Jenn and Ashley agree a that a girl needs to win Thursday’s HOH

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


1:50pm Jenn and Ashley talk in the bathroom about wanting a girl to win this next HOH competition. Jenn says we need to stick together, girl power. Jenn says that we have to do something or we will be in deep sh*t. Jenn says we need to get Danielle. Ashley says agrees. Jenn says that she was really worried about the coaches coming into the game, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Ashley says that she doesn’t think it will happen either. Ashley asks Jenn if she was a fan of the show. Jenn says no, that she was contacted through facebook by a guy. She says that it all happened in a 2 week period.

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2:10pm In the living room, Britney attacks Ted the stuffed bear and Frank says Birtney to the diary room, Ted to the bathroom. Dan then comes into the living room and super kicks Ted. Frank then chases Dan off camera. They come back and Dan says man you are strong as hell. Shane comes out of the diary room with the BB rules book.


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2:15pm – 2:35pm Janelle and Britney are talking on the bathroom couch. They are talking about how Ian will hang on for hours if it’s an endurance competition. Britney says that Boogie is going to go into the game. Britney talks about how Janelle will have three players. Janelle says that Boogie is going to be blindsided tomorrow when Frank is voted out. They head into the arcade room. Janelle asks Britney if she talked to Wil this morning. Britney says she did. Britney says that she talked to both Wil and Danielle and she says that they are voting for Frank but that it sounds like they aren’t. Janelle says that it will be scary. They talk about jury and if they well get to stay together. Janelle says hopefully we don’t even go to jury and make it to the end. They talk about how Dan could win against a newbie because people respect him. Janelle says that Dick tried to bring in a wetsuit for the water competitions but that they took it from him. Britney and Janelle both said that they tried to bring in gloves but they were taken away. Britney tells Janelle how she should dress if it’s a water competition. She says if you go into the backyard and there are gutters, then take everything off that you don’t need. Janelle says that she is horrible at endurance but that she will hold on. Ian can’t win this, who do you think he would put up if he won? Janelle answers her own question saying that it would probably be her and Wil. Britney agrees. Britney says that Shane is going to want Dan and Boogie out, which is good for us.


2:45pm Up in the HOH room Wil and Britney are talking about how they can’t tell Joe anything. Wil says that Ashley obviously knows something about Ian, when she told him to stop quacking. Britney thinks maybe she was trying to listen in on our conversation. Britney says that she called Danielle – Janelle Jr. and that she was insulted. Britney says that she didn’t mean it as an insult. Britney and Wil discuss how Janelle upset him the other night. Britney says that she was scared that you would flip your vote. Wil says that once he gives his word he sticks to it. And that he can’t wait to see Boogie and Franks face when the votes come in. They discuss tomorrows competition being an endurance. Britney thinks BB will integrate the coaches competition into the endurance comp tomorrow. Wil asks Britney if her and Shane would be interested in working with him going forward next week. Britney says that Shane had mentioned that too and that they would be interested in that. Britney says that she has been worried about being able to trust Janelle.


2:50pm – 3pm Wil says that tonight he is going to tell Frank for the first time that he has his vote, and that this will be the first time I go against my word. But not really because I gave you guys my word first. Wil mentions that it would be good for us to work with Danielle too. They both agree that they can trust Danielle. Frank comes up to the HOH room and Wil leaves. Frank tells Britney that she missed him swing Dan around like a helicopter.

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If anyone is enjoying our our iPhone app please consider rating it in the App Store.. it would really help us out.

Simon Says

Simon i have the android app and it is pretty sweet. Also is even worth staying updated or is Frank out forsure along with all the coaches joining the game a done deal.. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!


I wouldn’t say it’s for sure but looks like Frank is going home.
Coaches are going to be offered to come back into the game.

Thanks, glad you like the android App!


So are you in the know about what’s going on! i want to thank you for Shane , and Ian they are true bb fans I wish i could do it

are they going to the after party would like to meet them.


Just bought the iphone app to support!




I just purchased the IPHONE app the other night. Is there anyway to keep my user name in the field?



unfortunately I did not develop the app. we’re trying to get the developer to tweak it but it takes time.


I will DEFINITELY rate the app positively!! Love you guys!!


why is bb putting people on this show who never had any intentions and never heard of the show before…i bet there are thousands of fans who are actually fans and watch this show, and would want to be on here..thats why this year suck so bad..nobody know what the fk they are doing because they just want to come be on tv and a nice vacation.


yeah wtf Jen im super disappointed in you now.


We ask the same question every year. Lots of players like Jeff and Jordan, Chima, Jessie, Cassie, Dom, and I think Rachel (might be wrong about her) were all recruited. Most of them never even saw the show until sequester. The real fans like Ronnie or Matt and this season Ian, tried out for years or always wanted to be on the show had to stand in line and jump through hoops to get there always seem to be in the minority and go out early. I always thought it was laziness on the part of casting. It’s also the number one reason why the show has sucked lately, plus the way they keep bringing back people that already had their chance.


I’ll be laughing if Ian wins HoH & it won’t happen. I would love to see the coaches come back in & either Dan or Mike Boogie win it. I bet Janelle is afraid of coming in and she is scare of being a loser.


I love Ian’s personality- he’s a classic nice guy, nerdy, and a huge BB fan. And I think game-wise he is currently sitting in a pretty good spot. If he plays his cards right and shows an ability to win challenges when he needs to, I think he could win this whole thing, and thus far…I hope he does.


there should be alot of game talk on bbad tonight so far it looks like frank is gone but you never know in this game it just takes one conversation ta flip someone or maybe a mysterious diamond power of veto ends up in franks bed


it is one thing to say a girl must win, it is another to have someone mentally and physically able to do it.

that said I have a question, it is the middle of summer, why do I keep seeing pics of Britney in winter ugg boots, she that anal fashion set she needs to where winter clothes in cali in the summer?


From what hear they keep the house super cold b/c of all the lights… her feet are prob cold, hence the boots.


The only good thing about coaches entering game is the drama factor. I would much rather see Kara and JoJo enter and Frank OUT. Kara entering and winning HOH would be great. I am still Shane FTW. He is a pretty stand up guy for not USING Danielle like he could AND he wins comps! I am SO ready for Thursday.

I can’t stand cocky (Frank/Will) but love confidence.

I hope they air Shane/Brittney confronting Janelle and Wil from several nights ago but they won’t show ANY negative stuff about Janelle. I was her BIGGEST fan until this season.


Ok, Shane gets props for not leading Danielle on- Blahblahblah. Its easy to turn down someone who doesn’t make your motor run and someone who could get in the way of a 500g win. I do not think he’s as loyal as others have said. He made a final 3 deal with Frank and agreed to have his back- he gave his word and shook on it. I know this is a game, but in games and in life, your word is all that you have. So shame on Shane

BTW, how desperate and cracked must one be to so easily offer her wedding ring, a symbol of her bond with her husb, to show her loyalty. Do you think her husb or better yet her inlaws think Janelle is a loyal an honorable person?

Everyone has their price. Would you sell out for 100g or 500g? It would take most of us less than week to spend that much if we had it!


it is quite possible the ring isn’t real. Remember Shelly offering Rachel her ring last year? It was paste!


Shame on Shane?…He may have shook on the deal but Frank and Mike are already talking about back dooring him next week..and at the same time Mike is talking about trading for Shane….Crazy stuff going on…I am glad Shane got the jump first…He has played this game and won when he has needed too. Frank has done nothing really.

C. J.

I don’t think Janelle is afraid of being a loser, she’s proven she can still win comps. I think she is afraid of becoming a have-not!


Just admitted, Janelle is afraid of losing again & again & again & etc. I bet she will come back of age of 50 or 60. She will break her hip. Face it, she is a three time loser. She’s a joke. The only reason she is the best player because of her alliance. She lost in big brother 6, lost in big brother 7, what’s next, Big brother 14? She will lose once again. She carried three floaters. How stupid is She? I would rather have three strong player than three weak players.

MU Tigers

Awww, does CaptainWedgie have his panties in a bunch over Janelle. Say what you will about Janelle, but she’s a better player than Rachel. And she’s a better person.


Is she really? Unless she comes back in the game and wins it Rachel will be a better player because she would have won it her 2nd time threw and Jannelle being a 3 time loser… Not saying Jannelle is a bad person but game play wise unless she wins shes a worse player than Rachel at that point.


Does anyone else feel like Ian is kind of becoming overrated? Like I get it he’s small and has no problem with pain but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll translate to him doing good in the endurance competition. I think there is kind of too much hype about him going into this endurance comp, I don’t think he’ll win it.


Ian is a nobody. Not sure he’s even playing the game. Just hangs out and walks around like he had a neurological issue (feet wide apart; walks on toes). His facial expressions even when he’s alone. There is something seriously wrong with him on the gene level.


He may have a functional form of autism….maybe Asberger’s.


Stick boy is only coordinated enough to kick himself in the face- doubt he will win a comp. Ion is a pleasant little scientist, but I think he will only win if on can win BB witout winning any comps.


Britney thinks BB will integrate the coaches competition into the endurance comp tomorrow.

That was pretty smooth. Planting the seed in case BB tells the coaches to gear up tomorrow Wil will have this in his mind as a reasonable explanation and won’t decide that they need Frank to beat the coaches.


I can’t stand Boogie and Frank. Caught them talking and laughing all alone just now. They’re so cocky. They really think everybody else is stupid.

Beyonce fan

I can’t say frank stank with out you and people geting mad but people can call janelle pig face. But whatever jen can’t win a hoh to save that flop band of hers.


Beyonce Fan, judging from the comments you post on here, I can easily understand why you offend people with the things you say. When someone isn’t on your Janelle bandwagon you either A.) get pissed at them or B.) criticize them as if they are not allowed to have an opinion. How would you like it if someone criticized you for being “Team Janelle”? Some of us dislike Janelle this season, but we choose to keep that to ourselves instead of criticizing you for liking her. It’d be greatly appreciated if you showed everyone the same respect and maturity that the rest of us show toward you.


This. I just scroll past her bad grammar and insults because that’s all she knows. There are so many other comments that are worth reading, why waste my time.


I have entitled whatever I want. I have the right to dislike Janelle because she ruthless, coward, and even scare. She has no guts to come back in the game. She is scare PERIOD!


If Frank goes home…..the look on Frank, Jenn, Ian & Boogie’s face will be priceless!


Yeah but wait till the coaches comes in & America’s vote to come back in. Frank will be back.


Nobody is coming back – unless 2 or more coaches turn down the offer to come back which is unlikely to happen. All four will play.


none of the noobs are coming back… coaches are entering the game, by production’s wishes not America’s Vote, America’s Vote(other than choosing food have not get) means SHIT now, seasons 11-13 proves that……


Simon whats going on on the feeds anything cool today?


as cool as it can get right now.. I got a big post brewing..

Janelle's worn out lip

I haven’t been paying attention today…
So who is voting for whom at this point?
Is Frank still going to get the shank?


I’m still a bit confused. Will someone comment on here which way the votes are going to go tomorrow night? I’m not able to watch the feeds often, or BB after dark, I do try and read this as much as possible. Are Shane and Frank still aligned and does Britney really trust Janelle?


@AUmom11, no Shane and Frank aren’t aligned anymore. They feel the coaches are coming back in the game and it would be hard to get rid of Frank and Boogie. They figure it would atleast take 4 weeks so they prefer to give him his eviction papers tomorrow. No Britney doesn’t trust Janelle. Danielle, Dan, Shane and Britney has came to a conclusion that she’s a big liar and her game play is much different than the last 2 season she has played on BB.


This is all true. However, Brit and Janelle are on good terms right now, at least from the eyes of Janelle. And I think Brit is on good terms with Wil right now too, and Wil doesn’t like Janelle. When the coaches come in and if Frank gets evicted, I think Brit and Shane are practically safe from everyone, except Boogie.


Ya they are still pretty much going to evict Frank tomorrow night

Janelle's worn out lip

whose side is Wil on today?


tough for me to call.. Dawg says Wil’s voting out Frank.


I don’t know everybody hates boogie & and his team


Team boogie all the way