Helen figures it out “The black vote is really supporting Howard to get the MVP”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


5:56pm Bedroom JUDD and MCCrea
JUDD: “I want him gone and his little sloth b!tch Candice”
MC: ‘Ya”
J: “I can’t stand her.. I hate to be like that.. I want to think ya it’s a game..”
JUDD explains he wants to personally like everybody but it’s starting to to not be like that
McCrea agrees that the little things are getting to him.

JUDD says he’s getting sick of people talking about all the money they have, “I guess this is what they are use to”
They agree it’s not right to talk about how much money you have all the time. JUDD: ‘I don’t think Helen talks about it but she did mention to spencer because he’s in his thirties he should get a 3 carat ring.

JUDD: “I asked how much is that.. she said around 30 thousand”
They laugh.
JUDD: “and Candice is a gold digging sl*t”
MC: ‘Yup absolutely”
JUDD: “That is why she likes Howard so much.. something is up with the mother f***** “

JUDD thinks Howard might have the coup d’état they need to “Flush it out”
JUDD: “I’m tired of being nice to him.. so f***** tired of being nice to him.. F*** you f**** you f***** you ” (Fingers the camera)
JUDD: “Is Elissa still sleeping in the HOH”
MC: ‘Ya”
JUDD: “F**** get up b!t*h.. I’m hateful today”


6:04pm HOH Helen and Elissa
Superfriends Hating on Howard

Helen is convinced Howard is MVP. Elissa doesn’t think Howard will get MVP again unless he’s related to someone famous or if they only allow a guy to get it.
Helen thinks Howard winning MVP has to do with Race. She says Howard has been the recipient of a lot of racial conflict in the house. “Those racial Slurs and he went to Candice for protection.. maybe America.. the black vote and the minority Vote is really supporting Howard”
Helen: “You know in elections the minority vote is HUGE”
Helen says that people that are minorities like her and are watching the show would support Howard, “I would get really upset and I would vote for him”
H: “you know they probably made him out to be a family man a powerful man”
Elissa: ‘It’s all an act”
Helen :’Of course.. but who knows what they are showing America.. it’s just weird he gets all the Diary room every day for as long as he does.. He’s not even on the block he’s not even HOH.. He’s MVP that is what it is”
Helen: “Howard put you on the block dude.. it had to have been.. then he chickened out so he put GinaMarie up because it was the easy option.. he was hoping that no one would figure him out”

Elissa says putting her up was such a stupid move
Helen: “The fact he tried to make a final five with JUDD, Kaitlin, GM and Spencer to try and switch the house is unbelievable to me”
Elissa thinks Spencer is a joke. Helen scoffs at Howard and Spencer trying to go against her and the superfriends.

Helen says because of that Howard isn’t getting to go to Jury she was going to help him but not anymore, “GinaMarie deserves to go to Jury not him .. at least she’s entertaining”

Elissa: ‘He’s like not entertaining at all… I would be so offended if I was his girlfriend with him going around saying I love seeing Jessie in a bathing suite”

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:20pm HOH JUDD, Helen and Elissa

Helen going off about how Jeremy never won the HOH. She brings up that Jeremy told her he gave the HOH win to Aaryn because he wanted to be able to play in the next ont. H: ‘I thought that was so rude to say.. even if you think that don’t say it ”
Elissa says he is the reason Aaryn won that HOH
JUDD: “He did win a veto”
Helen admits it was a hard Veto to win.
Doesn’t take long for them to start chatting about Howard having the MVP. Elissa thinks that only guys were eligible to win the MVP this week that’s the reason he won it. Elissa mentions that all she did last week was talk about how nice of a guy he was.
JUDD: ‘So they thought you liked him alot”
Elissa: “Hmm imm hmum mhum Yeah.. they thought he wouldn’t put me on the block for sure”

JUDD tells them to stop talking nice about Howard in the Diary room. Elissa mentions Howard was nice to her when everyone else was mean.
They all start going off at how disgusted they are at Howard’s game play..
Howard appears and asks Helen if she wants to finish the chess game. When the door closes JUDD fingers teh door *See the gallery below.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature. Just like a DVR It’s super easy to use. click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


6:39pm Storage room Amanda and JUDD

She asks him what’s wrong, “You think things are out of control.. not in our hands”
JUDD: “I dunno”
Amanda: ‘I think howard is MVP for one”
JUDD :’MVP don’t matter”
JUDD is worried that Howard has a power because he’s getting called into the Diary room
Amanda: “This is why I want him gone for weeks”
JUDD says he’s low on his medicine “Don’t tell people that though”

Amanda: “you’re acting weird.. your eyes are really dilated.. go into the Diary room get medicine cause you’re acting funny


7:18pm JUDD hunting around for a special power it’s Howard’s bed

You can hear him mumbling about getting his medicane (I believe he’s been taking lorazepam for the past 7 years..)


7:34pm Elissa and Kaitlin Kitchen

Elissa says she better start calling people out because right now Aaryn is going to stay. Elissa says they have to call a house meeting and find out who is lying.
Elissa: “I’m telling you Aaryn is trying to flip the vote”
Elissa: “I’m giving you a heads up.. I want you to stay”
Kaitlin says if the house is flipping the vote to get her out then they must be turning on Elissa to, “Everyone does what you say Elissa.. you have your little minions”

Elissa says she’s trying to help Kaitlin she truly wants her to say.


7:37pm HOH McCrea, Amanda and Aaryn Aaryn overheard Elissa telling Kaitlin that she is going home because rumour has it she is in an alliance with Spencer and Howard.
Aaryn is freaking out wondering who told Elissa to tell Kaitlin she is going. Aaryn: “Now she is going to talk her self out of it”

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Wouldn’t it be great if on Thursday night Julie announces that it was America voting for MVP and then she says that Aaryn was the top vote getter but she was already on the block. Then everyone would know that the person they were keeping is the person that America disliked the most. Can you imagine what will go through their head when they realize they have decided to keep the person America dislike most? Then if Howard, Spencer, and Candice vote for Aaryn, they will look like the only smart ones.


Everyone’s aware that America doesn’t like aaryn. They are keeping her for her vote not because they aren’t smart enough to know she’s not a good person.


I hope Julie tells them about America’s vote. no one in the house knows aaryn is the most hated. they don’t even know America voted. I want to see ellisa and Helen face when they find out. ellissa is on a rant in the house about arryn staying. I think bb put her up to it to get aaryn out because of all the bad press they’re getting about aaryn. she’s telling kaitlen all about they’re plan to keep aaryn.


Julie will announce on Thursday that the MVP vote was America’s vote to place someone on the block. I can’t wait to the see the faces of the idiots who talked shit all week about Howard. especially Elissa’s face when she realizes America put her on the block and not Howard. I don’t understand why these clowns are mad at Howard going around forming alliances, when they are the ones making alliances with everyone in the house too. Helen talking about the “Black vote” is ignorant. this is BB, this is not a political election. I wonder how Helen would react if Howard was going around the house using the “Asian vote” line. I like how Howard is playing. everyone in that BB house is playing too emotional while Howard is playing the calm before the storm game. I don’t understand why these idiots are wasting time even thinking about the next HOH if they haven’t even voted off the present house guests on the block.


They will have to tell them that America was the MVP, right? He should win some future brownie points from the HGs for blaming him, I hope. And are we absolutely sure Judd is playing this up? If so, he’s over-playing it. And Lorazepam is a pretty intense medication – a sedative – mostly used for fairly significant anxiety. It’s also pretty addictive so usually folks aren’t on it too long; 7 years is a long time.

Put down that remote

My goodness…where to start? Yes, this is not a political election. But people are still being asked to vote. And people do indeed vote in blocs for people they identify with. This is why American Idol got taken over by the fundies, because that’s who watching that show.

Helen rightfully suggested that people of color and other minorities SHOULD be voting for Howard (or Candice, but since she’s a non-entity this season, no one’s going to vote for her) in order to help him against the racism this season. There is nothing racist is pointing this out — and she even explains that, as a minority herself, she’d understand it.

The flaw in her logic is the idea that Big Brother has legions of black viewers willing to waste their money on voting for what is a rigged vote anyway. My guess is there aren’t.


The problem isn’t that it’s racist it’s that it’s ignorant and she’s ignorant among being a major hypocrite in her logic and thinking. But that’s another story.. And if someone thinks a minority or a person is getting done wrong in the house because of racism or any other hateful attitude than people of any race “should” be voting if it moves them that much not just the supposed blacks etc.But this isn’t a presidential election where whomever is in office can have some affect on your life so maybe there aren’t a lot blacks voting because they aren’t watching and simply don’t give a damn about this type of show other than in passing.

tim ryan

you are saying exactly want i want to hear thank you someone gets it


The guests are playing to win $500K.

Their primary goal is not trying to vote out the players who America likes least — currently Aaryn.


brilliant acting job from judd

trying to make the others think he has no alliance in any way to howard

Helen's Alliance Member

Helen the bigot, wtf does she mean by that “The black vote is getting Howard MVP”. Why don’t CBS show that on the tv show? I bet it won’t make the cut just like all her dictatorship and bullying. I hope Howard or Spencer win HOH, so frigging sick of the superfriends/nerd herd.


She didn’t mean it in a racist or offensive way at all. But of course, people like you are gonna twist her words and use it against her.


Oh, I get your logic. So you’re saying that if someone had said that the “white vote” was what helped Elissa become MVP in the first three weeks, then that statement does not ring of racial undertones, right?
Lol, you are either slow or deluded


You’re pretty naive. Helen is flat out saying that only minorities would vote for Howard because he’s black and she’s bought the Amanda theory that Howard and Candace created the race issue and that’s the only reason he’s won the MVP because he’s a horrible person otherwise. This is the same theory racist politicians put forward about Obama. Which is minorities don’t think for themselves, they just vote as a block for whoever looks like them. Helen is in politics…she knows exactly what she’s saying.

I like Howard. Of all the guys, he’s the one most like my friends, but for the most part, I just enjoy BB without ever really rooting for somebody. But the racism of Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and Helen coupled with all the completely irrational hatred of a nice guy by everybody except Spencer, Candace, Spencer, and Jessie and calling into question his character, his faith in God, and pretending he created the racial bulls**t in this house, has made me choose sides for the first time since All Stars.

And once Howard goes, as he most surely will, I’ll be done. I’ve just never felt more distaste for a TV cast as I do the majority of these people.


Once again, we’ll said!

yoga stretch

Howard still has an opportunity to turn this around …
but let me guess, on All Stars, you must have been on Kaysar’s side


Dr. Will got me into BB and I’ve still not found somebody whose game I enjoyed more. Like I said, normally I root for a good game rather than player. In Will’s case, he’s the Michael Jordan of BB…in my opinion.

yoga stretch

See, I loved watching Kaysar in S6 and had high hopes for him in All Stars. Comparing players and personalities, Howard appears to be more like Kaysar: quiet, methodical, harder to read, etc… That’s why I guessed you sided with Kaysar. Dr. Will was more outgoing, but just as methodical as Kaysar.
Dr. Will is one of my favorites, Kaysar is also. But I agree, I like watching a good game and I’m hoping Howard turns out to be a good player.

Put down that remote

Well, it’s generous of you to overlook all of Howard’s own nastiness (he’s nearly as disgusting as Spencer is to women). And that fact that he’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed. And anyone who spends that much time praying must have some kind of enormous guilt weighing on his conscience. Wonder what he got up to when he was a fratboy college football star?

There is no way possible that Helen is racist. This is such a clearly wrong notion, it’s disgusting. Pure slander.


Not only should you put down the remote….you should step away from the computer as well!

So Howard is nasty…ok, I would go with that STUPID THEORY; however you have NOT supply me with one bit of evidence of this “nastiness!” …no links….no, NOTHING! Do not make a blanket statement and NOT provide examples of this behavior. Then to compare him to Spencer! REALLY! OH PLEASE! (especially, since there is PLENTY of evidence of shady behavior!)

Now, you further show your ignorance and say, “And anyone who spends that much time praying must have some kind of enormous guilt weighing on his conscience.” NO, it called being a Christian man who prays to God! You don’t have to like it ….you don’t have to agree with it….BUT, respect it!

Now, when people label Helen a racist; and I agree I do not believe she is one at all; however, the statement she made about the “black vote” was WRONG and for ME as a Black person and IMO that was a racist statement.

However, I do find amusing how you find the statements said about Helen were wrong, disgusting and just pure slander….but, that exactly what your post did to Howard —- it was wrong, disgusting and just pure slander . You talk about his intelligence and you implied since he prayed a lot he must have a shady background and you say this must have happen during his college days. Now, you completely made assumptions based on what …NOTHING!

Again, put the remote down and step away from the computer…QUICKLY!!!!!

Howard Really??

Give your man props. The man was the 4th Vote to evict Elissa. Didn’t have to. Didn’t help. Thought it was slick. Lied about it. Tried to re-align with Elissa/Helen. After, tells half the house he’s not aligned with Candice. Spends 90% of the time with Candice. Sleeps with Candice…Howard’s your boy? Boy is packin if he don’t win HOH.


You are delusional or just plain ignorant if you don’t think that comment is offensive to black people. Or if it was the Asian vote in terms of Helen, etc.


In this context, no. She didn’t mean black people would vote for Howard only because he’s black. She said they could relate to the racism he’s facing in the house and sympathize with him, thus earning him votes.

Joe Schmoe

I can’t stand Helen. I don’t think I would even spit on her if she were to burst into flames. She bores me to death on the feeds. She also acted the same way as HOH as Aryan did, just without the racial slurs. Her and Raggedy Andy were telling people if they didn’t vote their way, they would be targets next week. How is that any different than what Aryan and Jeremy were doing? It’s not, and only a fool would think otherwise. The difference in Helen’s mind was that they were blackmailing the other HG’s, whereas Aaryn and Jeremy were bullying. I call BS on that. It’s the same thing, it’s just when Andy gives you an ultimatum, he doesn’t come across as intimidating as Jeremy does. And I am not defending Aryan and Jeremy (they dug their grave, now they will have to deal with the consequences), I am just pointing out that HELLen and Ragedy Andy aren’t the saints that they seem to think they are. And to watch them on the feeds is the equivilant of watching paint dry or grass grow. I will enjoy both of their evictions.

julies rice bowl

Who are “peop[e like you.?”


She’s saying that many minorities would come together and give Howard the MVP because of the racist storyline this past week. The minority vote is something that many people were talking about at the last U.S. presidential election.

I don’t think Helen is racist/bigoted, and it’s easy to take her out-of-context comments in the wrong way. I’m sure people will say whatever they can to discredit the people in the house that they don’t like, though :-\ (Not that I love Helen myself.)


You’re right! This is ridiculous! Now Helen is making bigoted comments too! Why the double standard for Howard and Candice , and even spencer! The super friends all lie, back stab and act like sluts (with awful bigoted Amanda as the leader), but Candice/Howard/spencer are held to a different standard of conduct. This is becoming uncomfortable to watch. I hope the house flips next week.

Mike B

They are not Nerds lol Nerds don’t act like that

Mike B

They are not Nerds lol Nerds don’t act like that

Mike B

I like how all of the Sudden people are all against Howard when he is laid back playing the game the way it should be played. I swear to god I hope he wins I’m not even black. A African American has never won this game I want to see it. I’m sick to death of people coming in this game thinking they can just walk all over people because they win HOH one time.


I don’t think it is what Helen said is racist….but it does suggest that she has a perceived view of “minorities” and/or African Americans. She basically implied that black people will vote for Howard simply because of the color………What Helen said might not be racist but what she said can certainty be seen as balant prejudice.


That’s the major problem with playing the race card.

Once it’s out there, people will keep passing it around.

Any and every race-related comment will potentially be toxic no matter how innocuous.


If you cannot understand the meaning of a sentence how can you be fair in judging these players. It is a game and Helen as well as the others are just playing a game and it is like in the movies you call acting. I really like Howard and Candice in the beginning because they were in aliance with Elissa and Helen group. My dislike to Howard and Spencer started when Howard started to keep betraying on his alliances. He is not very good at it because their alliances has just been formed and started to turn on them right away. He got caught and promised not to do it again, however, the minute he turned around and started to form another alliance again turning against his own and now being caught again. He even used his Bible never to do it again. Helen was not being racial on her comments. She stated how important black votes are and I do think that is not a racial slur. Helen and company are trying to protect Candice from Howard cause they know that he is just using her. Helen herself has experienced a lot of prejudism in this country so she is not a bigot person. In my opinion she is one of the good player and Amanda and my only concern with Helen is she is too trusting of people and exposing their plan. When she was HOH she got the job done together with Amanda and looks like the next agenda is Howard because he keeps betraying their alliances. Let us see how this one goes. These are just my opinions of the game and everyone has their own.


My comment abovebis in response to Helen Alliance.


Correction On Helen saying mentioning about the black vote ( I do not think it is a racial slur). She is not a bigot cause as she has mentioned she has been called names before and have experienced a lot of prejudism in this country.


I’m reposting this comment I made on the last thread:

Helen’s comments about Howard getting a strong “black vote” are not racist; remember she’s a politician, she knows what she’s talking about. Plus, people vote for who they most identify with – on multiple levels – there’s an enormous African-American population, many of whom may well vote for Howard and/or Candace based on their identifying with them, this doesn’t mean that’ll be the only reason. Many non African-Americans will vote for them too for other factors they identify with.


So good old boy Judd is KKK.


Can someone please tell me how the vote is going to go down?

not 100%


JESSIE – KAITLIN? (Judd will probably tell her to get Kaitlin)
ELISSA – ??? (Part of ‘Superfriends’ but HATES Aaryn)

then the rest depends, Howard wanted Aaryn but said he will go with what JUDD wants.

SPENCER – AARYN? (Judd might tell him to flip to Kaitlin)
CANDACE – AARYN? (She seems hell-bent on getting Aaryn out but Howard does tell her what to do)
HOWARD – AARYN? (Although he says he’ll go with what JUDD wants)


Helen the Comedian!

Helen says that Howard won the MVP because the Black vote is strong in America. LOL! Helen, so people can’t just enjoy game play and decide whether they like or dislike a person based on their behavior, then vote. You think the Blacks are rigging the game. This is to funny. Blacks are the lowest voting turnout percentage in national and local elections historically. However, you think this reality show is so important that Blacks are huddled around their TV and voting for Howard. Helen, take a deep breath, I enjoy the show but it doesn’t affect my life and their is no Black conspiracy.

This is to funny. Helen convinces Jessie and Andy that Howard won MVP because he got the Black sympathy vote. So Jessie says me to…where is my sympathy, as a kid I was called pancake face. Oh my! Please start voting for Jessie now, she was traumatized as a child. Wait, Andy says VA vets are forgotten. Vote for Andy. Helen says she’s a minority as well. Vote for Helen. Wait isn’t this America’s MVP voting deciding who goes on the block. Hmmmmm…..well be careful what you wish for. Helen you have my vote for America’s MVP. Enjoy!


LOL.. I 100% agree, I’m black and I wouldn’t vote for Howard & besides, I’m sure not many black people are very interested in BB!


As Julie has stated expect the unexpected. The twist could change by Thursday.


Lol @ Simon, the subtle sarcasm in your posts kills me


Each and every one of them are being ‘judged’ by us and themselves. Having said that, I’m disappointed to see Candace has NO social game whatsoever. I do admire Howard because she is going to be the barnacle he can’t get off his leg and will suffer. His choice. She is a needy, whiny, baby who would be best cast on Basketball Wives IMO. Howard aligned with one of the ‘creepiest’ dudes in the house right off the bat and that’s not helping his case.
The best game I see being played at this present moment is Jessie by a landslide.


lorazepam = downers? hense Judd’s usual laidback look and quiet voice?


ya i think he has anxiety or some sort of mania and needs his meds to chill out (but he also mumbles). it’s kinda of worrying if he’s low cause you need a constant dose to not be super paranoid and act strange.

i think elissa may also be a little manic. ive heard her ask amanda for her mood stabilizers.


It’s generic Ativan an anti-anxiety drug. When used long-term it’s usually an as needed med & any reputable doctor will not prescribe a very high dosage. My husband suffers from an anxiety disorder as well as PTSD & along with his daily meds his doctor will only prescribe him up to 1mg a day as needed. Some days are worse than others for him & his anxiety.
I’d certainly peg Judd with an anxiety disorder & can only imagine how much more intense it must be with all the paranoia & backstabbing in the BB house. Hope he has enough to get him thru his BB stay.

Mike B

lorezepam = ativan

“the medication lorazepam (ativan) is an antianxiety drug used for the management of anxiety disorders and anxiety associated with depression” = downer


Ok so now Judd too has lost my support. I understand that people have to talk game. But insulting people personally is some kind of wrong. Calling women b*!t*h and sl*ts and wh**es, I just can’t support that.


I agree, Judd was one of my favs, but has now gone down on my list.


Remember guys they are playing a game if you base it on poker it constantly change. it all depends on what card you have.


Depends if they’re acting like it or not.

If, I’m being an asshole, is it wrong to call me an asshole because I’m a man? No. Then why should it be that way for a female?

If I call a women/man a name, and they’re being that, I’m well in my rights to call a spade a spade.

I only draw the line, if it’s a child, as they don’t understand right form wrong yet. Men and Women know right from wrong, they know they’re acting a certain way, and shouldn’t tell anyone they can’t call it like it is. Real Talk


I agree with you though, Judd was wrong for what he said, and I have a feeling he said that because that’s how Amanda talks about everyone.


dude it was a brilliant acting job from judd

he did not mean what he said

trying to make the others think he has no alliance in any way to howard


Im still confused who’s w who? Judd, katilan, all too confusing for me.


LMAO @ Judd looking for the coup de’ tat under Howards bed.
Apart from that it is clear that production is telling Elissa to re-flip the vote and make sure Aaryn goes so they can wrap up this week the way they planned.
And she will get it done. I’m sure Julie’s questions for Aaryn have already been written for her exit interview, and the show will NOT deprive her of that no matter what it takes.


Or Elissa really wants out bad and is doing what she can to get out, but leaving without shaking the house first.


That’s total BS! Elissa blab her mouth just as I predicted….. I wish she would just leave!
She is ruining other peoples game who actually want to play. And ur probably right …production probably told her to do that.
You blew it CBS! ATT: advertisers the fan base is pissed and leaving due to incompetence of staff.


I will be so glad when the house finally knows America was the MVP so they will stop accusing everyone else and quit freaking out over it.


“Elissa doesn’t think Howard will get MVP again unless he’s related to someone famous.”

Pot calling the tea kettle black? She knows the only reason she’s on the show and is being protected is her sister.

That’s why she’s been acting all entitled, like she’s better than everyone else.

Wasn’t she whining a weeks ago about wanting a fair shot? seems I was right, that was all an act to get viewer’s sympathy(and of course they feel hard for it), I bet it was production’s idea to let her tell people she was MVP, I don’t believe HG would be allowed to tell people they had it, and it works like D-POV. They would’ve voted her out week 1 had it not been for her telling them she was MVP, and them thinking they could use her. It all makes sense now.

I have a feeling they will turn on her, if she keeps acting like a b***h.



Elissa’s insane, and shits going down.


just turned on the live feeds – uh-oh! house-meeting?? this should be good. good luck Simon!


Simon, it’s pretty heated in there right now.


Ellissa is insane.

Watching the feeds now, Elissa is effin insane.

total poly~sci buff

today’s narrowcasting breaks apart a large city into income, ethnic and neighborhood demographic groups.
the black community has voted republican when they could despite all poll taxes and literacy tests from the
time of reconstruction up to FDR’s landslide over herbert hoover in 1932. only in recent years has the GOP
increased the number of african-americans amoungst their rank and file. i assume helen did not vote for
mitt romney or john mccan as in recently. to hear her trying to puzzle out what the MVP USA vote just did
is a minor shocker, given that poor howard is not a member of the house of borgia or a clever courtier at
the court of one of emperors of the byzantine empire. if helen is eventually told that missy aaryn was the
landslide winner, then maybe either poor kaitlin or elissa and then finally ginamarie, her ample paranoia will
be finally seen for what it is. can we describe her as being a minor political groundling & total control freak?


Wow, Judd, wtf?


It’s getting so crazy in the House, I’M going to need therapy when BB is over.


Our enemies are going to start showing POW BB episodes to make them crack.


Tomorrow on BB. CBS just throws in the towel and declares the Bear shirt the winner.

Sheri Ann

Now that’s funny

Big Sister

Does Helen really believe Black people only vote for other Black people? Does this mean she thinks she has a lock on all the Asian votes? She has to be more intelligent than what she has been projecting the past two weeks. I am so fed up with this group. A more diverse cast in age and ethnic background in the future would be really appreciated. Stop with the bikini models and people who know next to nothing about Big Brother! You had thousands trying out and this is the best you can find? Can’t they find people who can chew/eat with their mouths closed? Enzo was bad, but Andy is a close second. Since when did the number of times you are called to DR mean you won MVP? I have started to mute Amanda because I know exactly what she is going to say. Her constant putdowns of Howard are obsessive and over the top. Who died and made her queen?? Actually, for all of her disdain for floaters, hasn’t she been kissing up and in the HOH room/bed/bathtub more than anyone else? Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer should have received penalties to stay in the game. I remember in the early years this happened when someone got out of line. Sorry for my rant, but my frustration with this cast is overflowing and I had to let it out…


Than I’m a f*ckin anomaly? I’m a white person who voted for a black guy to lead the free world. I tell, you this race-baiting is pissing off white people too.


Mia she did not say it like that. She said black votes are important. The meaning of that sentence is that together with white votes plus black votes are important. This is my interpretation others can have theirs. Helen has stated that she herself has experienced a lot of prejiudism in this country. She has been called names so she is not prejudice against Black. She is in alliance to Howard from the start but I cannot understand why Howard keeps on throwing her name to be evicted. Helen caugh him doing that and promised even using the bible not to lie again however as soon Helen got the job done on Jeremy and Helen was on curfew Howard started again on turning against the original alliance and now he is caught again.


Elissa and Arryn reminds me of Rachel and Kristen.
I can’t wait for Elissa to drop an unforgettable moment and line such as “floaters grab a life vest”.
Entertaining, annoying and funny all at the same time. :))))

lol what

Helen is so stupid racial slurs have been going on in the house since day one why would howard get the black vote or the minority vote now him or candace would have been gotten it… and if the “minority” vote was really strong in determining the mvp aren’t you Helen as an Asian a minority? isn’t Andy a homosexual a minority .. oh my goodness I can’t with these ppl’s logic

and Judd is really starting to piss me off with the attacks on candace


And I’m sure a lot of Chinese/Asian-Americans DID vote for Helen, and a lot of gay and gay-supportive folks DID vote for Andy, etc., etc., etc. Why is it a bad thing to support those you have things in common with? Nothing.

Helen was not saying African-Americans vote as a block, and she was not saying they’d only vote for him BECAUSE he’s black – there’s many other reasons to vote for him. I really hate these Salem Witch trial accusations lately. Helen didn’t set all this up. Nor did Howard or Candace. I also agree that it seems a lot of posters are holding Helen, Howard and Candace to a different (dare I say, higher?) standard than they’re holding Aaryn et al.

Just making a comment!

It never cease to amaze me! The Superfreaks are made up with whites, Helen (Asian) minority, but thinks she’s better than Howard. Andy who is gay & and a minority.& Howard who is African American & yes he too is a minority. What is it that makes you RACISTS think that you are so much better? I haven’t heard any one call Helen a (chink.) I haven’t heard anyone call the Caucasians (trailor trash or white trash.) Why do race always come into play when there is an African American in the picture? And America think it is okay? CBS need to address these issues of race on BB! It’s about your game not the color of your skin.

PS I’m not African American. I’m part of American!


I guess tonight was a good night to get the feeds! Goodness gracious! These people are just going around in circles!!


Is that the new BB qualification? You must be on some sort of medication to play.


Oh, I get it. Howard gets the MVP and Elissa and Helen contribute it to the black vote. Well, let me tell you both something…this white chick would never vote for either of you. Howard may be playing the game, but he’s the least shady out of all of them. Let’s just make him the winner and put everyone out of their misery before China figures out how to use BB episodes as torture.


Ha! That’s funny.

Mike B

I like how all of the Sudden people are all against Howard when he is laid back playing the game the way it should be played. I swear to god I hope he wins I’m not even black. A African American has never won this game I want to see it. I’m sick to death of people coming in this game thinking they can just walk all over people because they win HOH one time.


And everyone said Amanda was going to go batzhit crazy. No, it’s the two power hungry people in the House (Helen and Elissa) who are freakin’ out.


I really hope Aaryn leaves! I don’t like Kaitlin personally but she could bring a lot of good drama to the game that isn’t as personal as what Aaryn can bring ( All racist, personal hate) which isn’t fun or entertaining, it’s just mean! It’s a game and having Kaitling there is much better ’cause she can win stuff and shake it up instead of Superfriends winning and making it boring and predictable every week.


If Elissa survives next week anyone that has pissed her off needs to run for the hells.

La la la

Wth is Elissa doing? I liked her but now shes just annoying!

Mike B

Rachel had her moments but only when Brendon was gone. Her sister is losing it. Brendon even told her don’t do it lol


WOW – I knew when I heard Elissa spill the beans to Kaitlyn all hell was gonna break loose!


This is sort of like O becoming president and all the right wingers acting like the world was ending.


Hey Judd, why don’t you say f*** you to Howard’s face you coward…better yet, tell him outside of the house. I can take people talking shit, it makes the game fun to watch. But I hate when people say it in a manner that are essentially fighting words, and are too p***y to say it to another’s face. I’m done with Judd….


Your comment implies that Howard would have a reaction to this that involves physicality. This could be misconstrued as demeaning to Howard.


judd was throwing howard under the bus so the others dont think judd is in any way with howard/spencer/candace

total poly~sci buff

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorazepam —- if this wiki article is correct, it can be a sedative, it might be used
if a person has a severe anxiety disorder but that physicians try to switch people off of it after a few weeks
due to the way a dependency can happen. it is not like a generic bottle of aspirin. Judd is on a very serious pill…


I think that Howard is being prepped for something. That’s why he is always called into the DR. But , unlike others, he doesn’t go around talking about it. Smart.
I would love to see him in power just to see the others reaction!


Jezzzz …is the whole house on Pharmacuticles??? What the hell? I say give em all a lb. of some good bud.
Only a couple weeks in and Judd is cracking big time. Hope he holds it together till jury.
I bet the next HOH is a physical strength comp…..gee could it be so Howard wins?
Beleive it or not I am starting to want Aryan to go far…..yes I know she made and makes some ignorant coments.
But hey, She is young and has alot to learn…I get the feeling she leed a kinda isolated life. When I was her age I
never did anything stupid. lol


—>What the hell? I say give em all a lb. of some good bud.<—Thank You! I've been saying that for 3 days now!


Why is race such a factor this year? The Black vote is supporting, Howard? Most Black people don’t watch Big Brother. I know, because my friends don’t know what the heck I’m talking about when I mention the show. These people are ridiculous. They are also showing the suspicion and racism that Black people face every day…even from other minorities. Thanks alot Helen.

Wish I had another one of these jokers

Seeing this is a national tv show … You would be surprised how many black people watch. We aren’t all sitting around watching Hip Hop Atlanta.


BB15 has by far the most hateful contestants yet… And Amanda and Aaryn need to go ASAP


Judd is ready to lynch SOMEBODY!!

Howard's Biceps

All this hatred towards Howard is getting ridiculous.. The house guests should all feel ashamed of themselves.. Especially Helen, Judd, Amanda, Andy, and Elissa..


judd is faking

and still in multiple alliances



Is there a problem with my posts? I tried posting comments 3 times it say waiting approval but then they don’t post


Omg Elissa think America voted for Howard because she was saying how nice of a guy he is and that only guys was eligible!!! She is crazy, I think It’s really starting to show too….


nice racist remark helen, your no better than anyone else in the house


Can’t wait simon!! Just saying I love this site. I go on the BB facebook page but have a really hard time reading a lot ofthe nasty posts. Love that I can come here and read people’s posts who talk about the game, their favorite players and least favortie. Sometimes I think we are just as bad as the people in the house with our comments or the way we flip. For example, Judd was a favorite until up unitl the last couple of days. Still don’t have a clear favorite which is weird because i usually do. I think because of the fomat (MVP) there really isn’t an underdog ………. and in the house, like this site we change of minds within hours. LOVE IT.


Simon did you get my question?


Thanks Simon. Maybe it is just my iPad. Sorry


I love the feeds tonight! Omg was anyone else screaming BRING AMANDA IN! Haha kaitlin should have called her in the room too! Omg I love the drama tonight 🙂


Kind of makes me wonder what Elissa and her fantards would say if Howard got MVP three times in row. Guaranteed it wouldn’t be pretty.

Pretty trickster

Omg why is everyone so paranoid over Howard he has Iike no clue about BB


This is the must anxious, prescription drug taking BB house I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder they start new alliances twice daily. These people are crazy.


OMG!!! this is why this season is all f*cked up. They are ALL on medication. Boomhauer has been taking lorazepam..(valium, ativan) for 7 years. That stuff is strong and addictive. Amanda, “your eyes are dilated” He is having withdrawals in the BB house. Now Judd is going crazy. The others are on Adderal and who knows what….. by the way, I think Elissa is right with that one. It does give an unfair advantage. Adderall can get you hyper focused, as well as other things that can help you in the BB challenges. Is there anyone in the house is NOT taking medication for mental health reasons? This is the new America.

FYI: this is not an attack on anyone taking meds. Although i personally think they are prescirbed to freely, they are definately needed by some. I’m just questioning the judgment of casting for haveing so many HG’s in the house that clearly need medication to function somewhat normally. What did they think would happen? This explains a lot of the overplaying, paranoia, and all out crazy behavior that most of the HG’s have shown.

Production, will someone PLEASE GIVE JUDD HIS MEDS!?!?!?!?!?!!?