Frank “If Ian gets nominated he will vomit at the mouth telling everything he knows just to stay safe”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


8:40am Frank and Mike are in the bathroom talking. Mike is taking a shower. Mike says that they’ll be on lockdown for 34 hours.  They talk about how they hope it will be an endurance competition. Mike says Ian needs to step up to the mic. Frank tells Mike that Dan took Janelle into that room last night, whatever that means. Mike tells Frank that he trust Dan for now, later on he will be trying to make big moves, but right now I trust him. Mike an Frank comment on how messy these people are. Mike says that Ian and Danielle are the worst. Frank says that if I end up going home for whatever reason, you can have my workout shirts I left in the backyard. Mike comments on how this will be the longest lock down of the season. Mike thinks Ian will do really well at an endurance competition. If Danielle keeps you, she would be the perfect person to win HOH. Frank and Mike head into the arcade room to talk. Frank comments on how he doesn’t think Dan knows we are working with Shane and Britney. Mike says that if we get the HOH then we nominate Wil and Ashley and if we get the POV we back door Shane and get rid of him. If not then we get rid of Wil.

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9am Frank tells Mike that he doesn’t think it would be fair for the coaches to enter the game. Mike agrees and says he thinks it cheapens the game. If I go home tomorrow, then Shane and Danielle did a good job at lying. Frank says that if that does happen, when I am walking out the door I will tell everyone that this guy had an alliance with me, this girl had an alliance with me and they both lied to me. Mike asks what Frank will say in his speech. Mike says that he doesn’t like Danielle, she just won’t commit. Frank says that she told me I was okay. Frank says that he wants go up to Janelle and tell her she doesn’t have the votes, you might as well get Ashley and Wil to vote for me because I am staying and will be putting them up if they don’t vote for me. Frank says that the only reason why he isn’t sure if he should say it is if it got back to Britney. They start talking about Ian and how when he stresses out he rocks back and forth on the hammock. Mike says just imagine if he gets nominated. Frank says if he gets nominated he might vomit at the mouth telling everything he knows just to stay safe.


9:20am – 10:05am Big Brother wakes up the other house guests. When the feeds come back, Mike and Frank continue to talk about the vote at the kitchen table. Mike says that if you go, then I need to make big moves, I can’t be conservative. Mike says he might say hey Britney, things are good, I don’t want to rock the boat but if I lose my star player, I may need to look to fill my roster spot if I win the coaches challenge. Mike and Frank wonder if it would be better coming from Frank. Mike says that Dan needs to be afraid of that too. Mike wonders if it would be better to trade Ian or Jenn. He says that Jenn has a better chance to get to then end, but no chance at winning. Ian doesn’t have a good chance at getting to the end, but if he does he has a good chance at winning. Frank says what he will say to Britney is if I am still here Mike won’t trade, if I’m not he will… Who do you think he will trade for? Mike laughs and says that’s perfect. They talk about mentioning the possibility of Mike trading to Wil. Mike says Britney is the worst coach by far and she has no confidence going into the coaches competitions.


10:10am – 11:20am Mike, Joe and Frank are the only house guests awake. They make eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast. They talk about the votes and agree that no one is going to tell them for sure what is happening. Joe says that the thing about our block is there is no tie breaker; it’s tough because there is not as many votes. Joe says it’s tough because of the team / coaches twist. The conversation turns to what happened last night between Ian, Ashley and Wil. Joe says that it surprises him how upset people get over the littlest things. Mike decides to go lay down. Joe is in the kitchen making an avocado cheese cake. Frank is watching him and asking questions. Frank comments on how if it’s an endurance competition he and Joe probably would not do too well at it. Joe says that Ian and Ashley probably will do well at it. Except for Ashley doesn’t do too well with pain.

11:35am – 11:45am Joe is talking to the camera telling everyone how to make the cheese cake. Joe says to add one egg yolk at a time. He then dumps two egg yolks in to the mix. Frank says it’s a science, but not rocket science. Frank is now helping make the cheese cake. Joe calls their cooking show “On The Block Cooking Show”. Jenn, Wil and Danielle are finally awake and in the kitchen.


12:20pm Mike, Frank, Janelle and Wil are sitting in the living room talking about random stuff. They discuss their workout routines. Meanwhile, Joe, Danielle and Ashley are in the bathroom talking. Joe comments on how they will probably be locked in till tomorrow night at 6pm.

12:51pm Joe keeps picking at the cheese cake he made and taking little nibbles from it. (He is a have-not and isn’t allowed to eat it.) Watch Joe break the Have-not rules on Flashback: Live Feed 3 Day Trial!


1pm – 1:40pm Danielle and Wil are talking in the bathroom. Wil whispers to Danielle that they totally think I’m going to evict Joe tomorrow. They talk about how they will blind side Jenn and Ian so that they aren’t at their best in the HOH competition. Dan, Britney, Frank, Shane, Ian and Wil are sitting around the kitchen table talking about random stuff. Meanwhile Jenn, Ashley and Danielle are sitting on the bathroom couch.


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I don’t watch the feeds – only read the recaps and I am SO confused!

Does anyone know who is really aligned with who and who is pretending to be aligned with other people?

I would appreciate it :) Thanks!


If coaches are playing, the best I can tell, only Dan, Danielle and Shane are in a true alliance. I don’t 100% trust Britney wont bail if one of them doesn’t win HOH. Everyone is going to scramble if the coaches enter.


to tell you the trueth .. from what i have seen and heard i dont think they even know…. this is one wishy washy house …lmao


This is why Frank is going home. He hasn’t survived Thursday’s vote yet, but already planning how he will backdoor Shane. Or Boogie will trade for him. I wanted to like him, but he is so full of himself. Endurance HOH, I wonder if it will be with coaches or without coaches?

Dark Horse

I bet it will be with the coaches, that could be why they are on a 36 hour lockdown.


Frank seemed like a cool guy at first, but I got tired of him very quickly.

That fake smile of his. Everytime he talks, he smiles. I couldn’t believe him for a second if I were in that house. Similar to Boogie. I get a feeling they’d both stab a person in the back, right after they finished talking to them.

Beyonce Fan

Mike and frank so dumb and think they know everything can’t wait to see ther face and frank boy you stank.


Hey Guys, Here are scenario with PoV record chase.
If coaches decided yes to give up coaching & becoming a player including:1/2 Yes & 1/2 No
Yes:Dan,Mike Boogie
The PoV record chase will be attached & Shane will challenge the Janelle’s PoV record & Janelle PoV will be in Jeopardy.
PoV Record Chase
1.Janelle (BB6,7,&14) 7 PoV
2.Brendon (BB12 &13)6 PoV
3.Daniele(BB8 &13)/James (BB6 & 7) 5 PoV
5.Jeff (BB11 & BB13)4 PoV
6.James (BB9)/Britney (BB12 &14)/Michele (BB11)/Shane (BB14) 3 PoV
If 3 coaches decided yes & 1 No Including, Yes:Dan,Janelle,Mike Boogie, No:Britney. Janelle will defend her PoV record & Shane will have to challenge Janelle PoV record.
1.Janelle 7 PoV
6.Shane 3 PoV (4 to tie & 5 to break the record)
If the coaches decide not to return. Shane will set up the Pace of Breaking Janelle all time PoV record.
If all the coaches decided to return, then Janelle will have to challenge shane in PoV record Chase.
We already have Rachel tied Janelle’s HoH record chase with 6. Now we have Janelle’s PoV record chase with 7. What you think Simon? Can Shane will challenge Janelle’s all-time PoV record? I’m team Shanielle. Go Shane, break Janelle’s all time PoV record.


I know this is off topic but does anyone know what happens to the backyard if/when it rains. I have never seen it rain and I’ve been watching since season 1. Do they cover the top so the furniture doesn’t get wet?


I’ve seen it rain 2-3 times before (BB8-bb14) .. In the past they just try to cover the pool table.


It hardly ever rains in SoCal in summer. 90% of our rain is in winter.


It was interesting how Dan pointed out how different Janelle’s game was this year from BB6 BB7.. he noted that she’s doing so much lying around the house something she didn’t do last year. Boogie also brought this up. (on a side note I took a look around at some other blogs today and was pretty surprised by the “Edit” they are giving Britney and Janelle…. lots of Brit hate lots of Jani love almost reminds me of the JJ love last year…)

The possibilities of this twist is driving me crazy… I really do not think Boogie will accept the offer, he’s said it too many times that he would of played the game differently and isn’t happy about coming into the game.

Dan is very excited about coming back and I think for the most part so is Brit. Janelle is the tough one to call ..

So what happens when 3 coaches accept and one doesn’t? does Boogie just go home and the entire coaches thing is scraped?


Don’t you think all 4 will enter the game by choice? If one of the Coaches had 3 strong players they might stay a coach, but not even Janelle has a committed team. So I think all will enter and play for endurance HOH. That leaves coaches suite available for Pandoras box and double evictions will start happening. The ‘real’ game starts after Frank is evicted.


I would sa so, because he would just be there and LIE around the house.

Dark Horse

I really think all coaches will enter the game given the choice. I think that is why the DR is trying to feel them out, asking about it, then maybe shutting it down like it won’t happen to keep them guessing.

I think Boogie is all talk as far as that goes, of course he would play a different game and so would the noobs.

I cannot see Boogie not accepting, especially after the other 3 do…and walking away from 500K < just can't see him doing that.


Maybe if a vet stays a coach they stay in the house until their last team member is evicted but the coach does not go to Jury and goes home which is what Janelle is suggesting she would do if her last player gets evicted. Janelle knows more than we do about what’s happening Thurs.
Production’s cluing her in on everything.


I completely agree. There are a hundred scenarios and I can’t decide which one would be ideal. There has to be something that makes the playing field a little more fair for the newbies. I still kind of feel like the scenario that makes the most sense would be after all of a coaches players have been evicted the coach can either join the game or bring back a former player. That way it changes the way the coaches and the newbies play and vote plus leaves a lot of mystery in the game. But that is probably way too far-fetched.
Love it when you and Dawg give your opinions! Thanks!


i cant see boogie not entering game, he’d be giving a shot at being a 2 time bb winner. his ego’s too big not to do it

Lady Gag Her

Right on Simon!
This is why this is the BEST blog online!


Here is a serious question for you Simon:

I have seen you post on multipule occasions that Jannelle has said that the contract she signed said “No Jury House”. She seems to be talking both ways, not coming in and coming in.

Assuming that Janelle is telling the truth about the contract (and her telling the truth this season is a big IF) do you think:

a) she will not enter the game because she is not guaranteed final 2 (hence avoiding the jury).

b) she will enter the game because production HAS guaranteed her final 2.

c) she enters the game no matter what because she is hell bent on redemption and winning a BB that nothing else matters.


I’m not sure if Janelle will enter the game.. I would say A or C.

MU Tigers

I asked the same thing and someone pointed out that he’d probably still play, since he would only win if one of his players won the game. I don’t think he would win it by default.


knew that boogie wouldnt be too excited about coaches returning. he would have played this differently, and he knows if he enters the game he really lacks the strong allies if frank is sent home as expected

to above, cmon, use your brain. you really believe they wont give frank a chance to fight his way back into the house? please. they are making a comp just for frank right now to prepare for him vs jojo and kara.


Not this week Yep. BB would want an America’s Vote first to increase the drama. Maybe next week.


I guess thats moreso what I mean, it will happen soon enough.


Dan is in a pretty good spot right now. If the coaches play on Thursday he is safe no matter who wins. I think Dan will float the middle and it’ll be Boogie against Janelle/Britney. Either way I see the final coming down to a boring 4 like Jenn, Ashley, Danielle and Wil.


I really hope this doesn’t happen, I honestly think Jenn is one of the worst players in bb history, she does absolutely nothing. With Frank about to go though almost all you have left is floaters, which is why I think production has no choice but to unleash the coaches as players.


I agree Jenn is a HUGE disappointment another Adam. She’s more boring than Adam but isn’t as big of kiss ass.

why do they cast these people?

You’re right production has no choice other than drop the coaches in.. The results of the poll will be “YES” . if CBS didn’t ratings would drop lower than they are already.

Dark Horse

Completely agree.

I almost would have rather her voted Frank out week 1 because of the fart. Do something!

I think she’s stuck in the sunk in cushion from Adam doing nothing all last season…can someone pull her out!!!


The big problem I had with Adam was his lameness dragged the entire season down. So far Jenn’s lameness hasn’t affected the season. It probably will in 3 weeks.

On the other hand Jenn might come out gun’s blazing if she’s in a position of power.

I thought Danielle was pretty useless in this game early on and now I’m finding her to be a pretty solid player game wise. (Press mute unless she talks game though)


I felt the same way for the three, but god I hated how Adam always talked about being in All-Stars toward the end, I mean if it was @ss-kiss edition then he’d be a shoe-in and I think that when the coaches come in, I doubt Jenn would follow Boogie any more, it’s clear that she knows that she’s the least favored of his team and would be willing to backstab him


Didn’t Jenn say she was recruited off of facebook like 2 weeks before the sequester started? Half-assed recruiting would explain the half-assed recruit.

Dark Horse

Frank & Mike are so cocky…now I really hope Frank goes

chief c

I hope a comp puts nobody back in never liked that move but they could just not let the evicted out of house like they did another year forget which one not a fanatic but I do like frank more than Joe just plain prefer listening to frank despite his ego Joe is delusional at best and a head case trying to be important some how to somebody Feel sorry for wifey an kids I imagine lectures from him are non ending. :) Really like Dan indifferent to Danielle not convinced shes all that physical despite losing on purpose so she wouldnt look stong like Shane too


i totally agree, joe bugs the crap out of me, he’s very overdramatic, but it’s a better move to get out frank. joe is all talk and will be easy to get out as everyone sees right through him (atleast i hope they do) frank on the other hand is much more of a sweet talker.


I just don’t understand how mike could think that Ian would do good at endurance…that kid has ADD. He can’t sit still. He won’t be able to stand still for a long period of time. Now if it was a competition of who can kick their own face the best, then he has that won!


That was hi-lar-i-ous.!!!!
Kicking yourself in the face comment. I am still laughing at that…


Anybody think its unfair, coaches reentering when they were safe the first few weeks with no potential for eviciton? I think what may happen is that they offer the coaches to reenter, however they will not have the ability to ever play for hoh – kind of leveling the field and making it fair. Of course they would still be able to play for other powers like veto to save themselves. Any thoughts?


lemonlime – I think it’s completely unfair! But I think it will happen anyway. They may say they’re not eligible to play for HoH this week but lately I’m doubting even that. If coaches enter Thursday AND they are eligible to play for HoH I think they should at least let Shane play… but who knows. Like Janelle said in an earlier post – production doesn’t care about “fair”.


The vets are playing for 500K now and they will get HOH so they can put players on the block. This is the alternate to last years 6 vets entering at the beginning of the game. I’m sure BB got a lot of bad mail for that start when all the vets teamed up to get the newbies evicted.


yes, i agree. this is almost exactly like last year: if one of the partners got evicted then the other was safe for the next few weeks until week 4. and, here we are at week 4. so, like Dani Donato did not get to play for the first 3 weeks. this is similar. However, because the vets easily clobbered the noobs, this “new” twist gave the noobs more time to get their heads screwed on straight or backwards. Didn’t we all see this coming? how hard was it to figure out? the key slots, and the lack of player numbers. the writing was on the wall the entire time. and, sadly, willie was right. the noobs should have gotten together secretly and decided that no matter what, if the coaches enter the game, they become an alliance, and to always look at the coaches recommendations with an eye toward them entering the game. but, they did not.

the only thing i do not understand is the choice thing: how can the game continue with some coaches not entering and others entering? that would be a total crap show. how would coaches comps continue? would the coaches themselves be assigned to a coaches team when they enter the game? this part i cannot figure out, and so i think the “choice” is utter bull crap. unless the choice is enter the game or get out of the house.

if some of the coaches leave, they have a returning player or a returning player and no double eviction. if all the coaches enter, they have no returning player and one double eviction.


I would hope that at the least, they won’t be able to play for HOH and have to be on slop for a week. Guess the schedule for tomorrow is first eviction, then announce the coach twist, get their answers, and lastly the HOH competition which if endurance, could go on into the night. Any chance they’ll announce the coaches twist first and let them vote for eviction?


EVICT Ian next week, America vote will have Evicted Houseguest like Frank will return.

Dark Horse

What happened with Ian, Ashley & Wil last night?


Why does Britney get so much camera time??? Obnoxious!

production rigged it

because of ratings u either love her or hate her plus she’s nice to look at especially in a bikini .


if they only knew how many like myself stopped watching both showtime and cbs other than to fast forward cbs’ big brother portion due to brit and her annoying obnoxious ways clogging 3/4 of the freaking time.

production rigged it

yeah but alot of people do watch because of her so it balances out that’s why they don’t worry about it, somebody like u think might think she’s obnoxious but other people don’t, they like the fact that she looks good, is catty and gets on other people’s nerves especially production because it’s good for ratings whether u agree or not, just look at seson 12 for instance alot of people didn’t like her but most people loved her dr sessions because she was hilarious.


I am incredibly hopeful that Joe is going home this week. They started out so good this week but Joe just keeps talking himself into a hole. I really hope that we see Frank pull this one out of his hat. I feel like Frank could win the whole game if it wasn’t for Britney and Janelle. All I can say is that Joe does not deserve to be in the house; at least swap him out for Kara or Jojo at this point!

Ian's roomate

I’m getting tired of the way the producers manipulate the game, for instance allowing the coaches to come into the game. Let someone play and win for a change.

Dark Horse

I agree. Next year I want no vets just all newbies….unless if they do an All-Star.


@Ian’s roomate.“Let someone play and win for a change.” How is the coach’s coming into the game,preventing the newbies from playing and having a chance to win?


If they would cast 14 interesting people, they wouldn’t need to have this kind of twist. Just look who is left if Frank goes home….Ian, Jenn, Joe, Wil, Ashley, Danielle and Shane. Not worth watching the feeds for just them.


Will Joe can penalized for licking his fingers when making the cheese cake. He also had a spoonful and tasted the cheesecake.


probably not


See, that’s the penalty. Simon, Does one vote would cost Joe for eviction? Can Shane break a tie?
Joe:Ian,Jenn,plus one vote Penalty
Can Shane break a tie?


Yeah, if there is a tie the HOH decides. If Joe gets a penalty vote, then that would tie the vote and Shane would be forced to decide.

Nice catch.

It won’t happen though.


Where’s the proof? If he does, he will be penalized plus 1 vote & extra day. He supposed to havenots, but making a cheesecake. That’s a penalized for making and licking his fingers on cheesecake. Look what happen to season 8 & season 11. They got penalizes plus extra day & votes. Come on Simon,licking his fingers on cheese cake. That’s penalizes.


I think that anything that Joe did while actually cooking would be overlooked. I would imagine it is not even something that he thinks about – just habit being a chef. Now, if he started sampling later, that would be a different matter.


Thanks Simon and Tim for your response on rain question.


Hey everyone.. new to this site love reading all the comments and updates.

I consider Shane to be a bully. I consider Boogie to be a bully. I don’t know what Frank would have been like if there had been no coaches this year but he is falling right into Boogie’s footsteps. When Frank and Boogie strategize together they use words like scare, threaten and intimidate.

So while Boogie pats himself on the back for being the nastiest player ever and Frank laughs at his own bad jokes, I hope Frank does start his speech this week with ‘Bullying is not OK.’ No it’s not. That’s exactly why I want you out of the house and am hoping for Boogie to follow right behind.

Dark Horse

Welcome! I love it here this time a year!

Why do you think Shane is a bully? I see Frank & Boogie more so a bully than Shane.


boogie wont enter the game, and frank will get a chance to come back vs some of the weakest competitors in the entire group.

have fun with 2 weeks from now


Uuhhh Shane hasn’t bullied anyone. A winner doesn’t make a bully.


You’re wrong, Gretchen Weiners. Shane hasn’t bullied anyone in that house! Unfair accusation on your part.


As much as I am done with joe screaming at me through my television, I find myself hopIng this flip works and Boogie finds himself without frank. I suppose only time will tell in this crazy house.

Keep JOE!

Chris the spoiler fan

Thinking about getting the feeds for the endurance contest tomororw. Simon/Dawg will they show it on the feeds?

Is it me or are there fewer idiots in the comment section this year. Last year was non stop fights and personal attacks this year it’s much better :)

love the site!


Thanks Chris,

They usually show the endurance comp on the feeds. Buying the feeds through us supports this site financially, just click on of the million live feed ads we have ;)

comments are much more peaceful this year,, fans talking about game and hating on houseguests not each other :)


Why does Ian always bounce in his chair, and why are the Magical Voices not telling him “Ian, STOP IT!”.


I think that Ian may have Asperger’s. It would explain the rocking and bouncing and swinging. It would explain the minute details he has regarding certain reality tv. His clumsiness. His social issues. I would imagine that is why Production doesn’t say anything to him.

Beyonce Fan

This the year janelle will win it all get over it team janelle all day everyday.


Are you still suffer from delusional syndrome? Janelle is always a loser. Because of Joe Penalizes for nibble on cheese cake. He will end up going home after all. Thanks Joe for breaking the rules.

Beyonce Fan

You pathetic much if you think he going home for eating cake get over it frank going home hahaha how old is you to be so dumb?


Beyonce Fan.. we’re getting a lot of complaints about your comments.. Thinks twice before you hit submit and ask yourself does this comment add value to the readers @ OBB


get em simon!


Really, Really,Really. Joe is going home after all. Thanks Joe for breaking the rules. It would be 3-3 tie because of Joe’s Penalizes for nibble the cake. Shane send Joe packing.


How does this help the conversation. It doesn’t. Be quite while the adults comment.

Beyonce Fan

Stank think he so save I can’t wait to see his damn face lol hate him hate him hate him.


I agrees! Frank’s hair, AWFUL. Now I know he is stanky franky, hate him more. Ugh


If you cannot make a coherant sentance, don’t post. It is a waste of bandwidth.


“Stank think he so save I can’t wait to see his damn face”



Do we think Boogie is going to play it cool if/when Frank gets voted out? Or is he gonna show out??


Thank You Joe for Breaking the rules. Can’t wait to see you leave!


I hope you’re right! I can’t stand Joe! I loved Janelle during Season 6 & 7 but now I’m beginning to think the only reason I liked her was because of Howie. I can’t stand Janelle anymore… Unlike most people on this site, I’m rooting for Team Boogie and would love to see Frank stick around.


I’m a fan of boogie as well.. I’m not throwing my support behind any one houseguest this year but from a feeds entertainment point of view Boogie adds to it.


I’m not necessarily a die hard Frank fan, but I feel like he adds a bit more entertainment to the show over Joe. I liked Boogie during season 2 and 7, and I don’t understand why everyone hates him so much for being deceitful! Lying and deceiving is part of the game, Boogie just happens to be a bit better at it than others!


I liked Boogie when he was with Dr. Will. I hated that he did the chilltown diary room session with Frank. That was sacred to Dr. Will.

Although Joe COMPLETELY annoys me…not sure why the man thinks he has to scream at the camera during his d.r. sessions…..I think it would bring an more interesting show to see Frank leave and Boogie act stupid.

production rigged it

dude i hate to break it to u but they’re not gonna evict joe for nibbling on cheese cake, remember 2 years ago when enzo was a have not and he cheated all the time and they didn’t evict him, hell come to think of it i don’t think they even warned him which they should have so they’re not going to evict joe either.

Not eating at Joe's

There is no way that Joe is an actual Chef. He’s licking his fingers, using his teeth to open the Cool Whip container.

I’ve never seen a “Chef” do this before


Is it weird to say that this year the only enjoyment I have been getting from this season is reading Simon’s updates and watching BBAD? The actual show on CBS is lackluster this year lmao


Simon, Did Joe got Penalized for nibble? If it does, Joe got 1 vote penalty. If it doesn’t, CBS Production needs to Penalized Joe for nibble the cheesecake. That’s totally unfair.


From what I’ve been reading from Dawg Joe isn’t getting penalized.


Simon, Why Joe wasn’t penalized for nibble the cheesecake? That’s totally unfair. He should be penalized for nibble the cheesecake. Joe is a cheater. He should been penalized.


I really like the coachs coming into the game think, I think it makes it fair for both noobs and coachs. The noobs know how the coachs play by watching there seasons and now the coachs know how the noobs play the game. everyone is on the same ground unlike last year. also it allowed the coachs to get close to the noobs so it wont be automaticly coachs vs noobs


Coaches are coming in because they don’t have enough people to continue the season regularly. They’re just doing the ‘voting’ to make America think they have the power. They don’t. Because no one knows what the votes tally up as. It could be an overwhelming ‘no’, and yet they could still say that America said yes and bring the coaches in. They’re only doing the vote to bring in money. Since it is a dollar a text message.


The further I read these recaps, the more I get disappointed in this cast. Vets and newbies alike. Mike and Frank say that if Danielle and Shane go back on their word and evict Frank, they’re damn good liars…are you kidding? I’m kinda shocked Boogie didn’t pick up on the fact something is obviously boilling, I guess he doesn’t have Will’s capabilities to read people and pick up on things going on from all sides of the house.

Honestly, their excuse for putting Frank up should of sent alarms to Boogies team in a heartbeat. Joe was 100% out if Ashley was kept on the block. Usually you put up a pawn, it’s someone everyone likes and usually a floater in many occasions; when a strong player is put up as a pawn, history shows they go home because everyone feels it’s their chance to take out a threat.

Although it sucks production won’t let the game be played as it should, releasing the coaches in would be best. I wouldn’t be able to stand watching the newbies get mind-f***** by the vets’ paranoia (Although it’s mostly Janelle and Britney, Dan’s way too chill and calm while Boogie is just too cocky to be paranoid).

They need to start casting an entire cast of peeps who can actually think for themselves and not cast people like Jenn/Ian/Ashley/Danielle. I’m actually missing Willie now. Dude wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought and I don’t think he would be as ignorant as half the house is this week.


I would be so happy if the coaches are dropped into the game… other then Shane every other idiot in here are floaters.. Unleash the beasts ( Jani, boogie and Dan) into the house.. Brit?? Whos that? oh yea shes another floater who is all talk and no game!!


Can someone tell me what’s going on with Janelle? Why does everyone say she’s a big liar? I haven’t been watching the live feeds, do I need to catch up!


Hi Simon, I left a comment yesterday, a shout out for you both for the site.
I also mentioned a person at twitter you might find funny. Was there something
I wrote that was unacceptable? Can’t find the comment. It was my first time commenting
this year so please let me know if there is something I should change when commenting
next time, if I am brave enough. The name I mentioned isn’t my account there, just found
it funny and wanted to share it. :)


Hi Emmas2,

I remember your comment I replied to it it’s somewhere on the site.. thanks for the twitter account i’m following it right now it’s funny,


Thanks Simon, I must have missed your reply.
Have a great night!