Frank says that he wants Jojo out this week and Shane out next week..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie


1:30pm Frank, Mike, and Shane are up in the HOH room talking about and looking through the photos on the camera. Frank gets called to the diary room to bring the camera back. Mike heads down stairs. Janelle asks Ashley what is up, why was she upset yesterday? Ashley says that in the bathroom people started talking about Kara and I got upset. Janelle asks so how did the Ian and Frank thing come up? Ashley says that Shane dropped the comment about how Kara brought up the final 3 deal in her speech. Ashley explains it and Janelle tells her that she can’t say things like that to people that aren’t on your team because they will use it against you. Janelle says just come talk to me if you need to talk. Ashley says that she thinks Frank likes her now and that he talks to her more now. Janelle say yeah, because he thinks you’re coming after him. Ashley says that Frank told her that he said Wil was her biggest threat. Janelle says shut up he said that!? Ashley says that Frank said that he likes Shane’s loyalty too. Janelle says that they need to get Danielle out. Janelle says getting rid of Jojo, what is that going to do? Janelle says that they should ask Frank how much he trusts Shane just so that he gets paranoid about it.

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1:45pm Frank joins them up in the HOH room. Janelle asks Frank what he thinks about Shane? You still want to get rid of him next week right? Frank says yes! He says that he is being all buddy, buddy with him just so that he goes through with the deal. But I definitely want him out next week. Frank says that he really wants Jojo out this week just to separate those two. Janelle says that she hopes Ashley or Joe win HOH.Ashley starts listening the music cd. Janelle tries to take a nap and Frank gets ready to go downstairs to work out.

2pm – 3pm Ian and Dan are playing a new game in the pool called salsa bowl while the other house guests watch. Not much going on the house guests are just laying out and talking about random stuff


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41 thoughts on “Frank says that he wants Jojo out this week and Shane out next week..

  1. Omg!!!!!! I really can’t take this anymore!!! GET DANIELLE OUT YOU IDIOTS! BECAUSE IF JOSEPHINE DOESN’T GET EVICTED , I SWEAR THEY ARE ALLLLL SCREWED! WHY WIULDNT THEY WANT TO GET DAN OUT , I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT , IT’S ONE LESS COACH AND ONE LESS AGGRIVATIon , something needs to change this game is getting boring! ESP if jojo leaves! Ugh!!!!

  2. If they get JoJo out this week, Shane out next week and then Frank out the next week, I’ll have to hand it to the house for a true success.

    Of course, then all the excitement would be gone, so production is definitely going to make sure Shane and Frank stay around for a while…

  3. Brit doesn’t look happy with JoJo and Shane at all. When they came out for Shane’s makeover she looked very displeased.

  4. Anybody watch “Glass House,” last night. It was so cheesy. Someone decided it would be best, if they went up as a pawn for no reason at all. There is no POV, lol. And here is the funniest part. They show the old guy, who is up on the block, looking at a picture of his daughter, which I’m sure was a scene set up by the producers to make sure the guy that volunteered is blindsided to create drama.

    BB does get involved and puts things in peoples’ heads, but not to this level. On BB, it’d be like… actually, there is nothing as dumb on BB because as a pawn, you still can get votes from your alliance or win pov.

    1. OHH man that shitty… I started watching it and we had a blog about it but the whole aspect of having viewers vote ruin it. I thought some of the cast were good but the show is junk

      1. then simon you would not like the big brother england because the viewers call in ( or text) to vote out the nominees the house mates on get to nominate.

          1. Think about this. The worst movie in BB history was Lewan asking to be voted out, yet he at least thought he would win money and did get to compete to come back in. As for Jeffrey(Glass House), he gains nothing.

            It is absurd. Credibility of the show went down the tubes.

            1. I was trying to keep up with glass house. The ‘conservative’ group are total assholes! I am conservative but the Mormon bitch and the cop are total assholes! And I can’t watch the show because the wrong people were going home.

      2. Simon,
        I would not doubt, if they emailed his family, asking for a photo, then said here take this and look really sad. Lol, What if it wasn’t his daughters! No one else in the house has any photos that I know of.

        All in all, that is the last episode I am watching. The best looking guy pretty much has to make sure he doesn’t look like a complete ass, he has tried, and he will win the money.

    2. yeah i saw that and i hope that fat ass gay militant goes home teach him to bully people into voting for gay marriages :)

        1. one of the girls on glass house said she did not vote for prop 8 (gay marriage) and the fat gay guy bullied her about it and tried to get everyone to vote her out just because she did not support gay marriage. my personal observation is not involved here i am just talking about the glass house and the glass house cast.

        2. Racist?? Didn’t know homosexuals were a race…..hmmm, learn something new every day!!! LMAO

          1. now a days you are a racist/homophobe/misogynist/bigot if you dont say anything politically correct (anotherwards don’t follow the sheeple) :) I wasnt even giving my opinion about gay marriage I was just repeating what happened on an episode of glass house. :)

            1. Not allowing two people to marry has nothing to do with being politically correct. It has to do with human rights. Unless you are a religious freak and can justify it that way. Just my opinion.

              1. who are you attacking? i never said i was against gay marriage i could give a shit less who fucks who or who marrys who i was just saying that people shouldnt be put down or bullied because they didnt feel that way which is what the fat gay guy did to that girl on the show jeeeez

                1. not attacking. Making a statement regarding your political correctness statement. I personally don’t see why you are more worried about the girl, who doesnt believe in gay marriage, and her feelings over the gay guy who she says doesn’t have the same rights as her. He is not trying to take anything away from her and he just wants to be treated EQUALLY.

                  1. i dont want to belabour this as i wasnt taking any sides at all just saying i did not like the way the fat gay guy tried bullying her and how he tried to get her voted out just because he said she did not vote prop 8 bullying isnt cool no mater what. this is the last response you will get from me on this as clearly you are not reading my posts correctly else you wouldnt keep challenging what I wrote

              2. I just find it funny that these people who hate people that don’t agree with them call them “bigots” or “hate mongers” as if they can read their minds. They seem to think that their opinions grant them moral superiority to assign emotions and motivations to others when it is just their own hate of people that disagree with them and their own guilt that they are projecting on to the “racist big(g)ots”

                Just sayin’

    3. Big Brother 1 involved ten complete strangers entering a house being watched by viewers in weekly episodes and the live feeds. The HouseGuests have no contact with anyone outside the house, and have no newspapers, no books, no television and no radio. Each week, the HouseGuests had to choose two HouseGuests to nominate, and the process was shown live. The two HouseGuests who received the most votes would be nominated for banishment. The viewing audience would then vote on which of the two nominees they wanted to banish from the house. The viewers voted for whom to evict via a 900 number.

      1. season 1 of BB is exactly like BBUK still is to this day. ( I just watched all of season 1 of BB US (too funny) dr drew is on it sometimes as an expert to analyze the house mates behaviours he was soooo young looking then :)

  5. That would not Happen. Shane & Frank will be staying at the house. It would be a final 2 deal.

  6. I am usually very busy but I got sick last night and have spent the day on Pinterest. If Willie (and the excitement he brought) was still in the house I would have ordered the feeds. Instead I have been finding good DIY projects and recipes on Pinterest all day.

      1. @niki. In the update it said Janelle wants Danielle out.And I wrote a long post on Janelle constantly flip floping.Are you saying that Janelle is still down to vote to evict Jojo?

  7. I hope people in that house smarten up and evict Danielle.
    JoJo is in a tricky place, she needs to make and keep deals….
    Danielle, will not win an HoH until much later. JoJo has a shot at a few of them.

    the idea of a deal is to save yourself (possibly) one more week, create a voting block and
    be able to run the house (a key to that is an alliance that can win and do social game.) . Only two players in this game have a solid alliance (Wil and Joe)
    the others hate each other and do not know what really to do.
    Hell, if Boogie and Frank missed a shot at picking up JoJo, and solidify Shane… why not Janelle’s team?
    They can also pick up Jenn . They should remember that this fake team stuff, will end, it will
    come down to 1 team member or 2 team members per coach… they have to start thinking $500,000 for me,
    not about getting their coaches $100,000.

    In past seasons I have had a sense of people I cheered for, watching or loved to hate (Brenchal, Chilltown, Bunky or Cowboy)

    This season I do not care about any of them… the only thing I am seeing is their strategy errors and possible moves they will never take.

    Today if I had to vote a special power… I would ask myself “Can I vote for one of the fish?”

  8. watching BBAD from last night and they are finally showing jenn and no offense because i like her (well from what I have seen of her) but she is scary to watch. she def could play a creature in a horror movie and wouldnt need make up or wardrobe dept either.
    JO JO says joe farts alot. grosssssssss she said they werent loud but smelled badddd i knew that troll was a BB house turd. nasty fat ass just farts and expects everyone to put up with it. grosssss
    Seeing Wil in that speedo swim suit is throwing me off I keep thinking he needs a bikini top to go with it.
    When Brit asks shane what’s his type of girl Shanes said he did not have time for a girl LOL
    Janelles triple D tits are practially falling out of that bikini top that she must have borrowed from Brit as it’s clearly too small for her. (she does have nice tits for being fake)
    watching Frank in the HOH room talking to Ashley is like watching woody allen talk to sun yee ( what a joke) and of couse Ashley is repeating all her conversations (word for word) that she has had with everyone (mainly the newbies) talk about 2 faced
    all janelle does is eat (especially when she goes to the HOH room) capital P I G (with nice rack :)
    all in all I watched about 20 minutes of the 2 half hrs and was impressed that the newbies got about 80% camera time with ashley being the focus with her getting 60 % of that.

    1. LMFAO I love your comments and you went off on some people.

      Keep it coming I need a good laugh now and then. ;)

      1. :) that is what went down I watch BBAD every day after they air so I can FF the crap. and I usually get anywhere fom 7 minutes to 20 minutes of really good highlights so I post them cause not everyone gets BBAD. :)

  9. “Janelle says that they need to get Danielle out. Janelle says getting rid of Jojo, what is that going to do?” Am I the only one who’s tired of Janelle’s constant filp floping?Just a few days ago she said she wanted Danielle to stay.She told Dan to his face that her 3 were voting for Danielle to stay.She even went as far as to come up with a plan to make Boogie/Frank want to evict Jojo.She said that she was going to hang around Jojo,to make Boogie/Frank think that Jojo has a deal with Janelle’s team.Which will make Boogie/Frank want to evict Jojo.But now Janelle wants Danielle evicted.I thought Rachel was wishy washy,but she doesn’t have anything on Janelle’s inability to stick to what she says she’s going to do.Janelle said,what is getting rid of Jojo going to do?Just a few days ago she thought getting rid of Jojo would benefit her.It seems as though not even her own players on her team can be sure that she won’t change her mind on who she wants to take to the end.I hope Janelle is only this unstable in the game,because God help her if she’s like this outside of the house.

    1. i think it just depends on what kind of moods she’s in she seems to sometime be reall bitchy then others sorta nice :) just saying :)

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