Elissa says I would tell my husband in the Diary Room. “I am going to self-evict – I’m pregnant!”

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POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

(FYI – the live feed time stamp is wrong. It is 2 hours 13 minutes behind.)

8:30am – 8:55am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. In the bathroom – Jessie asks can you be so stressed out that you skip your period? Elissa says yes. Elissa explains that all of their periods will line up together. Isn’t that so weird?! Candice says for her it would immaculate conception. Elissa says for her too, I haven’t seen my husband in 30 days. Elissa says wouldn’t that be so exciting – then I could tell my husband in the diary room. Like “I am going to self evict because I’m pregnant!” Helen joins them and complains about how bad her punishment was. You can’t watch anything or hear anything. Howard joins Candice in the bedroom. Candice starts in on him again about telling her to go inside when he was talking to Kaitlin. Howard says okay I won’t do it again. Candice says it hurt my feelings but today is a new day. I don’t understand it but.. it’s over. Howard gets up and leaves and says okay. Howard heads out to run with Helen. Helen asks Spencer if he is okay. Spencer says yeah he is just a little nervous about the nominations. Helen says no matter who it is nominated we just need to stick to the plan and not vote them out. Big Brother announces that the veto ceremony will be in 1 hour.
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9:20am Jessie talks to Candice on the lounge chair about how she is sick of Amanda. She says that Amanda thinks she is hot sh*t when she’s not. She talks sh*t all the time and doesn’t clean up after herself. She needs to go. Candice says that she will have to be back doored. Jessie says she was dancing around in her thong. Candice says eww.. that’s gross. Candice says that she’s said in the diary room that she is fu*king tired of her nipples and her underwear. She is on a mission for Howie and I am tired of it. Jessie says now it is the Amanda and McCrae show and I am sick of it. Candice says that McCrae would be such a strong player but he is so in love with her. He has never had a big t*ttie bi*tch! Candice says we just have to be smarter and win HOH and back door her. Jessie agrees. Jessie and Candice talk about pranking Andy. Candice yells to Andy that she is going to get him. Andy fingers her and yells “I’ve been CRAB SHACKED!” Andy joins them and they talk about how they would decide havenot teams. Howard, Andy, Jessie and Candice discuss the MVP nomination.


9:45am – 9:50pm Candice and Jessie head inside to change. Andy naps on the backyard lounger and Howard continues to work out. In the bathroom – Kaitlin is doing her makeup. Judd joins them. Judd says your gonna learn today! Judd says that he is going to say that to Aaryn on a live show. Aaryn says fu*k you. Just like your speech you did, that was so mean. Judd says that was supposed to be a joke but you took it wrong. Ginamarie thought it was funny.

9:50am – 10:10am In the bedroom – Judd is talking to Elissa. Judd asks Elissa if she is going to be sassy in her speech. Elissa asks how did you know? Elissa says her speech would be whoever put me up you should be scared because I’m the best player in Big Brother history. Judd tells her not to say that. Elissa says I am just a sassy person. Elissa says that she is going to nominate him. He tells her not to call people out too hard either. Judd comments that McCrae slept with Godzilla last night. Judd heads into the other bedroom to talk to Gina. Judd talks to her about how he doesn’t think Elissa is the MVP unless she is still messing with me. Gina wonders if an evicted HG is the MVP. She starts to wonder who Nick would put up. Judd leaves the room. Judd joins Elissa in the other bedroom again. Big Brother gets called to the diary room. Elissa says really, Howard? She says they’re calling you out! Judd comments that Elissa is pretty. Andy jokingly says Meh. Judd talks about how he doesn’t want people to think he is stupid. Andy says I don’t think anyone thinks your stupid. Judd says I am from a small town and I just don’t want it to reflect on my people. Andy and Elissa joke about how it wasn’t fair that McCrae got Godzilla for his birthday.


10:15am – 10:30am In the back bedroom – Aaryn, Jessie, Gina, Andy and Judd wonder about who the MVP is. Gina says that Nick told her telepathically who he is nominating. Judd gets up and leaves the room again. Andy says if I get nominated I am going to go on a war path and flip mattresses, rip up the hammock.. Jessie says I hope it is you, that would be entertaining.



10:30am Out in the backyard – Helen and Andy talk about how Kaitlin and Howard need to go before Aaryn does. Jessie joins them. Helen says that Howard is using Candice. Jessie says he is. Helen says that Howard has Spencer and Candice and he is trying to get her to get Kaitlin to work with them. Andy says this is the red flag for me Kaitlin used to come to me and talk to me about everything and she hasn’t come to me in two days. Helen says she hasn’t come to me in a week. Kaitlin joins them. They talk about whether or not America was MVP. Kaitlin doesn’t think so because they wouldn’t have put up Elissa. Helen thinks it could be, because they could be sick of her getting a free pass. Kaitlin, Andy and Helen head inside. Aaryn tells Jessie that she is nervous. Jessie says don’t tell anyone but things are changing and I think you are safe. Aaryn says she hopes so. Big Brother tells the house guests they are on an out door lock down.
10:35am The live feeds switch to the we’ll be right back screen.

10:40am The feeds switch to TRIVIA for the VETO Ceremony..

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I would love to hear her final speech before she goes. That way, the majority will vote her out.


I cannot wait to see who gets nominated by America MVP!!! IT should be coming up soon!


the anticipation is killing me

please be amanda as replacement nom

she is the player i dislike most in any countries bb ive seen


Time to put Amanda on the block!!! MC and Howard have really shown their smarts this week. Amanda is clever too, but she has been doing too much – it wasn’t needed, and hopefully will bite her in the a$$ this week.
Andy and Judd are super floaters (in a good way; no one talks of putting them on the block), but Judd could really make a big move this week, that will help him move higher up the totem pole. Should be an interesting 3 days!

Big Jim

God I can’t wait for the results of the Veto Ceremony please America put Amanda up so she can get out of the house


What if Aaryn will get evicted? We have to split up the mean girls.


I hate Amanda but part of me wants her to stay because then next week she’s going to e xplode on whoever she thinks put her up and whoever votes for her


Why you want Amanda to be evicted? The whole house are majority to evict Aaryn. That why Aaryn has to go. If it GinaMarie or even Howard.


boot amanda


What if GinaMarie or Howard?


i’ll pick GM that kaitlin. she’s crazy funny.

7 Seven 7

Amanda time in big brother is running out, If she or Mccrae do not win HoH next week she might go up.

7 Seven 7

I think Gina Marie will be Elissa replacement but I would rather it be Amanda


I’ve been thinking about the new nom like everyone here. Using Elissa as the example and thinking back to the earlier favs poll here and some making voting errors Helen and Howard are possible renoms IMHO. Helen has still gotten a good edit relative to her actual HOH performance but she could have gotten a lot of MVP votes mistakenly when it’s MVP/Nom voting. Howard the exact same scenario. His popularity was just under 10% I think. And Some really dislike him. He is very galvanizing in my opinion. Though I want Amanda up for all the juicy events for the next 3 plus days betting on Howard instead. Candace will go ballistic. Helen and the house might get into insanity mode with accusations everywhere.

Hurry up with the results Dawg and Simon…. 😛


The thing I love most about Big Brother is alliances change so quickly, you never know who’s going to be evicted!


I want Amanda on the block, but I don’t want her to go home, just to feel the heat so the tides of the house can turn. I believe Aaryn is still going.


I an so tired of Candice!


Watch their be no MVP vote this week. You must vote for Kaitlyn or Aaryn. They need to just get rid of Aaryn anyway!


dont know y amanda wants howard out like an obsession. i like watching her so I hope she doesnnt get put up by america. i hate andy.

Janelle pov queen

I want Amanda gone this week then McCray win HOH put Howard and spencer on the block


I can’t wait for the veto ceremony. How long do the feeds usually get shut off for the meetings?


Howard must have the patience of a saint. Candice has been riding his behind for days now. Just henpecking into him beyond recognition.


Candice is getting really fucking annoying. Howie this, Howie that. Demanding people do not kick him out. Like, shut up. And then when she bugs her eyes out… ugh. Or her stupid baby voice. I don’t like her anymore.


Dawg, you and Simon should be writing headlines for the NY Post and/or NY Daily News….


As somebody who roots more for entertainment and clever gameplay, rather than actual HG’s, I’m hoping for Amanda or Helen to go up in the 3rd seat…but I want Aaryn to go home. Aaryn is already DOA as a player and would only be kept around by those who would control and manage her and her best hope for continued survival would be as a wallpaper floater. She’s past her expiration date.

However, Amanda or Helen feeling the heat, scrambling around to secure safety, making promises, new alliances, and secret deals this week…and then next week another scramble occurs based on the new HOH and continued speculation on if, how, and what shape, form, and person the MVP will be is just solid entertainment and should give opportunity for the most clever players to thrive…whomever those players show themselves to be.


^ditto^ on your comment & did you know Nick is an actor, not well known of course but still an actor. someone on here saw him on a show & I went to it & sure enough, there was Nick!


I did see that. When everybody was speculating on his identity I did a quick search and saw some of his videos on his Youtube channel. I have to say he will go down as one of my all-time underachievers. He understood the game so well…but didn’t put in the social work that conceivably could have saved him. He was far too aloof and intentional or not, gave off an air of superiority. Maybe it was an over-sized ego…or maybe he just struggled to find any common ground with all his castmates.

I’m a big fight fan and there have been boxing and MMA reality shows focused on taking guys who underachieved and gave them a second chance. I’ve long thought that if BB needs gimmicks for ratings, it would be interesting to take HG’s who for all appearances looked like players, but got evicted early. Maybe go half-and-half with new players and underachievers, players we would sort of remember, but who got tabbed for eviction before we could ever really see their full game.

amanda will go crazy if nominated

Jessie talks to Candice on the lounge chair about how she is sick of Amanda. She says that Amanda thinks she is hot sh*t when she’s not. She talks sh*t all the time and doesn’t clean up after herself. She needs to go. Candice says that she will have to be back doored. Jessie says she was dancing around in her thong. Candice says eww.. that’s gross. Candice says that she’s said in the diary room that she is fu*king tired of her nipples and her underwear. She is on a mission for Howie and I am tired of it. Jessie says now it is the Amanda and McCrae show and I am sick of it. Candice says that McCrae would be such a strong player but he is so in love with her. He has never had a big t*ttie bi*tch! Candice says we just have to be smarter and win HOH and back door her. Jessie agrees.

the truth…brought to you by Jess and Candace

looks like Candace is on board so if Amanda is nominated they have the 5 votes they need to boot her out…

Spencer, Howard, Gina, Candace and Jess


Man I just wanna know who the replacement nominee is……ahhhhh this is killing me……should be lots of drama after this announcement if it is someone like Howrd or Amanda lololol


The thing is if MVP is used to put someone else up, it’s not Americas first choice.
We all know Aaryn won that vote by a landslide but because she’s on the block already she can’t be the third nominee. That’s why I think it’s only fair to America(since we voted for it) that they don’t have a third nominee and the houseguests send Aaryn home.


they can’t not have a 3rd nomination because then they’d have to tell the house it was America and i believe they want the house guests to freak out and wonder who is actually MVP it makes it more interesting that’s why i hope if they ever use this twist again they make it mandatory to keep it a secret or you’ll lose the power or become the third nominee if you tell anyone.


I used to like Amanda. Clearly, she doesn’t know the meaning of subtle. Big tittied girls do not need to flash their sh&t because if it’s one thing guys have eyes for, its T&A. They don’t need to be flashed every day. Jessie may be the smartest player after all. Aaryn goes, then Amanda. Kaitlin only survives because she the least mean of the mean girls…though I still think she thinks her sh$t don’t stink. Aaryn and Gina just make her look like a saint.

bb sucks

This season is terrible. The worst since season 9 and I have seen every one, except for the first. I legitimately dislike almost every person. Bunch of idiots

The Black Fish

The cast is full of terrible people, yeah, but this is probably the most interesting season since S10 in my opinion. I find it surprising this is only week 4 with all of the game play that is going on. I think because everyone is actually playing the game (except maybe Jessie and Candice (girl’s smart but haven’t really seen her making a move).


It’s sort of sad that Amanda has become a big joke in the house. I guess all is fair. Gina is a big joke too. I really hope McCrae gets some big gig out of this, makes a million dollars a year, and marries some supermodel. That would be just the greatest.


there should be some sort of unwritten rule in this game that you don’t ever use the words “_________ needs to go soon”…. especially when ________ isn’t even on the block. However, that seems to be the motto of the cast this season.


and….throwing someone under the bus!


And I’m thinking Amanda’s boyfriend is probably more embarrassed by Amanda than Nick is by Gina. I would be, if I were a guy.


Nick doesn’t give a damn about Gina. But it will be pretty awkward for him letting her down after she gets booted and they meet somewhere. I kinda feel bad for him, actually. lol


Jessie, Helen…the only two people I really like out of this whole bunch. Howard’s kind of wearing off on me a bit. I like that he’s their for Candace as a buffer against the mean girls, but there is nothing there. Nothing there.


From the Helen/Andy/Jessie conversation, it looks like Kaitlin will be leaving. They fear Howard and Spencer are building a large coalition, and so they need to get Kaitlin out or maybe even Howard if they can get him up (though probably Kaitlin for now since they don’t want to freak out Candice yet).


if amanda is nominated today, she could well be gone


Not enough votes for that. Looks like Helen, Andy, Jessie, Judd, McCrae will be voting as a group, leaving Elissa, Candice, Gina, Spencer, and Howard as question marks and I would imagine Elissa will go with Helen’s vote as well. Who knows about Gina. Either way, Judd would break a tie.


candace, howard, gina, spencer, jess would vote her out

it would be bye bye amanda at least 5-4 and possibly more if they work on helen and elissa who both have talked recently how who like her out soon


not according to the update above. jessie will vote out amanda, which is vote #5. i’m hoping all the behind the back talk amanda did of helen and elissa (her especially) will get them to turn on amanda too. she’s as bad as GM and aaryn when it comes to bad mouthing people behind their back.


No. Jessie would have voted with Judd and Helen. That means she would have to vote for Kaitlin along with that group.


if amanda had been nominated they had the votes to boot her – including the vote of jess


aarrgh, amanda is not nominated 🙁 oh well, brightside is that the media backlash on aaryn will hopefully be coming soon 🙂

Wpg Fan

I’m all in for sending Kaitlin packing, Go Jessie 😛


now that gina is up i agree

im going for jess, and she wants kaitlyn gone


I got my money on GM being the nomination. Do I think she got the 3rd most votes? No, I think Amanda probably was voted at 3, but I think it will be productions way of making sure this is Aaryn’s last week.


Judd comments that Elissa is pretty. Andy jokingly says Meh

Andy says if I get nominated I am going to go on a war path and flip mattresses, rip up the hammock.. Jessie says I hope it is you, that would be entertaining.

andy is pretty funny sometimes i have to say


People, why you want Amanda to be evicted? Come on, we will evict her next week or week after. If we evict her now, McCrae will come after them. That why we need to evict Aaryn Now!


mccrae is a wimp dude


How he is a wimp? The whole house are voting for Aaryn!!!!!!


mccrae being a wimp has nothing to do with votes, and no the whole house is not voting out aaryn

Chicks..can't live with them, pass the beer nuts

It’s amazes me that women are so petty, vindictive, jealous and shallow that even for MONEY, they can’t put their differences aside and work together.
It has been proven during this show many times that ever though a female apologizes, they never really forgot and hold it over your hear forever.
Watching these crazy f’en women make my fall in a deeper love with my wife of 24 years who is so cool and has the brain of a male wrapped in a hot package.

The guys are less emotional and play a smarter game EVER YEAR. I must say Spencer saying he wants to make his mom proud and then spews the vulgar comments about women makes me laugh.


Agreed. It takes a exceptionally rare woman to overcome her insecurities on one of these shows.

Even Candice, who had shown herself to be an obviously intelligent and reasonably well-adjusted young woman, has been completely overcome by insecurity over the last few days and has pretty much given up playing the game in favor of clinging as closely to Howard as humanly possible.

Someone like Parvati or Kim on Survivor can dominate a game simply by conquering that self-doubt.


it seems as if Judd is getting tired of gm talking about nick all the time. oh and elissa’s going off the deep end.


I’ve been trying to figure out who is the worst player?
At least it’s an even race.

Cheers! Simon and Dawg
Great job on the site.


Thanks Watcher!

Amanda's Luggage

Even this board is bipolar. Now everyone on BB is talking about getting rid of Amanda, this forum is already on getting rid of Candice. I tell you, the only people I think that would deserve to win is Helen, Andy, or Jessie. McCrae, too. Howard is sort of wearing on me now.

Amanda's Luggage

Do you think McCrae would be smart enough to dump Amanda? I’ll have more respect for him if he did. I’m sure the guys would respect him more. Hell, everybody. Everybody would.


he doesnt have balls so wouldnt be possible


Gina thinks Nick might be choosing MPV. lol …….So if she goes up it must be because Nick can’t wait to be with her.


And if he doesn’t, it’s because he wants her to win the $500,000 so they can get married. Nick wants Howard to win. I think Nick would put up Amanda for sure. Jeremy would put up Elissa if she doesn’t self evict. David — I dunno, I think he would put up Candice. Then Aaryn would for sure be sent home, and David would get his girl. He’s smarter than he looks, yeah.


I have an awful feeling that BB will play out like Heathers. Once Aaryn is gone, Amanda will become a mean girl. Once she’s gone, I see Jessie becoming a mean girl. I just get the feeling that Jessie is still disappointed she was never part of the clique and will become one.


no jess actually is a nice person, and made the right decision leaving that group on the night of nicks eviction, as they never respected her or treated her well


amanda has been a mean girl the entire season


I wonder which side Judd is loyal to? Why I’s he pushing for kaitlin to go if he’s in another alliance with her? Even if Judd is playing both sides if he was smart he would get rid of aaryn and keep Kaitlin since she has a good chance of winning hoh and won’t put him up. I guess well know Judd’s true alliance when he decides whether he wants Kaitlin or aaryn to go this week. I’m hoping that Amanda will tell gm about her plan to keep aaryn since they think she’s loyal to em and that will alert Howard and em to know that Amanda is onto them. I really want to see aaryn go home even before Amanda who I hate. Aaryn doesn’t deserve to be in the house. She’s a liar..I’ve been watching live feeds and I don’t remember Candice asking aaryn to work together. I also think Judd is luring about Kaitlin saying we need to get Helen out next because he later told spencer the same story but said it was Candace who said it which is a lie

The Black Fish

Judd likely doesn’t care who goes home, his hands will be clean of it, and he’ll be able to go over to whatever side wins the HOH next week whether it’s the Superfriends, Howard’s group, or even an angry McCrae. I do think though that if Amanda went up, Judd (like most of the house) would try to seize the opportunity to get rid of her.


I agree, JUDD is in a fantastic spot.

If Amanda goes up we are in for a couple very exciting days. There is a very good chance Amanda will go home she overplayed the last 2 weeks especially this recent HOH.


i agree he is playing a good game and judd has been highly underestimated



cbs take the lame safe option to get aaryn out

i hope they boot kaitlyn just to annoy cbs

i wanted to see fireworks this week, but looks like we will have to wait one more week for amanda on the block

yet again favourable cbs treatment for amanda after all her golden edits


Why does everyone think America will vote for Amanda? The obvious next choice is Gina Marie, it was almost like a foreshadow when Aaryn said: “we’re all going on the block,” and Gina Marie and Kaitlin laughed. Aww, the irony!


for me the most interesting scenario would be amanda on the block

she will go on a witch hunt

amanda: who is mvp? i demand to know who did this to me, who nominated me? etc

cat fight city bewteen the 3 meanest of the 4 mean girls in the house – amanda versus aaryn versus kaitlyn for the rest of the week

cbs cares

anchovy yoghurt

information is power. andy is the only real player.


little richie the rat cunningham is playing a decent game

a quality conversation crasher and info gatherer


gina marie is up! the girls still think elissa is mvp!


Yes! Gi.amarie is nominated!


It’s Gina Marie


Great news!!!!! GinaMarie is a replacement nominee!!!!!!!!


looks like production took the easy way out to get Aaryn evicted, GM was the renom. predictable


Gina is the replacement nom Looks like it will be a pretty standard week.


I have a feeling Amanda was the real renom, but production wanted us to see the mock wedding for CBS edited semi-good tv..

There’s always next week

Wpg Fan

I’m thinking Kaitlin goes home this week


You know the make believe slogan “Expect The Unexpected”…. Surprise Triple Eviction Thursday?


GM Nominated What a shock? NOT!!! lol PRODUCTION can’t let Amanda go they have a storyline to work. Howard has a new showmance they want him to stay to add DRAMA! and if Aaryn leaves then the MEDIA will eat it up and CBS will get the publicity that they want for the RATINGS of the show!. If Kailin leaves which MANY think may happen because she is tough and her storyline is over with Jeremy gone and this is a TV SHOW! Ellisa will ONLY leave when SHE wants to leave and that won’t happen to just before jury. SHE already said that SHE will not be in JURY!! This season is so predictable the only difference is PRODUCTION wasn’t expecting the houseguests to CALL OUT PRODUCTION on their manipulating the game and favoring Ellisa!


I would like to see GM or Aayrn go this week. I don’t like either of them. Amanda is not bothering me all that much although I do think she was being a bully last week towards Kaitlyn and Elissa so if she is the replacement nom then I am alright with that. :