Helen “I swear to god Andy if you pass this on I’m going to kill you.. Everyone wants Amanda and McCrae out”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


5:16pm Candace and Elissa
Candace brings up that everyone told her McCrae had last weeks MVP but she knew it was Elissa. That made her feel like y’all were lying to her.
Candace mentions how she felt dismissed from the HOH the night she was trying to keep her and Howard off the block. She feels that she’s loyal to them but the things they’ve done have bothered her. She want’s Elissa to know that the support she gave her during the Veto was genuine support she likes Elissa as a person.

Candace saying that she doesn’t know who MVP is but if it is Elissa she wants Elissa to keep her and Howie safe.
Candace: “I care for him I can tame him“

Candace wants to make a deal with Elissa where they don’t mess with each other so they can make it to jury, “After Jury Game on”.

Candace says her to think of Brendon and Rachel in the house they would have wanted to spend more time in the house just like her and Howie want to. She says she can control Howie, She wants more time with him.
Guess who walks in… ANDY ..chit chat and leaves.

Elissa says the MVP went to the biggest villain in the season she thinks Amanda has it. Cadnace tells her that everyone is saying that Elissa put her self up.. Feeds cut

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:29 Howie and Candace

She’s going over her conversation with Elissa. Candace: “I told her that we will leave her alone.. I think if she’s MVP then she won’t put you up”
c: ‘But if it’s Amanda I don’t know”
Howard doesn’t think the twist has been given out yet. Candace wonders if maybe the power went to the biggest villain of the season.

Candace tells him he’s HUGE and BLACK and when he talks to girls he’s intimidating. She reminds him the only reason he’s not on the block last week was because of her. She explains that she needs to talk to the girls for him.

Howard says if the opportunity comes he’s going to vote out Elissa to free up the MVP. Adds that the MVP is useless unless you have numbers. Candace mentions she told Elissa they wouldn’t put her up.


5:34pm Helen and Elissa Bedroom

Helen instructs her to not say anything to Amanda. Helen says Amanda told her not to use the Veto on Elissa. Amanda was worried that Andy or McCrae would go up. Helen wonders why Amanda was so worried: “Who cares if we go up this week”
Helen asks Elissa to please not tell Amanda Helen said this otherwise Amanda is going to come after her. Helen and Elissa both are super worried about Amanda. Helen goes on about how Big of a liar Amanda is, Helen thinks that the house is turning on Amanda. Says they need to get Jessie in their final 6 and get rid of Amanda. Elissa says that McCrea will never be on board with that.
Helen says that JUDD wants to get Aaryn out but Amanda has been pushing so hard to get Howard. Helen has told JUDD that this is his HOH he can do whatever he wants.
Elissa: ‘Amanda is running this game”
Helen: “YES..” Helen adds that they have to make sure McCrae and Amanda don’t know they are on to them. They have to Backdoor Amanda next week.
Helen: “We have to make McCrae think that we have the votes to take out a Aaryn or Kaitlin but really we will take out Amanda”
Elissa claims that she already knew something was up with Amanda.

Elissa: ‘Do you know for sure she would put me up”
Helen: ‘I don’t know.. “ Helen brings up a conversation she had with Aaryn where aaryn told her she would never have put Elissa up. Aaryn would put someone up that had a chance to go home like Howard.
Helen and Elissa believe Aaryn did not get the MVP they think it was Amanda. Helen says she will be the replacement nominee this week.

Elissa doesn’t care for Amanda. They both agree McCrae was stupid for taking the 5 grand when everyone else on their team took a punishment.
Helen says they have the votes to take Amanda out she counts her superfriends, Elissa, Helen, Jessie, JUDD, and Andy.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds


5:47pm storage room Jessie, Helen and Elissa

Helen says she is just telling the four girls this information (Jessie, Helen Elissa + candace) nobody else can know. Amanda came to her and told her to not use the POV on Elissa. “Don’t let anybody know because Amanda will come after me” When Amanda told Helen this it got her worried.
Helen explains that Amanda was scared if the POV saved Ellissa than either Andy, McCrae, Helen or herself would go up. Helen has a problem with that because she thought they were all targeting Aaryn why should Amanda care who is nominated they have the votes to evict whoever they want.
Helen: “makes me wonder if she is working with them to”
Elissa: “did she tell you that I nominated myself”
Jessie says yes Amanda has been telling everyone that.
Elissa: “Oh my god she’s nuts she’s probably the most Villainous player.. She’s related to Eval D!ck”
Elissa thinks that Amanda is in the house as the villain and she is in the house to be the opposite to that the hero I guess.
Jessie: “The girl next door”
Helen tells them they cannot let Amanda know they are on to her she needs to be backdoored as soon as one of them gets the MVP. Helen complains that Amanda was trying to force her to not use the POV she doesn’t like being told what to do. Helen tells them it’s not fair she can’t do what she wants to with the competitions she wins.
Helen warns them to keep Andy in the dark ‘Andy is brainwashed by them .. I would think Howard and Spencer would be on our side”
Helen: “She wants Howard out but I don’t”
Elissa asks Jessie if she likes Amanda. Jessie didn’t like how Amanda was a bully and tried to make everyone’s HOH her HOH.
Elissa: “I should have put Amanda up last week”


5:50pm Storage room Helen and Andy
Andy: ‘Whats going on”
Helen: ‘I’m going to give you some advice .. be really careful and do not pass this on.. I swear to god Andy if you pass this on I’m going to kill you.. You have to be careful of Amanda and McCrae”
Andy: ‘OK”‘
Helen: “I know they are part of our alliance but I am worried.. the house wants them out”
Andy: ‘Who want them out
Helen: “Everyone”
Andy: “Really”
Helen: “Everyone has caught them in their lies”


JUDD in solitary all he has is Bread, Water and Slop. There is a small toilet with a curtain around it. JUDD “How the hell do I flush the toilet?


5:56pm Howard and Kaitlin
They are agreeing that the Power of Veto Competition was set up for Elissa to win, “She had all the high numbers in her path”
Kaitlin says that her major worry is Helen is going to try and set up that she goes home instead of Aaryn.
Howard disagrees. Howard is assuming that Amanda has the MVP and she likes Kaitlin he thinks she’ll put up a “Dude”
Kaitlin mentions that Amanda tells Aaryn valid information there must be trust there. Howard: “She tells you what you need to hear and she tells it to who she needs to tell it to”

Howard: ‘Amanda never talked game”
Kaitlin: ‘Unless McCrae is around”
Howard: “With me … with me and Candace until Elissa came in and claimed she wasn’t the MVP”
Howard wishes Amanda would stop trying to use people and just play the game more straight up, “You’re making people look like fools on TV”

Howard says that Helen is a good hearted person but she messes up on she always wants safety and power, “When she gets power she started flexing”

Kaitlin asks if Elissa is the MVP why did she nominate herself. howard explains that Elissa doesn’t want anymore blood on her hands because she’ll lose votes. Howard thinks they are trying to pin the MVP on him or Amanda.
Kaitlin asks why would she take the chance of not playing in the veto next week unless she got a power.

Howard says she’s safe as long as she has good hearted people to do her dirty work.. Like Helen.
Kaitlin: “Andy”
H: “NOT Andy.. McCrae.. you need cutthroat people to manipulate that is where Amanda comes in she’s CUT THROAT”
K: “She’s very blunt and conniving”
Howard tells her they have a final 4 pack and they are interchanging who they want to leave. (Amanda, Helen, McCrae and Elissa)
Howard says all they need to do is get rid of the strong person out of that group and the weaker ones are powerless.

Howard thinks Aaryn is going home. He points out that McCrae isn’t trying to win he picked up the $5000 dollar prize during the VETO competition when he had zero points, “He doesn’t want any blood on his hands.. there whole plan was to frame me”
Kaitlin: “For sure”
Kailtin tells him that Amanda is going around telling people that Howard is a professional athelete and he has a HUGE fanbase
CBS Interactive Inc.


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Will.I.Am, I Think

Helen is back to threatening people? Took her a few days eh?


She is not threatening anyone she is discovering what is going on. Elissa and her playing good. It is a game let them pkay, at least they are thinking.


typo error PLAY not pkay.


Helen gets whats going on. But this is a classic over play. Its week fricken 3 and shes running around playing leader


Am I the only one that thinks that Helen “threatening” people is actually a good way for her to play? I know she can go a little over board, like last week, but she seems to understand the way that she is acting, like how she said in the dr that she pretended to fake cry all last week. Since she isn’t threatening in her appearance, she’s able to be a little bit more forceful in her words in a way that doesn’t seem to overbearing. I think that Helen has been really good at spreading paranoia in the house in ways that benefit her. I dont know, those are just my opinions…

This Season Blows

Do delusional Brenchel fans like you even understand what they’re watching? Helen was out of control last week and cut side deals with everyone while making all sorts of promises she couldn’t possibly keep. She’s going to slip up eventually and that will be it for her.


At least she is playing pretty good ang got the job done. It is a game you know. I think Elissa and her are kind. When she was HOH she was tough but she got it done. Look at what is happening to Judd.


Yep, time for the borings to take over the house.

Can you imagine a house left with Helen, Howard, Candice, Elissa, Judd and Jessie?
Judd is the the only one who even can be remotely entertaining, and you have to LISTEN
really close to decipher the mumbles.

Something occured to me tonight. Howard has been in DR pretty hard core lately.
CBS has their new anti-racism platform.
Does anyone else see a Howard, Helen, Candice final 3 in the making?
I get it, the racists need to go. They horrify me as much as everyone else.
But not at the expense of a totally pre-programmed ending.
This is gonna be Rachels Pandoras Box and handed F2 all over again.


Oops. I forgot Spencer.
Gee. he will add a creepy, molesty vibe so I guess that is something to keep us entertained…

(Seriously, he skeeves me out!!)


What did Rachel’s Pandora Box do?


It actually was Porsches Pandoras Box, but we all are aware that production put it there to save Rachel.
That is why I call it “Rachels Pandoras Box”.

To Explain (Copied from Wiki)-
As HoH, Porsche decided to open Pandora’s Box (PB), and was awarded $10,000 that she had to split with one other player. She chose Kalia. The other part of Pandora’s Box was the return of the Duo Twist for Week 8 only. Porsche chose Kalia, Rachel chose Jordan, and Adam chose Shelly. Rachel won the Duo Do Over PoV competition, and removed Jordan and herself from the block. Porsche was left with one alternative duo – Adam & Shelly. Shelly was evicted by a 2-1 vote, making her the fourth member of the Jury, and the first newbie on the Jury.


Howard you tell Gina that Elissa has the MVP and she put herself up. Howard where in the history of BB has someone put herself up on the block, with the thinking that they would win POV to get off the block. It doesn’t make sense. Then you say that Elissa is in an alliance with Helen, Amanda and McCrae. Elissia is going to backdoor Amanda so you look bad. So Elissa is going to weaken her own alliance? Howard, this makes sense to you? Please Spencer do the thinking for your new form alliance. Howard’s reasoning will just make people vote for the other side. Even Gina is doubting Howard and saying I don’t think Elissa would do something like that. Also what makes you think Amanda is going to be the replacement nominee? You are just speculating, but yet you want Andy/Kaitlin in on the plan to evict Amanda. A plan where Amanda is the nominee that might not happen.

Candice, please talk to Howard and stop this madness. Wait for the POV ceremony.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Where in BB history have someone practically been able to be the HOH with nomination power every week? This season. It’s a reasonable assumption, since they don’t know America(allegedly) is the MVP this week. They all think she put herself up.


Maybe people thought she was having a “Lawon” moment lol.


Of course you realize Howard has a majority alliance…one he wants to bring Candace into…one that does not include Elissa or Helen…so he might just be doing his best to have Candace separate from them and think it’s her own idea because she just can’t trust them.

And if Elissa stops acting like a nutcase (a big if) then she can climb on the “Get Amanda” train and as far as Amanda and McCrea finding out the plan…you remember how the mean girls have sat around the last two weeks and known there only chance for survival is to bury each other because without the numbers, all they can hope for is the safety of an HOH or POV. See if you sell an idea hard, like there is basically a 7 person alliance and they’ve decided Amanda needs to go, then she becomes the new Aaryn and it becomes a fait accompli.

Amanda has no real play…because with a small handful of exceptions, this is a house of floaters and the players who would deal are the two guys she just evicted, the two guys she’s told everybody ad nauseum that she wants out, and and HOH who was completely turned off by Amanda’s bullying. Amanda and McCrea’s floaters are already scurrying for safety, understanding Amanda is a sinking ship…just like Aaryn.

You’re seeing dangers that just don’t exist.


I think that is kinda shallow way of thinking about it really… in my opinion a better player than Elissa could have not only pulled off such a move and deflected suspicion to another house guest and GinaMarie and Helen are the only to who have remotely defunct this notion.. It seems like it has been the general consensus that the possibility of such an occurrence in viable. It’s not really a matter of winning of POV it’s a mater of incurring self doubt within the house guests, Elissa actually has said several times she thinks Howard has the MVP and confronted him about thus arousing Howard’s initial suspicion. Her making such an accusation make it seem like her unwitting nomination genuinely wasn’t her own doing, selling the house guests on a different MVP would take questioning individuals in the front of other house guests if not the whole group at once.. spreading the paranoia.. if she indeed had it.. Howard is thinking to hard on this though but I think he’s got the right idea.. also how many times has a person be given the opportunity to nominate themselves? Dr. Will has graciously volunteer a few different times amongst others but his seems a bit more prominent just based on his prowess…

Simon's Beer

I could really use a beer right now.. oh.. wait..


wtf?? Helen just told Elissa and Jessie to not tell Andy and that’s the first thing she does! ugh


That’s actually kind of smart…when Andy and Elisa go talk to each other without Helen they will both already have the idea in their heads, making what Helen said more believable. This of course could backfire, if they both realize that Helen has been telling them to keep things to themselves.


There’s an adage in politics: He who controls the flow of information, controls the policy.

I think Helen has made far more errors than she has smart plays…but this is one of the few smart ones. She’s positioning herself as Andy’s primary. The writing is on the wall for Amanda and McCrea and by making sure that she’s the one to fill Andy in, Helen ensures that Andy will come to her first for information and advice. The last thing she wants is for anybody else to fill the vacuum that will be created as Amanda and McCrea fall.

It does seem that Helen will still be on the outside looking in as Judd, Spencer, and Kaitlin will go in together and fill Andy’s Amanda/McCrea spot…but Helen doesn’t know that. Making sure she’s the one to tell Andy is smart as it secures her place as confidante and she can present the information as though this is somebody else’s initiative, so should Andy look for a fight it will be with somebody besides her.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Elissa making them think she;s still MVP, is a good play, but if Amanda is the nomination which there’s a great chance she is, it could backfire on Elissa next week if she isn’t HOH.



Will.I.Am, I Think

If Amanda gets put up this week, everyone will think Elissa did it, and next week they’ll be after her, since they know she can’t play POV, so her only safety would be her being HOH.


Still doesn’t add up:

Having sacrificed veto next week, it is by presenting herself as MVP that will help ensure her safety as she still brings value to whomever controls the votes. She’s going to be suspected regardless, so better to show value and instill some fear, rather than look like a sitting duck. If it turns out the nominee is Amanda, she simply needs to sell it to Amanda that she needed a pawn because she needs Aaryn out. She can go to Amanda and apologize, saying she agonized over it, but she felt the most comfortable with Amanda because she’s smart, gets the game, and won’t get all whiny. Elissa can promise Howard will be next week, it’s just that Aaryn is too big a threat. Sitting on the block, Amanda has no choice but to accept and play nice.

And if Amanda is evicted, she can make the case to McCrea that the house screwed both of them by keeping Aaryn and sending Amanda home…and if the house evicts Amanda, they will be happy Elissa had the balls to backdoor her…and fear her just a little, which will amount to respecting her as a real player and not some legacy protected by production.


thx. for the fabulous insight lil will

Will.I.Am, I Think

Who the hell are you calling “lil”? Imma Big Boy LMFAO


How is Amanda ever going to leave the house, with that HOH bed attached to her butt.

Will.I.Am, I Think

She can take the bed with her no telling how many stains are on it..


I am so glad that Helen and Elissa are finally going after Amanda—-she is such a manipulator and lies so much –she needs to go home NOW!!!! I hope she is the replacement nominee and they vote her out, even though i want Aaryn gone, Amanda is a bigger threat to everyone

Helen and Elissa Final 2!!!!!! 🙂


I agree with Candice she isnt throwing out the race card if there is a racist in the house that has repeatedly made racist comments towards you and another person in the house thats the same race as you, but instead of the racist going home they put up the two blacks?? thats doesn’t make sense i think she is right to think well maybe they dont want a black person here..they prefer the white racist over the black couple


and here is the black guy complaining that “there’s a whole plan to frame me”…..how typical….especially when there is no plan at all!!


I can’t believe that Candice is throwing the race card out about Howard and her and if they get backdoored then it will be so shameful and a tragedy if Aaryn doesn’t go home. REALLY!! Is this a game or what? EVERYONE here lies and manipulate Candice needs to get over it and Aaryn will leave when she leaves not because she feels that its racists if she doesn’t


I agree with Candice she isnt throwing out the race card if there is a racist in the house that has repeatedly made racist comments towards you and another person in the house thats the same race as you, but instead of the racist going home they put up the two blacks?? thats doesn’t make sense i think she is right to think well maybe they dont want a black person here..they prefer the white racist over the black couple


At first I thought that this week was going to be boring, but boy has the script flipped on McCrae and Amanda. Even if next week McCrae wins HOH Amanda is not safe. What Elissa should do (or what Helen should tell her to do) is to take kaitlyn off the block and have Judd replace her with Amanda. Now that would be awesome Television. If they have the votes this week why wait til next week. Might as well get her out now.


Spot on…but Elissa is cra cra and somebody as absolutely self-involved as her, will never see anything beyond “I’m coming off the block so nothing matters, we can just vote out Aaryn because she ran a whore house…oh yeah and backdoor me, I love to be backdoored”

Zingbot Fan

Helen needs to have her mouth sewn shut.


i just hope Andy doesnt go and tell Amanda
but why the hell did Helen tell Andy when she said don’t tell Andy—-stupid


I think Helen telling the girls was backdooring Amanda to never tell. She just warned Andy not to trust them as they have lied.


I love it, Amanda’s about to get what she deserves, the biggest slap in BB history


I hope everyone realizes this game is a complete conspiracy. America votes Elissa every week as their MVP but votes her as their nominee? Ever think that production realized if America voted Aaryn #1 (as they probably did) and Amanda #2 that they would all blame Elissa for the Amanda vote and turn the house against her?

What production did was they ignored our votes and put up Elissa so that the houseguests would know there was some kind of twist and the house wouldn’t turn against Elissa. As much as I love BB this show is getting more rigged every season. Why don’t they just hand out Elissa 500K next time and save us the wasted summer?

BB Canada is SOOOOO much better!!


Actually Dan Gheesling (sp?) tweeted that people were tweeting him asking him what they should do to get their votes re-done because they voted for Elissa thinking that they were voting her as MVP when really they were voting for her to be on the block. So it was a mistake on all the people who voted for Elissa…but I also think that production probably tried to correct that mistake by giving her the POV. That’s what Kaitlyn and Howard were talking about – how they think production rigged it and gave it to her…

This Season Blows

“BB Canada is SOOOOO much better!!”

It could be, but it wasn’t better this past season. There were way too many twists to the point where it screwed up the entire game. I’ll give them a pass for now, though, since it was the first season – some mistakes are expected before they finally settle on a format that works.


No way around it…

My MAIN problem with her is that she makes others HOH…her HOH
AND I am just sick off her sh*t!..

She tries TO HARD & THANK YOU GOD, it has caught her ass.



Helen, tells them not to tell and Andy. And what does she do? TELLS ANDY!!!


She did not she said to be careful of those people not tell them that she warned him to be careful. Read between the lines.


Something is wrong with Helen. She’s no different than Amanda with her inability to just SHUT UP. Why does she feel the need to make sure that the entire house knows every detail of her alliance? She always have to tell every single thing. She KNOWS Andy is walking the line between the two groups.


I hate Helen, I hope she is the third nominee! She was supposed to lay low but she can’t because she is just so annoying and power hungry!


Oh stop she is not power hungry, she needed to be tough when HOH to get the job done and it was accomplished. I still think that Helen and Elissa are good people and if you have followed the game during the first week ,everyone hated Elissa especially the mean girls with Jeremy. Elissa was all alone and it was only Helen that befriended her. Helen and Elissa are playing good. These two girls personalities keep changing from week to week. They are both strategizing and playing well so let them play and may the best player wins.


Elissa is a boring player, if she was not Rachel sister she would not even know what to do. And Helen is soooooo power hungry, she was threatening every body if they didn’t go with the “house”, people HOH and super friend was boring, was just boring.


to many leaders noone wants to be the follower …. hellen definatley aint taking no oders from anyone much less amanda …. I cant wait for these suckers to find out noone in the bbh had MVP PRODUCTION DID (AMERICA) did …. I LIKIE LOL

If I had a son, he would look like...

Seems to me that everyone in the BB house wants Amanda out because Amanda Zuckerman is a racist!


You’re very right, you hit it on the spot: Amanda Zuckerman is a racist.

This Season Blows

If that’s their reasoning, they’re all hypocrites, since literally everyone in the house has said either racially-charged comments or other stuff that is just as demeaning (personally, I think Helen’s accusations about Jeremy’s parents were just as bad, if not worse, than Aaryn’s stupid racist jokes, for example).


I’m pretty sure Amanda won’t be the third nominee. I think it will be Gina Marie.
I love Amanda and McCrae, and I hate that everyone’s targeting them, but they are really good players! I hope they can find a way to make it to at least final 6!

Janelle pov queen

Not Helen telling Elissa and Jessie not to tell Andy they want Amanda out not even a min later she till Andy she is a mess and Howard is so pressed over Elissa

7 Seven 7

Lol Helen told Andy her plan to Backdoor Amanda, Haha good luck with that.


I was so excited early this morning when Amanda thought she was going up. Then I went to sleep and found out America voted for Elissa I was like really? I so want Amanda up on the block so her and Pizza Boy can sweat and her butt can be voted out if I see them kissing and making out anymore I am going to pull my hair out like America can not find that cute YUCK


Omg…….Elissa is not bbmvp, America vote bbmvp. These houseguest are bunch of idiots. You guys stop blaming on Elissa, she not bbmvp.

Janelle pov queen

Not Howard thinking people is trying to frame him lol your not that important clown


He is that important to Amanda and her two little followers (McCrae and Andy).


My take on this is that the MVP vote, it will be Howard, which could be next in line on voting and he will be put up. And then they will either take him or Aaryn out. It seems like another girl is getting/got played. Howard is using Candice…..but Candice is liking the attention.




Omg I am still lol because these morons think Elissa may of put herself up. Stupid Elissa fans need to learn how to read!!! Is it too late to start the season over with a new cast??

Will.I.Am, I Think

It’s still early, they can reset the game get a cast of 13 and start over, ending the season at the normal schedule.


Poor Judd. He wins HOH but is stuck in solitary confinement eating slop and not being able to flush his toilet while Amanda and mc abuse his bed. He was screwed.

Everything is just speculation right now. It all depends on what happens at the POV ceremony and who replaces Elissa. Then the fun night begin again. Right now its just fun listening to all these losers trying to plot without any information. Idiots

Big Jim

I am not a big fan of Andy but I love the way he seems to interrupt every game conversation in the house. No one is targeting him he and Judd are in the best spot IMO


Everyone who keeps talking about the “Race Card”, do you, or have you ever watched “What would you do” with John Quiñones. It might open your eyes to the fact that race is real in how a person is perceived, treated and thought off. The show sets up a scenerio with actors and the only thing they change is the race and/or gender of the actors. In ALL the scenrios there is a distinct difference in how someone who has black skin is perceived. Bottom line they usually feel threatened or think the worst, while others are ususally given the benefit off the doubt. My point is, it is easy for some to keep saying racism is over and its the “race card” if you don’t live it daily. Just like it would be easy for men to say that women who say they are being dicriminatated against or sexually harrassed in the work place are using the “gender card” If you are not willing to even consider that there might be some truth to what minorities say they experience on regular basisi, then you also might be part of the problem.

Aaryn's training bra

Hey “Name”, what you said doesn’t make any sense. Sounds like you are contradicting yourself. Stop writing dribble!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Right On

Aaryn's training bra

Thanks Will, for agreeing that “Name” is a dribbling dork.


I think you called the wrong “Name” a dribbling dork. There are a few “Names”, which is confusing. The dribbling dork “Name” wouldn’t have written the above, it’s too articulate, no matter what you think of the sentiment. I happen to agree: folks who think that racism isn’t, or shouldn’t be, an issue are probably not on the receiving end of racism.

Sir Peanut

Good point Name that are backed up with facts and observations. But, people still want to be in denial.
MCmanda are truly nervy taking over the HOH bed and room. I just want to see if they are going to clean the sheets and room for Judd tomorow. The rest of the house needs to stay up there till 5 am just to annoy them.


I agree its like whenever a black person is being mistreated by another race and they talk on it ..non-blacks are so quick to say ohh there using the race card..how about you be black for one day or 3 months in the big brother house with white people and white racist and tell me if they put you on the block with the other black person in the house to go home before the racist you wont think wow is this because im balck??


I want Gina Marie to be the third nomination. At least Amanda’s playing the game, and she’s put a target on her back by doing it but in my opinion she’s the best player this season. She’s smart, and I hate how everyone’s turning on them (Her and McCrae.) ughhhh all Gina Marie wants to do is go home and see Nick. SO LET HER GO HOME!


Leave my girl alone!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Better have that restraining order drawn up for when GM gets evicted , you’re going to need it… Fatal Attraction, man, Fatal Attraction


If Helen does kill Andy with Judd’s luck when he gets out of solitaire he will be sleeping in the mcmanda mess on his sheets along with a dose of Andy blood.


I only want Amanda up for the entertainment value and OMG, the rants that will be rent! I don’t want her to go though, just curious how her game might change. Maybe she’ll actually get out of bed. And she hasn’t a target on her at all until now, she’s been skating free since the beginning.

Will.I.Am, I Think

If the HGs are saying the comp was geared towards Elissa, how are we wrong for believing it’s the truth?

Kinda convenient that all the other players had low numbers, while she had the higher ones in her lane.

Thumbs up if you believe the truth on the Live Feeds.

Thumbs down if your a sheep, who believes in the CBS edit.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa herself has admitted several times on the feed that production tells her everything, gives her marching orders, and basically is rigging the game for her. According to the other houseguests, she also signed a special contract with different clauses than everyone else’s.

How Brenchel fans can watch or read about this and still claim that everything is above board and Rachelissa isn’t being carried through the game by production is beyond me. Then again, they were too dumb to even follow the simple directions of the MVP vote and ended up voting their messiah on the block by accident, so I guess I actually can kind of understand it.

George Zimmerman

If Elissa gets out of being nominated, will Amanda go up in her place?

Will.I.Am, I Think

The hell are you doing outta jail? ROLMFAO

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Dude in all honesty please change your username !!

Every time I see it on here I feel sick and I am sure others do as well.

I do not mind what you believe in but I do not think using “George Zimmerman” is appropriate and I hope you can understand that cause it is not a joke.

Thank you


Well Said Pizza Boy!! I agree!

Jean A.D.


“Famous Young Bobby Zimmerman”

is way more cool if only because

he over time did earn his Rolling Stone

covers even if he always had a lousy

singing voice and had had a bad heroin habit.

Jean A.D.

Hunter Thompson got his gonzo articles into Rolling Stone

Robert A. Zimmerman from Duluth found fame in the 1960s.

Dylan Thomas was a poet, and an inspiration at one point.

George Zimmerman

It is not a joke.

Aaryn's training bra

I was in BB after dark just now and Spencer got off the counter he was sitting on and I seen more crack than what’s in Miami, baaaarf!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Howie and Kaitlin are right on the money… They need to use that…


Amanda is just trying to protect her knockouts alliance first, which makes sense. Then she wants to protect her goof troop alliance after. It is a game. She does need to shut up. Along with Helen. And Elissa. And aaryn. And 5 others. Yeah, we’re sick of her. But I’d love to see aaryn and then Gina go and not have jury $ and no job to go home to for their awful racist ways. Amanda is a good player. And I don’t know why, but candice annoys the crap outta me. Amanda’s downfall may be McCrea showmance and not letting Judd include Jessie in the alliance. This season sucks, then is good. Then sucks. Then good. Hope Judd wins the thing.


Thank you for pointing out that Amanda not wanting to include Jessie in the alliance when Judd asked for her to be in was the beginning of the end for Amanda. She clearly is important to him in the game and to just flatly refuse to allow her in was just stupid. It was a major thing in Judd starting to not like Amanda and McCrae and every1 including myself seems to keep forgetting that.


yep amanda was a total kunt to jess the entire 3 weeks

that refusal was utterly ridiculous and arrogant

she seemed to forget at that moment judd was hoh and he had the ability to potentially backdoor her if he wanted to

amanda is so overrated its ridiculous – extreme overplaying and rudeness for no reason that only hurts her game

this will be jess getting revenge on one of these 4 mean kunt girls that treated her so badly and with such disrespect

team judd and jess

This Season Blows

Of course everyone wants Amanda out – she’s the only one still trying to play the game in a house full of complete floaters who just want to have their little showmances and friendships, suck up to whoever’s in power, and throw nail parties every day. I’ll never understand why people go on Big Brother with no intention of actually strategizing and playing the game. They might as well try out for The Real World instead.


her game is crap man

the whole house wants her out

it has been brutal listening to her annoying voice

its going to be a glorious moment whenever she gets evicted – this thursday would be great


Captainwedgiearchnemesis says:
July 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Amanda is a racist, she needs to be evicted, she is a Jewish Princess.


As long as aaryn goes this week idgaf who leaves after. I hope gm is replacement non.


its a good chance that Amanda replaces elissa at veto ceremony and in that case I really hope they’re all smart enough to evict amanda. She has the strongest alliance in the house with mccrae and shes feeling a little too untouchable. Totally agree with those who have said she’s gunning for howard because he’s the only one who she can’t bully.



Any idea how long Judd will be in solitary?


Jean A.D.

100,ooo THANX — Simon!

i think JUDD will survive this!


Based on the actual show, which is what the majority of the public watches (and the majority of who voted to be the third nominee) I’m guessing its got to be Gina Marie who will go up in place of Elissa.
People don’t like her mainly because of her racist remarks, her additude towards Candice during the whole bed incident, and of course her obsession over Nick.
Amanda’s been portrayed as a kickass player, and a good person, I think a lot of people like her because when she came in and defended Jessie after the bed incident.

Also, when will we know who America voted to replace Elissa?


A while back I said something BB finally getting someone in Helen that plays with honor and respect… my mistake.

Butters Mom

I think it will be Gina Marie as well… so she can get her hand slapped as well for the racist comments along with Kaitlin and Aaryn … of coarse Aaryn will get more than a hand slap… shes going to straight into the witness protection program because Julie will have to make an example of her like no other.


Is it jus me or does Howard looks completely annoyed at Candise’s PDA attempts. It boggles my mind how so many girls this season can not tell if a guys is into them or not.


Look forward to reading all about it in your next thread.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Damn, Andy looks scared as f**k, guess it;s time for him to float to another alliance?


Exciting! I can’t wait!!


Exciting! I can’t wait!!


Seriously, many of these people change their targets every hour… worse yet, they make targets out of people’s whose votes they would get… how can they not understand that is a bad way to approach this game?


Tired of Spencer obsessing about boobs of the female house guests. Grow up a bit bro. Enjoy your fetish, but keep it to yourself. Don’t need to hear it. Or read it, actually. God smite those who align with aryan aaryn, new yawka Gina, and that d-bag red beard. There.


elissa sucks. she been giving a huge unfair advantage over everyone. she is a sub par player riding off the coat tails of her annoying, but somehow popular, sister. this season is so rigged for her to win it isn’t even funny.


Pack your bag Aaryn, your going home!!!!!! Peace out Aaryn, have fun meeting with Julie Chen!!!!!!!!!!


I think production will tell them it was Americas vote at some point, possibly at the live eviction… the house going crazy is what production wants for now. This was what the MVP was supposed to do.
This will however depend on how the speculation goes down after the replacement. If like many believe production is saving Elissa and others then they will take the heat off them by revealing this.


It’s funny, I was watching the feeds and Candace made this emotional plea to Amanda bout Aaryn being a racist, she has to go, her not going will be an insult and all that jazz.

Watch Amanda go on the block and Candace vote out Amanda over Aaryn.

I love hypocrisy.

Aaryn's training bra

I hope that Aaryn doesn’t win BB. Otherwise, if she wins half mil, she might get that boob job and I would be relegated to the trash bin!