Helen tells Aaryn she’s safe this week and Elissa Freaks Outs “She’s a crazy person”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


4:24pm HOH Bathroom Elissa and Amanda
(Dawg covered this event a bit in his previous post)
Elissa is upset because apparently Andy and McCrae were making fun of her religion and laughing at her. (Flash back to it if you like but that is not how it happened)
She feels like she can’t even read her bible anymore. Amanda says that Andy takes jokes too far sometimes. Elissa says she wants to go home. The derogatory comments and the slurs against her religion are unacceptable.
Elisas: “You are on the show for three months and you can’t you hold it together and not make fun of race and religion”
Elissa: ‘I’m going to talk to them (Production) about this.. this is ridiculous”

Elissa says it’s disgraceful she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore. Elissa says that Andy means nothing to her he’s just a vote.

Elissa just keeps saying how unacceptable the comments about religion and Race are “I just don’t think it’s funny.. leave me alone give me space”
Elissa goes on and on about this…
Elissa now saying that the comments about families are horrible
Amanda: ‘Who said anything about families”
Elissa: “Aaryn”
Elissa: ‘I’m going to talk to production.. I don’t want to subject myself to the disrespectful environment..”

Elissa now saying she is a good person and “They” are not (Howard, Andy, McCrea, Aaryn). Amanda turns this conversation to focus solely on Howard says he swears on the bible and preys on people that are weak.

Elissa: “I don’t go around forcing my religion on people.. they are so rude”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature. It’s just like a DVR and it’s super easy to use. Click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:45pm Backyard Amanda, McCrea and JUDD
Amanda tells McCrea that Elissa is not happy with him or Andy.
McCrea: “Dude I don’t get that”
JUDD brings up how he asked Elissa if she was going to try the cinnamon? and she told him “I don’t try stupid sh!t that kills me”
McCrea: “She’s a f****** lunatic”
Amanda: “She’s on her period.. She’s in a really bad mood.. She’s crazy..“
JUDD: “What”
Amanda: “she’s crazy.. don’t even worry about it.. leave her alone..even when I tried to defend you guys for a second she doesn’t want to hear it.. she just wants to go on her rant”
JUDD: “What made her so mad I missed it”
McCrea explains that Elissa was sitting outside talking really loudly about how Howard is so bad about his religion and stuff..
Then Andy was trying to get her to be quiet but doing it in a way so the “People over there” don’t see him doing it. McCrea was laughing at Andy trying to be tell her to keep her voice down wihtout anyone noticing. Elissa thought McCrea and Andy were laughing at her religion
Amanda: “She’s nuts we all know she’s nuts”
JUDD: “I thought she was over it.. this is the BIG BROTHER house you cannot be that sensitive”
Amanda: “she’s got to go soon”
McCrea says he’s pissed off right now


4:48pm Storage room Helen and Aaryn
Helen tells her she is safe this week they have the votes. “Don’t tell Ginamarie or Kaitlin about it”
Helen adds that they are trying to get Howard and Spencer Out next week so if Aaryn wins HOH she will put those two up. Helen: ‘If you do not win HOH you will help us get them out” Helen explains the plan is to tell Howard, SPencer and Candice right before the vote that the house wants Kaitlin out.
Helen: ‘Everyone is going to act like they want you out.. but you are not going home.. you are the one that is going to stay”
Helen: “You are staying and KAitlin will be blindsided.. but.. I heard she was coming after me. “
Aaryn says that Howard and Spencer came to her about a deal it must have been the same thing they offered Kaitlin. Helen adds that Spencer and Howard are making deals all over the house.

Helen says the “ONLY” people that know about this plan are Amanda, Jessie, McCrea, JUDD, Elissa, Andy, Aaryn . “All those people if they win HOH Spencer and Howard are being put up”
Aaryn: ‘OK”
Helen: ‘We’re all going to work together next week” (Superfriends)
THey shake on it and Helen leaves.. Aaryn does a happy dance (Image in gallery below).

CBS Interactive Inc.


“Rosco” had babies while they were in HOH there are BB Ducks in the bathroom and the pool (Rosco is the name of the Pool duck)


4:57pm Storage room Andy and Amanda

Amanda: “She’s super pissed at you” (Elissa)
Andy: ‘At me.. and McCrea”
Amanda: ‘Ya.. she completely interpreted it wrong”

Andy: “She’s f***** insane”
Amanda: ‘I know.. I tried to defend you… just give her space.. leave her alone today”
Amanda says Elissa is being so ridiculous they shouldn’t even worry about it.
Andy: ‘She’s a crazy person”
Amanda: ‘She’s a Crazy person”
Andy brings that people could hear everything she was saying about Howard. All he told her was she needed to be quiet about Howard because GinaMarie and Kaitlin were across the hall. He points out that Jessie heard her so GM/Kait must have to.
Andy: ‘What did she say”
Amanda: ‘She thinks you were insulting her religion.. I know it’s crazy”


5:36pm Backyard Aaryn and Amanda

Amanda says if Howard and Spencer ever come to her she needs to tell McCrea and her right away.
Amanda asks if Aaryn has heard about the newest fake alliance. Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin, Ginamarie and JUDD.
Aaryn: “Is he making the shit up with me.. JUDD.. if anyone ever says i’m in a fake alliance please tell me”
Amamda :”They’re over playing their hands.. that is why they cannot win HOH this week.. That would be really bad”

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That GM is one refined lady. Well spoken, emotionally stable, and pleasant manners.


Simon, Dawg, what do you think about Amanda being set up to win?


lil ole moi


lil ole moi

amanda is not subtle


lets say she is being ‘helped’ by production



the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group


The only way this is rigged is if CBS is going to give everyone the same amount of money. Imagine the liability and lawsuits that would happen if it were true. Think about it.


What people fail to understand is that it’s perfectly legal for it to be rigged all the way up until the final 2. Production covers its butt by letting the contestants decide the final vote. It’s never been a secret that production messes with the show to make it more entertaining. Why do you think there ste no live feeds in the diary room. It’s so obvious that some of the comps are rigged, only a fool would think otherwise. Be thankfull production has a hand in it otherwise it would get really boring.


The only house guest receiving special treatment is Elissa. (I know this will get voted down, although accurate, because Elissa supported are bats**t crazy like the real Elissa – match made in heaven, per se).


I am beyond disgusted with Amanda and to a lesser extent Elissa and Helen. Those b****s gotta go. And yes I called them b*****s. If they can personally attack and degrade others in the house, I can certainly call them what they are.


Bitch or Bitches, What is the meaning of this word you all use “Babe in Total Control Of Herself” So keep On using it!! these Woman are in Total control!!lol




Exactly! No one should be talking about the bible! It’s the root of half the ways for the past 2000 years and as relevant as as a bag of garbage.


you are garbage. shut up,


Well next time you come knocking at my door, I’m not taking your pamphlets, so Nya!


If Aaryn doesn’t go home. She will go home next week or week after.


This is like week two all over again. Any one could go; Kaitlyn b/c she is a good competitor, Aaryn b/c they’re sick of her derogatory remarks and attitude, and GM b/c they’re sick of her constant bemoaning of Nick being gone. So far each one of them has been told at least three times by three different people that they are safe, so I’m not believing anything they’re saying and just waiting to see who really leaves on Thursday.


Aaryn will be there for awhile. There is no reason to get rid of her because she’s off on an island by herself.


She will be gone week after. Beside, she is a target.


NEVER….. Arryn makes the jury she and racist Helen are together now. Helen will throw Ellisa under the bus if MVP does not revert back to peoples choice. You can see people lining up F3 and F2 thoughts. Arryn and Jessie are perfect F2 choices with themselves. A lot of idiots will leave the house before these 2.

After Kaitlyn we need 3 more evictions til Jury. GM, Howard and either Candy or Spenser. Since we know Helens a pathological lying douchebag don’t expect her to keep her promise to Spencer just as she isn’t Kaitlyn either. Arryn and Helen `the douchebag` are a couple of true Racists who deserve each other.

My new hope is that Helen goes before Arryn! They all want to keep that racist trash then I hope they all go before her.

Ellisa showing a little principle… who would have thought


Principle? It would be principle if she was defending an actual attack. She acted without understanding. She is ignorant.


oh, boo, hoo, hoo! someone said something mean in the bb house! poor, poor, me! sniff, sniff.

elissa needs to get over it, and be thankful that she hasn’t heard what’s been said behind her back.

Put down that remote

I think it’s time you put down that remote and back away from your television… your computer screen too. I think you’ve lost sight of what show you’re watching. This is Big Brother — people are SUPPOSED to lie and manipulate each other. It’s the whole point of the show.

Calling Helen a racist is simply ridiculous.




I know this is big brother but these players have 3 faces and 3 hearts …


The thing is, if Elissa heard any of the comments that McCrea, Andy and Amanda have made about Howard and religion, I can understand her reaction. Andy has repeatedly complained that Howard is using his religion on people and that it was wrong – like have a study session with Jessie, reading the Bible with Elissa, etc. I thought at the time that it was a pretty rotten thing to say, so if Elissa heard any of that, I get why she is upset.


That’s not why she upset! She takes things way out of context!


Honestly at this point i’m calling Jessie to win. I know she’s not making any big game moves or anything, but she’s off everyones radar. I think that is a good way too play. She still has good enough relationships to last. It’s a floaters game, but i don’t see that as a bad thing. Gina marie is the other big floater but there is a big difference between the too. People care if Jessie goes and no one really cares if GM goes. I feel like GM has no idea whats going on and Jessie is just laying low.


She’s upset because hypocrite Howie is making her faith. He’s already making deals with the Devil (Aryan) in an effort to win the root of all evil, money, green, mullah, cash-Ola, scratch, dineiro, coin, greenbacks.


This week Howard or Spencer should win HOH then let’s see waht happens and who they’ll target. The game is getting too easy for Helen.


well if Howard was really sharp, he would have waitd to make his move. This might be a good time to pick up Elissa for a vote. She is vunerable. It’s best if Candace does it. She has to use How they made Howard put his hand on the bible and remind her of all the racist stuff. Deep down, she doesn’t want to vote to keep Aaryn anyway. She was just as bother as to what they did to Candace as Candace was. Only thing is, they will have too babysit Elissa. Also, with Elissa, comes Helen. Unfortuantely that is guaranteed to cause problems. Helen will tell Andy and it starts all over again.


elissa is very socially awkward. i think it’s extremely disrespectful that she keeps talking like she is above big brother, all the other houseguests and that she wants to leave the show. big brother is all about surviving in a house with other people who are different than you. it’s disgraceful to rachel and the reilley name the way she is acting about it (talk about quitting, calling out producers, blowing into her mic..) and it’s disrespectful to all the bb fans who would love to be in her place or are voting for her as mvp!


How is Amanda and MC running the house when none of their targets we nominated or going home this week? Seems that they are all talk and aren’t really running anything.


Well, to be fair…

McCrae (along with the moving company) got out David week one, their sole male target because he wasn’t in the alliance. +1

Amanda and others flipped the house week 2 and got Moving Company exposed and outed Nick. +1

Everyone wanted Jeremy out week 3. +1

And this week, Amanda got Judd’s nominations to go exactly how she wanted. She wanted Howard backdoored, and that most likely would have happened if Elissa was MVP. +1

Say what you want about Amanda being a loud mouth and bossy etc, but she’s been getting what she wants every week. The facts are the facts


this weeks noms worked out perfect for judd – its what he wanted – he didnt gain any extra significant enemies


JUDD and ANDY are running the house. Both can shift the balance of power from Mcrae to Helen OR Mcrae to Spencer anytime they want. This week they are going with Mcrae. Both JUDD and ANDY will not be put up in the next 2 weeks. We all think Amanda is running the house but if Howard/Spencer/Candice win HOH she gets put up. Both JUDD and ANDY can still get the numbers to keep Amanda, but then again they really don’t need to – that’s why they’re in control.


Can these player see what is right in front of them and that is Amanda is the biggest schemer out of all of them…her and Mc are running this house and I can’t stand to watch it…how is Howard or Spencer the biggest threat in this house when Amanda is running around with an engagement ring from MC…Hello are these people blind…she is so aggressive and overbearing, she just steam rolls over everyone. I hope Howard, Spencer or Candice win next week. I need to see some different people in power and not of Amanda and her YES people running the show.


How is Amanda and MC running the house when none of their targets we nominated or going home this week? Seems that they are all talk and aren’t really running anything.


they think they are running it, but they are one hoh from both going on the block

there would be numbers strong enough to split the pair

Dan Fan

Judd and Andy are running the house.


ATTENTION: -All is NOT as it seems in the Big Brother House. Some of these outbursts are meant to confuse and distract!


I wonder if they’re going to show Elissa acting cray cray on the show on Thurs?

lolz who am I kidding they’re obviously going to edit it to appear as if Andy and McCrae were truly attacking her religion


Damn, my dream of an all girls house is going by the wayside. I luv the interactions between Aaryn and Kaitlin


Aaryn will have a solid l.aw suit against network . the edit has been criminal.

lil ole moi

all the numerous edits may have spared her.
it takes expensive equipment to insert words
into sentences. aayrn’s remarks if gathered
together show a behavior pattern. she is a bully.


oh please, she knew exactly what she was signing for, she should of took the hint when Julie asked her about knowing if she was being filmed 24/7.

lil ole moi

CBS had to put the disclaimer up. Julie Chen practically asked her if she knew EXACTLY where she was!
everyone is told the filming is 24/7 and assumes that boring footage usually does not make it past the edit…


Once again, aaryn problems starte well before theyy hit prime time. IT WAS THE FEEDS!!! She lost her job before the racisim hit prime time. No one put words in her mouth. She said, what she said, the way she said it. PERIOD!. Good luck with that law suit Aaryn. I bet they will only pull more of what you said out in court.


Wow Amanda and Howard and the bible and religion. I don’t get how many times she needs to say unless she thinks these people are so stupid they need guidance on keeping their eyes on her choice of target Howard.

And I have no words about Helen giving Aaryn the word that she’s safe and her instructions. I wonder Kaitlyn knows. But who are they to think someone has to let them pick the people if that person wins HOH? And how long is that supposed to last until they all break out in song simultaneously before stabbing each other in the back. I can’t wait to see who wins HOH . This is more of a numbers game and right now it’s working out good for the ones who stayed low that first 3 weeks and for the floaters. I would love to see the house flip this week. It would be crazy if somehow Amanda and Howard were on the same side. The precedent of how things are now seemed to rely heavy on when Helen won HOH. I hope she doesn’t get it again this upcoming week.


Andy’s playing the best game and this is his first slip up. Alas.


So close to Elissa self-evicting…. then Big Brother can officially start.

lil ole moi

if Elissa really wants to drop out… what if Thursday… the live show… is to be
a two HG eviction episode…and then after the second one… Elissa goes home
and makes tv history… as three people leave within the same primetime show?

lil ole moi

i keep on thinking that Elissa wants to leave when she wants do and not by an eviction vote by her fellow house guests.
is she trying to happily depart after being in the BB house longer than Rachel was on her first try for the prize money???

Janelle pov queen

If I here Howard talk about how they tried to set him up with the MVP one more fucking time I will jump threw my fucking phone


Did I click on the right reply? Anyway, Amanda will never stay out of the HOH and it doesn’t matter who wins it. She is that cockroach that never dies even after several calls to an exterminator, a case of Raid, and several ruined shoes. She continue to run around scurrying in the room she may never earn on her own ability, that man looking bug will stay in HOH even after the summer is over…….


absolutely awesome post rosie!


You might as well hand the check to Amanda right now. She has these people brainwashed into thinking Howard is using his religion so much. Even JUDD is turning, like seriously why did he feel the need to call candice a whore and gold digger. This is getting real stupid. I really hope that Candice (or Howard/Spencer) wins HOH to see this house even more paranoid. I want Candice to win just so people like Amanda and Aaryn can stay out the HOH room.


judds still with howard, but working with multiple alliances for safety


I cant believe Judd and that comment about a gold digger who&re really!!! I can not believe it I lost alot of Respect for Judd when he did that. She has has not done all the stuff that Amanda and Katlyn have they both had BB Sex wow and she is called a ho!!! And Howard told Judd and them about them forcing him to put his hand on the bible and thats when Howard realized enough is enough plus they lied to him and said they were MVP. I hope we get to choose MVP this week I would vote for Howard or Cadence to get it


judd wasnt trying to be maliciously mean there

he was trying to hard sell to amanda that he was not in an alliance with candace/howard/spencer (even though he still is – he is in multiple alliances)

and used the over the top (totally out of character for judd) description of candace, trying to lay it on thick to amanda, knowing she would enjoy that kind of talk, as she is a very crude person


I think Amanda, Helen and Andy are in for a reality check with the next HOH. I think Elissa is putting on an act to throw them off. I HOPE Howard wins HOH. We will see rats scrambling!!! At least I hope. Amanda, Andy and Helen keep saying how they’re sitting pretty, we’ll see. No one’s that safe in the BBH. It’s time for them to feel the heat!!! HOH Nominees: Amanda and Andy. Mvp Nominee: Helen


I really hope Howard or Spencer or Candace win HOH next week. They way they have been treated this season is horrible and I think Pizza Boy and Godzilla need a reality check that they to can be voted out let them scramble

Put down that remote

The only way Howard will ever win a competition is if it’s a weight-lifting comp. And even then, he’d probably lose. So, yeah, not a weight-lifting comp. Maybe a body-builder type pose-off? This guy is seriously an idiot.

I’d love to be able to root for him, what with all the racism this season. But between his being an idiot and an obsessed bible-thumper (well, they kind of go hand-in-hand, don’t they?), it’s impossible.




It’s only obvious that Elissa and production world together! Everytime she has a problem she says I’m going to tell production like she knows they will do something about it! I bet production will try and pursuade the houseguest to vote our Kaitlin so they can keep Elissa happy! Very sad when someone constantly says they wanna go home but will end up prolly winning this !


* work
* for Kaitlin to stay


If Julie Chen takes Aaryn to task for her race comments, I would hope she takes Helen to task for her “black vote” comment today….but she probably won’t, tbh.


Helen’s comments, like Amanda’s, will not be shown. Network want Aaryn to take all the racism heat.


Helen’s comment was not racist! I’m not even a Helen fan, but a lot of these comments are being blown out of proportion. Aaryn and GM have said genuinely hateful, racist things. But what Helen said was not.


that is unfair

you either show all the offenders or none of the offenders

Put down that remote

There was nothing racist about Helen’s comment. Nothing at all. She was referring to the politics of voting — she’s a political strategist after all — and the existence of different constituencies and voting blocs.

And she’s right. People of color and other minorities SHOULD be voting to give Howard the MVP, so he’ll have a bit of power, at least over the racist elements in the house.

The problem with that is that Howard’s a complete idiot. NO ONE will vote for him as MVP, because he’s truly horrible at this game. And Candice is a whiny, entitled nimcompoop, so no one’s going to vote for her either.


i was talking about they should show all the people who have made the offensive comments, including spencer, and amanda

or dont show any of the comments

dont call out some and not others

thats not cool


Wow! Idiot, Whiny, Entitled, Nimcompoop. You must be such a joy to be around.


What about Andy’s comments about the little “green people” from Mars?


Elissa just seems to be a spoiled brat! Just like her sister. I thought she was the kinder gentler Riley but she is just a different kind of odd. :-/


The edit has been criminal? Seriously? They edited all those racist statements into her mouth? Your stupidity is criminal.


I personally love Amanda. She can be a little intense at times, but at least she is actually playing this game and not whining all the time. I want Aaryn, Caitlin and Candace gone. Howard and Spencer made their beds, and they’re trying to get out of it. Maybe they will and maybe
they won’t’s but I could care less. Amanda and McCrae are the only ones making it fun to watch this year.


Really all I see is Amanda and Pizza Boy sucking face all day YUCH who the heck wants to see that Not I please may I go blind the next make out session. I can wait until that Shomance is broken when they both go on the block lol It will be a Glorious Day


The (Superfriends) are making a mistake. You take Aaryn now. Take her now. Kaitlyn should be the next victim for sure, and then to Amanda. I’m not pulling for the “Friendship”, but if I were I’d be upset.

Everyone is going to know Helen and Elissa (Amanda and McCrae to a lesser degree) altered this eviction. If anyone but Elissa or Helen gets that HoH this Thursday, it isn’t going to be hard for Howard, Spencer, Candace, Andy, Aaryn, or GinaMarie to convince the few others that Helen and Elissa are now running the house — See last two evictions. That’s not a good thing. Helen/Elissa = HUGE TARGETS next week imo. They would have done much better to have kept their head down this week and let Amanda take ALL of the heat for this eviction. However, they did not… they led the charge.

Aaryn will crawfish on that deal with Helen IF Aaryn were to happen to win HoH this week. And the majority of the house, including Amanda and McCrae, will be seeing Helen and Elissa (for realz now) as the biggest targets next week. Of course Amanda will want Howard in the mix as well.

I think this was clearly a really bad move on Helen’s part. She really didn’t need this kind of attention this week. Next week, she will have all the attention she can handle unless her or Elissa can manage to win HoH (or MVP if it is still around).


Captainwedgiearchnemesis Says: Blah Blablah Blah


Amanda needs to put something in her mouth, she’s annoying, everybody in that house has heard her obsession with “Howard and the bible”, give it a rest b***h, you’re not doing anything but spewing hot air, get off your ass and win HOH and put Howard and Spencer up, or SHUT THE F**K UP about it..

If Howard or Spencer does win HOH, just to throw the boringfriends a curve ball..


Elissa definitely likes to play the victim. she is a therapists dream! However, the edits have been interesting. she said multiple times that she puked after the havenot comp and she was embarrassed….they edited that out of the show and showed McCrea puking…yet they have shown other girls gagging and puking in past seasons. I wish this was game play and she was using all these odd behaviors as part of her game play, but I really don’t think so. I think she 1)doesn’t know BB and Rachel just told her to go on there and look pretty and Rachel fans would help her win 2)couldn’t possibly be that smart. She truly seems having difficulty sometimes articulating a full thought.

Alpha Male Spencer

Spencer said it best (about Elissa): “That c**t has gotta go!” The same is true about Amanda and Helen.


I have never been able to understand why anyone who is genuinely religious would ever want to be part of a BB cast. They need to be warned that the entire premise of the show means it could be detrimental to their mental well being. This show has always been about lying and scheming and plenty of really nasty stuff being said and done. A religious person on BB is like throwing a Christian to the lions. Perhaps BB should consider not even allowing the Bible in that house. If it is a Holy Book to many people; t should not be descrated by those who don’t believe. Full disclosure: I am not religous, but all people’s belief systems should be respected. And religious people have no business judging those who choose not to believe. P.S. There is only one race. The HUMAN RACE.

Just wondering?

This is the year of the FLOATER!!


dealing with amandas disrespectful and annoying crap and relentless talk about howard…

the scenario reminds me of robert de niro finally snapping on bridget fonda in the movie jackie brown when she is giving him a hard time not being able to remember where he parked the car and making fun of him

amanda is the overly annoying bitchy bridget fonda and howard is quiet de niro trying to stay calm but about to explode

there needs to be someone in there to knock her down a peg because she is just so entitled and arrogant

they need to say this to amanda (in relation to the constant howard bashing): “hey…dont say anything else ok? keep your mouth shut…i mean it…dont say one f-ck!n word ok!”


Simon can you tell me why my posts arent showing


LOL I cant wait until Aaryn turns on them and wins HOH and puts there butts on the block


I was pulling for Kaitlyn to be out because it would cause the most ripple effects, but both Elissa and GM are wanting out it seems. I dunno, maybe give them what they want? At this rate, there is going to be a bunch of weaker players left – AG could go up against half of ’em and win the $500,000! The Jury should be interesting. I’ve decided to put all my eggs in the Boomhauer basket and keep it that way. I’ve changed horses a few times in this nag of a race.


Everything Elissa does is for her image and how people view her. I find it hilarious that she says she doesn’t care what any of them think, it seems obvious that it’s the other way around. When she’s not busy walking around like she’s queenie, she’s judging everybody for EVERYTHING! She just judged Kaitlyn for the way she tied the garbage bag. I’m waiting for the Andy is gay and homosexuality is against the bible bs to begin. Now that she’s pissed at Andy, it might be sooner than later.

Her saying that she’s building a ministry is laughable. What is she going to do about that harpy ex showgirl sister of hers clutching 100 dollar bills covered in vomit. How very christian is that?

They need an atheist in the BB house to shut this pious, hypocritical bitch down once and for all.


What has been said to desecrate Howard’s Religion. They are simple stating that Howard is using his Religion as a tool in the game, which he has. He uses it to get close to the other players and thus gain their good graces.

Yet on the other hand he lies and judges the other players.

if anyone is desecrating the Religion it’s Howard himself.


Helen’s comments about Howard getting a strong “black vote” are not racist; remember she’s a politician, she knows what she’s talking about. Plus, people vote for who they most identify with – on multiple levels – there’s an enormous African-American population, many of whom may well vote for Howard and/or Candace based on their identifying with them, this doesn’t mean that’ll be the only reason. Many non African-Americans will vote for them too for other factors they identify with.


Geeeeze..Elissa is so wacked out. It’s really ashame how her priorities are so screwed up. I truly hope she finds some peace within herself someday.
(obviously she has missed the point of doing yoga)
Note to all you ladies out there…..Be yourselves…don’t take pharmacuticles or do plastic surgury, they are both negative paths. You can see the results here.
Just because corporation say you should look or think a certain way does not make it right.(but makes them a bundle at your expense)
Nature usually gets it right. Life is naturaly a rollercoaster so just hang on and enjoy the ride as bumpy as it gets at times.
Back to Elissa what was she thinking coming on this show? Obviously she is not a BB fan, knows nothing about the show? Why is she here???
She should go home if she is that miserable, before she savatages everyones elses game.
Some house guest actually need the money and want to play. LET THE REAL BB FANS PLAY! Note to CBS, hire a new casting director, there are many many qualified fans who would love to play. Not clueless idiots who just want to be on tv


Nice. Amanda just threw JUDD under the bus with Aaryn.


Judd/Andy – see you at the final two!


Andy remains the smartest player in the game. Not once has his name ever been brought up as possible nominee by anybody. He has ears everywhere. He’s somehow a floater with a solid enough base in certain factions of the superfriends. It’ll be another 4-6 weeks before people start coming after him once they big targets have been take care of.


Ellissa just outted the vote flip to Kaitlin. She is going on a hunt for the truth.


Me thinks Elissa is purposely overreacting to dredge up some sympathy amongst the viewing public.


Can’t wait to read the next update!! Elissa told kaitlin that everybody is trying to flip the vote!!!


I, as a minority, understand how Helen, as a minority herself, would be able to understand how minority viewers would sympathize, relate to, and identify with Howard. That’s not racist, it’s logical thinking in the world we live in.


This a game about lying and scheming all in the name of money. Howard putting his hand on the bible does not make him any worse then any one else. No lie is greater than the other. If Elissa is so holy and serious about her religion this show wouldnt be on her righteous list of things to do. That goes for howard andeveryone in the house. And anyone who enjoys watching the show. Anyone who thinks God is ok with this show better read their bibles again. I dont think “its just a game” is an acceptable excuse. Their are alot of big fat hypos swimming in and outside of the bb house. I hope Evil Dick bust through front door and give them all a reality check.