Big Brother Spoilers Old Alliances Crumbling New Alliances Forming “Helen can’t control the whole house”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


6:48pm Chess board Aaryn and Helen

Helen just taught Aaryn how to play chess. Aaryn tells her that “They” are trying to frame her by saying she’s the MVP. Aaryn: “Why.. I know they want me out but why.. the only person that wants me out is Elissa the other people realize I’m not a threat”

Aaryn thinks the only two people in the house that would feel threatened by her are Spencer and JUDD with however JUDD is working with.

Aaryn: “JUDD is working with Spencer and I think Howard.. don’t tell anybody”
A: “JUDD wants a girl to go home this week he told me that”
She brings up when she asked JUDD if he is working with Spencer and Howard and JUDD look at the floor and nodded. Aaryn brings up how JUDD is saying that she twists his words.
Aaryn proposes if Helen helps keep her safe this week she can give Helen information because there are people in the house that tell her shit because they think she is going home.
Aaryn: “They don’t think I have anyone in the house that talks to me or cares about me .. they just shoot the shit with me and a lot comes out of their mouths and they don’t even realize it”
Helen: ‘I love JUDD”
Aaryn: ‘I do to but he’s dangerous” Aaryn points out that JUDD has told her one thing and done another twice now.
Aaryn says if Elissa would just stop resisting the fact that she doesn’t want her out and stop resisting her personally they would be “So Set”. Aaryn: “We don’t have to be friends..”
Aaryn adds that Elissa doesn’t like her for personal reason but this is a game.

Aaryn says she will never go after the people in this house that she thinks will keep her safe. Aaryn doesn’t think Elissa will but she knows that HElen will fight to help her. Aaryn mentiosn that people in the house are getting upset that Helen, Elissa, Andy and KAiltin have a final 4. Helen says they do not have a final 4.

Aaryn says the only person she’s heard wanting to put up Helen is Spencer. Aaryn is surprised that everyone forgets all of Spencer lies the first couple weeks, “He’s sailing though”.
Helen says that Spencer is not sailing through he’s lied to too many people in the house, “He could go up this week.. and I hope he does”

Aaryn wants to put these problems aside with Elissa so that the three of them can steam roll through the game. Helen isn’t sure Elissa will accept that but what Helen can tell her is that Aaryn is no more Elissa’s target the target are McCrae and Amanda.
Aaryn says she is not going after Elissa but if Elissa continues to say she’s targeting Aaryn and she nominates Aaryn with the MVP Aaryn will have to take action. Helen understands and will talk to Elissa.


6:45pm OH McCrae, Amanda, Elissa, Candace
C: “I heard you told Aaryn that she’s not going home”
A: “I didn’t say that how did I know that.. I’m not going to say to her face ya you’re going home.. I don’t even know who the replacement nominee is going to be”
A: “I’m just one vote.. I’m not everybody in the house.. that was a pretty abrasive confrontation”
E: “We just wanted to ask you because Aaryn is telling everyone she’s not going home”
MC: ‘Aaryn is going home 100 f**** percent”
A: “She’s sitting here in a room full of people so for some reason if she doesn’t go home I don’t want her coming for me.. My words verbatim McCrae was here It depends on who the third nominee is”
MC: “Ya”
E: ‘Who is the 3rd nominee”
A: “I don’t know.. I’m sitting here shaking.. “
Candace says this should be a really easy week Aaryn offended her and Howie badly.
C: ‘If I or Howie went on the block the week that a person said racially derogatory remarks to us and one of us went home it would be really Shady”
C: “My feelings would be really hurt.. I haven’t done anything.. Howie hasn’t done anything”
Candace explains to them that this is Big Brother and sometimes you have to tell Fibs. They cannot hold that over Howies head she says they have all lied.
MC wants Aaryn gone he tells them he’s just as afraid as everyone else right now. Adds that Aaryn walks around the house telling lies and twisting words.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:10pm HOH McCrae, Candace, Amanda, Elissa
Trying to figure out what happened with the MVP twist. Elissa proposes that the producers got to vote. Amanda doubts that would be too much tampering with the game.
Elissa: “they were really mad this morning at me”
Candace: “Maybe last years winner got to vote.. maybe Rachel got to vote” (See image above to Elissa’s reaction)
Amanda laughs says there is no way she would have voted her sister up .

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:27 Helen and Elisa
Elissa saying she’s been talking to Amanda and McCrae in the HOH and she doesn’t think Amanda has the MVP.
Elissa says she knows that Amanda is a actress but she really thinks Amanda Is scared right now. Elissa thinks that someone out of the house got the MVP she doesn’t think it’s a player in the game right now.
Elissa thinks it could be either David, Nick or Jeremy that were given the MVP.

Elissa says that all the people evicted were not valuable in the game that is why they were evicted.


7:24pm Candace, MC, Amanda, Aayrn

Am: “Oh hello Aaryn good timing.. Candace heard that I told you you weren’t going home.. but I said it depends on who the third nominee is am I correct”
Aaryn looks at Candace: “ya.. didn’t I tell you that”
They clear up what is being said.. Aaryn says to them she hasn’t been talking game at all especially after what JUDD said about her (Twisting words) Aaryn says she thinks that with Elissa going up that someone is framing her.
Candace doesn’t think someone is framing Aaryn because to her she wouldn’t think it would help Aaryn’s game to put Elissa up if she is on the block.

Candace tells them that she’s a protective MOMMA bear and trying to find out if someone was targeting her person. Candace then says that her person is Elissa and she was wanting to know who put her up. (I thought her person was Howie)


7:30pm Bathroom GM, Spencer and Howard

Howard says that AManda has got Kaitlin under her spell. He mentions that Kaitlin was sticking up for Amanda earlier in the day.

Howard tells GM that last week they wanted to put him up but Elissa didn’t want to because she was worried it would pi$$ Candace off. Howard: “That is why they got McCrae to lie and say he had MVP”
Howard says he’s been talking to Kailtin trying to get her to see what Amanda is doing.
Howard says that Elissa swears that she’s not the MVP but when the replacement nominee comes out they will know.
Howard says that Amanda/Elissa know they have Kaitlin and they know they have Helen.
Howard: “Helen will do whatever Elissa tells her to do”
Spencer asks GM to talk to Kailtin more.
GM: “She talks but I don’t know what she says when I’m not around.. thats the thing she thinks she’s going to make it to top 4”
Howard: “Helen can’t control the whole house”
spencer says that Andy has been left out of the loop he trust him. Howard says he trusts GM more than Kailtin.


8:00pm Helen goes to bed Punishment from the Power of Veto Competition


Amanda rolls Elissa in saran wrap


8:27pm bathroom Andy, Aaryn and Kaitlin

Aaryn tells them to watch what they say to Candace because she was just up in the HOH grilling Amanda. Aaryn wants to know who has been talking to her.
GM: “I never talk to Candace.. like never”
Andy: “YA”
Kaitlin joins them Aaryn asks her if she’s talked to Candace about the conversation they had upstair with Amanda.
Kaitlin: “I don’t talk to Candace she’s a zombie”
Andy wants to know what the conversation was about.
Kaitlin: “All we did was go over scenarios”
Kaitlin tells them she was in the kitchen and got 21 questions from Elissa about the twist. She says that Elissa is freaking out thinking that one of the three evicted house guests got the MVP.
Kailtin: “Literally it was back to back to back questions”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:13pm Howard and Candace cuddling in the bathroom before they head to teh HOH to chit chat with Amanda, McCrae and Elissa


And my fav screen capture Andy siting in the Bathroom worried as the superfriends alliance crumbles.


8:58pm JUDD in the cockpit every 9 minutes an alarm goes off..

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Its official! BB is now the Dating Game.

Candice says she can tame Howard and want him safe. Candice, you do remember Howard saying he has a girlfriend? Candice, Howard told Spencer you were not his type. Howard likes bad girls. My take, Howard is using you. However, as long as you understand your role that’s fine, but it seems you are going to have a big let down outside of BB coming.

Elissa told Howard that she didn’t put him up last week. Elissa’s reward for giving him a chance, Howard is going to put her up the first chance he gets. Wow! This MVP twist has created chaos in the house. So I guess CBS must feel pretty proud about themselves. The twist resulted in Elissa developing a backbone as she thinks that Amanda is the one that put her up. Elissa now thinks she was meant to play this game, as she is the good and is opposing the evil as represented by Amanda. In other words, Elissa is Super Woman and Amanda is Lex Luther. Also Amanda overplayed her hand and just over reacted in relation to this twist. Amanda goes to Helen and tells her not use the POV. Amanda that sounded like Elissa wasn’t part of your alliance and was throwing her over the side. McCrae is not as cocky now that the twist is out there. Amanda is blaming Elissa and Elissa is blaming Howard, which is creating mistrust among everyone. Yep! CBS must be pretty happy with the unexpected results of this MVP twist.

Helen is telling everyone don’t tell Amanda but she didn’t want me to use my POV on Elissa. Helen, you don’t want Amanda to know, but then you proceed to tell almost everyone in the house. I wonder how long this takes before it gets back to Amanda? My guess is about 2 hours. I am not sure how much Elissa is a friend of Helen. Candace tells you that Howard is considering putting up Elissa to free the MVP, but Helen makes no mention of this to Elissa. Helen says she told Judd that it was his HOH and he can do anything he wants. Wow! Helen is being reasonable. What happen to Helen’s earlier position that it was the house’s HOH?

Helen counts Jessie and Judd as part of the Super Friends. Judd is playing a great game as HOH. I can not figure out whom he is lying to. He works with Amanda and Howard and tells both what they want to hear. Judd may be the best of the house guests at this game.

These super alliances being created first by Helen and now Howard are just unsustainable. So Howard’s reformed alliance includes Spencer, Candice, Kaitlin, Gina, Judd (maybe), and Jessie(maybe). He also wants to bring onboard Andy. If Andy agrees and that’s a big if, then that means all that’s left to vote out is Aayrn, Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa. However, 3 people each week go on the block and you just don’t have enough rival players before you start voting out your own side. Additionally, BB is not going to let you have such an easy road to the finals. They are going to protect Helen or Elissa with a Pandora’s box or put another twist in, so that this powerful alliance comes under stress and breaks. Why do you think this MVP twist was created? Because Amanda and Helen with Elissa’s MVP had gotten to powerful and could dictate who stayed. Hence, BB takes the MVP from Elissa and place it in the hands of America. However, I don’t think CBS knew how great a move this would be. The fans are choosing the least liked player. Spencer, you keep making these sexist comments. You might become America’s public enemy. At best this alliance lasts 2 weeks, because BB will step in and also sub alliances will be formed in order to get to final 3 or 2.


Howard has an Ex. Howard is giving all the signs of not wanting anything serious, so if she falls hard for him thats not howards fault. Elissa wants howard or spencer gone ASAP, so it would be smart to get rid of elissa the person who the show was rigged around. Judd I agree has been playing the best game. He is at a crossroad and whichever side he chooses will determine the winner of the game.


Howard is an asshole! I’m watching him on BBAD right now basically bossing Candice around, making her cry and telling her what to do, what to say and that he has to watch her so she doesn’t spill anything! (When in reality he’s the one that can’t SHUT UP about unnecessary things) He’s treating her like a child and she’s completely falling for it and we all know she’s smarter than him and her game would be so much better if she cuts him loose! Plus, they’re gunning for McManda this week umm… Who’s the last showmance left if they break them up this week? DUMBASS HOWARD AND CANDICE!!!!! Howard is overplaying when he should just lay low! Candice was playing a good game until she started messing with H.


well said. Everyone keeps talking about how much of a good guy Howard is. Well in this season, yes he is a good guy. However he has some pretty chauvinistic views about women as well. He was saying things about women as well when he was with the MC. He was just not as vulgar about it so everyone focused on Spencer and Aaryn. Think about it, HE REALLY LIKES SPENCER. How in the hell can a decent “church going” man be cool with another man that talks about women the way Spencer does? Not possible unless you feel the same.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Anyone could tell Howard does not care for Candace, when the mattress episode came up, he watched silently as Aaryin, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Gina Stalker Marie went all out on her. All what he did was to carry herout of the room as if she was the problem. I am tired of his fahe prayers, his using the Lord’s name in vain, praying and holding hands with Elissa and Helen when he was screwing them up. Howard is a scumbag and highly manipulative. Be careful people, he might win the whole thing by playing the victim, when he does not give two chits , but is in for the money. What a phony.

Leonard Diesel

Howard’s next bible study lessons should be Ephesians 4:29, Ephesians 5:4, and Colossians 3:8. He says he drops the f-bomb every other word because that’s the way his family talks, but if someone told him Aaryn talks about segregated fish and makes Asian eye jokes because that’s the way her family talks, that would be the worst thing on the planet.


Howard carrying Candice out of that room when the bed was flipped and having them sleep in the have-nots room was the best thing he ever did in the house. The catty racist girls were provoking Candice asking her if she will “go all black on them” so they could turn around and stamp the label of “angry black woman” on her. Jeremy was lying down saying nothing and we all know that the best way to perpetuate an evil is to stand by and do nothing. Then Howard came in and realized he could not reason with the girls bullying Candice. If he had said even one word to them, the white girls would have started playing victim and acting oh so scared of the “big black guy who is so angry and so mean and sooooo scary” Everyone in America knows this narrative right? So Howard took her out of there and kept her out of there. He did not come down to their level and removed Candace before she was provoked enough to come down to their level. I could talk all day but then again, if you have never experienced constant racial humiliation, you will never ever get it…


Thumbs up x 50.


Wow, you are blowing it way out of proportion. Guess you have something against people of color too…


Mumbles has been at a crossroad along with Andy most of the season. Both have been seen as floaters but I definitely disagree. Mumbles is Judd by the way… He’s been more strategic than Andy so far.

Judds game has been talk to basically everyone. Push nothing when it comes to evictions but listen for the majority house position and support it. His HOH consists of Arryn as the houses target not his. He’s been part of Friends as has Andy but I think Helens HOH emotional instability has him continuing to explore options. Several HG’s have commented about his easy to get along with disposition.

Andy’s biggest flaw is he jumps on the band wagon during conversations. He’s like a parrot repeating what was just said. His edit has gotten pretty sparce as well. BBAD last night he was barely shown as was Jessie and Helen. The edit is really going to matter this season if America continues to choose the 3rd nom. Most voting watch prime and maybe BBAD some. The prime edit is very important atm.

I’m not a fan of Howard’s strategy. He’s trying to lasso a lot of loose cannons into an alliance. The other side would only need to pull back 1 sub group. Mumbles, Andy and Jessie are very valuable at this point. We really need another Helen HOH to get the house really fired up and fractured.


Judd = Mumbles LMAO Judd is becoming one of my favorite players so far. He’s a good guy and he’s playing the game really well and he’s handling HOH very well unlike Aaryn and Helen.

Telling secrets to Kaitlan and Andy

Shhh make sure not to tell anyone this important secret, I trust that you will not tell anyone…


LOL well just so you know, Andy already told Amanda what Helen told him about her and McCrae!! You know the thing nobody was supposed to tell Andy?! Lol


It seems like Amanda and MC is always laying down? Good lord get up walk around get your blood flowing.


Please Please Let Amanda Be The Renom!!!

Meat Lovers Pizza

I just LOVE Helen ordering the girls not to tell anyone about Amanda Amanda especially especially Andy, cut to her telling Andy AND Aaryn!! Idiot.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Judd’s not going to have any HOH food left, they’re eating all of it… Why can’t he have the room locked up til he gets out? If only to protect his sheets from Amanda and McCrae’s bodily fluids.


These people are so entitled. In the past the HOH use to lock the room when they left. Some of them would leave it open but no one dared go in without first asking. No one ate their food without asking and i can’t remember anyone having sex in the HOH bed that wasn’t the HOH.These cast members are a piece of work. Pretty indicative of the younger generation in the US today. Very entitiled!

Roisin Dubh

That’s so messed up. They eat his food, sleep in his bed, take bubble baths. Amanda and her keychain have no respect for Judd. This season really great so far but these people are just the worst. How does that happen?


i dont know why helen/elissa started all this stuff tonight. helen said so much stuff against the friendship and then went to bed lol im glad candace confronted amanda and i hope aaryn is still going.

Janelle pov queen

This is so fucking good tonight go be good ugh I can’t Amanda need to go up so I can see who everyone think is the MVP if that goes down


It makes absolutely NO SENSE that America voted to put up Elissa as a nominee for eviction yet every week these same people give her the MVP. Totally rigged!!!!


Ya it does, all the Rachel fan probably not voted for the same person to go up and the rest of America probably vote her up! Well probably Aaryn but she was already up!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Elissa trying to be a ham sandwich? LOL


Come on super friends……don’t crumble!!!!! Stay together!!!!!!!’


i agree that is the best allaince i have ever seen helen a smart gamer andy can bascially anyone of anything and there just the best alliance and if they break up no one else is going to protect them espically elissa come on superfriends u can do it u can stay together at least until everyone else is gone or until there at the finals then its every man for themselves


Amanda and McCrae always take over the HOH bed, they both are completely repulsive, all they do is lay on top of each other every time I see them. Why haven’t either them been put up for eviction, it seems to be the most logical move at this point.


Kaitlyn and Jeremy had SEX in the hoh room while Aaryn was hoh, that’s kinda disgusting… Youtube it!


“Elissa proposes that the producers got to vote.” Well duh!


Are these houseguests stupid? Spencer doesn’t even know who the third nominee is but he’s making plans to try to save aaryn instead of Kaitlin. I don’t know ythese idiots keep telling aaryn stuff when they know she goes around talking to everybody….if aaryn stays then That’s hypocritical of Candace who told Amanda that how can they try to keep aaryn who said racist stuff over Howard but then will go ahead and vote to evict Kaitlin if Howard says so


Howard is freaking out!! They are scrambling with all kind of potential alliance, just wait for the third nominee!

Butters Mom

Dont forget, Kaitlin said racial slurs as well. she just wasnt called out for them like Aaryn was.

7 Seven 7

Well that lasted long Andy just told Helen’s secret


Yes, the superfriends are crumbling like a cookie and Andy just blabbed to the Mccranda about what Helen said in the storage room and then said, Don’t tell her I told you.

Andy “I’ve been keeping my mouth shut all day.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Andy is as much of a liar than Amanda, he too also have bunch of sub alliance but his Not as loud, his playing a pretty good game if you ask me… Nobody brought up is name in a negative way, even Spencer trust him.

Mississippi Girl

Andy may have been keeping his mouth shut but his ears have been wide open while waiting for night to start blabbing again. And it is so ANNOYING that everything someone says seems to ANNOY Amanda.


Don’t bet on it!!!!!!


So, can anyone fill me in on why Elissa has so many fans other than who she is related to? Also, can anyone fill me in on why Rachel has so many fans for that matter… I mean she seemed very annoying to most people I know?


There’s the Brenchel army and Rachel was one hell of the competitor and she worked w/ the golden couple of Jeff and Jordan.


Anyone have any idea who was voted 3rd by America… if it shares any simlarty to the polls you see here it would either be Amanda or Howard I suppose.


Amanda just turned the house right back to her side…Andy told her about Helen and Andy is loyal to her…Candice is like the girls in High School who like to talk shit behind each others back then when they get face to face they don’t do anything.

Also, Helen is a dumbass. Can’t wait to see her leave.


So true!!! Thank you jessielle! You are reading my mind.


How did Amanda just turn the house back to her side?


You’re putting way too much stock in what people say in the house for public consumption. Amanda’s time is short, but everybody will hedge until she’s on the block after veto, whether it’s this week or the next or the one after that.

Also, in BB seasons past, targets knew they were targets, they knew votes were stacked against them. It’s only in recent season’s where cowardice/lack of a sporting sense has caused people to pretend they were allied with people they planned to evict. It used to be that lies were used selectively for maximum impact, now the HG’s would climb up a tree and tell a lie, rather than stay on the ground and tell the truth. Helen telling Andy was calculated and him going and telling Amanda that the house was lining up against her changes nothing. Amanda is a known quantity and if a majority does not like/fears that quantity, then all of Amanda’s best attempts at pretending to be something different will be as successful as Jeremy’s attempts last week.

The idea that Amanda being made aware that the votes exist to send her home somehow means the outcome will change is a myth. It doesn’t change who she will target while she is in the game and it’s unlikely to change the result when she faces an eviction night as a nominee…especially since she’s established a reputation as pushy, bullying, duplicitous, and arrogant…and I want Amanda to stay in the game. The facts are simply the facts.

This Season Blows

But wait…. weren’t delusional Brenchel fans just claiming Helen was playing the best game? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!


d says:
July 20, 2013 at 9:24 pm
i dont know why helen/elissa started all this stuff tonight. helen said so much stuff against the friendship and then went to bed lol im glad candace confronted amanda and i hope aaryn is still going.

hellen said so much stuff againts the friendship and then went to bed LMAO

Janelle pov queen

Not that this should surprise anyone, but Amanda has decided her and McCrae are sleeping in the HoH room tonight without even asking Judd. This bitch kills me

Will.I.Am, I Think

I’d vote their asses out, they remind me of the movie Madhouse, motherf**kers just don’t wanna leave.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Amanda about Candice “You just don’t want your big black d**k to leave the house”

You know that’s a bit racist, and hypocritical , would she not be upset of McCrae was in danger of going?

America, do your worst

Will.I.Am, I Think

And how does she know he has a big black d**k? I knew she saw it, that’s the real reason she wants him out.


How in the world is that racist?

Does saying the word “black” make you racist now??

Will.I.Am, I Think

Did you read her attitude when she said it? that’s what made the comment racist.


If I call Howard a motherf***er, that’s not racist…but if I add the modifier “black” then I’m on the line, when I really don’t need to be, unless I choose to so on purpose. The same goes for Helen. B***h is fine…but Korean b***h is unnecessary. Andy can be an a**hole…but why do I have to say gay a**hole, unless I want to include the modifier regarding his sexuality as part of the insult.

So if you ever meet Amanda, ask her why she didn’t just say that Candace didn’t want to give up her d**k? Why did she have to say black d**k” which educated people know is a play on the stereotypical Mandingo, big black buck, racist bulls**t?

Now if I call you a typical idiot, then I’m simply calling you a garden variety idiot…but if I say you’re a typical female idiot, do you not see the sexist connotation? Why do I need to bring your gender into the insult, unless I want it to be part of the insult?


Ok, Candice has now officially used the race card. Candice, you shouldn’t have done that, leave the race issue alone. I am not saying you have to be friends with Aaryn, but she apologized twice. Whether they were sincere or not, I do not know. However, Candice you accepted her apology, move on. Howard tells you not to confront Amanda and you still go up there and tell them what Aaryn said. Now Aaryn is going to be more close mouth around you and has alerted Kaitlin and Helen not to tell you anything. Candice, you are bad at this game.

Kaitlin, has done a complete 180 and might be going over to Amanda’s side. Kaitlin being in the alliance was never a good idea. Now Spencer wants to bring in Andy, which is just like telling Helen, into the alliance. Why do they keep trying to create Super Alliances? Its just to hard to manage. and you don’t know who to trust. Additionally, Howard/Spencer haven’t learned anything from the McCrae debacle. You are going to put pressure on Kaitlin to choose between you and Amanda. Howard, just leave her alone and wait until the POV ceremony. Kaitlin doesn’t like you. A person wants to be in an alliance with people they like. Kaitlin holds you responsible for Jeremy leaving and if Amanda offers her protection, then she’s gone. You don’t want to expose the alliance. Right now they think its Spencer, Judd, Howard and Candice. You get exposed and they know who to target. Stop the madness!


You are right. Howard is just stupid! Dumb jock! He also struggles at reading people. Im listening to him tell Candace how he knows what he is doing. Candace iis much smarter but way too emotional. She needs to calm down before acting and stop followng Howards lead. He is going to lead them both out the door!


jessie is going straight to final 2 because she stays out the drama .. they will be to busy taking out each other


Who’s Jessie?
I keep forgetting she’s in the house.
JenCity 2.0?


Jenn City 2.0 less tats but a way better A$$! 😛


How about a mix of JennCity and Danielle (BB14)?


I don’t know why, but Howard and Candice are driving me crazy. And when is someone going to figure out Andy is into everybody’s business. But I still want Aayrn out next.


they are driving me crazy because they are connecting with each other from their weakness instead of from strength!! It is really annoying to watch….whenever they are on the screen together I change to another camera or turn away from the feeds.


I think Andy is this year’s Shelly.

Stooge Banter

jess for the win


Helen, Elissa and Kaitlen look great without all that makeup. They need to embrace their natural side a bit more. In my opinion, most women should.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@ Trinity. Oh! The ignorance…. Make up use is a personal option. Like condom use, hair color, getting a tattoo, getting boob jobs, getting married, using viagra… It is a personal choice. If one think they want or they need It it is their lives. They probably give two dunkey chits about your opinion… So save it for when you want to get an erection and your doctor tells you you don’t really need to have sex… Let’s seee how you will react about personal choices…. I am getting really tired of those fools here…


C: ‘If I or Howie went on the block the week that a person said racially derogatory remarks to us and one of us went home it would be really Shady”
C: “My feelings would be really hurt.. I haven’t done anything.. Howie hasn’t done anything”

But it wouldn’t be shady if someone else was nominated and you voted to evict them over Aaryn? I’m starting to not like Candace. Howard does seem to have influence over her. I thought she was smarter than that.


Im just hoping Amanda is the third nominee!!


Who all is involved in the super friends alliance??
Our who was, know that its starting to crumble it seems.


I can’t remember any other season having this much “game played” so early. They need to have some fun… Charades, sock puppet shows, ANYTHING!!! Is it because there’s such a lack of booze doled out this year? All they do is lie around in beds all day and talk “game”, which is really just talking sh!t about each other, not actual strategy. The lying is just covering up the bs they spew, no real game-style manipulation going on.

I feel exhausted by the season already, there’s still too many people in the house to really strategize moves. That’s why alliances (of 5+ people???) are crumbling daily. There are no real alliances, except Amanda & McCrae and maybe Howard & Spencer. Once the following people are gone then the real game can begin:
GM, Andy (he’s not strategizing, he’s just annoying), Elissa and Aaryn. Candace needs to focus and remember this is a game, she’s is a smart woman, and observant, but not really cut out for this show.

This Season Blows

The majority of the cast doesn’t even really talk game, they just talk shit about each other on a personal level. Most of the houseguests’ game talk this year doesn’t really extend beyond “so-and-so needs to go because I don’t like them.” It’s pretty sad.


Right now is the time to get to know everyone. Have small alliance of people to have your back, but all the ‘fake alliances’ are what has simply made this season a high school soap opera. This is why Survivor alliance betrayals are epic because they formed relationships with people and then once the merge happens people can flip things around, by that point there’s usually only about 10 people playing.

I loved Helen until her HOH nonsense and lived Amanda until her vengeful targeting of Howard. Why does she want him gone so much? Has she even been able to articulate it? She can’t say he’s a beast in comps when her man holds the record (2!) wins.


This season is heating up! this twist has really shaken up the house!

Spencer’s misogynistic remarks are creepy and I’m hoping that the public starts to pick up on them more…

My prediction Howard’s alliance will crumble,as quick as it came together. they all hate each other! but it could work for this weeks vote, if it lasts.

Helen and Elissa have each other back and are a pretty powerful dual, as are MC and Amanda. Judd is playing a good game too, and seems to have floater Jessie legitimately in his pocket.

Howard, Spencer, GM, are in trouble…Kaitlin is a strong individual player and could be used by one of the power duos.. As for Andy and Candace, they are smart players they really need to stick with Helen and Elissa


Non-stop shifting and reforming alliances, paranoia setting in every other day, no1 able to keep secrets, backstabs, blindsides, overly dramatic reactions to everything because its a house full of players and only a handful of puppets instead of the usual 2 or 3 players and house full of puppets, production interference that every1 in the house knows is going on and they all realize that they not only have to beat the other players but also have to beat production to win the game, a so-called floater(Andy) that could end up floating all the way to the final 4 before he gets targeted and will have a legitimate shot at winning his way to the top 2(would probably end up being the first gay person to win because every1 in the house knows he is playing well and yet has no enemies), good guys and bad guys that change on a daily basis at times…..sorry MVP twist haters, this is turning out to be the most entertaining season ever.

P.S. With Candice confronting Amanda, watch her and McCrae turn this house around and get people on their side by the end of the week(at least until the next chance to put them on the block comes along).


i forgot about aaron…she is disposable at this point, either this week or next


Did they hold a second HOH competition with Amanda and Mc winning? I must have missed it.


At least one of production’s trump cards (punishment/reward comp) is out of the way.

Any time production’s favorite is in trouble, they have this as the Veto comp. It is the most easily rigged comp there is, and Production’s favorite (or their closest ally) always wins… I don’t remember the last time that statement was false.

Will.I.Am, I Think

100% True, but this one was a little more obvious than usual, HGs saying that Elissa had all the higher numbers while they had the lower numbers(Judd missing it by 2 points), Production didn’t have to make it THAT obvious, I’ve never heard any of the HGs complaining more about a comp being catered towards another HG quit like this POV.


Could someone clarify the alliances?

Howard, Spencer, Judd, Jessie, Candace? (Trying to get GM on this side?)

Helen, Elissa, Andy, MC, Amanda? (Aaryn and Kaitlin leaning towards this side?)

Will.I.Am, I Think

Apparently, they’re all in a alliance together, they just don’t know it yet…


Amanda is getting scared and upset because people are lying about her lol But didn’t she say this is big brother everyone lies!! Now she is scared she doesn’t have the numbers! Paybacks a bitch! Hopefully she will be voted out and backdoored!


Mc makes $146/week delivering pizza so a score of 5K is 34 weeks of work. Meanwhile he is having sex 24/7 and has taken over the HOH bedroom. He must be feeling on top of the world right now. Amanda without Judds permission has taken over the HOH room leaving the bed smelling of sex and taking baths in Judds tub. Do you think either of these two care enough to feed the poor fish while Judd is banished?

Will.I.Am, I Think

Wow Amanda is delusional she just said why would they vote her out over McCrae, A DUH you’re very intelligent and has been instrumental in getting fools out.. McCrae is a weakling compared to you, because he’s totally blinded by the p***y, if it wasn’t for you mesmerizing him, MC would still be around.

Amanda is the biggest threat in that house.

Aaryn calling Jessie a floater is comical, I mean she didn’t even win that HOH by herself Jeremy was doing 90% of the work, and he gave her the HOH, she’s pretty much a floater now that Jeremy is gone and she’s alone.


Amanda said Mc controls her,she doesn’t control him? Again, did I miss something?


Ah, yeah….. her throwing him under the bus!


This game has me all confused. I think I’m better off rooting for Judd, he seems to be the only decent human being in that house. && if Jessie ever started actually playing the game I will root for her too. Just a lot of unnecessary disrespectful personal things being said that has nothing to do with gameplay!

I know it’s Big Brother, brings out the worst in people.


Poor Judd!!! I feel bad for him.


SMH @ the house guests ram sacking Judd’s HOH room. they have no respect for his bed, food or bathroom. house guests are just walking in and out grabbing food, taking dumps in his bathroom and shaving legs in his bathtub. Spencer and Andy drinking habits is disturbing. I don’t know if it was nerves, but Spencer was dribbling his drink all over the place when he was talking to Elissa earlier tonight. Andy sipping from his coffee mug reminds me of the Hannibal Lecter fava beans speech from Silence Of The Lambs.


Firstly, isn’t Judd in solitary confinement so he isn’t using the HOH room?

Secondly, maybe laying around in bed all day is part of Amanda and McCrae’s plan since not only the other HGs but you guys have forgotten that McCrae’s shown himself to be a decent comp threat in week 1 and in the HOH comp a week ago when he threw it on the 168 vs 169 thing.

Thirdly, is the Goof Troop the only solid,alliance now?


Ellisa flipped off the camera and cussed at the DR and Big Brother/PRODUCTION shutdown the feeds!! So we couldn’t hear her even though she is now saying she is ashamed of her actions! Because PRODUCTION told her to shut it down over the PA system… lol


Are we watching the same show. Candace don’t know how to keep her emotions in check. Howard wasn’t bossing her around, she is hard headed and playing a stupid game. I think she is playing Howard. Remember, Candace is the one who wanted and still wants an all girl alliance. And as far as Howard carrying her out the room, he kept her ass from getting kicked off the show for beating GM and Aaryn’s ass!!! Another thing, Howard said he had
“EX-GIRLFRIEND”. He said he didn’t want intimate relationship on tv, that was a personal thing not for everyone to watch. Maybe he should be like McWussy, and treat her like a sex toy but when it comes down to a pov, he takes the money instead of keeping his “Queen” safe.