Frank: “I’ve been on the block 75% of the time.. Let me prove to you I can be Trusted”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

5:11pm cam 3-4 Arcade Dan and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle telling him that Ian has told Ashley that he’s got a final 2 with Boogie.

Janelle: ‘So basically if Boogie doesn’t work with us we’ll have to drag his ass around for 2 weeks until Jury.. He’s not very good at this game”

Dan: “Frank is like his doctor Will”
Janelle: “He likes to be teamed up with the Alpha Male.. Frank is a lot better than Boogie”
Dan: “Do you think the votes are going to be close”
Janelle: ‘I don’t think so.. Joe hates Frank.. you talk to Jenn a lot what does she say”
Dan: “I don’t talk game with any of the new people cause I know it’ll get spread around”
Janelle keeps on about how bad of a player Boogie is and how he’s vindictive.

5:17pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Britney and Ian

Ian says Boogie is going after Janelle if Frank stays. He’s not sure what Boogie will do if Frank will leave. Ian goes on about how Joe and Janelle are Boogies main targets. Britney asks him how he can trust Boogie. Ian explains that in Boogie’s eye Ian is still all Team Boogie.

Britney asks him what they should do
Ian: ‘Get someone from team Janelle the fuck out of here.. “
Britney tells them word has it that Frank is going home.
Ian isn’t too happy about hearing the change in targets.

5:27pm CAm 1-2 Arcade Boogie and Frank
Frank explaining that he’s pushing to get Janelle put up with Frank. Boogie goes over the entire conversation he had
Boogie: “They are playing a big risk because if I win HOH next week One of those fucking 4 are going home” frank: “Shane, Britney or Dan.. Hopefully Dan” They are sure if the Dan’s 4 loses one player and Janelle is still in the house rolling it’s over for Danielle and Britney.
Boogie criticizes Dan’s game by being too safe.. Frank: “Fuck Janelle.. Fuck Janelle” Boogie I can’t stand her either.. they are now saying that I talked Wil to make a deal”
Boogie says that Dan is making a really bad move he’s going to make a enemy out of Boogie. Boogie points out how safe Dan is playing this year. Boogie..” They can win as many vetos as they want but one of those 4 are going home if I win HOH”

5:29pm HOH Cam 3-4 Britney and Danielle

Britney tells her about the conversation with Ian and how he was really pushing to get Janelle put up. Danielle wonders if Ian is pissed.. Britney doesn’t think so. Britney points out that Ian knows Janelle will put him up but Frank and Boogie would never put Ian up they think he’s on their team.

Britney is sure that Janelle will go after Shane next week if she wins the HOH. Daniell gets called to the Diary Room

5:52pm Cam 1-2 HOH Frank, Britney and Danielle

Frank saying if it means they will finally trust Frank he doesn’t mind staying up on the block with Janelle. Danielle says that she’s supportive of the idea. She think he needs to go to Dan and Shane and talk to them.

Britney mentions that it’s hard to trust Frank because the day before the eviction Frank had told Shane he wasn’t going to target him then they now find out that Frank was telling Wil that he was targeting Shane if he won HOH.

Frank pretty much says he was desperate for votes and blowing smoke up Wil’s a$$. Frank points out that Him and boogie are not the 2 people making up lies and spreading them around the house like Janelle is. Frank brings up Janelle telling them that He was pissed for Danielle winning POV. Frank wasn’t mad at them he was disappointed with himself… he doesn’t mind wearing the cheerleader outfit.

Frank says he thought Janelle and them were a packaged deal so he was trying to mend things with her. Danielle asks if Janelle was receptive working with Frank. Frank: “absolutely not.. she told me she was alone then 5 minutes later I saw her talking to her little group”

Frank: “I kind of feel that you trust me but not Mike.. is that right”
Britney did but now hearing all these thing about Frank targeting Shane has her second guessing his trustworthiness. Frank tells them that he straight up wasn’t targeting Shane early on. Frank: “I’ve been on the block 75% of the time” Frank pleads with them to put Janelle up.

Brintey tells him that she has no reason not to trust Frank she’s going to talk to Boogie later tonight and then talk to Danielle and see where everyone’s heads are at.. Britney leaves

6:13pm Hammock Cam 3-4 Britney and Janelle

Janelle says she talked to Dan today and he thinks Boogie will see the light next week. Britney questions if Boogie will work with them if Frank goins. Janelle doesn’t know. Britney: “just cut your losses.. let Frank go” Janelle: ‘Boogie is in love with Frank” Janelle adds Boogie is in love with Dr Will that is why he would get so jealous of Janelle being with him.

They start talking about Brendon how he was different on the show than in real life.

Britney tells her that Danielle is rock solid. Janelle is called she gets a bit worried because Frank and Boogie are always talking to her.

Janelle goes on and on about how the coaches need to stick together. Britney asks her who Wil is going to put up. Janelle: “Dan.. There is no way we will win unless 3 coaches get into Jury.. the newbies will never vote for a cache to win”

Britney mentions if its elimination it’s going to be obvious what it’s coaches versus Newbies.

6:39pm Lockdown is called Looks like Eagle Eye is making dinner.

6:51pm Dinner

7:27pm Cam 1-2 Have Nots Boogie and Frank

Frank talks about his chat with Danielle. Boogie thinks they need to hammer home the idea that if they leave Janelle in the game it’ll be 4 vs 4 and they have no idea what Boogie will do.

Frank thinks that Shane and Danielle are more receptive to working with them than Dan and Britney.

7:32pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Danielle and Britney

Talking about how it’s decided to get Frank out. Britney is concerned that Boogie is going to try and spin it and make it look like it was their idea to Backdoor Janelle to turn Janelle on them next week.

7:36pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Boogie

Boogie tells Jenn he wants to touch bases with her and clear the air. Jenn mentions that Boogie and Frank had talked about trading her she felt like she was at the bottom of the totem pole. Boogie tells her that Janelle, Joe and Wil like to stir trouble and making up things. He tells her that he never communicated to her much during the coaching phase because she was doing exactly what he wanted.. She’s liked by everyone in the house, she’s off the radar.

Boogie says he had the perfect team the Brawn the Brains and the social. feeds flip to Danielle and Shane laying around the back yard. Danielle is asking Shane if he likes Ashley. He tells her she’s too hippie for him.

8:00pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank  Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Frank and Boogie are having a hard time dealing with the fact that Dan doesn’t seem to want to work with them. Frank about Janelle: “You aren’t like a fine wine your game isn’t getting better with age”. Boogie cannot understand why they are so into Janelle and her players they are horrible and spread lies all over the house. Boogie adds that non of her players can be trusted with any type of information. 

Frank says he noticed that Joe went to the washroom then started cooking without washing his hands. Boogie says they need to get Joe to Stop cooking. Boogie wonders why the fuck isn’t Joe even on the radar. Boogie: “They’ll get picked off by those players if they don’t watch out” (Wil, Joe and Ashley) 

Boogie: “Bunch of fucking sheep.. following Dan.. Dan’s afraid to go after Janelle that’s what it comes down to” 
Boogie: “You better pray to whatever god you read in that book and at that school of yours that I do  not win HOH because your ass is going up.. I’ll put him up against AShley” Frank: “No put him up against Shane” Boogie knows he just thinks up against Ashley would be more “Fuck you you’re going home” 

Frank is feeling pretty pissed about how the house is filled with sheep.. at this point Frank wouldn’t  be too upset if he even went home.. Frank: “Go home on Thursday.. Smoke a J .. fuck a bunch of broads ride the fame and have a great summer “ 

Frank brings up with Him evicted and if Janelle’s side wins HOH they’ll put up Shane because he’ll be the most physical threat. Boogie agrees suggests he bring that up when he talks to Dan. Frank decides to go talk to Dan. 

9:00pm Cam 1-4 Danielle working out with eagle eye..

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seriously just send janelle home for all her BS talk. seriously, boogie is going to buy off the jury for votes? really? unless its frank, and even then, I mean cmon.

Shane's pink tank

Get Frank out!!! regardless of who goes home if Boogie wins 2 of DDSB people are going up!


I think if Boogie gets HOH he’ll put up Dan and Janelle. Lucky for them his comp game isn’t that great.


Iknow her play is killing me. Pignelle is so sloppy this year. I want to see the house with her gone but production probably wont allow it.

Shane's pink tank

Its only sloppy because she was playing as a coach in the beginning and was doing whatever she could to keep her team safe, which she was successful in doing. But now that they switched things up she is getting screwed.

Had she came in knowing she was gonna play as a player she probably would have played much different!


she and boogie got screwed by being the most successful coaches. It made no sense at all

if only janelle would GET OVER being played by chilltown, I feel boogie would team up with her at least for some weeks to try and chip away at the big alliance

if janelle wins hoh next week and puts up, or backdoors, mike boogie, she is the dumber than I thought. seriously, the guy wont get more than 1 jkury vote if hes lucky


Couldn’t agree with you more. She would have been the last coach with all of her players remaining. I honestly like all of her players’ chances. They all could win something, but they’re not a threat.

Debbie H

I think she did know the coaches were going into the game. Since week 1 she has been talking about it. Remember what Willies meeting was about? Coaches coming into the game. Like I said before I think Janelle got a good edit the first 2 seasons she was on and now were seeing who she really is.


too funny calling her pignelle :) :) :) thought she was miss BB queen who could do no wrong :) :) :)


makeup is so misleading


lol are they bashing Brendon?


thx Simon


Thank god they came to their senses and are gonna send Frank’s arse home!


give me 5 reasons frank should go?


I don’t wanna see frank go either but supposedly he is a threat to shanielle
I want to see Booger JanHell and Joe go (not necessarily in that order)
Dan for the win
Team Dan
none of the newbies seem deserving of the win I thought shane but he’s wearing thin especially the way he’s kissing dani’s ass


1-5 you are breaking up an EXTREMELY solid twosome that besides Danielle/Shane maybe Dan/Danielle are two people that are ALWAYS going to have each others back. Since Danielle is one half of the other possible strong duo’s it makes sense to break them up. Free boogie up.

Janey Doll

1) Frank is a physical threat…just because he has not won a physical comp doesn’t mean he can’t, which we all saw on night one.
2) Frank is a smooth talker and thus a big social threat to DDBS (i refuse to count Ian as a real part of that alliance, he’s playing both sides)
3) Boogie and Frank together make a formidable and manipulative duo that must be split now. Janelle does not have this with Ashley or anyone
4) If Janelle were to leave instead of Frank, Boogie and Frank would no longer have their real number one target in the house and will not waste an HOH on people like Joe and Wil, despite the bs they’re feeding Dani
5) Taking Frank out leaves both Boogie and Janelle in, which means that because of his personal vendetta against her, he is likely to continue to target her, thus leaving a chance for DDBS to stay safe another week.

Need more? It’s a good move, take your personal feelings out of it. I like Janelle but I’m not advocating for Dani to bd Boogie, even though that would benefit Janelle the most because then Frank would go after DDBS and visa versa. And you all say it’s the Janelle fans that are irrational. Look at what your hatred is doing for you. The only person in DDBS that should be worried about Janelle is Shane and honestly, after seeing how he is playing Danielle , she should look out for herself.


At least Boogie knows what’s up, “bunch of f*cking sheep”, that’s all they are.


1. He’s working with Boogie
2. Nominating or going after someone else will stir more drama to their side of the house
3. Boogie would have to work with either side with Frank gone, finally making him play the game
4. Frank is too shady to work with and the coaches are catching on to it
5. He was gonna target Shane and Daniele


yeah, since its not like the last 2 days of feeds have been awesone thanks to BOOGIE and his PLAN. without that, its utter boredom


That house has so many flip flippers. Janelle was trying to keep her players safe, I don’t know what’s going on with everyone. Britney has told more lies then Jani. It is so crazy that they don’t think Frank and Boogie will not come after them. If Janelle get evicted everyone knows whats going to happen.


@Anonymous.Your right,all of this flip floping is ridiculous.I thought I read in the last update,that Danielle said it’s final she isn’t changing the nominations.Britney is acting like a newbie with all of her constant flip floping too.Earlier,Dan asks Britney what made her change her mind(about back dooring Janelle)she said she started to really think things through.She has been thinking logically(that Frank needs to go).But it seems like she’s changing her mind again.It looks like Dan is the only stable minded person.He’s not constantly flip floping.Production should change the rules,just this once.Danielle should get called to the DR,by production,and they should tell Danielle,“You have 5 minutes to decide,rather you will use the power of veto or not”.Lol.Then that will stop all of this flip floping,because as of now Danielle won’t use the veto.Which means that Frank will be finally gone.Too bad that’s not going to happen.I have a better idea.Dan should stick by Danielle every where she goes.He needs to sleep in the HOH room with her.He basically need to shield her from anyone trying to change her mind about using the veto and Frank being the target.


I think production is the problem. Boogie mentioned the other night that production was not happy with his attitude. I think they were behind Dan’s awkward attempt to bring Boogie on board. Dan doesn’t trust Boogie and he really doesn’t want anything to do with Boogie other then getting him into the evicition house.

Dan’s speech to Danielle during the competion was great!!


boogie was talking about his DR sessions

if you really look at it, dan is indeed getting info from production, its like hes their own player, he knew far ahead of time they were entering the game, he knew a few other things too, sort of makes you wonder with him being america’s player before and totally being happy about it, if hes told what is going on and who not to trust on what deal, he just sits there, then goes to the DR, THEN has an answer all of a sudden, its odd


you and your conspiracy theories dont you think if production was manipulating the players and show it would be hard as hell to keep it a secret and it would have leaked somehow.
oh shit I just saw a UFO fly over my house
the CIA are after me


uhm jason….ufo’s are real, as that doesnt mean aliens, its just an unidentified flying object, which could be military etc.

as for the rest of your silly comment, MANY past players, danielle, among others, have gone far beyond hinting at production having a major hand in what goes on

and how do we not know the specifics? REALLY Jason? its called a confidentiality agreement, and they have to sign those and stick by them or they are forced to pay out their throat

like the survivor spoilers that leaked, if they had real proof it was russ, that could have EASILY sued him. same goes with any moves made by production

and frank was JUST SAVED by production. cmon jason. stop your HATE for me, and get over it


typical predictable response
you always have to have the last word
when your right you are right and when your wrong your right for being wrong
do you hear voices in your head as well :)

MU Tigers

Well it’s been mentioned by former HG’s that during their DR sessions they are asked questions. It would seem to me from what I have seen of Dan, is that he’s pretty good at reading between the lines. I could see how he could have some idea as to what was going on based on the questions he’s been asked in the DR. Some of the other coaches speculated as much, as well. I know this, I wouldn’t want to play poker againist Dan. If I had any tells, he’d pick up on them.


good point.


what your saying makes more sense than production rigged (I mean read between the lines) and dan is a teacher
oh shit my computer is watching me (and I don’t even have a web cam:)
oh no I think my water is being poisoned :) (even though I buy it at various stores and it’s various brands)

Team Dan

Janelle and Brit were very vocal very early on about them coming in the game. I think Britney brought it up within week one so Dan wasn’t the only coach floating that idea out there. I do agree with you though that production has a much bigger hand in the game then we are supposed to believe.


The thing is, I think that Boogie would honor the alliance, at least for two weeks. Having Shane & Danielle, who are both proving to be competition threats, in their alliance should take some heat off of B&F. Also, with Janelle out of the picture, she can’t push her “Frank is the biggest threat in the house” bs. Danielle and Shane really need to take a moment and talk about why Brit and Dan are so against Boogie or Janelle being evicted. Perhaps the newbs should align for a few weeks.


its funny, because janelle talks more about will than boogie does

she obviously is haunted by bb all stars, its kind of sad, frank is OK and all, but to compare him to dr will is such an ilnsult to will


For sure, if this was Will he’d somehow convince Danielle that nominating Brit and Dan was somehow better for them, he will forever be my favorite BB player.


As much as I’d like for Danielle and Shane to realize that this move doesn’t help them AT ALL, and only forwards brits and dans, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Danielle must have some daddy issues or something because she thinks Dan sh*ts gold, he can do no wrong and everything he says is right. Meanwhile Brit is doing just as much sh*t talking and lying as Janelle, her attitude is so negative at all times.


its just funny to me that they assume they have boogie on their side

if they vote out frank, he will NOT go with them. they totally underestimate his lack of true desire due to knowing full well that he cant win


Exactly.Boogie knows he can’t win, so I expect him to do a lot of damage until he leaves the house for jury. I would like to see Boogie rally the newbs if Frank goes home this week and help them get the coaches out. He knows that he was sitting pretty good to win the $100K, but the twist means that the most he can hope for now is $50 K. He is just the kind of person to mess up the other coaches just to prevent them from winning, if he can’t win it.


hi chloe as always you make sense out of this senseless BB game. LOL


This is really the only thing I’m looking forward to if Frank leaves, I really hope Boogie doesn’t just sulk but actually actively tries to get some payback.


@ProductionriggeditDUH.Why do you think that Boogie knows he can’t win the game?If it’s about the house guests not liking him,well Janelle is hated more by these house guests than Boogie,but she doesn’t think that she has no chance at winning the game.If it’s because Boogie already won this game before.Then Dan also won this game before,but he thinks that he has a chance to win it again.I’m trying to understand why a few of you guys,have said that Boogie has no chance at winning this game?

Eric CA

When did being liked by the house guests stop a person from final 2 or Winner?
Look to Big Brother history. There has been 13 completed seasons now look at some of the winners.
Dr Will: He was despised by a large population of the Big Brother House.
June: June and Allison formed the “I Hate You, You Hate Me, No One will see this coming..” Alliance
Rachael Riley: One of the most disliked House Guests EVER.
Mike Boogie: Loathed by most, loved by fans and underestimated by all.
Evil Dick: You do not get a nickname like that by being cuddly and loved by all.
There are two or three seasons, that I can not remember if the winner was liked loved or just ignored.
The number twos are chuck filled with odious characters.
So to say that being liked is a way to determine a winner. Is false. I think there is this little spot in time that if you keep that
person with the big old target on their back, they tend to win or get two or three spot. Get the biggest target out early.
DO NOT take the Hose A$$hole to the final two, you will loose. Unfortunately people never learn. That being said
Yes, a Janelle or Mike Boogie could win. So could a Dan, who told Danielle “You have to be Cutthroat.” or “I am going to stab you in the back.”


Who died and made Brit and Dan HOH????? Regardless of what they tell Boogie, Danielle could still take Frank down. SHE has the power. If I were Danielle and heard that these two clowns had spoken to Boogie, I would go postal on them.


you BB fans say some of the funniest shit on here LMFAO
Team Dan
oh and danielle isn’t the brightest star on this season that’s for sure :) kinda a brunette jordan (gaga goo goo)


I am not too keen on the politics of the house right now but if Frank and Will stay nominated I’d like to see Will stay for pure entertainment factor. He is a ticking time-bomb…


I just dont get their logic

its like they think boogie and janelle will just go along for the ride to take out the newbies…..NEITHER want to go to the freaking jury house, they are INSANE, if they really believe that they wont team up. there is NO OTHER OPTION. janelle is NOT dumb enough to play 5th or 6th wheel in an alliance.

production rigged it

well hey look who’s back had to change your name huh, what’s the matter couldn’t come up with something original, obsessed much?


I think everyone has at LEAST one person they are loyal to except Janelle. I have no idea who she is loyal to now that she is no longer a coach. Come to think of it I am not sure who Joe and Wil are loyal to either. I really believe that if Boogie and Frank are split up it opens up the door for a strong alliance to form with some. It will be interesting to see who is going to go home on Thursday. If noms are changed, Danielle and Shane will be in a worse position because they will have a lot more blood on their hands. Frank and Boogie WILL target Shane no matter what if their alliance makes it through this week.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

I think janelle is loyal to dan.


Are you kidding me? If you keep Janelle now. She will stab Dan in the back. She fake her loyalty to Dan & Britney. You don’t know anything about loyalty.

Red Lampshade

HA! Dan’s plan to get Frank out so the coaches get closer might backfire on him if Boogie ends up targetting him. Is it just me, or is he not playing nearly as well as he did in Season 10? I feel like Britney, Danielle, and Shane are all playing much better games right now.


I’M WITH JUNIOR….Give me 5 reason Frank should go home instead of Janelle! It is insane to keep her in the house and I believe it now more than
ever after hearing Dan talking about in the DR tonight about he needs her in the house. This is really crazy! Like you said “Cruizin”, Shane and Danielle really
need to think about why Dan and Brit are so wanting her to stay. UGH!!!


thank you! they gave their 5 reasons some of it i dont agree with.. i dont see how frank was being shady. you see how loyal he is to boogie..imagine if the idiots squad accepted the avengers alliance..they would have nothing to worry about. why was he targeted week 1? because he was tall and athletic looking? well so was zac from season 8 and he didnt really do shit but float! it was ”the coaches” especially janelle! but anyways..if he was smart he will show them how loyal he was..week 1 he was saved by wil, ashley and joe and when he became HOH..did he put them up? NO! why? cause they helped him out! meaning he is loyal to people who helped him out. who was on the block? well it was gonna be willie and shane. WHY?! cause willie lied to him and shane was willie’s pimple on his ass! but of course willie the big baby decided to get kicked out. so he had no choice but to put up shane and jojo and of course shane won pov..took himself off and again to show how loyal FRANK was he didnt put up his team/will, ashley or joe..meaning he had to put up danielle who wasnt the target…who should of been and then dr. will wannabe dan would of been out. so anyways…frank is loyal. pain and simple. am i wrong?


oops plain*^

Go janelle

Brit keeps going back and forth between Janelle and her 4 groupies stirring things up as usual but some how Janelle keeps getting the blame for it all. You guys keep saying production is to blame when it doesn’t go the way you want but if the guys didn’t want to do it this way they could leave. If Janelle gets backdoor then who you going to blame. It looks like to me they all have been telling a lot of lies it is bb what do you expect but the unexpected. However I do understand where everyone is coming from just look at them all none of them has been honest at all.

Team Dan

I am not a huge fan of Janelle but I’m glad she has figured out that if a coach is going to have a chance at winning this all four have to make it to the jury stage.

About Frank

he won 1 comp and it was questions!!! Where does the word “PHYSICAL” come in 2 play. What game are you guys watching / playing.

i agree

i agree


Jenn lives for attention. reminds me a lot of Rachel

About Frank



thank you! now only if i can like communicate with frank in his head and tell him to say that to DDSB


It’s a shame Frank is leaving. He’s a threat, so I see the “move” to take him out, but taking out Janelle is WAY bigger. And with all her lying not many would be too upset, or upset for very long. It just sucks that we always complain that when there are 4-5 players left that there are all these shitty players left, which will happen again here. Jenn, Ashley and Joe will be there as the big players will take each other out.

I couldn’t stand Boogie before this season, but I’m liking him a little more now. His righteous indignation over Frank almost getting voted out made for a good conversation between Dan & Boogie, made hilarious since we’re talking Big Brother.


Danielle is so dumb. One minute frank is going home then next minute janelle is going. Then frank then janelle. God woman just tell frank we don’t trust you And boogie together. So it’s either you or boogie going home. If you really want to work with us then you won’t say anything to boogie. If boogie comes to us then we know we can’t trust you. Then see what happens. It’s that simple. Is having a bromance worth $500k


and you think they’d trust THAT? LOL

when will you fans of either dan shane or brit realize that at SOME POINT there has to be an opposition bigger than 2 people


Wow, there’s some mad game talk involving Jenn, yo!!!




im curious as to how long julie chen would last if she was ever placed in the game.


have to say frank’s post BB strategy of “Chill, smoke a J, sleep with a lot of women, and ride the fame wave” has me like him now.

save frank!


Mom must be so proud!


Production was really upset with Boogies attitude and befor they lost him he was guaranteed money. My birdy didnt tell me the amount but he was paid to get back in the game. Thats why you dont hear any more about him getting screwed. Also productions hand is involved in the flip back to Frank Tha Stank, they dont want Pignelle out yet.


id believe it

I mean to be fair, he went in playing for 100k, period. and then all of a sudden, hes playing for 50k, vs like 3-4 times as many people. if I were him, I would have walked as well, so I can see them having to do that. why play a game you are so far out of due to SUPERIOR coaching


I asked how much he was paid as a guess and was told 30-50k guaranteed on top of whatever else he wins during the game. With BBs weak 500k payout to the winner they have a lot of money they can spend to influence the game in my opinion. When most big shows drop a million these days.


No way I would eat those M Ms after Joe Dirt fondled them with his fecal matter covered hands.


I really wanted this Avengers alliance to form, but I can tell CBS is going to focus on the coaches, just like last year with the vets. I noticed that Dan, Boogie, Janelle and Brit got most of the air time in the edited show with a little Wil and Jenn, but the flip flopping screams that the DR is putting shit in their heads.

And while Frank looks like a physical threat, he doesn’t seem to do well in comps, yet Janelle has wanted him out since the beginning. He does spin bullshit well, maybe that’s why they’re all scared of him going to the end, but damn I do NOT want to see a Joe or Jenn or dingbat Ashley get to the end.


boogie is pretty useless in most comps, so im just trying to figure it out

hes washed up, he sucks, hes so terrible, he rides will to the end

but now, hes a mastermind all of a sudden, who they are scared of, in a 2 man team with frank?

so which is it?


Thank god someone has the balls to stand up to Dan and tell him his plan it garbage, and who’d have thought it would be Ian. I love that kid, I’m rooting for him to win this if Frank goes.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

How can frank ride the fame when he stank and everybody know it? And Ian need to stfu.


what’s lockout?

MU Tigers

Team Avengers….hahaha. Unless douchebaggery is a superpower, Boogie brings no superpower to the group. It’s like expecting alot from Robin without Batman. Without Will, he’s nothing more than some dude that looks like an elf and dresses like he’s a boy band reject from the 80’s.

And for the fanboys, don’t bash on me, I know the difference between Marvel and DC…I was just making an analogy.


Agree 100%


This is exactly why they should keep him around, he doesn’t bring anything to the table, while Janelle is HUGE threat, if you were in that game who would you feel more threatened by?

MU Tigers

They are keeping Boogie around. It’s Frank that they are getting rid of. And I like Frank, but to me him and Shane are the most dangerous. I don’t fear Janelle as much as them, because she’s easily manipulated by men and her strategies aren’t that sound. Boogie is still dangerous as long as Frank is there. Not as dangerous as he is with Will, but more than he is by himself.


I’ve never seen someone talk with there hands the way frank does. What is up with that.


You can totally tell frank is not this kind of person he’s trying to be. Every reaction is off of how boogie acts. Boogie is so disgusting. If he’s son miserable then just walk out of the house

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

My phone will be off so bye everyone. Team Janelle.


im starti to feel like danielle and dan will be screwed no matter what they do either they get rid of frank and face the famous rath of boogie or they get rid of janelle and face off against all the newbs but i do think janelle leaving is the best move for them its not about her being a physical threat its about how competitive she is on an everyday level janelle is the person who loses at candyland and throws the board across the house her competitveness is only matcby michael jordan


This is for all you BB historians – has there ever been an all-female alliance (either successful or not)? I think Janelle mentioned forming one with Brit early on, but haven’t heard anything else about it. Women just can’t seem to put their jealousy and insecurity aside unless forced to do so. For example, on Survivor, the females only aligned because that’s the way the game started – Males vs. Females.

Women can be a force to be reckoned with when they team up. It’s a shame Janelle, Brit, Danielle, Ashley and Jenn didn’t realize that before losing Kara. It would have been 6 vs 6 and the guys would never have known what hit them.

And one other observation – I believe pretty women are Dan’s weakness – as evidenced by his team picks and apparent crush on Janelle (sorry Mrs. Dan!) Of course, he probably also realizes that his chances are much better if a woman is sitting next to him in Final 2. A woman has never won against a guy which is another reason I don’t understand why the women haven’t aligned.

Just my 2 cents … and yes, I’m a woman! :)


I think there was one in Janelle’s 1st season, where it was pretty much her and 3-4 other girls at the end of the game (Don’t remember if it was a real alliance or amount of people, I haven’t seen the season in a while)


i am thinking more and more, that if they decide to keep janelle off the block…boogie is going to take down the ddbs alliance one by one…he will have will, shanelle, sometimes ian, ashley, and jenn…maybe they cant win comps….but thats just as many votes…IAN IS GOING TO STAY LOYAL TO BOOGIE ….i think the boogie treating ian like a piece of crap thing is all a fix…boogie knows what hes doing….DDBS better go with boogies plan…it benefits danielle and shane…because everybody knows janelle is goin right after shane….the only people it doesnt benefit is britney and dan, and lately i cant stand dan or britney….she is annoying and thinks she knows everything, did u just hear her try to teach people proper english? god…i bet u she was a prude in high school


Boogie should just tell Danielle that he overheard Janelle say that Danielle’s legs are bigger than hers.. I hate the way Dan say’s “Yeah” when someone is talking to him. It’s like it’s going in one ear and out the other, cos he’s already has his mind made up.

Carol & Steve

So glad somebody FINALLY (sorry about the caps Simon) noticed Joe didn’t wash his hands!! Whenever I think of him it reminds me of one of my favorite FarSide cartoons with someone coming out of the bathroom & big “Didn’t wash hands sign flashing above the door!” LOL!!


Boogie needs to quit blowing all his time with Frank. The writing is on the wall with all the evasive answers from HGs.






This cast is all over the place


After tonights show, I am more anti Boogie than I’ve ever been. He is so egotistical it kills me. I really can’t believe that Danielle and Shane can’t see that Frank vs Boogie is the ONLY option for them. I can believe it but I WISH they would think it through a little more. UGH I am so frustrated with Dan cutting Danielle so quickly. Dan wouldn’t have win his season were it not foe his strong alliance with Memphis. Dan doesn’t have anyone’s back but his own. Although that is “the game” he better get in solid with someone because he can’t do it alone. I hate the coaches in the game twist. If the show survives for another season I hope like hell that it is ALL NEW players. Tired of the same faces.


Boogie punked out! Janelle wanted to include him in the coaches alliance and he wants to spill the blood! (SMH)


I turned BB After Dark off… could not stand another minute of listening to Boogie. He is so frickin arrogant.

Frank is nothing but a total suck-up, pure and simple.

CBS / Big Brother have to stop bringing back former cast members!!


MIke is by far the smartest person in the house. When you get all 4 coaches in the same room talking game, it is blatantly obvious.


DDBS need to stick with the plan and get rid of Frank. It doesn’t matter if Boogie wants to pick them off, he can’t because he won’t have any power. He won’t have control over the others, and the most likely HOH winners will be from the DDBS alliance. If they remain in power it really doesn’t matter who they piss off, because they won’t have anyone to go against them. Janelle and Boogie refuse to work together and the rest of the players are useless so you will have three factions in the house and the one that is the closest (DDBS) will be the one that will come out on top.


OMG boogie is pathetic it is a game the one thing that janelle was right on about is how boogie can only play if he has a side kick and him calling everyone sheep is so self serving. Frank isn’t much better every choice he makes is based on boogie if frank wasn’t alliened with boogie he probably wouldn’t be on the block. As for his shane comment it didn’t matter who they put up shane was going to be the next target. I wish boogie was going he is so annoying he is like a child if he doesn’t get his way he pouts or threatens.


Boogie sounds like him and Frank has a final two deal. All this honesty is for the birds!


Oh now Boogie wants to back pedal. This is what was needed the coaches needed to sit down and talk. STILL PUT HIM AND FRANK ON THE BLOCK!


FUCK YA!!!! Dan and Boogie ChillTown 2.0, LETS DO THIS!