Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – America’s REPLACEMENT NOMINEE & Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

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(FYI – the live feed time stamp is wrong. It is 2 hours 13 minutes behind.)

10:35am – 11:20am The Big Brother live feeds switch to the we’ll be right back screen and then to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony. When the feeds return, we learn that Elissa used the VETO on herself. AS MVP America voted GINAMARIE as the REPLACEMENT NOMINEE.
(The replacement was chosen from the next eligible house guest that received the most votes after Elissa in the “Who should America nominate as the 3rd nominee” poll.)

It’s going to be a CRAZY WEEK! Watch it all on the Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS:

11:25pm – 11:40am Kaitlin says that was the last thing I was expecting! Aaryn says at least we all know it’s not us as the MVP! Ginamarie says well they did put the 3 prettiest girls up on the block! Aaryn says well I don’t think I am one of the prettiest but thank you. My picture looked good up on the screen though! Aaryn comments that it’s illegal what CBS did. Kaitlin says what’s illegal they can do what ever they want it’s their show. Gina says “People shook, people scared, people think I am a competitor, I like it! Kaitlin says that Gina is being spunky. Gina says I just wish Judd had put me up so I would have had a chance to play in the VETO. I wish I could have won the $5000. Gina says I came to play, I take it as a compliment, SEND ME HOME, Let’s go, bring it! Send me home, I don’t care – I will get to see my family, I will get to see NICK! It’s all good! Gina says people have their own minds, they obviously don’t have their own balls. Gina says I’ve got pink sneakers, who’s cooler than me? Nobody!!! Aaryn says that she doesn’t know what to say. Gina says don’t say nothing, I’m cool! I am a competitor just like Jeremy! Aaryn says it’s the first week that a girl is going home. Gina says yup!


11:40am – 11:45am Judd is talking to Gina and tells her she is fine, there are bigger people to fry. You’re going to be the zero vote. Gina says if Elissa put me up then she wants me out. Judd says people like you though. Gina says I am just going to lay here, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I am going to just go to bed early. I am going to think about my family and NICK. Judd tells her that he wants Aaryn gone. It would be a waste of my HOH if she doesn’t go home! You’re fine, you’re not going anywhere! Kaitlin joins them and tells them that Elissa was listening to their conversation earlier. Kaitlin tells Gina that you going up seals Aaryn’s fate!



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Amanda, McCrae and Andy are out in the backyard talking. They are trying to decide how to get Elissa to vote out Kaitlin. They think Candice will go bat sh*t crazy. Amanda says I was so nervous! The cameras switch the bedroom.
11:50am – 11:55am In the bedroom Helen and Judd are talking. Helen says that in the next POV Elissa can’t play. Helen is trying to convince Judd that Kaitlin staying she is more likely to win HOH. Judd says and Aaryn will have a bigger target on her staying. Helen says that McCrae and Andy both want Kaitlin out. Kaitlin joins them. Helen says I really thought I was going up. If anyone really thought Aaryn was MVP, she definitely isn’t. Kaitlin says it doesn’t make sense, if you were up Aaryn would still be going home, same with Gina. Helen says that she doesn’t think its America as MVP now because they would love Gina. Helen says that she thinks it’s someone playing both side. Kaitlin asks Howard? Helen says yeah. Kaitlin says Howard is going to keep playing both sides until he goes home. He recently told me that he was throwing competitions when Jeremy was here. Helen says we have to win HOH and back door him. Kaitlin says the night Jeremy got evicted, Howard got called to the diary room twice before me and it was supposed to be a big night for me. Kaitlin asks Helen do you think that Aaryn is still going? Helen says yes!
In the bathroom – Aaryn comments to Elissa that it must be nice to be off the block. Elissa doesn’t say anything and leaves the room. Aaryn comments to Helen that Elissa didn’t say anything to me. Helen tells her I know, just be nice.

12pm Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin is talking to Judd about how Helen thinks its Howard. She says that Helen said if I win HOH I have to do what the house wants and back door him. Meanwhile we are making a deal with him. Judd says you don’t have to do it. She (Helen) thinks she is the house and she isn’t. Judd says that he was shocked to see Ginamarie’s face on the screen. Kaitlin says she wanted it to be Amanda so BAD! Kaitlin says if Aaryn goes home this week. Then they will back door me next week and not let me play for the veto. Judd says he thinks someone else will be the target. Judd says if they put up Howard, they would probably put up Candice and Spencer for veto reasons. Kaitlin thinks if Candice goes up she will go crazy!


12:10pm Spencer and Howard are in the havenot room. Howard says whatever it don’t matter at least we aren’t on the block. We just need to focus on the HOH. Spencer says we are in pretty good shape with everyone. Howard says I think people think we are together but that’s fine. Spencer says I actually think they think you are closer to Candice. Spencer says he is going to have at least one good talk with Elissa tonight. Spencer says I think we need to name the alliance. If we do that I think Andy will be down instead of thinking we are just talking. Spencer says that Andy is down with us and Judd. Howard says that Andy is smart, he is safe pretty much every week with whoever is HOH. Spencer says that people listen to him too, whoever is in HOH. So that will be good for us – he can keep our names out of people’s mouths. Spencer says I talked to Jessie yesterday and she wants Amanda out, which is right on par with what we want. Howard says I like it, we are sitting good! Spencer says we have to be real careful we can’t start the war too soon. The best case scenario would be for Kaitlin to get HOH because she would put up Amanda and McCrae. And if Elissa has a power to swap the nominees she would probably put up me and Candice. It’s just things to think about. We can’t play being scared about a power that might not exist though. Howard and Spencer talk about strengthening the bond with Candice. Spencer says if we fire the shot too soon it could bounce back on us. Howard says either way what’s gonna happen, gonna happen.

12:30pm In the back bedroom – McCrae tells Gina that she is safe, no matter what she is not going home. McCrae says that she has his and Amanda’s vote. McCrae says she is cool with them. He says no one can say anything bad about you. McCrae tells her that he will give her his $5000 if she goes home. That’s how confident I feel about you staying. He says that Kaitlin and Aaryn run their mouths all day long and make themselves look bad. McCrae leaves. Gina heads up to take a nap in the HOH room because she is pissed that everyone keeps coming in to the bedroom and slamming drawers and doors even though they see her sleeping there. Judd tells her it’s cool, I am just going to listen to music here.

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I was hoping for something more exciting than GM


Lol, the three mean girls on the block. I was hoping for Amanda to be nominated to be honest, but at least we’ll be hearing less racially offending slurs from this group of ignorant women.


KAITLINS not a racist GM and Aaryn are just today GM made another comment so if anyone should leave it should be Aaryn or GM…not Kaitlin.


I don’t think Kaitlin is a racist, she didn’t necessarily say racists remarks but she sat there and laughed at comments Aaryn and GM made. She was def a mean girl while they were in power and then had her tail between her legs when they lost power. I don’t feel she was as bad as the other two, but she was right there with them.


excuse me? I have been watching the feeds from the beginning, she has made plenty of ignorant, racist comments- in fact she was the one who said something about Candace’s “black side” coming out…..just because she hasn’t made as many as aaryn or GM, doesn’t mean hers aren’t impactful, please even one is more than enough.


Thanks, you’re excused. I am not defending her one bit, just saying she didnt say as much, but still bad.


“I am not defending her one bit”, (I don’t think katlin is a racist), Yeah I think you are. Your excused and brain dead. I’m sure if the roles were reversed and Candice or Howard made remarks like that you would sing a different tune. Frakin hypocrit.

Jeremy is a douche rocket

I agree I really wanted Amanda up on the block I’m sick of her I think the whole foursome(GM, Aaryn, Kaitlin & Amanda) should be banished to the BB dungeon never to be heard from again


Me Too Simon. I was hoping for Amanda to see the shake-up it would cause in the house. Now it’s just boring waiting to see who will go home.


hoped it was Howard

Mandingo's Love Child A.K.A. Howard

Burns, doesn’t it? Keep wishing….


ha ha

im glad howard is safe

i wonder when amanda will go on her next rant about why wasnt howard back doored etc

next weeks hoh tiebreaker question: how many times has amanda said howard needs to go

650? 1000?


I think less times than Elissa has said, “Hmm, uh, like, I think Aaryn, should, like, hmmmmm, go to uhhh like her home.”


That dude needs to go. He’s a liar. He swore on the bible and he lied. What a joke.
At least Amanda is funny. She might be a schemer, but so is Howard.


and the others swear by saying “i swear to God”, so what is the difference? Why is he bad for playing the game and others are not?


I would say the difference is not all of them run around the house and read the Bible every chance they get. Also, saying I swear to God doesn’t necessarily mean that you are Christian. It’s also kind of a figure of speech that almost everyone (even non-believers) use from time to time. :::cue NBC “The More You Know theme:::


Because he claims to be a man of God and therefore is a hypocrite. The others do not claim to be religious people so swearing to “God” is like swearing to Joe or Bill or Bob.


i dont find amanda funny at all

i find her to be a very cold and mean person, with no warmth, and her humour is so forced and fake, cringeworthy

Jean A.D.

i think poor Aaryn’s odds are 50/50 that she will be doing the live interview with Julie C this thursday nite!!!!!
even with all the catfights that are going to be feline and very female, that may result in premature baldness
as hair flies in painful clumps, the lingering aura of sheer audacity has me thinking Spencer and/or Howard are
to be MC next be4 one of the DIVAS takes the long walk out the door! the infighting has us all forgetting that
Nick’s plan is something wily Dan G would have toyed with & tweaked brilliantly to be only slightly quieter and
a tad better! GinaMarie has high odds of being a vote~getter! Can a precise 3 way split be CBS choreographed?
if JUDD is not to be HoH or handed a PoV,,, can he truly spare Spencer? Will Amanda pause be4 evicting Howard?

The Veto

Me too, but now I want him to build his little alliance so it can all fall apart, just like the Super Friends alliance (is that the official name or is that an OBB thing?) is falling apart.

All the so-called bad/evil/mean people re being evicted now. But soon after they’re, you’ll see that the super friends, the good guys, or the righteous folk will start to reveal themselves for the hypocrites they really are. Nobody’s perfect Not a single one of these house guests are innocent. Everybody has a dark side. And I’m starting to think that’s the point of this season.


So was I. Very disappointed


, I understand your disappointment. The mere idea that she may be leaving sooner than expected must shake you to your core !! LOL, I would recommend moving to Idaho & dropping off the grid for a couple of years until she finds someone else to stalk….Best of luck..


Me too, Simon! I think it will more than likely be Aaryn going home. But Katalin could be a potential target too!

anchovy yoghurt

is there a way to put America up for eviction?


Look around, America is slowly being evicted of our rights.


Me too. What a dud. Now we will have to spend the rest of the week watching the houseguests decide whether Kaitlin or Aaryn will go home? BORING!!!


Agree with you Simon. I think CBS has decided they don’t want to risk losing a bigger player like Amanda, Howard, or even Helen this early.

Let the girls get ugly campaigning against each other. The superfriends will choose between Aaryn and Kaitlin now. Gina isn’t going anywhere.

Who do you think will actually go? The house consensus seems to lean towards voting out Aaryn, but I think they’re a little more worried about Kaitlin being a competition threat.


Same. Was hoping for someone like Howard, Helen, even Amanda to spice things up.

Instead, we have 2 people, Elissa and GM, that have stated that they WANT to go home. LAME. Send them home then and let’s get on with the game!



cbs take the lame safe option to get aaryn out

i hope they boot kaitlyn just to annoy cbs

i wanted to see fireworks this week, but looks like we will have to wait one more week for amanda on the block

yet again favourable cbs treatment for amanda after all her golden edits


I’d love to give Amanda a golden edit, if you know what I mean!

But seriously….

I think votes against Kaitlin: Helen, Elissa, Andy

votes against Aaryn: Candice, Spencer, Jessie

the other 3 are wild cards due to affiliations…

Amanda has issues with all 3, but maybe more with Aaryn than any….

McCrae seems to realize Kaitlin is the best choice far as game….but may side with AmanDDa

Howard is the toughest…. He has connections with both Aaryn and Kaitlin via chats, alliances and even work out sessions. It woul dbe funny is he votes against GM just to make things freak out a little.

If players are smart….Kaitlin goes home of these choices….if they are looking at history or being led by the DR….it will be Aaryn


jess told judd and aaryn she would vote out kaitlyn a few days ago

it may depend on if howard/spencer/judd/jess/candace/gina group want aaryn or kaitlyn in the battle with the rest of the house…if they keep aaryn she could well win the hoh endurance iceberg alley style comp as she is so small, that could be important

but i would enjoy seeing cbs frustrated at not seeing aaryn evicted


Promises don’t amount to much in BB. But just for clarification Helen did promise Kaitlyn a couple weeks of safety. I expect her to say stay the course and vote out Arryn. The funny thing is all these noobs taking about “threats” such as Kaitlyn or Arryn. Just plain stupidity. Niether makes the jury so why would Hellen risk being known as shadey on her word. I expect she won’t. Elissa does not like Arryn period. Highly unlikely either votes for Kaitlyn. No idea on Andy but I suspect he’ll simply follow the house majority.

The decision really comes down to Howard, Spenser and Candace. Howard has been trying to get all 3 to work with him(them). He has to cut 1 loose might turn out that Arryn is the easiest choice. And Don’t forget “Helen the vote counter” and her tyraid as HOH. That was over a single vote only. The house votes against her wishes there will be blood on the BB floor!

McManda are too busy exhaling those double D’s to go after any one girl and will vote with the house(ie Helen) this week. I expect a very ho hum sweep with Arryn getting all the votes to evict.


Judd Blew It ! He completly blew this HOH. He took the woosy road. He should of put up Howard and Spencer or Candice.
Helen screwed up her HOH but at least it acompished what she wanted in the end.
On a side note ….I’m not a Howard fan but I would’nt want to be him right now…nag…nag…nag…nag Candace is to much
…Howard nag…tick….nag…tick….nag……BOOM! When will he blow?
If Candice only knew at this point he would rather have Arayn as a partner than her.


howard, spencer and candace arent targeting him, so he did pretty well

whoever goes, 2 of the 3 mean girls will still be in judds crew for numbers to get rid of amanda


I agree with Name… he didn’t blow it. Why would he evict people that he is close to? That would have been ridiculous of him to put up Spencer and/or Howard and/or Candace. Judd is going to get out of his HOH without pissing anyone off, and possibly even gaining a lot more favor with America with being the hero that got rid of one of the girls involved in Racism-gate.

If America likes him and tunes in to see him, production will want to keep him around for the ratings boost, and thus meddling with the game in Judd’s favor. Best ally ever.


I agree that Judd didn’t blow it, this was almost his only real option. It may seem like a less dramatic evicition, but as above, it breaks up a semi-solid alliance-of-a-kind, and the remaining two will be likely come as a set Judd’s way. So, next week: Amanda up, but this time not just for entertainment value, that duo has been scott-free for a while and will surely be the target, especially for those who may also be targets: Elissa, Howard…When will Andy be a target – he’d be a good one to have in jury for a lot of people.

BB15 letdown

I think Kaitlin is the target of those 3. Maybe the houseguests will be smart enough to figure that out and vote her out. I would love to see Aaryn walk through the door on eviction night but Kaitlin is the better choice for the game. Though if someone says “vote me out” I would totally do it (GM).


I don’t believe it. GM is not exciting, I thought it would be Amanda. I really thought BB was back to the original theme. Expect the unexpected. It should have been Amanda. I am a long time fan and this year is disappointing to me. This year, I have missed some shows and I would have never of done that before. I believe production is really interfering in the show process. You don’t even have to watch eviction night because you know who it will be. Soo sad!

Jedi Jani

Me2 …. <—-wonders who they will get rid of now ? ? Also, could you imagine the Drama if American had voted to put up McCrea????? lol AManda would have come unglued….lol….and no offense but they aren't the 3 prettiest girlz in my opinion…..


I definitely think they are the three prettiest girls left in the house. Candice has a pretty face but needs to lose some weight as with Jessie, and wow Elissa has had way, way too much BOTOX. She is going to end up looking like Joan Riuers or a cat lady with so much botox. Helen is really pretty!


I disagree. The thing is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes skinny White girls and their attitudes make them even less attractive. I’m not sure why some people feel that they can dictate what everyone else finds or should find attractive. It comes off as very obnoxious that these girls refer to themselves as the pretty ones and call others fat and GM has a nerve with her eating disorder and it isn’t like she’s that skinny herself.


I think Candace is stunning.


Aaryn is not going anywhere, she’s the ultimate goat. Kaitlin on the other hand can win shit, and improved her social game. GM should go the week before it goes to JH, after all she’s been a mean ass bitch too. If they don’t get rid of Howard, he will win the game. I hope he does.


@bill, I’d say your annual trip to the optomologist would be a good idea about right now.. I’ll give you Kaitlin & Aaryn, but no way GM qualifies..


I love it!…the 3 stooges…hurrah…we get rid of one of them this week!


aj, talla and andrew say hi


Long for those stooges. 🙂


totes brutes


Thanks for the quick updates Simon!!! Well i don’t really care which of the “mean girls” is chucked out (though I would really like to see Aaryn’s face when Julie grills her). Set-back for Howard, and MC Manda can use this time to regroup. Sets the show up nicely for the next HOH!
Crucial week this!

Elissa's cute little dimples

I was hoping it would be Amanda Zuckerman that would go up.


I am torn honestly..Part of me desperately wanted to see Amanda go on the block for the temporary excitement (and I can’t take her & MC sucking face on the live feeds anymore) yet the other part of me isn’t looking forward to the rest of the season if they keep eliminating the few interesting house guests they have! Jessie, GM and Andy will slide into final 3 to round off the most boring season of all time at this rate..I am no fan of Amanda nor Jeremy but at least they bring some (non-rigged and paid for) personality to this season….

And on another note, if I were Nick (or his mom), I would be hiring a ’round the clock security detail in the event GM in all of her obsessive-glory doesn’t make it to jury…That poor guy must be scared for his life…


I knew before I even woke up this morning that GM would be “America’s” replacement. Why? First off, GM was #2 on the “racist comments totem pole.” (Besides, GM annoys Judd something *awful*. He only left GM off initially because she’s a zero threat (except in eating ice cream comps), and she’d “go bat sh*t crazy!” (One of two phrases I’ll now forever associate with BB15, along with “He’s a shady f*ck!”) AG knows GM will get no HG votes to evict, which 100% ensures Aaryn goes home this week. (Production’s plan since the BB15 Friday morning meeting. Julie Chen is tired of waiting for her Aaryn sit-down. She wants it *this* week, while the Chen-bot is still fired up and annoyed, and before the “Aaryn Remarks Controversy” goes too cold. AG has *no* choice this week. And I’ve never, ever looked forward to a Julie/evicted HG interview more! Can’t wait!!!!!!)

Drama-wise, I bet the next 3 days won’t be all that bad. Aaryn knows she’s gone, and this girl will *not* be going quietly. Scorched earth. Aaryn’s clearly been used to getting exactly what she wants in her life. so far. (That will totally change, starting Friday. Hey Simon, can we pay extra for a “Follow Aaryn Around Cam”, and watch her every move, for her first week outside the house?) For Aaryn’s sake, though, I hope she doesn’t do too much more damage to her already destroyed reputation. But I’m not counting on it. Aaryn’s a *very* bad loser, is completely self-absorbed, and has a huge ego. I can see “if I’m not happy, then no one’s gonna be happy” for the HGs, all the way toThursday.

But fellow OBBers, I ask for your patience. The payoff will be the next 2+ months. Trust me. There’s gonna be massive drama and fireworks. It’s gonna be a great season….

amanda sux

I complety agree! how boring, GM? really? what the heck are thee voters thinking. It should have been amanda, that would have made things interesting..the next 3 days will be boooring..


Awww, LOL. And here is she is acting all cocky thinking she is a BIG threat and all for the reason why she is on the block. LMAO. I feel so sad for her. NOT.


on this coming thursdays ep –

voice over at the start:

previously on rigged brother

judd won hoh and put up aaryn and kaitlyn…then cbs rigged the public vote for third nom and rigged the veto to ensure elissa won it and gina marie went on the block, keeping production favourites rachels sister elissa and in house anti racism spokesperson amanda safe, so that aaryn could be evicted…will aaryn survive? we hope not america, but find out live next on rigged brother


I know!! I really thought Amanda was going to go up!


There isn’t anybody left for it to be more exciting.


Amanda needs to either keep her mouth shut or start winning something. She is as bad as Helen when it comes to Power and telling people what to do. She needs to put up or shut up not just put out.

Big Sister

Okay. For years I have not given much credence to the Production is determining what happens in BB theories. But after Gina Marie has gone up, I have no doubts anymore. I will never believe that America wanted Aaryn (I am assuming she was #1.), Elissa (Even though many misread the instructions for voting for MVP), and then put up GINA MARIE in third place?? She has been mostly a joke with the exception of her disgusting racist statements. No way she beats out Amanda.


I called it this morning. McCrae and Amanda just got “engaged” last night and the “wedding” is next week. AG loves to live vicariously through her revolting BB showmances. No way she would let Amanda go out this week and miss the opportunity to show us another stomach turning til eviction do us part showmance wedding. And I actually think production did count the votes and that Gina actually did come in 3rd or 4th. I am sure that Aaryn got the most votes, and Elissa probably came second, though Kaitlin might have been second and Elissa 3rd, mostly because Brenchel fans didn’t read what they were voting for and just gave her all of their votes. Also because Rachel has haters and there are people that are sick of production giving her a free ride. So if you look at the polls on other sites with mostly people that don’t watch the feeds, just the TV show, Gina would be next, followed by Spencer. I like Amanda better than I like the other girls, but I think she has already messed up her game unless she wins the next HOH, even then, it buys her another week. If Amanda could just shut up about game, stop asking so many questions and telling others what to do, she might survive, but I don’t think she has it in her. It would be boring without her, but it would be the best thing for McCrae’s game.


like amanda??


I knew this was going to happened! I really wanted Amanda to go up.

La la la

Thank god Amanda is safe!!!!

anchovy yoghurt

You are praying for Amanda? Wow.


Very happy Amanda is safe…would have been really disappointed in America if they had voted Amanda over several other people that deserve to be on the block this week.


More Happy Dance!!!!! Goodbye Aaryn!!!


3 B1tches on the block, Wish they could all go home in a triple eviction. BOOM!


amen brother!


yeah, seriously. all three. 🙂


it’d be awesome if it were a double eviction then 2 of the meanst bitches in the history of bb will be out


I didn’t know America was so stupid to put GM up, needed to be Amanda.


GM is worse than Amanda.


amanda is the worst of the 4 mean girls in that house




Obviously. They should’ve nominate Amanda- there would have been so much drama.


That’s really embarrassing that GM thinks she’s nominated because people think she’s a competitor. No dear. People find you insanely annoying. What a waste of a nomination. Ugh!


I specifically heard Nick in one of the You Tube feeds that none of the girls were up to his standards (Day 1). Did GM hear that?


Well isn’t that what gay boys say????


Here’s your chance to dial it down 30 notches, Amanda.


thats like trying to ask andy not to crash conversations

its not going to happen


But if I were a strategy person…Kaitlin would be gone because she’s good at competitions. Aaryn and GM are just sitting ducks right now.


Kaitlin woulfd for sure be gone. I believe if they don’t evict her they will regret it big time. Evicting GM or Aaryn would a mistake from a game prespective. Let’s wait and see. Prediction is that if Kaitlin stays, she will be our next HOH!




Holy cr@p, I LOLed at that!


omg…I LOL’ed at that also 🙂 (but it’s probably true in her delusional head…she’s like delusional Danielle from last year…icky, stalker crazy type)


That show “Snapped” on Investigate Discovery comes to mind……..


Kind of a let down as a pick but I expected GM to be the third pick based upon the racial comments in the news along with the way she is being shown to America on CBS. Nick must be in panic mode right now thinking she might be headed back to NY


Amanda woulda been nice to nominate America….geshh!!!!


well that was a total let down … are they kidding the viewers … I would scream fixed but I don’t want to be in that group I guess now we get to see Amanda bully the next HOH .. wee doesn’t that sound like fun .. look out Howard here we got again…that makes it what week 5 …I bet it will be snooze viewing for the next couple of days…


Long live queen Amanda. Now, she just needs to shut the f**k up.


its not possible for her to stfu

one more when and she is nominated


*one more week


“Send me home, I don’t care, I will get to see my family, I will get to see Nick”

SEND HER HOME. She doesn’t want to be their and everyone else does.


GM is delusional….Nick needs to go into hiding.


Sure hope Nick gets that restraining order soon. That loon is gonna be stalking his ass.

the Trith

Well…..that was lame.

the Truth

*…..the Truth dammit!

BB15 letdown

I was hoping for Amanda as the replacement! But it will be nice to see one of those girls go out this week. Also, GM is a joke!!!


Not a huge fan of GM. Def not a fan of Aaryn or Kaitlyn. BUT… if GM says vote her out. I say, do it. The other 2 create lots more drama worth watching….


The fact not only that it wasn’t Amanda, but that it wasn’t someone BESIDES boring GinaMarie is pretty disappointing. But I get it, CBS is trying to appeal to the public’s cries for one of these girls to leave and they are trying to ensure that it’s Aaryn.


I still want Aaryn gone before GM but with comments like that, it’s like come on! You wanted to be on BB and now your saying you want to go home to see a guy you knew two weeks and didn’t even like you!?


Bye-bye Kaitlin?


Picture of delusional: “Gina Marie”

New World Order

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is awesome. Now to get out Kaitlin. She’s far more likely to win HOH than either of the other two nominees.


Was GM even in the top 3 in the voting? Anybody know?

Big Jim

Be interesting to see if Aaryn or Kaitlin goes home. GM comparing herself to Jeremy is a joke more like Adam or Jen


Omg I wanted Amanda or Spencer or Howard, this is so lame, I think elissa is going home next week for sure now


It will never happen. Elissa will definitely win HoH. She has athletic skills including yoga.


The only comp Elissa has won this season involved no physical or mental ability. She agreed to punishments and received points for them. A well trained chimp could have done the same.


I agree, you said that
Nick says:
July 22, 2013 at 12:37 pm
The only comp Aaryn has loss this season involved no physical or mental ability. She agreed to punishments and received points for them. A well trained chimp could have done the same.

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Oh yeah! Elissa definitely win HoH! Kaitlin probably be choke next week!


Doubt it, there hasn’t been a long endurance comp in awhile. I am thinking we are over-due for one and Elissa has got those in the bag…Id bet the next HoH is her’s


i would pick jess or arryn in an iceberg alley style endurance hoh as good chances to win it along with elissa


no the game is rigged for her because shes rachels sister


GM really?? C’mon America! Why won’t they tell them that America voted for her sorry ass? It would at least shut her up!


GM is delusional! You’re not a competitor, you’re a floater and Nick Uhas DOES NOT LIKE YOU so STFU. Aaryn is definitely getting evicted this week and she deserves it! NO JURY MONEY FOR THAT DISGUSTING BITCH!!!!


What a waste of a nomination.


I usually stay away from the whole “this season is rigged” conversation but…Gina Marie voted as the 3rd nominee? C’mon do the producers think we the fans are THAT stupid? No one in their right mind would waste their vote on Gina Marie. Way back when I used to think that production interfering with the game was somewhat of a myth or a conspiracy, but this is just blatant toying with the game. Aaryn bringing bad press to this season+Amanda getting a GREAT edit=the higher ups were never going to let Amanda sniff the block this week and they were determined to get Aaryn out. I’m trying REALLY hard to like this season but man it’s hard…


Why? I’m not at all surprised it was Gm. She’s had lots of bad press & lost her job too. Absolutely no reason to think it was rigged in my opinion.


Not to say tons of other things haven’t been “rigged” 🙂


The one thing that bugs me the most is that Elissa knows all of the people in production and their wife as she has already admitted too. I mean rigged is the only word that fits with personal relationships with these people. Just going to stop watching because this year the rigging is just so BLATANT with Elissa being in the house and just unfair.


Bill, I doubt you will quit watching. If you do, you will probably still go to sites to see what is happening.
It’s possible Ellissa knows production members, but all the HG’s do. Her listing wives names is her way of mind fucking the HG’s.


I do indulge in the live feeds, maybe not as observantly as others (which is why I love to follow up on this site), but with that said I do not believe I have heard any other HGs mention production by name (and certainly not their wives or relatives) this season or last for that matter…which really looks bad for CBS. I mean maybe if the rest of the HGs periodically referred to them by name….and correct me if I am wrong….

I mean it’s bad enough that a huge percentage of the dedicated viewers believe this show is rigged anymore (I think I quit being in denial after Jess & Jordan last season) but cut your losses, write up the script for Thursday that involves damage control on Elissa being a saboteur ….much like the racism the clock is ticking on how long you can ignore Elissa’s comments…I mean how long is CBS going to allow this girl to lash out and say this %$*# ? If I were a fellow HG I would be having a fit in there…


** I meant Jeff & Jordan

She Said What

Elissa was just blowing smoke with the names – think about it – no one in the house questioned her knowledge – they just assumed she was correct. It was a ploy by production (or a smart move on her part).

New World Order

Actually, when I voted I only voted for GinaMarie (5 votes) and Aaryn (5 votes) based on their horrible actions earlier this season. I couldn’t be happier right now since it’s guaranteed one of the 4 I wanted out the house will leave (I want Helen gone too… can’t stand her).


I disagree; another reminder: America’s vote is not the OBB/Livefeeds vote. I knew it would be GM (even though I’d prefer Dramanda) because she’s public enemy #2 behind Aaryn in the Mean-Racist girls. Based on the edit Dramada’s been getting and her attachment to McCrae (who is probably well liked) and her (let’s face it) humour (she IS funny), America wouldn’t have voted for her much…but they would for GM. (I LOVE parantheses!)


Thats karma for three mean girls. I guess Aaryn get to see Julie Chen!


maybe, maybe not


Why maybe? You want Aaryn get much worst or get her evicted. That why Aaryn has to go?


they may vote out kaitlyn, not aaryn, wait and see


Don’t be so sure, Aaryn is going home. Keep Kaitlin is much weaker in endurance.


thats the point, im not sure…they may vote out kaitlyn or aaryn


so glad amanda is staying! it’s too early for her to go home if she goes now the rest of the season will be a whole lot of boring


Just stick a fork in GM, she’s done. Let her go to nick and ease all our pain.



OK, we found something very interesting about America this week, they don’t like drama as much as the rest of us…

Well, might as well just get them all out… Surprise Triple Eviction Thursday?


I don’t care if it’s boring that GM went up. I hope she goes. I find her harder to watch than Aaryn to be honest. Gina Marie is complete trash, she thinks she’s so good looking but I personally see nothing attractive about her. I’m so sick of starring at her stringy hair and dark roots


I agree, Kaitlin has to go of the 3. She is a competitor the other 2 are not.


I had hoped for Amanda to be the 3rd nominee!! Not GM.. *Yawn*

Janelle pov queen

yes da racist trinity is complete lol


No it isn’t Amanda is the 4th member of the Means Girls, if it wasn’t for CBS Edit she would be lumped with them.


Run, Nick, run!!!




I was hoping America would vote for Amanda to go up. I think it would have made an interesting live show.


I’m guessing Gina now assumes that Nick put her up in order to get her out so they can be together….FOREVER! (creepy stalker voice) 😛


“Aaryn comments that it’s illegal what CBS did. Kaitlin says what’s illegal they can do what ever they want it’s their show.”

No it isn’t, this is Big Brother, they can do whatever they *feeds cut*


whats that about? in reference to what?


In reference to CBS rigging the entire show and editing. I mean this season of BB is worse than the game show rigging of the 50’s!!!


yeah but i meant was aaryn specifically saying what was illegal? just overall rigging? what propmted her comment? the mvp veto ceremony result? the fact that elissa keeps getting mvp(apart from this week)? or all of that?


the house may vote out kaitlyn – much more of a comp threat

that would annoy cbs and teach them a lesson not to rig the public vote


Still 3 days left, in 72 hours anything could happen, remember what happened with Nick, that was a 24 hour decision making process.


if they are voting personal they vote out aaryn, but tactical they vote out kaitlyn

Zingbot Fan

Totally agree with you Name.


Kaitlyn is not going anywhere. Aaryn is much a threat. You want a bigger threat in the game. That why Aaryn is going home.

Just Saying

Not everyone get/reads the live feeds. Many only see what is on TV and GM has came across, in my opinion, just as bad as Aaryn. There just needs to be a double eviction to allow Aaryn and GM to face the music and get on with their lives.


I predicted this two days ago GM is probably the most hated house guest behind aaryn and like I said these polls on this site do not reflect the wider BB audience


I really liked Amanda at the beginning of the season, but she is being so dumb that its hard to stay behind her. Can’t stand these fools this summer! Would have loved to see Amanda on the block just so the house would explode, but I find one of the mean girls leaving to be much more satisfying. And as bossy as Amanda is, some of those other girls just have no business being there at this point *ehhremCandacehhrrm* I say keep Amanda around till jury so she can take the heat off MC.


It would have been hilarious if the vote was for Amanda. But if America truly voted it makes sense that it’s Gina Marie. Her edit made her look insane like that was something was emotionally wrong with her last week. And Amanda’s edit was favorable with showing two unlikely kids in love (yeah right). Without knowing any back story on Amanda I don’t see an obvious reason why people would vote her up for eviction just from watching the show. Having said that, I don’t like Aaryn. She has a horrible attitude in general but some of her observations aren’t that far off base from some of the conversations I’ve caught. Too bad her personality is so off putting from the start because she was her own worse enemy. But I would maybe want to get Kaitlyn out of there from a strict player’s perception unless some of them think she is truly on their side.


so basically the same three people that would have been nominated if ellissa was named mvp are now nominated



Bob Saben

Grodner needs to end this stupid ass “America’s Vote” twist NOW..It is making a shitty season, even shittier


I think the only reason GM went up was because the show showed America how she really was on tv (yuck and coo coo crazy!). The voting was already over by the time everybody (CBS watchers) got a chance to see how ugly and pushy Amanda really is (Sunday)..I have a feeling it’s ON next week. No more hiding for Amanda!!