Judd says Candice is a money hungry wh*re, I’m sick of her!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


12:40pm Out in the backyard – Judd, Andy, Helen and Amanda are talking. Judd fills Amanda in on his conversation with Ginamarie and the plan to get Howard and Spencer to vote out Kaitlin. Judd tells Amanda we might need to make a fake alliance with Gina just to keep her loyal to us. Amanda tells Them that they can’t give Howard and Spencer any indication that we are voting out Kaitlin because Candice will go bat sh*t crazy and Howard and Spencer will go scrambling to get the house to vote out Aaryn. We have to wait until the day of so that they don’t have time to do anything. Amanda says if I win HOH I am putting up Howard/Spencer and if one of them wins Veto I will put up Candice. Judd says she is a money hungry wh*re and I am sick of her. Amanda brings up how Howard has lied on the bible so many times. Judd says don’t make him do it any more we already know he lies. Amanda says that she will out them like no other. Andy says I want to win HOH because I will make that nomination ceremony as dramatic as hell. Amanda says Howard uses his religion, his race and swears on the bible. Judd says that now Spencer is using the bible too, it makes me sick! Judd says I am not swearing on the bible in here, I won’t do it. Amanda says how funny would it be at the nomination ceremony if we asks for everyone to raise their hand if they have a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer and then all of us raise our hands. They talk about the possibility of a double eviction. Judd says he thinks he will go home on a double eviction. Kaitlin joins them. Kaitlin complains about how she thinks someone threw out her water bottle. Kaitlin says that’s fu*ked up America! Andy jokes and says he saw Helen throwing out a water bottle and laughing. Judd asks Amanda which one she likes better (Aaryn or Kaitlin). Amanda says Aaryn, I trust her more. Howard comes out and gets on the elliptical to work out.
CBS Interactive Inc.Everyone heads inside but Howard and McCrae. McCrae talks to Howard. Howard says that he’s good just there are a few things that are bothering him. He says he has been truthful lately. Howard says he is hearing he is the target. McCrae says he hasn’t heard that, he’s heard Amanda which scares him. Howard says you can’t hustle a hustler, you can’t con a conman. I know where it came from too so if I hear it again I will know where it came from. The toughest thing isn’t the game I got that, its the bullsh*t. If you’ve got a good heart it shows. Good always overcomes evil. Howard says this is a big HOH coming up. I am prepared for the war but if it comes to it and there is an easy way or a hard way I will take the easy way every time. Don’t get me wrong though I am ready to go to war. It’s getting to the point though were I can’t look some people in the eyes, it was like that this morning. Amanda comes out and she and McCrae head over to the pool.
1:20pm – 1:30pm In the bathroom – Andy tells Kaitlin to stop acting so excited for the upcoming compeititions. He says it makes you seem like a threat. Kaitlin tells Andy that from talking with people he’s been told that she needs to campaign because Gina is definitely safe. Kaitlin is talking to Andy about how she was told there could be a couple votes against her. Andy asks who?! I haven’t heard that, I definitely would have told you if I heard that. Kaitlin says I am going to get HOH this week but I feel like I am going to have target on my back over it. Kaitlin says she’s heard that Howard has formed alliances with everyone. Andy says that Howard hasn’t formed an alliance with him. Andy says this is an easy week getting out Aaryn. Kaitlin says that Helen and Elissa said Candice is voting against me. Andy says I will keep my eyes and ears open and let you know if I hear anything. Kaitlin says yeah let me know if I need to campaign. Elissa joins them. Elissa talks about all the gross comments Spencer says about Jessie and wonders what his girlfriend thinks about it.


1:45pm Amanda, McCrae, Candice and Andy are out by the pool talking about musicals and movies. Amanda asks how Candice can wear the onesie when it’s so hot. Candice says that she is trying to warm up because the havenot room is so cold. Amanda looks at her boobs and asks why is this one sagging why more than the other one?


2pm – 2:20pm Helen is in the kitchen making sloppy balls while she talks to Elissa and Aaryn about travelling and losing their passports. The talk about how if they were on Survivor they would have been finished already. They comment that Big Brother is the longest reality tv show. Helen and Elissa talk about how they would want to be on The Amazing Race. Aaryn is surprised that the grand prize is 1 million. Meanwhile in the backyard – Amanda and Howard talk about past acting they’ve done.


2:25pm In the back bedroom – Gina wakes up. Aaryn and Kaitlin are there putting away their laundry and talking. Kaitlin asks how is that Amanda was out in the backyard saying all racist comments and no one says anything about it. Kaitlin says about how all of her boyfriends start dating other races after dating her. Aaryn says I never even said anything racist. Kaitlin says yeah I know, I know. Howard gets called to the diary room. Kaitlin, Aaryn and Gina talk about how Howard has to be MVP because of how many times he’s called to the diary room.


2:30pm – 2:50pm Judd comes out with the HOH camera and they start talking HOH photos.


3pm In the havenot room – Howard is talking to Candice. Candice complaining about how hungry and tired she is and can’t eat any more slop. Howard is trying to get her to eat. Howard tells Candice that Kaitlin has a greater probabitlty of winning HOH than Aaryn does. He says that he is done worrying about it and will let him (Judd) decide who he wants to keep. Candice says if I win HOH I am putting Amanda and McCrae up because they would put you up. Howard says that he might do the same but says that he doesn’t know who the MVP would be. Candice says that she thinks Howard will be put up next week. Candice says that Amanda is on a mission. She says it doesn’t matter because of they have the votes.


3:10pm – 3:50pm Up outside the HOH room at the chess board – Spencer and Hoard are talking.

Meanwhile out in the backyard – Amanada, McCrae, Elissa and Andy are talking. Amanda says that the proof is in the pudding. I have been loyal to the same people since the beginning. Andy says that he has too. Amanada says did you know that Howard has two girls at home and he is just using Candice. Elissa says that she is tired of him using the bible and religion. Elissa starts going off on Andy and McCrae because she thought they were laughing at her. Andy and McCrae both say they weren’t laughing at her. Andy says he was just trying to keep her quiet. Elissa says I just want you to know that I don’t appreciate you laughing at my religion. Andy and McCrae both say they were but Elissa doesn’t really believe them and leaves. (Andy and McCrae were NOT laughing at her. Elissa totally blew this way out of proportion and took it the wrong way. She is having another crazy episode like the one she had with Judd the other day.) Andy says oh my god I don’t know what just happened. Amanda tells them to go apologize to her even though you didn’t do anything wrong. Andy and McCrae go into the bathroom and try to talk to Elissa. She tells them that she doesn’t want to talk to them or have anything to do with them. McCrae and Andy try to explain they weren’t laughing at her but Elissa isn’t listening to them and keeps thinking they were making fun of her religion. Andy explains that Gina was right there and he was trying to quiet her down because Gina is in a secret alliance with Howard. Jessie comes in and says that she doesn’t know what they are talking about but Howard and Spencer are outside the HOH room and can probably hear them. Elissa leaves. Andy and McCrae comment on how BIZARRE Elissa is acting. They head into the bedroom and try to explain it to Elissa again. Elissa says that she is appalled and disgusted with Howard and the way he uses religion. Elissa keeps saying that she takes religion very seriously. McCrae and Andy both tell Elissa that they would never laugh at her and especially not about something as important as religion.



3:51pm – 4:05pm The live feeds return and all the house guests are on an HOH lock down. They are all talking about other reality TV shows and other random things. The conversation turns to talking about past seasons of Big Brother.


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196 thoughts on “Judd says Candice is a money hungry wh*re, I’m sick of her!

  1. Now Candice is a whore?, I thought that was Amanda, she’s the only proven wore in that house right now, Judd is turning into Amanda.

    1. wow, im really surprised judd said that!!! but in all fairness, Candace and howard are doing all the same things that mccrae and amanda are doing under the covers, they are just doing it way more quietly (there’s a dailymotion video of c giving h a hj if you don’t believe me). i find that howard often lays his head right near candaces crotch, in front of everyone, it’s awkward.

      1. Who’s says that Candiace or Howard is going home…. How you know that slut puppy and sloppy looking man Amanda is not going home with her ugly outside and ugly inside and may be that is who you are. She is Witch who thinks she knows it all first of all candiance or howard or spencer never did any thing to her she just choose them because they are nice people and she is the devil. I cannot stand her and now I cannot stand Judd with his country butt. And Andy is a freak of nature and a joke . Really all three are a joke and stupid. How about that.

    2. Candace is annoying and self-righteous. I can’t wait to see her reaction when Howard gets put on the block and goes home.

      1. Candace and Howard need to go… Howard is a typical southern holy roller…. A total lying Hypocrite… I can’t stand him almost as much as Amanda.

      2. Just because Amanda and Judd and MC do not know God then don’t say someone is using the bible and lieing on it. Because don’t talk about what you don’t know you devils……. And Amanda or Judd or MC have no great personalites and they are all racist uncover…….. More than Arryn least she is a honest racist and not under cover. I cannot wait for them to be out the house. and trust me they will be out before howard or spencer or candiance. NOW!

        1. It’s just funny to me that everyone on here is arguing with each other:) Hell, I’m more concerned about why the feeds switched to trivia? And why the HOH lockdown? That’s kinda weird & unusual. So whaddya’ll think about it? Any guesses? Maybe Pandora’s stopping by for a visit??? Lol. Or a luxury comp?? Idk.

          ***Oh & I asked this on a previous post, but when I went back to see if anyone had answered me(Simon/Dawg) I couldn’t find my original comment. Anyhow the question was about the last POV comp. In the post u made with the results, you said, McCrae-won $5000, Elissa- Cannot play in the next POV, Helen- Had an 8pm curfew:) and Judd the stud got himself locked up for 24hrs. What I found confusing was, the fact that Aaryn & Kaitlin were actually nominated but they weren’t listed as getting any rewards or punishments. It just didn’t make sense. They should’ve been going hard for the veto. Yet they got nothing???? Also, was anybody else surprised they(production) had this comp so early?? I know I was. They normally don’t do it until like final 6 or 7. Definitely not week THREE??? And what happened to shaving your head, dying hair pink, chum baths, and being chained together for 24hrs??? They left out all the good stuff. Imagine Aaryn & Elissa being chained together for 24hrs:) LOL. Or Howard & Amanda:)

    3. judd was overhyping his comments about candace to amanda

      judd is a pretty conservative and respectable guy

      he said that comment about candace as he was saying it to amanda it would appeal to amandas crude mentality

      judd is making amandas side think he is not with candace/howard/spencer but he really is

      everything these people say, instead of thinking it is the truth or that they mean it, try to read the purpose and meaning and reason behind what is said

      judd is positioning himself so he and jess are cool with whoever wins the next hoh

      1. He was absolutely playing along. From what I can gather, Judd has positioned himself with the Superfriends AND with Howard and Spencer, plus he spoke with Aaryn last night saying they might need to work with Howard and Spencer and with GM saying they might have to work with Amanda and McCrea and I suspect will soon tell Jessie that they need to work with Helen and Elissa. These are some pretty ambitious machinations…but if he can make it work, he’s covered himself impeccably.

        Judd seems like the player you will never fully get until you see his diary sessions and he’s really only loyal to himself (and that’s a compliment in my BB book) the Candace/Howard/Spencer stuff was merely to counteract any suspicions from the time he spoke with them as HOH. I still believe Judd’s ideal final 6 is himself, Jessie, Spencer, Andy, McCrea, and Howard…in that order.

        1. yeah he is playing a quality game – best player so far in my opinon

          what i like best is his ability to just brush off anything like its nothing to have the least amount of enemies possible

          he would love to tell amanda or gina to stfu when they are disrespecting jess, but doesnt to make them feel like he is comfortable with them…this also downplays his friendship with jess keeping them both safer and less of a threat

          and he allowed mccrae and amanda to pretty much take over his hoh to make them fully secure with him – and made it known he didnt give a sh!t about the room

          his alliances well setup with jess(f2), with howard and spencer(f4) with candace, and the mean girls on the side for numbers…if aaryn stays she is more likely to work with judd in my opinion, as she doesnt want to work on elissas side, and on judds side there will be jess and gina, and aaryns training partner howard

          plus positioned himself well with mccrae/amanda…and…andy…and…helen/elissa as well depending on who wins each hoh

          just watch how he deals with certain scenarios, hes pretty cool, and quite intelligent, he hides very well how sharp and switched on he is

        2. Mostly agree. JUDD and ANDY control the house. Goof Troop is the main alliance this week. If Spencer/Howard win next week, they will shed Amanda and replace with Helen.

      2. @Name, what you say could be correct. But if he really is working with Spencer could he not take him aside and give him a little chat like he does with those on the block? “Hey, now I know you are joking around and all but maybe you might want to cool the comments about how hot Jessie is. It’s pissing a lot of the girls off and they are starting to mention your name.”
        Just saying.

        1. yes i agree good point – i would love to see judd do that with spencer, but again thats the kind of mentality you are dealing with with, he is a crass dude

          i like jess alot, one of the nicest people there, and she shouldnt have to put up with any crap like that

    1. lol, its funny because Candice and Howard are the ones personally attacking Amanda and obsessing over her.


        1. Relax Jacqui. Why are you getting so angry? In the grand scheme of things, this is not something to get so worked up over. You have your favorites which is fine. Not everyone shares your views. Yelling at them and name calling aren’t going to change minds.

        2. Lmao grow up, talking in caps is oh so scary. The planet I’m living on is called the feeds I guess because that’s what I’ve seen on the feeds. Candice and Howard talk about Amanda just as much. In the beginning of the game, Howard had a crush on amanda. He wanted a showmance with her, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. He’s obsessed with her; not the other way around. So before you go yelling get your facts straight.

          1. Are we watching the same feeds?? Because every time I get online all I see is Amanda going on tirades about Howard. Not only that but she constantly bring up his “big black c**k”, so I think she is the one with the obsession. I rarely see Howard talk about Amanda. I’m praying Amanda goes on the block next week. She keeps on planting seeds in people’s heads, she is the reason their is so much drama going on.

      2. amanda must have said a thousand times she wants howard out

        stfu amanda im bored of your monotonous annoying voice saying this

    2. the amanda bashing of howard is now beyond ridiculous

      i want one of them, every time she goes to talk, cut her off and say, let me guess amanda howard is a threat and you want him out

      over and over again, like a broken record

      on a side note –

      kaitlyn: “how is that Amanda was out in the backyard saying all racist comments and no one says anything about it?”

      1. @ Name -Ohhhhh that makes perfect sense! thank you for shining some light on that I really hope that’s true because I actually liked Judd(well not like but not dislike) until he said that I didn’t know what got into him

        1. that was just my read on it

          judds not the kind of guy to normally talk like that

          he appeals to the class and mentality of the person he is dealing with in each different conversation

          so i just felt he really needed to sell that to amanda about being against candace/howard/spencer

          there are so many lies told and exaggerations when discussing others behind their backs that it often makes things confusing to know where people really stand

          but there is going to come a point where its simply one side versus the other – thats what howard mentions is coming…war is imminent

  2. That Howard convo really makes it seem like everyone is really terrible at telegraphing a move. I mean Howard is the quietest guy in the house he knew mccrae was lying to him about being MVP like 2 days after he told him. Helen,Elissa and Andy are the worst because they make it known when they don’t like someone with their body language rather than their gameplay.
    Howard and Spencer are gonna try even harder to win HOH now and its just been half a day

      1. They all lie, but why is it that only Candice and Howard are being called liars? No, not just liars f@&$g whore liar and religious liars, etc….It’s not the noun I have a problem with its the adjectives the precedes it. And 99% of the time the one that’s calling them liars just told a big lie just before. It’s makes it seem like entitlement. The “privilege” ones can lie, but anyone else that does is a liar. Just saying….the cast is being targeted as racist not just because of a few slurs its the tone. Personally, I think Howard game play is horrible. But so are Andy, Elissa, Amanda, McCray, and Helen. They overplay because they think they are smart than the rest of the house. That’s will come back to bite them and Jesse and Aaryn will be the final 2 standing. The others have let Amanda brainwash them into hating Howard and Candace that they have allowed her to play their game. I predict that Amanda will never win anything because she has the rest of the bozos during her dirty work. She’s playing the game dirty but at least she’s playing her game. However, someone in her crew will soon realize this and take her out. That’s the risk of playing dirty instead of smart.

    1. Howard’s game could be better. Tells everyone in the house he’s not aligned with Candice but spends 90% of the time w Candice. You buy that? Mcrae saying he’s aligned Amanda makes Howard a little shady. If Howard can pull a Dan.. calls a house meeting and calls out Candice to tears- that would be nice..won’t happen though..

  3. Two guys work together – Howard and McCrae. Howard notices that the white guy always came to work with a smile on his face. He asks him “Man, how come you come to work with a smile on your face every day?” McCrae says “That’s because I make love to my Amanda every morning before work.” Amazed the Howard asks him how he gets his wife to make love to him every morning. “That’s easy,” McCrae said. “I just tell her the same poem when I wake up:Amanda, Amanda, eyes so true, I just love waking up and making love to you!” Well, determined Howard decides to take his friends advice. The next day Howard shows up to work all beat to hell – black eyes, broken nose, fat lip… the works. McCrae says, “Man, what happened to you???” Howard says “I don’t know, I went home and tried your advice.” “Well, what poem did you tell your wife?” McCrae asked. Howard replied: “Candace, Nappy head, eyes like a frog, If I could roll your fat ass over, I’d do you like a dog!”

    1. These ‘jokes’ are getting old and offensive. I wish Simon and Dawg do a better job of screen these useless post from now on

      1. It’s very hard for us to manage everything on the site offensive comments are bound to make it through. If you notice someone posting sh!t let me know and I’ll look into it. I’ve already had to ban a couple people but only after what they were doing was brought to my attention

          1. Excuse me but are you not the one that jumped on me for taking up for Jessie when someone was making a joke about her. Now you are complaining about somebody making ones about Candice and Howard. I know it’s because of the racial stuff and i agree enough is enough and even though the joke about Jessie was not racial don’t you think she would be hurt all the same because it was basically about her being dumb and a wh*re. Think about it just because it’s not racial doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings if they heard it. Imagine if somebody said that to you wouldn’t you feel that way too.

            1. Jessie dose need to go. I want to watch a game with intelligent players and Jessie does not fit. Anyone who can’t figure out how many weeks there are in a month needs to be reeducated. I’m sorry that she is one of the worst players in the history of BB but just like Spencer says she probably is good for something

              1. i have a feeling it was said to make it appear she is less intelligent than she actually is, so perceived as less of a threat in mental comps

                it was too large a mistake to take seriously, but had alot of people here buying into that she isnt intelligent, based on that one comment alone, so if that was her goal, perhaps she was successful

                candace says jess is intelligent, and made the point of saying that, and based on what ive seen and heard, i agree with that

                sometimes the smallest thing can save or evict a house guest

                ive seen other house guests do a similar thing in various big brothers in other countries

                more recently – talla in bb canada season 1 this year

                jess is playing in an understated way and trying to stay out of trouble…many points she comes up with in the game are well thought out and measured, and she is a good game friend match with judd, they seem comfortable together

              2. Oh and Jordan was the smartest bb player!! She didn’t even know what time it was if it was quarter after the hour….and Jordon won the game!!! How do you know Jesse isn’t modeling her game after Jordan?

    2. I really hate all this down time in the house in between the POV ceremony and the eviction vote. As of right now I feel Kaitlin is going home. Please BB give the house guests something to do these 3 days besides plotting against each other.

    3. BBfan, Lurker, Aaryn, bend over Jessie, Go Aaryn go!, I voted for Obama etc etc all these comments are coming from the same IP some of them are replies to each other and are posting comments that are getting a lot of negative attention.

      I don’t want this type of behaviour on my site PLease stop.

      You have posted normal stuff in the past that was viewed positively go back to doing that.

      1. Thank You Simon! And—>Everyone On HERE!! That was me directed at the Aaryn comment & that’s the only time I’ve used a name besides my own. & I felt it needed to be done. I love the work you guys do to make this the best site to come to!

      2. there might be multiple people going by the name lurker due to i know i never posted like you mentioned. therefore i’ll add a 007 to the end. i made a post in the last update about “ugh they all suck” and then listed whatever (forgetting throw in how andy is a fake and a liar) and a few posts about how don’t like amanda and how bitter that helen has lost all integrity due to what she is doin to kaitlin after her “promise” last week.

      3. I recommend banning the IP address and then the real “lurker” would be the only one to comment. If Lurker stops, then we know it was that person all along.

    4. How smart is Aaryn?

      Aaryn had sharp pain in her side the other day. Aaryn goes to her favorite white doctor. The doctor after examining her says, “Aaryn you have acute appendicitis.” Aaryn then says, “That’s sweet, doc, but I came here to get medical help.”

      1. Here you go Simon, another useless baseless and racial “joke.” Why did Aarynmom have to state a “white” doctor on top of the stupidity???

        1. the joke is also very sexist. it was playing into the stupid bigot thingie.
          its politically incorrect on three levels, not one or two. lets face it,
          if nick in real life is a Yalie, poor GM in real life could have the same
          I.Q. points as he but has a high probability of not being as educated
          as he. if rachel’s better half has high odds of gettin’ a Ph.D, he is not
          an example of adult illiteracy. if these jokes are hoary to the degree
          that a hollywood old timer would be reminded of jack warner being
          half drunk at a shindig or don rickles at a losvegas friars roast, thats bad.
          if my gonzo is often vastly inferior to that of hunter thompson’s and
          i am still bitter over the way Rolling Stone published him instead of
          me, if i crack wyoming territory jokes about DARTH VADER, a senate
          seat & poor ENZI’s poll numbers as i opine on liz cheney, can i be forgiven?


    6. Simon, this person has become increasingly vile. How much longer do we have to put up with this? Each comment lately has included so-called jokes that are not funny. I appreciate the opportunity to make and read comments on this website, but this person is going too far. Aaryn is not clever or funny, but disgusting and disappointing.

    7. Those comments were JOKES.

      IF you don’t like the jokes, move on.

      I don’t like shows that glamorize the mafia, but I don’t try to get them banned.

      I don’t like hearing folks use the Lord’s name in vain, but I don’t try to have all those folks silenced.

  4. i reeally hope howard, spencer, or candice win hog, not because i like them necessarily more but just because it’ll make for a better week. this season i dont really find that their are any floaters (besides maybe GM and/or Jessie) or any players that are way ahead better then everybody else

  5. Really Judd? Like come one! It’s like all the “nice” people in the “super friends” alliance are turning into Amanda, wtf is going on!

    1. It seem like it all change after Elissa used her POV and Gina was put up on the block. Now everyone forgot about getting Amanda out and now its Team “get Howard out” Because they assume Howard is MVP. I hate that they are making it personal instead of being about the game.

      Candice Spencer and Howard are the underdogs now so I’m rooting for them. Like I said before, it will really be a game changer next week if either Spencer Candice and Howard win HOH, POV & MVP.

      The issue with them is that Howard and Spencer trust andy, Judd is part of their alliance and Judd is faking it. And Candice has a vendetta again Aaryn.

      I mean it doesn’t look good and team Super friends may be on top, we will see the 1st step of who will crumble after the HOH competition.

  6. I try to call ace a ace and spade a spade this addiction that amanda has for howard is getting too much …. I WAS CONFUSE who i will be rooting for and i think its my african brother or sister i have never seen one make it to final 2 or win .. ANYONE that targets howard is on my shit list,, bias much lol .. Amanda finds fault with everyone’s game play instead of fixing the fault in her own … howard hoh

    1. Danielle Reyes runner up in season 2. She had my vote to win, but I didn’t make jury.
      (p.s. despite what i believe is her misunderstanding or misusing what is going on with the race issue and production, Amanda is still my fav. player)

  7. This might be a bit off topic – but I read the LA Times article about Aaryn’s mother hiring a PR firm and found it interesting – the article stated that the release of this info came from “the series” aka BB – now, that’s odd. CBS sent out its own release regarding the hiring… . Not excusing Aaryn by any stretch but something isn’t adding up.

  8. judd has no room to talk, first he cant even speak english, plus he is so desperate he will latch on to anyone, he is so lame he begs for kisses from jessie, loser…………………

    1. i swear… JUDD talks southern bordering on a state of Franklin and/or Tennessee border state cotton mouth.
      his diction is inferior to that of Claude Rains the movie actor but superior to that of James Dean in GIANT(1956)

      1. JUDD when HoH makes me think he could enter hisown home state’s politics and win after one or two or three elections.
        if you turn up the volume on him if you have all the footage on tape, he rarely says anything abysmal or stupid. he’s cute.

        1. i try not to be superstitious in real life as i actually try to tell myself that there is no
          Sports Illustrated magazine cover curse or HoH curse after leaving the HoH room!

  9. This is going down as one of my favorite season ever!! I like the fact that it’s so hard to tell who is in an alliance and we all know how things can change in one evening. Beats the past season where it was one side of the house knocking out the other. If not for the twist, Jeremy would still be in the house .. and he and K would be terrible to watch and I bet aa and gm would be even meaner. A floater/under estimated player always gets to the end ….. I don’t know if any of them would be as good as Ian as she won the challenges he needed at the end otherwise we all know Dan wanted him out. Dan wanted to take Jen with him to the end as he knew his chances would be better. Oh, just about forgot, read a interview Nick gave and apparently he is saying the short GM has been sniffing after he left aren’t his ……….. lmao … maybe they are Spenser’s (we all know he is creepy and may get off on something like that and not say anything).

    1. if nick’s hips and spencer’s hips are not even remotely the same size
      at all… and the unwashed man smell is all over them… poor poor GM!
      what are the odds spencer’s big tent sized shorts are the same color
      as nick’s much less expansive ones? nick is not burly, he’s buff + trim!

    1. probably unless howard and crew get a clue to talk to her about who she is aligned with, or unless helen/elissa talk to her about amanda’s rumor about kaitlin targeting them.

      there might be a few things else that could happen, but the point is the right people getting to the truth concerning mcmanda lies

  10. if was on big brother in won hoh i would put up a couple that or close as friends or lover reason why think about it they start to talk about eachother so they could stay in the house you get one out in the other one will join you so the best thing for now is amanda an macre on the block or judd an jesse or howard an spencer or howard an candice

  11. Hm. Just came across some info stating that Amanda is set to win this season. Don’t know how true it is but it could make sense considering Amanda’s connects to Boogie and the fact that she stated she used to be an editor/producer for a reality show and is supposedly in cahoots with Grodner. She’s been getting a pretty good edit (standing up for Jessie, consoling GM, standing up to Aaryn) considering her morale is on the same level of Aaryn, who CBS chooses to run repeatedly over, whilst casting Amanda in a “Amanda against bullying and racism” light. Plus, Amanda quickly caught up on how the editing was going and despite being aware of this, continued to spew the same crap she recently told Aaryn to stop. If she knows the show is going along with this racism thing, why would she continue unless she knew hers wouldn’t be shown? Remember guys, she always told Aaryn, “They’re PORTRAYING you as racist.” Idk but to me, Amanda seems set to win. And let’s all be honest here, do we really think Gina Marie got more votes than Amanda as the nom.? I mean really? I sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists lmao but hey, it could be true and knowing Grodner, I sure wouldn’t doubt it.

      1. Lol relax. Simply passing along information that’s sure to make it’s way here somehow. It is a rumor after all. Something BB fans are talking about and this is a site for BB fans, no?

      2. okaaaaaaaaaaaay…. i have carefully digested the factoid that seemed reliable that says in real life
        that nick really wants to be a well known household word actor, and now the kevin bacon game hint
        that the guy IAN brilliantly lied to is part of the same social set as young amanda is indeed now noteworthy
        as rumor. we have the rest of the summer to see if this new rumor is very real or not! just as the game
        was about to get boring again, the way CBS applecarted this merrie BB season has to be opined on!

    1. Amanda has proven to be no better than Aaryn yet she’s getting the good edit.

      CBS has been proven this season to be heavily using the race and bigotry thing for the ratings. I’m positive they cast this season knowing this.

      You’re not a CT, you just take the truth about BB as we see it from the Live Feeds.

  12. The comment by “Aaryn says” is way too funny! Everyone needs to lighten up it was just a funny post. If they posted that about Amanda or Kaitlin, there would be no complaints from anyone.

    1. You’re a troll dude.. you’ve been exposed by Simon.. Now if he & dawg would just kick you off the site we could all go back to enjoying the message board

  13. Amanda said, (after watching GM down the cinnamon), “If I had a peni$ I would stick it in your mouth”. Lying Biatch! Amanda has a peni$ and she also has a pu$$y. She even has a name for her pu$$y…..it’s Mcrae!

  14. I really do hope Howard wins, then you can BET those folks fall all over each other to rat one another out first and this is going to be EPIC! You folks hating on Howard really baffle me…

    1. The Howard hate baffles me as well. The guy doesn’t say much to be so hated. He’s hard to read and folks are threatened by that. I will say he needs to step up his social game if he wants to stay around.

      1. …Not sure he’s recovered from voting to evict Elissa during AG’s HOH in Helen’s eyes…If he voted Nick, he could easily align with Helen and Elissa, and could target Amanda/Mcrae. You can manipulate Helen to a degree, but being the 4th vote to evict Elissa(her main alliance) – well the man has made his bed…

  15. i could understand andy an judd they doing what they have too survie but men all i want amanda an mcrea gone they think they run every body i tell them to they face im puting them up in i want all coming after me you doing it any way amanda an mcrea user to me get them out please howard candice spencer

  16. Judd, you’re the idiot who let everyone in the house run your HOH. you’re tired of Howard, Spencer and Candice but you nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin. not only did Amanda steal MC balls, she took your balls and stuffed them down your throat. you’re the HOH this week and you’re following what everyone is telling you what to do. taking out Aaryn, Kaitlin or GM this week was the dumbest HOH move this season. this week’s eviction doesn’t do anything for Judd or anyone in the house but Howard. Howard knows all 3 up on the block plays to that side of the house more than him.

    1. dude remember there are many lies being told in the house

      dont believe that everything said is truthful

      everything is not as it seems

      people positioning themselves to be in good standing with multiple alliances after the next hoh

    2. JUDD and ANDY control the house. Both are not on anyone’s radar and both will not go up the block in the next 2 weeks even with MVP in play. Both can shift balance of power from Mcrae to Helen OR from Mcrae to Spencer – anytime they want. Right now they favor Mcrae. That could change.


    I did see the one where McCrae forced Howard to do it to keep him and Amanda safe next week if he didn’t put him up with the MVP nomination that he LIED about having. What were the other two?

    1. Swearing on the bible outside of a “court of law” is as serious as swearing on a Harry Potter book. A Lie, is a Lie, no matter how you slice it, it’s literately impossible to make it worst than what it is. Howard’s way of lying is no different than Amanda’s.. It’s called LYING.

      If people want to blow “swearing on the bible in a game that’s built from the grown up on lying” out of proportion they really need some psychiatric help, because they’re borderline insane.

      In the game of Big Brother everyone lies, however they choose do it doesn’t matter. It;s a Game… GET OVER IT

      1. swearing on the bible might not mean nothing to you but to somebody who is deeply religious like howard it means a lot and it is sad that he choose to do that but I’m still rooting for him

  18. I wish they would incorporate some of the stuff they did on big brother canada. For instance the secret tasks with rewards or punishments. Would make for more entertaining feeds and after dark, I like game talk but it’s getting so repetitive, give these house guests something to do that entertains not only them but us too !!

        1. Yeah hated the twists like this so called MVP but the tasks were fun to watch and gave the house some lighter moments I know it’s a game but I want to rip out my own teeth when they go on and on with the game talk.

          1. Great way for them to expose themselves without having to cut the feeds. Makes more sense than this valuable player bs, 16 players, not one remotely valuable, and even fewer are even entertaining.

        2. im so happy there will be a season 2 in february

          more hot tub in the back room

          marsha the moose


          it wont be the same without the stooges, particularly talla and andrew banter

          andrew and jill were an awesome combination too

  19. Can you folks keep your postings decent? Do you really think people on this board find your tasteless jokes and comments funny? It’s pretty clear they want you to stop. Find another board to post your nasty material. Please.

  20. If Kaitlin goes home, it’s your funeral. Aaryn go after Helen & Elissa but didn’t happen. So I expected of Elissa win HoH this Thursday to put up Howard & Spencer.

  21. Who knows. Anyone can win HOH at any time really. Andy maybe not so much. Not endurance at least. But even the BBQ challenge wasn’t really endurance. It was speed and precision. I don’t know. We will see on Thursday. Or Friday on the east coast.

  22. I find Amanda to be very 2 faced. She talks shit about all the girls and of course Howard. She pretends to be friends with Elissa while she is only using her and counting the days until they get her out. She has said some pretty hateful things about all the girls. As far as her meltdown the other night, at least Elissa said it to her face, unlike all the other mean girls in the house including Amanda. I highly doubt Amanda’s feelings were that hurt to the point of crying. Elissa needs to not be so honest with her opinions. She is a terrible liar and has a hard time being nice to people she truly doesn’t like. I can relate to that. I still wonder if GM was truly the 3rd nom. I have a feeling it was actually Amanda but due to all the talk of getting Amanda out, AG put GM up instead. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is rigged to at least some extent needs to watch season 13 and of course, last season when it was obvious Frank was saved over and over until the double eviction and they didn’t have time to change it. Andy and Judd are idiots if they go to final 4 with Amanda and McCrae. There is not way they will not take each other. As BB fans they should know to get the couples out first. These people are so wishy washy and not too bright.

    1. judd is not going f4 with mccrae and amanda, its one of multiple alliances he has…he knows if it got f3 they would take each other f2…and knows it will be important to split the pair before jury

      cannot wait to see how amanda reacts to being nominated when it happens, and who the house guest is that will put her on the block

  23. I know amanda. And she doesn’t know any of production or produers/exec producers. Don’t know who made that up, but its stupid. Even her dad tweeted that he had no clue what people were talking about….. people make up the dumbest shit

    1. i do know she said she worked in post production in LA in the past

      and apparantly there is a facebook post of a former cbs bb employee who claims amanda is friends with grodner, mentioned in some of this sites previous threads from yesterday

  24. You watch this show long enough, you’ll hear everyone say something shady. Amanda is certainly no angel, but Helen has said stuff like Howard will get votes because of the black vote…yada, yada. I like that Kaitlin is calling Amanda on this, but Aaryn’s outright denial of saying anything racist is the reason she should go home.

    1. I totally agree. And with Aaryn she’s so dismissive and doesn’t take responsibility for anything she says or when she was approached to the point I find that to be just as off putting than some of the stuff she said (or I should say the attitude behind it). Yet she has no problem being a victim if something doesn’t fall her way. Too bad really. I don’t think it’s fair that she’s gott pinned as the only bigot or biased person in there. But with her attitude I don’t feel sorry for her. Oh and Helen, is definitely getting a pass. But she seems to think she’s smarter than the average bear though. I hope she’s back on the hot seat again sooner than later. I been slowly boiling to full fledged dislike of her with each passing day. lol

  25. So I guess it comes down to you if you hate people who swear on the Bible, people who make fun of other races/ethnicities, people who claim that people are in because of their race, and people who like other people for their money, or people who like other people because they don’t like money but just want to gross other people out all day by making out in public. I think I could only take most of these people in small doses. I’d friend Jessie, of that I am pretty sure.

  26. do you think amanda is set up to win big brother 15 if so its wrong in will never watch big brother agian cause i belive every body desiver a chances

    1. what is clear is that amanda gets major favouritism by the editing

      cbs calling out aaryn on racism but not amanda, why is that? instead making amanda the person chosen by production on the show to actually approach and tell aaryn she is bad

      im sure julie chen loved amandas song about how asians cant drive and theyre good at maths, which mccrae called,”racist, and bad”

  27. GM, Kait and Aaryn going through their clothes. Aaryn offers to loan GM a bathing suit. GM says no. Jessie had worn it and parts of her chest freak GM out [her words]. GM is upset that Jessie keeps coming in and drops things off and disturbs her.

    I wonder why GM is so freaked out about Jessies chest

    1. Mean girls will always be mean girls. Kaitlin is a mean girl, no matter how much she likes to act like Ms. Perfect. She doesn’t think Aaryn said anything racist? Of course not, because she was laughing through it all. Apparently she only hates it when people call gay people bad names. Jeremy was a definite d-bag for feeling he had to be a d-bag to get Kaitlin. It was Kaitlin who was picking on Jessie first, and then Jeremy does it after her. I have no clue why these girls hate Jessie. Gina is just an insecure, delusional hot mess.

    2. she is not

      she simply has hated jess and treated her with disrespect the entire season

      gina bitter that nick is gone, and pissed off that jess left that group for treating her poorly

  28. This group sort of has a mob mentality. If you had a half the group with more distinctive strong personalities it would be different and one or two people wouldn’t run the house with their attitude. You had just about the whole house against Elissa.She was called a fembot b*tch etc. You had the mean girls clique. Now you have a couple of being be ostracized for doing the same things they the people ostracizing are doing. And the whole race thing is being flipped almost like it didn’t happen. That’s not to say that I think Candace should dwell on it just because I think it hurts her mindset in there more than it helps. But some people are more sensitive about things than others especially if you are trapped so to speak. You have to vote with the house are be considered an outsider and they all but come with clubs to try to see why you voted that way. Like how Helen insisted she weed out the mole Howard for his rogue vote. He handled it better than I would actually in the diplomacy arena. I think what’ s hard to stomach about this season the most is the personalities. At this point, I’m missing people like Enzo. Who didn’t do anything, literally nothing, but at least had a personality. People like Britney, who said overboard mean stuff about Rachel the whole time but again at least had other parts of her personality that made her worth rooting for. As much as I loathed Rachel and I mean loathe (and Brendon) at least they were such a train wreck that I was actually entertained enough to observe because it was extreme. Even Evel Dick , let’s just say he’s a racist or prejudice least he had other parts of his personality that were distinct enough where it was fun to watch even if you didn’t like him. I’m finding this group sort of disturbing. I hope it changes. I hope either Candace or Howard wins HOH so that some of the mob mentality nonsense can break up.

  29. I swear Amanda auditioned…and production thought…perfect, she’s mouthy, doesn’t think before she speaks, and will do anything and say anything to win. Let’s sign her up.

  30. The show is for entertainment, not so we can watch a bunch of nuns and priests discuss who we should be nice to everyone and donate to charity.

  31. If Candace is a money hungry w**re, doesn’t that make all the other HGs money hungry w**res too? And as far as lying, not one HG has a monoply on that character flaw. Where is all this sense of “entitlement” coming from. One has to wonder, what is ethnic make up of the production crew of the BB show to allow this social experiment to get so out of control and over the top!

    Well, kudos to Howard and Candace, for not allowing this BS to get to the point of punching someone in the face and telling BB to kiss their collective asses. As for Andy, he alone has gone a long way to make the LGBT community look really bad. As for Helen, she is probably the worst, and if evicted I would love to see her interview with Julie Chen. Can you imagine the disappointment Julie will show her. For all the rest, all I can say, one step forward and two steps backward (birds of a feather all flock together). Welcome to the good “ole” USA. Because on BB London and Canada most of this BS would have been nipped in the bud before festering out of control.

  32. Juddjuddjudd…you disappoint me with that trash talk. It’s beneath you, man. Not to mention, unwarranted, I think. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

    1. his apt “love me tender’ Elvis impersonation on the HoH throne had few mistakes or bad moves…
      i think he knows he is at the epicenter of the vortex of the many swirling controversies around
      the Texas twister and he has to think over how had her near kin had been only John Birch Society
      members, and she had kept herself apolitical inside the personality politics of the BB game and had
      not sounded like a sorority Dixicrat from the 50s, he’d be in less hot water when he finally mouths off!

    2. just remember who he was talking to:

      crude amanda (she would have loved that comment)

      he needed to make amanda believe he had no alliance with candace/howard/spencer – the truth is he does

  33. Ok. I know I am going to get flamed for this but it is a legitimate question. Is this the worst season of BBUS? I really can’t think of any that I disliked more. There is not one person in there that I can root for week to week, even day to day. I didn’t watch until BB5 and there are certainly parts of each season that are lame (Brigade final 3=boring) but this one just doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities.

  34. Elissa will win hoh this week, that’s why she’s acting like a shady f*#%$ cause she knows she not going anywhere

  35. i’m pretty sure all the talk about howard using religion as a means to advance in the game is a lie planted by mcmanda and spread everywhere by that fake andy.

    1. Completely agree and honestly what I find so distasteful about Amanda’s game. Just say you don’t like or trust Howard or that you’re afraid of strong men (which is so obvious). Stop claiming he’s using religion and race to advance his game. Not only is it simply not true at all, but it’s just dirty and totally unnecessary.

      Other than Jessie (who’s too insecure to be mean), all the women in this house are f***ing horrible people.

      1. All she’s done is work for CBS/Viacom…and the claim she’s a Realtor is likely BS as it’s her mom’s firm. Likely just to cover the fact that she a production plant. Between this and Elissa, I think I’m done.

        And so nobody tries to pretend this is somebody else. The alma mater in this resume is the same as that her publicity stuff for BB

      2. I don’t think I have ever watched even one of those shows but it does draw suspicion of why she is on the show. Could there have been a deal to split the prize money in anyway? Is Mc in on this deal? How many of these house guests know each other from the past? Aaryn, Candace and GM have a history in the modeling industry and it is possible they know of each other.

  36. “Big Brother 2013” contestant Aaryn Gries has just lost another real-life gig, though she isn’t even aware of it yet. Gries has alienated many people with her racist, derogatory remarks via the “Big Brother 15” live feeds, and those she works with are taking notice. First her modeling contract with Zephyr Talent was dropped, and on July 3 Bella Petite magazine shared they are dropping her as well.

    Aaryn Gries was one of the Bella Petite Model Search winners, but Editor-in-Chief Ann Lauren shares that the publication will no longer feature Gries in its promotions. Lauren says that they feel Aaryn does not represent the magazine’s values and any ongoing involvement would not be “appropriate given our core principles and values.”

    Could other real-life jobs and gigs drop Aaryn Gries as well? Fellow “Big Brother” contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman was also tossed out by her job when East Coast USA Pageant announced they were firing her for the same issue: racist, derogatory remarks made via the “Big Brother” live feeds.

    Will there be more companies making similar announcements about Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman or the other houseguests coming under fire? The situation seems to be developing rapidly, and “Big Brother 2013” fans are curious to see what will come next.

    1. This does not surprise me. She has said many times that they should get rid of her before jury. The other day on the feeds I thought I saw her tell Judd to backdoor her (before POV/MVP nom).

    2. She has 1 thought ever since Spencer & Judd pointed out to her that America did in fact vote her #3 to go up on the block & that 1 thought is the cameras. It’s like she’s trying to watch every word she says now & it’s all for the cameras & what she thinks might be put on TV. They went to fishes last evening when she started to meltdown & when the cameras came back the first thing she said was that comment about them never having any alcohol? I was thinking, where did that come from? She cannot accept that ANYONE would not think that she’s not better than everybody in that house.

    3. So I feel vindicated by my comment at 3:56 PM — questioning the make up the BB production crew!!! Also just saw a bunch of you tube clips detailing the racists, derogatory, sexist and homophobic comments made by most of the HGs. It is like watching a bunch of high schoolers, who assume they are all cool and entitled to say whatever offensive thing comes out of their tiny little brains. Heads are going to roll over at CBS and the BB show! Thank you to all those who have a sense of decency to ensure this utter baseless BS is not the norm; but the exception to the rule; and will not be tolerated and put on a national platform to give it meaning and life.

  37. Production must be at DEFCON 1 right now. These houseguests seem to have little idea how precariously close they are to getting the plug pulled on this season and possibly, on the show.

    Race is such a touchy subject in this country that media professionals with *decades* of experience in front of a camera or microphone can get tripped up and ruin their reputations, or be fired, for one ill-considered comment or joke when race is the topic of conversation. By comparison, Big Brother’s houseguests have national exposure with almost no filter and absolutely no experience with handling sensitive issues in a public forum.

    Now that race has become a topic in the house, just one or two poorly thought-out comments, or an argument, or a physical confrontation, if it happens on a day when there are no planes crashing or Royal babies being born, “Racism explodes on CBS reality show” will become THE top story on every major TV news broadcast and news Web site nationwide.

    Al Sharpton will make a speech, Obama will make some semi-cryptic comment, and this show will be dead, along with the television careers of everyone involved with it. Which would really suck, by the way.

      1. that wee lil recently arrived Royal baby in the U.K just took a spotlight off of CBS at the apex & height
        of the “she said” verses “she said’ BUBBA inspired “nepotism” controversy around poor Paula Deen!

        1. the local television coverage on some of the stations in the Boston area looked
          like as if John + Sam Adams kept my home state wisely + happily inside the U.K
          more than 200 years ago! i sorta hope Elizabeth bypasses Charles + William as
          she steps down and puts her great-grandchild on the throne. they both are balding!
          and when i think about it, all 3 males in the direct succession lack hair on their heads!

    1. There’s some truth to your statement with all the racial controversy going on in the country right now. CBS doesn’t want to touch that. But hey they aired it. Now they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

  38. Wait, there was a royal baby born? Really. I never heard a peep about it. You would think that would be on the news.

  39. i feel like howard and amanda dated in high school and howard dumped her and she never got over it. years later howard has somehow totally forgotten about her but she remembers…hes the one that got away

    1. No, it’s called having a singular focus. That is her personality. Most of us can multi-task and think of alternative routes if what we want does not work out. This is not in her DNA.

    2. hilarious

      one of my favourite moments of the season is as follows…

      in the store room…amanda tells howard she trusts him, they hug…she leaves…he laughs to himself

  40. I find it telling that the three Mean Girls don’t travel outside their circle. They only do just enough not to be the one evicted.

  41. GM said Aaryn noticed some items changing colors.GM doesn’t believe any of it.

    Any idea about what Aaryn thinks is changing color? Is she hallucinating?

  42. It’s unbelievable to me that some people are believing that Amanda was Predetermined to win this season of big brother. I’m sure she probably does know Allison (one of the producers) but theirs no way in hell that she was put on the show and told that she was going to win. First of all that’s IMPOSSIBLE. Production can have favorites, but when it comes down too it, the houseguests are going to do what they want. Plus don’t you think if say Amanda’s on the block and they have the numbers to evict her, what’s production going to do call in everyone who wants to vote her out and say ” You cant vote Amanda out, you just can’t vote her out!” These people came into the game too win money, and if they were being told they can’t evict Amanda, shit’s going to go down.
    Plus, the source is ridiculous. She says she wants to remain anonymous, and crap, but why would she decide to put a post like that in a BB Forum if its true!
    People have had speculations about Elissa being a part of production, and so that’s why who ever decided to write this crap thought might as well add something about her in there.
    Just stupid crap, her father also said that it was absolutely not true.

  43. It’s just funny to me that everyone on here is arguing with each other:) Hell, I’m more concerned about why the feeds switched to trivia? And why the HOH lockdown? That’s kinda weird & unusual. So whaddya’ll think about it? Any guesses? Maybe Pandora’s stopping by for a visit??? Lol. Or a luxury comp?? Idk.

    ***Oh & I asked this on a previous post, but when I went back to see if anyone had answered me(Simon/Dawg) I couldn’t find my original comment. Anyhow the question was about the last POV comp. In the post u made with the results, you said, McCrae-won $5000, Elissa- Cannot play in the next POV, Helen- Had an 8pm curfew:) and Judd the stud got himself locked up for 24hrs. What I found confusing was, the fact that Aaryn & Kaitlin were actually nominated but they weren’t listed as getting any rewards or punishments. It just didn’t make sense. They should’ve been going hard for the veto. Yet they got nothing???? Also, was anybody else surprised they(production) had this comp so early?? I know I was. They normally don’t do it until like final 6 or 7. Definitely not week THREE??? And what happened to shaving your head, dying hair pink, chum baths, and being chained together for 24hrs??? They left out all the good stuff. Imagine Aaryn & Elissa being chained together for 24hrs:) LOL. Or Howard & Amanda:)

  44. OMG Elissa is over reacting again! I don’t get why ppl think she is worthy of MVP, or to play the game.
    Please CBS just let her self evict or if you make her stay let her go crazy and tell her to at least entertain me like her Sister did!

  45. I really wish Judd would have stuck with Howard, Spencer and not turned his back…I hope one of them wins HOH and everyone runs scared from them. So bored with the house dynamic right now.

  46. Helen talks too much! She sd that Howard got MVP because black vote. That THEY setting it up for a minority to win. Has she forgotten that she is a minority and she is talking to a room of white people. Not very smart. I think she has forgotten she in the minority bcuz “the crew” let her become part of their in-crowd when she won HOH. Watch what will happen if Howard, Candace, Spencer or Jesse win HOH this week. Amanda will send her flunkies to kiss HOH person butt in order to save herself and most of them are so stupid that they will do it. FYI, I think production is setting Howard up. Why do they keep calling him to the DR? When they never show his DRs on the actual show. I think production want the rest of the house to think he was MVP so he will go on the block. I don’t think Howard is smart enough to realize that if he has been losing on purpose now is the time to win, or else it’s over for him.

  47. I was really rooting for Judd. Now, not so much. How dare he call Candice out when everyone who has ever been in the BB house degrades themselves for a chance at $500,000. They’re ALL a bunch of pr()stitutes . And CBS is there p!mp. Guess I’m just rooting for Jess now. If she lets me down, I don’t care who wins.

  48. Each and every one of them are being ‘judged’ by us and themselves. Having said that, I’m disappointed to see Candace has NO social game whatsoever. I do admire Howard because she is going to be the barnacle he can’t get off his leg and will suffer. His choice. She is a needy, whiny, baby who would be best cast on Basketball Wives IMO. Howard aligned with one of the ‘creepiest’ dudes in the house right off the bat and that’s not helping his case.
    The best game I see being played at this present moment is Jessie by a landslide.

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