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Paul Nominated: Josh & Alex

Ramses put himself up on the block (Curse)

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7pm Havenot room – Cody and Jessica.
Cody – f**king cowards! It’s a about a 15% chance I get to play (in the veto). Jess – technically if I play.. Cody – yeah you’re right. That was a bad move on their part. The should have put me and you together and forced my hand that way. Jess – I really thought it was going to happen once Ramses stood up. Jess – Ramses is going to have to throw the veto because if he wins it … then there is no replacement nominee. Cody – then they would send Alex home. They’re going to sh*t if I get picked for that veto. Jess – I’m going to sh*t if you get picked. Cody – I am going to continue to walk around and make them feel as awkward as f**k.

In the kitchen – Jason – Okay so that’s the plan. I couldn’t figure out why one of them (Cody Or Jess) wasn’t on there. Paul tells Josh – you see how pissed he (Cody) was.. because he’s like now I can tie (Josh) you and her (Alex) in. Paul goes to Alex and says no one is going home except for Cody. Paul tells Elena, Mark and Raven – the only thing that you need to do is make sure Ramses throws that veto. Paul tells Ramses – for your cooperation of keeping you safe this week all we ask is that you throw the veto to somebody so they can pull themselves off and I can replace them with Cody. Or you just sit there and you won’t go home. You can tell everyone is on the same page. You just need to trust everybody. You could tell by his expression that he was defeated. The only thing he is going to do is come to you and promise you the world but he has nothing to give you. Everyone is on board. You can ask anyone in this room. You will not go home if Cody is up there. If you pull yourself off that will just piss everyone off. So lets work together this week. Paul fist bumps Ramses. Jason then asks Paul if he can host the veto comp. Paul says yes because you asked first. Paul heads the to bathroom and comments on how everyone can just sit down in the veto comp and let Alex win it. Paul – or I’ll win it and says Alex thank you for your cooperation. And then take her off.

7:10pm In the lounge room – Christmas – watch him be like you didn’t pick me like a man. Paul – he didn’t either. I am just returning the favor. Paul – click, click, click checkmate! May fans are literally going to sh*t their pants. Mark – Backstabbed, to safety, to HOH, to payback.

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Storage room – Jason & Alex.
Jason – what was up with the f**king scoop? Alex – it was literally nothing he just knew the curse was going to hit. Jason – how the f**k does he know? This f**king guy is a genius. Alex – no he’s friends with everyone. That’s why I said don’t say sh*t to anyone. Jason – did Christmas get the temptation. She doesn’t deserve it. Jason – is Paul going to ask us to team up with him? Alex – yes, if you shut your mouth. That’s what he’s told me.

Havenot room – Jessica – it cost us the game. Cody – we’re literally fighting week to week. Jess – keep praying gods not answering. Cody – look at us, we already won.

7:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

8:15pm Cody, Jessica, Jason are in toad costumes. They have to hop when they’re not on a lily pad. They can’t walk. Jason – we have to wear these for a week. we’re V-TOADS! Christmas tells them they’re being good sports about it. Cody does not look impressed. Jason – I won’t be so energetic about this tomorrow.

Jessica – all of my clients are going to have this photo. Our children are going to see this. Cody – oh yeah. They start making out.

8:55pm HOH room – Raven, Dom, Matt, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Jason, Paul, Ramses, Elena and Mark. They head down to the kitchen. Kevin dresses up like Jason.

9am – 9:25pm Havenot room – Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – I was DM’d on Instagram from a t-shirt company that put me in touch with CBS to be on here. Cody – you’re scared I’m going to let you go? Jessica – no, I’m very hopeful with this. Jessica – I thought I had it in me to fake it till I make it. Cody – I thought I could to but I can’t. Cody – I think what I’ll do is avoid personal relationships altogether. Just f**king team up but don’t like anyone. Jess – what should I do if you leave this week. Cody – be comfortable. Figure out a way to keep your sanity. Jess – you’re my sanity. Cody – Fake a relationship because now you have a sweet dagger that you could end up using.

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Well Paul’s plan at least has an option to eliminate Ramses if Cody/Jessica win the veto…

Uncle Teddy

Xmas has the temptation. Cody won’t play the veto no matter what. I suppose Jessica could play the veto if both Cody and he are picked

Not Sure

What if Xmas and Cody are both picked to play? She won’t be able to replace him, so could she even use her temptation? Do they even know what would happen then?

it's ov

Production won’t allow Cody and Jess to compete in the pov thus, sealing my man Cody’s fate. Hope Mark and the others pay attention to what he just said. “Backstabbed, to safety, to hoh, to payback.” It’s never that easy


Raven is beautiful


Yeah she is. Not sure why so many thumbs down? Probably jealous women thumbing down.


Why assume it’s jealous women, women aren’t scared to admit another woman is beautiful.


She is when her mouth is closed.
Same for Elena.
( O )


She weirdly reminds me of Moxi from Borderlands.


Cody and Jessica need to BOTH be picked for the veto if Cody wants any chance of surviving this week. That’s like a 9 in 165 chance or 5.454545%.


Lol! Cody is such a hypocrit calling them
Cowards for not putting them up so they are guaranteed to play in veto! Does he not remember a few days ago when he tried to screw Paul and backdoor him. The guy has issues. I hope Alex keeps pulling away from him because he’s toxic and she’s def a great player


cody didnt know alex was going to win veto when he nominated her. the opportunity to bd paul fell in his lap

Not Jason's First Rodeo

But Cody wanted her to win the veto. He regretted putting her on the block and gave up on the veto when she was winning.


like i already said ,..Cody didnt know alex would win veto “WHEN HE NOMINATED HER”

Not Sure

HE KNEW SHE MIGHT. He tried to backdoor Paul. Now Paul is trying to backdoor him.


Cody is getting “Frankied” lol


No. Cody said from the beginning that he wanted to bd Paul.


he wanted to yes, but he didnt put a bd plan into action. the opportunity fell in his lap


Cody said he threw the comp to Alex. Perhaps he was covering for losing to a girl, but he said he could have tried harder near the end of the POV comp, but le Alex win because he she deserved tobe in the house and he wanted to BD Paul. So, you see he really is a toad!


You feminists and beta males are out of control. Be glad it’s just a game cz you won’t step to us in real life


Anybody who has to tell you they are an Alpha Male, is not because a real one doesn’t have to tell you. Cody is a douche bag having a temper fit. He threw the Comp to Alex, had he won he would have saved Alex and have the same disloyal result… You forget Cody is hot for Alex because while Jessica was straddling him in bed… he called her Alex.


He had been talking about getting rid of Paul all week. It wasn’t a snap decision which is why he threw the veto to Alex which was the first time he betrayed his alliance. He’s got issues.


He threw the comp to her… he toppled all of his star fish and stood there. Alex was on the block therefor he saved her. You forget day 1 of his HoH was nominate Megan and Jillian. Save Jillian and backdoor Paul, that was always said “backdoor Paul” worst case was sen meagan home. Cody is a hypocrite also he extremely disloyal. He could have nominated Jason, in that situation Jillian would have gone home. A bad week made easy. I would cheer for him but he has no personality, no character and is a hypocrite having a temper fit because he did not get his way.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

Cody stated very early on that he did not like Paul. He threw the veto to Alex because he likes her and didn’t really want her to be on the block to begin with. But I think you’re right in that the idea to bd Paul didn’t occur to him until during the veto or later. Now that it’s happening to Cody he sees it as “cowardly” but it’s commonly accepted as good strategy in this game when you really want to get someone out who is a big threat. Paul knows the game better than Cody – if Cody had realized that strategy earlier I think he would have used it on Paul but that wasn’t the case.


Cody only wanted meg out and it’s not his fault she went crazy and left the show. Then he nominated Alex who won the veto.

I know right

Which he helped her win b/c he wanted to work with her and Jason. Paul cheats. He nominates xmas who instead of playing pawn for a week. Turns on him.

Get a clue

Hahaha Cody = a hypocrite… well I guess we will just look over the fact that Big Brothe screwed him over by making him NOMINATE 5 people. I mean there are only so many people in the entire house. I suggest before pointing the Cody you realize how badly the game and these stupid temptations screw him over.

Get a clue

Can you type… or are you 5?


The only reason the temptation screwed him was because America hates the way he’s playing and knew Paul was gonna be in trouble and he was going to turn on him. Had he not turned on his alliance and stuck with the plan and took out someone from the other side then he wouldn’t been screwed at all.

I admit production has a play in some things but they had no idea Megan was going to lose it and he would have to nominate extra people.

I’m sure they didn’t think Cody would be dumb enough to betray his entire alliance week 1. It’s an all time epicly bad mood in big brother.

Cody is making himself look bad. It’s not just editing. It’s the way he treats people on the live feeds 24/7. He’s got issues and should’ve never been able to go on a show like this. That’s where production messed up. He’s too unhinged.


I really hope both Cody and Jessica get picked for the veto so Christmas has to swap with Cody.
I just want this temptation gone!
And then I want Jess to win veto, keep noms the same and ruin Paul’s plan.
I think they would evict josh or Ramses. Because Paul also has respect for alex from the HOH competition, so I think they wouldn’t evict her.
I just really want the Cody vs Paul drama to continue, and I think it sucks that even if Cody gets pulled for veto he won’t have a chance to compete because the temptation. It’s obviously part of the game, but it potentially gives Cody 0% chance of surviving the week.


Don’t get why everyone hates Cody, honestly.. ‘CUZ HES A CREEP!!!!!!” “WELL, HE NOMINATED PAUL WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE LOLOL!” “UGH, HATE HIS ARROGANCE.. :P”

It’s literally like these viewers enjoying a boring, cheap, soap opera-ish house with NO dialogue of pain, change, and rush, so you want the only viable threat to the house gone. Don’t they have other shows like that for you people..? Quit ruining BB with your annoying love for a “calm, peaceful home!”


We love to hate him cuz it makes us happy to see him get evicted. Make sense?


We love to hate him cuz it makes us happy to see him get evicted. Make sense?


Because he is playing a bad game


Cody is my first ever favorite male houseguest….


Cody was thinking logically when he planned to get Paul out…you always want a former player gone, immediately. However,his gf has been in his ear,hating on the other attractive,powerful,competitive girls and Cody put up a total of 4 women last week! Misogynist? He is playing a game that is offensive to women who might be watching. However,Cody and his personality disorder makes for some interesting tv.


WTF.. Misogynist for nominating women, that you just pointed out his own girlfriend was targeting. LOL.. Is Jessica liable for being called a misogynist, as well? Or is that stupid, naive term only reserved for men playing the game..? WTF at that word being thrown around so effortlessly, ESPECIALLY for someone nominating people on a reality show! HAA, WOW!


Cody isn’t a misogynist. If he were, he would never have continued to say that Alex deserves to be in this game. I’m undecided on how I feel about him and his ability to stare and say nothing while someone is attempting to have a conversation with him. I’ll just say, the fact that he was in the military, I’m happy he was on our side.


Cody and Jessica are about as deep as a microscopic tray. They have NOT won anything, nor do I think their relationship will last even to jury. *sigh Naive. I almost feel badly for him, as he is a competitor, he just took his eyes off the prize. He’d have done better befriending Alex. Silly rabbits…


Cody won HOH duhhhhh

swinging a big stick

Jess and Alex are so cute


“Cody – look at us, we already won.”



Thank You for answering my question about the Praxis. I really appreciate it.


A few things I want to point out:

My preseason favorite, Matt, is literally not on anyone’s radar which I find to be remarkable ‘cuz even Raven has been mentioned several times.

Maybe its just my assessment, but does anyone else find it weird that Mark and Elena are both former “larger” individuals, at somewhat early ages, who changed everything about their outwardly appearances but remained stunted in other areas? You’d think they’d find more common ground.


Each year I hope for something different. And left disappointed each time! What amazes me is how many sheep we get each year. Following last years vet because they trust him??? Why? Did they not watch last season? Do they not read the fan comments? Paul is being a cocky puppet master and should not be trusted. Now everyone is hating on Cody on this site, and in the house? As a true fan I liked that Cody took the first shot at Paul. But blown away how the others are so blindly handing Paul the check! All I can hope for is that Ramses wins veto and pulls himself off! He is sitting with the curse because of Paul and Paul is not guaranteeing him three weeks of safety? I would be demanding that at the very least. And finally not about the game- I respect and am thankful for the service that Cody has given our country. Like him or not calling him names that have nothing to do with his game play is bullshit. If he were standing in uniform in front of you you wouldn’t do that.

Jessica's Annihilated G spot

Dude, save the “rah rah” for another day. This is not about who served the country. It is Big Brother, and your boy is a mess. No one has brought his service into question, in fact, Paul gives him props for that on the reg. He did it again, unsolicited, this morning. So get over the hero worship and watch the game for the game that it is. If Cody gave as much attention to the game around him as he gives to the inside of that wretched creature’s mouth he would be in a way better position.


Bullshit. You saw the part when I said not about the game! You are a tool!


It’s only the beginning, Paul wants to get blood on his hands and get Cody out, all the others are just letting it happen so it’s not them! I understand. Paul won’t be running the house all the season. Once (if) Cody leaves there will need to be another big target…give it s chance the season just started. People hate cody because he’s cocky and annoying. At least that is my opinion. He fucked up. Yes he tried to make a good move, and good for him however he went about it SO wrong that early in the game. You can’t keep your newly formed alliance in the dark when you are still trying to build trust and then put two people from your alliance up. He had a good plan but poor execution

Uncle Teddy

Now there’s a smart post


My dad, brother and countless cousins and uncles are/have been service men just like Cody. NONE OF THEM act like a douche bag like Cody. Cody does not present himself as an honest, standup man. Having worn the uniform and served does not excuse his cockiness and douchebaggery-ness.


It is never good to put a target on your back the first couple of weeks. It’s better to let the alpha’s do the work and you just manipulate to your interests. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the competition gets booted. If you have a side alliance and they are safe for awhile, you keep playing. I don’t think they are sheep. I think they are picking their battles and letting Paul and Cody do the work until they need to do something different. Kind of the game Kevin is playing.


So I don’t have the feeds, can someone explain to me why viewers don’t like Ramses?

Brother Utah

Everybody is assuming Cody going bye bye. However Big Brother always have a buy back for the eliminated house guests in week 5 or 6.

Giving that Cody brings great ratings for the fans, I would not be surprise he will come back later. Paul should know this because his buddy Vic was evicted three times last year.

Mel T

The buy back is scheduled for July 21!!!!!


Great ratings for fans???? Have you seen his ratings (from 1-5) from fans n this site? He is like 1.5, while Kevin, Paul, C’mas and Alex are 3.5. Cody has a good story, but he has disgraced himself with his hateful comments toward weaker players. He is not an honorable fellow within and likely outside of this game and that is why he is widely disliked.

Cowboy and kevin

The star system is based on if you like them he’s not likeable but still good for ratings to have someone to cheer against no one wants to watch pauls alliance dominate and no drama.


I noticed when Jillian got evicted she didn’t get to see good bye messages. So I am sure the first 5 will get to fight to come back in the house like usual


I miss queen Ika

Mel T

It seems that many people are rooting for Cody (not all) then why is he so low on the rankings? I know that I give him a five a least five times a day. He needs to be higher because he is not afraid to play and tries to make big moves but he is blocked from doing so by production and these stupid temptations. He was trying to keep his group safe and they turned on him. The stupid idiots!!!!!

Capt Obvious

I wonder if Cody’s ego would go down a tad if he knew Jessica screwed N.E. Patriots WR Julian Edelman?
I think Matt may be aware of this. A couple nights ago he started saying he knew something that would blow Cody & Jessica up, but it wasn’t after a conversation he had with anyone or something he witnessed. It was more of a ‘revelation’-type behavior.
I knew it the first time I saw her on the ‘Meet the Houseguests’ promos. I was like, “That’s the Tinder girl that was mildly famous for taking a picture of Edelman’s Super Bowl ring between her tits.”


What is the temptation that christmas has?

Watch out loser

Question about the frog suits – are Jess and Cody allowed to take them off “under the covers?”

Imagine how much fun Cody is going to have when he gets to meet Julie Chen wearing that costume. To quote Kev – “should be fun, we”ll see.”


How did Cody, Jessica and Jason get picked to wear the frog suits? Was there some kind of competition or did production just picked on them to do it? I don’t get the feeds so I wasn’t sure if I missed something there.

Also, do the have-nots have to sleep on the spiked beds, or can they sleep on the floor instead? Those spikes don’t look very safe or comfortable to sleep on and are a bit on the cruel side IMO.


I believe Christmas picked those three to wear frog suits when she took the temptation. The frog suits are the curse part.


Watching Cody hopping around the house in that suit is funny as hell. That must be killing him as serious as he is. I couldn’t stop laughing. It really looks funny. I cant believe nobody in the house is laughing. By the way, I thought Ramses was also frog cursed along with cody and jess. Was it a mistake or did they choose Jason because Ramses already had a curse?


Ohhhhh. With all the temptation twists I haven’t even thought about buy backs. Can’t remember what week they started sequestering evicted house guests for the buy back last season but seems it was prettty early on. Wonder if they will have the buy back while doing the temptation twist also. Don’t know but that could add some more serious drama. I want to see Cody get knocked down a few pegs for sure. But I’m loving the drama that he vs Paul brings. So not really sure if I want him evicted this week. Can’t stand his arrogance but entertainment value is huge.


What drama? Smack kissing on Jessica? The drama would come if he was out talking to people, trying to connect with them. Do something except whine about how everybody is picking on him and being stupid because he is the bomb!

Cowboy and kevin

Raven has to be the most annoying girl in the house sucks that she’s going to float until at least f6 cus people feel bad she has a disease.


Cannot stand Cody. He embarrassed himself on national TV by unilaterally deciding to nominate one of his own team & he’s having a hard time trying to find an excuse so he can live with it. Dictatorial personality – “just shut up & follow me”. Can’t admit his mistakes. Feels screwed by the temptations twist. Probably never heard “expect the unexpected” before.

Main complaint about him…..he’s a bully. And as a bully, he has overt anger issues. “Crazy Eyes”. Absolutely disgusted with his treatment of Josh. No one deserves that.

Can’t wait for him to go.


Buly??? I’m guessing u r 10 years old..


Watching Bbad! It’s just sad that Paul an his little bitches r up his ass! Talking shit about Cody! All I got to say is every dog has there day! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Hope your plan blows up in all your faces!

Miles Archer

I don’t have a horse in this race, I enjoy the manipulations and scheming, I look forward to the show every year , but I’m done watching.. it’s the blatant set up that they’ve given Paul who is the biggest hypocrite in the house… he was so indignant that Cody “tried ” to nominate him… if you remember last year he led the charge to go after any returning player… three weeks of immunity? Are you kidding me? I’ve lost all interest..


What if Ramses doesn’t actually throw the POV, meaning no replacement nominee. Given what he would have done for them, Cody will be more loyal to him than the Paul’s disciples alliance was ever going to be . can’t stand “Jody” but every season needs a villain, otherwise it’s gonna be a “vote with the house ” snooze fest. A girl can dream


I find it more than a little ironic that Cody, Jessica and Jason are the ones in these frog suits and can only hope most of the time…. Considering that Cody and Jess did not have the decency to come downstairs after Xmas came back from the hospital and that Jason was the one who broke her foot… Now all three of them are kinda on one leg too for the week.. Ha.


Karma will always get ya! The puzzling thing about Jason is his complete lack of care for his part in Christmas breaking her leg…? Seems very callous to be going after a woman he injured.


The smartest move was to get Paul out, he already knows the game and he is a snake. Cody made a smart move putting Paul up, how was he supposed to know Paul was safe. I do hope Cody stays and Paul leaves, then the sheep will have to use their own brains!


Cody made smart decision putting Paul up, how was he supposed to know he was safe.Paul has unfair advantage and BB wants to keep him for ratings. Can’t stand watching all the sheep. Get rid of Paul so they can use their own brains.


Well if Cody ever watched bb he would’ve known production favors the vets for a lil while. I agree Paul should’ve been put up but I expected him to get a lil protection. Cody also screwed his alliance, which was even worse, so they rightfully turned on him.


Jason broke Christmas’s foot making it unfair that she can’t play well in physical comps. Jason should get a penalty no for being a clown.?


Paul is a snake and Christmas is annoying AF. Praying Cody stays in the house. Hoping somehow he will make it through this week.