Cody “I don’t think she realizes how little influence she has on me.”

In the bedroom – Paul & Dom
Paul asks Dom – who do you think is tight? Brain-wise? Dom – I trust Cody. Although, thinks don’t make sense, I trust him. I’ve seen people like him. I’ve worked with people like him. I trust him. emotionally he is stable. Christmas is smart. Dom – what I do know is that people are starting to crumble. People are wondering what is going on between him and Alex. There is absolutely nothing… I did confirm. Jessica joins them. Jessica – he told me that we all need to stop being pu$$ies. Dom – so basically we go out there and dominate. Jessica – its not that I’m scared of her but if she can beat one of us, then she’s a threat. Paul – if we let one person get in our heads it will ruin all of us. We need to band together and do a backdoor or whatever. Jessica – we gave him that first HOH. For him to say he doesn’t want to pull the trigger on that isn’t exactly fair. Paul – did you have that conversation with him? Jessica – no I just thought of it. Paul – if anyone is to have that conversation with him, its you. Jessica – but here is the problem.. I think he sees me as being caddy but I’m not. I’m just protecting what we have. He is so set in his ways. I didn’t even cheer for him during that competition. Paul – the next HOH … whoever wins needs to drop the key on the table and ask what are WE going to do? Not What am I going to do. We need to band together. In the big brother house the worst thing WILL happen. Dom – you’re right we did give him that HOH. Jessica – HE (Cody) decided we weren’t going to make an official alliance. Why is he making a promise to her (Alex) and not making an alliance with us. Jessica – if it was Megan or Josh he would have fought till the last moment. He would not give up. Paul – Lets not grill him. The first HOH is not an easy thing. Paul leaves. Dom tells Jessica – you need to hold it together. Jessica – I am trying to separate feelings and game. But I am questioning why he is doing stuff. It hurts on a personal level. Dom – girl talk. When you expressed what your type was look-wise… that probably made him feel a certain way. You have to be careful because the walls have ears. He could have been thinking about that and coping with that when he said what he did.

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5:10pm Storage room – Mark and Cody. Mark – when we talked in the storage room after that first HOH, I meant it. Cody – Same. Same! Cody – Dominique too. Mark – and Dom because she’s my blood. And I hear the sh*t. I don’t know what was said up there but.. Cody – Jessica is blobuubu and she is starting to be like the mad girlfriend thing. Obviously its not going to work on.. I don’t think she realizes how little influence she has on me. You guys need to stop flipping out about a chic… like next HOH just… Mark – You’re right. Cody – It’s blowing my mind right now .. and then it gets turned around on me. Matt is freaking out right now. Mark – I don’t know why they are freaking out right now. Jess needs to check herself. Cody – I pretty much told her .. what are you worried about?! I think she is jealous of Alex for one. She thinks me and Alex like something. She was even like I don’t understand whats going on with you and Alex. I was like nothing… I made my intentions so clear. I even said in in the veto .. about how much I respect that chick and how she deserves to be here. She doesn’t realize how much influence she has on me and I would be like (get rid of her). Mark – If Jason doesn’t go up. You have my back till the end. Cody – I am going to make a deal with Jason. Right now the blind trust and faith in me is you and Dominique… Matt has pulled back a little bit. If someone wants to take a shot at me … I got that. I’m all about that. We’re not going to be pu$$ies in this game. Mark – I don’t have anything against Alex. Cody – If I have this much loyalty for someone that is on the outside. All I said to her was that I would try to keep her safe (Alex). So imagine the amount of loyalty I have to you guys. Mark – I understand that and I trust you 2000%! I’ve got your back. Cody heads out of the storage room.

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5:35pm In the bedroom – Raven and Matt.
Raven – I talked to Jessica and she said she is really upset with Cody right now because he still wants Pow Pow on his side. Matt – I love Cody and trust him. But if 8 out of the 9 of us don’t think its a good move… then he shouldn’t do it. He is trying to protect against the unlikely that if she wins HOH he would have some influence over her. Raven – Its not going to work. It would be dumb for us to pull her in. Ramses is not a threat. She is an awesome competitor and she needs to leave. Matt – I don’t think he is going to influence her at all .. I mean he just put her up on the block. Matt – I just need to know that if it comes down to it he is going to be okay with it if we backdoor her (Alex). You can’t say you’re not going to backdoor someone.

5:45pm In the living room. Jessica helps Elena “find Mark’s d***”. Elena – from what I could tell he was getting a little bit h@rd.

6:10pm Elena presses herself up against Mark in the kitchen and he has a “situation” that he needs to go walk off. Mark heads to the bedroom and then comes back wearing jeans. The girls laugh that he needed a wardrobe change.

6:25pm Lounge room. Dom & Kevin
Dom – I don’t know what the plan is. That has been thrown around. Kevin – its hard for me to believe that 4 or 5 people are controlling the game. Dom – that’s how its always been.. every season. Kevin – what do you ladies think about Alex? She’s head hunting. Dom – I think she put herself in a bad position. She said she was coming after me. I don’t know her enough to even have a issue with her. Kevin leaves. Cody joins Dom. Dom – I don’t know if you talked to cowboy but I’m pretty sure he’s started that he’s being considered. Cody – right. Yeah, I’m going to talk to him and Alex right before the nominations. Dom – I think Kevin is good people. I don’t know if he was sent to do that or what but.. Mark joins them. Cody – if I am this loyal to someone outside the group just imagine how loyal I am to people in the group. Dom – people are going to me asking what’s going on. I say Cody doesn’t tell me anything. I just trust him.

6:40pm Lounge room – Ramses & Dom. Ramses – I feel like I’m in the middle and I want to be pulled into one side or another but I don’t know how to do that. I like you though.. Ramses – who do you think will go up from what you see? Dom – I don’t know. Cody will never ever tell you who he is putting up. There is only really one person I would concretely like to go home. Ramses – I think I know who it is. Dom – I don’t like people who lie on me and blemish my reputation when they don’t even know me. Ramses – there are some people that are trying to pull me in but I don’t want to work with them. I want to work with strong minded people.

7pm Kitchen talk – tinder and cougars.

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So who going up….I like mark and Dom I think they could go far

Jeezus & Nem

Happily surprised @ Dom. Definitely not a Jocasta. Don’t let the GOD-Chick fool you… Her conversation is tight. Ole’ Girl got some game.

Captain Crunch

Omg please don’t let this Cody, Jessica, relationship turn into Paulie and Zakiyah 2.0 from last season.


Ugh don’t remind me of that relationship again……


Holy crap bite your tongue!!! There are some thing my eyes can’t un-see but my mind had whipped them clean and now you brought back the traumatic visions back. Oh but wait…….flashes of Paulie dressed in the Molly McBaker outfit crying like a little kid and I can smile again


lmaooooo i literally never realized how alike those showmances are until just now. Yiiiiiikes lmao


Oh God……….. This is gonna be a long weekend


These girls are disgusting…all the talk about penises and stuff. Like in any other situation you would call it sexual harassment, but I think these guys dont know how to deal with it.

Jeezus & Nem

The girls need to be careful. I can see a “Brigade” eventually forming with the guys, because Matt, Cody & Mark are SOLID… Question is/// who will be their Britney?? (Dom, Jess, Alex)? I dunno


No there are already trust issues between Matt and Cody. Those 3 won’t last long. Cody is way over playing right now. He is gonna get in trouble his group can’t get him out of

He thinks he can influence Alex,which is hi!arious


Agree with people here that I am really like!in how Dominique is playing the game. Socially she is excellent, has no enemies. I said before that if she can avoid doing something stupid she should be able to just sit back and watch the 2 sides pick each other off. I can see her,Kevin and Christmas going far simply because no one sees them as threats.


I would like to support your site and buy the CBS package. It won’t allow me to finish my subscription, any suggestions?



I get to the date of cc and my computer freezes up every time. I ran a scan. restarted my computer, and when I got there it froze up.


I got it, hopefully you will receive credit.


Kevin is a bad ass player trust me.

When he faked he didnt know who Nicole was my initial feeling on him grew stronger. Stay tuned this cat ia going to run that house soon.

We need a older player to win this sucker. Go Kev!

Jessica thought hey maybe I can use this fool Cody. Dnt worry she will snap his neck as soon as they can pull a plan to kick that moron out the door.



Kevin sucks….he gotta go.


I do NOT like Jessica at all. No class. I mean really…sticking your finger in someone’s rectum…every other word out of her mouth has some sexual relevance…ugh!

Didn’t take her long to end up in the first male’s HOH bed.


I don’t think Paul’s so called power is going to last once he isn’t HOH anymore. He has really become the king of the house in his own mind while everyone else just rides it out. The next HOH is really crucial, we need a game player in there making some deals and alliances that will last because they are mutual agreements. Paul just decided he was the boss of the pretty people and thinks that will take the game. What a fool.