Britney & Danielle Execute Operation Cold Shower on Dan

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

Big-Brother-14-live-feeds-august-1-1202am Janelle

12am Janelle, Britney, Mike, Danielle and Shane are in the arcade room talking. They talk about Mike’s child and the others talk about growing up. Meanwhile Frank, Ian, Joe, Jenn, Ashley, and Wil are sitting around the kitchen table talking and joking around. Janelle and Ashley head into the stereo room. Ashley complains about how she was around Ian and she told him to stop looking into the mirror / camera. She says that Wil got mad at her. She says that he was quacking and she didn’t know. Dan come in to look through his things for a nickel he has. He wants it to put it in the carnival game. He heads back to the arcade room. Ian climbs behind the carnival game and tries to turn it on. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back they talk about Ian wanting to dress up as a cat on Thursday. Shane asks I thought BB would not let you? Ian says they told me I could not last week. Big Brother cuts the feeds.
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In the photo below, can you spot Ian?


12:30am In the have-not room Janelle and Dan are talking. Janelle tells Dan that she wants to make sure the discussion about what they talked about yesterday actually happens (voting out Frank). Dan says yes. Janelle asks what kind of stuff did they pitch you, game stuff? Dan says yes ..I am not even voting either. Janelle says I don’t think Danielle would play with them anyways. Dan asks Janelle to just calm down. Janelle says that he told her she was the first female member of the Renegades, I’ve got to be updated daily. Dan says that he was just talking; if something major came up I would tell you. Janelle says if you do what you say you are going to, then you gain my trust. Dan says okay. Janelle says I don’t know why anyone would want to keep Frank, it would be so stupid. Dan says that it would be weird if I was avoiding people. Dan asks are your votes locked in. Janelle says yes. She says that Danielle is telling them Frank has her vote but come Thursday she is going to vote him out and blindside him. She asks you know that right?! Dan says yes.


12:45am Janelle goes up to the HOH room with Britney. Janelle talks about her discussion she had with Wil. She says that she told him she would not be so head strong. She says that if he is in trouble or needs advice that he would come to her. Britney says so you and Wil are all good. Janelle says yes. Britney says that Wil is going to freak out when we come in the game. They talk about how they are scared about the votes on Thursday. They hope that everyone votes the way they are supposed to because if they don’t they won’t know until the last minute.


12:50am Dan is in the bathroom showering. Danielle fills up a bowl with ice and cold water to throw on Dan. Dan sees her coming and gets the big bottle of hand soap to squirt on her. Dan says nice try, A for effort but F for execution, and D on creativity. Danielle says what if I still did it. Dan says then I would squirt you. Britney comes in and grabs the bowl and throws it on him. They run out and refill the bowl. They come back and do it again. Dan goes to squirt them and Ian yell you could blind someone with that Dan. They throw the ice water on him again. He dumps the hands soap on them. Ian says that the floor now looks like someone just came all over the rug. Dan says what a bunch of southern a$$holes. Dan says that he is going to get them back when they aren’t expecting it.


Up in the HOH room, Danielle tells Britney that Dan is going to murder her! Britney asks if he is going to be really pissed. Shane joins them. Danielle starts talking about what Janelle told her saying that Jojo said she was fat. Danielle says that it sucks because Janelle has three poisonous snakes on her team and we need to get them out. Shane says well we need to get out Frank. Danielle says yeah Frank this week. Britney tells them about how Janelle wanted to make up a lie to get Wil to vote the way they wanted. Britney says that she didn’t want any part of it and they she overheard Janelle getting Ashley to do the same lie. Britney asks what did she think I would not realize it was the same lie. Danielle says that the night Ashley was on pain relaxants, I think she tried to OD on them. She took 6 of the pills, we counted and there were five missing. Shane asks why she would want to OD …Big Brother cuts the feeds. They discuss the coaches entering the game. Danielle thinks there will be a coaches competition where the top two coaches drop into the game.

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2am Dan and Ian are in the backyard talking. Ian talks about being the most socially inept in the house. Dan asks him why he feels that way. Ian says that he would be pissed if coaches came in. That his chances would go from one in seven to one in eleven. Dan asks him what if he can work with some the Coaches. He says he would be up for that as he gets along with the coaches more then the newbies. Dan asks if he thinks the rest of the newbies would be mad if they came in. Ian says that he thinks so and that none of them seem to be talking about it or expect that to happen so they would be surprised. Dan asks if he was in the jury what would be base his vote on for the winner. He says for the best game regardless of his affiliation with them.


2:25am – 2:50am Shane and Danielle are talking in the HOH bed. Shane tells her that he is afraid of getting into a Showmance. That he came into the game to play the game and nothing else. I am glad I met you as a friend. Danielle tells him that he tries to control life and that he can’t do that. You also can’t try when the other doesn’t want it. Shane agrees. Danielle says that she doesn’t want to make him awkward or push him away. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be mean to her. Do you think you could develop feelings for me? Shane says yes. Danielle keeps touching him and he keeps pushing her away. He tells her that she has a big butt. She says I can’t believe you just said that?! Shane says that it’s not a bad thing; it’s a good think I like butts. Danielle asks Shane what if I take care of you? He says he would not allow it and money dictates what he does. Danielle tells Shane she would hate to miss out on a relationship because she was afraid. Shane says he had his mind set before coming into the house that he would not allow himself to get into a showmance. Danielle tells Shane it doesn’t matter if he’s going to be a closed book, that she will continue to be an open book. Danielle decides to leave to go to sleep.

3am Danielle and Dan are talking about the coaches coming into the game. They talk about if Shane and Britney trust him. She says yes. Danielle says that she is afraid he will stab her in the back. Dan asks why? Danielle says because you know too much about me. Danielle says so what? Do you just want me to wake everyone up and tell them you’re a nurse right now? No, I wouldn’t do that. You’re too valuable to me. Danielle says awe. They both decide to go to sleep.

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Danielle is so desperate! But I do love the Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle alliance. Hopefully she won’t’ mess it up for all of them!


Danielle, you have officially embarrassed yourself. That conversation was humiliating!


She’s one of those girls who are in love with love. One boyfriend after another. She said she already slept with 7 guys and all were her ‘boyfriends’. She’s going to have a difficult time in life because so many guys will use that as a way to get in her pants, only to leave her crying alone and asking (herself) what happened after they leave. It’s a little sad because she is a nice girl, just immature and not very bright.


I was totally cringing!!!! I was embarrassed for her!


Why don’t Shane just come out the closet so Danielle with get off his jock. Damn how many times he gonna say I don’t want u. U see he likes butts.


No, he likes grown up women. He likes the gorgeous model type. Like Kara. Just because a man doesn’t bite when an airhead girl throws herself at him doesn’t mean he’s gay. I laughed out loud when Danielle compared Shane being Cosmo bachelor of the year to her being in the Harley Davidson calendar. “I did that too” she says.


LOL, You think Shane is gay? I have heard a couple of people say that. I don’t quite see that though. What makes you think that?


gay gay gay gay…. no doubt about it…

Dark Horse

Not gay…just more into Kara than Danielle, can’t blame him.

Eric CA

Shane is not gay, as I gay man, damn I wish he was. He is just someone that is so good looking, he can be picky.
Perhaps, he is into the chase and conquest. Perhaps, it is a turn off for him to be pursued.
But he is not gay, the “There is Something About Mary” Hairstyle he sports on occasion on occasion or would that prove it?
He is not gay. Hell, Boogie was the one that had a male prostitute ring.

Eric CA

Oh my god, I just read what I wrote. I should never type before coffee. that was bad.
He is not gay, I just prefers to do the chasing.
He can not be gay, have you seen that “There is something About Mary” hairstyle he does.


He may be Bi, He gives off this weird vibe towards her though. She really needs to snap out of it thought because she is playing for $500k not a guy that will give her a few nights pleasure like Dan said the other night.

It’s starting to get confusing wondering who is sending who home, and who is going to work with who if the coaches get dropped into the game. At least this is bringing a little excitement/anticipation for the game. Otherwise this batch of players along with the competitions, and so called twists this season have been lame.

Come on let the scheming begin!! I want to see the house flip


I don’t think Shane is gay at all.. he’s into Kara not Danielle

Karen S

LOL Tasha! She is throwing herself at Shane. Danielle has no self respect!



deathtobrenchel Team anyone but Janelle

Hey Simon/Dawg,

BB Canada online auditions opended up today! Are you guys applying? Are you going to cover it on here when it airs?
I’m going to go to the Open casting in MTL in October. But I heard it’s going to start in Feb.
BB in Feb in Canada doesn’t sound like a ton of fun, LOL


ya we’ll be covering it.. Not sure what it will be like, Feeds etc
I think Dawg and his lady are applying to be on the show.


If I was 20 years younger I’d apply. Trust me, nobody wants to see me hanging out in the hot tub. My niece is applying. Guaranteed cat fight supreme if they pick her!


I have a feeling that not all 4 coaches will choose to come back into the game. If so, they could possibly have a competition with Kara, Jojo, and Frank (or Joe) to come back, and the winner of the competition gets to come back into the house. If so, Frank would possibly be back in the game with a vengeance. If this show is as rigged as everyone says it is, I don’t think production wants to lose Frank this early in the game. But, who knows. That could be just wishful thinking on my end.



I agree. If Frank goes this week, he.ll be back. Remember last year: just when you thought you got rid of Brendan, he won a competition against the other evicted HGs and he got back into the house. You know this is going to happen. Do you really see Jodi, Cara or Jojo beating him?

Consider this: what if there is a coaches’ comp (before coaches are dropped into the game as players) and Dan or Boogie poaches Shane? It may influence the decision to go into the game- the odds of winning 100g increases.

One thing for sure is that we all can come up with much better “unexpected” or unpredictable scenarios than BB prod.


Once you’ve experienced being around Kara, a playmate of the year, how could you ever consider downgrading to Danielle? I don’t think Shane is gay, he is a beautiful man who likes beautiful women. Have you SEEN Danielle without her makeup on? She doens’t even look like the same person. She gets up every morning and LITERALLY paints her face on. She needs to stop worrying about Shane’s dick, and start focusing on that half mill.


I think BB is setting up for Dan to be the first two time winner. I always liked Dan the only thing he did
I didn’t like when screwed Keesha beside that he’s always been my fave.
It looks like he might take Dr.Terry under wing.

Glad to see everybody is getting hip to Ashleys BS, it was bound to catch up to her.

I feel bad for Dani that she just cant get over Mr.Vermont.
Get your head into the Dani game and just think of Shane as an alliamce member nothing more.

Dark Horse

Agree agree and more agree.

I was thinking the same thing about Dan winning again, first 2 time winner BB would want.

Danielle is so insecure and a lot of guys don’t like that…she’s the type that needs to be told that she’s beautiful every hour on the hour or she thinks you don’t like her anymore…and starts nagging for compliments.

And seriously….did she offer him a bj for a showmance??

MU Tigers

Dan, when given the opportunity, will definitely come into the game as a player. He is well aware of where Danielle’s head is at and he’s not going to leave his only chance at money in her hands. Janelle will as well, it’s pretty obvious that her driving force isn’t the money as much as it would be winning BB. All that’s missing from her resume is winning a season. Britney and Boogie are questionable, though I suspect both will come into the game as well. So what happens if 3 decide to come back and one wants to stay as a coach? Do they win the 100K by default and then there game is over and they go home? I am curious as to how this is going to work. I’m looking forward to Thursday night.


What happened to Janelle’s “I won’t go to jury house! It’s in my contract!” Does this mean that she has a gaurantee to the final 2 because it is in her contrat?

I hope not.

I originally thought that it meant that she would not enter the game and have a chance at being with her baby. Now I think she would sell her baby for a chance to “win” BB.



110% agree… with that “I offer you my wedding ring, for your trust and if I break my promise you can keep it” bullshit…… If allowed back into the game she will play for the money, her baby can sit at home missing his momma…… Who the fuck leaves their newborn to be on reality show?? Janelle, I know Rachel would too, and Libra from season 10…. Bitches


A coaches’ player has to win the game for that coach to get the 100K…makes no difference if they are the only coach or 1 of 4 coaches.

MU Tigers

Good point, it was early when I posted that. hahaha. So if Boogie loses Frank, then there isn’t any reason for any of them not to come into the game. Though, Shane has a better chance of winning than Britney does.


Here’s another idea! If Half,Three-Fourths, Whole or none decided either return or not, Have another America’s votes return evicted Houseguest to the game & have Ian compete against Frank. Frank will return to the game. Come on Houeguest, evicted Ian next week & Frank will return to the game.
America’s vote for returning evicted houseguest
Evicted Houseguest vs Current evicted Houseguest
What you think Simon?


Isn’t that how Brendan got back into the house after he was evicted? That is certainly one of the “twists” they have pulled out before


On BBAD last night I saw the talk btwn Wil and Janelle… She tried to turn on the tears (couldn’t squeeze out one) but her eyes got a little watery. All of a sudden, she whips out a folded tissue from her back pocket and starts dabbing her eyes. ( I was like: omg faker!!!! So obvious!) it was truly pathetic. Wil didn’t fall for it. He just kept talking with a straight face ;) janelle used to be one of my faves, but the more I watch her this season.. Idk. I’m sure liking Wil more every day; he’s onto her. Loved it when he did Straight Craig after volleyball the other night! He acted like some asshole from a club to Ashley– it was hysterical!!!


YES!! Before she went into the room with Wil, she grabbed a tissue from the bathroom and put it in her back pocket. Totally staged a fake “cry”! I am glad he didn’t fall for it.


Danielle is getting a little too close to ‘Lydia throwing herself at Jessie’ status for my comfort lately.

Beyonce Fan

Did she say she will take care of him? Let me just keep it cute because I can’t even deal with this mess.


Anyone out there seen the pic of Danielle as the bunny boiler? Someone put her face on Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction being psycho w a knife! That girl is embarrassing herself every time she hovers around Shane. He has told her a million and 9 times and ways that he is not interested. IMO, it would be better if he was just blatantly rude and honest. Stop leading her on with hopeful snippets. Then again, it’s her fault for being too ignorant to the obvious.


My attitude towards Danielle has turned from annoyed to pity. She really needs a therapist – all her priorities are wrong.


I dont know if it has been mentioned or not on this site, but is it just me or is Danielle the neediest person ever!?!


Danielle asks Shane what if I take care of you?


Dark Horse

This Danielle & Shane non showmance is hysterical…its like she does not know how to read between the lines. I have a feeling after Thursday she’ll get it…

AND what did she mean take care of Shane? a BJ?


Okay, where the heck is Jenn in this game? Does she do any socializing or game talk?? Danielle is a disgrace to women everywhere, geez, why is she even there? She probably got turned down for the bachelor and decided it would be easier to find a husband by trapping him in a house with nowhere to go, so pathetic and always fishing for compliments, ugh, get her out of there!

Dark Horse

^^^^^^ THIS!!!! about Danielle

Jenn is surely flying under the radar…I just picture her agreeing with everything said to her then perhaps hiding so they won’t remember her in the game until the end.


She is SCARY needy!
And omg it’s like she has forgotten her every word is being recorded for eternity.
Even if you were like her, even if you thought Shane “loved” you, wouldn’t you take into consideration the people watching and not blurt out every random feeling you have?
Poor Shane. When she finally “gets it” that house is going to be literal hell for him. Will be great viewing tho =)


Just a couple of things….All 4 coaches will jump at the chance to enter the game. Their gigantic egos won’t let them do anything else. Boogie sees it as a chance to remove himself from the shadow of Dr. Will and put hinself in the conversation for greatest BB player of all time. Dan also wants his hat in that ring. Janelle wants redemption, because for all her talk, she has already lost twice. Britney wants to erase the shame of being played for a sucker worse than anyone in history. I mean, when they finally told her she had been duped from Day One, they literally laughed in her face until she ran off crying.

And on the second note, Janelle would not ony sell her baby to enter and win this game, she would eat her baby! Seriously, what kind of woman leaves her less than 1 year old infant behind for the entire summer to go play a game! Pathetic excuse for a mother.


It a lot less traumatizing to leave a small baby (less than one year old) then to leave a toddler (One year to 5 years old).


They are on inside lockdown until showtime tomorrow…These people are going to get major cranky, hopefully the feeds and BBAD will be fiesty today/tonight!

Kristy from Kentucky

I am not liking the Janelle thats on this season. She is so obsessed with her looks being cute. I think she’s pissed because everything is not all about her. I hate to see Frank go but it could get real interesting with the coaches coming in the game. I am liking Briteny alot better this season yeah she is still sarcastic but she at least is trying to play the game. I hope her alliance with Dan, Shane and danielle lasts.

I would never leave my newly born child at home for the chance to win 100K. Janelle has a 50K wedding ring! If you need to money sell the ring do not leave your child. I question her as a mother.


For Janelle it is not about the money, it is about her. Her reputation, her redemption, her status. She is an egotist and narcissist. Noticed how she FREAKED because one of her puppets (Wil) wanted to cut his strings and play his own game? All about her.

“Baby? What baby?” (Janelle on being promised final two if she enters the game.)


Could be true, remember last season? Brendon was brought back solely because production probably told Rachel he would be coming back in order to keep her from committing suicide or walking out. She calmed down WAY too fast, for it to be normal, she KNEW he was coming back for 1 week, he’ll they probably also told her they would do everything in their power to ensure she wins or is in final 2, and Jeff’s clown shoe fuck up was the PERFECT opportunity…

Send Dani home!

Danielle is playing this whole “save me shane save me shane” they are all trying to talk to me way over the top. She said to britney how Janielle will not leave her alone and even Britenay said “Janielle” has been asleep. umm did they not say in the HOH meeting about putting up frank that Janielle’s team would stay by her and keep frank from talking so much crap to you and she agreed? Also this Janielle’s team has not talked to me about deals etc” hm did she NOT already promise last week if they voted to keep her that she would have their vote to keep them safe this week and has she gotten HOH she would not put them up. And now just to keep that vote they Janielle’s team) have to NOW extend her another week? I wish someone would bring that up to her and Dan..


Just imagine what Danielle would try to make Shane do if she won HOH.


IDK, but I think it will be something along the lines of “You’re not allowed to talk to anyone, Get your Head Down There, and pleasure me, BITCH”

Just a thought 0.0


I like Danielle but she got to quit pushing on Shane sooner or later shes going to get hurt sooner or later


Simon thank you for this site, it is my first stop morning and evening on the web!
I came across a new twitter name you might get a kick out of, “DanisDLusions.”
I must give a shout out to Dawg as well, the work you both put into this site is very
much appreciated.


thanks for the twitter account.. I’ve started following them.

your welcome.. glad you like the site


I like Danielle but she needs to quit pushing on Shane cuz sooner or later she’s going to get hurt i just wish he would tell her he likes Kara