Danielle says Janelle’s lip has so much collagen in it that it is starting to do the wave.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


1am Danielle and Dan in the arcade room talking about Janelle. Danielle says that she hates bullying and says that she has struggled with anorexia growing up so it hurts to hear that Janelle was calling her fat. Danielle says that she knew Janelle called her fat. She says I have known the whole time! She says that she has known girls like Janelle before. Danielle says that she wishes Dan could have seen the way she looks at her. I wish you could have seen the way she looked at me on the ship, it was the worst. You will see it when you get home. Danielle says that Janelle told Wil he was not allowed to cheer for me. I want to knock her in her face and walk away. Danielle says that she has had a bad feeling about Janelle from the start. Dan and Danielle talk about how Boogie figured out she is nurse. Danielle asks why Janelle is threatened by her? Dan asks what do you want a coach answer or personal. Danielle says both. Dan tells Danielle that it doesn’t matter, she is gone! Dan says that she is probably threatened by you, she is getting older. Dan says that Janelle probably wanted people to vote out Kara for personal reasons. Dan says at the end of the day you get the last laugh without being mean about it. Dan says that she is going to be in Minnesota watching the live feeds and there is nothing she can do about it. Dan tells Danielle that when she gets older things like this won’t bother her as much. Danielle says that it’s just that Janelle just had a baby and she is attacking me. Britney joins them and they talk about the possibility of it being a fast forward this week. Dan says we need to make sure Joe doesn’t win it. Britney says yeah or Wil. Britney says it makes her nervous because Boogie never talks about trying to get him out.
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1:25am Shane and Danielle are now talking up in the HOH room. Danielle says that she found out some other stuff that Janelle that she didn’t know. Shane says that he freaking loves it that Janelle will be blindsided. Danielle tells Shane that after she heard the comments Janelle made about her weight, she didn’t eat for two days. Shane tells Danielle that she is beautiful the way she is and that he likes the way she looks. I can’t stand other women that can’t stand the way other women look. And how she talked about how she didn’t understand how you liked me. Shane tells Danielle that Janelle is a materialistic bit*h and that she is just jealous of Danielle. Danielle says that she won’t give Janelle a hug tomorrow. They talk about how they both left Janelle mean goodbye messages. Danielle says that she is excited about Shane leaving Janelle a mean goodbye. Danielle says that she started to leave a nice message but the diary room said they won’t accept that, so she started to say how she really felt. Shane says that what sucks is we will have to see her again at the finale. Danielle asks why the hell is Janelle talking about me when she has bigger pants than me? Danielle talks about how Janelle’s lip has so much collagen in it that it is starting to do the wave. Danielle says that she used a Rachel line in her goodbye message; she says that she said no one comes between me and my man. Meanwhile in the backyard, Jenn and Ashley are playing a game of badminton against Frank and Wil.


2:35am Jenn, Ashley, Wil and Frank are sitting around the kitchen table. They talk about how someone might volunteer to go up against Joe next week. Frank says that the negative is that Joe could win the POV. Frank says that he could see himself going up as a pawn next week against Joe. Jenn says that she thinks there is going to be a fast forward/double eviction coming up this week. Frank tells them that he is going to break the unitard curse tomorrow. He says that everyone who has been on the block in a unitard goes home, but that is staying. They continue to talk about wanting to vote Joe out next week. Wil says that he wouldn’t mind being the pawn because he would get to make a speech. They talk about how there is a risk to their plan because Joe could win POV but that isn’t very likely. Wil says that there are people in this house that need to go quick and quicker than Joe. Frank says that he would like Joe out next but with Janelle gone he says Joe is a one trick pony, he won’t have anyone left. They talk about how no one will want to work with Joe. Frank says that when Janelle walks out the door and Joe sees it was a 8-1 vote he will be like oh sh*t! Wil says that he thinks Joe is here for publicity. Ashley starts talking about a dream she had about the old coaches room. She says that she was in that room making out with a dog. Frank says that he thinks she had that dream because Ian is dressed as a dog this week. Wil says that when he gets out he is going to get sh*t faced and a massage, he is going to be a slut when he gets out of this house.

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3:15am – 3:45am Joe and Shane are talking about and studying the past events of the house. They wonder who Jenna or Ian would put up if they won. Joe thinks Ian would do whatever Boogie wants. Joe says that if he wins he is putting up Wil, just because of trust. Shane says that he would put up Boogie. Shane says that what is good for him is that he is playing for the veto no matter what. Joe says that Danielle can’t play and that it would be good if Britney won. They think the next HOH competition might be Q&A because they aren’t building anything out in the backyard right now. Shane says it might be America`s vote. Shane tells Joe that in the America’s vote he needs to make sure he thinks how America would vote and not how he would personally votes. Joe asks like who looks better in a bathing suit Kara or Danielle. They continue to talk about the events of the house. Shane says that it could be a before and after competition too. Shane heads to bed. Joe goes outside and sits by himself for a bit on the couch and then heads to bed.


5:50am All the house guests are still asleep..

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103 thoughts on “Danielle says Janelle’s lip has so much collagen in it that it is starting to do the wave.

  1. For some drama, I really want one of Team Tits to win HOH today seeing as the viewers and Silent Six don’t really think much of them. I’m sure the marjority here underestimates them coz they haven’t won shit ( understandably), but it seems the other side’s assuming it will be easy getting them out. God I want some competition for them.

  2. Hey guys, let’s make a bet. How much wager of Janelle keeps coming back in big brother house & still lose (Guess age)?
    My guess 60 years old!

        1. They should do an “old folks” version of BB!
          The elderly can get super cranky, that would be hilarious to watch.
          (And I don’t mean with former HG’s, I just mean regular old peeps).

    1. I also bet that Janelle will come back with a walker,oxygen machine, or even a wheelchair at big brother house. She probably be recognize as a three time loser. Can’t wait & see if she compete against the younger ones but stil she will lose.

  3. You guys think that Joe would win HoH or PoV. I don’t think Joe can’t win HoH or PoV because he cause trouble & he has no chance of winning it. He probably be leaving as well. Then Wil be next to go in fast forward.

  4. At least Dani is just bashing Janelle. Janelle would stay up to bash ALL the other HGs both from the past and the current HGs!

    1. Dani should just get over Janie….Janelle is mean how she would make personal attacks and tell others that someone else said it…..which makes her look worse….We all know Janelle is unclassy….so Dani shouldn’t worry since Janelle is GONE after today…..I think everyone in the house will be more happy since less lies and personal attacks will run through the house after Janie leaves.

  5. Danielle is psycho. Anything Janelle has said about her is cancelled out by the mean lies and comments Danielle has made against Janelle. Pot meet kettle. Janelle may be a lot of things, but jealous of Danielle is not one of them. Why would she be? She has had a fun life, lots of men, and now she is married to a rich guy and has a daughter. Danielle on the other hand cleans bed pans for a living and stalks guys. Janelle still looks great without makeup at 32, while Danielle needs to cake it on to look a bit above average at 23. Janelle is going home. There is no need to be mean about it and make up more lies. And I missed the part where Danielle didn’t eat for 2 days after Janelle didn’t call her fat. Her regrets about trying to get with Shane (or as she told it, falling for his advances) didn’t last long. Has she given up on Trey already? I suspect that if he watched at all, he will be long gone by the time she gets out of the house.

    1. Are you serious?!? Janelle looks terrible with and without makeup regardless of age. At 32 you should still look good, and she doesn’t

    2. Wow. Is that what we’re calling our nurses who tend to us when we’re sick nowadays? Bed pan cleaners? Yes Janelle totally has reasons to be jealous of Dani, she’s YOUNG. Period. That’s the number one reason and all you need is one for someone to be classified as “jealous”. And Dani has reasons to be jealous of Janelle. They all have reasons to be jealous of each other.

      Cleans bed pans for a living…….wow. Remind me never to have a profession in which I help people in need…….

      1. I’ve spent 8 of the last 12 months in hospital, and I appreciate nurses, but a junior nurse isn’t qualified to do what a senior nurse does. And at 23, Danielle is not that qualified yet. Anyways, that’s not my point. The point is that I doubt Janelle would be jealous of someone in the nursing profession when she has had a glamorous life style that suits her personality.

        1. Because ‘Glamorous’ is the most desirable possible thing? Go back to watching Real Housewives. I’ll put it this way, I’d much rather be around hard working, useful people like nurses than a useless fame whore.

          1. But Danielle herself is also a useless fame whore. At least that is the impression she gives.
            Why else is she posing for calendars and trying out for stupid reality dating shows?
            She is looking for validation in the wrong places, period.
            Good for her for being a nurse, but just being a nurse does not mean she deserves some kind of medal.
            I respect the profession but it is like any other profession, you are going o have some crazy people who tarnish the honor of it.

            I am not a Janelle fan either, I posted that I thought she was a semi-socipath a couple weeks ago.
            But watching Danielle the last few days has put her on my short list for hopeful evictions.

            1. You are right to some extent, everyone on any of these shows is a fame whore to some extent…I’d argue that Janelle is worse becasue she appears to be fairly useless in real life (not counting her 15 min of being a mother). As for Danielle posing in a calendar, I must have missed that. Link?

              1. I googled it when she clamined to be “Miss Harley Davidson 2012” last week.
                Apparently she was September in a local dealships calendar, google “Danielle Muphree Harley Davidson Calendar 2012”. Maybe throw in “Hart of Dixie” to the search (a few other BB sites have pics posted, but I did not want to post links to others as I am not sure who Simon and Dawg are affiliated/amicable with).
                I found it comical because she made it seem like a national title., not some local thing. (I think she was trying to compete with Karas plamate of the year).

                Here is one pic that appears to have been posted on OBB somewhere- http://content.onlinebigbrother.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Danielle-Murphree-BB14-7.jpg

              2. I would comment that she is not trying to pursue a career in modeling or acting, etc. My guess is that the modeling helps pay for her schooling. My guess is that the shot at $50K or $500K was incentive to go on BB. I think that she also needs some sort of validation on her looks, as it sounds as she has had some people do a number on her over the years and that can really mess with your head. To the person who called her a junior nurse – there is no such thing. She has made no statement that she intends to do anything except pursue her medical career as an NP.

          2. Probably not for you and me, but it apparently is for Janelle. Whatever floats her boat. I wasn’t trying to insult nurses, just pointing out that Janelle would never want that kind of life.

        2. i dont think the point here was to bash nurses the point here was to say jani isnt jealous of dani, and if you look realistically she has no real reason to be jealous of her. she has had a good life on bb. and on reality tv period. its a ego thing here janelle doesnt want to be taken down by a player of dani’s caliber’newbie’, and she wasnt cuz at the end of the day it wasnt dani’s idea to take out jani it was boogies. im sure jani will let dani know that at the wrap party when she is bragging about how she got her out. the only real idea dani has in the bb house is how to get down with shane. its sad to watch also. ppl always have to change the subject at hand. and if i were in jani shoes the last thing i would be jealous of is danielle. please

    3. Wow! I could’ve sworn I saw a conversation on BBAD where Danielle was talking about being the senior nurse on her shift, in charge of 60 plus patients at any given time, and that the physicians on duty pretty much just deferred to her. Sounds like she was bragging, but being related to and knowing a ton of nurses, I completely believed her because that’s usually how it goes. Totally agree, though, that she has massive personal issues, but if you think about it, it’s entirely conceivable that someone with low self-esteem and an abnormal need to be seen as important and valuable might actually excel in the field of nursing if they’re intelligent enough. Not saying all nurses are like that, though! I’m just saying that it’s entirely possible for Danielle to be one hell of a nurse, not just a bed pan changer, and completely pathetic in the BB house, is all.

      1. Oh wow Eri your comment about her wanting to be seen as important made me think of something.
        Anyone who knows about Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy would think she would be a prime candidate for it. Scary!

        For anyone who isn’t familiar- Münchausen syndrome by proxy , refers to the abuse of another being, typically a child, in order to seek attention or sympathy for the abuser.
        A lot of mothers and more than a few times nurses seem to end up with this disease. Dani strikes me as one who might stray into that area.

          1. Not predicting her future, just doing some “supposing”.
            And honestly, I don’t hate her, I just intensely dislike her at the moment.
            That is the way of BB HG’s. I too will likely flip flop.
            I thought she was the shit when she won her HOH, I was happy for her.
            But she has been on a downward slide all week, she is believing her own hype.
            And I literally, and I mean literally , *CRINGE* watching her with Shane. Most of the time I mute it or change channels.
            Btw, I also didn’t like her talking about her father early on in week 1. It bothered me that we were getting her version and this poor man was sitting at home with no way to give his side of the story. Maybe he was a giant ahole, but to me that is not something America needs to know about.
            I don’t mind hearing about HG’s lives but I feel some things should not be aired on TV.

        1. Interesting thoughts, but I don’t see Danielle and Munchausen’s, either by proxy or straight up, being something that would happen. The girl just wants to be loved, not seen as a savior.

    4. If Janelle’s man was so rich why she feel the need to come back on a show for her 3rd loss?? My guess is, she was just dying to be a 3rd time loser, right? it wasn’t about the money Vets get for coming back, which is around 25k?? Right??? RIIIIIIGHT

      1. She wants to improve how a three time loser ever be. Janelle is always a three time loser. Also, she won’t win 25k either.

      2. Just because Janelle’s husband served in the military doesn’t mean he doesn’t have money – some people actually serve out of duty not because it is a pathway to a career/education. Janelle is all about fame, money & attention. She believes the hype about herself. She keeps calling herself America’s favorite. She aspires to be one of the “housewives”. I think she came back because her fame was waning. I think she came back because Rachel proved that a woman could be a competition beast AND win BB. After watching Rachel play and now Janelle, Rachel (even with her emotional meltdowns) is my preference. She played an honest game. If she wanted you out, you knew it. She did her own work and didn’t have minions do it for her. Janelle and Joe have been a poison in the house. Perhaps when they are gone we can get down to honest play. (Honest for BB that is)

  6. “Shane tells Joe that in the America’s vote he needs to make sure he thinks how America would vote and not how he would personally votes.
    Joe asks like who looks better in a bathing suit Kara or Danielle. ”

    Holy Crap!
    If there is a god, or karma, or justice, or whatever cosmic force you want there to be in this world, THAT will be an Americas Vote question.
    In this moment I actually felt love for Joe!

    I know a few people will complain about everyone picking on Danielles weight, she isn’t that big, blah blah. She is bringing it on herself with her poisonous attitude, sorry. With every hour of her HOH reign she spews more bile from her big mouth. I don’t think I have ever seen an HG change so much from being up in that room!

    And Simon/Dawg, I may be sending you a therapy bill for posting those freeze frames of her wrestling match with Shane.
    At least when they were in real time I had time to avert my eyes before beign assaulted by her almost naked privaye parts! *shivers*

    1. And Simon/Dawg, I may be sending you a therapy bill for posting those freeze frames of her wrestling match with Shane.
      At least when they were in real time I had time to avert my eyes before beign assaulted by her almost naked privaye parts! *shivers*

      Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

      1. Wasn’t that just so sad and awkward at the same time? I kept flipping the channel, it made me feel so bad for them both.

        1. Awkward is a great way to describe it. I feel bad for Shane, but not her. I couldn’t explain it, but there was something about her that I didn’t like. She’s done nothing to change that either. I will be happy when she is evicted.

      2. Did anyone catch Ashley last night talking about how she loves eating fruit roll-ups from Trader Joe’s? That they’re better than regular fruit roll ups because they’re made from ‘Sicilian’ husks, which are ‘way full of fiber’ or something like that? I’m pretty sure she meant ‘psyllium’, but I don’t even know anymore;)

        1. LOL! I know she cracks me up. People keep saying she is faking being a dingbat. Give that woman and Oscar if that is the case!

          1. an* Oscar.
            Sorry I hate typos and I seem to be full of them this morning.
            Maybe I need to stop watching BBAD & feeds and constantly watching for updates on here and get some sleep.
            Guess I should be glad it is interesting now, I am sure in a few weeks when the numbers dwindle it will start to be a snoozer.

  7. There goes Danielle’s fat ass talking about Janelle again..SHOCKER!!!! Danielle yes you’re fat, yes you’re annoying, no shane does not want you, yes you’re going to feel alone once your HOH is gone, britney doesn’t really like you, America hates you, you’re an idiot.. oh and one more.. CAN’T WAIT TILL YOU GO HOME! Danille has to be one of the worse houseguest ever in history. Please get her out next week.

    1. I’ve seen Danielle in bikini photos, and dont understand why everyone is calling her fat? Fat would be 200lbs, which she is clearly not.

      1. “Danielle is Fat” lives to post hateful things about Danielle. This person took one look at her and decided that it was their duty to spew hattred and vitriol and (yes) bile in her direction. “Danielle is Fat” has an irrational hatred for someone who he has never met and has only seen in an extra ordinary situation and thinks that it is how she is. “Danielle is Fat” does not care that Danielle is a person, who may have some problems (don’t we all) and just wants to hate. “Danielle is Fat” has focused all hatred from life on Danielle as if she is the cause of all societies ills.

        “Danielle is Fat” is also just looking for the attention that Danielle is getting and can’t get it.

        1. 100% truth there… we have a person like this EVERY season, that just bashes HGs with mean, things that are never amusing or funny……….. just lonely people behind a computer that never say things like that to people’s faces, just sit behind a computer where it’s SAFE…. Cat People are quite pathetic

          Some of us make fun of the HGs, but we try to make it funny, we’re not just being mean….

        1. WW are you related to danielle or something?
          you dont come to the aid of janelle when people talk shit about her here.
          danielle is a gross jealous ditch pig. she needs help.

        2. Out of all the newbies I thought Jojo was the prettiest. But now that she s gone Will takes the cake. Watching the show last night I found myself of jealous of how pretty he is. You have to admit he does have nice bone structure, nice skin and pretty hair. lol (I know I am a freak)

        3. I feel really bad for Danielle, she obviously has some serious mental problems from her fathers abuse as a child. My best friend is like this. She had an extremely abusive father and a mother instead of helping walked out, leaving her behind. Because of it, she can’t keep a steady boyfriend and has three kids by different dads. I am not saying all abuse victims are like that. I am an abuse victim and I have been married to the same man for six years, and have two children from it. I am just saying some people don’t know how to cope with it like others do. Danielle needs some serious therapy. I don’t say this to harp on her or to call her crazy, I say this because most abuse victims do need therapy because it really screws up your world. Danielle is insecure and borderline obsessive. She dislikes Janelle so much because Janelle is mean. She is a manipulator. She will say one thing to your face and then turn around and laugh about you with other people. I really liked Janelle in her past seasons but she is just to much for me this year. And to answer the questions posted before about Janelle being jealous of Danielle, of course she is. Danielle is in her early twenties while Janelle is in her early thirties. As we get older we start to look back on our life about how it used to be. I am only in my late twenties and am already doing it. It doesn’t mean I would change my life now it just means sometimes I get jealous of the nineteen year old me.
          I want Janelle to go because I want Shane, Britney or Boogie to win, but what I want more is for shane to stop playing these games with Danielle. One minute he is saying (last thursday) he doesn’t want a shomance but the next he is acting like he is in one. Okay my rant is over.

      2. I don’t think Dani is fat. No wonder kids are growing up judging other kids, look how SOME of you adults talk about people. This is a game- none of them women are fat. This game is all about lyeing, always has been and always will be. Everyone talks about Jani telling lies, well how about Boogie boy? They all lie. The women need to stick together, before they all get kicked off one by one by the Boogie boys. I love Big Brother. Can’t wait till tonight.

  8. is danielle a lunatic or what….yesterday she says how she is in love with trey and how she regrets kissing shane…and now she is totally in love with shane again and is completely dillusional to what their relationship is about

    1. I know. It’s creepy, right? If Trey is a real man, he has deleted her number from his phone. She’s the booty call that won’t go away. Fatal Attraction comes to mind.

      1. I know, right?
        Poor Trey, that guy is probably at this very moment burning off his fingerprints, getting fake passports, and planning on where he will live in Mexico/Canada.

  9. Shane should just walk around with a bed, all he has done this week is sleep. He is turning into a male Jenn, see no Jenn, hear no Jenn, who is Jenn.

    Also it is just getting sad watching Janelle fight for votes.

  10. Dani needs help before she’s allowed to resume her nursing career. I honestly can’t put her down because she’s mental. Locked up in BB is driving her insane and for her sake I hope that she goes home before jury to seek the help she desperately needs. BB should have a therapist on staff and require all HG to 3 sessions per week.

    1. “I honestly can’t put her down because she’s mental.”

      This is a contradiction in one sentence.

      And can you honestly say that there has never been a person in your life that has wronged you (whether real or imagined) that you did not go off on to your friends for days or even years?

      And yes, the house will mess with your mind.

  11. What a psycho Danielle is. If Janelle’s hard core fans are anything like Jeff and Jordans fans, Danielle will learn what it is to be attacked verbally when she gets out of the BB House. She would do well to avoid the internet, especially twitter. I don’t think it would be a good thing for her. You say one thing about her and it sticks with her weeks. She is easily one of mentally weakest people I have ever seen. Has absolutely no self confidence. I have been watching alot of the Olympics so I haven’t been following the feeds as closely, so I don’t know what Janelle said about her. But my guess is, it wasn’t as bad as Danielle is making it out to be. Well between Kara, JoJo and Janelle, they are basically eliminating all of the eye candy for me. Ashley is about all I have left in that category. Because the personal flaws of Danielle (stalker type of needy) and Britney (raging bitch) keep them from being attractive to me.

    1. when she gets out of the BB House. She would do well to avoid the internet, especially twitter. I don’t think it would be a good thing for her. You say one thing about her and it sticks with her weeks. She is easily one of mentally weakest people I have ever seen. Has absolutely no self confidence. I have been watching alot of the Olympics so I haven’t been following the feeds as closely, so I don’t know what Janelle said about her. But my guess is, it wasn’t as bad as Danielle is making it out to be. Well between Kara, JoJo and Janelle, they are basically eliminating all of the eye candy for me. Ashley is about all I have left in that category. Because the personal flaws of Danielle (stalker type of needy) and Britney (raging bitch) keep them from being attractive to me.

      What show are you watching. Your statements have little basis in reality.

      “one of mentally weakest people I have ever seen” – I don’t see her having a nervous breakdown every day. I understand that she has a need to be validated and complimented, but we all do and does not necessarily mean she is weak minded. She stands up for herself when the need arises. She has risen to occasion several times. In this game that takes Mental Fortitude. Ashley, whose mind is swayed by the blowing of the breeze, has shown way more “mental weakness” than Danielle.

      “Has absolutely no self confidence” – She has told Dan on several occasions that she can win the comps and when she did she went to him and said “See! I told you I can win.” Yeah, that is not showing any self confidence (note the sarcasm).

      Danielle is much prettier (with her flaws) than JoJo or Janelle without their’s.

      I don’t understand why you hate Danielle (and Britney for that reason) and don’t hate Janelle too as she is so much worse.

      1. Anyone that needs to be constantly reassured is not a confident person. At times she shows that she is competitive, but that doesn’t make her confident. Don’t confuse the two.
        I completely disagree about Danielle being prettier than Jojo or Janelle. Needy and clingy is not attractive. And I didn’t say I liked the way Janelle has played this year and she deserves to be going home tonight. But regardless, I don’t care for Danielle. I find her whiny and constant need for reassurance to be as annoying as seeing you in here going after anyone that says anything about Danielle.

      2. For the record, you used the word hate. I don’t think I have ever said that I hated Danielle or Britney. I don’t like either of them, but to hate someone I would actually have to care for them to some degree and once the season is over and off my TV they are forgotten about.

    2. So you’re saying that Janelle fans are ALSO “Cat People”? because that’s exactly what Jeff and Jordan fans are, last season was proof of that… They threatened Shelly’s family, and threatened to get her fired, and she didn’t do ANYTHING to deserve that… Lying, and bashing is what BB HGs do, Janelle does, it Rachel did it, even the sweet fakeass a production designed amarica’s sweet heart Jordumb did it, so EVERYONE does it… Enjoy the fucking show and stop taking what they say about each other to heart, the way you cat people post on here you would think the HGs were talking about you personally… NEWS FLASH these people on the show have15 Mins of fame, you’ll never have a second…

      FYI while Dani and Brit is not that appealing without makeup, Janelle is very ugly without makeup, as was Rachel(this is how she got the nickname Boy George) both of their fans made pathetic excuses about their faces, and calling them beautiful LMFAO

      1. Thank You so much for letting it be known that Jenelle fans are Cat People just like Jeff and Jordumb fans… can’t wait for the threatening calls to Danielle’s Job and home, like they did Shelly

      2. Easy now, I said IF they are like Jeff and Jordan’s fans. I don’t know that they will react that way, just saying we have seen it before from a crazed fanbase. I am not calling a fanbase out, just saying that the potential is there for some of the hate that Jeff/Jordan fans sent Shelly’s way could happen to Danielle from Janelle’s fanbase. Don’t be twisting what I posted to match your agenda.

      3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s something that’s subjective. What’s beautiful to you may not be to someone else.

  12. Janelle definitely went overboard with her insensitive comments, but Danielle has issues that go way past the Big Brother house.

    1. And you don’t have issues? Her’s are magnified by the BB house. Yours are not. You people that just like to rag and hate on people because they have problems for which you can make fun, make me sick.

      1. No one is forcing your holier than thou ass to read the comments. If you get so butthurt over them, don’t read them, it’s that simple.

    2. uhmmm, guess everyone needs to flash back on feeds tp the week Jojo was on the Block.. Dani walked around all sad & crying. She went up to Ian on the Hammock and asked him what Shane & Jojo were like in the Have have not room.Ian loosely said that they ( Jojo & Shane ) thought he ( Ian ) was sleeping and they were talking sexual to each other. Dani said like how ? Ian: Jojo saying she could just totally climb on Him (Shane) and make out.
      Dani omg you could just see evil across her face.
      Sad Sad Dani sought out to find Ashley & Janelle.
      Dani proceeded to climb into bed with Ash & Jani and tell them about the conversation about JoJo & Shane & then went on to tell them that JoJo said she was FAT & Had FAT cottage cheese legs.Ashley & Janelle said that terrible, how could she, that’s mean, JoJo needs to go. Then Janelle & Ashley were on the bandwagon, get Jojo out Jojo needs to go Poor Dani
      These 2 Jani & Ash helped get votes for Dani to stay.
      I Know that Dani has a fear that it will come out especially from Janelle & then Brit , Shane and mostly Dan will turn on her. That is her Dani’s biggest fear. So she has no other option but to make up lie after lie & pin them on Jani. This girl Dani is so crazy. Hope it comes back to bite her real fast. Just yesterday Morning, Boogie stated that he has caught her ( Dani ) in a few lies. He is catching on fast .

        1. Id say that another HGs threatened to kill my dog after the, if it got me closer to winning 500k. LOL not too many honest people won this game, deception is a key part of big brother

        2. didn’t know Dani set that in motion, about jojo…. that means she knows how to work the house… so she’s only insane when it comes to shane…. she playing good so far……….

  13. Danielle needs to quit whining about her weight! And she doesnt need to stoop to those ” mean girl” antics herself by bashing Janelle’s looks too. I dislike mean girls, but i also dislike hypocrits. And throwing herself around on Shane…she needs to have a lot more respect for herself. It’s embarrassing to watch!

  14. Joe is totally a moron. No wonder why Joe is Janelle’s puppet. Can’t wait till Joe leaves next week before Jury starts.

  15. Can’t wait to see on Thursday that by the vote of 8 to 1, Janelle will be leaving. Poor Joe (NOT)!

    1. I would love to see Janelle get the votes to stay and see the smug look whiped off boogies’ face when he realizes that he was played. If anyone remembers boogie from any of his seasons, he lied and manipulated everyone in sight. Do these idiot he is playing with even watch the show. Janelle gives her all in the comps, and if she was going out the least they could have is let her play in the veto.

      1. Lying and manipulating are standard faire for the BB house. Didn’t you know that? Boogie is just playing the game the way it was designed.

      2. Not going to happen. Janelle’s face will be priceless when she leaves out of door & Mike Boogie face will be smiling in goodbye message. Bye Bye Janelle. All the Janelle’s fans needs to get a life & move on. Janelle is done. We already re-live last year screwjob from Jeff backdoor Daniele & now Danielle backdoor Janielle.

      3. Only Ian & Frank were BB fans & watched. everyone else only watched season 12 & 13 while in sequester. Horrible cast . In fact only 3 members of cast truly applied to go on BB14. rest were either recruited, or left overs from other shows they applied for.

  16. Let’s hope Julie C doesnt let Janelle off the hook and allow her to blame her eviction on Boogie and jealous girls – i hope they have a highlight reel of Janelle’s top mean girl moments – they should have no problem getting 30 seconds out of the last 30 days.

    1. LOL! I would LOVE to see that! Can someone put that together?? Even if CBS doesn’t, I think it would be funny. Slap some of her contradictions and being caught in lies on there. I know the HGs were talking about a site that puts things together from the show…..I’d really like to see it all bundled up into one! There should be montages made of each houseguest, that would be highly entertaining lol.

  17. i was just thinking about that…danielle may kill herself when she gets out of the house…she is goin to realize no guy wants her…and fans are going to bash her…she wont be able to take it….

  18. it would be great if janelle and frank left tonight and then we could watch them all scramble in the house…it would get things going.

  19. gag me with a spoon already !!! sticking up for Janelle? Please.. she is the biggest coniever in the BB house, and if she caresses the camaras one more time , while talking ( or rather lying) to another houseguest, I am going to barf. she thinks she is the hottest thing going…not !!
    and as back stabbing as she has been, she deserves to be blindsided. and noone in the house should feel bad about it.
    playing game is cool.. but, do it honest and above board.. if you say something..admit and go on.. continue game playing.

    1. I agree. I think that’s why Production didn’t want them to tell her- even THEY want to see her blindsided. Not to mention it probably has something to do with all of the evictions so far being kind of boring because they knew they were going home. Usually on BB -several times in a season, when they reveal the votes, the person leaving has this look of “OH. It’s me?” and they certainly haven’t had that so far this season. (They would have last week, but that didn’t happen so I guess they’re trying to redeem themselves this week with another blindside.)

  20. So I couldn’t resist looking into Danielle’s at home boyfriend’s facebook page yesterday after she so stupidly said his full name on the live feeds. I found him and also saw Danielle on his friends list. As of today though, Danielle is no longer on his friends list. I hope she can somehow figure out how to deal with all her insecurities or she is going to find herself a very lonely woman.

  21. What’s up with these guys and their hair? Shane’s looking downright spooky now, Frank looked 200% better with his hair slicked back in that pool picture, Joe with that disgusting thing growing under his lip, and Wil, well just ugggh. Dan and Ian look the best. Time for BB to do a male makeover as part of a competition.

  22. ww….i dont want that….im just saying she is not all there…like how do u go from saying shane is a butthole and u love ur boyfriend back home so much and u hope he doesnt leave u cause of the kiss…and then within 10 hours be all over shane again….if shane is mean to her…she gets crazy and tries to build a wall so she isnt as hurt…and then when hes nice she does everything except for blowing him…shane should atleast take a couple handjobs from her

    1. Glad to hear it. I have seen girls act like her before. I have seen girls act WORSE than her before. She is in love with love and Shane is her only viable target at the moment. It also doesn’t help that Shane keeps doing the whole” “Come here, come here… Now go away, go away” thing with her. I think that the concern is generated by the “fish bowl” that they are living in.

    2. woooowwww, danielle has issues. i understand she is from a small town and may not see the way the world works bc she has not been exposed to it (also bc she is young) but this girl thinks that by comparing pants sizes she is magically thinner than someone, and if you create a rivalry in your head then its because the other person is jealous of you. she is a cute girl, but listen, she is nowhere near kara who is beautiful and she is not nearly as pretty or interesting as janelle (love her or hate her) – but it’s like if she makes a lot of noise about hating her, then she can say janelle is threatened. which is not the case, janelle probably is just a mean person with a lot of hate and bashes people in general. i like dan’s whatever attitude about it and he is right that this will mean less as she gets older, bc danielle will see that she is not that great and that she is a little fat, and saying you aren’t or that you didnt eat doesn’t change those harsh truths. hopefully she will come to terms with reality and accept the good things about herself…but for now it is a little unnerving to watch.

  23. what a creep!!……frank sitting in the arcade room talking out loud because he thinks we want to hear him talk…what a narcissist. at least when boogie does it I usually want to hear what he has to say because he has a good deal of intelligence…….frank the DR says….STOP THAT!!

  24. Ewww daniele makes me sick, shes constantly talking about janelle like she is obsessed with her. This girl need to go shes so insecure and always talking about her weight, shut upp! daniele!!

    1. And you are not obsessed with Janelle “JanellRocks”? Poor widdle Janelle worshipper gonna loose pwecious goddess tonight.

  25. Let’s get off of talking about Danielle, enough is enough. What about Boogie? Talk about someone who is completely stuck on himself, who has nothing good to say about anyone, (except Frank). Was he a bully or bullied in school? Hope someone puts him up on the block and gets him out of the household.

  26. “Danielle says that she started to leave a nice message but the diary room said they won’t accept that, so she started to say how she really felt.”

    Wow really? Wtf is up with production? HGs really have no say in their opinions; DR keeps fucking with their thoughts or what?

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