful environment; however everyone in that house signed up for it. So saying Candice is now being paranoid and seeing racial issues when there are none is blaming the victim. LOL! So Candice has a problem with Andy’s racial sexual preferences. Does Andy’s sexual preferences in anyway interferes with her playing Big Brother? No. Does it affect her employment? No. So what did Andy exactly do that affected Candice life? So what you want is to pass a Civil Rights law saying gay men must have both black and white lovers? You said she has been subjected to racism in the house and been a victim, that’s all true. However, what does that has to do with Andy’s sexual preferences? Yes she has been a victim of racism in that house and that can negatively affect someone’s life and as a society we have an obligation to protect everyone, but does that also mean her brain is now off. So as a victim of past house racism, Candice can now make outlandish demands and tell someone who they can and can not love? If that’s true, then that’s a great BB house power and I am yelling reverse discrimination. There is to much real racism in the world and in that house to start seeing racism where there is none. So people are upset about calling Candice out, everyone has a right to their emotions and opinion. It doesn’t mean the rest has to agree with it. Candice was being just stupid.


Extremely well said. I was really surprised that no one spoke up to the group about that (Helen would have done a good job with this likely) and I certainly didn’t buy Amanda’s pseudo-talking to either (being privy to this blog). I was surprised that Howard didn’t say something but do understand his rationale in part…besides, why should it be his “job”? It’s everybody’s job.


Just to clarify, my comment above was directed to STFUDonnie’s post.


But god forbid anybody brings up Howard’s rape joke,. Oh no. Oh no no no. Then we are on a witch hunt, skirting the issue. Some folks have a selective reasoning process it turns off and on based on the color of a person’s skin. Howard can make a joke about holding Helen down, suprising her in the middle of the night, and in threatening her, telling her to keep quiet because he was going to “molest” her, and well it was a joke he was trying to be funny it was just one time he doesnt real feel that way but meanwhile Aaryn gets called Aryan and a member of the KKK both comments highly offensive themselves IF you are offended by racially tinged comments but apparently that again is something of an off and on button.

So rape jokes are funny, or at least not very offensive. Racial jokes you lose your job over however, if one feels that a person is a “racist” then its OK to respond with as much hate and vile racism as possible.

All of this crap is being blown out of proportion, I certainly do not condone racism but there has to be some parity and understanding instead of righteous morons responding with racism themselves and name calling


Try and look at it like this… The smart people are always playing the game. We know Amanda was paranoid about being nominated. Perhaps she played the role of offended person to reap sympathy and place the focus on Elissa, much like it was done to Jeremy when he said some disrespectful things. Amanda has never seemed like the type to get offended, so i think its all game.

Candace on the other hand is not smart enough to play this game. Se is observant, but lacks the capacity to make her observations work to her advantage. She is making herself look bad by beating a dead horse making everything racist. She thinks its going to swing in her favor but its only going to make Howard want to distance himself.


It is not a dead horse, but Candice is presenting herself as a one trick pony.


I don’t think she’s being stupid considering. I think the Candace actually got the brunt of the race and isolation stuff more than Howard due to the mean girls and it affected her different. In in her real life likely would just call it out. But for her own sake she needs to try to remove a bit of the emotions of it and play the game. Although I know it’s easier said than done. It’s actually for her own sake to not be the only one bringing it up due to the type of people who are in that house including people like Helen who I didn’t feel like she backed her up for real due to her own issues with acceptance. And Howard who really doesn’t want emotions at the center of his game. But who cares if Ron Weasley Andy doesn’t like Asian or Black men . Look at him. Would I have said that? Personally no even if I thought it. But you have a whole group of people who are followers and only have their own interest in mind so don’t think twice about stuff they say. So there is nothing for her to try to redeem in the house or have people acknowledge especially if she’s not in power because it can work against her. I think a lot of them are 100% wrong and some of what I’ve heard is actually disturbing. But she has to make a choice unfortunately to focus the game due to the type of group that’s in there. It’s not she was the only one Elissa had it rough in there for a minute to it just didn’t have to due with her race. But it was still coming from the same type of place. So I hope she can remove some of her emotions or even hurt and just play even if she has to act.


According to the blog, it was Aryan that thought Andy’s non-preference was racist, not Candace. Which is ridiculous – we all have preferences for looks and personality, that’s hardly racist.

Will.I.Am, I Think

WTF? they shut the feeds of the HOH room because Amanda and McCrae were f**king? this isn’t normal, they usually keep the feeds on the HGs and they have a sheet over them. Times have changed to the boring, now I might not buy the feeds for the 1st time for the 1st time.

Even though I love that the Live Feeds bring out the truth, cutting feeds that people are paying money for for ANY reason is wrong, and production is getting worst about it every year. Like the last post, cutting the feeds whenever the HGs are talking about Elissa, WTF is that about?

bad enough we got people having twists designed to protect them, and comps catered to certain HGs, but geez the sexy time too?


lol… their sexy time must be your lonely time. Would you like some napkins with that sir?


Don’t tell me you’re complaining that you didn’t get to see/hear Amanda and McCrae f*cking? You can’t be serious, right? Lol.

Will.I.Am, I Think

WTF? they shut the feeds of the HOH room because Amanda and McCrae were f**king? this isn’t normal, they usually keep the feeds on the HGs and they have a sheet over them. Times have changed to the boring, now I might not buy the feeds for the 1st time next season.

Even though I love that the Live Feeds bring out the truth, cutting feeds that people are paying money for for ANY reason is wrong, and production is getting worst about it every year. Like the last post, cutting the feeds whenever the HGs are talking about Elissa, WTF is that about?

bad enough we got people having twists designed to protect them, and comps catered to certain HGs, but geez the sexy time too?


you really want to see mcrea and amanda getting it on? you should thank production for not showing that


Hey Simon, can you give me a run down of reward & punishment for McCrae, Helen, Judd, Elissa, Aaryn & Kaitlin


I reminded and saw the girl whinefest in the bathroom where they are all talking about how mean Elissa is. Aaryn even turned this situation to be about her saying. See, I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy America this is what I’ve been dealing with. She is a narcissist. Wow! To say she won’t acknowledge anyone asking her an interview about being racist, well then, I guess you won’t be able to say much of anything because that is all they will talk about.

I’m finding it very hard to like anyone in this house…….


Ugh, rewinded!


I am so so sick of this racist propaganda. Get over it allready ppl! Ignorant ppl say stupid things all the time.
If it wasn’t for the washington dc pushing for a race war and ignorant ppl falling for it we would never be in this situation.
Yes there are real hateful racist in the world of all color, In reality it is only a small percent. But these ppl in the house are just ignorant.
If you ever meet a real racist you would know it. Other than production instigating sh!t, They all seem to get along fairly well. Gee how could that be?
I think O/ne was on the propaganda pukers (news) the other day trying to divide the ppl instead of uniting and apreciating everyones uniquness.
Keep in mind ….Assh@lls and idiots come in every color. Note to Candace ..stop milking it …you are becoming worse than others and they’re noticing.
Congress did just pass a law legalizing propaganda and here we have it fuc#ing up our show. Change you can believe in. Wake up brain dead ppl.
As far as Mc Camanda …. We all like to get alittle on our B Day right? If I were Judd I would be bleeching everything though.
As far as this cast….No stratagist, No one to be a favorite, No loyalty. Thanks BB/CBS propaganda seems to be your agenda not picking great players.
As one of the house guest had said..”I think they put her in here to start racist sh!t” Ask yourselves ….why are these ppl in the house who never even watched the show? They need to get the plants including Ellissa out and keep the true fans in to play. I am so tired of the rigging from production. CBS you lost a loyal viewer after this season. Amazing Race is promoting agendas also, so I’m just about done with them too. I allready canceled my D-Tv.
To each his/her own! Treat all with respect and as unique individuals. Focus on common ground, we all have more in common than not. Stop the group think!

Sheri Ann

Where is Judd? His HOH room has been taken over.


Am missing 2 sows. One will pork anything and the other farts like an old dog.


Amanda and McCrae should publicly have to apologize to Judd. What they did was wrong on so many levels. They should have to launder ALL his bedding. That is just so nasty. Their takeover of the HOH is just one more reason they need to be split up (Amanda first) and sent packing. Hope their families are proud of them. THey are way worse than Brenchel.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Yea, Rachel and Brendon only stained the bed down stairs for Jeff and Jordon to find.

It’s amazing production allowed them to just take over his HOH, bet money if it was Elissa’s HOH and she was being punished they would lock up her room or just not let anyone go up there, seeing as every time someone says something about her getting help by production feeds are cut.


I agree it’s rude and inconsiderate. I’m sure McCrae’s dad is fist pumping the air because he claimed he taught him everything he knows. I’m sure Amanda’s family is less than pleased. I don’t know why people can’t go three months without sex? Any married person could to that in their sleep 😉

She Said What

Yep, they’re classless…. Hope production makes an announcement (once Judd is free) “Amanda & MC, please clean the HOH room and don’t forget the sheets.”


manda and mccrae are disgusting with no class, and absolutely no respect for anyone

surely production will make sure judd gets fresh sheets, pillows etc and give him more food and drink that has been consumed during his 24 hour solitary?


I bet Judd is sleeping wild the alarm goes off every night.

George Zimmerman

You say the stupidest things and your poor grammar shows that you have a very poor education. Are you eleven years old? Are you a drop-out. Can you read your own cursive writing?


OMG….George I finished college and have disability.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Wait til the cranky Judd finds out Amanda and McCrae was fucking in his HOH bed…

STFU Donnie

I can’t help wonder what Judd is thinking and how much his reaction will direct what happens next and whether or not he tries to lay back and see how things settle or if he will consolidate his deal last night with Spencer and Howard, trying to ensure that his group of five grows to include Jessie and Andy. Granted, I don’t see anyway Elissa can be convinced to not use the veto, since she’s smart to keep herself safe, so I Aaryn will remain the target unless Amanda or Helen ends up as the replacement.

However Elissa is not smart enough to see that her MVP bluff can only potentially save her another week (unless production really is tipping her off on future developments and she knows the MVP will be back to normal next week), especially depending on who will ultimately replace her. Given the nature of voting, who knows which HG finished behind Elissa, and the replacement nominee could cause trouble for her. But Elissa is pretty oblivious to anything that’s not directly about her. Whether Elissa is wise to this week being an audience vote or if she does think somebody else is MVP and is hoping that by bluffing she can draw that person to her and get them to reveal their plan, she should appreciate that even if production is assisting her, they can’t control every variable. And if they are keeping her abreast of all the house developments, then surely she knows the Superfriends are dying and she needs to be protected by numbers. At the end of the day, if the majority feels that Eissa cannot be managed, then she will become the number 1 target. Even if production fixes the next HOH and returns the MVP to normal, that will only grow the target on her back and make it more likely that at some point she will get caught despite their best efforts.

I tend to think Judd will only be further convinced that Amanda and McCrea are threats thanks to McCrea’s money grab in the veto comp. McCrea feels to safe and Judd will want to slap him awake and make sure the house remains aligned against Amanda. Meanwhile Amanda needs to listen to Andy and McCrea and turn down the volume, lay back, don’t make a play for Howard even if he’s on the block as the replacement, and stick to evicting Aaryn. And if Elissa doesn’t wise up, then that’s where she needs to focus her efforts. If Andy is telling her the Superfriends are done, then she needs safe haven for herself and McCrea, which means she needs to position Elissa (and Helen) as public enemy #1 (and #2). If she tries to wrangle the Superfriends back to where they were last week, she’s done.


McRae told JUDD that if there was money in the comp he would make a grab for it. JUDD seemed fine with that. (Come on he delivers pizza).


my weekend observations:

>i wonder if the level of conversation would improve with gm and spencer gone? these two are disgusting, no other word fits. will bb have a trailer park challenge? if so, they have hope. that, and a jerry springer apearance after bb.

>i’m starting to like andy’s game. he needs to stay low, off the radar, and keep keepin’ on.

>i’ve been impressed with judd this week, too. he brought game – make it last more than a week.

>poor, poor elissa – one brief shift of power and she goes off the chain. she needs to get a grip, and fast.

>helen is out of control, on so many levels. if she doesn’t chill and start watching who she confides in, she will be gone very soon.

>howard is just bein’ howard, but he needs to watch out for candice – their showmance will end both their games.

>mccrae is still cruisin’ smooth. will amanda’s pushy personality bring him down with her? we’ll see.

>aaryn. poor, poor aaryn. such a victim – never says or does anything wrong. we hate her for her beauty – not!

>kaitlin. go, just please go. without jeremy, your takin’ up needed space.

>is there another hg named jessie? what does she look like? is she in an alliance? where is she?


wtf? jess is in a final 2 with judd

Bob Saben

You know most of these fuckers are all vile when Spencer has turned into a likeable character



Will.I.Am, I Think

“Spencer says I admire you girls for keeping up with your shit, look at me I am a piece of shit!”

First step, is admitting you have a problem. Good Job Spence


This week Aaryn is going home, next week is Howard or GinaMarie. Go Elissa, win that HoH so all the haters will keep there mouth shut.


As you all can tell, this is the most obvious season of production being in control. Spin control is heavily underway for Aaryn and she has been told of the perception of her. They have assistance for her after eviction to help her. Not 100% sure if she knows she had been fired, her comments allude to the fact that she knows. I don’t have verification yet.
Elissa will stay in the house for future planned events from production. She is an integral part of the future, they just did not know she was too stupid to play along. I think that surely most of her stupid behavior is an act. She thinks it helps them with the script.
Ps: Rachel can’t keep her mouth shut.
Simon, don’t hold in “awaiting moderation” too long! Wink. Wink
My thoughts!


8:21. Still awaiting moderation……..strange Simon…….


I was sleeping

i'm tall

how disrespectful of amanda and mccrae to use the HOH room during Judd’s reign to f*ck and who knows what else they did in there. that is so messed up. i hope she is the 3rd nom and is gone on thursday. she is the worst and deserves to leave for sure.


well said – i cannot stand amanda – the house guest i dislike the most in any bb season in any country


Judd told them they cold have his HOH for Mcrea’s bday and also Judd is in solitary confinement because of a punishment he received during the POV comp. I am also having a hard time finding someone to like this season. Everyone is stupid in their own way about the game, they all talk to much and Elissa obviously has pull with production. If someone could keep their mouth shut and actually play for themselves they might just win…..wonder if this is the last season since it is more obvious than ever that production is screwing with everything.


Feel like cbs needs to start describing the show as scripted, not a reality show if Elissa really is getting all this help in the game. Cbs should be giving out refunds if they want to cut the feeds every five minutes. I pay to watch what is going on, not watch when they feel like I can.


Ew Amanda really fucked McRae? She went from being so worried about what her boyfriend would think to this?
Being in that house must really fuck with your head… and McRae is reaping all the benefits!
I’d be embarrased as hell to have fucked the loser pizza boy with cameras watching. You can’t even deny it after.


I was thinking the same thing but the other way around….. Ewwwww!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Aaryn, you might have to learn how to “deep throat”, how else are you gong to pay your bills being unemployed and all?


I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything because it would have come out my nose! This comment is awesome!


Andy is flying under the radar. He is not getting noticed by the others, but if there is a conversation going on, Andy will be there. Just when I think I know where his loyalties lie, he surprises me. Last night Helen pulled him aside and hissed at him to be careful of Amanda and McCrae, she said don’t tell anyone or I will kill you, so what does Andy do? He tells Amanda who is already paranoid. He is in good with everyone and nobody is thinking about him as a target. I really feel for Judd, being HOH and getting stuck in solitary. But in a way, it was probably better for his game that he missed all the drama last night. I am thinking that Gina or Spencer will go up, but I am rooting for Helen to get nominated. This week was good until Elissa won the POV, but the good news is that next week she can’t play. As long as she doesn’t get HOH they can finally send her home, because she is no longer useful to anyone. She is just as mean as Aaryn is. Last night she was a bitch, trying to stir up shit. I think it’s hilarious that the Brenchel fans thought they were voting for her to have a power and instead they put her on the block. Her arrogance and her comments about how she works for production confirm what I thought all along, they brought her in to be their mole, they tell her everything, but they didn’t count on her being a blabbermouth. Last night Elissa proved that her and Rachel are more alike than I thought at first. She went Vegas last night. Another production “twist” blows up in their face. The best seasons (2, 3, 6 and 10) had two things in common. No returning HG/siblings of past HG and no overt meddling from production.


People need to realize that we can’t vote for the third nominee now. It ended (the voting) and it will just go down the list of whoever was next in total votes to nominate by America. (Aaryn was #1 for obviousness, but Judd did his thing) Amanda is a target. She will go soon. How soon, who knows. this house can’t tell where their ass begins and brain ends. It will flip a ton of times too, but houseguests know that Amanda seems like she knows a lot. She is too smart and too dumb at the same time. I enjoy her too. She is a good player gamewise, and houseguests get rid of physical and psychological threats. But people need to understand that Gina Marie (pretty sure) or Spencer will be going up as the third nominee due to CBS and them airing the comments that were said and the news that occurred weeks ago about the comments. Big Brother should be renamed Mindscrew. It is that. For them. For I. They can all ARGOf!@% themselves. Still gonna watch though. Siiigghhhhh.


Hey Simon, what did Kaitlin & Aaryn punishment?


i still don’t get why helen continues to yap to andy? he is the town gossip for sure. he tells whore amanda and mcsucky everything.


I just have a gut feeling that GM is going to be the third nomination. At this point if PRODUCTION really wants Aaryn out they would say GM is the third vote and not Amanda. I still do hope it is Amanda. Also this house is getting more and more paranoid by the minute. Candice should not have went up to talk to Amanda because there was no point. She just made Amanda even more paranoid and non stop talking on her and Howard and also in some crazy way makes Helen a target because Amanda is trying to figure out who is talking about her plans. Andy (DUMBASS) doesn’t see that Helen was trying to warn him and help him but instead spills to Amanda. I know there in an allience but he could habe kept it to himself for now. Elissa is starting to deeply scare me because because she now non stop talking about PRODUCTION. I’m starting to wonder if she even wants to be there anymore. Elissa whole drunk scene also just got Aaryn all hyped up like she knew something is up. This is going to be such a caotic week.


Production “Amanda and McCrae wash the HOH sheets now!”


Is it just me, or does Andy look like a red-headed, gay male version of Gweneth Paltrow?


He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman.


richie cunningham

I'm Tall

i sure hope that amanda is out after the disrespect that she and her hippie boyfriend displayed in Judd’s HOH bed! Who the eff told them that they could stay in there and second what gave them the right to have sex in that bed? this is y she has to go!


Crae Crae and Amanda are disgusting! Having sex on poor Judds bed! Who the hell told them, they could sleep in his room!!!


Crae Crae and Amanda are disgusting! Having sex on poor Judds bed! Who the hell told them, they could sleep in his room!!!

Wpg Fan

Wow, Get over it already! Jer and Kaitlin shagged all the time in the house. How many names are you using to post crap about Amanda??? You’re as bad as Andy spreading sh*t…

Catfish on a String

Gosh do you think someone posted the exact same thing under two different user names? Busted.




McManda didn’t “take over” Judd’s HoH. On the very first night of Judd’s HoH Amanda asked Judd right then if they could use the HoH on McCrae’s birthday, it just so happened that Judd had to do his 24 punishment on that same night. McManda asked permission and Judd said yes.


They kinda planted roots the first night of his HOH. Watch, they will be in that bed more than JUDD. But that might be okay, he has a bit of work to do when he gets out of solitary.


Good catch, LF. That definitely puts a different spin on the situation.

She Said What

Then the question is – will they wash the bedding without being told to.


I hope that everyone is really getting tired of Amanda, I wish the people in the house would get together and really stick together and vote Amanda out. I am so tired of both Amanda and McCrae, it was so disrespectful how they have taken over his HOH room. Every time I look around, Amand and McCrae are laying in the HOH bed, Amanda is a controlling and annoying woman, wonder how her family feels about seeing her being such a tramp on national TV.

Big Brother, PLEASE put BBAD back on Showtime. The affect of the show is lost and really a waste on TVGN, all of the muted conversations due to profanity, you miss very important conversations by the people in the house, and not to mention all of the commercials. Please, Please, put BBAD back on Showtime.

When is everyone going to catch onto Andy, he annoys the HELL out of me, I’m so sick of him running from person to person gathering information and then running back to Amanda and McCrae. Does he not realize he is just a vote to them? They will cut him as soon as they no longer need him. What that hell has Andy done this entire game other than be a SNITCH !!!


I used to like Amanda but she is slippimg away from me. I cannot believe she is calling Helen kim Jong. in regards to Spencer he is always nasty so no surprise there. Even thou Amanda has not so nice comments sometimes hoping she will not be evicted this time if she is the replacement. I rather see Spencer or Aaryn. Those two have never learned and continued to say nasty remarks about the other house guest.


Where has Jessie gone? She seems to be MIA!


laying low, staying out of drama, conserving energy whilst on slop for the 2nd straight week, enjoying the loyalty and respect of her and judd friendship

survive and advance


Just when I dont think Aaryn can get any lower she talks about a funnel and shitting? I actually gagged.


Unlike most of the commenter I’ve seen, I think Candice is a better player than Howard. She explained to him that some people will do you want if you treat them well and don’t cause drama,which is what her is asking her to do, but some people will only go along with you only if they’re scared. She has shown herself to be very astute and dispite what people are saying she won’t just lie down and play the way he wants her to. She went up to HOH and scared Amanda, who is now back tracking and planning to push for Aaryn to go out. Amanda did the same thing to Spencer the week before last. Candice is also doing the same thing that Amanda has done, taking the ugly personal attacks in the house and using it to push her game agenda. Was Candice really hurt by these things, yes ofcourse, was Amanda really sympathic about it, yes ofcourse, but everything in the house becomes part of the game whether they want it to or not. Amanda has used these incidents recently to push for Howard to leave (I think she could have done it more sensitively by the way) and Candice is using it to push for Aaryn to leave. But if Amanda goes up, she will go hard after Aaryn or Kaitlin, and Candice might give Aaryn a pass for another week.
Amanda is my favourite player with Candice a close second. I like outspoken players. It can hurt them early on, but if they make it far enough it becomes an asset when selling themselves to sit in the final two. I hope both these player go far!


why is Elissa still on Big Brother she is annoying and looks like a hooker


OMG. This house is filled with sluts. SLUTS!