Big Brother 14 – Boogie’s new Plan “Remove the coaches and take the Newbies for a ride”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

3:00pm Cam 3-4 Britney, Dan and Danielle HOH Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle is Janelle acting funny? She seems like she’s acting weird. Britney isn’t sure.

Britney tells them they need to get Frank out. Dan: “What’s made you change your mind”
Brintey: “Deep Thinking.. I’m trying to think logical.. we’ve tried to get Frank out 3 times and he keeps escaping”

Britney points out that Janelle is the leader of the entire other side of the house and Boogie told Wil if Frank goes home he’s going to work with Wil.

Britney: “We might have Boogie working with Janelle.. thats a problem but we can’t trust Boogie and Frank for even one week”
Danielle: “I really don’t care who goes.. last night was draining”

Britney is pretty sure Janelle wants to get rid of Shane. Dan wonders who she’ll put up against Shane. Britney thinks it’ll be either Joe or Ian.. hopefully Joe.

Britney is going to talk to Boogie where he’s going if Frank goes. Dan warns if they started talking to him about that scenario he’s going to know we are not going to keep Frank and start throwing out some empty threats. “He’s going to be pissed”

Danielle mentions maybe they should put up Boogie. Dan: “No because Boogie will go home”

Dan asks Britney about Janelle. Britney says that Janelle told her she’s not wanting to win HOH.
Dan: “The thing about Janelle is she hasn’t struck against us yet”
Britney :”She’ll put up Shane.. Janelle did hint that she would throw HOH to me”
Dan: “This is just a random ass scheme if we wanted to go the boogie route. Take down Wil and make Boogie work Ian for that vote” (take Wil down and put Boogie up)
Dan is still thinking that they should “Chop a leg off him” and evict Frank. He’s skeptical that Wil and Janelle will trust Boogie. Dan thinks if Boogie loses Frank they have a good chance of bringing Boogie into their group.
britney leaves

Dan: “She changes her mind every day she was talking to Janelle for a hour today”
Dan would rather keep Janelle in the game because her number 2 is Ashley whereas Boogie’s number 2 is Frank.
Shane joins them
They tell him that Britney wants Frank out. Shane: “Umm OK.. changes everyday”
Danielle mentions how Janelle ignores her and is acting really weird with her. Shane wonders why Britney has changed her plan. Dan: “My gut instinct is don’t trust Boogie”
Dan tells them that Britney is going to try and find out if Boogie will join them.

Dan brings up again that Janelle has never “Fired a shot at them” (wronged them). Shane points out that Janelle has never been in a position of power and her team has never won anything so she hasn’t had the chance to fire a shot.

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3:20pm Boogie joins them

Boogie: “Well dan we’ve thrown something out and you’re holding your cards close to your chest.. so what’s up”

Dan tells him what Boogie is proposed is an aggressive stance and he’s not really a us versus them type of guy he more a us versus them without them knowing type of guy. Dan doesn’t like to draw a line in the sand.

Boogie says Janelle is trouble and a liar he points out that she’s been spreading lies about everyone in the house.. How can he trust her.

Boogie: “Why do you want to lose Frank when he’s such a warrior for your”
Dan: ‘I’m still weighing the options”

Danielle asks him what he means when he says ‘Frank will go to war with them for now”
Boogie says in a perfect world they make it to 6 and then fight it out.

Shane: “Lets say we take frank off and put up Janelle.. what’s stopping you from Rally everyone against Wil and teaming up with Janelle”

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Boogie: “I wish you guys could be inside my body and know my disdain for Janelle”

Boogie points out that given the numbers in there is going to be a couple double evictions so he wants to roll with a crew that knows what theyre doing. boogie: “The Beauty of this is alliance is we all have one person.. I HATE Janelle she’s talking sh!t about me to everyone”
Boogie swears he’s not going to side with Janelle no matter what if he wins HOH he’s going after Janelle. Boogie offers up the Idea of putting Janelle and Frank up they may be able to get the votes. They all seem to like the idea. Danielle points out that Boogie will be able to get Ian’s vote. Boogie: “We trust you guys now so put Janelle up with Frank” Shane asks if Janelle goes who will Boogie target. Boogie says he’ll go after Joe and Wil.

Dan says if they take Wil down and put up Janelle it’ll make it look like Wil is working with them and Not Boogie.

Dan is liking the idea of putting Janelle up because it keeps their agreement secret. Boogie tells them that Joe, Jenn, Wil, Ian and AShley really are lost if Janelle goes, Especially Ashley and Joe. Shane points out that Wil is overrated he hasn’t done well in the competitions.

Boogie: “Why don’t you say to Wil if you take him off the block he’ll vote out Janelle.. I think he’ll do it”

Dan tells him that Boogie has a better chance of getting Ian’s vote than Dan has getting Wil’s vote.

Boogie: “We cannot have Janelle and Jow in the jury house they’ll poison it they’ll get talking and if they don’t like you they’ll spread poison to everyone else”
britney joins them. She tells Boogie she’s worried that he’s going to sign up with Wil and Joe. Boogie says he won’t he wants to get Joe out.

Britney asks him if he told wil that they’ll work together if Frank goes. Boogie : “no no” .

boogie tells them to put Janelle in the host seat and see how friendly and nice she is. Boogie: “I’m willing to take risks to glue this group together.. leave Frank up with janelle.. trust me you’ll see what Janelle is like” Boogie keeps warning them how dangerous Janelle is in the jury house. He points out if Janelle is spreading lies left and right now think of what she’ll do in the Jury house when she’s pissed at you voting her out.

3:57pm Cam 3-4 HOH, Dan, Shane, Danielle and Shane

Dan says from the sounds of it they have Boogie regardless if Frank goes or not. Danielle is worried if she’s the one that send Janelle home and it’s to the Jury Janelle wil never give her a vote in the end. Britney explains to them that Boogie will be horrible in the Jury as we’ll Janelle told her that boogie will offer people jobs at the Geisha house, Weekends in his Vegas apartment and Money.

Both Dan and Britney think they should get rid of Frank, Danielle is wanting to maybe cut janelle out.

Dan: “The only benefit of keeping Boogie and Frank is it’s another meat shield.. a target.. but if one of Janelle’s players win HOH Boogie will be doing the same thing he’s doing to them.. he’ll offer a deal and throw Dan and Britney out”

Britney tells them she doubts Boogie will be going after Janelle if he wins HOH next week, he’s just saying that because he wants to save Frank” Dan: “It was his last play”

Dan thinks that Boogie wants Janelle out so he can say “Did it again” and Janelle wants BOogie out so she can say “Payback” They talk in circles for a bit Danielle declares she’s not using the POV and the nominations will stay the same. Dan says they need to be straight up with Boogie and tell him the outcome if they try to hide it they’ll ruin any chance of him working together.

3:59pm Backyard Cam 1-2 Boogie talking to himself.

He’s saying he’s missing Will at this point because he needs someone to push these people over the edge with his JFK looks and charm. Boogie can almost convince them but doesn’t seem able to push them that next bit. Boogie: “Without Britney and Dan I can have Shane, Danielle and Frank.. Maybe I should take out the coaches and take the Newbies for a ride.. maybe that should be my strategy”

I wish I could use threats and intimidation .. Gotta keep relaxed and chill if they.. If I lose the cheerleader (Frank) I can always join up with the Dog (Ian)

Boogie: “I’ll get out Janelle and Joe snatch up Wil, Dan and Danielle and take out Shane.. Thanks for suggesting that Britney.. we’ll get you to fourth again you’ll like that“

4:41pm Bathroom cam 1-2 Britney and Dan

They agree that getting rid of Frank is the best deal because Janelle will keep them safe at least for a short period of time. They start talking about how they will break the news to Boogie.

Britney says that the entire house thinks she’s close to Shane when in reality Shane is much closer to Danielle.

Dan: “we have to be very careful how we break the news to Boogie” Dan thinks that Janelle isn’t going to try and win HOH, Britney: “Janelle is capable of NASTY first moves but not right now” Dan: “She might go after our players”

Dan says they should both go up to Boogie and tell him Frank is going but they still want to work with Boogie. Dan: “Let’s try that first and see what happens”

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Oh, if you only know what’s gonna happen on Thursday Boogie


If the Dan, Danielle, Brit, Shane alliance was thinking clearly (and Shane actually brought this up last night, but for some reason it was just brushed over and not considered) they would back door Boogie, and take in Frank. Frank is a better competitor than Boogie, and Dan just admitted last week that Frank is more trustworthy than Boogie as well. Frank and Janelle absolutely HATE eachother, so there is NO way they will work together next week, and would likely target each other. Any other scenario, Frank gone, Janelle gone…..the remaining two will team up. BUT, if Boogie was gone, they’d gain Frank, probly Will (if they were smart, they’d take Wil down, and tell Frank he’s safe and make a deal w/ both), and have Janelle going for Frank. If Ian TRULY was a superfan, he’d have come up with this scenario. Instead it was Shane who mentioned getting out Boogie last night and bringing Frank in, and it got ignored….


there’s five days left anything can happen and the veto hasn’t even been played yet -_____-


The POV HAS been played, and won by Danielle. She has ALL the power. Smart move would be to backdoor Boogie, bring Frank in to the Alliance with Ian. Frank, Shane, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Ian. That’s the squad that should roll to final 6 together.


Dan has turned into the most annoying host guest and hes gone crazy with power. I hope Boogie and Janelle get through this week and backdoor him.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Duhh he missing will look at him.


Now I’m CERTAIN they need to get rid of Frank. Boogie’s already plotting against Britney and Shane, and they haven’t even made a deal yet.


HEEEELLO! Boogie is not stupid he knows that their going to screw him over and the other mindless sheep’s are already planning against him and Frank if they make a deal.


That may be true, but I’m saying that proves Boogie is loyal to no one. He’ll promise you the world one second, then go plot your eviction the next. He’ll make you think he wants to work with you, until something better comes around, then he’ll have no problem getting rid of you. That’s why they either need to cripple him by getting Frank out.


dude. dan, and everyone else suggested taking the deal last night, then next week going back on it and nominating them

dont even start with this boogie is the only liar BS



LAST NIGHT after talking the boogie deal, dan and danielle suggested that they could easily take boogie or frank out and nominate them b oth next week after taking the deal

STOP with the “dan doesnt lie” or “boogie can’t be trusted” NO DUH!!!! none of them can be trusted. good god.


Ryan isn’t that what Janelle and Brit are doing? Danelle and Shane do what ever Janelle wants them to.


and what is janelle doing? the exact same thing. but she has a lot of people behind her. plus she ll have a better shot to win next HOH. and way more people who possible can win it for her. if wil, jenn or ashley win it, its like janelle won by herself.

its better when you have boggie and frank on your team (and you cant trust them) than having janelle on your team (and you cant trust her).


EXACTLY! Frank and Boogie already said after the talk about the Avengers team that they will roll with them and then cut ties with the idiots later on…which the idiots squad said the same thing about Frank and Boogie. Buts its not about Shane, Danielle or Britney..its about DAN. He wants Frank outta the picture so the coaches could team up and then take out Janelle and Britney. He is a wanna be Dr. Will. PATHETIC!


Disagree on two counts. First, Janelle only has Ashley and she can’t win anything. Wil doesn’t like Janelle at all anymore and who the hell knows where Joe stands anymore. Joe can probably be bought by any current HOH.

Also, Boogie and Frank will be just as good competitors as Janelle. Two is scarier than one, if my math is correct.


If I was Dan or Britney. I would go along with Mike Boogie Plan to take out Janelle.
If I was Danielle. I would save Frank & Backdoor Janelle. It would benefit the doubt to get rid of Janelle. She poison & spread of lies about everything.


As much as I wish for that to happen…its not going too..Dan wants Frank out so they could work together (Dan, Britney, Janelle and Boogie)

Ashleys doobie

Captain….u really wanna give Janelle a wedgie…admit it


WRONG!!!! Boogie just showed his true colors and said he wants to take them out. So if you want boogie to win then yes but if you think it’s best for DDBS then your wrong. You get frank out now. Then get joe out then if you want you have a choice boogie,will or janelle. That’s the smartest move for them


@Mike.Let’s say Dan’s alliance actually goes through with their original plan to evict Frank.You don’t think if they get the opportunity they should take out Wil before Joe?Wil is more vocal about taking out Dan,Britney&Janelle.I think if they finally get rid of Frank(hopefully for good.I don’t want to here Julie say anything about him having an opportunity to come back in the game).The next chance they get,they should get rid of Wil.What do you think?


Because Janelle’s word is golden right? You gotta classify Boogie and Janelle as basically the same person, so what’s the only difference? Numbers, Janelle has the numbers to royally f*ck over DDBS. Boogie only has Frank, so he’ll take anything he can get at this time, while Janelle doesn’t give a sh*t she knows she’s good if she stays in this week.


@SteveO Do you think Janelle’s loyalty to DDBS? I don’t think so. She plan to target Shane & Danielle for personal reason. That why, DDBS Trust Mike Boogie & Frank. PERIOD! My opinion, My thoughts & It’s a truth!


You must not have very good reading comprehension because you’re basically restating what I’m getting at but with worse grammar, I’m rooting for Frank/Boogie.


You refer to Beyonce Janelle fan who runs the world reading comprehenion. We know, we get it. Janelle needs to go.


Big Brother 14: Season of the mindless sheep’s! Oh well..hopefully something changes and Frank some how gets the votes to stay which I highly doubt…and goes after Dan, Dani, Shane and Britney. But from the looks of it….he is going out. They did Frank dirty as hell..he didnt win nothing but an Hoh! But thats ok karma will bite them in the ass. Boogie/Frank ftw!

Shane's pink tank

Open your eyes Danielle!!!!!! Put Boogie up and just get rid of him already!! At least that way you can work with Frank if you really wanted to!

If Janelle is still there next week she will be going after boogie, you and your BF will be fine!


You are 100% correct. That actually is the best move for them to make. Boogie will hold a grudge frank won’t.


How can Janelle Trust shane & Danelle when she plan to take him out? Exactly, that why Janelle will be leaving!

MU Tigers

It would definitely seem like the best case move. Taking out Boogie now gives you a shot at Frank’s loyalty. It also prevents Dan and/or Janelle from ever working with Boogie. It weakens the coaches and it leaves a target in either Frank or Janelle in the game. And both Frank and Janelle are gunning for each other, so that basically buys DDBS another week and that much closer to the jury house. Pull either Wil or Frank down and put up Boogie and send Boogie home. The only one that doesn’t win from this is Boogie and his fans, all 3 of them.

MU Tigers

BTW…Do they sell men’s clothing at where Shane bought his pink tank? That tank looks like it should come with matching panties.


Freaking Dan and Brit are changing Danielle and Shane’s mind…
Dani and Shane will be screwed over and won’t know what hit them


To quote Lil Wayne… A GOTDAMN! I’m getting a headache from all this mind changing goin on. What’s everyone’s problem with Frank? He hasn’t won DICK. (one HOH, big damn deal). Dan is playing for Dan if these dumbasses had watched his season they’d know that. I miss Dick! (literally and otherwise)


yea franks got to go..boogie a scum bag already ploting to take out the alliance. cant trust this dude, and to think he almost had me thinking he was sincere.


@Underpresser810. I’m curious,have you ever had a chance to watch Boogie on All-Stars(season7)?Because if you watched his game play on that season.He was cutthroat,shady&only loyal to Dr.Will.You actually believed Boogie this time?Lol.


I would disagree. Boogie isn’t that great without Will. Will is great without Boogie, but Boogie needed the contrast of charming Dr. Will to make it to the end. They played good cop bad cop. Boogie is about as charming as a rattlesnake. He was more Will’s sidekick than partner. Will cajoled, reasoned, smiled and joked until his victims were mesmerized, and then Boogie moved in for the kill. Boogie is not smooth and likeable enough to hypnotize his victims. That was all Will, and Frank is no Dr. Will. Even after all this time, people say Boogie is untrustworthy and Will is the best player of all time. That’s how good Dr. Will was. Dr. Will won season 2 without much help from Boogie, and the only reason why Boogie was invited to allstars was because of his alliance in season 2 with Dr. Will.

Boogie is either an arrogant asshat or he didn’t think the coaches would enter the game, and now he is screwed. I don’t think he could win the grand prize now no matter who he was sitting next to. He ignored Jenn and Ian and made it clear to them that Frank was the horse he wanted to ride to the end, they were expendable. Then he kept 6 grand instead of the smallest amount, again showing people what a greedy person he is. His biggest mistake was that he didn’t make a point of getting to know the other HG and forming relationships with them, because he didn’t think he needed to, but now that he’s in the game, it’s a little late to do that, because Janelle has made sure everyone knows what a snake he is. Boogie can’t win the game, he will be lucky to get second place.


Is the veto meeting early or at night??


The veto ceremony… (or whatever it is called), happens around noon time Monday afternoon, (Pacific time)… (I heard Boogie say they will know the outcome by noon on Monday…) So I assume that is the time it is


What do you think Danielle is going to do? Frank or Janielle?




im getting so sick and tired of danielle lol….just when i thought she was starting to have some backbone…T


Just when i thought she was starting to have some backbone, This is Dan and Britneys HOH not danielles, play your own game danielle…because dan and britney will turn on u in a split second….I use to like dan but now i cant stand him,,,,within the matter of two days, i dont know who im rooting for now but it was danielle until she folded under the pressure of dan and britney, I CANT WAIT UNTIL JANELLE WINS HOH NEXT WEEK AND PUTS UP DANIELLE AND SHANE…..i really hope that’s what happens….that’s the only way it will prove to danielle and shane that dan and britney are NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THEM. JUST THEMSELVES


FINALLY! I am glad I am not the only one who sees this or thinks this. Let Frank go..let Janelle win that HOH..put up wannabe Brendon and Rachel and let them see how much of an idiot they were to listen to their selfish coaches


janelle will definately put up shane ,


Good! I hope will teach him that he should of stayed with the 3 amigos.


For sure, I can’t wait for when Julie asks all these idiots if they regretted anything in the house, and every single one says “we should have taken out Janelle when we got the chance.”

Janelle's worn out lip

They must have a hypnotist in the DR.


They have money in the DR and they use it when needed to get the play they want.




Dan’s ego is absurd if he thinks Boogie will play nice with him after going against all logic to secure his ass a jury vote lmao Danielle doesn’t have it in her to go against whatever Dan says, so I expect alot of sloppy, uncontrolled gameplay that leads to a floater winning yet another BB.


jenn and ashley final 2 pathetic




Look at Ians titties lol. Go Ian!!!


I’m going to be super annoying right now and say…I KNEW Dan didn’t “make a mistake due to excitement” when he told Boogie that Frank was going to be going home (last Thursday.) He DID “protest too much.” Lol ;) (Sorry…I had to. And now I’m done.) :D

Dan is a super smart player (he plays it like human chess, no emotions involved, excellent social game, etc.)…now that he’s in the game, I’m putting all my money on him to win it again. I wonder if it would be a unanimous vote again this time (if he does win.)

What a crazy week it’s been, and it’s not even over yet! I can’t wait until Thursday. :)


Dan did it on purpose but, realized it was a mistake. He thought it would of helped him but, realized how wrong he was when Boogie realized Danielle (meaning Dan) was going to vote Frank out.


so basically they (Ian wil brit dan) all let dani win
she told wil she was safe then put her up LOL


They weren’t going to last as long. I saw it on BBAD. Ian was haking!
Danielle would of won either way.


whatever i did not want a response i was just commenting


I can`t continue to watch this season here these idiots have the chance to create drama and change the game and they are acting all afraid i know brithney needs janell because she can`t get ahead but dan wtf he is looking like he is afraid of competing against boogie and frank. neither of them have done nothing to save themselves. janelle is the one that will rules once boogie is out and i will be laughing when she turns on them and ends up at the end with two other weak players.


I am watching tonight’s show. The biggest threat in this game is Britney. Her scheming seems to be riding under everyone’s radar. She is also one of the biggest liars among the group, which has not been voiced in my opinion.


Dan is the biggest threat. Nobody sees it though. He’s out for himself and is using danielle as a shield. She won’t even question his logic. He doesn’t make sense in his arguments to keep coaches off the block. We know we can’t trust janelle, and we know we can’t trust boogie. So the conclusion is we get rid of frank? Where does that come from? He bulldozed right over Danielle when she suggested boogie as a replaceent. How is she not suspicious? They talk about how Dan mists people, but are so oblivious to the fact that Dan has done it to them?


No she isn’t lol, it’s gonna be bb12 all over again for her, she’ll ride on her team to the end then get kicked to the curb.


Steve-O, i agree with you. I don’ think she will make it to the end. She is pulling some major puppet strings and these morons are not even catching on. I can’t stand her, but I give her credit. She is playing everyone and they are all blindly falling for it. These idiots need to wake up. It bothers me to think that Janelle thinks that she is loyal to her. I hope Janelle is just playing along. I don’t feel Britney is playing an honest game and hopefully someone catches on to her latching on to everyone and using them all.


You are correct. She just may gossip/lie her way to $500,000.


Thank you, it is finally nice for someone to understand my side. Great minds think alike!


boogie saying he can’t stand dani shows what an asshoe he is she is a sweet person who has done nothing wrong to him or anyone else in this game


Thank god ther getting rid of frank and notjanelle I was dreading frank and boogie doing that gay phone call and laugh him and will used to do because they tricked everyone to keep frank and evict janelle but now it ain’t gonna happen unless everyone flips once again

Red splotch on Janelle's chest

The boogie/frank phone call and giggles is pure hetero douchbag stuff – dont blame it on gays.


Looks like production got to Britney and are trying to keep Janelle from leave. BIG SUPRISE


Dan is a jealous little. Girl. He wants to work with boogie so bad but he wants frank out of the way. He really is a little fan boy bitch


Or he knows boogie will go after janelle if he keeps her around and he has a side deal with janelle so getting of her wouldn’t benefit him and whether he’s in an alliance or not dans going to do what benefits him not what benefits the team


It’s funny cuz Danielle will take Dan to the end, but Dan will drop her the moment it’s convenient, I just wish she could see this.


Dan was danielles fav player and she is completely blinded by him but dan has no problem lying and using people that’s what makes him a great player that and the fact that he makes everyone like him as he uses them


Dani is blinded by Dan. The girl does not seem to be able to make a decision. She lets Dan, Brit and Jani tell her what to do. Absolutely cannot stand Jani this time around.


uuuug dani should have put up boogie n frank boogers ego is so friggin big


these idiots making me sick they have my head hurting going in circles one mintue they want to put up janelle next they want frank out these bitches in bbh need to make up there mind …..


monica i totally agree with u,,,,i would love shane and dani to have some backbone and backdoor janelle…but since danielle cant get past her daddy issues with dan, and completely trust him, i hope janelle comes back next week with an HOH win…and puts up dani and shane…then that will prove to one of them that their coaches are worthless and they need to play their own game..janelle wants shane out…BOOGIES plan is rock solid…who cares if u can trust boogie…the point of the matter is Janelle is a bigger threat than frank…im rooting for IAN now…it was dan, then dani and shane, but i don’t have anyone left…so let’s go IAN….i hope Ian gets down to the final six and starts winning the HOH…and shows these mofos he knows all about BB


“They agree that getting rid of Frank is the best deal because Janelle will keep them safe at least for a short period of time.”

ROFL seriously Brit how stupid are you? You have POWER this week of course Janelle is going to say whatever, but next week she’s gonna do exactly what she did from week 1 to week 2, kick your ass to the curb and take out Shane.


Here is a story… A man was going to walk up a hill, and a snake asks him will you please carry me up the hill. I PROMISE I will not bit you. I Promise! so the man carries the snake up the hill. When they reach the top the snake BITES the man. The man said you promised you were not going to bite me. The snakes reply is I AM A SNAKE! Guess who the snake is in the house. Boogie is going to go after Shane and Danielle so fast they will not know what hit them!!
Danielle and Shane need to wake up, and stop listening to the coaches (especially Dan) and Go with the gut you are talking about Danille. She was so close at making the right move and putting Boogie and Frank on the block together, and not to mention if she did she would have kept her word to Wil. Stupid move going against your word there Danielle and making another target for you and your alliance.(stupid move) Wil could have been an ally.


absolutely mind numbing how stupid these people are. Danielle needs to realize Dan and Brittany aren’t coaches anymore they’re playing the game and have reasons to be adamant about keeping Janelle. The newbies should get together and talk about how to get out the coaches secretly while looking like their alliances are in tact. Danielle backdoor Janelle this week. If the other side wins put up Dan and a newbie as a pawn, if Dan wins POV put up Brittany, she goes home. Then whichever side wins put other side coach up and so forth until it’s just newbies then game on. If not, then the coaches walk to the end. At least Brittany will get played again by the coaches like she did the Brigade. Hoping Ian can play both sides right to make it to the end. Hoping Danielle follows, I’m getting sick of her insecure mindless dribble


oh i know it’s like dan was still coaching her I mean he even said to camera it would not be beneficial for any coaches to go up now and she yold him she wanted to put booger and frank up and he talked her outta it. dan wants to win for himself no matter how nice he seems dah
shit if i was on this season and a newbie first thing i woulda did was put up janelle and booger

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

It was dumb for danelle to put up wil.


What the heck kind of refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser in the door, yet they are always filling it with ice trays? It’s a brand new refrigerator. Did they already break it?


If I had to guess the ice maker cant keep up with the useage. I know before I purchased an under counter ice bin when I had 10+ people gatherings I would run out.


Danielle needs to stop listening to the coaches and think about what is best for her game. She has already floated the Janelle backdoor scenario with the others, and if she doesn’t do it, Boogie will be in Janelle’s ear about it. Frank is Janelle’s biggest target. Once he is gone, who would she nominate if she wins HOH (and she has a good chance of winning it)? She won’t put up Wil or Joe or Ashley. She also won’t put up Brit. I even doubt she would put up Boogie because she knows that she needs a minimum of 1 coach in jury plus her little minions to win the grand prize. She wouldn’t waste the HOH on putting up Jenn and Ian. Her target would be Shane, Danielle and Dan for the backdoor. No other move would make sense, and Janelle is smart enough to know it.

Frank is not nearly as scary as Janelle makes him out to be, but as long as he is in the game, he would be her target, so the only other move besides putting Janelle up that would further Danielle’s game would be to put Boogie up with Frank. Boogie would go home, he wouldn’t go to jury, and Janelle would still be gunning for Frank. Danielle should have put Boogie and Janelle up, and then not use the veto to change the nominations. It’s bad karma to take down one of your own nominations because it makes you look indecisive and it adds to the list of people that have reason to nominate you in the future. But Danielle still seems to think that Dan has her best interests at heart. No he doesn’t, if he ever did. Dan is looking out for himself, and for his game, he needs to get the strongest newbs out. If Janelle and Boogie were on the block together, Danielle could take the tack that she put up two big threats and leaves it to the house to do what they want. But it’s too late for that. She has already pulled the trigger on Janelle by talking about it with the others, if it doesn’t happen, Boogie will tell everyone including Janelle, and then Danielle is pretty much assured a spot on the block if anyone but Shane, Dan and Brit win HOH. The girl isn’t thinking, and Dan is in her head big time.


I would not mind Dani going home next week. She is so gullible. Shane said thtey are powerhouses. Maybe they are suffering from big heads.
Jani will send her packing.


Frank HAS to go! .. Not because of Frank … but cause of Boogie! .. but if Boogie goes, Frank will NOT work with D/D/S/B for too long. Boogie is dangerous IF he has Frank and Frank is dangerous if he does NOT have Boogie. – First Frank goes, then Janelle and then Boogie! – SHane, Danielle and Dan for final 3! .. who Wins?? – DANIELLE!.


Wil looks like a skinny, gay Fabio!!!


What the hell is “your comment is awaiting moderation?”??

Lennon's Ghost

Wait! There are 13 more hours to go before the POV Ceremony. That gives them plenty of time to flip-flop their decision a few more times.

Lennon's Ghost


MU Tigers

Boogie: He’s saying he’s missing Will at this point because he needs someone to push these people over the edge with his JFK looks and charm. Boogie can almost convince them but doesn’t seem able to push them that next bit.

In other words…
Boogie: I am NOTHING without Will. He did all the scheming and social game, I just dressed like I was a wannabe boy band member. Maybe if I didn’t look like I belonged in Santa’s workshop I could convince them to buy into my BS.


Danielle, you should have nominated the coaches Boogie and Janelle. They are the brains of the other side and therefore are the biggest threats. If you take out the leader of your opposing groups, the newbies would then be lost without their leader, and you would have a better shot of winning the game.